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Author Topic: Suzanna's rape (strong pantyhose theme)  (Read 10244 times)

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« on: December 28, 2006, 09:52:51 AM »

A few months ago I placed an add on a forum to find other people that were interested in fantasizing about pantyhose & rape. I got a reaction from a young British woman who had mild forced fantasies that she wanted to play online with someone. She also told me that she dressed rather feminine but that she didn't had a real crush on pantyhose. She knew it made her more feminine but that was that. I gave her one of my stories I wrote about the rape of a pantyhosed woman and she was interested in writing a story with me. I would write the story from my point of view and she from her point of view. The story started really well and it was a real thrill to write it, but sadly, after she gave me compliments on my part 3, she never replied again,..

Well, as an example of what I like and the type of co-writer I am looking for, here's the story so far.

*** Suzana's rape ***

Part 1

The rapists point of view

"....That'll be 8.70."

I gave the taxidriver a 10-pound note and told him to keep the change.

"Thank you sir."

I stepped out of the taxi, stretched my back a bit and looked at all the illuminated signs of the different bars and discotheques in the East-end. For some reason I had chosen this weekend to find a girl to lessen the emptiness in my soul......

Okay, okay.... I just wanted a hot date for the fun and the sex.

Once again I looked at the signs and I picked a fairly crowded bar ("The Three Amigo's") to start my search. I went in, walked straight to the bar and ordered myself a Scotch. I found a place at the corner of the bar and overlooked the whole scene. Hmm... I saw several potential candidates, but a group of three young women draw most of my attention... They were in their mid-twenties, had beautiful long blond hair and (as far as I could see) great bodies. Two of them were dressed in tight shirts and jeans but the girl that I liked the most was dressed in a very short dress that was made of some kind of stretchy stuff and that could barely cover her nice (I guessed 36 C) breasts. She had hot looking pumps on her feet, but what struck me the most were her legs....

This girl had endless legs that were encased in the most beautiful pair of pantyhose I'd ever seen. Well, I guessed it were pantyhose because the lights in the bar weren't that bright, but I've never seen a girl with such perfect legs. So, it had to be pantyhose.

I like pantyhose.... They make a leg to feel smoother, to look better and when you want to have sex with a girl that is wearing pantyhose, you simply can rip out the crotch of the hose (if necessary you just pay her the few pounds for a new one). And if you hit the jackpot with finding a subgirl, pantyhose can also be good for tying her up and gagging her. I like pantyhose so much that I even wear them myself. Unfortunately, not every girl likes a straight guy that likes to wear pantyhose, but if she does....

I didn't wanted to make my move right away and my decision proved to be right. After a few minutes a guy approached the group of girls and said something to the one wearing the dress. She said something back and the guy backed off. Only ten minutes later, another guy approached the girl with the dress. The same thing happened.... She was hard to get or she acted that she was hard to get. But because I liked a challenge, I waited for another 20 minutes before I made my move.

I walked to the three girls and asked to one in the dress: "Hi, I've never seen you here before? Are you new here?"

"Jesus Christ! You're the third guy in just half an hour that tries to talk me into his bed and you come up with this ridiculous opening? Get lost!"

I walked few steps away from her and then I returned: "Hi, I'm Mike! How do you like your eggs in the morning? Fertilised?"

She giggled, turned her head and said: "Well, that's what I call an opening. Nice to meet you Mike. I'm Suzana."

"Hi Suzana. Can I get you anything?"

"Hmmm.... Okay.... I would like a Liquid Cocaine."

"One Liquid Cocaine, coming right up! Do your friends want anything as well?"

Suzana shook her head and said: "Don't think so. Come on Mike, get me that drink."

I went to the bartender and ordered Suzana's cocktail and a Scotch. I found out that a Liquid Cocaine isn't a fairly priced cocktail. Okay, my Scotch wasn't cheap either, but the cocktail was almost 8.50 pounds..... I quickly calculated that if this evening should be worth the money, Suzana owned me some fondling in the back of a taxi for getting her just one cocktail, a blowjob for two and some real sex for four of them. And Suzana looked hot enough to give her as much cocktails as she wanted. As long as she would give me something in return.

At 2.45 a.m. I got Suzana her 7th cocktail and the staff of the bar told me that this was the last drink I could order, because they closed at three. I took the drinks to Suzanna and I said: "They close at three. Do you want me to order a taxi for the two of us?"

She nodded and 20 minutes later we sat in the back of the taxi. Suzana sat on my right side and even before the taxidriver shifted the car in gear, my hands were already on Suzana's smooth legs. Yes... she was wearing pantyhose. Very soft, very sheer, tan coloured and hopefully sheer-to-the-waist without panties underneath.

My other hand was at her breasts and I was kissing her neck and nibbling at her ear. All this fondling and kissing made me really hot, and I guess Suzana as well, because she didn't pushed me away. Things were looking good and I expected at least a blowjob from this hot pantyhosed girl and maybe even more....

The taxidriver disturbed the scene: "75 Nelsonstreet. 11.40 please."

I guickly grabbed some money and gave it to the taxidriver: "This should be 13. Just keep the rest."

Suzana opened the door and we both got out of the taxi. The taxi drove off and I put my right arm around Suzana's waist and together we walked to the frontdoor. She put the key in the lock and as she turned it round she said: "Hey Mike, thanks for the pleasant evening."

As she opened the door she gave me a kiss on the check and said: "Good night Mike!"

"Good night Mike? You're not inviting me in after tonight? No coffee, no last passionate kiss?"

"What! What the hell do you think! That I'm some kind of cheap slut that you can fuck by paying her a few drinks? No way! By groping me all over in that taxi you already crossed the line. Bye! No, even better... get lost!"

She went inside and threw the door almost in my face. Behind the door I still could hear her curse about horny guys and innocent girls in tight dresses in a bar. Then I heard the bang of another door and everything went quiet.

There I was, in the middle of the night in London. This wasn't the first time that a girl rejected me, but the way I was rejected just minutes before made my blood boil. She had to pay for what she had done to me. Oh yes.... Suzana, hot-looking-Suzana, pantyhosed-Suzana had to pay.....

*** The End ***

Part 1

The victims point of view

I enjoy my worktime but I really enjoy my playtime because that's when I can let myself enjoy being young, female and single...its so cool ...all the power to tease and no responsibility.

Friday night when I leave the office I shed some inhibitions and I shed some clothes to go from being a 'good girl' to a 'good time girl'. This week had been hard, my boss had wanted figures, projections, estimates and all at a rush so I needed relaxation and fun.

I got home from work, I showered ...letting the water shower down onto my hair then down my face before streaming down over my breasts...tickling my nipples as it flowed down from them. I enjoyed washing; it's sensual to feel my own hands glide over my skin feeling my erogenous zones flow together as I caress myself.

I dried myself slowly, enjoying the soft feel of the towel over my skin, Using the drier to give my hair extra volume and bounce. Powdering, perfuming making my face up, generally preparing for the ...game.

I loved going through my lingerie and hosiery drawers to find just the items I needed. I wanted tonight to be special fun. I found the bra and panty set I wanted, a little lacy thong with some pretty embroidery it felt good as I slid them up my legs, making sure my pussy was all safely snuggled away in them. The bra gave me a little lift and made my breasts my main weapon of temptation tonight...main but not only, after all my legs were pretty damn good. I knew either my legs or my breasts would deliver me the man who would pay for my fun tonight

The hose I chose were light tan and there was something sensual about getting them cool and fresh out of the packet, slipping my toes into them and smoothing the shear glossy second skin over my own silky legs, smoothing them so they fitted me perfectly from toe to waist. The shear fabric had just the hint of glossy sparkle and there were shear up to the lacy band at the waist. I like shear...I had pretty panties on...if anyone was lucky enough to sneak a peek up my dress tonight...I wanted my pretty panties to be seen.

My dress was easy to chose; slinky, tight and clingy, just the right level of stretch in it to mould to my body to enhance my breasts and cut a cool nine inches above my knees to show of my long legs. A deep copper coloured dress...dark enough to let my blonde hair shine.

The Three Amigo's was a great club, some girlfriends and I danced a while... my red sparkle 'fuck me' pumps were great for dancing but as the club filled I started to look around for 'Mr Tonight' ...the guy I was going to get to give me a good time...all for me and all for free.

I think I must have burned three, maybe four, different guys before I saw 'The One' each chat up line the guys had used were so lame I just laughed. Even "The One's" first attempt was pathetic...but he was a way more a man then the others ...he reformed and came back...." How do you like your eggs in the morning?...fertilized!! he would do...he was going to be 'Mr Tonight'.

Money was the key I guess, any 'Mr Tonight ' needed money enough to give me a good time, but also I needed to see that he was well enough connected not to risk trying to force himself on me when he found he was buying something ...that I wasn't selling. I'm a strong girl I do aerobics and have had self defence classes but I didn't want to spend time pushing off some guy who couldn't take a 'No' seriously.

Anyway this 'Mr Tonights' name was Mike he was pretty good He was easy on the eye: tall. muscular with his hair turning just a little grey. He was fun and he knew how to spend, how to have a conversation... and he could dance. We did some slow numbers I encouraged him... some breast pressing against his chest...but he was a leg man...he liked my legs I could see that every time he watched me from the bar as he kept the 'Liquid Cocaine' coming. He must have bought me six or seven of the things he must have really thought he was going to get in my panties but there was no way he was going to get past first base

The Liquid Cocaine's were making me feel soft and kittenish, even though Joe the Barkeep always watered down drinks for me, it worked for us both he made more profit and I got less drunk than the 'Mr Tonight' realised.

Mike ordered us a cab it was late and I liked that he ordered it. He seemed nice so id give him some fun in the taxi...sort of a thank you...he just wasn't going to get the big prize....no way.

He was good...and he was quick...in the taxi he helped me in then he helped himself to my legs. I liked how he caressed from my knees...working up along my shear hose...he made me wriggle in the seat...but I was always there with my hands to slow, then stop, him as he tried to 'innocently' slip his hand under my skirt, no way he was going to find out hot I was between my legs.

I kissed him, I liked it, he was a good kisser and he knew how to caress and tease my breast which made me wriggle even more. He was so unlike the guys who just seem to want to use my nipples as an on switch...never works.

: "75 Nelson street. 11.40 please." ....The Driver had made good time just a few more minutes and Mike might have made me hot enough to....but he hadn't ...quiet.

Mike walked me to the door, chivalry ? nah!...he just wanted a piece of me and that wasn't in my game plan...

I twisted away from him...his hand tried to hold around my waist but I shimmed and escaped and I gave him my 'outraged innocence' speech

"What kind of girl to you think I am ? ..." I slammed the door and smiled to myself...every time it worked it made my pussy tingle. In a way I was sorry for Mike I hoped he like blue....cause I knew as I walked up the stairs he was going to be suffering from raging blue balls....poor him. ...I didn't care

*** The End ***

Part 2

The rapists point of view

The next Monday I went to my boss and asked him if it was possible for me to take the next week off. Every morning of the next week I watched Suzana's home from a small park across the street. When she left her house I followed her from about 50 yards. She lead me to the nearest underground station where she took the underground to go to her work. She worked for some kind of financial firm and at that time it became obvious to me that Suzana was always dressed in a business suit with sheer hose and high heels. Probably some kind of dresscode or so.... She took this route for four days in a row, and at least in the morning she was a girl from the clock. Never a minute too late at work. Friday would be Suzana's payday and if I enjoyed her as much as I expected, Saturday would be another payday as well.

That Thursday evening I quickly grabbed my things together and I was early enough to see Suzana leave her home that morning. The sun was shining and her blond hair looked like gold in the sun. Just as her hose.... Damn... she looked hot.... I wanted her right there, but I had to wait for tonight. Tonight would be the night.....

I waited for half an hour after Suzana had left her house and then I walked to the frontdoor. Because the door wasn't visible from the street, it was quite easy for me to pick the lock with a bumpkey. I went inside and closed the door behind me. As soon as I was inside I knew it was the house where a young woman lived alone. There was a faint odour of perfume in the house and all the small details around like candles, pillows on the couch and photoframes gave me that same impression. The only thing that I missed was a cat. I mean, in movies and TV-shows, most women living alone seem to have a cat.

I went to the kitchen, made myself some coffee and with a mug of coffee and my things I went upstairs. The first door that I opened was the door of what would be the playground for tonight. In Suzana's bedroom was a large double bed with a firm mattress. The head- and footboard of the bed were made from small bars so it should be easy to tie Suzana spreadeagled onto her bed. In fact, it was the perfect rapebed....

The bedroom had two more doors. One lead to a large bathroom with a bath and a separate shower and the other door which was a sliding door gave access to a large walk-in closet. In went inside and I was stunned by the amount of clothing and shoes this girl possessed. I went through her wardrobe and she had dozens of skirts, dresses and suits that I wanted her to wear for me before I would rape her. In a set of drawers in the back of the closet, Suzana kept her bra's and panties and she had two drawers for her pantyhose. One was almost filled with worn and washed pantyhose that were sorted to all the different shades. The other drawer was half full with brand new hose. She liked the more exclusive brands. I saw a few Oroblu, Filidoro, Wolford and some exclusive Pretty Polly pantyhose, but most pantyhose were Max Mara's. As I overlooked the closet and the bed another time, I smiled.... All the aspects to make this night worth while were there.

I went back to the bathroom and went straight to the hamper. I threw the contents on the floor and sorted out the pantyhose. I gathered six worn pantyhose together and brought the soft perfumed nylon mass to my face. I inhaled deep and I almost came in my pants. The combined scent of Suzana's body and her perfume was overwhelming. I grabbed a plastic bag to take them home with me. I would keep Suzana's worn hose as one of the trophies of the coming night.

I undressed in the bathroom, filled the bath with warm water and I stepped in. I got Suzana's depilation cream and after reading the bottle ("be careful with applying the substance near the genital area") I applied it on my legs. I'd heard that wearing pantyhose on a shaved leg was a magnificent feeling, so I wanted to experience this feeling with Suzana. I didn't want to shave my pubic hair. Not only because of the warning on the depilation cream, but an erect penis with pubic hair looks far more masculine. After waiting five minutes I rinsed the cream together with the hair away. After drying myself I started to apply some moisturizing cream (my own, without any perfume) on my legs to protect my skin, I shaved my face and applied some after shave on my face. Hey, I was going to teach the hot Suzana a lesson, but that didn't mean that a smelly unshaved guy had to be the teacher.....

It was now around 12 o'clock and I began to feel a bit hungry. I put on Suzana's morning coat and I went downstairs to prepare myself a small lunch. With the plate and another mug of coffee I went to the living room and switched on the TV. Another 25 people dead on a market in Bagdad, floodings in Bangladesh and some fighting that was going on along the borders of two Central-American countries I had once heard of. The best news was that the unemployment rates had dropped for the third month in a row and that the weather remained good. After finishing my lunch I switched off the TV and brought the dishes to the kitchen.

I went upstairs again and after brushing my teeth I went to the closet and took a few of her new pantyhose and a good handful of worn and washed ones. I unwrapped to packing of the first new hose and carefully stretched it a bit. I then took a pair of nail scissors and carefully cut the threads from the front seam of the hose over 1.5 inch. I did the same with the other hose I took from the closet. Better to be safe then sorry. I then took the worn and washed hose and started to cut them in half. I used one hose to make a huge triple knot from the pantypart of the hose, so a ball with two stockings remained.

Next I took my digital camcorder and put it on top of a shell. I pointed the lens to the bed and I used some tape to hide the bright red light that was visible as the camcorder was filming, to avoid Suzana getting suspicious. I took off Suzana morning coat and I put on my jeans. I didn't bother to put on any socks, shoes or even a T-shirt. I tugged a few of the cut pantyhose in the back pocket of my jeans so I could grab them when I had to and I overlooked the entire scene. One of the prepared hose was hidden under Suzana's pillow, together with a knee-high. The rest of the hose I had cut in half were hidden under another pillow on Suzana's bed. Everything was ready and only one thing was missing: Suzana...

I found a spot behind the curtains that gave me a nice view over the street, so I was able to see Suzana when she got home. I had to wait over two hours (she probably had to work late again), but then I spotted my prey on the street and I switched on the camcorder. I hid in the closet and it was at that time that remembered that my plate and my mug where still in the sink in the kitchen. I quickly calculated my chances. Could I go downstairs and hide them somewhere?

There wasn't any time, because I heard the front door open and then the familiar clicking of high heels on the tiles downstairs. I hid in the closet and I prayed that Suzana wouldn't get suspicious about the plate and the mug in the sink. I heard her rummaging around for a few minutes and then I heard her coming upstairs. I left the sliding doors open for half an inch open so I was able to peek into the room. Next thing I heard was Suzana entering her bedroom. She passed the closet and while I could smell her perfume she stopped next to the bed. It was then that I noticed that Suzana could see the closet through the mirror at the opposite wall. There was no way that I could get out of the closet unseen. As I saw that Suzana looked around as if she was checking her bedroom, I was afraid that she sensed something and I pushed the sliding door open. At the same time Suzana spun around and screamed. I jumped at her, grabbed her by the waist and the both of us landed on the bed.

I quickly rolled Suzana on her back and I jumped on top of her, securing her body with my bodyweight. I then quickly pushed the knotted pantyhose between her jaws and I pulled her head up so I was able to tie the two stockings twice around her head. Suzana could only produce muffled cries, and those cries excited me. It were the cries of a woman that knew she was going to be raped....

Suzana tried to push me off her hips and the same time she tried to beat me with her fists. As I sat on her hips, her arms barely reached my chest, so she wasn't able to hurt me. I grabbed one wrist and quickly tied one of the cut pantyhose around it. Then I grabbed her other wrist and I tied them together. I then got another hose to tie her bound wrists to the headboard of the bed.

I got of the bed and grinned as I saw how Suzana tried to kick me with her legs. As she tried to kick me once more, I grabbed one of her legs and as I enjoyed the sheer fabric of her hose on her legs I tied a pantyhose around her ankle. I grabbed her other leg and tied a hose around that ankle as well. I now grabbed both of her legs and one by one I tied her legs to both sides of the footboard.

The whole process from jumping Suzana, gagging her and tying her onto her bed had taken me just over two minutes. And in those two minutes, I had successfully degraded Suzana from an unharmed young woman into a bound fucktoy-to-be. And she belonged to me.....

I reached under the pillow and I took the prepared pantyhose and the knee-high from under the pillow. I was standing next to the bed as I unbuttoned my jeans. I pushed the Levi's down to my ankles and my erect dick sprung free. With almost 9 inches in length and over 2 inches in diameter it was the perfect rape-tool. I threw my jeans in a corner of the bedroom and I picked up the pantyhose. I let my arm slip into the stocking until it reached the seam at the toe. Next I gathered the stocking with my other hand and as I reached the toe of the stocking I applied the seam at the toe directly on my toes and slowly I pulled the delicate material up my leg until I was halfway up my upper leg. As I focused on my bound prey that was squirming on the bed I pulled up the other stocking as well. Inch by inch I pulled the pantyhose further up until the waistband was right under my testicles that almost exploded due to the huge amount of cum that they contained.

I picked up the knee-high and after I aligned the seam directly over the crack of my erect penis, I rolled the knee-high down over my cock like a condom. I tugged my balls inside the knee-high and I guided my hosed cock through the opening in the seam of the pantyhose. Now I pulled the pantyhose over my ass and I was ready. As I paraded in front of Suzana to show her what I had to offer, she looked at me as a deer that was about to be shot by a hunter and I could hear her muffled cries again that made my cock grew even harder.

*** The End ***

Part 2

The victims point of view

Monday, Tuesday, wednesday...the weekdays sort of merged into one. I work to get the money to buy clothes and enjoy myself, I work for my weekend.

By Friday I was pretty bored with work and I wanted to play, I was going to chose a different club this week, there was no point in risking meeting up with...err Mark...Matt err oh no Mike..yes that was his name... from last week so soon.

I got up late on Friday morning, I just overslept so I had to dash around in the house getting dressed for work. Everything was ready I just needed more time. I showered then dried, keeping my hair free of water. I was hopping around to get my clothes on I ended up wearing a little white lacy thong and an almost matching bra. I do take more care choosing my pantyhose, after all I will be showing my pantyhose around the office all day... I don't plan to be showing my bra or panties.

I chose some lovely shear black hose. I loved how they felt sliding on and sheathing my legs, they fitted like a dream. They were so thin and delicate but were so well tempered they almost never snagged into a run, but I kept a back-up pair in my hand bag anyway. I checked myself in the mirror the shear black hose giving a little flash of my tiny white panties as I moved around...perfect.

I was going to be giving a presentation today so I chose a short and stylish black skirt suit with a soft silk blouse...even if I screwed up the presentation the guys would be too busy watching my legs to give me any grief. I slipped into the heels they were a little flashy but then Mr Fujimoto would be there and I knew he appreciated the shape of the female foot, and bonus time was just around the corner ...every little helped.

I grabbed my bag and my coat and scooted out the house I had to run for the train...maybe I should have chosen more supportive bra from the looks of some of the men I was running towards...but it didn't matter I was all nice and safe on the train.

Late on the on the way home but I was smiling to myself, the presentation had really knocked them out, I was congratulated but by my boss and even better...his boss. Mr Fujimoto was such a foot man. More smiles...nicer footwear and I would move up a floor.

I got on home, unlocked my door and dumped my purse on the chair sloughing off my coat and jacket. I leaned back against the wall and stretched, feeling a little achy after the tube ride home. I was going to enjoy spending some quality time unwinding in my bath before I got dressed to go out and play later.

I'm not sure exactly what it was. Maybe something just out of line in the hallway or maybe a subtle scent I was unfamiliar with...whatever it was sent a cold shiver down my spine.

Screw it...not again...id been burgled in my last place... they always waited till you were out the door then they broke in and stole everything that was valuable and easy to sell on leaving as fast as they came...bloody kids, if I ever caught one ..arrhghhh!!

I checked around, the TV there, the CD player...there... then I saw; a plate, a mug in the kitchen sink...right next to my morning coffee cup. Screw it! maybe not the burglars...maybe worse my very ex 'live in lover' Tom...I'd booted him out eight months ago, either way I was angry and maybe a little scared. I stayed totally still listening for any sounds...I didn't hear anything... and I have way good hearing.

I thought about calling up the police...but they don't do anything about burglary any more...nothing useful anyway... and if it was Tom...well I didn't want to have to explain to the police how I had been 'borrowing' his car for the last eight months, especially as he didn't actually know I had a spare set of keys.

I went up the stairs still listening I checked out the spare room...Tom's things were still all there...still all boxed...his DVD played and camera all there...so no 'Ex-file' and no theft so far....crazy.

My bedroom next, I had my good jewellery in the top drawer so I moved quickly through the door just to check... I had just opened the drawer when I heard...maybe felt something. I turned around fast, my brain suddenly running through all the self defence stuff id been taught but all I could do was scream as this large mass suddenly grabbed hold of me around the waist spinning me further around and pushing me down to my bed, whooshing the air out of me as it landed on me.

It was He... a He I didn't know... fuck it yes I did ....was M....MM....Mike. I started to scream and tried to hit up at him, more clawing slaps then blows really. I felt disorientated, any knowledge I had had of self defence seemed to have gone I was terrified and helpless under his weight as I squirmed on my bed.

Mike ... No...NOOOO you bastarrrdddmmMMMPPPHHHH! i felt the material slip in past my lips as I snarled up at you, the soft nylon knot making my tongue feel momentarily dry as it seemed to expand in my mouth I squealed into the gag as you tied the gag tight...you'd caught my hair in it....and it hurt.

I was squirming desperately ....trying to buck you off me ..I was making little progress you used your body's weight and your muscles against me ...forcing me down ...riding down my increasingly panicked buckings.

I was hitting up at your chest but you didn't even seem to feel it. I was making little panicked noises through the gag...I heard you grunt and I heard you laugh as you wore me down. You got my hands, I tried to claw at yours but you held me off and you got my wrists tied... then pulled my arms back and up above my head securing them on the headboard. I could feel my breasts pushing up as you tied my wrists to the bed. I saw you enjoy the show...and I screamed into the gag again...and again

God you were fast.. you jumped ...slid off me but before I could get a gook kick in at you, you had my leg pressed down...then you ...had each ankle tied and ...OH GOD ...NO then you started to spread my legs.

I squirmed, I wriggled , I writhed I was trying to stop you...but with all your strength working against one of my legs at a time you got me spread...and spread wide. I could feel my skirt rucking up my thighs as you pulled my legs apart.. I wanted to try and twist my hips to try and hide myself from you...but I knew from where you were standing my little white panties would be 'flashing' at you through my shear hose.

I felt the hot blush of embarrassment on my face at being so helpless and so exposed in front of you. I saw the lust in your eyes and I felt my inner thigh muscles straining to close my legs and I felt the tears of frustration in my eyes as I realised I couldn't .

I felt your hand under the pillow...then you moved back and out of my sight...but I could hear your breathing... deep and slow...in control. Then I could hear you strip...your clothes being thrown down.

I was breathing fast panicked and fast...my breast rising and falling in time with my breathing...I felt how tight my nipples were...I could see them so horribly erect against my blouse...fear made them like that...I only hope you wouldn't think it was from some arousal on my part

I was pulling against the ties that bound me...but they held...they tightened.... ..I was desperate. I was squirming... I didn't want this ..I didn't deserve this ...it couldn't be happening to me...not to MEEEE.

I heard noises...I heard a little satisfied laugh from you as you suddenly moved back to where I could see you . I screamed into the gag and tried to twist away from looking at you...trying to twist my body away from facing you. Because in that moment I had seen your near naked body...standing seeming so massive above me. Your legs covered in the silk like sheen of pantyhose...and your cock so hard ...so erect... sheathed in the same mesh...I was terrified.. I knew you were soon going to be sheathing it inside ...me.

I could feel my eyes open wide...I could feel my pussy tighten in fear and I heard sounds from me...little mewling cries of terror as you moved in closer.

*** The End ***

Part 3

The rapists point of view

"Nice...." I hissed. Then, after a few moments of silence: "I don't think that I will need to introduce me to you? You'll probably remember me as the guy that paid all your drinks two weeks ago and in return was allowed to fondle your breasts a bit."

Suzana didn't react. She just looked at me. No, she begged me with her big bright eyes. She knew..... she knew that I was going to rape her.... I could hear her muffled cries again. Those hot pleading muffled cries. Cries that excited me, that made me even harder....

Suzana looked hot, tied with her hot pantyhosed legs onto her own bed. How should I do her? Should I just jump her, rip her clothes to shreds and rape her? Or should I take my time and tease her for a while? Just starting with taking off her heels, caressing her feet and legs, slowly working my way up her legs, under her skirt, stopping at her inner thighs, continuing with fondling her breasts through her blouse, licking and kissing her neck and earlobs, unbuttoning her blouse, taking of her bra, caressing her breasts, licking and sucking her nipples, taking off her skirt, cutting away her tiny panty between her hose and her body, licking her through her hose.... Just giving her the idea that I wasn't just a rapist, but that I wanted her to enjoy this as much as I did..... and then to ruin that idea by cutting away the tiny cotton gusset of her hose before I would forcefully penetrate her... Raping her.... Consuming her... Violating her.... Filling her body with loads of my semen..... Yeah... taking my time would give me much more pleasure....

I sat on the floor near the footboard and with my fingertips I caressed her lower right leg. Her hose was very sheer and delicate and it made the already gorgeous Suzana even more gorgeous. It made me want her even more.... I slowly took her heel off and I started to caress her foot with both hands, feeling the softness of the nylon material that encased her foot. It was obvious that Suzana took good care of her feet. Her nails were neatly filed and despite the fact that she wore heels quite often, not a trace of callus could be seen. I grabbed her ankle tight, to prevent her from kicking me in my face and I started to kiss and lick the sole of her right foot and I even sucked on her luscious toes. Through her gag I heard Suzana respond to this stimulation of her foot.

I felt my cock grow even harder until it almost hurted. As I got up I saw that the knee-high on my cock was already showing a wet spot due to the pre-cum that started to ooze from the tip. I needed all the mental strength in my body to prevent Suzana from being raped by me that moment...

I removed her other heel and as I sat on my knees near her foot, I pressed the tip of my hard cock against the sole of her foot, to let Suzana experience how hard it was and how much I wanted her. She somehow got the message as she started to squeal even more in her gag. Our eyes met and as my lips silently formed the phrase "I love you", I smiled at her. Suzana turned her head away and I saw a tear rolling over her cheek onto the pillow.

I got on the bed and I started with my hands and my lips to work up her legs. I started at her lower legs, I passed her knees and from her upper legs my lips and hands went to her inner thighs. I could feel how Suzana tried to close her legs to prevent me from getting further up between her legs and with muffled squeals she protested against my groping hands. My hands moved further up over her hose-covered abdomen and then they slid back between her thighs, feeling the softness of her hose, the pure feminine curves of Suzana's lower body and the heat that radiated from her lovetunnel that I soon would violently penetrate.

I retrieved my hands and I focused my attention on the breasts, hidden behind her silky blouse and a most likely sexy bra. With my fingertips I first traced the outlines of her breasts, hidden behind the white silk blouse. I then started to examine the shape and firmness of Suzana's breasts and as my fingertips felt one of her nipples I stared and Suzana. I grinned and said: "They're hard. It can't be from the cold. You're enjoying yourself?" Suzana shook her head......

My fondling fingertips went to the first unopened button and I opened it. Again those cries.... One button after another were undone and with each button I saw that Suzana's looks became more worried. She understood that with each button undone, her inevitable rape came closer. I undid the last button and pulled the blouse out of her skirt. I pushed the two sides away and her breasts in a lacy bra came into view.

I cupped her breasts with both hands and I enjoyed softness of the bra, the firmness of her breasts and the heat that radiated of them. My hand followed that straps to her back and I tried to open her bra. Suzana tried to avoid this by squirming her back, but I soon I had found the fastener of her bra and I opened it with a look of triumph on my face. I pulled both straps away from under her body and I pushed the bra over Suzanna's head to her tied wrists.

My fingertips followed the outlines of her firm breasts and in a slow circular motion they ended at her nipples. Her erect nipples, to be precise. I smiled.... I shifted my bodyweight a bit further down her hips and I slowly started to knead her breasts with my hands. I bent over and while I was kneading her breast I started to kiss her breasts and lick her nipples. As I playfully bit in her breasts and nipples I felt Suzana shiver.

Next I focused my attention on her skirt. The only way to get rid of her skirt was to rip it to shreds, but because Suzana looked really hot in this skirt, I thought it would be a real waste, so I just hiked the skirt further up her waist. I placed my hand on her slim abdomen and I let my hand slowly slide between the hose and her skin. I enjoyed the silkiness of the nylon material on the back of my hand as my fingers slid deeper in her hose.

As my fingers reached Suzana's thong I felt her squirm beneath me. I traced the outlines of the thong and the feminine curves of her mont veneris. With my middle finger I teasingly followed back and forth the outlines of her outer labia. Then, I slowly pulled back my hand, grabbed the waistband of thong and with a firm tug, the frilly piece of lingerie was ripped to shreds. Hidden behind the tiny thong lay a small bush of hair right above the spot where the outer labia met each other. The blond pubic hair proofed she was a natural blond.

Suzana squaled and squirmed because she knew that another line of defense had been taken down. As I threw the shredded thong next to the bed, Suzana realized that the only thing that prevented her from being raped was the very delicate sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose she was wearing.

I then started to caress her lower abdomen and her hips in the pantyhose. After a few moments I forced my right hand between her hips and I started to tease her outer labia through the gusset of the pantyhose. Suzana squaled again and I after a while removed my hand and got off the bed.

With her bright but tearfilled eyes, Suzana begged me to stop, but I simply ignored her as I stepped between her legs, I forced them apart as far as her muscles and her bindings let me. Suzana squaled and shuddered as I orally started to stimulate her hosed cunt and when I started to lick her hosed clit I heard her howl through her gag. I then used a pair of nailscissors to cut the gusset out of the pantyhose. Her cunt was now fully accessible and I assaulted it with my lips and tongue. As I drove my tongue deep in her cunt Suzana tried to squirm away from me. She squaled, she cried, she trashed on the bed, but at this point, nothing or no one could save her from me and the things I had in mind with her......

After I had orally assaulted the wonderful tasting cunt of Suzana, I got up. My cock was throbbing, pre-cum oozed from it's tip, making the knee-high around my cock really slick and slippery. I was ready....

I removed Suzana's gag because I wanted to control her squals and cries with my hand as I raped her.

"Please! No.... don't rape me! Mike.... Come on! It wasn't ment like that. You've had your revenge.... Please let me go. Please? Mike....?"

I didn't answer. I just wanted to rape her and that was the one and only thing that Suzana could read in my eyes.

"Mike? Please.... I'm not on any contraceptive.... If you want to rape me, then do it, get it over with, but please use a condom...."

I grinned, pointed at my nylon encased dick and said: "A condom? What do you think this is?"

"Oh please.... God, help me....."

As I laid down on Suzana I forced her legs apart. My cock pressed up against her cunt and as I put my left hand on Suzana's mouth I tried to penetrate her body. I felt Suzana tighten the muscles aroung her hips to prevent me from entering her and I tried once more, this time using a bit more force.

Suzana tried to fight my attempts to penetrate her, but eventually I felt how her outer labia gave way. Using more of my bodyweight, I forced another inch of my erect cock inside her pussy..... Damn... she was tight.... deliciously tight..... almost as tight as a virgin. I retracted my cock a bit and with a thrust my cock sank halfway into her cunt. Suzana squaled and tears started to well in her eyes. Again I retracted a bit and then with a last mighty thrust I penetrated her totally. I collapsed on top of her and I heard her muffled cries from beneath my hand on her lips.

My head lay beside Suzanna's head, my mouth next to her ear....

"Damn.... you are tight..... " Suzanna didn't react.....

I started to kiss her and I retracted my cock until just the tip was between her lips. Again I forced my cock inside her, again the same cries, squeals and grunts from Suzana, again that lovely feeling of her virgin-like tight cunt around my cock.

I started to rape Suzanna in a steady motion. In and out.... Enjoying every fiber of her body, enjoying her weak resistance, her cries and squeals that had been reduced to a whimpering sound as I retracted and grunts as I forced myself back into her.

Despite the sheer knee-high around my cock I could feel every contraction of her cunt and within minutes I felt a very distinct and familiar tingle in my balls. I started to quicken my pace and I took my left hand from her mouth. Suzanna grunted in the same pace as I raped her and I grabbed her pantyhosed buttocks with my hands to get a more steady grip.

I was raping her, violating her, consuming her with just one goal.... my own satisfaction, my own orgasm inside this wonderful girl. I felt the tingling feeling getting more intense and when I felt that my orgasm was near I grabbed her buttocks and rammed my dick with all my force as deep as possible in Suzanna's tight cunt.....

I felt how my balls contracted and with one, two.... no three..... even four spurts of semen I emptied myself in Suzana. As I collapsed on top of her I whispered in her ear: "I love you Suzanna...." At that same moment I felt a weak but very distinctive quiver going through her body.....

*** The End ***

,. Sadly, I'm still waiting on my victims part 3. Maybe someone would like to join me? Comments on the story are welcome as well.

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Inside Every Silver Lining There Is A Dark Cloud

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The story is good....I like the two POV in the story.

and,yes,my thing is hose/stockings as well.....so I had to check this out!!


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great story any idea on the next part?

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Great story

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great read love the 2 person POV
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