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Author Topic: My Mothers' Rape  (Read 4001 times)

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« on: September 24, 2007, 04:15:40 PM »

                                                    RAPE OF MY MOTHER

It had been over three months since I had forced my dick into my mother’s mouth while she was drugged and past out. I can still feel the unbelievable sensation every time I think about it. I knew I had to experience all the other pleasures he had felt by using and abusing her beautiful body. The problem was just how was I going to do this.  Did I have the guts to force her? What would she do knowing that I was raping her? Would she call the police or worse yet tell everyone in my family.

I knew she would never tell my father since I am sure she felt he would get a big charge out of it and my even invite me to join in on a sex session with her.  That did not bother me. I was sure that if I did rape her she would be to embarrassed to tell any one in our family and that meant that she would never call the police.  Her dignity meant so much to her and her pride would not allow her to be ridiculed by others every time they saw her.  She never told any one or even allowed them to suspect that she was being sexually abused and used as a sex toy for her husband.  Even when he beat her she would cover the bruise marks with makeup.  I watched her get ready to go to work one Monday morning after a very very hard weekend where my father used her as a punching bag. She even covered all the bruises on her tits with makeup.

 He loved to make her stand on the bed while he slapped her tits around like they were punching bags. He would hit them over and over again enjoying every whimper out of her mouth while he told her all the things he was going to do to her to please him. I watched everything he did to her through the heater vent in the wall. I could see the pain in her face as he continued to hit her tits.  He would stop for a few minutes making her stand there while he enjoyed her humiliation. From time to time he would reach up and grab one or both of her nipples and squeeze and twist them until her knees gave way and she would hit the bed. Standing there he would only laugh and tell her to get back up onto her feet that he was a long way from being finished with her body.

From time to time I was very confused with my feelings. One moment I wanted to run into their bedroom and rescue Mom but the feeling in my gut and balls told me not to.  The voice in my head said watch, learn and enjoy. Besides she had been through this before so why was this episode any different.  I had watched him put her through this type of pain before and she always survived it. I had jacked off so many times before while laying there with my head stuck into the wall register watching and listening to everything he did to her and all of the grunting sounds he made while he fucked all of her holes. She would whine and he would laugh and ram it harder or deeper into her making her squeal even more. This went on for years which accounts for my somewhat sick sense of sexual pleasure derived from sexually hurting, humiliating and degrading women even my wife.

At any rate I had finally made my mind up---I was going to seek the full pleasures of her body no matter what she said or did.

She got home at about 5P.M. Friday night and went into her room and changed out of her work clothes and got into a very light house dress. She came out of her room and I handed her a drink just the way she liked it. She smiled, took it and sat down on the couch.  She said thank you; you are such a nice boy”.  I smiled and thought to myself “I wonder if she will still think this tomorrow morning”. 

I asked her what she wanted for dinner. She said, “Are you going to cook”?  I told her yes as long as it was not to fancy. She laughed and said “How about we both cook for ourselves since it is only the two of us this weekend”?  “Sure that’s fine with me”, I said. We ate and retired to the couch to watch TV.

My mind was racing. How do I start this?  Do I dive right in and fuck her on the couch? No that would be to crude.  I had to insure she had more to drink before I began. It was not about 8 P.M. and she had had at least five drinks of which I had made three of them for her and I insured they had a triple shot in each drink. She was feeling no pain but she still was fully functioning and smiling a lot at me.

I moved closer to her and asked her why she put up with so much abuse from dad and did she ever wonder if all of his actions had any affect on me. She said “well did it”?  I looked at her trying to figure out how to make my first move.  I said “well mom you know that it has had an affect on me after all how could it not having to listen to all of the things he did to you every night for years.  How many boys can say that they have seen just about every part of their mothers naked body over and over again? She just looked at me. I stared back at her and said “I love you mom”. She said “I know you do” and again she smiled and reached up and patted my face. No you don’t understand, when I said I love you I meant the same way that Dad and you loved each other when you first got married.  She said “what did you say”? I said “I mean that I am going to love you just like Dad did for so many years and we are going to start tonight”. I moved closer and she tried to scoot over but could not since she was blocked by the arm of the couch. She leaned over the arm and I pressed up against her placing my left hand on her right tit. She said stop, I’m your Mother”!  I said “I know but having watched and listened to you getting fucked by Dad for years I now have to know how it feels to fuck you in all of your holes”.  Her face froze and she said “please don’t do this, it’s not right”. I said “Don’t worry about the right or wrong of it, just understand that I have to do this and nothing you are going to do is going to stop me so don’t fight it”. 

She asked me just how much I had heard and seen.  I sat back and chuckled. I know you and your body just about a well as Dad knows you.  For years I watched what the two of you did to the point that sometimes my balls would hurt so bad that I had to jack off three or four times before I could go to sleep at night.  After I came home from school I would go into your bedroom and bury my face into the sheets on you bed to smell the sent of you pussy. I would find your used or dirty panties and lick the crotch of you panties until all of the taste was gone. Her face became contorted and she asked me if I was the one outside of the bathroom window so often and I said yes and I loved watching you wash your big tits and your pussy but most of all I loved watching Dad force you to take him in all of your holes. She seemed to be at a loss for words but finally she said “I didn’t know you were exposed to so much, I sorry Jim”.

I told her “don’t be sorry but just help me learn how to please myself with a woman’s body. I reached down and grabbed the front of her house dress and pulled her up off of the couch which exposed both of her big tits. She tried to pull my hands away but no luck. I pulled her across the front room and pushed her into the bedroom and shut the door. She backed up falling onto the bed which she immediately jumped off of and stood there just staring at me. “I told you to strip”, I said.  She did nothing so I said “do it or I will rip that dress off of you”.  “Please Jim don’t do this to me”, she said.  I just shook my head and said “I thought we were beyond this point, you have to understand that nothing is going to stop me from fucking you in you mouth, pussy and asshole.  We will be doing this a lot from now on and I doubt that you will do anything to stop me so just shut up and get your dress and under clothes off and get onto the bed so we can get started.

Her hands crossed in front of her and she grabbed her dress and began pulling it up over her head.  Her eyes were shut and her head was slightly bent forward showing me her humiliation and then I realized she did not have on any underwear. She was totally nude and ALL MINE.

As she raised her dress over her head I told her to stop and hold your dress right there. She complied leaving me with a wonderful view of the entire front side of her body. In a moment she realized what I was doing and again pleaded with me to stop. I told her to shut up and do as she was told. She just froze and I continued to admire. Standing up, her tits seemed bigger than they seemed when she was lying on the bed.  This was as close as I had ever been to her while she was totally nude and while she was awake.  I could feel my dick straining and my balls were sending me a hurry up message.  They were beginning to ache and I my brain was screaming at me to get her onto the bed and FUCK HER.

I told her to finish taking her clothes off and to get onto the bed. She did so and crawled onto the bed.  She turned over and lay on top of the blankets just staring at the ceiling.  I started to take my clothes off and noticed she had looked over at me realizing that this was all for real and her son was going to fuck her like a whore.  She turned her head and shut her eyes again. I finished taking my clothes off and knelt on the bed. I saw the grimace on her face knowing that it all was about to begin. I wanted to help her relax as much as possible so I reached over and placed my hand onto her left tit. Her body became ridged and I told her to relax but she continued to act as though she was still a virgin.  I guess in one sense of the word she still was. Up to this point she had never had her son fuck her and this was obviously a major point of concern with her. 

I lay down beside her and whispered in her ear “Don’t fight it and with you instruction I can learn to please you like every woman wants to be pleased. She turned her head and said “No mother wants her son to fuck her, it is just not right”.  I told her not to think of me as her son it that will make things easier. She raised her voice and said “How the fuck can I do that when you are my son and I am your mother”. I said `Mom I am only trying to help you get over your anxieties and fear, once we have finished for tonight, the next time won’t be so hard for you”.

I ran my hand down her stomach and allowed it to rest on the top of her pussy. She tried to shift her weight to the other side thinking that this would make my hand slide off of her pussy. Well to say the least it did not work. As I felt her move her naked hips I rammed my middle finger deep into her and pulled her back so her back was flat on the bed.  I told her “Stop fighting this and you won’t get hurt”. 

I said to her “Now I need you to tell me which hole you want me to start in”. No response so I said “I guess I can fuck you in your asshole first and switch to your mouth if that seems OK to you”.  She started to gag as though she was going to puke.  I said “OK so if that does not set well with you where do you want me to start”.  “No where, I want you to stop this bullshit” she said. “OK I have had enough of this crap; since you won’t tell me where to start I will do it the same way Dad does it to you”.  With that I straddled her neck with my legs and began wiping my dick across her lips. She clinched her jaw tight. I pulled her lips apart with my fingers and began running my dick between her teeth and her cheek. She started pushing me away but I took her hands and shoved them under my ass and told her to stop fighting this or I would have to hurt her tits just like Dad did to her when she refused to do what she was told. I felt her jaw relax and I told her to open her mouth and show me how a woman gives a man a great BLOW JOB.

Her mouth opened and I shoved my dick into her mouth so that it rested on the top of her tongue. She was starting to gag and I knew it was not because I had run my dick so far down her throat that I hit the gag point so it must be just the fact that it was my dick in her mouth. I said “quit it and start moving your tongue around the head of my dick”.  She settled down and I felt the movement of her tongue and the sensation in my dick. I told her to keep working her tongue that I was going to shove it deeper into her mouth and I wanted it to go all the way into her throat. She started shaking her head from side to side and tried to say NO but it was hard for her to speak with my dick in her mouth.  I told her I know you can take my dick down that far since I watched Dad do it to you many many times.  She continued to shake her head from side to side so I reached behind me and grabbed her left nipple and squeezed causing her to yell. As she yelled I pushed my dick down and past her gag point and said to her “See that wasn’t so hard was it”? She quite fighting and I started pumping and it did not take long for the first climax to happen. I felt that wonderful strain in my balls and then the cum from my dick shot down her throat. She jerked and tried to push me away but I held on and told her to quit fight it and suck me dry. Another heavy shot of cum went down her throat followed by another. I kept yelling to her to swallow and finally she did and the sensation was unbelievable.  I yelled “milk it dry” and then I pulled it out of her throat so she could use her lips to suck all of the remaining cum from my dick. I pulled it out and began rubbing the remaining cum strings all over her face.

I sat back with my butt checks resting on her big tits and told her now that was not all that bad was it!  I asked her if she liked the taste of my cum better than Dads. She hesitated and then said “Yours”. I am so glad you liked it since you are going to be drinking much more of it tonight and for many months to come.

I placed my dick back to her lips and told her to suck it again and get it hard so I could fuck her in her pussy. Her mouth opened and back in it went. She ran her tongue around the head of my dick and I felt the beginning urges and my dick starting to get hard again. It took about three minutes for her to get me hard again. I leaned forward again and told her to swallow it again and pressed it deep into her mouth, past the gag point and to the top of her throat. I knew she was confused but thats the way I wanted her to be until I pulled it all the way out of her mouth. She thought she was going to get fucked in the mouth again. I just looked at her a smiled and said you did a very good job, Mom.

I took my wet dick and ran the head all around each of her nipples and then drug it down to the center of her pussy. “Spread your legs further apart”, I said so I will have room.  I felt her legs move and I pressed the head of my dick up to the lips of her pussy and paused.  I asked her “Is this right”?  She looked at me and hesitated for a long while finally saying “YES”. I pushed forward and the head disappeared inside of her and then I rammed it all the way into her. She grunted and I knew it hurt because I felt it hit the back wall of her pussy.  I raised my body off of hers and looked and saw that it was not all the way in yet. She still had another two inches to take so I rammed it in again and this time I just kept pushing until I felt my pelvic bone hit hers. She yelled she could not take any more and begged me to stop pushing.  I told her that I didn’t have any more to push in, that she had taken it all.  She asked me to pull it out a bit since it was hurting her a lot. I gave one last shove and then slowly pulled it part of the way out.  I just lay on her body as though I needed to rest.

After about three minutes I began a slow in and out movement and asked her, was this the way I was supposed to do it?  Slowly she responded and said “yes”.  Does it feel good to you?  No answer. I asked her again “Does it feel good to you this way or would you like another round of deep penetration”? I started to shove it all the way in her again but she said “Yes” and I said “Yes to what, does it feel good or do you want another round of deep penetration”?  She paused and said “It feels good”.

I stopped and asked her if she thought she would have a climax if I kept fucking her like this?  She said “a woman’s body would normally respond to being fucked like this and most likely I will climax”. I kept pumping and telling her that it felt so good that I could hardly wait to do it again to her. She did not respond.  I shouted “Do you like it this way”? She said “What the hell do you want me to say, do you want me to tell you that I enjoy being fucked by my son well I don’t” so quit asking stupid questions and get it over with”.  I kept pumping but responded to her comment by saying that it will be over after I finish here and fuck you in your asshole. She did not say another word.

I was taking long hard strokes which caused me to hit the back of her pussy wall once in a while. When I did she would groan which I enjoyed hearing her do.  I began to feel the rise of pressure in my balls and I knew that I was getting close to another climax. A few more pumps and I exploded with gobs of more hot cum being dumped deep into her pussy. I felt her tighten her pussy lips around my dick as I was coming and heard her starting to breath heavy and suddenly she exploded and both of us were laying there quivering with our sex mussels loving each other.  I rolled off of her and lay beside her for about ten minutes trying to recoup my strength.  She said “I have to get up and go to the bathroom before all of your cum gushes  back out of me all over the blankets”.  She got up and started to leave the bedroom and I decided to go with her and watch. I knew this would further degrade and humiliate her bringing her more under my domination.  As she opened the bathroom door she realized what I was doing and she turned and said “can’t I even clean myself up without you watching everything I do”?  I said “NO” and pushed her into the bathroom.  After she finished I asked her if she knew where any Vaseline or lubrication oil was. She said “Why”?  I said “You know why”.  I took her by the arm and led her back into the bedroom and put her back in the bed.  “Where is the cream” I said. She told me to look on the top of her dresser and I should find a large bottle of Vaseline there.  Yes it was there but about half empty. I said “Dad must use a lot of this on you even more than I watched him shove into you”. Yes he enjoyed using that in both of my holes and it took a long time to clean up after each session where he used that on me.  I asked her how many bottles of this does he use on you. “I guess at least one large bottle a week” she said. 

I took the bottle and got back onto the bed with her.  I told her to turn over onto her stomach and bring her knees up under her stomach.  She asked me “Do you really have to do this to me”?  I said “Yes and I know I will enjoy it once you get me hard again using your mouth like you did last time”. I only hope you can learn to like this also. I will try to be as gentle as possible but as I said before we started, I was going to fuck you every where Dad fucked you.  “Raise your ass up higher”, I said.  She did and let out a very noticeable sigh. I parted her cheeks in her ass and let my middle finger touch her puckered opening.  She squeezed her asshole tight but I continued to put pressure on it to convince her that I was going to shove my fingers into her as well as my dick.  I pushed harder and the finger slipped inside of her. She whined and said it hurt. If you have to do this please use the lube.

I pulled my finger back out and noticed that it pulled out some of her inner asshole which I guessed happened because her asshole was so dry. Her asshole closed tight again once my finger was out of her.  I reached over and opened the Vaseline bottle and scooped out a big gob of crème and put it up to her face and asked her if that was enough. She said “More than enough, you could use a lot less and it would do the job”.  I said “No, I want plenty up in you so your entire asshole will be greased”.  I put my finger, with the Vaseline, up to her asshole so she could feel it again and paused. I rubbed the outside trying to get her to relax but she wasn’t having any of that so I just shoved the finger and glob of Vaseline as deep as I could into her. She squealed and told me that that hurt.  I told her I was sorry and that I would try to be gentler the next time.  I thought to myself, I don’t intend to be gentler with you in fact I intend to ram you as hard as I can. I silently chuckled to myself. I twisted my finger around inside of her trying to loosen her up but I was not having much success. I slid the middle finger back out and rammed two finger back into her causing her to jerk her hips and beg me to stop. I told her to quit fighting it and take it like a woman.

I pulled my fingers back out and got onto my knees and placed both of my hands onto her back letting her know that I was getting ready to shove my dick into her asshole. She asked me one more time “Please don’t do this to me; it is bad enough when your Dad does it to me and his dick is not as big as yours. You are going to hurt me a lot.  I told her that I was sure that she could take it so just relax and it should go in without to much pain.

I leaned forward and placed the head of my very hard dick in contact with the mouth of her asshole. I felt it pucker. I once again told her to relax but it was still puckered so I began pushing my dick into her. She pulled her hips forward trying to escape the impending penetration but I just pushed harder. I felt it begin to give way so I hesitated for a moment giving her hope that I was going to stop. Then I rammed it deep into her and took my hands and pulled her hips into me as hard as I could pull. She screamed and began trashing her hips around trying to get me to pull out of her. The more she fought it the more intense the ache in my balls got.  I started pumping while she was begging me to stop. She kept yelling that I was ripping her up inside but I knew better and I just kept pumping. She began to settle down a bit so I slowed the force of my penetrations. She settled even more and I then told her “See that was not all that bad, I sure after a few more sessions like this you will get to enjoy it”.  Not a sound from her mouth.  I exploded inside of her and it was all over. I pulled out and rolled her over and kissed her on the cheek.

I pulled the extra blanket over her and told her to go to sleep as it was a little after 2 P.M. and she need her rest so we could start again in the morning. She just rolled over not saying a word.     

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First Bitch

« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2007, 04:18:27 PM »

Thanks 4 ur Story!! Cheesy We appreciate ur Effort very much -- pls continue!! Smiley Kiss

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Sindy Sumers

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This is what it looks like under my short dress

« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2007, 07:14:00 PM »

As a mother I can just feel the pain she felt having to submit to her son. Great story.

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« Reply #3 on: October 03, 2014, 10:13:51 PM »

my favorite kind of stories
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