Author Topic: Request for tolerance, rules for posting  (Read 5003 times)

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Request for tolerance, rules for posting
« on: October 31, 2010, 12:36:43 PM »
This discussion started, originally, among authors of stories, as to style:

By posting comments on THIS BOARD, you agree that:
 - the author of this thread, OR ANY of the website administrators, may choose to move or delete any or all
    of your comments if they believe that your comments are abusive, argumentative, redundant, or off-topic

(That is, on THIS DISCUSSION, you are NOT allowed to disagree or debate, nor state your opinion more than once, nor use "sarcasm", "satire", "irony", or "insult" to state your opinion)

(If you believe any statement on this BOARD insults you, or any of your artistic works, please send a message to ANY of the admins, and we will attempt to resolve any legitimate concerns, immediately)
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