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Questions & Announcements / Re: Advice please
« Last post by Lois on Today at 08:55:57 PM »
I have combined all sections of ‘lord of the manor’ into a single story. Can you delete all other sections- ( 4 i think)
It makes it a lot easier to read thanks

Please PM me with the links.
Music / Re: Wish I Was There!
« Last post by carhamgrater on Today at 08:33:39 PM »
I had the pleasure to see Joan Jett and The Blackhearts live in Toronto. Such a pure rock show that was well worth the money spent on the tickets! Here Is a live performance from then from a German TV Show!

Music / Re: Ao1's Internal iPod
« Last post by carhamgrater on Today at 08:21:36 PM »
This is one where you really can't call it a cover. It surpassed the original to take a life of it's own and demanded that others use it to cover. Now that said is it any better thaw the original, no just updated that's all! Still gets a merit from me fpr posting it!
Music / Re: Cover to Cover
« Last post by carhamgrater on Today at 08:16:19 PM »
I know it wrong but Hugh Dillion should go back to his acting career, he hasn't disgraced himself acting until covering this classic!

So who sang "I Don't want to miss A Thing" better and prevented 'Armageddon" 

Mark Chestnut


both Covers came out a week apart and help Number one on their respective chart. Depending where in the country you were one the version of was used in "Armageddon" as its main theme song!
The Game Room / Re: Historical connections
« Last post by carhamgrater on Today at 07:48:53 PM »
The Liberal Revolution of 1895 took place in Ecuador, and was a period of radical social and political upheaval. The Revolution started on June 5, 1895 and ultimately resulted in the overthrow of the conservative government, which had ruled Ecuador for several decades, by the Radical Liberals, led by Eloy Alfaro. After the revolution, the new government legalized divorce, allowed religious freedom, and weakened the authority of the Church, which lost the land it held.
The Game Room / Re: Three of a Kind
« Last post by carhamgrater on Today at 07:47:45 PM »
Three things that should never be put together

Peanut butter and chocolate

Rap and Disco music

me and someone who thinks it's okay to slack off work but still gets paid!
The Game Room / Re: TV/Movie Character Name Game
« Last post by carhamgrater on Today at 07:44:14 PM »
Becky Baker (Degrassi)
The Game Room / Re: Song Title Name Game
« Last post by carhamgrater on Today at 07:42:40 PM »
These Eyes

The Guess Who
The Game Room / Re: Song Title Add-on
« Last post by carhamgrater on Today at 07:42:03 PM »
Strange Magic Of You

E.L.O./ Rafael Cameron
Welcome back sweetheart!
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