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Author Topic: JENNIFER'S ORDEAL by gnarley  (Read 45493 times)
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« on: December 12, 2006, 11:31:29 AM »

You must be over 18 for read this story with rape, if you not like such stories, please turn back. I don't promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read not more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Any man who commit rape are despised everywhere. But fantasies are all right if they not hurt somebody.

Jennifer's Ordeal
by gnarley

Jennifer Lyons was stuck at home alone. Her parents had gone shopping for a new wide screen TV and she was the one who had to watch her baby brother.

Jennifer was a lovely 16-year-old girl. She had straight brown hair that hung past her shoulders and blue eyes that were accentuated by her slightly upturned nose and her potty lips. She had a gorgeous body with pert breasts and puffy nipples, a luscious tight ass and long, sleek legs. Today she was wearing a tan shirt, with the first two buttons undone and a pair of hip hugger jeans.

She was listening to her cd player, and bemoaning the fact that she couldn't be out with her friends when the doorbell rang.

She hurried downstairs to look through the peephole of the front door. She saw three big men wearing the uniforms of deliverymen standing on the porch.

"Hello?" she called thru the door.

"We're delivering for your parents." one of the men said.

"Hold on," Jennifer replied and opened the door just enough for the chain to catch, " Let me see some Id." she asked.

One of the men showed her his business card of a delivery service. "We have some appliances that your parents ordered, we need to bring them in and set them up. Is that ok? Or would you rather we come back later? But your parents requested a speedy delivery."

"Oh..uh...sure come on in..." Jen was sure her parents would be home soon and their credentials checked out. She opened the door to let the three men in. Instantly they were on her, one of them placing a hand over her mouth so she couldn't scream and pining her arms to her side and the other two shutting and locking the door and moving to check the rest of the house out.

Jennifer was frightened, what did the men what? Obviously they weren't deliverymen but robbers.

One of the men, a black man came back and said, "Nobody else in the house but a brat asleep upstairs in a crib."

"Ok now, listen up.." the man holding her said in her ear.."If you scream, we'll kill the kid upstairs. Understand?"

Jennifer nodded her head and the hand was removed from her mouth.

"What's your name?" the white man not holding her asked.

"Jen...Jennifer.." she stammered.

"And how old are you Jennifer?"


"Hot damn!!" the man hooted, "We got us a young one this time."

"We're going upstairs now Jennifer," the voice in her ear said, "And I want you to show us to your room...one wrong move and both you and the baby die."

The men half dragged and half carried the trembling young girl up the stairs.

"Which room is yours?" the man holding her growled, his voice sounding like he was out of breath or anxious.

"T...That one." she pointed to the room at the far end of the hall.

She was dragged into the room and the men shut and locked the door behind them.

Her room had posters of boy bands and Brittany spears on the wall and there were stuffed animals on the bed.

Before she could say a word the man holding her began to unbutton her shirt.

"No. Please.." she started to beg.

"Shut up or my friend goes into your brother's room and kills him."

Stifling her cries of protest, she could only shudder as he completely unbuttoned her shirt and another man removed it to reveal her cute white bra.

The one undressing her undid the clasp of her bra and the other man pulled it off her to reveal her beautiful teenage breasts. They were perky and round, about the size of grapefruits, with puffy nipples. The man holding her brought a hand up to grasp her right breast, squeezing it and pinching the puffy nipple.

The one who had removed her bra grabbed hold of a breast and gripping it tightly began to suck and chew on the tender tit flesh and nipple.

Jennifer was crying as her jeans were undone and pulled down her shapely legs and then off. She was wearing cotton white panties that were also pulled off revealing her mound with blonde hair sparely sprouting.

The man who had not helped with stripping her had found pantyhose and pulling the struggling girl over to the bed, throwing the stuffed animals to the floor, they bound her with the hose so that her wrists and ankles were tied to the four corners of the bed, leaving her naked and spread wide.

The first man, whose name was Roy undid his pants and removed them to reveal his huge, stiff cock, which jutted out like a dagger from his hairy pubes.

"Oh God, please don't! Don't do it to me!" Her piteous supplications were cut short by Roy's rough hand clamping down hard over her mouth. Further muffled cries were choked back deep down in her throat until only slight broken grunts of anguish could be heard coming from her flaring nostrils. Jennifer was reeling in shock when Roy climbed on top of her, crushing the breath from her. She could feel him placing his erect penis against the slit of her pussy.

She could feel its stickiness where the wet hot seminal fluid seeped from its large inflated head. "Oh God!" She pleaded, "Don't..Please don't...I'm a virgin.."

"Oh yeah," he panted.."well, you isn't going to be a virgin for long!" And he began pushing his cock inside her. She could feel her pussy lips spreading painfully to accommodate his knobbly cockhead and thick shaft.

She groaned incoherently."Oooooooooooooh, nooo!"

He pressed forward again, flexing his buttocks with all his strength until suddenly ... it gave. The tight elastic ring popped open with a quick unexpected snap, and the huge blood-filled head slipped wetly inside with a rush that left Jennifer gasping for breath. "Aaaaaaaagggggggghhhhhh! "

He jabbed his cock into her with short, hard, punishing jabs that drew cries of pain from her, and then he felt his cock pressing against her virgin membrane. With a brutal thrust he tore his way into her, shredding her resistance.

"Aowwwwww" Jennifer shrieked as the white-hot pain tore thru her. He had taken her virginity from her she realized and the shock of that had barely registered before he began pounding his prick in and out of her shredded pussy. She could feel her virgin blood oozing down her legs.

He fucked her hard, tearing his thick shaft in and out of her, almost removing the meaty cock head from the slit before slamming it back inside her. He reached forward with both hands and grasping her by the shoulders, pulled her whole body back tight against him. His thick hard cock was sunk to its fullest depth in her quivering belly as she felt the hardness of the head pressed tight against the end of her cervix. He grasped and squeezed her breasts, jerking and pulling at them as he viciously raped her. She could feel his heated cock growing thicker and thicker in her belly, as he ground savagely into her with a wave of sadistic delight flickering across his contorted face.

She could feel him growing and growing deep, deep inside her until it felt as though his rampaging instrument would split her in two. His balls were slapping against her as his cock drilled into her harder and harder. The pain from her pussy and her tits was excruciating.

"Ow!...Please stop! Please take it out!" Jennifer was sobbing.

"No way! I'm not stopping until I shoot my load in your pussy!"

"NO! Oh God no! I'm not taking any protection! I can get pregnant! please don't come in me..please not inside me!" Jennifer pleaded.

The man didn't pay any attention to her pleas..he just fucked her harder and faster. Her body was being driven into the bed and she could feel his thrusts becoming more forceful and faster.

"Please...No..." she begged over and over..."Don't do this...Please.."

"AAAAHHH!" the man groaned and his dick began throbbing and twitching inside her.

"OH GODDDDDDD..." she moaned as she felt him spray his load inside her pussy. The thick, hot goo filled her and more sperm continued to pump into her as he deposited a huge mass into the sobbing girl.

She groaned in helpless despair as he emptied himself with spurt after spurt of his juices deep up inside her, filling her womb and belly to the bursting point.

"Oh God, No, No, No!" she screamed as she felt it ricocheting around in a warm wet pool in her vagina. Finally he removed his cock from her violated pussy and got off of her. But she barely had time to breath before the second man pounced on her. Part two

Jennifer's mind was still reeling in shock from the brutal violation she had endured from Roy, when she felt the second man, Ted, slot his bulbous cockhead up against the bleeding opening to her battered vagina. "Oh God no!!!" she pleaded, "I can't take anymore...I'm so sore down there."

Ted just laughed, "shit babe, if you're sore now, wait until Pete gets his horsecock in ya." and he began shoving his cock into her as she began to cry in pain. Once his cockknob had been shoved past her pussy lips and he was sure he was in her enough, he reached both hands up to her tits and grabbed hold of them HARD! His fingers dug into the tender flesh and using them as leverage for his thrusts, he began pounding into Jennifer with rough, fast strokes. Jennifer couldn't believe the speed and force he was using as he ripped his cock in and out of her. He was pile driving her into the bed and she could feel his cockhead slamming into her cervix with every inward thrust. the bed was rocking back and forth as he rode the teen with every ounce of strength he could muster, his hands brutally gripping her breasts all the while. He was like an animal, slamming into her and pulping her insides as he raped the girl as viciously as he could.

"Unnnnn....Unnnn.." she moaned and cried in pain as the seeminly neverending assault continued. "No more...please...You're killing me.." Ted just laughed again and seemed to double his pace, if that was possible. Jen was in great pain as her pussy was horribly impaled again and again, and her breasts felt like they were being torn to pieces. She had never imagined that she could endure such pain and survive.

The other two men were cheering Ted on..."Yeah man,,that's the way to fuck the little bitch!" "Go Ted! You're burning that pussy up!" It felt like he was trying to thrust himself thru the top of her head as he rammed his thick, meaty cock into her over and over again. The soft flesh of her breasts was poking between his fingers as he continued to have a death grip on them. His cock was battering her cervix and the agony caused a new whelp of pain to rise up from her mouth as her guts churned around the penis that was pistoning into her belly with a horrible speed. He was sweating as he worked his cock deeper and deeper into her, his sweat dripping onto her face. He gripped her breasts as tight as he could, using her upper body as a brace so he could slam his prick into her with greater and greater force.

Jen could feel blood once again seeping down her leg, and she knew that this animal had ripped something inside her with his relentless thrusts. She could hardly breathe, the pain was taking her breath away. Her whole body was bouncing under him on the bed as he pounded her. She could feel his penis begin to swell up inside her and she began to moan..."Please....No...Don't come in me...Please, not again."

"Hell yeah, babe," Ted growled, "You don't think I'm gonna waste my load do ya? I'm gonna fuck a baby up into yer belly, little girl." And with that, he thrust himself as deep into her as he could and his cock began spurting his thick jism into her. She could feel the heat and wetness as it splattered into her cunt.It made her vagina feel slimy as it coated the insides of her pussy. Her hands formed fists of futile despair as he continued to pump huge wads of sperm deep inside her. Finally he was done, and he released his hands from her titties, redness and clawmarks the evidence of the grip he had,and removed his slimy cock from her torn pussy, a string of jism connecting his member and her vaginal opening until it broke as he moved away. Jennifer cried as she saw Pete,the black man, begin to pull his pants down, and she knew that her ordeal wasn't over yet. Part three

Jennifer couldn't believe the size of the cock Pete had between his legs. It was at least 15-inches long and more than 4-inches thick at the widest point! There were large veins encircling the shaft.. Below the huge cock there hung his large ball-sac, containing two fist-sized testicles.

Jennifer took one look at the evil phallus and screamed as the true horror of her cruel fate struck home! She knew that he would damage her with his freakish dick. The black man climbed on top of the teen and placed his monstrous cock at the entrance to her pussy. Ignoring her pleas for mercy he began to push against the too small opening. Her vaginal lips were spread as wide as they could go to accomodate the width of the bulbous head that pried it's way into her tight hole.

She gave an ear-splitting screech as her pussy was forced to stretch beyond endurance by his weapon. There was no way to escape the agonizing pain of such a monstrous violation,as the thick knob punched thru her opening.The big black pressed forward and Jennifer felt her pussy lips stretch to their limits, drawing thin over his monstrous cock head, The rapist gave a loud cry as he pushed forward, driving six inches of his member into her tight canal. She felt her already overstretched lips struggle to accommodate the thick shaft, they failed and she felt her flesh rip open, her blood dripping down onto the black man's cock.It was absolute agony. She could feel herself tearing at the top and bottom of her slit as it was forced wide open.


"OH GOD . . . NNNOOOOO!!! PLLLEeaaase! Take it OUT! IT'S TOO BIG!"

"You're gonna take it all, slut! I'm gonna shove it so far up your cunt, it'll knock your fucking teeth out!"


Nearly half of his cock was inside her now, and already it was penetrating her more deeply than anything that she had ever felt before. She felt like she was being ripped apart by its enormous girth and her child bearing muscles stretched tautly across its length. "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!!"

His knob was pressing her cervix further into her body, forcing it to retreat under the steady force of his invasion until her vagina could stretch no more. He started to withdraw, then suddenly lunged forward, Jennifer gave an ear-splitting screech and tears ran freely down her face. The big black pressed forward and Jennifer looked down at it, she could see the massive cock moving the skin of her taut stomach like an arm moving beneath a bedsheet, spreading her sex wider than it was ever intended to go and pushing her innnards around within her violated belly.

She found herself wondering if this was akin to childbirth, only backwards. The cock was now seven inches into her, just under halfway, and she felt it hit her cervix roughly. He was slamming into her cervix with every bone crunching thrust. It was like a fist pounding it's way up into her belly.

"Shit, she's tight!" Pete grunted, "I think I'm bottoming out in her little cunt!" "No way!" Roy laughed, "You've still got a coupla more inches to go!" Then he rammed his massive cock deep into her core!


She screamed as the terrible pain registered. The black cock was pounding into her deepest depths. The pain was unbelievable as her tiny body was driven into the bed beneath him as he drove into her with harder and harder thrusts. She screamed as the terrible pain continued. The thick veins tore at her brutally over-stretched membranes, sending searing agony through her body as the vicious black man raped her violently.

Inch by inch, the massive impaling of her sex continued. With every passing moment, Jennifer desperately prayed that this thrust would be the last, that it could not possibly be any longer than the length already forcing her cervix painfully deep into her body.

But it was. Much longer. The relentless pressure continued until Pete's knobby cockhead probed her cervix, twisting through the tiny gap and spreading it wider.The rapist gave an angry yell and pulled back a few inches before charging forward with all his might. Jennifer was paralyzed with pain beyond her wildest nightmares as she felt her tiny cervix split in half by the invading member.

"EEEYYYAAHHHGHH!!!" the teen screamed in unbearable agony. "AAUUHHH . . . GODDD!!! NOOooo! You're KILLING me!!! AAAOOWWW!!!"

Then the fucking really began. He withdrew half his prodigious length and then powerfully rammed it back in to the hilt! Pete's balls hit her thighs as he plunged all fifteen plus inches into her petite body. She felt something else rip deep inside and it felt as if the brute had torn thru the far end of her womb. it seemed as though his cock was nearly in her chest it had gone in so far. then the onslaught began. Suddenly her cervix was ruptured and the massive phallus tore agonizingly into her womb!

"Nooo! Ah! Uh, uh, oh, uh, ah, uh, oh," she gasped, as the rapist paid no regard to her pain and simply fucked her like an animal. Nothing in the entirety of her life had prepared Jennifer for the unique and intense agony of being womb-fucked, especially by such a massive cock as the black possessed.

To Jennifer it seemed as though it was as thick as her arm, and she could actually feel the tip of the massive cock slam into her ribcage from the inside! With each massive thrust, the teen's womb was forced further into her body as yet more of that unnaturally huge erection powered brutally into her cunt. Jennifer could clearly discern the impression of his huge cock as it bulged up through the tight skin of her abdomen.. Then Pete grabbed the young teen's hips and really started to fuck her. Massive, powerful strokes that rammed halfway up to Jen's throat as her buttocks were hammered by the black's solid and unyielding abdominals.

"UNNngh!" SLAM "Ugh!" SLAM "Aah!" SLAM "Nngh!" The thick, black cock was slamming into the back wall of her womb with every inward thrust, if she hadn't been tied to the bed he would have knocked her off with the power of his thrusts. Then with a groan he began pumping his slimy seed into her womb. She could feel the thick,heavy load thumping again and again into her. It was so hot she thought it would actually burn her! It filled her womb and spurted into her deepest recesses.

She knew that her chances of becoming pregnant had just increased a hundredfold. He withdrew his cock,it seemed to take forever, and got off of the gasping girl. The three men all got dressed and without another word, they grabbed some jewelry from her parents room and left the sobbing teen tied to her bed with her thighs stained with her blood and a puddle of semen between her legs on the mattress.

So much oppression in our culture is based on shame about sex: the oppression of women, of cultural minorities, oppression in the name of the (presumably asexual) family, oppression of sexual minorities. We are all oppressed. We have all been taught, one way or another, that our desires, our bodies, our sexualities, are shameful. What better way to defeat oppression than to get together in communities and celebrate the wonders of sex?
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Inside Every Silver Lining There Is A Dark Cloud

« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2007, 01:06:57 PM »

Nice!   Very good story...and an old,but still good scenario (the teen babysitter)

It's the happy,horny panda!

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« Reply #2 on: June 14, 2015, 10:38:42 PM »

Very nice. Was a big fan.

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« Reply #3 on: June 29, 2015, 07:15:38 AM »

Great story, keep it up!

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« Reply #4 on: July 07, 2015, 06:22:14 PM »

great story. very nicely written and very descriptive. And victim as I like them. Just pity that black cock didnt ravage her ass as well Cheesy
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« Reply #5 on: July 11, 2015, 11:16:37 PM »

Very happy someone found this! It's a great story!

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« Reply #6 on: July 12, 2015, 09:20:31 PM »

Fantastic. Always nice to see a good forced breeding.
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