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The Hunter
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WARNING This story will involve death, murder, slavery, and everything between!

This story is part 1 of The Kidnapping Trilogy

Chapter 1
Birth of Evil

     It was a cold, rainy night, the kind of night where anything could happen.  He slinked and slithered through the house as he carried his victim to her bed.  She struggled against the ropes and gave a muffled yell as The Hunter dropped her on the bed and looked for his large knife.  He closed in for the kill and she moaned louder, knowing what was going to happen.  He raised his knife in the air and then slit her throat.  She had enough time to give a strangled gasp as the life in her eyes fades away to nothing!
     “That’s quite enough.  Obviously you didn’t do the assignment.”
     “No, I did everything you asked.”
     My young English teacher, Miss. Beaty, looks exasperated as I tell her this.  Oh boy, here comes another lecture...
     “If you look at the instructions!”
     Oh not that again.  The damn assignment was to create a story.  I created a stupid story!  Oh, but no it has to be plausible, it has to have literary elements.  Screw that!  If every writer paid attention to every damn thing we wouldn’t have great books!
     “!Did you just listen to me?  Paul?”
     “Yeah, yeah I need literary elements, no more grizzly details, and no more making you the murder victim.  Got it.”
     “Good, because the way I see it!”
     Bah, the way I see it you’re someone who shoots down creativity.  Someday the name Hunter will be in every house in America.  I’ll sign autographs.  People will ask me “Mr. Hunter, where did you get your ideas?”  And I’ll tell them about my sweet, wonderful, psycho teacher!  She was the one who always seems to get the class to laugh at me, and destroy my creative ideas.
     “Paul Hunter report to the principal office, Paul Hunter to the principal office”
     Well, looks like I’m saved by the principal, or she’s saved by him.  I swear I was about to pop her if she said one more thing about how “wrong” everything is.  No time to worry about her now, gotta figure out what Butthead wants.  Bah, I don’t care what he found out or what he wants, as long as I’m away from psycho teacher here.  Wordlessly I gather my things and walk over to his office.  A woman I had never seen before is sitting in front of his desk.  I don’t remember getting on her bad side!in fact, I don’t remember causing trouble at all this week.
     “Mr. Hunter I’m afraid I have some bad news”
     Great, the bad news bit.  Sorry Paul, here’s your new principal.  You have to go to a different school because your teacher hates you.  Sorry Paul, but because of your record we’re finally sending you to a different school for “troubled teens.”  Ha!  All school is the same school.  People laugh at my creativity; teachers think I’m a bomb waiting to go off!
     “!parents were murdered!”
     Oh my God, this is so much worse than anything that’s happened so far.  I’m numb as he informs me about my aunt Melinda Warren.  Apparently she’s the only close family I have in Texas.  Only other option is to move to another state!ok, ok, get to the part about my parents again.  Who killed them, who?  Why wasn’t I informed?
     “Yes, your questions I have an idea what you’re thinking.  The police don’t know who killed them yet.  They didn’t even find the bodies.  But there was so much blood!”
     Oh great here’s the shocker of the day.  Newsflash, there was tons of blood at your home but don’t worry it’s all cleaned up now!
     “!and it happened less than an hour ago.”
     “!Ok, but!”
     “Where would you go?  Well, lucky for you your parents made a will entrusting me to be your guardian.”
     The rest of the day is a blur.  She seems to always know when I’m about to ask a question and always has the right answer.  After I was three she got married to a very eccentric man.  Why I don’t know, but I find an old family album as I pack my stuff to move away to her house.  She checks out.  She looks a bit older now than in the old pictures, but she pretty much looks the same.  I don’t get much from my house.  It’s better to take the essential things and come back later!anyway; my aunt and uncle!wow that’s strange to say!live two hours away.  She says it’s close to the Texas/Louisiana border near a small town named Sunray.  Sunray?  What kind of name is Sunray?
     It’s an uncomfortable drive from Abilene to Sunray.  I try to keep my mind off my parents as I make light conversation with her.  I tell her I just turned 18 a month ago and expressed my views on my bitchy teacher.  She tells me she’s 43, husband’s 45, old house, retired!wait retired?  They’re retired at that early age?  Something doesn’t seem right about that!
     “I know what you’re thinking, how can we be retired at an early age.  Well, since Bill decided to snap at everyone he hates he was placed under house arrest.  They forced him into retirement as soon as his term was up.  He’s never left the house again.  I had to retire myself because I can’t leave him alone!  Who knows what might happen, the people he could hurt!  So I retired.”
     Something seems wrong with her story until I see the house I’m staying at for the next few months!at least until I go off to college!hopefully.  It’s a very old looking thing that looks like Mother Nature had her way with it.
     Well at least my aunt had this old unused diary laying about the house.  There’s nothing else to do around here.  I might write every few days just to pass the time.  I’d better start writing down dates though.  I know I don’t want to forget December 8 of 2004.  The day my life turned to hell.  I also don’t want to forget to keep an eye on my aunt and uncle.  I sense great danger when I’m around them.

December 9, 2004

     Alright I know there’s something wrong here.  My so called “uncle Bill” is a freak who never puts his shotgun down.  It’s like he’s waiting to use it on whoever pisses him off next.  And my “auntie” doesn’t make anything better.  She says the strangest things about my parents.  Sometimes I think she’s doing it on purpose to make me unhappy.  She also keeps stressing that I don’t go into the basement.  And when I try to ask more prying questions about my parents she just scoots me away.  I have a right to know what’s happening!

December 10, 2004

     Now I know something strange is going on.  I heard them talking about my parents the last night.  My uncle said something about Mom doing something yesterday!  How could she do something if she’s dead?  Is he so crazy that he sees dead people?  Or are they the ones who killed my parents?  My aunt shushed him and mumbled other unintelligible words.  I’m going to take a peek in that basement.  Something’s going on and I’m going to find out what.

December 11, 2005

     Well it’s the so called Day of Infamy.  The day Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.  The day I find out the truth.  I wake up super early so I can check the shotgun Mr. Crazy has.  I don’t want to get shot while I’m at the basement.  I quickly search the house for anyplace where bullets might be located.  It seems the moron doesn’t even buy them.  Checking the gun confirms this.  No bullets are inside.  How disappointing, I would have loved to use it in case things got ugly.  I might as well leave it here so Mr. Crazy doesn’t get suspicious too quickly.
     Well, now it’s time to go down into the basement.  I walk slowly down the stairs.  Now where is that damn light switch?  I stumble into the middle of the room and a chain brushes against my face.  Ah, how nice a pull chain light bulb.  I turn it on and am momentarily blinded by an ugly yellow light.  I scream loud as I see the heads of my parents mounted on the wall.
     Sick!  They’re sick!  Something must be done!  My thoughts are interrupted by my uncle slowly walking down the stairs.  I see gloves and a knife.  Very quickly I slip on the gloves and take hold of the knife.
     “You bastard,” I exclaim to him.
     He wordlessly points the shotgun at me.  Ha, as if I didn’t know there weren’t any bullets.  I run straight to him with the knife pointed at his heart.  He starts to pull the trigger, but can’t move fast enough as I run the knife through the asshole’s heart!
     Well all that commotion must have alerted my dear sweet auntie.  Sure enough, a few minutes later she comes down and she sees me with the shotgun in hand.  What she doesn’t know is that the police are on their way.  I’m amazed my cell phone got reception all the way down there.
     “Today is a good day to kill, to avenge my parents.  But I’ve killed enough today.  Instead, I will hack at your body until you lie in a pool of your own blood.  And when you pray for death, it will flee from you.  Once the hospital patches you up, I will hunt you down and rape you again and again and again until you are dead.”
     “Put that gun away Paul, we both know there’s nothing in there.  And what’s this about raping me?  I could beat you off of me if I was dead drunk.  I doubt a scrawny child like you could overpower me.  Your parents couldn’t; there were two of them and only one of me.”
     “Wanna know the difference?”
     “You’re a coward who took them by surprise.  I’m ready for you, and I will start off by beating you over the head with this shotgun.  Say hello to Mr. Crazy for me.”
     “Don’t ever call my husband crazy!!!”
     Wow, crazy must be a button of hers.  Before I figure out a way to exploit it she lunges at me.  Without thinking I pull the trigger.  The sound of a gunshot surprises me and her.  Well it seems that Mr. Crazy was smarter than we all thought and had a hiding place no one would think to look.  Lucky for me I didn’t miss and shot her in the leg.
     “Well, well, well.  Did Mrs. Crazy underestimate her dead hubby?”
     That sets her off, but since it pains her leg to move she can’t move fast.  Still, she’s dangerous and has a knife of her own.  Eek, I didn’t see that before!  I look for the knife I used to kill hubby.  Ick, it’s still in his body.  I fire another shot at her and it grazes her other leg.  It’s not enough to stop her, but it’s enough to slow her down so I can take the knife out of Mr. Crazy’s body.  It’s stuck and she’s coming towards me menacingly.  Just as she’s about to strike, I finally pull the knife out and slash at her again and again.  Each time I slash blood spills on the ground and she still keeps coming.  She gets a few good blows on me as well.
     By this time the cops have arrived and they try to break up the fight.  It takes two cops to wrestle us apart.  Thankfully, after some mindless babbling and calming down I tell them what happened.  I tell them everything except for an overwhelming desire to kill more people.  The cops offer to explain why my aunt and uncle did this, but I don’t want to know.  They take many things out of the basement for evidence.  There are a few other things they do, but I don’t bother to pay attention.  I’m too anxious to plot my first murder.  Mr. Crazy doesn’t count because it was self defense.  I need equipment, I need supplies.  Do I want to bring my victims here or should I kill them in their homes?  Slow down Paul, you’re thinking too fast!first you need a name!something so obvious the police won’t find out what’s going on!


     “Hello, is this Miss. Beaty?”
     “The Hunter is coming”
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Re: The Hunter
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Chapter 2
A Story Come True

     I’m in the story I read aloud to my English class a month ago.  It intrigues me very much.  Is my whole life a story that some twisted mind came up with?  Don’t go too deep, Paul, focus on the here and now.
     I finish my thoughts and climb in an open window in Miss Beaty’s house.  I creep slowly to her bed and hit her head with a baseball bat.  Well, that was a little too easy.  Now, what should I do for my first victim?  Should I kill her, rape her, or both?  It’s so hard to decide!I think my character did both!
     I take her to the outskirts of Abilene and tie her between two trees.  She stirs not long after and releases an inhuman moan.
     “Hello there Beaty, The Hunter has come for you.”
     “!Paul?  I knew it!  All those stories you wrote, they were all true weren’t they?  You’ve killed others, haven’t you?”
     I laugh at that remark and slap her in the face.  An eerie feeling creeps up on me.  Didn’t I have my character do the same thing in my paper?
     “Well, I don’t know why you’re doing this, but I know you’re not a murderer.  You won’t kill me.”
     “Wrong.  I will and I’ll do it slowly.
     “Oh my, no bra” I say mockingly as I rip that off her as well.  Say now, this teacher has a good looking breast.  I would have never imagined.
     She moans in protest as I nibble on her nipple.  Her moans of protest become mixed with pleasure as I suck hard on her nipple.
     “You like it huh bitch?”
     She shakes her head and keeps struggling.
     “Sure you do.  I bet you’d like it if your breasts were tied up.”
     “No, please no!”
     “Oh yes!  Your breasts are mine now slut” I exclaim as I get more rope and tie up her breasts.
     “Now don’t you like your boobs this way?  They’re definitely bigger now.  But it’s a shame your nipples aren’t hard.”
     “Please, don’t, please let me go!”
     “No.”  I rub her nipples and she moans loudly.
     “What a filthy whore you are.  I haven’t even begun to satisfy you and you’re already moaning.”  I grab clothespins and put them on her nipples.  She screams loudly and begs me to take them off.
     “Now let’s have a look at that pussy of yours” I say, ignoring her protests.  I rip off the rest of her clothes.  Oh my, her pussy is hot and wet.
     “You like this don’t you bitch?”
     “No, no I don’t.  Please let me go, I won’t tell anyone!”
     “Come now, that’s so cliché!  `Oh, I won’t tell anyone you raped me, I won’t call the cops once you leave.’  Bull.”
     “I really won’t, I swear, just please stop!”
     “I’m tired of that mouth” I say as I grab her shirt and gag her with it.  She moans and starts struggling again.  That’s much better.  As my hard cock rubs her pussy she moans in protest.
     “Now I haven’t even fucked you yet and you’re already excited.  What a worthless whore you are!”
     She gives me a menacing stare as she struggles and tries to keep her pussy away from my cock.  It doesn’t work and I roughly penetrate her pussy.  She gives muffled screams like a wild animal as I fuck her again and again and again.
     “Mmm, oooh yeah, your pussy is good teacher.  Ooooh yes, it’s so nice and tight!”  I continue to verbally abuse her as I fuck her good and hard.  She moans and screams as her orgasm hits.  The orgasm sends my cock to its happy place and I cum hard into her pussy.  She gives an inhuman moan as I pull out of her.  My cum drips out of her pussy and I take it and smear it all over her body.
     “Now you really are a dirty whore.  Yeah, you’re a dirty little slut!”
     She’s too exhausted to reply.  I notice to my amazement that the hot evening has turned into a cold night, just like in my story!
     And like my story, I play with her breast and pussy for a while until it starts to rain.  Perfect, the rain is washing away the evidence.  I think I’ll kill her in her home!
     It was a cold, rainy night, the kind of night where anything could happen.  I slinked and slithered through the house as I carried my victim to her bed.  She struggled against the ropes and gave a muffled yell as I dropped her on the bed and looked for my large knife.  I closed in for the kill and she moaned louder, knowing what was going to happen.  I raised my knife in the air and then slit her throat.  She had enough time to give a strangled gasp as the life in her eyes fades away to nothing!
     After I killed her I continued to follow the plot of the story I wrote by mutilating her pussy with my knife, tearing her clothes to shreds, and dumping her in an arroyo.  I still was not satisfied.  I need to have more sex this time.  I might kill the next one if I feel like it, or I might try to make her my slave.  One thing’s for sure, I’d better get used to wearing gloves and watching shows like CSI so I won’t get caught.  I know there’s no way the cops will know about my story come true.  I’m the only one with the full original.  The other one was extremely edited.

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Re: The Hunter
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Chapter 3

February 8, 2005

The murder made state news. Press coverage was remarkably accurate. I’m glad I decided to use a payphone to call Miss Beaty because the cops found out where the payphone was. Lucky for me no one I know saw me make the call and there is no proof I was even in Abilene that night. I still decided to lay low and keep going to school in Sunray. There was a nice elderly couple who took me in. They were well into their 60’s, retired (now that’s a better age to be retired!) and very active. At first I thought it would be horrible living with old people, but they are pretty cool. They never ask where I’m going, they just tell me to be safe and not to wake them up if I happen to come in late at night (which I did one night covered in blood.)
So now I got away with my first real murder and I want to settle a score with my aunt. She needs to have a good dose of The Hunter. As I asked around I found out that she had paid the bail and was on house arrest until the trial, the date of which has yet to be mentioned. It seems that I am the only one who knows this trial won’t take place. I must be cautious and not allow The Hunter to surface. If it becomes known that he was there when my aunt is killed all will be lost.

February 12, 2005

After four days of preparing I am finally ready to kill my dear sweet auntie. It’s the dead of night at 3a.m. The house looks like a disembodied head that’s about to swallow me whole. The yard is eerily quiet, as if the small beasts of the earth knew the dark and sinister events that will take place. As I slowly inch my way inside through a broken window the floor protests my invasion with creaks and whimpers. Nothing in the house moves, the deathly silence is pressing me in all directions as I slowly make my way to my aunt’s room. The further I go the more darkness descends upon me. Finally I am at the door to my aunt’s room. Slowly and deliberately I open the door. It moans as if it hasn’t been opened for some time now. The moonlight casts a pale, ghostlike glow into the room. As I get closer and closer to the bed I begin to breathe harder and harder. Remembering our battle in the basement I ask myself, Can I really do this? Can I kill someone stronger than me, someone who isn’t tied up and helpless? Slowly I reach the side of the bed, the moonlight faintly touching the bed. I raise my knife intent to strike her in the heart when I see her deathlike sleep...deathlike sleep? She can’t be!no!no she can’t be!not now!not after all I’ve planned! NO, THIS IS SO UNFAIR!!! WHY WHY COULDN’T I HAVE DONE IT? In a rage I scream as loud as I can, for the person I planned on murdering is dead. I don’t even bother picking my knife back up as I quickly walk through the house. I kick the old wooden door in frustration. Now what are my options? I need to do something! What?

“911, what is your emergency?”
“Yes I’d like to report a dead body!”

February 13, 2005

Well, I finally got the good idea of anonomously reporting my aunt’s death. I still feel like something wasn’t right. What killed her? I wrestle with more questions as I look online for my next victim. I’m definitely going to kill this one. I’ll probably blow up a pic of my aunt and glue it onto my victim’s face! That will give me satisfaction. Now who should I kill!

February 14, 2005

Sunray Daily

Fake Body Found, Person Missing!

Yesterday afternoon the police received an anonymous tip that someone was dead. When they arrived at the scene they found minor signs of a break in. A police informant tells us that a life-size dummy resembling the appearance of Melinda Warren was found in her bed. Our informant describes the house as normal and nothing out of place except for a door that looks like it’s been kicked down. No weapons were found at the scene and Warren has been put on the Missing Person’s list. Sheriff Terri Crawford had this to say,
“The only thing I can comment on this case is that we do suspect fowl play!

I don’t believe it! That thing was a DUMMY! Oooh, I’m so mad I could just tear this paper apart! I grab the paper and begin to rip it up when a foreign paper decides to slip out and join with the floor. What’s this?


Well, looks like auntie decided to settle the score with me after all! I wonder if my old friends I’m living with have any guns!

February 15, 2005

The old guy is LOADED with guns! He likes to hunt in his spare time and has everything related to hunting you could possibly have! I select a nasty looking one and sally off to my aunt’s house. I’m so glad I asked the old man if he had any guns because I’m going to shoot her again and again and again!
It’s high noon and the sun is beating down to earth from the sky. I walk towards the house and announce myself loudly. My aunt comes out, unarmed to my surprise. She doesn’t even know that I have a gun in my pocket! I decide that I don’t want to drag this out into a tough battle, so I quickly pull out the gun and shoot her in the neck. The impact brings her down swiftly. She can’t even talk! I violently rip off her clothes and she can only give a strangled, gurgling scream. My cock is already hard when I take it out and she can’t even struggle or yell! As I ram my hard cock into her pussy the gurgles get louder and her blood flows freely from the wound in her neck. The more I fuck her, the more blood comes out.

“That’s right bitch, you’re mine now! Mmm uuuh ooouahh Yeah, you wanna die now bitch? You want the pain to go away?”

I continue to taunt her with her permanent demise. Her gurgles slowly start to fade as the pool of blood grows larger. As I fuck her harder and harder and faster and faster the bitch’s eyes grow dimmer and dimmer. Her pussy releases a violent orgasm and my cock throbs with excitement.

“Wow bitch you really love this don’t you? Mmm uuuh oooh yeah oooh yeah. You wanna die? You want me fucking you to be your last memory slut? Uuuh uuuuh mmmmm.”

As I’m about to release my hot warm sperm into her, she dies. Her eyes still resemble her hatred and her crazy mental state as I pump my little boys into her dead body. To complete my revenge, I cut the bitch’s head to pieces and tie her body upstairs to one of the beds. I’ll have some fun with the body then hack it to pieces and bury it with her head under the basement floor when I'm done.

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Re: The Hunter
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Chapter 4
The Lucky Victim

March 1, 2005

I’ve given up searching for victims on the internet. It became apparent to me that people can lie about anything when I noticed that someone who was supposedly from Abilene lived in an address that didn’t exist. After a few ideas I decided to stay in Sunray and use my aunt and uncle’s house as a base. The cops never found my aunt’s body, but they did find both of my aunt’s and uncle’s fake will. Had my aunt and uncle not been crazy they would have thought that giving the house to me when they died suspicious. It was so easy to make the fake wills. I had found their real ones before they died and all it said was that whoever’s closest in the family line would inherit the house. I bet they didn’t care who owned it since the house was falling apart. Plus living in it could make you crazy. The best part about the will was that it was typed up. It was so easy to scan their signatures and print them on the fake wills. In a few months I’ll have the house and any “toys” I buy online.
Today there isn’t anything in particular that I’m interested in. There was a car on the side of the road earlier, but a man and woman were outside it. I only want girls who are alone. The fight is in my favor that way!

March 2, 2005

As I stop to get gas near 5p.m. I can’t help but overhear two girls arguing. I didn’t pay attention to most of it because it didn’t look like anything would come out of it. But to my amazement one of the girls gets so mad at the other she drives off without her! Ah yes, my next victim is practically delivered to me on my doorstep! I approach her slowly.

“Excuse me, do you need some help?”

“No thank!maybe.”

She first is about to politely say no but then falls for my charm. I ask her what happened. She starts ranting and raving about how her friend is a stupid bitch, blah blah blah, and how her friend always does this to her when they argue, blah blah blah, and how she always has to call her mom to pick her up, blah blah blah!She thanks me for being there for her and expresses how lucky she must be tonight. Ha, lucky? Ok my darling you’re my lucky victim. My lucky victim!I like that!
As I think about my lucky victim she continues to talk and tell me things. She talks so fast that I can’t follow her past “my name is Laura.” She gets so long and confusing that I almost grab her right then and there had it not been for possible witnesses in the store. Finally she stops talking and after using my influence almost too much she agrees to get a ride from me. I look at my watch!damn, that whole escapade took over an hour! Ignoring that slight inconvenience, I ask her where she lives. Double damn, her house is in the opposite direction of my hideout! Oh, if only she lived nearer to it!wait!if I’m going to her house I can just kidnap her later!yeah, that’ll work! I make careful note on which room the light turns on so I won’t accidentally raid her parents’ room.

March 9, 2005

I sneak slowly towards Laura’s house. My car is parked about a block away to keep the element of surprise up in case someone’s awake in the dark house. I slowly creep up to one of the windows I think is her room. Looking inside confirms it’s a girl’s room. I slowly lift up the window without wondering why it’s not locked. Slipping inside the dark room I notice that no one is inside the bed. A quick survey of the room shows that someone has not been inside for a few days
I figure this must be Laura’s sister’s room and that I miscalculated my entry. Oh if only she were here too I would take them both! Oh well, I’ll just sneak through the dark, dark house and look for Laura. The door doesn’t make a sound as I tiptoe across the hall. I notice a door partly open and look inside. Damn, it’s only the bathroom!ah, here’s her room!
Slowly I walk into her room and notice the sound of her breathing. She sounds so sweet and innocent that it’s enough to make me a little horny. I sneak over to the bed and get the rag I soaked with chloroform earlier in my hand. Quickly I cover her mouth and nose with the rag. She doesn’t stir at first, but then realizes something is wrong as whatever she was dreaming about leaves her. Her hands fly everywhere trying to get air. She makes wild punches in the air and one makes contact with my chest, but I keep holding the cloth on her face. A muffled scream almost bellows from the rag, then another one and another one. The screams turn to quiet moans. Then, she lays still in her bed, truly asleep. Before I take Laura, I leave a little note that tells all who took her.

The Hunter

“Wake up my new slave!”
“Wha!whe!where am I?”
“In my basement.”
“Who are you? What is this? Why am I here?”
“So many questions!it’s getting annoying!”
“Hey what are you doing nommmph! Mmmmph!
“There, that’s better. It’s me Laura, it’s Paul. Remember? You don’t remember? Well that’s a shame then, and it makes things worse for you. I go by The Hunter, perhaps you heard of me.”
The revelation of who I really am shatters her to the core. She moans and screams bloody murder through the gag, especially when she realizes she’s tied up on a wooden steak naked in the basement.
“Oh don’t worry I won’t burn you at the stake unless you’re a bad slave.”
She struggles up there and her beautiful tits hypnotically swing from left to right over and over and over again. I take the gag out of her mouth so I could see if she decides to cooperate.
“Now Laura, tell me you want to be my slave!”
“I can’t!”
“That’s a shame. I will have you as my slave Laura! Maybe this large bullwhip will convince you otherwise.”
“But I’m not Laura!”
“What? What did you say?”
“I’m not Laura, I’m her twin!”

I must not have heard her correctly, so I ask her to repeat what she said again. She repeats her last statement that she and Laura are twins. I ask her where Laura is. Apparently Laura is visiting a friend in Louisiana although the exact town doesn’t interest me much. Triple fucking damn! She truly was the lucky victim after all! I can’t go after Laura now because crossing state lines would give the F.B.I. jurisdiction to come after me! Oh and I wanted to silence that running mouth! Well, I’ll have to keep an eye on that house. The day Laura gets back is the day I grab her. In the meantime, I’ll concentrate on Sister Slut!hey, that’s a good name for her.
“Ok, I believe you. You don’t talk as fast as Laura does.”
“So you’ll let me go!please?”
“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Let you go? I don’t think so slave. You are now mine. From now on you will call me master and we will both refer to yourself as Sister Slut.”
“No, I’m not going to call myself that! Please, let me go, no not the gag again no PLEASE NOOOMMMMPH!”
She struggles violently now, moaning and screaming into the gag as I force her legs to open. I degrade her by telling her how she really loves being my sex slave and how fun it will be when Laura joins us. I rub my cock against the opening of her pussy. Tears form around her eyes and run down her beautiful cheeks. Drool escapes her mouth and drips all over her swinging breasts and on to the floor. She struggles to keep her legs closed so I wouldn’t be able to rape her, but it’s not easy for her. I force her legs apart and make her pussy swallow my hard cock. She screams louder than I ever thought possible with a gag in. Her screams of torment slowly become moans of pleasure as my cock gets harder in her nice, tight pussy and I fuck her.
“Uuuumm oooh yeah you like this don’t you? You’re a dirty slave oooh yeah you’re so dirty you want me to fuck you all the time, mmmm oooh yeah, so dirty. Mmm, oh yeah you love this?
“Yeah, ooh yeah, your pussy is so tight slave, mmm yeah such a dirty slut, oooh yes mmm, oooh mmm that’s such a nice orgasm you dirty slave, mmmm ooooh yeah!”
Her moaning and orgasm are enough to send me into the largest sexual pleasure I have ever experienced. My cock throbs harder than ever and I release tons of sperm into her pussy. She moans in protest as I squirt cum all over her body. Now she truly is my dirty little slave! After I’m finished with her I allow my slave to have some dog food and piss to eat and drink.

March 10, 2005

Returning to the scene of a crime is one of the worst possible things I can do. Yet I am drawn to the house like a bug to a bug zapper light!thing. I figured it would be best to pretend to not know what happened and act like I’m visiting Laura. As I drive up I notice a police car is already on the scene. I wonder how good my lying will be to the cops, might as well test it today.
“Hi, I picked up Laura after she had a fight with her friend the other day!”
“Paul, yes she talked about you the next day,” said Laura’s mom.
“Is Laura ok? I saw the cop car and!”
“She’s in Louisiana now; it’s Lacey who’s in trouble.”
“What kind of trouble?”
As if on cue, the inspector comes to the door. Introductions are made and general questions about me are asked. He looks at me very suspiciously and allows me to come in. After talking to Mrs.!whatever her last name is!alone in the kitchen he asks me to come in and the mom for us to be alone.
“So did you know Lacey?”
“No sir, I had just met Laura about a week ago and didn’t know she had a twin sister. I don’t think I even know their last names.”
“The last name is Kerbow. Now, why did you come here today?”
“Well sir, did you ever get an uneasy feeling in your gut? A feeling where you know something isn’t right. You don’t know what it is, but you somehow know where it is!?
“Yes, all the time.”
“Then you understand that when I woke up today I just had a bad feeling that something happened. I couldn’t explain why, but I felt the sudden need to visit Laura and invite her to lunch to see how she was doing.”
“Why didn’t you just call?”
“Well, you see I am a nervous person by nature. You can probably tell already by the way my hands shake when something serious or nerve-wracking happens. As it turns out I forgot to ask for her number.”
“You forgot. How did you meet Laura again?”
“Well I stopped to get gas!”
“!so you waited until the light turned on?”
“Yeah, make sure everything was alright. I didn’t see any movement in the house when she walked in so I wanted to be sure!”
The conversation went lovely with the inspector, especially when he mentioned the card. What card inspector? Oh my, mercy me! The Hunter is here! Oh no, didn’t he kill that lovely teacher in Abilene? Oh no, that’s horrible! You expect the worst then? You think he’s still here in town? You think he'll strike agian? How scary!
As the conversation drags on and on the inspector begins to look extremely nervous. What a fool. He thought he could outwit me but he outwitted himself. I can imagine the big trouble he’s going to be in for giving way too much information about a case to someone who doesn’t need to know. Oh of course I’ll keep our little talk a secret inspector since I truly want Lacey to be safe.


“Hello slave!”
“Please, no more, no more please stop!”
“You know you like that vibrator in your hot pussy. See? Your pussy is so wet with pleasure!”
“Aaaaah, ooooh pl pl pl please! L l l le let me go!”
“No slave, the cops are looking for you. And besides, I haven’t had any fun with you yet today!
“Please no, don’t rape me again, no please, no NO SOMEONE HELLLMMMPH! MMMMP MMM MMMMMMMMM!”
“Someday slave you’d better beg me to fuck you hard or else!”
“Nah, you’re too dirty to rape today slave. You aren’t worth it. You’re just a dirty little slut that doesn’t even deserve the vibrator.” I get a big wad of spit in my mouth and spit on Lacey’s breast. Then I shove the vibrator back into her pussy and force her to eat dog food again. I can see her start to break. Tomorrow I’ll deny her my cock again and see if she begs for it!

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Re: The Hunter
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Chapter 5
Sister Slut

April 1, 2005

     Isn’t it interesting how sometimes people cut corners?  I know the F.B.I. is watching my every move.  I know they know who I am.  I laughed when I saw a black van parked near where the old couple that is taking care of me live.  What foolish agents they must have.  Don’t they know that cutting corners could cost jobs?  No time to worry about that now because Laura’s back!  She got my cell number from her mom and called me yesterday.  Now I just have to bid my time and make sure everything goes smoothly.

April 2, 2005

     I almost lost my composure yesterday.  It was too hard to not laugh!  The inspector definitely doesn’t suspect me!  He explained to all of us that a cop car will be watching over the house in case The Hunter wants Laura.  Just one cop car then?  Parked at the front of the house?  Yeah I agree Mr. Inspector Guy; he’ll never think to go to the back of the house!  Fool!  Now isn’t the time to take Laura though.  My slave is almost ready to do my every bidding!


     “Hello Sister Slut”
     “Master, you’re back, please fuck me, fuck me good master!”
     “That’s a good slave, but I don’t think I’ll fuck you today.”
     “Please, I’m begging you master, fuck me!  Please!
     “No slave, yesterday you regained your identity when I fucked you and tried to escape.”
     “Please, I live to serve you master!  Please, tie me up tighter and fuck me!”
     “Is master displeased with me?”
     “No, your sister will be joining us soon and I’m saving some of my sperm on her!”
     “Mmm, my sister!Laura!master!name!Lacey!I’m!not!a!slave!”
     Shit, I almost had it today!  I hoped she would be ready by today so I can get Laura, but I guess I’ll have to keep trying to break her.
     “You are a slave.  Maybe my cock will make you remember?”
     “I’m!not!a!slave!I!am!a!slave!no!not!slave!yes!slave!master.  Sister Slut loves master’s cock!”
     “Now my slave, I’m not going to fuck you today and you won’t have the vibrator.  We’re saving our cum for your sister.”
     “Master knows best.  I am nothing, you are everything, and I am your Sister Slut.”
     “That’s a very good slave.  Now I want you to start calling yourself slave.  Sister Slut is getting tiresome.”
     “Master knows best.  I am master’s slave and live only to serve master.”
     She’s almost ready!  All I need is a single day of her being totally obedient and everything will be peachy.

April 20, 2005

     “Look, I know you’re spying on me and if you don’t stop I am calling the police!”
     “Kid I have no idea what you’re talking about.  I’m here because there’s an elderly man who needs care and!”
     “Ok that’s a load of bull.  I have seen your van ever since the first of the month and never once have I seen some old guy who needs help.”
     “Kid I’m telling you!”
     “Telling me what?  That you’re not the FBI?  That you don’t know who I really am?  That you know I have to cross state lines in order to investigate me but you’re doing it anyway so you can catch me once I cross state lines?
     “!ok so I’m confused!you think I’m FBI?”
     “Well duh.  You have a black van and you’re wearing a black suit and I bet in that black van is a black device that allows you to somehow listen to what I’m talking about”
     "Kid I'm telling you, there's an old guy in this house that..."
     "And I told you already that you're full of shit!"
     Conversing with the FBI agent is more frustrating than I thought it would be.  We kept going in circles until he just walked back into his van and shut the door.  Maybe I really should call the wouldn't hurt anything...
     Grah!  This is all interfering with everything!  Laura’s leaving in two days and I need my slave to be ready!  The cops aren’t even watching the house anymore and think that The Hunter isn’t in town.  If only my slave could truly be a slave for today!

April 21, 2005

         Lacey is finally totally obediant!  I can finally take Laura, and just in time too!  The night is the same as when I took Lacey, dark and mysterious.  I sneak slowly towards Laura’s house.  My car is parked about a block away to keep the element of surprise up in case someone’s awake in the dark house.  I slowly creep up to the window that I know this time is Laura’s room.  I try the window and it’s locked!  Damn!  Oh well, I can pick the lock on the back door!strange, the back door isn’t locked!  As I quietly slip through the back door I see immediately why it wasn’t locked.  Damn, they installed an alarm system!  I gotta get out of here!  The cops can’t catch me here!  No!wait!I don’t hear anything!did they even turn the thing on!no!no they didn’t!what fools, what foolish fools!
     I figure they must have recently installed it and don’t truly know how to use it.  That sounds logical and may be the reason why the cop car isn’t at the front of the house any more.  As I sneak through the dark, dark house I tiptoe towards Laura’s room.  The door doesn’t make a sound as I slowly walk in.
     She’s breathing just like her sister was that night, slowly in and out.  I creep slowly to the dark bed and loom over Laura.  Unlike her sister she immediately snaps awake when I put the cloth soaked with chloroform over her beautiful face.  She opens her eyes and sees me.  Moaning she struggles to get my hands off her face as the chloroform slowly makes her fall into a deeper sleep.  She gives one final whimper and goes limp.  I wonder if she looks the same as her sister naked.  I strip her of her clothes and they look similar.  Interesting, both sisters have a birthmark near one of their nipples but at different places.  Laura’s is near the right nipple and Lacey’s is near her left.  Well at least it will be easy to tell them apart!  I can’t help but grope Laura’s nice breast and pussy.  Finally, I’ve been waiting so long!  I rub her big, beautiful breasts.  My mouth hungers for them and I lightly kiss all over her breast.  Mmmm, I wonder what her pussy tastes li...


I freeze with my tounge hanging out about to lick Laura's hot pussy...that noise...I'd better leave now just in case...
Quickly and quietly I extract Laura from the house and leave my signature card, the one that tells everyone who was here.

The Hunter

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Re: The Hunter
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Chapter 6
Family Reunion

     “Master is back!  Master has brought sister!wait!sister!I!am!Lacey!”
     “Slave this is your sister slave.  She is nothing and she only lives to please me.”
     “Yes slave.  Laura might not think she is a slave now, but she is.  Do you understand?”
     “Yes master.”
     “You will do everything I tell you then?”
     “I live to serve master.”
     “Good, I want you to fuck her with this strap on vibrator until she wakes up.”
     “Yes master.”
     “And I will grope your body as you’re fucking her.”
     “Thank you master, slave doesn’t deserve to be groped by Master because slave is so dirty!”
     “That’s a good slave.  I’ll reward you later by fucking you.”
     “Thank you master!  Slave doesn’t deserve to be fucked by handsome master, slave isn’t worthy but slave is grateful master’s going to!”
     Lacey learned well about how to use the vibrator!  She fucks Laura nice and hard.  Both sisters’ breasts bounce in perfect rhythm to each other.  Lacey loves it when I grope her bouncing breast and begs me to fuck her in the ass.  At the next thrust of the vibrator Laura finally wakes up.  Her moans are perfect and send my cock throbbing, desperate for some action.  I slide my cock into Lacey’s ass at the next thrust of the vibrator.  Lacey squeals with delight and thanks me.  As both sisters look into my eyes it’s enough to send me on an even greater sexual pleasure than with Lacey a month ago.  Laura’s eyes are filled with sorrowful tears and a small amount of anger.  Lacey stares at me with her beautiful green eyes filled with love and affection for me.  My cock is harder than it has ever been.  Laura’s moans are louder now and Lacey continues to thank me for fucking her nice tight ass and mauling her breasts.
     “That’s a good slave.  Now I want you to fuck your sister in the ass while I fuck her pussy.  Do you understand?”
     “Yes master.”
     As Lacey moves to Laura’s ass, Laura finds her voice.
     “I think you mean The Hunter!”
     “No, it can’t be! No it can’t be it can’t!  No, someone help, HELP ME SOMEONE NO, PLEASE DON’T! NO NOOMMMMPH! MM MMMMMPH!”
     Ah, hearing Laura’s muffled screams is stimulating.  Lacey starts fucking Laura’s ass with that nice large vibrator as I slowly tease Laura’s pussy with my cock.  She’s already moaning in pleasure from the vibrator.  I stare into Laura’s sad, hate filled green eyes as I start fucking that hot, sexy pussy of hers.
     “Mmm ooh yeah, you’re mmm now my sex slave!  Yeah ooh yeah mmm uuuh you aren’t Laura any more mmm ooh, your name is slave sister and mmm ohh yeah you love my hard cock! Mmm, you’re so dirty, mmm uuuh uuuh such a dirty slave!
     “Yeah, ooh yeah, such a nice pussy slave, mmm mmm yeah, mmm yeah such a dirty slut, oooh yes.  You love this don’t you slave?”
     She continues to moan and my cock feels the vibrator in her ass as Lacey turns it up to high.  Mmm, it feels so good!
     “Ooh yeah slave sister, mmm yeah you love this, and you love my cock!  Mmmm, ooh I’m going to cum all over you now, mmmm oooh yeah, you like cum on your tits, mmm mmm aaaaah!”
     She screams in protest as I squirt in her pussy and struggles harder as I cum all over her sexy body.  After I’m done I watch Lacey lick all the cum off of Laura’s body.  She starts at her feet, moving slowly upward.  Next comes her pussy and Lacey pays very close attention to it!  Her tounge goes inside Laura and she moans through the gag.  After that she licks her navel and all around her belly.  Her breast is next and Lacey licks them for a long, long time.  Laura moans as Lacey nibbles on her nipples.  She moans louder as Lacey grinds her pussy against Laura’s.  Both sister's pussies are wet and their juices drip all over the floor.  I lie down on the old bed in the basement and watch Lacey play with Laura for the rest of the night.

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Re: The Hunter
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Chapter 7
Unwilling Slave

June 19, 2005

     Well it’s been fun and frustrating to try and break Laura.  I think that having her sister here makes a difference and keeps her from turning into my slave.  It’s been nearly two months since I took Laura yet she still has quite a few daily moments where she remembers who she is.  Lacey on the other hand is a perfect slave.  I have been having a few problems with Lacey setting Laura free once or twice.  It was probably because I wasn’t clear to Lacey that she only listens to me.  There was no harm done either way since I was there each time, but I still need to watch Lacey in case she becomes unwilling.

     “Slave I want you to fuck sister slave’s pussy with the vibrator while I fuck her ass.  Once sister slave cums, we’ll switch.  Understand?”
     “Slave understands, master.”
     “Good.  Sister Slave, I want you to beg us to fuck you more and more and more.  Beg us to not stop.”
     “Please fuck me master, fuck me slave!  Yes, oooh harder slave, aaaah ooh harder in the ass master.  Aaah oooh mmm uuuuh ma mo mo mooore ooh oooh oooooh!”
     “Good sister slave.”
     “Sister Slave begs for master to cum in her ass, si si ooooh yes more, more, oooh yes master!  Oooh master, ooh master that feels sooo good ooooh yes!  MMmmm slave fuck me harder oooh yes ooooh.”
     “Very good slaves, mmm sister slave your ass feels so good after cumming in it!”
     Laura’s orgasm finally hits after I cum hard into her ass.  I hope I saved enough cum for her pussy!  I know we’ll both enjoy this next part!
     “Sister slave has an orgasm master”
     “Good, now let’s switch.  Mmmm, sister slave your pussy feels so good.”
     “Mmm master, more, harder master, ooh yes mmmm!please!no!please”
     “No?  Don’t you like this slave?”
     “Not!a!slave!oooh!help!me!somebody!sister slave is sorry master!”
     “That’s very bad Sister Slave.  You don’t deserve to be fucked anymore.”
     “Slave wants master’s cock!  Please master, fuck me!  Master must fuck me!”
     This isn’t good.  Arguing with me shows me that she still has free will.  Hopefully a few more days of training will completely break her.

July 4, 2005

     Laura has been an unwilling slave.  I can’t untie her at all whereas Lacey can walk around freely now since she’s such a good slave.  Lacey has gotten good about not listening to her sister.  She’s finally calling her sister slave now.
     I leave the two of them alone in the house today so I can visit Mrs.!what was their last name again?  Whatever, I’m going to play the sympathetic friend on a holiday.  I had visited Mrs. Slave twice since Laura was taken and promised her I would drop by on the 4th.  I make sure to remind Lacey that if sister slave tries to escape, stop her.
     I don’t think I’ll stay long at Mrs. Slave’s house, just long enough to express my deepest condolences to the loss of her daughters.  Cop cars are there 24/7 thinking that The Hunter might go after Mrs. Slave!what was her last name again?  Kerbi?  Kerbople?  Anyway, I’ve thought about having the whole family as slaves, but I’m no fool.  I know that taking Mrs. Slave will definitely be too risky.  Kerbow!  Kerbow is the last name.
     “Hi Paul, thanks for coming”
     “No problem Mrs. Kerbow, have the police heard anything yet?”

     After about an hour or so of talking to Mrs. Kerbow I begin to feel uneasy.  Something is wrong!I can feel it in my gut.  I tell Mrs. Kerbow that I have to go and we say our goodbyes and whatnot.  Quickly I drive over to my hideout and hope the horrible feeling I have is just gas!
     Upon opening the front door of the house I get a nasty shock.  Laura and Lacey are right there, each pointing a gun at the other.  Where the hell did they find those guns?  Did my uncle have even more guns that I didn’t know about?
     “Slave, where did you get those guns?”
     “Shut up!  Lacey, don’t answer him.  Fight this!”
     “Must stop sister slave from escaping.  Master is here!no!I!Lacey!no!slave”
     Oh crap not now!  I don’t need Lacey regaining her identity now!
     “Shoot sister slave my slave.  Shoot her now!”
     “No Lacey don’t listen, fight it!  Come on, fight it!  You can do it!
     “I won’t listen to sister slave.  I must obey my master.”
     “You fucking bastard, I thought you were my friend!  I’ll kill you for doing this to us!”



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Re: The Hunter
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The diary goes on to talk about how Paul buried the bodies of the twins next to his aunt’s shredded remains. He writes that he was crushed by the loss of his slaves, but very grateful Lacey didn’t regain her identity after Laura turned the gun to him. Laura shot at Paul, but Lacey jumped in front of the bullet at the last second. Paul describes Laura as an empty shell when the bullet struck her sister, mortally wounding her. But Lacey had enough life in her to comply with Paul's final request to her. With her last strength, she pulled the trigger to her gun and killed her sister. After burying the sisters in the basement, Paul made a vow to kill the rest of his victims.
Paul continued to hunt beautiful women for five more years. It is unknown how many women he killed and how many missing persons had nothing to do with him. He was always able to elude the police. The police could never comprehend that a misinformed, harmless looking young man would be capable of such heinous crimes. When I learned the truth myself it was absolute horror for me. Bedlam struck the police stations in the towns where The Hunter took victims. A few people were even thought to be The Hunter, which was very amusing to Paul.
There are some rumors that he tried slavery again, but they are unconfirmed. His diary had too many pages missing and too many chapters were lost. Because of that the police had a rough time figuring out how many missing women were victims and how many were missing by some other reason. Texans were relieved when the diary of The Hunter was found next to his dead body. They didn’t pay attention to the details of his death!if only they did then perhaps they would have been more prepared!Where did he die you ask? He didn’t die at the old house near Sunray. He didn’t even die near Sunray. He died in Abilene at the exact spot where he raped Miss Beaty so many years before. Who killed him you ask? He wasn’t killed by a cop, and he wasn’t killed by a family member of any girl he killed looking for revenge. He was killed by someone he underestimated, me. But that’s another story too big to write in Paul's diary.

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Re: The Hunter
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great story thanks for posting it
keep em cumming