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Diary of a Serial Spanker...
« on: September 08, 2006, 03:23:48 PM »
What if society somehow managed to rid itself of all the terrorists, murderers, rapists, and theives.  Then, law enforcement might try to focus more on catching more petty criminals.  I tried to conjure up what such a person might be like.  Allow me to introduce him to this forum...

About me...
The advent of the internet and wireless technologies has transformed my job into one that I can do anytime, from anyplace. I'm single, unnattached, no kids, no pets, no plants.  And no roots.  And pull down a good salary. Never have to wear a tie, or go into the office.
So a year ago, I sold my home, bought a 34 foot RV, and began to travel.
Now I see great new places, meet exciting new people...
....and spank them!

My Territory
I'm a free spirit.
No permanent address, just here on the internet, and wherever my
RV may roam.
I'm currently Bay City Michigan, but that's just a short drive from where the bored, rich housewives of Midland hang out; and also not far from the poorer, less uptight ladies of the Saginaw Valley. And within an hour of the Topless Bar Capitol of the world, Flint Michigan, where the ladies are known to do anything for money---which I have some of.

My Prey
I "seem like such a nice guy" (isn't that what they say about all of us serial
Plus, I'm a slightly better than average looking guy, I think. Witty. Not a cheapskate.
So I figure when I go into the average crowded bar, I've got a better than average chance of leaving with an average woman. (I let the other guys fight over the swimsuit-model types. Just gimme a girl who's not fat, not old, not ugly. And hopefully, with a nice caboose!)
You'd think, in this day and age, that women would think twice about leaving a bar alone with a guy they'd just met, and going out to the parking lot, and getting into his RV. Sometimes they hesitate for a second before climbing aboard, but then they feel silly. After all, I don't LOOK like a rapist. And indeed, I'm not! But even if I was, I guess they figure "can't rape the willing!" And we do, after all, both know why we're there....

My "hobby"
So now we're inside. My turf. The blinds are all closed, music is on, I light a couple of candles, some incense, and pour some wine. And I sit close enough to her that she thinks she knows my intentions, but she doesn't really.
I begin to remove her clothes, and sometimes she assists, sometimes resists. Sometimes she thinks we're "moving too fast". But I disagree. Not all men have been whipped into buying that feminist propaganda about it being a woman's prerogative to change her mind...
Soon, her clothing is in a pile on the floor, and to her utter shock, she finds herself bent over my lap, naked. I touch a button on the remote, and the room becomes brighter, and the music, louder. She feels herself being peeled apart, and knows what I'm looking at, and is overcome with shame, and then fear. "RAPE!" she thinks, sometimes out-loud.
But you, dear reader, already know, because I have told you, I am not a rapist, and that is not the fate she needs to fear. Who understands those men, willing to spend years in jail for the privilege of humiliating a woman, when there is a way to heap just as much humiliation upon those of the gender which deserves it. A way that involves no legal repercussions,  for who ever heard of a man going to jail for spanking his lover?
Maybe she would be relieved, if she knew for certain that she was not about to be raped. Or maybe not. But the choice is not hers to make.
She gasps, as the blows begin to fall like rain. She can't believe she's being spanked, by a stranger! She pleads for it to stop, but it doesn't. She makes threats, but to me, they just sound silly. And so it still doesn't stop. And then she tries to struggle away---and to her horror, realizes that she can't. No leverage. I can hold her easily on my lap with the minimal effort of one arm, while the other hand continues it's mission. This is when the panic really sets in. She's completely helpless, and suffering horribly.
And oh, the humiliation!

The Duration
She doesn't know how long it will last. And really, neither do I. I mean, it's not like you can just ask someone who's being spanked when she's can't stand anymore. She's likely to lie!
And you can't use a time limit, or a certain number of strikes, because every woman's tolerance is different. Fortunately, I found the answer in my psychology course. Psych 101, the 5 stages of grief. When she's passed through the same stages of grief as a person who's dying does, THAT'S how you know she's truly suffered enough!
You know the stages, don't you?
stage 1: Denial "No! This can't be happening to me!"
stage 2: Anger "I'm gonna kill you when I get out of this!"
stage 3: Bargaining "I'll do anything, anything else you want"
stage 4: Depression "Boo hoo, bad things always happen to me"
stage 5: Acceptance "quits struggling, relaxes"
Sometimes a spanking victim goes through these stages quickly, sometimes it takes quite a while. One time, a fiery redhead went through them a little TOO quickly, and used the exact same wording shown above. I realized that she had read this very diary, somewhere where I had posted it on the internet, and had sought me out, hoping for just a small sample, a small taste of the humiliation of being spanked against her will, but wanted to retain the safety of knowing that it could be ended quickly, as though she had access to a secret safety valve. Boy, was SHE ever surprised when I kept right on going after she'd finished faking the stages. Without letting up at all, I explained that I didn't like fakers, and that she was going to go through the stages for real---and boy, did she ever!

The Afterglow
When the spanking is over, I usually make some comment about my hand being sore. I'm still waiting for someone to laugh out loud at the humor in that, but generally, they are in quivering, twitching shock, crying softly as they realize they are no longer being held down.
It usually takes them a full minute to get up, and then I ask them "so, now what?"
Some take that as an invitation to more bargaining "If you let me go now, I won't tell anybody, I swear!" As if I'm an ax murderer, or a mad rapist or something. I tell them they are free to go, and they can tell whoever they think will care. I mean, yes, I suppose spanking is a crime, but not one that anybody's likely to get prosecuted for. Especially in a he-said/she-said situation.
(If a cop asks, well, "yes, officer, I may have patted her on the rump, but I didn't think she'd make a federal case out of it. Do you think maybe she's just angry because I told her her butt was kind of big?" And if she tries to accuse me of MORE than spanking, well then, a video-tape will surface, taken from behind the two-way mirror, proving that although I'm a spanker, SHE's a liar, liar, ass on fire!)
Sometimes they want to use the bathroom. Sometimes they want more wine. Sometimes they calmly get dressed and leave. Sometimes, when they realize I'm not going to hurt them anymore, they rip my clothes off and "cowgirl" me.
And yes, sometimes, they run from the RV, screaming. When that happens, I promptly take off, move on, and find someplace new. I mean, who want's a psycho woman knowing where you reside? She might be dangerous.
And besides, there are always other places to go...
....other people to spank!

An Indecent Proposal

You are a female, and
You have a nice caboose, and
You are in or traveling to my current area, and
Reading my s/name, profile, and webpage got you all excited....
You don't want to just wait around hoping to meet me in a bar, and
You need a little more safety, and a little more security than my random victims have...
Then I've got a proposal for you!
Figure out, on a scale of 1 to 10, how many minutes of spanking you think you could endure.
send me a recent self-pic, taken from the rear.
I'll rate that on a scale of 1 to 10.
We multiply the numbers together.
I'll offer you that much cash to meet me.
If you can endure the spanking for as long as you thought, then you keep the money.
OR, you can "buy your way out" of the spanking early, by offering the money back.
EXAMPLE: Say you are a perfect 10, and you think you can withstand 5 minutes of bare-bottom spanking. Cool. 5 x 10 is $50. I'll give you that much to hold on to during our encounter. If you CAN endure 5 minutes of spanking, then you keep it. If you want me to stop at any time during that 5 minutes, I will, but you have to give all of the money back.

Your friendly neighborhood Serial Spanker.

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