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Author Topic: by Jess * Jess (tickling-rape story)  (Read 26308 times)
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« on: March 02, 2008, 07:28:35 PM »

Well, here is my tickling rape story.  It might be too soft for some, it might awaken some interests in some, it might bore you, or you might like it....  I consider it my masterpiece..lol.  Not because I'm such a great writer or anything but because it has many of my fetishes and turn ons in it.  I did revise it from the original form (which I can share with those interested).  At a certain time I thought about revising it and having me be the main person.  I guess I can do that on another story so I didn't change it.   

I would really really appreciate comments from anyone that reads it.  Good, bad, normal.  Only that way I can improve or know what others like and dislike.

Well, hope you enjoy... I present to you... Jess


Frances had planned this perfectly.  She had been studying Jessica for some time now.  She knew Jessica would be alone in the house this weekend since her parents were going on a trip.  She called her friend Tom and he made the arrangements for the rest of the crew.  They were going to be a total of five of them, all for Jessica.

Frances met Jessica in High School.  Frances was Jessica's history teacher.  Jessica was a pretty girl, creamy white skin, brown shoulder-length hair, with a decent looking face.  However, her strength was in her small 5'-3" body.  Her waist was trimmed from doing some exercise.  She had small but round breasts.  Her ass was probably the best one of her school, round and tight.  Slim arms but not overly thin.  Her legs....WOW!!  She had the creamiest thighs you could imagine.  Good size calves and ankles.  And the rest.....   Frances, on the other side, was a rather tall big (5'-11") woman on her late 30's.  She was not huge but had enough extra fat to be considered heavy.  She had light dark skin, brown short hair, and her body at times could look a little manlike.

Jessica was not the most popular girl but certainly her looks caught the attention of plenty of people, including Frances.  Frances was not a lesbian but for some reason, she felt a special attraction to this girl.  Through the years this attraction grew until it became an obsession to Frances.  She would force conversations after classes with Jessica, but she would fail to go anywhere.  Jessica being a cool girl would talk back but wouldn't show incredible interest.  Finally, Jessica graduated and Frances learned she would have to live with her frustrated  obsession.

In the summer between Jessica's sophomore year and her junior year they met again.  Frances was in the grocery store when all of a sudden she looked in one of the isles and BOOM, there she was.  Frances felt her heart pounding as she quickly walked toward Jessica to say hi.  After talking for a few minutes Frances told Jessica that she had written an article for the local newspaper about history and that she had used an essay Jessica wrote once to help her out.
"I would really love for you to see it and comment on it since you were a part of it."
Jessica felt strange but she gave her address and phone number to Frances.

Jessica lived in a very wealthy neighborhood.  Houses were very big and the properties had plenty of land.  Some were so big they had small artificial ponds in them.  Jessica's was one of these.  The only negative part about this neighborhood was that your neighbor was probably about 50 to 100 meters from you.

That following weekend Frances drove to Jessica's house.  Frances pushed the intercom button outside the front gate.
"Hi it's me, Frances."
"Oh hi Frances, the remote control to open the gate from the inside is busted.  Press pound 32 in the numeric keypad right next to the intercom.  The gate will open."
#32...... the front gate opened.

Once inside, Jessica showed Frances around.  Jessica's house was huge.  There was a pond about the size of a good size pool.  They also had a pool in the backyard.

"Want a beer."
Jessica handed a beer to Frances and grabbed one for herself.
"Come on, let's play some pool."

They went to the basement of the house which was certainly the entertainment room.  In the middle was a large official size pool table with leather pockets.  There was also a couch, some chairs, and a 48" TV with the rest of the stuff.  They played pool for a while having beer after beer.  After probably about a six pack each, they were both feeling pretty "happy."

"Anyway, let's put these sticks down and show me that article you talked about.  I'm getting a little tired and my feet are killing me.  I've had a rough day."

They sat down in the couch and Frances gave the article to Jessica.  Jessica lifted her legs and put them on a recliner.  She held the papers with one hand near her waist and pinned her other arm behind her head.  Jessica was wearing a short tank top, a pair of jean shorts, and some sneakers.  Frances could not take her eyes of her.  There she was, her obsession, lying right in front of her.  Since Jessica had an arm behind her head, her armpit was left totally exposed.  Frances observed the perfection of Jessica's armpit.  There was not a single sign of hair, perfectly shaved, probably that same day.  It was even whiter than the rest of her skin.  It appeared to be as soft as silk.  Frances then lowered her view to her legs.  She thought they were perfect too.  She wondered what her feet would be like under those sneakers.  She was dying to find out.  Then she thought of a brilliant idea.

"You said your feet are killing you?"
"Yeah, why?"
"I'm studying to be a physical therapist (it was a lie), and I thought I could practice some of the techniques on you.  What do you think?"
"OK," probably the alcohol speaking for Jessica.

Very nervously Frances fumbled with her purse and took out a bottle of hand lotion.  She kneeled in front of the recliner Jessica had her feet in and almost trembling started untying her sneakers.  Jessica kept reading the essay.  Frances finished untying the left sneaker and slowly took it off.  Her heart almost stopped when she saw her new discovery.  Jessica had the whitest, creamiest-looking feet she had ever seen.  She took the other sneaker off and kept examining the perfect feet.  Her toes were just the right thickness.  She had just the right amount of curvature on her feet.  Although not painted, her nails were well taken care off.  Her sole certainly had never seen a drop of sun, making them whiter than the top of her foot.  The ball of the foot had just a little extra skin that could especially be seen when she bent her foot all the way down.

Frances started massaging her feet and realized they were softer than she thought.  She slowly scraped her soles with her short nails.  Quickly Jessica jumped and screamed.

"AAAhhhh, what are you doing to me?!  That tickles, I thought you were going to massage them."
"Sorry, I'll put some lotion."

She took the lotion and poured a large amount of cream on her hand.  She applied them directly to both soles and she could hear Jessica giggling.  She grabbed the right foot and concentrated on it with both hands.  Jessica's legs were trembling and Frances felt an urge to spread her legs wide open.  After the lotion faded away on her right foot, Frances continued with the left.  By now she was feeling pretty hot.  She couldn't take it anymore, she had to go an extra step.

"OK, I will give you a different kind of massage which should loosen your muscles and senses.  Don't be afraid, doctors proved it actually works."

She lowered her head to Jessica's feet, looked up, checked that Jessica was still reading, opened her mouth wide, put Jessica's large toe inside her mouth, closed her mouth, and sucked on the toe as if she was going to swallow it.  To her surprise Jessica kept reading.  Maybe thanks to the alcohol she could not feel that.  She opened her mouth wider and put three toes in her mouth.  Jessica lowered the other foot to the floor.  Frances kept sucking on every toe while Jessica kept reading.  After a little while, she stopped, looked at Jessica's beautiful foot, her toes soaking from the footjob, and without Jessica noticing, she put one hand on top of her pussy through her jeans.  She looked at the white sole and she knew she had saved the best for now.  She stuck out her tongue as much as she could, and slooooooowly ran it through Jessica's sole.  She noticed Jessica's legs were once again trembling, making her thighs vibrate.  Jessica moved the leg on the floor a little apart.  This gave Frances an even better view of her thighs.  She kept licking the soles like if they were a lolly pop.  Jessica couldn't handle it anymore.

"AAhhhh, Stop it!!  It does feel good but it sure as hell tickles.  Don't do that no more, I can't stand it.  I have no idea were you get these techniques but they don't seem very common to me."
"Whatever you say, if you feel more comfortable I'll massage your arms and shoulders."

Frances took this as a yes, and quickly stood up and went around the couch.  She poured a good amount of lotion in her hand and looked down to see Jessica reading again in the same position as before.  One of her arms was up and she could see her perfect armpit there waiting to be touched.  She started with Jessica's hand and losing no time moved to her elbow.  She was too hot to wait now so she started massaging her bicep.  Not a minute went by before she was at the top of her armpit.  By now she was feeling something wet between her legs.  With one hand she grabbed Jessica's wrist, while the other hand glided to heaven.  As with her feet, Frances couldn't believe how soft her armpits were.  Ten seconds went by before Jessica tried to move her arm down.  Since Frances was holding the wrist, she couldn't.

"Stop that, it tickles, stop it please, ha, ha, stop"

Frances was way in it now, she had no intention of stopping.  She kept running her fingers up and her fingernails down.  Finally, she decided to go for it.  She lowered her hand and grabbed Jessica's left breast.  Jessica tried standing up but Frances jerked her arm backwards.

"Stop it, your hurting me, stop, STTTOOOPPPP."

Frances let her go.  Jessica stood up and started screaming at Frances.

"What the hell you think your doing?!  Who do you think I am, your bitch?  I ain't a lesbian ok?"

Frances jumped at Jessica knocking her backwards to the floor.  Frances landed right on top of Jessica.  She took both of her wrists and pinned them way above her head.  She looked down and noticed she was between Jessica's legs.  Jessica tried to get her off her but Frances was too heavy.  Frances looked up and saw a look of helplessness in Jessica's eyes.  She covered Jessica's mouth with her own and gave her a long passionate kiss.  Jessica spit at her.  She looked down at Jessica's armpits and buried her head in her right armpit.  She licked it up and down.  Her tongue felt great in Jessica's soft skin.  She gave Jessica a quick bite on the armpit.  Jessica screamed.  Frances had completely lost it.  She had never pulled out a stunt like this.  She held both of Jessica's wrists with one hand and grabbed her left breast with the other.  She kept licking her right armpit and neck.  One of Jessica's wrists came lose and she quickly punched Frances in the jaw.  Apparently it was strong enough hurt Frances.  Frances stood up and looked at Jessica as she stood up with an apparent rage.

"Get the hell out of my house, get out, get...."

Frances hurried to the door and before Jessica could close the door behind her she turned around.

"I WILL see you later, believe me."

Frances woke up the next morning and the first thing in her mind....Jessica.  She now was in a stage where she admitted she was obsessed.  She tried giving Jessica a call that morning.

"Listen, I don't want to talk to you, ever, ok? Do you understand?"

With that Jessica hung up the phone.

The next weekend Frances drove her car to Jessica's neighborhood.  She parked it about a block from Jessica's house and hid behind some trees in a small neighborhood park in front of Jessica's house.  She waited there and watched.  After about an hour, probably 9:00 A.M., Frances saw the gate from Jessica's neighbor open.  Jessica's neighbors drove out of their house.  She watched carefully and when the neighbors had traveled a short distance she started running toward the closing gate.  She barely made it inside.  She walked silently by the fence that divided both houses.  She finally stopped at a spot where she knew she could see Jessica's backyard and pool.  There, she couldn't be seen by anyone going in Jessica's house or by anyone in the neighor's house.  The fence  was covered with ivy so nobody in the Jessica's backyard could see her standing behind the fence.  With her fingers she tore a small amount of ivy and made a hole for her to see with her binoculars.  She waited there for a while without seeing any activity in Jessica's backyard.  She would sit for a while and then watch for a while.  At about 11:00 A.M.  she heard a voice.  Her heart started pounding when she realized it was Jessica.  She couldn't believe her eyes.  Jessica was wearing nothing but a black bikini as she headed toward the pool.  Her hands started trembling as she saw almost the whole beauty of Jessica's body.  From her nervous stage, her trembling had knocked her binoculars to the ground.  She picked them up and the strap got caught under the fence.  She tried pulling them free but that wasn't working.  She couldn't believe she was missing the site.  She carefully unhooked the strap and quickly looked on.  Where was she?  She couldn't see her?  Where did she go?  Finally she noticed some splashes of water coming from the pool.  From where she was, Frances couldn't see inside the pool.  She looked on and saw the splashes were heading toward a diving board at the far end of the pool.  Jessica came into site as she stopped swimming right under the diving board.  All of a sudden Frances spotted a gardener doing some work in some flowers on the side of the pool.  Meanwhile, Jessica lifted herself partially out of the water and grabbed the diving board with one hand.  She turned around facing the pool and stretched enough to grab the diving board with the other hand.  This caught the attention of the gardener.  Jessica's body was now half out of the water (up to her bellybutton), exposing her incredible upperbody.  The gardener dropped his flower pliers and slowly started walking around the pool toward the diving board.  Using her hands to walk in the board, Jessica moved to the front of the diving board, still holding on to it with both hands.  Frances had a great view now of her small round breasts and her flawless armpits.  The gardener kept looking at Jessica being careful not to get caught.  Meanwhile, Jessica threw her head backwards just hanging there from the board as if resting.  Now all Frances could see was her bare arms, her breasts, half of her stomach, and an approaching gardener.  Frances was very curious about the gardener's plans.  Frances couldn't believe her eyes.  The gardener had reached behind the diving board and started crawling on top of it toward where Jessica was.  He looked like a cat haunting a mouse, very silently and cautiously.  Jessica was just hanging there resting.  The gardener was almost where Jessica's hands were holding the board.  Jessica felt something weird and opened her eyes to find the gardener lying on top of the board.  She tried to let go of the board so she could escape but it was too late.  The gardener had grabbed both of her hands with his.

"Ahhh, let me go Juan," Jessica screamed.

Juan put both of Jessica's hands together and grabbed them with one hand.  He took the other hand, lowered it under the diving board and traced it through Jessica's left arm until he reached the armpit.  There, he started wiggling his fingers as fast as he could.  Instantly Jessica tried to scream but the laughter was too much, nothing was coming out of her mouth.  Juan kept tickling Jessica's armpit with various speeds and techniques.  The tip of his fingers glided in her wet armpits as he rubbed every inch of them.  After a few seconds he would switch to scratching using his nails.  Then he would return to the violent wiggling in the middle of the armpit.  Frances held her binoculars with one hand and slid the other into her pants.  She had never seen anything so erotic.  She looked on as Jessica vibrated like a fish does when taken out of the water.  After a few minutes Jessica regained her composure and let out a scream.

"MOOOOOOOMMM, MOOOooo..stop, stop.. you.... haaaa."

Juan laughed as he kept torturing  Jessica's armpits.  Frances was now soaking wet as she fingered herself.  She felt her climax near.  Jessica kept shaking her hole body as she tried to get away from Juan's claws.  Frances felt it coming from her stomach.


Jessica screamed and so did Frances body as she climaxed with an explosion.  At this instant Jessica slipped away from Juan's grasp sinking back to the water.  Juan laughed as he waited for Jessica to come back up to the surface.

"You fuckin asshole.  I've told you before, don't tickle me."

Jessica screamed as she moved toward the side of the pool.  At this instant, Jessica's mother appeared in the picture.  She was well dressed and carrying a suitcase.

"What is going on here Jessica?"
"Juan grabbed me and started tickling me."
"Do you have to make so much noise for that?"
"Are you... you must be kidding me.  He was tickling me!"
"Anyway, we have to go.  We are sort of running late to the airport."

Frances just remembered Jessica had told her about a trip her parents were going to make during this summer.  Jessica had invited her to stay over her house since she would be staying in the house by herself for about one week.  Obviously the offer was not there anymore since Jessica hated her but ...... Frances was thinking of keeping her company ........ anyway.

Jessica's mother kissed her goodbye.

"Juan don't forget to come next Saturday.  Jessica, make sure you always lock the house and take care of yourself."

Frances was going to take care of her.

The crew consisted of Frances, Tom, Carl, Jason, and Mary.  Tom (42) was the guy who got the rest of the crew.  He was a medium height, bulky slightly overweight, white guy (5'-10", 230 pounds).  Carl (34) was a strong, tall, black guy (6"-0", 220 pounds).  Jason (38) was the mammoth.  He was a fat, medium height, out of shape white guy (5'-10", 310 pounds).  The other girl in the group, Mary (40) , was also out of shape (5'-7", 200 pounds).  They figured with all this weight and strength, they could handle Jessica with no trouble.

That night they all dressed in black.  They packed their equipment and headed out in Tom's van.  Tom parked almost in the same spot Frances had when she did her spying.  It was about 11:00 P.M. and there was nobody on the street.  Quickly and quietly they got out of the van and ran to the bushes Frances had hid on.  Frances took out her nightime binoculars and checked if there was anyone looking outside.  The coast was clear.  Tom ran to the gate in front of Jessica's house.  #32....... the front gate opened.  At this instant the rest of the crew ran across the street and then through the gates.  They had passed the hard part.  Now.... getting in the house.  They all ran to the backyard where the pool was.  The backdoor was a wooden door with small decorative windows in it.  Carl put a cloth in this right hand and punched one of the windows.  The small window shattered making little noise.  Carl put his hand through the window and unlocked the door.  They were in.

Frances led the way since she knew the house.  She carefully listened for any noises.  The house was quiet, Jessica was sleeping already.  Frances made her way to the stairs, the rest followed.  Quietly they went up the stairs and followed Frances in the direction of Jessica's room.  Frances opened the door inch by inch.  Bingo.  There she was, sleeping like a baby.  Frances' heart started pounding as she saw Jessica.  Frances walked to the base of the bed and just stood there watching this beauty.  The others took their positions, two in each side of the bed.  Frances put both her hands in the sheets where Jessica's feet were.  Suddenly she pulled the sheets in her direction with everything she had, exposing Jessica's sleeping body.  Jessica opened her eyes and before she could say a word, Carl put his hand over her mouth.  They each grabbed an arm or a leg.  Carl and Mary forced Jessica's arms over her head.  Now Jessica laid there spreadeagled.  Jessica was wearing a tight white tank top cut just above the bellybutton,  very high bikini type cotton white panties, and a pair of thick wrinkled white socks.  Frances couldn't believe how beautiful she looked.  Frances climbed into the bed on top of Jessica.  She got close to her face.

"I hope you don't mind if we have a little fun with you."

Frances got off and signaled for the rest to move.  With this they picked up Jessica and followed Frances down stairs.  Jessica struggled as she tried to break lose but there were too many of them.  They took Jessica down to the basement where the pool table was.  After they were all in, Frances closed the door behind them.  When she turned around, they had Jessica already in her position, spreadeagled in the pool table.  Frances took out of her bag a ball gag and gave it to Mary.  Since Mary needed both hands to put the gag in Jessica's mouth, Carl grabbed both of Jessica's arms.  This momentarily left  Jessica with nothing over her mouth.

"You fuckin bitch, what do you think your doing?  I haven't....."

Mary placed the ball gag in Jessica's mouth and secured it.  Meanwhile, Frances had taken out four leather straps which had a padded cuff at the end.  She gave a strap to each one.  They all put the cuffs in either a wrist or an ankle.  Now Jessica had four straps tied to her, almost like a puppet.  They pulled each strap in the direction of th corner pockets, stretching Jessica even more.  They passed the straps through the corner pockets and down underneath the pool table.  There each strap was secured to a metal frame underneath the table.  Finally, Jessica was immobilized.  Frances took a step back to admire the handy work.  There she was, her obsession, lying spreadeagled at her disposition.  Frances walked to the bottom of the table.  Jessica lifted her head to see what she was doing but Carl pushed the head back and held it there.  Frances ran her fingers through Jessica's left sock and Jessica jumped.  Then she  took the tip of Jessica's sock and started pulling on it.  Since Jessica's skin was so soft the sock started gliding out.  She kept pulling the sock slowly until it was halfway off.  Then abruptly she pulled the hole sock off, exposing Jessica's perfect foot.  The others were getting anxious as they watched Frances' tease.  The three guys got an instant hard-on when they saw Jessica's foot.  Frances took the  big toe with one hand, pulled it back and scratched the stretched skin of her sole.  They heard Jessica trying to scream through the gag.  Frances ordered the crew to their positions.  Tom placed himself near Jessica's exposed left foot.  Carl was near the socked foot.  Jason approached the left arm and Mary the right.  Frances nodded her head to Carl and instantly he peeled Jessica's right sock off.

"Let's see how ticklish she is on her feet" Frances commented.

Tom and Carl grabbed their corresponding foot and started wiggling their fingers in Jessica's soles.  Jessica jumped and tried to move.  Carl grabbed Jessica's right toes and pulled them back as Frances had done before.  He took one finger and traced it down her stretched sole.  He reached the wrinkled ball and started going up again.  Meanwhile Tom just played with her left toes, putting his fingers through the toes trying to tickle the skin between them.  Jessica couldn't move much but her body was shaking.  After about five minutes, Frances ordered them to stop.

"Let's try out her creamy armpits."

Jason didn't waste any time.  He dove his fat fingers in Jessica's left armpit.  He just wiggled his fingers like a madman.  Jessica threw her head back and tried screaming through the gag.  Meanwhile, Mary put her long nails in Jessica's elbow and started scratching in the direction of her right armpit.  Frances looked at Jessica as she bent her feet up and down, curled and pointed her toes, as a sign of the tickle torture she was enduring.  Mary reached the top of her armpit and slowed down so she could scratch every inch of her pit.  She took all four nails and ran them up and down through Jessica's armpit.  Mary saw a few tears running down Jessica's cheeks.  She stopped the slow raking and started wiggling her nails as Jason was doing.  At this moment Frances ordered Tom and Carl to join in.  Now all four where tickling away on poor Jessica.  Frances had grabbed a pair of scissors and had started climbing to the top of the pool table.  She put a knee in each side of Jessica's waist and sat below the bellybutton.  She took her free hand and placed it on Jessica's exposed stomach.  With her index finger she covered Jessica's bellybutton.

"Are you ticklish here too?"

With this she started playing with Jessica's bellybutton.  However, she was not going to lose any time.  She took the scissors and placed them on Jessica's bellybutton.  As Jessica saw this, she pulled her stomach in, creating deeper hollows in her armpits.  Her armpit ticklers took advantage of this.  Meanwhile Frances placed the scissors in the bottom of Jessica's tank top and made a vertical cut.  She put the scissors down and grabbed the shirt in each side of the cut.  She slowly started ripping the shirt as she pulled on both sides of the cut.  Little by little Jessica's ribs where becoming more visible.  She had ripped the shirt up until the bottom of Jessica's breasts.  She stopped.  Suddenly she made a drastic pull and ripped the shirt in half, sort of like a vest.  Frances opened her eyes wide as she saw Jessica's small but beautiful round breasts.  Instantly she grabbed both of them and started playing with her nipples.  The rest of the crew tickled on but had their attention now in Frances.  Frances took the scissors and cut the remaining part open and took the shirt and threw it on the floor.  Then she dove her mouth into Jessica's chest.  She had no control.  She licked her breasts, her stomach, and her bellybutton.  She motioned for Mary to stop tickling.  She started licking Jessica's right armpit.  She ran her tongue up and down the armpit.  Jessica was now looking at Frances through her shoulder.  She closed her eyes and shaked her head from side to side.  At this instant Tom put his nose  in Jessica's sole and inhaled deeply.  It smelled like heaven.  He opened his mouth wide and placed Jessica's big toe in his mouth.  He sucked on it with great dedication.  Jason, much like Frances, dove his head in Jessica's  left armpit.  He licked it up and down with no control.  Carl also joined in and stared licking Jessica's wrinkled sole.  He started kissing around her foot and kept going to her ankles and calves.  Since Frances was back sucking on Jessica's breast, Mary had Jessica's right armpit all for her.  She took out her tongue and placed it on the bottom of Jessica's armpit.  Very slowly she licked up and down.

Frances was on fire now.  She had decided it was time to move on.  She took the scissors and cut the right string on Jessica's bikini panties.  Then she cut the left.  Abruptly, she pulled them off, exposing Jessica's trimmed pussy.  She couldn't believe her eyes.  It was a perfect rectangle of hair.  She placed her hand between Jessica's thighs and found the pussy lips.  They were as soft as her mouth lips.

"Untie her legs and hold them in place."

Carl and Tom stopped sucking on her feet and untied Jessica's legs.  Instantly Jessica started kicking and trying to break lose.  Carl and Tom took control of the legs by grabbing the ankle with one hand and the thigh with the other.  They bent her knees in a 90 degree angle and spread her legs as far as they could.  This left Jessica's pussy wide open for anything Frances wanted to do.  Frances moved down and placed her head in between Jessica's thighs.  She ran her tongue through Jessica's right thigh and softly bit it.  Jessica jumped and Carl and Tom had to hold her in place again.  Frances smiled as she knew it was this moment she had been waiting for.  She dove her nose straight to Jessica's pussy.  She heard the beautiful sound of Jessica's pussy hair as she wiggled her nose through the area.  Frances looked up and saw Mary sucking on Jessica's breasts as she scraped and massaged her armpits.  Jason was really into it, running his tongue through her other armpit, occasionally kissing her in the neck.

Frances grabbed Jessica's pussy lips and spread them.  She took out her tongue and buried it deep inside Jessica.  Again Jessica jumped, this time arching her back.  Frances wiggled the tongue in and out of her love hole.  She took her free hand and started searching for the asshole.  She took her middle finger and placed the tip of it inside.  Jessica tried to move away from Frances but Tom and Carl where holding her perfectly in place.  Frances buried her middle finger deep into Jessica's ass.  Jessica arched her back as far as it would go, thrusting her tit deeper into Jason's mouth, who by now was sucking on one of her tits.  Frances started fingering Jessica's asshole, in and out, while she rubbed Jessica's clit with her thumb.  After a few seconds Jessica's thighs started to tremble.  When Frances saw this she knew Jessica would climax in a few minutes.  She slapped her wiggling tongue in Jessica's pussy.  Jessica started contracting all her muscles and then relaxing them, over and over.  Finally her hole body started shaking as she moved her pelvis up an down into Frances' mouth.  After a few seconds she stopped and relaxed her body.  Frances got off the table and went to her bag again.

Frances took out a huge strap on dildo and quickly put it on.  She went back to Jessica, climbed the table and got in between Jessica's thighs.  Jessica looked down and started to shake her head, begging Frances not to fuck her.  Frances laughed and started entering Jessica.  Jessica shaked and tried to move away.  Frances buried the entire dildo and bent down near Jessica's ear.  She licked her neck and ear and whispered "You are all mine, you are mine, the most delicious thing there is, all mine, do you like that sweetie?"  She then started fucking Jessica with long slow stokes, pulling out the huge dildo almost all the way out, then burying it completely, again and again.  The others kept devouring parts of Jessica.  Frances lowered herself again "You are my slut, I own you.. this feels so good... you look so beautiful."  With this she resumed her fucking and fastened her pace.  She then started fucking her fast and rough.  At times she bent down to kiss her neck, armpits, breasts, etc.  Frances was breathing hard and fucking her faster.  Jessica's muscles were now tense from the good pounding Frances was giving her.  Frances started shaking as she climaxed from the beautiful site and the sensations on her pussy.  She pulled out, kissed Jessica's body entirely and collapsed on a sofa.   

Meanwhile fat Jason, who was way too involved, took off his pants and went around the table.  He bent where Jessica's wet pussy was and buried his tongue in it.  Jessica was too exhausted and didn't even move.  Jason licked Jessica's pussy lips as if he were a dog.  Meanwhile, Carl grabbed one of Jessica's ankles with both hands and devoured Jessica's toes.  Tom now held the other leg by the foot and the inner thigh.  He tickled Jessica's inner thighs with the tip of his fingers.  Mary was now on top of Jessica sucking on her chest while she tickled both armpits.  Jason moved down and massaged Jessica's asshole with his tongue.  Jessica made an attempt to move but quickly Jason wrapped his arms around her thighs and held her in place.  Frances started fingering herself as she saw all this happening.  Finally, Jason told Mary to move away as he started climbing the table.  Jason placed the tip of his penis in Jessica's wet slit.  Jessica looked at Jason, closed her eyes and arched her back.  Jason let his weigh go down, falling deep inside Jessica.  Jessica arched her back again only to find her chest against Jason's.  Jessica's eyes opened wide and she shaked her head from side to side as Jason was slightly crushing her.  Her legs shook in desperation, her toes bent down, feet pointed, showing how badly she was getting pounded.  Mary was now scraping both of Jessica's armpits with her nails.  Carl kept sucking on Jessica's toes while Tom searched through the body for Jessica's asshole.  The sound of Mary's nails scratching Jessica's armpits and the warm tight feel of Jessica's pussy was getting Jason really excited.  He started thrusting faster and faster.  With his hand behind one of Jessica's thighs, Tom found Jessica's butthole.  He quickly pushed his middle finger inside.  Again Jessica's thighs started shaking.  Mary, with all the excitement, started sucking on her armpits again.  Carl was now running his tongue through her sole.  Frances was 10 seconds away from exploding and so was Jason.  Tom kept his finger in motion.  Jessica's eyes looking at Jason, begged him not to finish inside her.  Suddenly Jason opened his mouth, groaned hard and exploded inside Jessica.  Two seconds after this Frances reached her biggest orgasm of her life.   

To be continued.....

So much oppression in our culture is based on shame about sex: the oppression of women, of cultural minorities, oppression in the name of the (presumably asexual) family, oppression of sexual minorities. We are all oppressed. We have all been taught, one way or another, that our desires, our bodies, our sexualities, are shameful. What better way to defeat oppression than to get together in communities and celebrate the wonders of sex?
The Ethical Slut: A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possibilities

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Good story!
I've never been much into tickiling but that story really turned me on!
Write more!
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