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Author Topic: Honeymoon Rape  (Read 6565 times)

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« on: October 08, 2007, 01:22:22 AM »

Tina was 16 when I met her, I was 34 and was obviously delighted that she was willing to go out with me, she had led a fairly sheltered life, and I found that a challenge, my first wife had been raped several times during her short life and I still love to remember making her tell me about her ordeals as we made hot passionate love.

Tina and I were married just after her 17th birthday and we went to Spain for our honeymoon.
It was really erotic to make her go topless on the beach and to see other men casting envious glances at me as they leered at her trim young figure.  Tina is 5' 8" tall, with pert little 34 A cup titties, long sexy legs, pretty blond hair and big innocent brown eyes.

We spent the first few days laying around the beach and the hotel pol, but this story started during our visit to the local marina where several world famous film and pop stars keep their luxury yachts.

Even the most basic of the boats there cost more than a lifetimes salary,  but we didnt see any famous faces.
I went to get us some drinks as Tina chatted to three rather tarty looking  girls sitting at a table outside one of the cafe bars,
as I retured to the table, a good looking Auzie guy came up to me, he introduded himself as Mat,  and asked if I could persuade "My crew" to join him and his friends for a party aboard one of the bigger yachts.  His "friends" seemed to be to be two older men in their late 50s perhaps.

I tried to explain that I was with my wife, but the other girls were whooping with delight and they grabbed Tina by the arms and almost ran behind Mat and his middle-aged friends as I quickly followed them.

The  yacht was like a small luxury liner, and there was a small crowd drinking and eating down in the impressive dining area. Tina was thrilled as Mat showed her and her  new friends around the living areas, and the two men follwed egerly, topping up the girls drinks at every opportunity.

When we returned to the party area, Mat came over to me as I watched the two older men chatting up my pretty wife.

"Thoes randy old gits certainly know how to pick the best one" he grinned "They spotted her at the cafe and they have been fighting over her ever since"

I nodded as I watched as one of them cupped his hand over my wife's pert little bum, she jumped slighty, but she didnt make a silly fuss, she just politely moved a few inches away from him, probably thinking that would be sufficient to make him behave.

"I think he is going to have to try harder, that one is not a cheap little tart like some of the others in your crew" Mat  chuckled as he went over and whispered something to the older guy.

Moments later he was back, he saw me loking at Tina and he suddenly realised that he had not checked out my position in all this, "Oh shit, are you with HER ?" he asked anxiously, I grinned as I explained that tina was my wife, he gulped and tried to go and rescue her, but I assured him that I was looking forward to watching.

He tried to explain but I assured him that I was not going to spoil anything, I just wanted to watch.

He took a few moments to realise waht I was saying, then he admitted that he also at tiems got his kciks from watching, but he warned me that that "Tese two may have to use a bit of force", I was so excited by the possibility of that and he visibly relaxed after that.

As we watched my innocnet wife and her two eger old seducers,  I asked him about his job, he explained that the yacht was owned by a firm who rented it out by the day to company sales staff, he said the visitors often pretended that the yacht belonged to their firm, they impressed a few buyers, got a few big orders signed and tehn wanted to party with some pretty visiting holidaymakers.

Mat told me to follw him as we watched Tina being lead away by the old men, he showed me a locker room where we could see through to the wheelhouse room, over looking the beautiful bay. And we watched egerly as teh two men entered with my lovely wife.

"Look, this is really my thing, I gave them something to help, to slip in her drink, but this is you last chance mate, are you fucking SURE that you want to actually SEE this happening to her ?"

Luckily I managed to reasure him that I was, because it was one of the most erotic moments of my life !

I watched as one of them pointed out ther stunning view to my wife, he put his arm around her shoulders and hugged her to him as his mate moved behind her and pattet her cute little arse.

"Please dont do that Peter" she murmered politely "Perhaps we shoild go back and find teh others"

"You are not going anywhere untill you have been a good girl for Dave and me both " Peter replied

Tina tried to move towards the door, but Dave grabbed her arm and he pulled her to him, spilling her drink and he held her in his arms and kissed her pretty mouth as she squeeled and tried to struggle away from him.

"I glanced at Mat, he was stroking his cock hard and whispering "Go on, strip her naked"

My ccok was rock hard as  watched as Dave and Peter held my struggling wife as they took turns kissing her

"No, Please, stop please dont sir" she cried

The thrill of seeing thoes big wet tears of shame in her bretty eyes was so horny as I watched them forcing their will on her.

Peter held her from behind as Dave stood in front of her, he started to undo the buttons down the top of her pretty little sun dress, "No, NOOO please sir, PLEASE dont"

They chuckled as tehy bared her pert young breasts, "Nice, no silly fcuking bra, very nice" Dave snarled as eh cupped his old hands over my wife's perfect little breasts and mauled them cruely

"They are probably too small to even DESERVE a bra" Peter retorted as he yanked up her skirt to show her pretty bikini panties.

"No, please stop, my husband will kill you" she cried

The men just ignored her pleading, it was so erotic to see them wressling her to the thickly carpeted floor as she kicked and struggled, her long legs looked so sexy as they grabbed one and held her legs aprt so her tighly stretched lknickers moulded against her neatly trimmed blond pussy.

"Lets take a good look at it, before we fuck it " Dave snarled as he yanked her panties down her lovely legs.

"No, please sir, no no dont, please let me go" Tina begged him as she sobbed helplesly

They struggled to strip her rumbled dress and panties off as she sobbed and begegd tehm to release her
I nearly came in my pants as I watched them holding her down as they licked and kissed her sweet young tits and bit her sexy nipples ahrd.

Dave spread her pusy lips apart and gasped in wonder "Wow, a true blond cunt, bloody fantastic, tight, young and sweet" he giggled

"Please sir, dont, you wont get away with this" she sobed

"We will be on the next fucking  next plane out of here, after making a meal of your sweet body" Peter chuckled

Dave knelt in front of my crying wife, he pulled his filthy old cock out and ordered her to suck him

"No, please" she started to beg, but he slapped her face so hard, that shut her up, but the scared look in her pretty eyes was so horny to see.

"Suck it, make it the best suck you EVER gave a guy" he ordered

God, I nearly came as I watched you teenage wife submitting to his demands, she tok his fat old cock in her prety mouth and sucked it like I taught her.

Her delicate little  hands were stroking and fondling his full, hairy balls as her pretty head bobbed up and down on his throbbing penis, i wondered if he wanted to actually cum in her cute little mouth, but eh pushed her back down after a few more thrilling moments.

"Spread your pretty legs open for a decent fucking babe" he murmered

I was so delighted to see her meekly obeying him, she was totally naked and her poor little brused ttis looked so sore and you could see her trembling as he climed on top of her and guided his wet cock to her helpless pussy.

She screamed as he thrust his manood deep inside her and he humped it in and out of her as she lay helplessly trapped under him.

He grunted as he finally came inside her rapped little pussy, and he rolled off my wife as his mate climbed on her.

She lay there quietly crying as they both took turns on her, Peters cock seemed bigger than Dave's and after they had both finally finished with her they made her lick them both clean.

seeing her pretty tongue licking their spent cocks was also really horny and it seemed to take an erotic age befor etehy were satisfied with her eforts.

"Now, if you PROMISE to say NOTHING, we will let you keep your dress, OR we will thrown you overboard naked "
Dave snarled as he picked up her panties and put them into his pocked as a kepsake.

Mat said it was time to go, he said the car would be waiting to get them to the airport and he dashed out as i tried to clean myelf up.

Tina was sobbing helplessly as I walked in acting so surprised to see her, she cried as I assured her that it was all ok, she begged me not to leave her, she said they both raped her, I made her tell me about it as she sat there  naked with my shirt around her pretty shoulders, she was so scared that I wouldnt want her again, how sweet !

It took me a long times to assure her that I loved her more than ever and we made pasionate love on the floor, with her ravaged pussy full of her rapist's cum

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