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Author Topic: My First Little Sex Slave by Max  (Read 7519 times)
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« on: December 12, 2006, 10:00:50 AM »

My First Little Sex Slave
by Max

Every now and then I would hear them. They would come and swim in my pool at night. The next door neighbour's fifteen-year old daughter Jill. Blonde hair, green eyes and breasts that where about my size. She and her friends would sneak in and swim with their boyfriends having sex no doubt. And I was so sick on it. But didn't know what to do.

Three nights later0 I woke up to hear some one in my pool again. I looked out the window and saw that it was only Jill. I close the window shade and was about to claim back into bed when the old fantasy came to me. I would make sweet love to Debbie, Jill's mother. She had very big breasts. But in her place this time was Jill. It got me so very hot just thinking about it that my hands made they way down my leg and rubbed my clit. After five minutes I stopped and laughed that such a little girl could do this to me, a black woman of twenty-five years of age. I licked my fingers and walked over and put on my robe and headed down stairs.

I had always thought about taking her as my first victim. And her parents Mark and Debbie are always leaving her alone for days at a time. They had just left for Las Vegas and had asked me to keep an eye on her. As I thought back on that I smiled. "Focus" I told myself. If I truly want her I need to be on the ball.. So I got the handcuff's I had from her time as a security guard and hind them in her robe. And a tank top shirt to stuff into her mouth. And peeked out of the living room window. She was still there. So I swallowed hard and made my way out to the side of the pool before she saw me.

"Alya." She said in a frightened voice.

"Hello Jill." I said as she swam to the side of the pool. She smiled a little and then looked me in the eyes "I'm sorry. Did I wake you?"

I nodded "Yes, And now you have to pay for It." jumping into the water I grabbed her and took her under the water. I could her hear scream underwater. I came up for air and held her under for a few seconds more as I got the handcuff's on. Then I let her up.

She came up and coughing and hacked out the water in her mouth "Wh.. What are you d.?"

I pushed her under again. She fought to get back to the surface but she was no match for me while her hand where in cuffs. I let her up just enough so she could her me.

"You have been using my pool with out my permission. And now you must pay."

I slide a hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy threw the bathing suit she had on. And Jill stopped moving for a second. And then she fought harder when she felt my free hand move her suit to the side and my hand felt her very smooth, very shaven pussy. Her lips were so warm in the cold water it felt funny.

Slipping two fingers into her I whispered "You shave." She smiled "How nice." Jill tried to kick her again but I punched her.

"If you keep fighting me you will drown." She said

"But if you be a nice little slave I will let you up again."

Jill nodded quickly. She came up breathing in the air only to have her mouth filled with my tong and my hand on one of her very firm breast.

She wanted to scream but knew I could put her back under with no problems. As my mouth left hers I reached and grabbed the tank top from the side of the pool and started to shove it into her mouth. As Jill felt the tank top being shoved into her mouth she screamed again but no one could her with the shirt I had shoved into her mouth.

"Come on." I said as I grabbed the handcuffs and dragged her out of the pool and took her by the hair and led her into her house. Shutting and locking the door I took Jill into her basement.
"Lie down bitch." I ordered her to.

"Mrrrrhhaaaa" Jill turned to her but received a punch to the face. She landed on her stomach and then felt me my knee come down on her back. "You will not speak unless spoken to slave."

"Biiiiitttccccchhh." Jill screamed into the shirt.

This time she was punched between her legs. The pain was more then she could handle and the rolled in agony. I got up moved away from her and pulled a chair into the centre of the room and pulled a chain down from the ceiling rafter. Kicking the chair into the corner of the room I moved over to Jill and picked her up and rapped the chain around her neck and locked it with a paddle lock and stepped away. The chain was long enough from her to lie down and move some what around the room. I had planed this for some time but never thought to do it. So I quickly looked around to see if there was anything that Jill could use against me. Jill watched me moved around the room with anger, tears and fear in her eyes.

I turned to her "No it's time you learn how to lick my pussy." Jill screamed again. And kicked me in the gut.

I fell back and got up right away "You little bitch."

I yelled and jumped up and dropped on top of her again and punched her in the face.

"You just don't learn white girl." I grabbed her nipple in my hand and squeezed it hard.

Jill screamed in pain. But between my fingers her nipple was getting hard. She was enjoying this.

"What's this?" I laughed as I felt them getting harder "Your nipples are getting hard." I leaned in "Do you like this Jill?" I asked as I pinched her other nipple.

Jill didn't answer me and I got mad "Do you like that bitch." I said more harshly as I squeezed it harder.

Jill shook her head.

"Good." letting go of her nipple she let out a deep breath. "Next time it's your clit that gets punished. Understand."

She nodded. I got up and picked up the knife I had in the corner of the room and walked back to her. I saw how scared she had become. It turned me on even more.

"Don't worry my slave. I won't hurt you, Much." I laughed at her tears running down her face. "Now I am going to remove you handcuffs. If you hit me I will use this on you."

Jill nodded again and she removed the handcuffs. Jill reached up and pulled out her shirt.

"HELP. Some One help me." She screamed.

She expected to get punched again but all I did was laughed. She looked at her and she got mad "What the hell is so funny?"

I walked towards her and as I did I let my robe open and fall to the ground. Jill got real scared as she saw I was completely naked. She put the knife to her throat and with the other free I ran my hand threw her long blond hair and then over her breasts.

"The room in sound proof. Remember." She smiled "Now lay down." Jill had no choice but to do as I said seeing as I not only had the knife on her but had her next locked up and in a sound proof room.

"Please,..stop,..that." She pleaded as I continued to pay with her breasts.

"Do I have to repeat my rules to you again?" I said as I pulled her hair making her head snap back.

"Let me go you fuck 'n' nigg," she screamed

I pull harder and she screams "Oh no you just didn't almost call me that." I yelled, "Did you."

"I.. I'm.. Sorry, I just want to go home, I'll never swim in your pool again. I promise." She looked at me with her very green eyes and a tear falling down her cheek.

I almost gave into her and then I got angry again. "That's right you wont." I pulled her hair again. "And no more talking."

Jill cried as my mouth covered her again.

I sat up and looked at her "You are so beautiful. I bet you have been with many women haven't you?"

She didn't answer "Haven't you." I asked again

"No." she said

"You mean you have never tasted another woman's pussy."

Jill became scared again but shook her head "I guess will have to do something about that won't we."

I stood up and put my other leg over hr head and started to lower my pussy down to her mouth.

"Please don't." she screamed "I don't want too, Please do..n,."

My pussy making contact with her mouth made my entire body quiver. My lips to hers, It was what I had been dreaming of for a long time. I would have to get her mother next some how. But for now I have her. She kept her mouth closed so I put the knife to her nipple.

"I'll cut it off if you don't start licking my cunt you little bitch and if you bit me I will kill you."

Jill didn't want to be killed and did as told. Her mouth opened and she started to lick me.

"Oh,. yes,Oh gods yes,Lick it faster little bitch,Oh yes, I knew you could do It." I said as she looked down at her and looked into her eyes "You like it, Don't you slave? You like black pussy don't you."

She just cried "Oh, Yeah,you're so,. Good." I said as I moved my pussy around on her mouth.

Five minutes later I had my first orgasm fifteen minutes later I had my next. I lifted my leg up and knelt down next to her.

Jill started to whip my juices off her face "Dam you are good at this." I told her.

I stood up a little and then put my asshole near her mouth "Lick it also."

Her eyes became very large "NO." she screamed "I will not."

I leaned down and ran the knife over her pussy. "I guess if I can't get you to do that then I guess you can take this knife up your pussy."

"Oh gods,Please don't."

"THEN LICK MY ASSHOLE SLAVE." I yelled and moved it back in front of her face.

And to my delight I felt her tong on my asshole. Her warm tong licked around my hole for so long I yelled at her to put it in me. And then it slid into my ass. I could felt her hot tears on my ass. But I didn't care. I pulled my cheeks apart and pushed harder on her face to get as much of the lovely tong into my ass. I had another orgasm and then I stood up and looked at her as she had a brown mark around mer mouth.

I laughed "I bet you would love something to wash that down with."

"Not thank you." She said fully knowing what was coming next.

"Open wide." I said as I again lowered my pussy to her now none virgin mouth. She slowly opened her mouth "I want you to swallow it all. Do you hear me? Or you will be punished."

She nodded and then I lowered onto her and began pissing into her mouth. I heard her gagging and trying to catch her breath. But I wasn't finished pissing yet. When I was don't she took a few deep breaths and then looked at me. I smiled and reached over and picked up the handcuffs and put them on her.

"Now it is my turn to lick you pussy."


"Spread you legs wide."

Jill slowly opened her legs and I moved in between them and started to lick her.

"You taste so good. " I laughed I pushed her very wet pussy lips apart and pushed my tong in as far as it could go and as I did I played with her swollen clit.

Minutes later I heard her moan. "You starting to like this."

She didn't answer me but again. I didn't care. I shoved three fingers into her and licked her clit. My hand was moving in and out of her so fast that my hand soon cramped up on me. But not before she had an orgasm.

I took the handcuffed off and smiled at her. "Oh do stop crying. You beautiful eyes will get all red."

I kissed her on the mouth and then stood up "Now slave to your corner."

Jill looked around and then up at me "That corner." She noticed a table with leather bindings on it. "Please,"

"Go." She went and got onto to table. And I strapped her legs and her arms down. She looked at me as I pulled out another tank top and started to put it on her mouth

"Please let me go."

"No way my little slave. We have only began." I smiled "Open." She opened her mouth and I slid it into her mouth and put some duck tape around it to hold it in place. I walked up the stares and turned around "Good-night my little sex-slave."

"MMMNNNNOOOOOO." I heard her as I opened and closed the door. And went up stares and went to a very peaceful sleep. Dreaming of all the things we could do the next day. But I didn't sleep long. So I went on line and e-mailed a friend that I knew would be awake. Ten minutes after I got off line I got a call from her.

"You did It." she asked, "You really got a white one."

"Yes." I laughed
"Holly shit." Monica laughed "I didn't think you would go threw with it."
"You helped me set up this room. Come over and let's play."
"I'll be there in a half an hour." She hung up and was on her way

In no time she was at my door "Is she cute." "Yes. And she has a very nice body."
"You know. If she is as good as you say why don't you,."
"Why don't I what?"
"Give her to Raze."
"What." I looked at her.
"He could use a little nice peace of ass to work for him."
"I don't know." She said, "Her mother is a good friend."
"What." She said, "Who did you take?"
"I took Jill from next door."

"Holly fuck." She laughed as she brushed some of her long black hair out of her eyes

"I had my eye on her for some time. But didn't do anything because you where friends with her mother and now you have her down strapped to the table." She smiled

"Think about this." She said "You could be there for Debbie and help her threw her grief about loosing her daughter."

I didn't have to think long on that "Lets do it." I said

"But before that. I need to see if she is the right kind of girl to take orders."

"I got her to rim me."

"Now way." She smiled "Let's go see this little bitch."

"Right this way."

Jill had heard the voices up stairs and had hopped some one had called the cops and they where her to get her out of here.

But the Ayla came back down stair with another woman. They both walked over to her "I new It." the other woman said, "She is perfect." She said as she ran her hands over her body. And the little girl blushed

"Her pussy is nice to." I said

"How dose she do at licking?" Monica asked

"She needs training. But she didn't do such a bad job." I reached over and remove the gag in her mouth. "Ple," she stopped herself and the look both of them gave her.

"Did this little bitch just talk with out being talked to." Monica asked

I just shook my head. "I am not as good at training as you are." She said, "Help me."

She nodded "What is your name." She asked

"M.. My name is Jill."

"That's no good." She said, "I think your new name is,. Lapdog." She took her breast in her hand and squeezed it "Say it with me."

"Lapdog." She screamed. "My name is lapdog. Gods,. Please stop it." she cried

Letting go of her breast Monica smiled "Now lapdog. Let's see if you are really as good as my friend her says you are."

She climbed up onto the table and had her licking her.

Ayla went to the other end and started to lick Jill's lovely shaven pussy. Jill tightened her lips around my tong. I got mad and shoved two fingers into her ass.

She screamed "Not there. Stop it. sto,"

Monica slapped her across the face "Don't you ever stop licking once you've started. Do you hear me Lapdog."

Jill cried as she felt another finger enter her ass. "Yes."

Monica got up and moved down to her pussy. "May I." She asked Ayla moved out of the way and she started to lick her. "Mmmm. You taste so good." She told Jill. Jill let out a gasp as she started licking her again.

"I think she will make a perfect slave for Raze." She said "She's got.." she took a hold of one of the girl's breasts "Tits. And her pussy is really tasty."

"How much do you think I could get for her."

"Wait a minute." Jill said, "You're going to sale me?"

Ayla slapped her and grabbed her face "White people used to do it to us." She said. "Now it's payback." She turned to Monica "How much."

"Well she is not a virgin." She said "But she is white and fresh and young. Customers really like that a lot. I'd say a thousand or more."

Ayla smiled and looked down at the young Jill. "You're going to love where you're going to be working." She said "Your going to get to suck all the black cock you can."

"No." she said real low.

"Let's take her right know."

"No." Monica said "She has to be punished because she stopped licking my pussy and talking." She reached under the table and pushed a button that started to raise her legs up. When it stopped her legs where straight up and her back was still on the table.

"Hold her legs apart." Ayla climbed up and sat on her chest and took a hold of her legs.

"Now Lapdog. Since you stopped licking me to tell my friend not to play with your cute little asshole. You have decided your own punishment."

She rubbed her hand on her pussy, which was still very wet. And rubbed it onto her ass and then slipped a couple of fingers into her and started to finger her. After she was well lubricated she called her. When Jill looked at her She said, "This is going to hurt me more then you." She smiled as Jill felt her starting to push her hand into her ass "Well may be not." And she pushed Jill started screaming and moving around trying to get her to stop but Monica didn't stop and in no time her fist was in her.

"Stop it please.. I'll do anything you want just stop. Owwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaa." She screamed as Monica moved it in and out of her very fast. "You lick being fist fucked don't you." Ayla asked her as she ran her hands over her breasts.

"Nooooo. Please, It really hurt, STOP IT." Jill screamed in pain. This went one for a few minutes that is until she saw that Jill had passed out from the pain.

"How rude." She said and pulled out her first and saw some blood on her arm.

"We had better get her cleaned up."

"You clean her up I'll go over to her house and get some of her clothing." She smiled

"Can you just see Raze when he sees her dressed in that red tank top and Black mini skirt."

"She'd be lucky to survive the night."

They both laughed

Jill awoke as she was being cleaned up and dressed the way they wanted her. She just sat there and let us dress her however we wanted. She now totally surrendering to her new rule as a teenaged sex slave. "Finished." She said, as she led Jill to the van parked in my garage "Are you going to come with me?"

"I've got nothing better to do." She said "Plus I haven't seen Raze in over six months."

"Let's go." She shoved Jill into the back of the van "Time for your new life to began."

As they drove over to Raze's place Ayla handcuffed her again and blindfolded her. Upon arriving at Raze's place Monica opened her window reached out and pushed the button to the intercom system "Raze. Are you there,? It's me Monica." A few seconds later he replied "Well if it isn't Monica, What brings you out here."

"Me and Ayla have something you might want to buy."

"Ayla.. Ayla are you there."

Ayla leaned forward and raised her voice "It's good to hear you voice again."

"I wish I could say the same."

"Hay.. That wasn't nice."

"Last time we played cards together you took me for four hundred dollars."

"You don't play well." She said "Any way let us in stupid or will sell this to some one else."

"Ok. Ok." The gate to his garage opened and in they went. Are they got out of the he showed up "What have we here?"

"Her name is lapdog." Ayla said "And we came to see what we could get for her."

He looked at Monica "Is she kidding." Monica shook her head "I see." He walked over to the young lady and took of her blindfold "Green eyes." Monica smiled knowing he liked girl with green eyes. "Nice body, and Young." He turned to the two of them.

"She is fifteen." Ayla said

"Fifteen." Jill looked at him and he smiled "What is your name?"

"Ji," she paused "Lapdog." A tear ran down her cheek as she told him her new name.

"Lapdog." He licked his lips "What is your real name?"


He laughed "I see why the changed your name. Jill is a awful sex slave name" He turned to Monica "How is she at sucking."

"We thought to leave her training in that area to you."

"How about liking pussy."

"The name says it all. But she will need more training there as well."

Raze licked his fingers and ran his hands up her leg and pushed her panties aside and slipped a few finger into her. Jill yelped as he entered her "She is no virgin."

"I wasn't going to try and hide that from you." Monica said, "I just never got around to telling you."

"I bet." He walked away from the girl and sat down on his couch "Let's cut to the case. How much do you want for her."

Monica walked over and handed him a note. And he read it. "That is way to fuck 'n' much for a girl who isn't even a virgin."

Ayla thought a moment. And reached into her purse and pulled out a picture "How about this." She said holding the picture "You add another five hundred to that and I'll get you the mother in a six months."

He took the picture from her. The woman in the picture had very big breasts "Holly shit." He said, "Are those real?"

"She was born with those." She smiled

He looked again at her "Why sox months?"

"It will take some time for every thing to die down. And then I am going to have my way with her."

He stood up again and walked over to Lapdog. He looked her over again "I'll need to know if this young one can deep throat."

"There is only one way to find out."

Ayla made her get down onto her knees and Raze pulled down his pants. "Open your mouth." He told her. She opened her mouth and he shoved it into her mouth. And with out warning her she shoved his whole dick into her. He eyes became big with fear and pain. Ayla whispered in her ear "If you bit him you won't survive it. So don't even thing about it."

Monica was on the other side giving her some advice. "You can't breath now but when he pulls back some you will have a few second to get some air."

Ten minutes later Raze shot his load down her throat and then pulled it out and shot the rest into her face.

Lapdog coughed and hacked and tried to breathe.

"Not bad." He said he looked at his friends "It's a deal. But,"

"But." Both girls said

"How long after you get here are you going to keep her."

"A day or two." She said

"Fine." He said, "I'll have your money tomorrow."

Lapdog looked to the floor in shame. She knew her life was over.

"Then I'll see you in six months."

Outside in the van Monica smiled "How in the hell are we going to get the mother?"

"Any way we can." Ayla smiled

Six months later I went back to see Raze again and there was Jill or should I say Lapdog. She was sucking on his dick like she was born to it and had another man behind her shoving his dick into her ass. "Hello Raze." He looked up

"Ayla." Jill kept on sucking him "Good to see you." He smiled "Say hello to Ayla Lapdog."

Jill stopped and looked at her "Hello Ayla." She said while her hold body moved around from the pounding she was getting from the other man.

"Hello Jill." She said, "I see you and your new master are getting along fine." I said,

"Do you love your masters cock?"

"Yes." Was all she said

"Get back to work slut." With that Jill dropped her head and sucked his whole dick into her throat.

"So what brings you here?"

"I finally got what you wanted." She said

"How is she?"

"Well. After getting divorced it took a little longer then I thought. But she gave herself to me two nights ago." She smiled "And are agreement was I get her only a few days."

"You didn't break her will did you?" He asked

"No." she said, "She is all yours to break in."

In from the door came Monica with Debbie in her arms. Hand cuffed and gagged and dressed in a white tank top that barely held her big tits in place and a black leather mini skirt. She tried to fight off the hold Monica had on her but Monica held her tight. She was brought up to him.

She could see the young girl sucking his cock but not her face. "Remove her gag." He said. Monica removed the gag from her mouth.

"Please, What is going on here?"

"Shut your mouth bitch." He said

"Fuck you." She yelled at him and looked at Ayla "Ayla how could you do this to me?" She asked

"Hundreds of reasons and there all right here." She pointed to the money on the table next to her.

"You're selling me to him."

"Yes." She said

"Why." She cried, "Because your master here likes a matching pair."


"Lapdog say hello to are guest."

The young girl turned to her "Oh my god." Yelled Debbie upon seeing her now sixteen-year-old daughter for the first time in six months "Jill."


"Jill why don't you make you mother felt at home." Raze said

"You want me to, with, my mother.."

"Do it. Or do you need reminding."

"No master." She walked over to her and ripped her shirt off.

"What are you doing?" Debbie asked but Jill didn't answer her she ran her hands over her breasts "Stop It." she said

"Jill." She looked at him "Teach her what happens when slaves talk with out permission."

Debbie looked at her daughter with fear in her eyes "What are you doing. I am your mother, Stop this right now."

Jill turned to her and Ayla and Monica held her as her Daughter shoved her fist up her pussy with out any lubricants.

Debbie screamed in pain "Jill. Stop, I am your mother please st,."

Jill slammed her fist farther into her "Shut up slut." Lapdog said

Ayla, Monica and Raze all laughed and so did Jill. Debbie couldn't believe her own daughter was raping her. "Now Lapdog." Raze walked over to her mother and took Debbie's breast in his hand "What shall we call her."

Lapdog looked at her "Why not jugs." Lapdog said

Her mother looked shocked "I like it." Raze said as he turned to Ayla and Monica

"If that is all I will see you both when you get the next one."

"And that would be?"

"I have need of two young males this time."

"What you want with a little boys?" she smiled "Are you trying to tell us something."

After giving them the finger he smiled "Some of my customers like young little boys."

"How young are we talking her?" Ayla asked

"We don't do kids." Monica said

"Around sixteen." He smiled "I also refuse to have none teens working here. And only teens at a certain age I don't deal in that kid stuff."

"What ever floats their boat." Monica said

"By the way." He said, "When is the wedding."

Ayla turned to Monica and kissed her "It is in two weeks."

Debbie who was still being fist fucked was now looking Ayla in the eyes "I hate you."

"I don't care." She said, "You are no longer anything that matters other then what you can sexually give to your customers." With that they walked out of the door.

Debbie looked at her new master "Now jugs." He said, "Suck my dick."

Monica and I heard her scream from behind the door "That is to fuck 'n' big."

"You daughter can do it so. So can you. Now suck."

A month latter after we got back from Paris for their honeymoon. We went to see Raze to tell him we where back and we whole get right on top of his order. But he told us he had all ready had some one do it. But he had another job for us. He needed more girls. So we left his office and walked threw the club and we saw Debbie and Jill on stage doing a mother daughter act for the crowed room full of men. Debbie was licking Jill's asshole as Jill took a shit. The crowed went nuts at this.

"What ever floats their boat." Monica and I both laughed and left the bar and went to find a couple of young girls for the club.

My little Sexslave II

By Max

The phone was ringing. Ayla looked over at the clock 2:30in the morning. " This had better be good." She thought " Hello."

" Get your asses out of bed."

She heard some one say " Razor?? What do you want?"

" I thought you girl wanted to come with us."

Ayla woke up " I thought you didn't want us along this time."

" One of my friends had to drop out so I thought of you two."

" How nice of you."

" Well after all you did find them."

" Like always." She said

" Get ready. They are leaving in 3 hours. So get ready. Were coming by to get you in two."

Monica rubbed her hand on Ayla's back and she looked back at her " What's going on?" She asked

" Looks like one of Razor's friends backed out and we get to go."

She sat up right " Are you joking. Because this isn't funny." She handed her the phone " Razor."

" Hello love."

" This had better be on the up and up."

" Where coming to get you in two hours be ready. C-yeah." He hung up the phone

She looked at Ayla " Looks like we get to help train some more."

" I hope we get the one we want."

" That on with the big tits."

" No." Ayla said " That other one." " Oh yeah." She smiled " I can't wait." She leaned over and kissed her " Just thinking about it gets me hot." She pushed Ayla down and got on top of her.

" Wait." She said, " We can't. They'll be here in two hours."

" Not even a quickie." She said

" We have to get are stuff ready and..." she sniffed her " You have to take a shower." She held her nose " You smell."

" You a fine one to talk." She said They laughed " Come on lets get ready."

" OK."

It started out as a fine day of boating with two of her best friends Anna and Kris. Akari sat and watch her two best friends threw thew window as she made lunch. Anna was also her boss was 26 years old. She envied her long blonde hair and blue-green eyes long legs and she had a very nice set of tits. To make matters worse she didn't think she was all that attractive. Akari thought she should hate her if she wasn't all ready a friend. Kris her best friend and co-worker was 18. The two of them could be sisters and more often then not people thought so. They both had long straight black hair and where the same height. But Kris breasts where a little bigger.

" Guys seemed to like the girls with bigger breasts. As if having them that big was so great" Akari said and then laughed a little at herself

" Ok maybe I am just a little jealous." She looked down at her chest.

Hers where of average size for a twenty-year-old not to small and not too big. She had no complaints from the few guys that She had graced to touch them.

Akari's mind wondered as she made lunch until " Akari." Kris called to me threw the window. Anna smiled, as she saw her " Aren't you finished yet."

Akari flipping her the middle better finger " Oh do grow up." she laughed

" How about I come out there and kick your ass."

She laughed " Get in here and help me if you so dam hungry."

" Testy." She smiled and walked around and came into the galley. " You know I can't cook."

" You can put peanut butter on bread can't you." She smiled as she crossed her arms across her chest.

" You're making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?" she nodes " I thought that you studied under your father the world famous chef."

" I did." She said " But you would be surprised at how universal peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are." She smiled " I made the president one and he loved it."

" It was election year." She smiled " You could have made him a mud pie and he would have eaten it."

" Fuck you bitch." Akari raised her fist to her face

" Just kidding all right." Kriss backed away a little

" Come on lets eat already." We turned to she Anna standing there in her bathing suit that barely covered her tits.

" Dam girl." Kris said " That bathing suit should be outlawed."

Her face became red as Akari added, " I think it is in some parts of the country." Anna laughed a little and started to reach for her towel " Will you stop that." Akari said, " You have a great body." Kriss also agreed " There are no guys around."

" I.. I just don't"

" Yeah. Yeah." I said, " I wish I was that unattractive."

" Come on. I'm finished now so lets eat."

Hours later as the sun set the girl went to their rooms " Did you check the weather report?" Akari asked

" Yes I did." She said, " Clean waters all night. And the auto pilots on. So if the boat is rocking we know one of us is having some fun with herself." She shook her finger at them. Kriss and Akari laughed " Good night girls."

" Good night mom." Kris said

Anna crossed her arms and eyed Kriss " I could fire you. You know."

" Sorrrry." She smiled and quickly ducked into her room and closed the door.

" Good night Anna." Akari seeing the evil look that Anna gave Kriss said deciding not to joke with her also.

" Good night Akari." She smiled and walked into her room and closed the door.

Later that night and about a mile behind them in the dark a boat slowly started to turn towards there boat.

" How much longer until we catch up to them?" Caz asked

" Not much longer." Razor said

" We should have been catch up to them by now." Ayla said with angry in her voice

" They have a more powerful boat." Razor in the direction the other boat was heading " But right now they are not moving."

" So let's get in there fast." Caz said

" We go in fast stupid and they'll here us coming." He shouted, " We will be there in ten minutes." He said " If you can't wait that long I'll threw you stupid ass off the boat." He looked at his two friends " We have been planning this for a week. And Ayla found out about them a week before that. So I won't blow it now by rushing in." pointing his finger at the him

" Just get us there all right." Ayla said

" What is all the yelling about." Monica asked from the door.

" Don't ask." Caz said

" You never could just sit back and wait could you."

" Shut up."

Slowly they pull up next to the other boat and tie their boats together and board the other boat. They walked down into the boat and started all three entered one of the rooms. They walked up to the bed with one of the women sleeping in it. And jumped on her.

Anna woke to some on jumping on her at first she thought it might be Akari or Kris. But as they covered her mouth she before she could scream she realized how much trouble she was in. Anna screamed anyway but the gloved hand muffled her scream. She tried to strike them but they all ready had her hands pinned and they shoved something into her mouth.

" Gods this can't be happening." She screamed. They flipped her over and tied her hands to the bedposts. She felt them start to take her nightgown off and feel her breast. One of them was rubbing her nipple between their fingers. " NOOOO stop It." she screamed.

" Dam she has huge tits." She heard one of them say

" Just inject her with the stuff."

" A female. One of them was a woman." Anna thought. Anna looked over her shoulder and saw the needle and screamed " Nooo.. Please don't." she smiled and he shoved into the left cheek of her butt. As they waited for the drug to take affect she felt one of them starting to work his or her fingers into her ass. She screamed again and tried to get her hands free. But the ropes held her in place.

" Can I fuck her please." Caz asked

" No." he sighed " We must get the others. And then the fun begins."

After doing the same to Kriss and Akari them moved all three over to their boat. Razor went back over to the girl's boat and placed a small amount of c-4 against the side of the boat below the water level. And ran back to his boat. When they we far enough away he detonated the c-4 and the boat sank. Razor drove the boat towards the island that they had prepared for the girl's new home. He smiled " Will be there in 48 hours."

" Now." Caz asked

Looking at Caz Razor shook his head in disbelief " Can't you wait?" Caz laughed

" Fine." He said " But you know that Anna chick is mine."

" And we get this one." Monica and Ayla picked up the other brunette. " She has better tits then this one. So you can have her since we all ready have them." Monica laughed

" Shit man." He yelled looking at Razor, " That one had the biggest ones. I want her."

" You touch her and I will kill you." Razor said.

" Dam it man." Caz looked at the girl at his feet. She might not have big breast but not as small as the other one did plus she was attractive. He leaned down and picked her up and carried her to his room. Undressed her and tied her face up spread eagle. And covered her and then got undressed and got into bed. He moved his dick and place in at the entrance to her pussy. " You might not remember this but I will record it for you." He reached over to the table next to the bed and pushed a button and the four cameras in the room began to record.

As he entered her pussy her face contorted in pain. But she didn't wake up and as he got a little farther he ran into something " Hole shit. He laughed " A virgin" he smiled at his good luck. And then he pulled back some and then rammed his dick into her. When he had the whole thing in her he leaned in and whispered in her eye " Dam you're so fucking tight." She moaned a little " You like that." He smiled and laughed " He we go."

Hours later Kriss woke up to find herself tied face up and leg spread eagle. " Where" then she saw him walk into the room And she screamed " Good your awake." He smiled and walked over to her and put his have between her legs.

" Nooo. Don't you touch me you.. You shit face." Tear rolled down her cheeks. He smiled and pushed a finger into her and " To late." He pulled his finger out and showed her the blood on it.

" Oh god no." she said

He laughed at the fear in realization that she had all ready been with her on her face. He reached over and pulled out a piercing tool. " Now lets get to work." To her horror he grabbed on of her breasts.

" Of fuck no.." she looked him in the eyes as " Please don't so this." He placed the tool to one of her nipples " PLEASE DON'T." she screamed and then she felt pain hit her from her tows to the tip of her head. She felt like she was going to pass out. But he started doing something else. She looked down and saw him putting a nipple ring threw the hole. He snapped it into place. And she knew that this was a permanent one. It couldn't be remover unless it was cut off. " YOUMOTHERFUCKER." She yelled at him and her took her other tit in his hand " Nooo."

" Be quit." He pulled the trigger on the piercing tool and again pain shot threw her.

He then leaned over and picked up the remote to the TV and climbed into the bed with her. " I recorded you losing you virginity."

" You bastard." She struggled against the ropes and again but moving around like that made her newly ringed breast began to hurt her. She stopped moving around

" I'll kill you." He got mad and slapped her several times. " Gods He's going to kill me." She thought.

He stopped. And she opened her eyes " I want you to watch it with me. And every time you look away from the TV I will punish you. Do you understand." He smiled as she nodded. He then put his arm around the back of her head and with that same hand he grabbed her left breast. Tears of pain and humiliation ran down her cheek. He leaned in and like them off her face and the turned the tape on. Put down the and started to rub her clit

" Please stop."

" Shut up and watch the fuck'n tape."

She couldn't believe that he was really going to make her watch this. But as she had no choice and she new he would hurt her if she did she sat there and watch her own rape.

Anna woke to pain. She screamed as she felt pain on her nipple. She tried to reach over and make what ever it was stop. But her hands where tied. She opened her eyes and saw a man sucking and biting her tits. " Get off me, Stop that."

He looked up from sucking her tits " Well it is good to see you finally woke up."

She quickly looked around the room and saw Akari tied up in the corner of the room. She called out to her but she didn't answer " What did you do to her you bastard."

He laughed " I am not going to do anything to her.. Yet." Razor smiled

" You touch her and I'll kill you." He reached over and squeezed her left breast

" Fuck.. That hurts... Stop it please." He covered her mouth with his and she felt his tong enter her mouth. And she bit down. He pulled his tong out with a scream off pain.

" YOU FUCKING WHORE." He punched her in the face several times.

" Please stoop." Anna yelled, " I'm sorry."

She watched as he got up and walked over and pulled something out of a draw. When he turned around she saw it. It was a cattle prod. " Wh What are you going to do with that?" she asked he grabbed her by the mouth with one hand and squeezed until her mouth opened and he shoved the prod into her mouth. " ..ease..on't" she tried to say

He smiled " Your going to learn that biting is wrong one way or another." He put his finger on the button. She moved her head from side to side but it did her no good. " This is going to hurt you more then Well you now." She looked up into his eyes. That evil grin on his face scared her so much. And then she was in a world of pain. Her back arched off the bed. Tears running down her cheeks and the pain in her pussy as he started to finger her again.

" STOP IT STOP PLEASE.... GOD...STOP IT." She screamed. But with the prod in her mouth he couldn't understand her. After a few seconds he turned it off. And she slumped back into the bed. He pushed it in a little farther making her gag as in touched the back of her throat. He then turned it on again and a gargled scream came from her. Her screamed turned him on. He turned it off again and pulled it out of her mouth. She closed her mouth and looked at him. The pain still their as he laughed " Have you learned your lesson. Or do you need another mouth lesson." She tried to talk by it hurt like hell. " I'll take that as a yes." He smiled and ran the prod over her breast and then wedged it in between then and turned in on

" STOP IT YOU MOTHER FUCKER.. THAT HURTS PLEASE. I'll..I'll do anything you want. PLEASE JUST STOP." Her breasts felt like they where on fire. And her mouth hurt from the mouth prodding she had gotten.

" Anything." He smiled " How are you at Blow jobs."

" No fucking way." She said under her breath.

" I asked you a question." " I I've never."

" Don't worry. You'll learn." He pulled down his shorts and put his dick in her face.

She watched as his dick came down on her face. The smell made her almost throw up right then and there. He tried to push it threw her lips but she held them shut.

" Open you fucking mouth." He said " And no teeth darling." She didn't. She didn't want that in her mouth. He picked up the prod and leaned over her back and he began to spread her ass cheeks and she felt him start to shove the pod into her virgin hole. " Noo. Please stop that. AHGGG!. STOP."

" Open or get used to it." Anna opened her mouth and let it slide between her lips. The taste and the smell where getting to her. She felt her stomach start to twitch. " Slide that tong around bitch." He yelled he closed his eyes " Oh!. Yeah!.. That right bitch!. Suck it."

Now she had his vile thing in her mouth and he still hadn't removed the prod from her ass. She looked up at him and he started to pull it out. And then she saw it that evil grin again and he rammed it back in.He did this a few more times. Liking the vibrations of her screams on his dick.

Akari awoke a to find herself tied up. She was still out of it and could barley move. She was about to try again to get free of the ropes the bound her when she her a muffled noise. She rolled over and saw Anna on her back with her head hanging off the bed she was on with a cock being shoved into her mouth. At first all Akari could do was stair. She couldn't believe this was happening.

" Use your tong bitch." The man yelled as he rammed it into her mouth. " Yeah that's it." He laughed.

Akari shut my eyes and started to cry as she lissened to my friend being raped. The man looked over at me and saw that she was awake and he smiled and then looked back at Anna " Now Anna. I am going to teach you how to deep throat."

Akari saw the fear in her eyes and the tears. " Leave her alone." she wanted to yell but with the gag in my mouth she couldn't. The door on the other side of the room opened and in walked two women.

" How is sleeping beauty doing." The taller dark girl said and the smaller on smiled at her and licked her lips.

" She's.. Awake." He said almost out of breath As they walked over to Akari. She tried to move away from them but where could she really go. She was tied up and in some part of the ship she have never seen before.

" Good morning Akari." She said as they reached over and picked her up. She kicked at them some and tried to get out of their hands but they just carried her over out into the hall. As he walked down the hall she realized that she was no longer on her friend's ship. As we went past another door Akari looked inside and they stopped a second so she could see what was going on inside. What she saw made me sick to her stomach. She saw Kris tied to a chair with her ass in the air and a man fucking her ass. She could see the blood running down her leg. And she now had two rings on nipples.

" Come on you stupid bitch. Move that ass or I'll rip them dam things out." The man yelled as he savagely raped her.

They then moved on to the next room and kicked opened the door. And walked over to the bed and threw her on it. She pulled out the gag and Akari looked up at them. They were undoing the buttons to their dresses. " What do you want?" she asked trying to get them talking to me.

" My name is Ayla.' The taller one said

" Mine is Monica." She smiled as they just kept looking at her and undressing. " Where going to have so much fun together."

" Gods this isn't happening." She thought, " Please don't do this."

The one called Ayla walked out of the room and into the bathroom. The other just dropped out of her dress took off her bra and climbed into bed with her and started to kiss her neck. " Please stop that." She felt the girl run her hand up her stomach and grab her breast " STOP!"

The other returned only in a bathrobe. And then she saw it a very long knife. Akari's heart jumped into my throat " Oh gods." Tears came to my eyes

" Please don't hurt me." Akari said as she tried to get away from the girl holding her as the other climbed onto her and put the knife to her throat. Stopping when she felt that cold knife against her throat.

She leaned in and whispered " You will do everything that we tell you or I will cut you and throw you over board. And let the sharks deal with you is that understood." All the while the knife went from Akari's throat to her belly button.

She was so scarred that she couldn't speak so she nodded. " Good." she smiled and used the knife to whip away my tears that ran down her cheek. She stood up and the other girl turned Akari over so that my head was facing the ceiling. She then opened her robe and let it fall to the ground. She had a strap on dick attached to her and she climbed over her.

" No." she said to herself knowing what they wanted " Open you mouth bitch."

" Please!."

Ayla looked at her friend. Monica then smacked her with all her might and then grabbed my hair and yanked me back into place and she repeated what was said. Akari slowly opened her mouth to have Ayla stick the whole thing into her mouth and. She closed my eyes and prayed " Nooo.. Please don't.." . Akari started to gag at it when it hit the back of my throat but she didn't stop she just pushed it in.

" Dame you got good lips." Monica laughed as she started to lick her pussy.

Ayla then looked down at her " Look at me." she yelled and she opened her eyes " When I pull back like this it is the only time you'll have to breathe if you miss your change to breathe. What ever you do. Don't bite this. It costs a lot of money. Understand." she tried to nod but she cold not " Blink one if you understand you stupid bitch." she laughed. Akari blinked. " Good." she smiled and pulled out a camera and pointed it at her. Akari closed her eyes only to have her yelled at her.

" Who told you that you could close your dam eyes." she slapped my cheek " Open your eyes and tried to smile for the camera." She smiled as best I could with his massive cock shove into my mouth.

" Smile for the camera." Monica laughed as she took a breather from licking Akair's wet pussy. Seeing this she snapped away a few shoots of her sucking the cock and having a woman lick that special place, her pussy.

After ten minutes of fucking her mouth Ayla took off the dildo and pushed her wet pussy into her face. " Don't you even think of biting me." She looked down at her " I am going to cum soon and I want you to swallow it all. OK." Not waiting for an answer she pushed her pussy onto her mouth. " Use that tong now bitch." After a few minutes Ayla told her she was going to cum. Akari looked up at her Pleading with her eye not to cum in my mouth. But she wasn't looking at me. She jammed her pussy harder into her mouth and grinned down. Second later Akari felt wet liquid spilling down into my belly. After what seem like minutes she got of her. As soon as it was out she threw up. She just sat threw with a grin on his fact.

" This is only the start my little sexslave princess." Monica said. She looked back at her and saw that she was now wearing the strap on dick. They flipped her over and she felt her put the dick against her asshole " OH Gods NO.... Please not there.... I'll... I'll lick you pussy. Suck your tits but don't stick that thing in me there." Akari yelled, " Please don't do thISSSSS....AAHHHHHh NOOOOOO." screaming as she rammed the dick up her ass. " PLEASE GETITOUT." she never felt such pain " PLEASEITHURTS." but she pays her no mind and bucks away.

Ayla then took her face in her hands and once again pulled her face down on her pussy. " Get to work whore." After a while the ass fucking stops hurting so she just lay there and licked the other girl's pussy. She felt ashamed because it started to feel good. She looked up at the woman named Ayla who tapped her head. " It's time again." She laughed and again her stomach was filed with her juices.

After taking it all down and the girl behind her pulled out f her she looked at them " Please let me go..."

" No." she heard Monica say. " You belong to us now. Plus... You haven't licked my pussy yet."

" Let me go." Akari head Kris yelling from the next room.

" Kris." she yelled

" Akari... Help me...."

She looked back at the two women that held her. Ayla had the knife in her hand " Tell her to relax and enjoy it."

" What!"

" Do it." Akari was about to say it what she tapped her on the head with the knife hilt " You had better make it sound like you are enjoying this."

" K... Kris honey." She heard my self-saying " Just relax and enjoy It." she hated herself for having this asshole make her tell her friend to enjoy being rapped. " Just do as they say and you'll be fine."

" Akari..... Please....."

Monica leaned in " Tell her this." He whispered in my ear again

" Just shut up bitch. You're giving me a headache." Akari wanted to die when she heard Kris Crying.

" That was perfect." Monica whispered and then pulled off the dildo " I am going to have you lick my pussy now young lady." Akari wanted to die

" But before that." He looked down and her eyes followed his. " Our dildo is a little dirty." Her eyes locked on the thing " I think our new slave would like to lick it clean. Well would you."

" Oh gods.... No way am I going to do that." She thought

" I asked you a question." He yelled

" NO." she yelled back and was rewarded with a few punches to her face " Ouch.... Stop...Ple.....No......"

" Say you want to suck this shit covered cock." Monica and Ayla laughed " Say it."

She stopped punching her and she opened her eyes and looked up at them " Please let me.."

" LOUDER." She yelled

" PLEASE LET ME LICK YOU SHIT COVERED DILDO." She cried as moved in front of her mouth. The smell and the look of it made her gag.

" Same rules apply bitch." She said " Open up." she opened her mouth and for the first time in her life she tasted her own shit. The taste made her pull her head back but she pushed it down farther into her mouth. After it was sucked and licked clean she again felt her pussy. " It is time for you to tong fuck me now." she smiled " Beg me." He said

" Wha.."

" Beg me to let you do it."

By now she just wanted it to be over " Please let me lick you pussy."

" I am not convinced you want this."


They both laughed " All you had to do was ask baby." She took her by the head and pulled her down onto her pussy. As Akari lay there between Monica's legs she try to block out the sound of my friend being rapped and her own as Ayla shoved the dildo back into her pussy and shoved tree finger into her ass. She also wondered if she would every get to see her parents again and what they had in mind for them next.

Day's later they had arrived at the island and where taken to there new homes. Which where small cells. A little smaller then an apartment room. With only enough room for a king sized bed and a bath. It was a few days later that are hopes of some one finding us where crushed when they played a recording of the news.

" Tonight at eight. The search for the three girls on the Pride boat has been called off after extensive searches. All crew members one Akari Samon, Kriss Gurtland and Anna Respighi have been declared dead." The reporter looked at the screen " My heart goes out to those family members of the young ladies." Click the TV was turned off

Akari, Anna and Kris's hopes of having a normal life went out the window. They where all tied up in one room watching TV with their asses hung high. And then three doors opened up across the way from them and in walked these of the guard dogs that guarded their cells.

" Attention ladies." It was Caz talking over the speakers " We thought that since the dogs work real hard they should get some of the action also. So just sit back and enjoy."

Kris screamed as she felt one of the dogs liking her pussy. And then mounted her and rammed his dick into her.

Akari and Anna starred at the other two dogs as they walked behind them. They screamed and yelled at the dogs to go away. But in the end they where just bitches to the dogs and where fucked accordingly. And video taped.

Up in the control room Razor sat watching the girls screaming as they where yet again defiled. He looked over at the two girls in his bed " Are you going to join us soon." Monica asked

He smiled " You two are the best friends I ever trained." He said as he walked over to them.

" We aren't your slaves now." Ayla said " But we will bow to are former master as these girl." She pointed at the screen " Will do some day."

He looked at them and remembered the time he saw them walking to high school together. They where so young and cute. He smiled jumped into the bed with them once again.


If you are thinking of raping a woman or anyone don't do it. If you fell you can't stop your self. Seek help. In the end it will cost you a lot less not to do it than doing it.

Let me know what you think. I am ayla951 at hotmail dot com

So much oppression in our culture is based on shame about sex: the oppression of women, of cultural minorities, oppression in the name of the (presumably asexual) family, oppression of sexual minorities. We are all oppressed. We have all been taught, one way or another, that our desires, our bodies, our sexualities, are shameful. What better way to defeat oppression than to get together in communities and celebrate the wonders of sex?
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but in my dreams i walk up to you and say "do you want a get a milkshake after the show?" you say "sure" but first i take you to a bathroom stall, give you a quick handjob.
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