Schoolgirl gets fucked like a slut

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Let me start out by saying I am a sadistic fuck.  I like them young, around 15 or 16.  I don't want the rich, stuck up bitch that probably has it coming.  No, me and my boys, we like the sweet girl next door type.  We're bored, and decide to go cruising in my Escalade.  I make a lot of money, selling shit and women.  Just then a school bus comes to a halt.  I ignore most of them, too fat, too skinny, just straight up fugly.  I'm about to drive away when this gorgeous blonde steps off.  She looks to be about 15, 16 tops.  She has muscular long legs and a perfect round bubble butt.  My eyes move up and I notice that she is stacked.  Fuck, she must have at least a D cup.  Her big blue eyes are so innocent.  I know that I need to have this bitch.

I turn to my boys, there 7 of them besides me.  Nobody needs to say shit.  Tyree simply nods at me and smiles.  Luckily the little bitch doesn't notice as we slow down across her street.  I watch her step into her house and notice that she doesn't unlock any doors to get inside.  Better yet, there are no cars in the driveway, which means she is home alone.  "Alright, go around back," I command.  Confidently, I walk to the door.  I know I could easily just barrel in, but I want her to take part in all of this.  I ring the doorbell and wait.  I hear her footsteps as she approaches.  She opens the door without glancing to see who it is.  Mistake number one, but I want her to blame herself more than she would for simply opening the door for a stranger. 

"Hello maam," I begin, causing her to giggle and blush.  "My name is Kevin and I'm here on behalf of the Obama campaign.  Are your parents home?"  The door opens wider.  "They won't be home until about 8 or 9," she replies, completely trusting now, smiling shyly.  "But I know that is who they plan to vote for."  "Well maam," I say as my cock grows.  "Could I borrow a pen so I could leave my name and number?"  "Sure!" she replies.  She bends down to pull one out of her backpack and I smile as I get a glimpse of her lacy thong.  She turns to give me the pen.  I can tell she's looking at me, checking me out.  I laugh to myself, thinking about how much fun it will be to take that sparkle out of the cunt's eyes.  I give her the paper back and watch her read it.  Her eyes grow wide.  The note says "Get ready to get fucked,"

Before she can react I shove her down and kick the door shut.  I straddle her stomach, pinning her arms back.  Her skirt slides up, revealing sexy creamy white thighs and those lace panties.  I moan in pleasure as the bitch tries to squirm away from me.  Just then the rest of the guys come in.  Mikey grabs her arms from me and pins them above her head, giving me the chance to explore the rest of her hot teen body.  I start by slapping her face, eager to hear her screams.  She doesn't disappoint as she yelps out in a mixture of pain and shock.  I slap her again and laugh as her head slams against the ground.

 "Where's your room slut?" I ask as I slap her a third time. Blood trickles from her nose and her eyes are wild with fear.  She manages to point shakily toward the hallway.  Grabbing her shiny blonde hair I drag her, letting her body scrape against the carpet.  All I want to do is pummel my cock into this bitch.  I smile as we step into her room.  It is surrounded by mirrors.  "Oh good slut," says Darius.  "You'll have a perfect view of my cock tearing up your tight teen cunt.  What's your name?"  If my cock wasn't so hard I might have felt sorry for her, but it just so happened to be busting out of my pants.  "Are you too good to answer, is that it?" I ask, glaring at her.  "No, no of course not." she replies hastily.  "My name is Madeline."  Her voice is shaking.

"Madeline," I repeat as I leer at her sexy young body.  "What size are your tits whore?  You know the funny thing is that I might not have noticed you if it wasn't for those.  I gotta admit I love a good tittyfuck."  She looks about ready to cry as she begins to speak.  "34 DD" she replies blushing.  "What, you expect to go around with them bigass tits and not get attention, is that is?" Darius asks, as he rips off her shirt, exposing her lacy pink bra.  "Damn I wanna fuck those!" James says eagerly, pulling down his pants.  Madeline gasps  when she sees his thick black cock spring out. 

"Hey cunt," I say, winking at the guys.  "If your tits feel good and you blow us all maybe we won't pop that cherry,"  Hope springs into her eyes.  "Really?" she asks tearfully.  I don't reply.  Instead I take off my pants and let my own rock hard cock loose.   Then I start slapping the bitch in the face with it.  "Suck it," I demand.  "Before I decide to slip it in that dirty white cunt of yours."  Desperate to keep that cunt in one piece our hot piece of ass grabs hold of my thick shaft and opens her mouth.  The stupid teen is trying to adjust to its size and is tentatively working her tongue up my meat.  I don't have the fucking patience for her shit, so I grab her head and roughly slam all 12 inches down her throat.  I moan with pleasure as the bitch gags.  Her eyes roll to the back of her head and she's bucking wildly.  "Yeah you cheap whore, take my cock," I demand.  "You better swallow like a pro bitch," I add as I fuck her mouth like a pussy, watching her soft lips try to accommodate me.  "Fuckkk yessss" I groan.

Glancing down I notice that Darius has his cock in between Madeline's huge boobs, squeezing and kneading them.  He pinches her nipples hard and twists them viciously, causing her to cry out around my cock.  He continues shoving her jiggling melons around his dick, smashing them hard in an attempt to keep up with my rhythm.  It's like a competition, trying to see who can get her to react the most.  Just then Matt decides to lift up her pleated skirt, exposing her panty clad cunt.  Impatient, he pulls them aside and roughly jams a finger into her tight twat.  Abruptly I pull out of her mouth.  "Man, we gonna switch it up now," I demand.  Reluctantly he takes his finger out.  "I wanna hear her scream," I say chuckling. 

Taking my own finger I jam it up her cunt.  "Holy shit!" I exclaim.  "This is the tightest twat we've ever had.  Damn!" She screams as I add a second finger, brutally ramming it inside her tiny fuckhole.  "You said you wouldn't," she whimpers miserably.  "Man, I didn't say shit about my fingers bitch, I said I wouldn't use my cock," I reply.  Just to show the bitch I jam a third finger in there.  This time her scream is raw with pain.  "Arghhhh!"  she yelps out.  "No more, please no more.   Her tightness is fucking amazing.  I know I'm going to have fun tearing this pussy up.  Grunting I manage to slip a fourth finger inside of her.  By now her tight teen twat is starting to lube itself up.  "Yeah you like that don't you whore?" I ask smirking at her.  "You want more don't you?"  I pull out and she breathes a sigh of relief.  Then ignoring her shaking head and vigorous protests I start savagely shoving my entire fist inside of her.  Her pussy lips stretch grotesquely as they try to take it.  "Nooooooo!" Madeline sobs out.  "Nguahhhh!" she shrieks in pain as her body fights to get my fist away from her fuckhole.  I start to get pissed, and brutally punch my entire fist into her cunt, growing even harder as her body goes limp.  "Wake up bitch!" Darius says, slapping her.  She weakly opens her eyes in pain.  She feels so good, so tight as I pummel my fist in and out of her teen pussy, punching into it over and over again. Finally my balls start to ache and lining up at her pussy the first four inches or so of my cock easily slide right in.

At this point Madeline is too weak to notice that I've replaced my fist with my cock.  However, once I get to as far as my fist was, I still have 8 unexplored inches to go.  Raising her legs above her head I gaze into her eyes.  "Watch this bitch," I demand. Then pulling almost all the way out, I ram the rest of my meat into her virgin hole.  "Ohhhhhh Ahhhhhh Owwwwww!"She screams, writhing and twisting in pain.  I groan as my cock continues to brutally thrust in and out of her teen twat, gazing into her defeated eyes as I do.  As if on cue Tyree slams into her mouth and Timmy starts hungrily biting her tits.  The rest of them have their cocks out, some eagerly waiting for openings, some slapping her face with their cocks, some just wanking off and cumming on her face and in her hair.  Listening to the squelching as my balls slap against the entrance of her pussy I feel myself tighten.  "Oh yesss I'm cummmming!" I moan.  Gripping her tighter I empty my load into her sweet teen fuckhole. 

"Oh god no," Madeline sobs out.  "How could you do that? I could- I could get pregnant," she blubbers.  "Mmmm wouldn't that be special." I reply.  "A girl and she could service all of daddy's friends.  A boy and he could grow up to be just like me," Darius laughs.  "Pimping out bitches like you slut," he finishes.  Mike quickly takes my place in her cum soaked cunt.  "I want to do her doggy style," he says, roughly flipping her over.  By now Madeline is practically unconscious and I'm guessing Mike wants more of a reaction because he begins to spank her as he fucks her pussy, leaving angry red welts all over her soft flesh.

My cock is growing hard again and when he empties his load into her I line up at her pussy.  I fuck it for a few seconds, enjoying its tightness before pulling out.  Then grabbing her tits I ram into her ass as viciously as I can.  She squeals in pain and I can tell I've torn something because blood begins trickling out. This just makes me want to fuck her harder.  Shoving her off of me I sit down.  "Ride me bitch," I demand.  I get even harder as her ass is impaled on my cock.  She is facing one of her mirrors, and is forced to watch my cock jamming in and out as her big teen titties jiggle and shake with each thrust.  One of the guys sticks his cock in her mouth to shut her up and I dig my hands into her soft titflesh. Finally I blow my load into her ass and climb off of her.  One of the guys flips her around and has her pussy ride his cock while Darius lines up at her pussy and jams his cock inside of her other hole.  They don't bother trying to find a rhythm as each of them tries to fuck her harder than the other.  She looks like a doll, flopping around as she cries out. 

The guys take turns fucking her until we've all used her at least a good four times.  It's been five hours of brutal rape,and bruises are starting to form on her body.  However, there's still one thing we haven't tried.  Nodding to Mike I line my cock up at her ravaged cunt.  Her whole body is matted with cum, she can barely open her eyes.  Mike also lines up at her twat and we both slam in.  I think she passes out, but we dont really care anymore.  Slamming in to her used stretched out white hole we tear up her cunt for a good 40 minutes before I shoot my load.  A couple minutes later Mike pulls out and cums on her tits and face.  Laughing I give her a good kick in the ribs before getting dressed.  "You dirty white slut," I say in disgust.  "For a little girl you sure know how to take a lot of cock,"  With that I grab my boys and we get the fuck out, leaving her bruised and battered body crumpled on the floor.

Almost makes me wish this stuff was legal...

   This is the first story I read on entering the R.U. Great story thankyou

thats hot strory man

haha my attempt to think like a man- maybe i can be one of the guys now.


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