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A forum for the ADULT discussion of fantasies concerning forced sex, rape fantasy, forced sex role play (FSRP), and non-consensual sex, also includes rape fantasy stories, rape role play and more. If you find this offensive, or you are not of legal age to participate in these discussions (typically 18 years or older), please do not enter.

Please note that there is a big difference between rape fantasies, and real rape. In a fantasy, you can decide what occurs, and no one is actually hurt. We wish to provide a forum where you can explore your fantasies in a welcoming and safe environment that is healthy for all involved. Both men and women have rape fantasies, but they're only fantasies. No one should EVER be raped for real. Anyone that does not agree with this is not welcome.

This site does not endorse rape, violence against anyone or blackmail in any way and all information herein is supplied for educational and entertainment purposes only. We understand the difference between fantasy and reality, and understand that rape is an abhorrent crime.

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