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WARNING this story involves rape and murder!

DOUBLE WARNING:  This story is part 2 of The Kidnapping Trilogy.  If you would like to avoid spoilers, read The Hunter before reading this story


March 10, 2005

Today’s my birthday and I’m sixteen years old, yay! I’m glad my grandmother didn’t spend much on me for my birthday. She doesn’t have much. This diary is a really good gift from her and I’ll be sure to write in you often. Oh, I almost forgot to introduce myself, hehe! My name is Tina and I’m told by some of my friends that I’m very attractive. I don’t agree with them sometimes. My long brown hair doesn’t always stay straight and my nose looks a little crooked to me.
My parents died when I was very young. Daddy died when I was five and Mother died when I was ten. My grandparents take good care of me, but lately my grandfather has taken ill. My grandma and I help take care of him but soon we’ll need some help. Hopefully we’ll get it soon.

March 12, 2005

The doorbell rings and my grandmother answers. After a while she calls me to the kitchen. A man who looks like he has great authority is in there with her.
“Tina, this is Inspector Morris. He’s trying to solve a case and thinks we might be able to help.”
“Tina, are you aware of what happened on March 10?”
“The day before my birthday!oh!yeah, my friend was kidnapped! It scared me that it happened! I’m so worried about her! Do you think she was kidnapped by someone we know?”
“That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Do you know Paul Hunter?”
“He’s never around really. I think I’ve seen him two or three times. He can behave strangely sometimes, but he’s been nice to me the few times I’ve seen him.”
“Do you think it’s possible that he might be a criminal?”
“I think it’s probably not true. If someone said something bad about him!”
“No, nobody said anything bad. It’s his behavior that has me puzzled.”
The inspector continues to ask me strange questions about Paul like if he’s ever tried to abuse me or take advantage of me. The Inspector looks like he wants to tell us more about the abduction, but something stops him. I tell him that even though Paul is strange he couldn’t hurt anybody. After that he seems satisfied and leaves. I really hope someone’s not saying bad things about Paul. It sounds like the inspector suspects that Paul kidnapped Laura, but that’s crazy! He’s a sweet guy that’s had a hard life. I got a pretty big crush on him too. He’s so dreamy and mysterious. There’s no way Paul would kidnap someone.

March 13, 2005

Well, the news reporters found all the secrets the Inspector had! I’m sure the entire town, including me, is frightened because the kidnapping was the work of The Hunter. I remember looking at the newspaper and reading the story of that poor teacher in Abilene!

March 31, 2005

Now that I’ve thought about it for a while I’ve noticed that Paul does act unusual. Something about him is odd and slightly off. There’s something very dark about him!I don’t think about it too much because anyone would act oddly if their parents died horribly like his did.
Tomorrow we’ll finally get some help with taking care of Grandpa. We’ve already met the two people, and they’re pretty nice. We specifically warned both of them that my grandfather fears the color white. They promise to wear black whenever they come to help.

April 20, 2005

I hear shouting in the front and decide to see what it is. To my surprise Paul is out there arguing with the man who’s helping us. The conversation sounds too muddled in the house, so I decide to sneak into the bushes and hear the conversation.
“!bet the black van is a black device!”
He thinks the guy is FBI? Ok, something’s really wrong here. Why would anybody be afraid of the FBI unless they had something to hide?
My thoughts are interrupted by my grandmother. Laura’s on the phone yay! And she wants me to come to her house and sleep over tomorrow night double yay!

April 21, 2005

When I arrive at Laura’s house I greet her parents, who keep looking less alive each day. Lacey’s kidnapping has taken a toll on us all and it’s hard sometimes to keep from breaking down and crying.
We order pizza after Laura’s parents go to bed. When it arrives we turn off their new alarm so we don’t wake her parents up. That thing can be loud! After we eat our meal, I’m so exhausted that I fall asleep on the couch. Laura decides to sleep in her own bed since she won’t be sleeping in it when she’s in Louisiana.
Something woke me up!what? Breathing!heavy breathing!Oh God someone’s here in the house! The intruder slowly tiptoes to Laura’s room. His breathing is rhythmic and scary. I want to scream, but I’m afraid of what might happen!
“Mmmm mmmph! Mmm hhhm hhmmmph!”
No, oh God this can’t be happening! What can I do? It has to be The Hunter!oh God! I take a peek through the open door to see what’s happening. He’s stripping her!ugh, what a sick person! I know I shouldn’t watch, but something holds me there. My hand moves over to my pussy. It gets a little wet while I rub myself and watch him grope Laura’s breast. He then sucks on them and I softly moan!Oh God what am I doing? Why am I turned on by this? I close my eyes and my head clears up. I’d better wake up her parents. I know I can’t do much to him, but they sure can! As I turn away from the door I blindly bump into the bookcase and fall down with a loud thump. Please God don’t let him find me, please! And yet!part of me wants him to find me!part of me wants him to kidnap me. My fear thankfully overrides my pleasure and I sit there on the floor for what feels like an eternity. When I finally remember how to get up and walk, I quickly and quietly go to Laura’s parent’s room!
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Re: Chapters 1 and 2 of Huntress
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Have a special Thank 4 sharin' this w/ us, RapeU!! ::): Its a thrillin' story... and i guess ye know my personal opinion concernin' any censorship - so i hope we'll C as much as anyhow possible...
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Re: Chapters 1 and 2 of Huntress
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Thanks viv :)

I was not aware while posting this story that the snuff rule had been lifted.  So once I'm finished posting The Hunter I will edit this thread and make it the entire story. :)

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Re: Huntress
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Alrighty, the first post has been edited.  You might want to read chapter 2 again because the alternate ending is not there.

Chapter 1

July 2, 2010
Five years have passed since my friend was kidnapped. Each time The Hunter took victims I would always fantasize about me being the victim instead of whoever he took. I saved every newspaper article about him and sometimes like to finger myself while reading about him. Some nights I would fantasize I was his slave. One night my grandfather, on one of his better days, walked in after I moaned so loudly. I feel horrible for what happened. He thought I was being taken by The Hunter and was coming to rescue me. Oh how embarrassed I was! Still, they’re only fantasies. If he really decided to take me I would NOT enjoy it!
Today I’m back in Sunray at my grandfather’s funeral. His death has saddened me very much, but I know wherever he is that he feels no more pain. As the funeral winds down I notice someone off in the distance. Hmm!he looks familiar!oh yay it’s Paul! All these years and he’s still here! My heart calls out to him and I remember the crush I had and still have on him.
“I’m sorry, do I know you?”
“Well I hope so! Last time I saw you, you were living with the Masons.”
“Wow, that was!five years ago!let’s see!you do look familiar now that I think about it!Tina? Tina is that you?”
I giggle and wink at him.
“Yup, it’s you! It’s so good to see you! How have you been?”
“Not so good. My grandfather!” I gesture towards the coffin.
“Sorry for your loss.”
“Thank you. Are you visiting a grave today?”
“No. Sometimes I like to walk through the cemetery to think. No one usually bothers me here!but I’m glad you came to talk to me! I must say, five years did a wonder on your body. You look very beautiful.”
I giggle and thank him. I beckon him closer acting like I’m going to whisper something in his ear. He’s surprised when I kiss his lips. I’m the next one surprised as his tongue invades my mouth. He holds me closer as we kiss and I am in heaven. For one moment I know what it’s like to have true happiness. The kiss is over and I know my face is turning a little red.
“I never knew you liked me.”
“You were never around for me to tell you.” I beckon him closer and whisper in his ear “How big is your penis?”
He surprises me by instantly answering with “8 inches.” Oh my! Suddenly I’m glad I decided to make the first move. Sex with him will definitely be so wonderful.
“What’s your breast size” he whispers in my ear.
“32c” I whisper back.
“Want to see my cock?”
“Oh yes I do my bad, bad boy. Would you like to see my tits and my hot, wet pussy?”
“I would love to my naughty girl!”
“I’m a virgin you know” I say with a wink.
“I am too. I haven’t really thought about having sex!until just now” he says with a devilishly sexy look in his eyes. The foreplay is driving me wild. My pussy is already wet and hungers for Paul’s hard cock. We kiss again, longer this time. Our tongues dance and his hands slowly move down to my ass. I break the kiss and ask him to touch my breast. He slowly moves his hand from my ass. I get goose bumps as his hand caresses my breast. Moaning, we kiss again, but this time the kiss is cut short when I remember that I’m pressed for time.
“I’d love to have more fun with you tonight, but I need to go.”
“That sucks!hey I know somewhere where we can be totally alone tomorrow. It’s far out of the way, but worth it.”
“I wish I could, really, but I need to get back to Abilene tomorrow!”
“What luck, the place is in Abilene.”
“Oh yay, that’s awesome!”
I’m excited that Paul has a place in Abilene, exactly where I need to be. My heart leaps with joy as I get into his car. I’ve waited so long for this moment! I make arrangements with him and tomorrow we’re going to his secret place in Abilene.

July 3, 2010

I meet Paul early in the morning and we share another passionate kiss. I think I’m in love! I feel as if I’m floating on a cloud and sweet aromas are wafting in the breeze. He’s even wearing cologne! I didn’t smell that on him yesterday. Ah, he smells like fresh cut spring flowers spewed over a babbling brook with a hint of lemon. Oh I want to have sex with him now! I’m so horny! His eyes!are scary? No!that must have been a trick of the light. Tina Elaine Hill you’ve GOT to stop imagining things! I’m glad my imagination didn’t ruin the mood! He asks to go inside my house and my heart flutters!maybe we’ll have sex!
“My pussy is so wet. I want your cock Paul. Can I touch it now?”
“You may only if I can feel your hot, wet pussy Tina.”
I giggle and wink at him. We each slide our hands into the other’s pants. Oh my mercy me! His cock is so hard! Ah, his hand is making my pussy feel so good!
“Mmm, rub me harder!”
He does so and I moan loudly. Our next kiss feels like the white hot intensity of a thousand suns! Oh his tongue again! I suck on his tongue this time while we continue to rub each other’s most private areas.
I lift up my shirt, revealing my braless breasts. He looks at them and then smiles a dreamy smile. Slowly, he rubs my breast and gives my nipples a few light pinches. I giggle each time he pinches my nipple. He takes one of my nipples into his mouth and rubs my pussy again. I moan louder and louder and louder as my pussy releases one of the best orgasms I ever had. Next, he takes off his pants and wow! It’s even larger than it felt! As I lay down, his cock rests between my breasts. Oh it feels so good! He rubs his cock between my breasts, making me even hornier. Both of us strip naked and we cuddle in bed. I whisper in his ear that we should have sex. He tells me he knows a better place in Abilene to have sex. I believe him and can’t wait to make sweet, sweet love with him at his special place. I fall asleep in his arms.
“Wake up! we’ve got to get going!”
“Already?” I look at the time!eek! It’s already after eight p.m.! Oh well, we can have all the time in the world tonight and tomorrow. We put our clothes back on and get into Paul’s car.
During the drive to Abilene we talk a little about old times and some other light conversation. I’m glad neither of us decides to talk about anything sexual. That would be distracting to the driver and could cause a nasty accident!
“To tell you the truth I’m glad I didn’t stay in Sunray. I’m scared of being in that town with The Hunter on the loose. The cops think that his hideout is somewhere near there.”
“You can’t trust anyone anymore, it’s sad really. They’ve accused a few people of being him and some even accuse without proof.”
“I saw him one night!


“Sorry, got distracted.”
“My God Paul, you’ve got to me more careful. Would you like me to drive?”
“No, I’m alright. How did you see m!The Hunter?”
“Well, I was at the Kerbow’s house one night!”
“I know right! He was right there and I could have done something but I was too scared!” I loose it right then. My tears flow from my eyes as I finally say out loud what I was bursting to say for a long time. What Paul says next surprises me.
“Shut up slut!”
“!what?” He didn’t just tell me to shut up!did!did he just call me a slut?
“I said shut up! We’re here now and we need to walk into the woods.”
“!something’s wrong!this hast to be a dream, you would never act this way!”
“Oh it’s no dream. And you should call me by my other name!”
Oh God!it can’t be! He’s not!no please don’t let it be true! Please no!
“!The Hunter.”

Chapter 2
The Hunter’s Last Victim

Before I get a chance to scream and try to run away, Paul covers my face with a fowl smelling cloth. My heart pounds with fear and I start to cry again. Moaning, I try to grab his hands and get the cloth off my face. My arms won’t move! No, please God I can’t feel my arms anymore!or my legs. Someone has to drive by and see what’s happening, someone has to! My thoughts become jumbled as I lose all control of my body. He takes away the cloth and I’m completely helpless.
“You like it slut? This is brand new chloroform that freezes all parts of your body except for your face! I like my victims to be able to talk and tell me how much they enjoy rape, MUAHAHAHAHAHA!”
“Oh no, please don’t do this to me! Oh God! No, stop touching me! Put me down!”
He cackles and carries me over his shoulder deep into the forest.
“Tonight you’re in for a real treat my dear. I haven’t raped a woman outdoors for a long time!”
No!he’s talking about that teacher! Oh my, he’s going to tie me up and rape me!
“You love not being able to move don’t you? Yeah, you’re a hot little slut who loves to be raped!”
Is he serious? Yeah I have a few fantasies but that’s just way out there! There’s no way I would like it if ANYBODY raped me!
He doesn’t tie me up, confident that I can’t move. As he lays me on the ground tears fill my eyes and run down my face.
“You know you want it you dirty little slut!
“No, don’t, please don’t rape me! Please no, please don’t!”
He ignores my protest and violently rips off all my clothes. Slowly his hands hover over my breast.
“You’re such a slut! `Oh please Paul, touch my breast! Look Paul, I’m not wearing a bra!’ You love this don’t you bitch?”
“Fuck you fucking bastard! No, stop touching my breast! Please stop!”
He grabs my right nipple between his thumb and forefinger and twists really hard. I scream as loud as I possibly could, begging him to stop. He ignores me and twists even harder.
“HAHAHAHA! You love this you fucking slut! But the other nipple isn’t getting ANY attention. We’ll fix that!”
“No! Don’t do this, please! It hurts! It HU HU HURRRRRTS!”
He continues to twist my right nipple while his teeth bite down hard on the left. I am in so much pain! He moves his head away from my breast, causing it and my nipple to stretch painfully.
He stops finally but my nipples are still in tremendous pain and there’s a little bit of blood running from the corner of his mouth!God that’s my blood! He bites down hard on my right nipple now and I continue to plead with him. He doesn’t stop biting it until I bleed there. My voice is becoming horse from all the screaming and I don’t know how much more pain I can take!oh, yes I can finally move my fingers!hopefully I can move my hands!yes! Now if I could just move my arms!oh no he noticed I can move! Roughly he picks me up and ties me between two trees in an X position before I gain full mobility.
“Now those lovely tits have been getting attention. I bet that pussy of yours is lonely.”
“No, please don’t rape me! NO, PLEASE DON’T! SOMEONE HELP ME!”
“HAHAHAHAHAHA! `Rub me harder Paul, I want your cock Paul!’ Yeah, you’re a filthy whore who loves to get raped. Your pussy wants my hard cock doesn’t it?”
“Please no I’m a virgin, please don’t rape me NO!”
“Now I thought you were lying about that like I was!oh well, I’ll find out soon enough!”
He moves his cock so close to my pussy. I moan as he rubs the outside of my pussy with it, teasing me. Suddenly I feel pain, so much pain!
“Oooow! Please, stop ta!ta!take it oooouuut!”
“Mmm, you’re definitely a virgin. Oooh yeah you like me fucking you don’t you? Mmmm, yeah mmmm, such a great pussy!”
“No OOOH p p pl please sss ssstoooop OOOH AAAAH!”
“You’re so nice and wet slut, mmmm yeah!”
“G g get th the fuck ooh OOOH out of me!”
“Mmm, you like this don’t you? Ooh, there’s some blood coming out! Yeah, you’re no longer a virgin now slut!”
“Uuuh, please OOOH le let me go”
I get a huge orgasm and he finally pulls out. I am ashamed of how my body betrayed me, and he knows it! That fucking bastard! He painfully pulls my hair back and his eyes meet mine. His eyes!oh God! Oh God he’s really going to kill me after he’s done!
“Your tight pussy was awesome my little slut, but I wonder!is it as tight as your ass?”
“No, please, no!”
He slowly walks behind me and I beg him not to fuck my ass. I scream again for someone to help me. I keep hoping someone would hear my screams, but in the back of my mind I know that no one’s coming to rescue me!wait!I hear something!it’s faint!
Before I’m able to figure out the strange sound, Paul slowly inserts the head of his cock in my ass. It’s painful and I continue to beg and plead for him to stop as he thrusts again and again and again. As he fucks me hard in the ass his hands maul my breasts. I scream louder as he fucks me, grabs my breast so rough and hard, and pinches my nipples. Oh God my nipples are bleeding again! Oooow!
“No more, no more please! I can’t take anymore!”
Oh God I can feel his cock throbbing! He’s going to cum in my ass!
“Where should I cum in you!I wonder!should I cum in your ass, or should I cum in that nice tight pussy of yours?”
“Let me go oooh p oooh god no please don’t cum in my pussy, PLEASE NO!”
Ignoring my pleas he shoves his cock hard into my pussy and I can feel his cum spraying the inside of my vagina. He takes his cock out and sprays all over my breast, my face, my hair, my ass, everywhere. I feel so dirty and unclean!there’s that sound again!what is it? Paul doesn’t notice the sound and slowly licks off his cum on my breast. I moan and feel ashamed because I feel pleasure from him licking me.
“Well my little slut, normally I kill my victims at this point, but you are special! I think I’ll have one more fuck before you die!”
I’m so exhausted and horse from screaming that I don’t bother pleading with him!his cock feels good in my pussy now!what’s wrong with me, why am I enjoying rape?
“Oooh, fuck me harder Paul! Rape me! Oooh!”
Did I just say that? Why did those words come out of my mouth? Paul looks surprised too and decides to pull out of my pussy. Oh God he’s really going to kill me now! He walks to his pants where there’s probably a gun or a knife or something, ooooh God!noises!again I hear noises!whispers!that’s what the sound is! I strain to listen!
“!but she liked it the second time!”
Even the voices make me feel ashamed! I think I’m going mad! No time to worry about that now because Paul has a knife in his hand. EEEEEEEEEK!
Slowly he slinks over to me!If only I can escape! Wait!if I can just move my hand this way!YES!now the other hand!YES my wrists are free! I hold onto the ropes so I can wait for the right moment to stop him. He comes towards me very slowly, so slowly it’s starting to piss me off.
“Come on and kill me you bastard! Be done with it!”
THAT got him going and he blindly runs towards me with his knife pointed at my breast. At the last second I let go of the ropes and duck. He stumbles over my body and lands hard on his head. The moment he lands I hear more whispers. I don’t pay attention to them and quickly untie my legs. It hurts to move, but I ignore the pain. I look for his knife and find it beside his body. Before I can stab him he quickly tackles me to the ground. The knife falls out of my hand and Paul starts choking me. His eyes, oh God his eyes are so scary! If I can just get the knife! He’s killing me oh God! I stretch my arm as far as I can and my fingertips brush the knife. My vision is slowly fading; God please let me get the knife! I stretch my arm further and further and my fingers desperately make wild grabs for the handle. Finally!now if I could only have the strength to stab him!yes!
He screams like an animal and his hands move toward his back to try and get the knife out of his back. This is my chance! I roll to the left and Paul rolls with me. The knife goes further into his back as his back touches the ground. He gives another wild scream and I decide he needs a taste of his own medicine! I strangle him until his eyes filled with anger and insanity slowly fade to nothing.
After I make sure he’s dead, I look for my clothes. While I’m dressing myself, I notice something sticking out of Paul’s pants pocket. I take it out!oh, a diary. Do I really want to read this diary? I decide to see if he wrote anything about me!

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Re: Huntress
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Chapter 3
Birth of Huntress

July 2, 2010

     After burying that last tasty victim I decided to take a walk in the graveyard.  I’m not sure why I’m here really.  After a few minutes of walking, my next victim finds me!  I didn’t recognize her at first.  Her name is Tina and she has a great body with the best deep brown eyes.  I’m going to enjoy seeing fear and pleading in those eyes.  Anyway, she lived across the street from me when I was at the Masons.  Wow, five years have passed since I’ve lived with that cool old couple!I wonder how they’re doing!
     She interrupts my thoughts by kissing me.  Wow, I don’t have to do anything to get her to like me!  It’ll be so easy to convince her to come with me.  Raping her will be so easy too!  We mess around for a few more minutes before she says she has to go.  Damn!  I tell her I have a special place and she says she needs to be back in Abilene tomorrow.  Hmm!maybe I can use that!
     “What luck, the place is in Abilene.”
     “Oh yay, that’s awesome!”
     Now all I gotta do is figure out the perfect place to rape her!  I could have just taken her, but I decided not to.  There are still people from her grandpa’s funeral here and they would be suspicious!tomorrow is my best bet!  I might even mess around with her more tomorrow.

July 3, 2010

    Wow this slut is so gullible and horny!  I go to her home and there’s no one there but her.  We kiss right away.  Damn this girl loves to mess around!  She even asked me to fuck her in her bed!  I want to save my sperm for tonight, so I tell her that my secret place would be better and she bought it!  Right now she’s asleep.  I think I’ll wake her up late so that we’ll arrive at dark.  I know the perfect place too, the same spot where I raped Miss Beaty so many years ago!

     That crafty little bastard!  In my frustration I slam the diary on the ground and scream as loud as I can.  I scream and scream and scream until I can’t scream anymore.  Screaming has drained me and I collapse on the ground, crying myself to sleep.

July 4, 2010

     I wake up with the sun on my face!where am I?  I’m in the woods?  Suddenly I remember everything and break down crying for a long time.  I pick up the diary again wondering how many innocent girls are in there.  How many lives did he take?  Was Laura one of them?  I open his diary and!wait a minute!weren’t there more pages last night?  I could have sworn there were more pages!and where’s the part about me?  I can’t find his entry on me!  I know it was there before I fell asleep!
     There’s no way I could figure out that mystery now, so I read the pages that are there!wow, so that’s what happened to Melinda Warren!oh God Laura!  Killed by her sister, how horrible!and yet my pussy gets wetter whenever I read about rape!God I hate Paul!  I hate men!
     That last thought gives me sudden inspiration.  Men enjoy rape, so I should rape men and kill them!  Yeah, it’d be nice to have a female rapist in the news!  There are so many male rapists that we women don’t have much of a chance!  I need a name though!oh I know!!!  I shall become The Huntress!no, having “The” in front of your name is how that stupid MAN did it.  Huntress is good enough!  I flip to the last page in Paul’s diary and write a few notes inside it.  Hmm!I’d better take his gloves too!

     “911, what is your emergency?”
     “I was driving and found a body near the road!”

Chapter 4
Trial and Error

July 6, 2010

Abilene News
The Hunter Dead, Texans Relieved

     On July 4, at approximately noon, police received an anonymous tip of a dead body near a highway.
     Upon arriving to the scene they discovered Paul Hunter dead with what appears to be a stab wound in the back.  No weapon was found at the scene, but a diary that belonged to none other than The Hunter was found next to the body.  Police say that DNA matching from Hunter’s saliva and semen found on The Hunter’s first victim, Miss Betty Beaty, proves that Paul Hunter was indeed the serial killer police have been searching for!

     BOY AM I MAD!  They didn’t mention the card I left right next to the body that said `Huntress!’  Nor did they mention the fact that he was found naked!  God I’m so fucking pissed!  Oh well, I don’t like this town anymore anyway.  I only came here to get a job, but that’s not going to happen because I missed my interview.  I’m glad I didn’t drop everything in Sunray!I only left that lovely town because of The Hunter anyway!speaking of him, I think I’ll extend my stay in the hotel and stay for one more day.  Abilene will have the honor of feeling frightened first!

July 7, 2010

     I am wearing one of my best dresses and looking for trouble.  I’m just looking for a man brave enough to talk dirty to me.  Alley after alley, bar after bar and still nothing!  Oh there have been sweet guys who have politely complimented me and asked me out, but I don’t want sweet guys!
     I walk into yet another bar without even bothering to look at the name of it.  Ah, that strong looking black guy over there looks mean and scary.  Come on, look at my dress!that’s right, and strip me naked with your eyes.  Good boy!  Now come over and talk to me!yes!
     “Hey there baby, you wanna go out and have some fun?”
     “No thanks!”
     “Now I don’t like being rejected, so you’d better tell me yes little lady!”
     He’s not as rude as I would like, but it’ll have to do.  We walk outside and he leads me down a dark alley.  He says it’s faster to his car this way!yeah right.  Suddenly he pushes me against the wall.
     “Don’t scream or I’ll kill you!”
     “Please, don’t rape me please!”
     “I was only going to rob you, but rape!yeah!I like the sound of that.”
      He grabs my arms and twists them behind my back.  Oh God what have I done?  All he wanted was money and now he wants my body!  Oooh God!
     “No, please, I don’t want to be raped!”
     “Shut up bitch!  Do as you’re told and you won’t get hurt!”
     I continue to beg him and my cries are cut off when he covers my mouth.  He drags me deeper into the dark alley.  He takes his hand away from my mouth and I beg him not to hurt me.  Oh God he’s tying my hands behind me!  I continue to plead and beg.  He doesn’t listen and violently rips off my clothes. 
     “Please, don’t rape me please!”
     “Shut up bitch!”
     He slaps me hard in the face and strips naked.  Oh God his cock is huge there’s no way it could fit!
     “Please don’t do it, no OH GOD PLEASE NOMMMPH!”
     Yuck!  He takes his nasty foul underwear and shoves it into my mouth!  My disgust turns to fear as he forces me on the ground.  Without mercy, he shoves his cock into my pussy.  I give painful, muffled screams as he fucks me hard! 
     “You’re such a whore!  Yeah, you’re a slut who loves to be raped!”
     God it hurts!  Oh fuck he still has a few inches left to go!  Oh God no!  He shoves another inch into my pussy and it hits my cervix.  Oh God he’s going to kill me!  I give a loud muffled scream as he withdraws his cock and forces the rest of it all the way in, tearing through my cervix and into my uterus.  I give another loud, long muffled scream before everything suddenly goes black.
     I return to consciousness after the guy smacks my face for what feels like a hundred times.  When he saw I was awake, he began fucking in and out of me.  Oh God it hurts!  Too much pain!  To top that all off he roughly grabs my breast.  After doing that he punches my breast and fucks me with the same rhythm.  My moans of protest become moans of pleasure and I feel a massive orgasm approaching.  When the orgasm hits my cries are all full of pleasure now.  By this time his underwear has fallen from my mouth and I beg him to fuck me harder.
     “OH yes!  Fuck me you big black man!  Fuck me!  Don’t stop please!”
     He fucks me harder.  Moaning in pain and pleasure I get yet another orgasm.  As I orgasm I can feel his cock start to twitch.  That is enough to send me over the edge.
     “Oh God I’m going to cum!  Oh God YES OOOOOOOOH!”
     Our cum mixes together as he squirts half of his sperm in my pussy.  He squirts the other half of his semen all over my naked body.
     “You’re a good little fuck slut!  Come by this bar again sometime you filthy whore!”
     He leaves me in the alley, naked and covered with cum.  I feel completely ashamed again for loving rape.  My shame slowly turns to anger.  I wanted to be the rapist this time!
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Re: Huntress
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Thx once more 4 ur great story, RapeU -- any1 here hardly can await the next Chapter 2 cum!! :D :-*
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Re: Huntress
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Thank ya viv! :D

Chapter 5
The Inspectors

July 8, 2010

     I realized now that I’ve acted too rashly.  Paul waited almost a month to take Beaty, and about the same time to get his revenge.  I admit to myself that Paul would have waited patiently to find a victim instead of throwing himself out there like I did.  I was a fool and paid the price with another sore pussy for a day or so.
     At any rate, I’m now home in Sunray.  I’m back to the old routine.  Suddenly there’s a knock at my door.  Who could that be?
     “Hello Tina.”
     “Hello, do I know you two?”
     “Tina, I’m Inspector Morris.  Remember me?”
     “Oh yes!  I remember you!  And you are!”
     “Inspector Griffin, pleased to meet you Tina, may we come in?”
     I get drinks for all of us and we sit at the table.   Suddenly I remember something!some bright white light!no time to worry about that now.
     “Tina, do you know what happened in Abilene on the fourth of July?”
     “I’m not sure.  I’ve been really busy and haven’t had time to read the newspaper or watch the news for that matter.  But I remember being there around that time.”
     “That’s exactly what we wanted to talk to you about.  Inspector Griffin, tell her exactly what you told me.”
     “Well, at high noon on the fourth someone called the police informing us about a body near Interstate 20.  We found the body of Paul Hunter.”
     I make a loud gasp after he tells me Paul’s dead.  I remember how he raped me to give myself inspiration to cry.
     “I’m sorry for the loss of your friend, but it gets worse.  There was a diary found next to his body.  At first we thought that The Hunter was trying to get us off the trail.  But when we did DNA testing!”
     “!he!he!he was!wasn’t he?”
     “Oh God, I was with him!  Oh oooh I had a crush on that rapist!  He!he would have done it!”
     “Can you tell us what happened?”
     “He!he was acting strange and unusual.  Alarm bells were going off in my head, so when he stopped at a stoplight I got out of the car as fast as I could!”
     “Well, that may be the only good news that we hear then.  There’s more bad news I’m afraid.”
     “More?  What more could there be?”
     “DNA testing on trace amounts of blood we found told us the victim was female.  We don’t know where she is, who she is, or if she’s even alive.  But that’s not all and this is where it gets strange.  Now keep in mind that the only reason we’re telling you this is because we think you might be able to help with something.  This information should not leave this room.”
     “Ok, I’ll try to help you.”
     “His diary was found with pages upon pages ripped out.  We don’t have an account of anything that happened after July of 2005.  As everyone knows, there have been some women who have faked getting kidnapped by Paul for various reasons.  We still haven’t sorted out the fake kidnappings from the real ones.  We both think that something was written in Paul’s diary that someone doesn’t want someone else to see.”
     “Who else but Paul would want everything in his diary to be kept secret?”
     “That is precisely what we thought.  We have some theories, but nothing definite.  Now here comes something that has us stumped.  Among the blood and hair of his victim, we have evidence that six other women were there in the woods that night.” 
     Is he serious?  Why the fuck would six women stand around while one of their own is getting raped!?  Where the hell did they come from?  Why the hell didn’t they help me?  DAMN THEM!
     “My God!why!why didn’t they!
     “Why didn’t they help her?  We don’t know.  What we do know is that one woman decided to rewrite the cards that The Hunter used after he took his victims.”
     “Rewrite!what do you mean?”
     “The words `The Hunter’ were crossed out and `Huntress’ was written under them.  The same writer decided to write a little epilogue in Paul’s diary.  Now Inspector Morris has a few more things to tell you and, if you have nothing to add, we’ll be on our way.”
     “Well Tina, as you know many pages in Paul’s diary were ripped out.  However, there was enough to get an idea of where some of the bodies were.”
     “Did you find all the!the!”
     “No.  We sent a team to dig up the basement of Melinda Warren’s house that Paul inherited.  We found nothing there, yet his diary mentioned burying his aunt and two others there.  Now, is there anything you need to tell us?  Do you know anything that might help?”
     After I assure the inspectors I don’t know anything, they tell me what they know about Laura.  Of course they don’t know much, but I still shed tears for her.  After I have a good cry they give me their cards so I can call them if I remember anything.  After I close the door I run into my room and scream into my pillow.  Why!why were there six women watching my rape?  Why didn’t they help me?  Why couldn’t I see or hear!the whispers!  The whispers!  That’s where the whispers came from!  I’m not crazy!  But they are!they were crazy to watch!or they were too weak to help me!
     With that last thought I suddenly understand.  There are two kinds of people, the rapist and those who get raped.  I shamefully enjoyed rape both times, so all people getting raped must also enjoy it.  They may not think rape as enjoyable, but deep down inside they know it to be true despite what they tell themselves or others.  The rapist likes it because they are the ones in control.  They have complete control over their victims.  The strongest are the predators and the weak are the prey.  That’s why I couldn’t rape that big, strong black man.  Paul was stronger than those women, and that’s why they didn’t help me even though there were six of them.  I was able to manipulate the situation to where I was the stronger. 
     After my epiphany, I begin to plan about how I’m going to get my first victim.  I need to find someone weaker than me, or somehow make them weaker.  Who can I find that’s weaker than me that isn’t a child or an elderly person?  What could I possibly do to make someone weak?

Chapter 6
The Lifeguard

June 25, 2010

     It’s a very hot day, so I decide to go to the pool.  A lifeguard gives me a few lustful looks and I see a potential victim.  I think I’ll come tomorrow and tease him conspicuously.  Before I leave I talk to the lifeguards and find out all of their names.  My lustful boy is Eric Johnson.  The other three are Nick Wilson, Hillary Fowler, and Nancy Rutledge.  After my day at the pool I drive home, thinking of a plan to rape Eric, my first victim.

July 26, 2010

     Today I go back to the pool wearing a very revealing bikini.  Eric notices me immediately and checks me out even more.  After making sure my top wasn’t secure enough, I jumped in right in front of him.  Just like I planned my top falls off.  He really notices me when I get out with my breasts exposed!  Yes, his eyes look the same as Paul’s before he revealed his true identity.  It’s hard not to laugh as people try to tell me about my problem but are too uncomfortable to do it.  I make sure to look real embarrassed when I put my top back on.
     At closing time Eric comes to talk to me.
     “Hey there.”
     “So I liked your boobs.”
     “Oh!er!that is!I meant to say!”
     “You’re just another horny guy looking for a good time aren’t you?”
     He looks real pissed now and takes a few menacing steps towards me.  I slap him on the face hard.  It’s too bad it didn’t create a scene, but the slap is enough for him to back off.  I’d better be careful and stalk him from a distance from now on.

August 10, 2010

     It’s just after sunset and I’m ready to rape that horny man.  I slip through the back window undetected.  The twilight casts eerie shadows inside the house.  I creep and crawl to Eric’s room where I know he’s sleeping.  I enter the room and quickly use a stun gun to make sure he doesn’t move.  He wakes up, feeling the gun and I cover his mouth to silence any cry he might make.
     Now comes the exciting part!  After taking off all our clothes I handcuff his hands to the bed so he won’t escape.  By this time the effects of the stun gun are wearing off and he starts struggling.
     “Bitch, what the fuck are you doing?”
     “Well now, that’s no way to talk to a lady now is it?”
     “You’re no lady, you’re just a slut!”
     Even when men are tied up they still have to call women sluts, bitches, and hoes!  Yet strangely I’m enjoying it.
     “I’m a slut am I?  Well, your cock doesn’t look like it’s worth a damn.  Look at the thing, all saggy and droopy.”
     THAT gets him started.  Oh the foul words that comes out of his mouth and I’m enjoying every word of it!
     I start to rub that cock of his.  Ooh it’s getting nice and hard now!
     “Hey, what are you doing?  Stop touching me!”
     Finally he’s begging me to stop.  I thought he never would!  Ignoring his protests, I wrap my fingers around his cock and move my hand up and down slowly.  His cock quickly rises and I look at it hungrily.
     “Mm baby, that’s such a nice cock!  Wanna see my pussy?”
     “I don’t want to look at your ugly little body!  Let me go!”
     “Oh now you’re going to pay Eric” I say as I straddle his face “You’re going to pay!”  He gives a muffled scream as I lower my pussy onto his face!
     “Lick my pussy bastard!”
     He decides to be defiant and bites my pussy instead.  It hurts and arouses me.  I don’t let up though and make him gag on my pussy.  Finally after a few more bites and moans I feel his tongue inside me.
     “That’s a good boy!  Oooh yes, just like that!  Mmm, don’t stop now!”
     He’s doing such a good job that I decide to return the favor.  I lie on top of him as he’s still licking me and blow softly on his cock.  It gets even bigger and I tease him by barely licking the head of his cock.  As I take it inside my mouth, he suddenly slides his whole tongue inside me.  Moaning, we suck each other off until we both get amazing orgasms.
     “Ah, that was good my naughty boy!”
     He looks very angry with me and I decide to tease him with my tits.
     "Oooh Eric, didn't you say you liked my boobs?  Yeah, you did.  Don't you want to touch them and lick them?"
     "I don't want your ugly tits!"
     "Well, too bad Mr. Small Size Cock.  You're going to lick my breast and you're going to like it!"
     I lay myself on top of him to where my right breast touches his face.  He bites it hard!
     "Ouch!  That's a very bad boy.  You need to be punished!"
     I change my position to where his nose and mouth are between my breasts, smothering him.  He moans in fear and tries to free his hands.
     "You'd better start licking me!"
     He doesn't cooperate at first, but then I can feel his nice, wet tongue licking in between my breast.  I praise him like a dog and let him breathe.  He continues licking all over my breast.  I moan as he nibbles on my nipple for a little bit then starts sucking.
     "Oh yes, that's it Eric, suck my breast, ooh baby!  Now that wasn't so bad right?"
     He doesn’t reply to me and looks very angry with me.  I don’t like the look in his eyes, so I cover them with my panties.
     “Hey fuck you!  You fucking bitch!  What the fuck are you going to do?”
     “Fuck you.”
     “No, fuck you bitch!”
     “No really, I’m going to fuck you.”
     I realize this man isn’t going to understand words but action.  So, I wrap my fingers around his cock again and rub it for a few more minutes.  Next, I get my pussy right above his cock and slowly move down.  He moans as the head of his cock brushes against my pussy, but doesn’t object to it.  I let his cock enter my pussy and we both scream.
     “Uuuh mmm baby, your cock is so hard baby!  OOOh Oh yes!”
     “Oooh stop it you fucking bitch!  Quit raping me, stop!”
     As I move my pussy up and down on his big hard cock, I moan louder and louder.  I feel so much pleasure that I can’t hear his protests.
     “Mmm, baby I love your cock!  Oooh yes baby!  Mmmm, Uuuh ooooh!”
     His cock twitches and I can feel him cumming inside me.
     “Yeah you really are a horny man aren’t you?  You like having sex with me?  Yeah, you’re just a dumb guy who wants every hot woman!”
     Ignoring his reply, I take Paul’s old knife out of my pants pocket.  He starts screaming, crying, and carrying on.
     “Please don’t kill me, I don’t want to die!”
     I remember a story I read about a vampire where she said the coolest thing after someone told her they didn’t want to die.  Now what was it she said?  Oh yeah I remember now!
     “Then you should have never been born!”
     I raise the knife above his heart and stab him hard in his chest.  After he makes some lovely gurgling sounds blood comes out of his mouth.  I wait until he breathes no longer, leave a little card with Huntress on it, and slip back out the window.

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Re: Huntress
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Chapter 7
Dreams and Revelations

          I hear shouting in the front and decide to see what it is.  To my surprise Paul is out there arguing with the man who’s helping us.  The conversation sounds too muddled in the house, so I decide to sneak into the bushes and hear the conversation.
     “!bet the black van is a black device!”
     He thinks the guy is FBI?  Ok, something’s really wrong here.  Why would anybody be afraid of the FBI unless they had something to hide?
     My thoughts are interrupted by my grandmother.  Laura’s on the phone yay!  And she wants me to come to her house and sleep over tomorrow night double yay!
     After I plan on what to wear tomorrow night, I go outside and climb my favorite tree.  The tree has a perfect view of the sunset and I love watching it.  Suddenly I hear strange sounds coming from my grandmother’s room.  Her window’s open, but the shades are drawn and I can’t see inside.  I run into the house to investigate the strange sounds.  When I open the door to Grandmother’s room, I scream as loud as I can.  The woman helping us take care of Grandpa is standing over Grandmother, stuffing a pillow in her face!
     “You’re a murderer!  Get out of the house you butthead!”
     I scream at her and run blindly towards her.  She smacks me hard and I sit in a fetal position on the floor.  Her ring falls off and rolls away.
     All the commotion has alerted the woman’s partner.  He’s shocked at what he finds and calls the police.  It doesn’t do any good because the medical examiner says Grandmother died of a heart attack.  I know that that horrible woman killed her!  I’ll never forget her name either!  As I think more hateful things about that woman I suddenly see a bright white light then everything goes black.

August 11, 2010
     That dream didn’t make any sense.  I didn’t see the woman who helped take care of Grandfather on that day.  Come to think of it I don’t remember seeing her after the day we instructed them to not wear white.  That’s strange that I didn’t see her!what was her name anyway?  Surely someone would have told me her name!  I know, I’ll call hospice and see if they know.
     I call the number to hospice and a pleasant familiar sounding woman answers the phone.  After asking her about the situation she tells me that the woman wasn’t there the first day or the day of my Grandmother’s death.  That’s strange!I know she was there when we told them to not wear white.  I ask the woman for the man’s phone number and she gives it to me.  I call the number and he answers on the fourth ring.
     “Bates’ residence”
     “Hi Mr. Bates, this is Tina.”
     “Tina!  I heard about your Grandpa, I’m so sorry.  How have you been?”
     “I’m ok I guess, how are you?”
     “Oh I’m a bit lonely.  Ana’s taking a vacation in Louisiana.  What can I do for you?”
     “I need your help.  How good is your memory?”
     “That depends.  My long term memory is excellent but my short term memory isn’t.  I almost always forget to close the refrigerator door.”
     “Do you remember the day my grandma died?”
     “Hmm!Come to think of it no.  It’s strange because I remember the day before and the day after but not the day of.  All I remember is calling the police after she died.”
     “Do you remember why?”
     “Yeah, I called to report her death.  I didn’t really know who to call and thought the police was the best bet.”
     “Do you remember seeing a white light that day?”
     “Yes, but I don’t know where I saw it.”
     “There’s one more question I have.”
     “Ok, go ahead.”
     “Who was the woman working with you?”
     “A woman working with me!hmmm!”
     “Do you remember her?”
     “I remember someone else there when you instructed us not to wear white, but who it was I can’t remember.  That day too seems to be a blur.”
     “Well, thanks for your help Mr. Bates.”
     “No problem, mind if I ask you about your sudden interest?”
     “Something smells fishy and I want to find out what.”
     “Would you care to explain?”
     “It’s just a gut feeling, I can’t explain it”
     “Ok, be careful Tina.”
     “Thank you, take care!”
     Now that was an interesting conversation.  Somehow both of us don’t remember the day Grandma died.  Sure it was five years ago, but both of us remembering a strange white light?  There’s no way that could be a coincidence.  I wonder if Grandpa remembers the white light too.  Too bad there’s no way to ask him or find out.  Wait, maybe there is a way to find out!
     I go into the attic and dig through boxes upon boxes of old things.  Come on, where is that diary I gave Grandfather for his birthday?  Come on!  Ah, here it is!  Yes, he wrote in it!  I quickly flip through the pages.  That’s strange!nothing’s written between May and July of 2005!  In fact he never wrote anything in May through July in any year!  Aaaah!  I’ll never know who it is!  Wait!here’s something!

April 21, 2010

     I’m writing this in hopes that Ana and Carl don’t see me.  I had a dream last night that made me remember something that happened five years ago on this very date.   When I woke up I thought I had imagined the events, but then I remembered everything. 
     On that day Ana came in to check up on me.  I wanted peace and quiet so I closed my eyes and waited for her to leave me alone.  I heard strange sounds a few hours later.  It hurts me to get out of bed and I knew I would probably regret doing it, but I had to see what was going on.  Luckily it was one of my better days and I walked in and saw both of the people supposed to be helping us smothering my wife.  I couldn’t do anything at all and it frustrated me!  Ana heard me out of the doorway and asked Carl to investigate.  It was painful, but I managed to quickly move back to bed.  Carl never suspected I was up and out of bed.  I didn’t have enough strength to stay awake after that.  The next day I was told my wife died by a heart attack!

     My God it’s true!   Not only did she kill my grandmother but Mr. Bates helped!  At least I finally have a name for the woman.  A first name won’t do any good for me, but I can find out her last name somehow.
     Suddenly I remember about the ring in my dream.  Could it be that the ring is still in the house?  I go through even more dusty boxes in the attic.  Yes, here’s a ring!no!that’s Grandma’s wedding ring.  Oh!  Here it is!
     I closely inspect the ring.  On the front it had two letters, LK.  What could LK mean?  The inscription inside the band of the ring has the name Ana Gail Lewis.  So she got the ring before she got married.  Could LK have been a boyfriend?  Wait one second!Ana Lewis married Carl Bates a year after Grandma died!FUCKING ASSHOLES!  WE FUCKING TRUSTED THEM!  FUCK!

     “Hello is this Mr. Bates?”
     “Die you horny man!  Die from Huntress!”

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Re: Huntress
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Chapter 8
Killing Mr. Bates

August 13, 2010

     Getting Mr. Bates address and finding his home was easy.  Stalking him is not so easy because of police interference.  The press had a field day when they found out why cops were at Mr. Bates’ house!

Sunray Daily

Shocking News!
Kidnapping Threat Still High Despite Death of The Hunter!

     Texans were relieved when The Hunter was found dead, yet police withheld crucial evidence!  Someone has taken The Hunter’s place.  It is believed that she was his last victim and goes by the name Huntress.  Last night police received a call from Carl Bates.  Bates is a terrified man who claims Huntress called him and threatened to kill him!  Inspector Daryl Morris and Inspector Andy Griffin declined to comment, but a police informant tells us that they didn’t perceive Huntress as a threat!

     It warms my heart to plant fear in the hearts of millions!  Now if only I can get a good opportunity to kill the bastard Master Bates.

October 31, 2010

     I should have thought of killing him on this day months ago!  Halloween is perfect because everyone is disguised as something else!  I’m dressed as the Grim Reaper with the scythe, dark black robes, and my bloody knife I used to kill Eric!
     Police interference is no longer a problem.  I’ve arranged a little “accident” that will keep them occupied.  I lurk in the shadows, waiting to see if my plan works.  Yes!  The police car in front of Master Bates’ house flashes his lights and quickly drives away.  Now’s my chance!
     I ring the doorbell and he answers the door.
     “Trick-or Mr. Bates!”
     “It’s me, Tina!”
     “Oh wow it’s great to see you!”
     “It’s good to see you too!  We have so much catching up to do, may I come in?”
     He lets me in the house and I start to get very, very nervous.  Am I really going to kill an unrestrained man?  My heart leaps to my throat as I take the knife from my pocket and quickly approach him as he’s walking to a chair.  He hears my footsteps and turns around.  Damn I wanted to stab him in the back!  It’s too late to back out now because he sees my knife!  Without waiting another moment I stab him in the heart.  He falls to the floor and I toss my signature card near him.
     “Tina!*cough* Tina why?”
     “Because you helped kill my Grandma you filthy bastard!”
     “I *cough* finally remember that day.  She *cough* she hypnotized both of us.
     “What?  What did you say?
     “Ana’s *cough* a!”
     “Ana’s a what?  A murderer, a hypnotist?”
     He nods his head at the last question he will ever hear.  Suddenly everything makes sense.  Ana hypnotized both of us and made us forget things.  She replaced our lost memories with a bright white light.  Grandpa didn’t get hypnotized because she thought he was sleeping!  That’s why he doesn’t mention a bright white light!  He was delusional nearly every day and his memory of what happened wasn’t very good because he wasn’t sure what was real and what he imagined!  Ana wanted to be sure Mr. Bates didn’t remember anything so she married him!  Oh God what have I done!  She will pay for what she’s done!  She will fucking pay!

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Re: Huntress
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Chapter 9

November 1, 2010
     Paul’s fear of the FBI doesn’t faze me.  I know that I’ll eventually be caught by someone.  I don’t give a shit if the FBI gets me after I’ve killed that murdering bitch!  I’m glad Mr. Bates had the address of where his wife is in Louisiana.  She’s going to have a little surprise visit from Huntress!  Why is she still in Louisiana anyway?

November 3, 2010

     “Hello is there a Mrs. Bates in the hotel?”
     “Can I have her room number please?”
     “Thank you!”
     Well, that is probably the only nice man I’ve met.  I wonder how he is when he’s not working.  Mmm, I bet he has a huge cock!  Come on, focus Tina!  You can look for victims later!
     After clearing my head I go towards her room.  I knock on her door and she answers.
     “Mrs. Bates I have horrible news!”
     “What is it?”
     “Your husband is dead!”
     Of course she asks who I am and I tell her.  She starts crying and carrying on about how she loves him.  Phooey!  She’s rather surprised when I show a lack of emotion and even more surprised when I show her my very bloody knife.
     “If you scream I’ll kill you slowly.  If you’re quiet and answer my questions I’ll make it quick.”
     “Why Tina?”
     “Well, for starters you killed my grandmother.”
     “I did no such thing!  The medical examiner!”
     “Did you hypnotize him too?”
     “How did!”
     “How did I know?  I had a dream and my grandfather wasn’t asleep that day you lying little bitch!  Now didn’t I say I would be asking the questions?”
     “Yes and when you hear what I have to say!”
     “Shut up and answer this bitch!  Why did you do it?”
     “I’m telling you I didn’t!”
     “Not good enough bitch!  You’re going to die for lying to me!”
     “No, please no I don’t want to die!”
     “Then you should have never been born!”
     I slice her throat and she gurgles a little bit.  She can’t scream and I remember what Paul did to his aunt after he slit her throat.  That gives me an evil idea!  As she’s dying I strip her clothes and violate her.
     “Mmm, you like me rubbing your breast?  Yeah you’re a hot lesbian slut who loves death!  Mmm baby your breast feels good!”
     I lick her nipple and then pay attention to her pussy.
     “Oh my Miss Lesbian Slut your pussy is so wet!  You love this don’t you?  Yeah, you love me touching your pussy!”
     As I slide a finger inside her she gives out a loud moan and dies.  Oh pooh I wanted to have more fun with her!  Paul at least got to fuck his aunt and I didn’t even get to suck my victim’s pussy!  No time to worry about that now, I’d better get out of here fast and leave my card.

Chapter 10
Lesbian Rape

November 5, 2010

     I enjoyed playing with Mrs. Bates and now I want more.  I think my next victim will be a female.  I want to see if that’s more pleasurable than raping a guy.  I’m not going all the way back to Texas to find a victim.  Every law enforcement agency must be looking for me by now and I need to rape and kill soon before I’m caught.

November 8, 2010

     I’m surprised the police haven’t found me yet.  It works out well though because I’ve set up a temporary dungeon where I can have as much fun as I want to have!  It would have been so tough finding all the equipment I needed had there not been so many adult toy stores here.  I’m also glad I took all my cash out of my bank account before going to Louisiana because there wouldn’t have been any other way to get it without the police finding me quicker.
     Now I slink through the shadows, waiting for a woman to come by me.  I’ve been waiting for a few hours and it looks like no beautiful women are near here!wait here’s one!  As she walks past me I step out from the shadows with a chloroformed handkerchief.  She struggles and tries to scream, but it's muffled.  All I have to do now is take her to that abandoned warehouse.
     I splash cold water on her naked body.  She comes to and realizes that she’s handcuffed to a rail with her hands above her head.
     “Please, let me go please!”
     “I’m not going to my beautiful bitch!  You’re going to have lesbian sex with me and enjoy it!  Then you’ll die!”
     “No, please don’t kill me!  Don’t hurt me please!”
     She continues to moan and squeals in surprise when she sees me naked.  I grab her by the jaw and menacingly whisper to her that she’s my fuck toy for tonight.  She begs me to let her go and does the predictable “I won’t tell anyone you tried to kill me” wager.
     “Shut up bitch!”
     She moans loudly a few times then stops after I give her eyes a menacing stare.
     “Now let’s see, what should I do to my little slut first?  Should I abuse your body?”
     “Please abuse me, is that what you said?”
     “No, no please no!
     “Ok my little bitch, if that’s what you want!”
     Her pleading eyes are already making my pussy wet.  I get a few mousetraps and show them to her.
     “You know what I’m gonna do with these?  They’re going on your breast!”
     She’s really struggling now!  Her breasts swing in perfect harmony to her pleading moans.  I hold her left breast and bend the bar back as far as it could go.
     “Please no don’t you’re going to hurt me no!”



     I repeat the same procedure with her right breast.  She screams louder and struggles harder.  I laugh menacingly.
     “Well my fuck slut this is what you wanted!  Now what should I do next?  Should I take the mousetraps off?”
     She furiously nods her head while continuing to moan in extreme pain.  I slowly bend back the bar on one of the mousetraps.  She looks relieved until!SNAP!  I quickly snap the mousetrap back to her breast and she screams even louder than before!
     “Now I think it’s time your pussy got some attention, wouldn’t you agree fuck slut?”
     She moans and shakes her head.  I smile a wicked smile and blow on her pussy.  She gives a moan of protest and pleasure as my tongue invades her most private area.
     “Please no more, take oooh ta ta take your tongue out of me!  Oooh please sto sto sto ho ho hooop!”
     I stop licking her and show her my strap on dildo.  She desperately begs me not to fuck her and I of course don’t listen.
     “Uuuh oooh baby I wish this cock was real so I could shoot my sperm into you!  Mmm, my little fuck slut, mmm yes!”
     “NO, please no sto sto sto ho ho hop!  Uuuh oooh uuuh oooh no no no more!”
     I hump her harder and harder and faster and faster.  Her moans of protest slowly become moans of pleasure as she gets a massive orgasm.
     “Is my little fuck slut enjoying hot lesbian rape?”
     The woman moans in reply, too horny to plead with me to stop.  As she moans louder and louder I fuck her harder and harder.  She cums all over the dildo and a lot of it gets onto my pussy.  Mmm, it feels so nice!
     “That’s a good little fuck slut.  What should I do to you now?  Should I fuck your tight little asshole?”


     What the hell was that?  No, not now I don’t want the FBI to find me now!  Wait!it’s not the FBI because I hear familiar whispers!shit I’d better get out of here!  Leaving my victim I jump on top of a crate and survey my surroundings.  I see three dark figures lurking in the darkness.  Oh shit they know where I am!  No, they haven’t seen me yet thank goodness.  I slip into the darkest part of the warehouse as they cautiously creep towards my victim.  They pass me without noticing where I’m at and finally reach my victim.  I watch as they try to rescue her.  Fuck I wanted her more!  It’s not fair!  Why didn’t they come to my aid when I was being raped?  FUCKING ASSHOLES!  Uh-oh now there are four free women who are probably very pissed off at me!  I have to get out of here!  I have to get out of this state!

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Re: Huntress
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     Inspector Griffin finished reading Tina and Paul’s diaries for what felt like the hundredth time.  He sighed from frustration and lack of sleep and decided to write down all the evidence to see if there’s anything he may have missed.
     The night Paul Hunter died there were six women who witnessed Tina Hill’s rape.  For reasons we have yet to figure out they did nothing.  According to Tina’s diary all they did was whisper.  I only wish she heard more of their whispers.  The women still didn’t do anything until Tina slept in the forest.  While she was asleep for some reason pages of Paul’s diary were ripped out including the things he wrote about Tina.  There were only three women present when Tina was killed.  We still haven’t gotten results from DNA testing yet so we don’t know if they are the same or not.
     It’s possible the six women watching Paul’s demise and the three women who watched Tina’s demise are among those who have faked their kidnappings. There were many women who did this and we know what happened to three of them.  One went to the police after thinking about her foolish actions.  Another committed suicide by jumping in front of a truck on the highway.  Finally, the third woman was found living under an alias.  After we tried to contact her she disappeared without a trace.
     Another strange thing is that Ana Bates couldn’t have killed Tina’s grandma.  I saw the medical examiner’s report myself along with a few other medical examiners.  All of them say she died of a heart attack instead of suffocation.  The original medical examiner remembers that day pretty well and doesn’t seem to have the strange memory loss Tina and Carl Bates had.  There is something going on here.  I can only hope that the feds find out what it is before something worse happens.

     The inspector folded the paper he wrote on and put it in Tina’s diary.
     “Working late again?”
     “Yeah Molly, I’m trying to figure out some mysteries of The Hunter and Huntress.”
     “What’s the mystery?  Two serial killers are dead and no one has risen to take their place.  I think we should concentrate on other things now that we don’t have to worry about them.  Besides, the FBI is going to take over the case anyway.”
     “Perhaps you’re right.  I just want to tell the FBI more about the case before I hand it over to them.”
     “There’s nothing more you can do.  It’s out of our hands now.”
     “Thanks Molly, I needed someone to tell me that.  I wouldn’t have ever been able to admit it to myself.”
     The inspector reluctantly put the files of Huntress and The Hunter into the unsolved mysteries pile to be stored until the FBI arrives for it.  After saying goodnight to Molly, he went home to get some much needed sleep.
     Police Officer Molly Hamilton waited in the police station for a while after everyone left.  She took a few files out, looked through them, and took out a few things.  After that she quickly read Tina’s diary, made a copy of it and put the original back in its place.  She then made a call on her cell phone.
     “It’s me.”
     “Did you take care of everything?”
     “Yes I did.  There’s no possible way to cover up everything, but I have made sure that there’s no way they can find out about us.  I’ve made a copy of the diary and removed important evidence including DNA testing of the women who were there when Paul and Tina died.  If they notice anything missing I will take care of it.”
     “Good work.”
     Molly hung up and rubbed her very sore breasts.  They finally regained their original shape.  She was afraid that the mousetraps would permanently damage them and she was very glad they didn’t.

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Re: Huntress
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great story I cant wait for more
keep em cumming