Author Topic: Raped to Save Her Boyfriend  (Read 6590 times)

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Raped to Save Her Boyfriend
« on: July 28, 2017, 05:42:29 PM »
Dina thinks she only needs to suck a cock to get her boyfriend out of a bind. She's about to find out out wrong she is  ;)


“It’ll be quick, Dina,” Zack says, pulling me through the crowded nightclub. “It you do this, you’ll be saving my ass. This guy will break my fucking legs.”

     Zack, my boyfriend, bet big in poker game against the owner of this nightclub and lost. He couldn’t afford to pay, and now I have to suck off the owner or Zack would get hurt. I didn’t want a strangers cock in my mouth  but I loved Zack so much and I was willing to do anything to keep him safe

    We arrive at the door that reads ‘Management.’ “I’m so sorry about this baby. I love you, please don’t hate me.” Zack says with sad eyes.

   “I could never hate you baby,” I say. “You know I’ll do anything for you.

   I really don’t want to do this, but if sucking this scumbag off of five minutes would keep Zack in one piece, I will do it.

   Zack knocks on the door. It opens and a large muscular man with broad shoulders and a long scar going down the right side of his face answers. His hair is buzzed bald and he looked dangerous as hell. This must be Darius, the owner.

   He looks me up and down and sick grin touches his lips. “She’s just as perfect as you said, Zack.” He chuckles. “Don’t worry, we won’t toss her around too much. There should be a little something left for you to shove your tiny pecker into when we’re done.”

   “We?” I squeak, looking at Zack, feeling the fear swell in my chest. My knees tremble as I see the huge bulge in Darius’ pants.

   “There was no ‘we’ when we made fucking the deal,” Zack said, puffing out his skinny chest.

   Darius laughs pushes him back hard against the wall. He takes my arm in a firm grasp. Zack cowers, refusing to look into my terrified eyes.

   “Have some friends in from out of town. Plan has changed.” Darius sneers.

   Darius pulls my back snug against him and shoves a rough hand down my skirt and into my panties. He rubs my clit and pushes his other hand into my bra, squeezing my tit hard. I struggle to get free, but he’s so much bigger and stronger that my attempts were useless.

   “You got a fucking problem with it, you fucking pussy?” Darius growls.

   “Zack, please help me!” Tears are forming in my eyes.

   Zack looks at me, then at Darius. He shudders in fear. “I don’t got a problem with it, dude. Do whatever you gotta do.” He turns and to walk away.

   “No, you fucking pussy, sit right here.” Darius points to bench right outside the door. “I want you to listen while we show your little girlie what getting fucked really feels like.”

    Zack bows his head and obeys. Tears fall down my face as Darius continues his assault on my private places. Strangers in the nightclub glance at us and laugh.  Darius pulls me into the room and slams the door. He throws me the ground and I let out a whimper as my knees hit the unforgiving tile floor.

   Two more men sit on the couch. One has blonde hair with a tall lean frame and other has long brown hair with eyes to match and tan skin. He’s built like professional bodybuilder.

   “This is Tyson,” Darius says, pointing to the blonde. “And this is Robbie.” he says, point to the muscle bound guy.

   “Please, I was told I only had to suck your cock. I’ll do that for you, please just don’t hurt me,” I say through my tears. They all laugh deeply, amused by my pleas.

   “You do what we say or we fuck your boyfriend up. He owes me five grand,” Darius says cruelly. “Is that what you want? If it is you can walk right out that door, no one will stop you.”

   I didn’t want Zack hurt. I knew that if I left they might kill him. I couldn’t live with myself if that happened and I knew I could prevent it.

   “Okay,” I hiccup.

   “Don’t worry baby, it’ll only hurt for a second,” Robbie says menacingly. I gulp.

   Darius moves in closer and his hands roam my body. He fondles me through my clothes and I wanted to push he off me but I am too afraid of what would happen to Zack.

   Darius grips the top of my dress and rips it tearing easily through the thin material. I scream. Darius yanks me up by my long dark hair and pulls my face close to his.

   “Listen to me you stupid cunt, the only time I wanna hear you scream is while we’re fucking you, you got it?” He growls.

   I nod. He shakes my head.

   “I wanna hear you say it, promise you’ll only scream while we’re fucking you!”

   “I promise I’ll only scream while you fuck me!” I cry out.

   Darius releases my hair. “That’s more like it.” He turns to the two other men. “See fellas, all a stupid whore needs is a little firm direction.” Robbie and Tyson laugh.

   Darius tears my bra off, setting my breasts free. I swallow the scream that threatened. I raise my arms to cover my tits while Darius yanks my panties down.

   “She’s fucking perfect, big tits, full hips, flat stomach,” Tyson says rubbing his huge erection through his pants, leering at me. Robbie moves behind me and pulled my arms to my sides. He holds them behind my back with one hand and runs the other to my breast, squeezing it.

   “Oh my god,” he rasps, his breath hot and laced with booze. I could feel his cock swelling even bigger against my ass. He reaches down and fondles my clit. I shut my eyes tight against the violation.

   Darius whips out his cock. It’s thick, long, and it scares me. It’s so big that I’m afraid it might tear me in two. “You just give it a little suck now, nice and easy.”

   I look at his cock then to Tyson, who glares at me with hard eyes. Zack needs me. I can do this.

   Robbie pushes me to my knees and I take Darius’ hard cock in my hand and wrap my lips around it. I suck his thick shaft into my mouth.

   “Oh fuck yeah, suck it you fucking whore,” Darius moans, pumping his hips.

   Robbie grips my full tits in his hands. “I think she likes it, Dar, her nipples are hard as fuck. You should fuck her mouth harder.” he says and grasps my hair, moving my head up and down on Darius’ cock.

   Darius takes his suggestion and rams his cock in and out of my throat. I gag as it hits the back of my throat and involuntary tears wet my eyes.

   “Get that shit!” Tyson cheers on, pulling out his cock. He strokes his own massive shaft up and down.

   “Bitch’s mouth is fucking heaven,” Darius groans as he thrusts in and out of my mouth.

   Robbie’s cock is out now and he takes my hand and wraps my fingers around it. “Jerk me off,” he commands.

   I obey, sliding my fingers up and down his long hard cock. Tyson appears at my other side. “Mine too,” he growls. I do it.

   The men chuckle and hoot, their sounds of pleasure making me feel reluctantly proud.

   “Fuck man, you can’t hog her mouth, you gotta share that shit,” Robbie says.

   “You want in? You got it man, I’m all about sharing,” Darius withdraws his cock and pushes my face toward Robbie’s cock.

   “You thought you can pay off five grand just by sucking one cock?” Robbie laughs as he thrusts his cock in my mouth. “Nah, you’re gonna have to do a lot more than that.”

   Darius gets behind me and plunges his cock into my pussy. My body tightens at the aggressive penetration. His cock is so much bigger than Zack’s and I groan. I feel more stretched out than I ever have before and it hurts. 

    “Her pussy is so slick and tight! Zack must have a little cock,” Darius growls as he thrusts in and out. “He’s not gonna be able to get any traction on this shit after we’re done with you, baby!”

   “Her mouth ain’t bad either,” Robbie grunts, his cock plunging in and out of my mouth. I feel his shaft grow in my mouth and I slurp hoping to speed up his orgasm.

   “Man, you guys get the good stuff while all I get is a lousy handjob? Tyson asks. “Doesn’t seem fair.”

   “She’s got another hole,” Robbie grunt, gripping my chin. “I say it’s a win, win, win.”

    Then men step away from me and I drop to all fours, panting. My body shakes after the abuse it’s taken as tears slide down my cheeks.

   “No, I don’t want it that way,” I wheeze out.

    “Doesn’t matter what you want, you had a chance to leave and you didn’t take it,” Tyson spits out.

   “Don’t mind him baby, we’ll make you feel real good,” Darius says soothingly.

   Darius sits on the couch, his cock hard and erect.

   “No!” I cry out. “I didn’t agree to this!”

   “You agreed to do whatever we want, refuse and the deal is off,” Darius threatens.

   “Like I said, slut, you’re gonna have to do whatever we want to pay off five grand.” Robbie snarls.

   Tyson lifts me by my waist and sits me on Darius’ cock. I let out a deep moan of rapture as he fills me again.

   “Don’t act like you don’t like it,” Darius says, moving my hips up and down on his cock. “I can feel how wet you are, you love it. Say that you love it!” he commands.

    “I love it!” I moan. I hate them all so much for doing this to me. I clench my pussy muscles, milking his thick shaft. Hopefully he'll cum quickly then this can all be over.

   “Fuck yeah baby, just like that,” Darius rasps, sucking my nipple into his mouth. The feel of his hot mouth on my nipple takes me to a new height of pleasure.

   “Oh baby, yes!” I cry out.

   Robbie grabs me by the hair and shoves his cock in my mouth again. “You  shut the fuck up until we tell you to speak!”

    “Oh god, I didn’t think she could feel even better but she does” Darius moans, face twisted in greedy pleasure.

  “I need some of that sweet ass,” Tyson says.  Without another word, Tyson spits on my asshole and rams his cock into my asshole hard and fast. I cry out on Robbie’s cock.

   “Don’t you fucking bite me, you whore,” Robbie warns.

   Tyson’s huge cock plunges cruelly into my asshole while Robbie and Darius fill my other holes. For what feels like forever the men grunts their sounds of intense pleasure while their cocks ram into me over and over. The sounds of their groans make me feel dirty and used. Usually when I fucked Zack it was over quickly, but these guys seem to be able to go on forever.

    “Damn it man, that ass looks so fucking tight. I wanna trade,” Robbie says withdrawing from my mouth.

    Robbie sat on the couch while Tyson pulls out of me. He lifts me off of Darius’ cock and flips me over so I so I would face the ceiling. Robbie’s thick hard cock thrusts into my asshole and he wraps his arms around my waist and slams me on his cock like a ragdoll over and over.

   “Oh fuck, it’s even better than I thought it would be,” Robbie groans.

   "You're hurting me!" I cry out and tears stream down my cheeks.

    Tyson gets on top of me and pounds his cock into my pussy. He fucks me for a moment, looking unsatified, then stops. “Fuck, I’m an ass man. You mind sharing, Robbie?’

    Two cocks in my asshole? “No--” My protest was cut off my Darius slapping my face with his cock.

   “Nah, man, I don’t mind at all. She's really fucking tight but I think she'll stretch,” Robbie laughs.

    Tyson gives me a lurid smile and slowly eases his cock in with Robbie’s, stretching it to a point I didn’t think possible. Tears formed in my eyes and I gasp and scream. The pain was so intense that that all other thoughts fled. All my brain could focus on was the violation of being stretched out so painfully by two enormous cocks. My screams grows louder, more desperate, as both men sink deep inside me.

    “That’s right bitch, scream for us!” Darius snarls.

    “Yeah, you stupid whore,” Robbie laugh, slamming his cock in me. “Scream for us bitch!”

    “Fucking slut, you need to learn that you’re our fuck doll, we’ll do whatever we want with any hole we want.” Tyson growls.

    I scream again and again, as the two men ravish me, laughing at my tears and my pain. Darius slaps my face with his cock. “We want you boyfriend to hear what we’re doing to you. Scream that you have two cocks in your asshole.” he commands.

    “I have two cocks in my asshole,” I pant.

     Darius slaps me with his cock again. “Louder, bitch! I want your wimp ass boyfriend to know that his slut girlfriend likes it.”

    “I have two cocks in my asshole!” I howl.

     “Scream that you love these two cocks!” Tyson demands, pumping in ferociously.

   “I love having two cocks in my asshole!” I cry out.

   I don't think I can take anymore. It feels like I'm being drilled by two tireless pistons. Their hands grab me everywhere, bruising my flesh. One of them pulls my hair and while another squeezes my tits. My face is slapped with Darius' cock over and over, but the sting is nothing compared to the double pounding my asshole is taking.

    “Say ‘please fuck my mouth, sir’” Darius demands.

     Unable to fight, I comply. “Please fuck my mouth, sir!” I scream. Darius shoves his cock in my mouth and I lap at it dutifully with my tongue.

   “Your girl gives the best head!” Darius calls out to Zack beyond the door.

    “God fucking damn it!” Darius groans. His cock swells in my mouth and he pulls out, shooting his hot load all over my face.

    Tyson digs his fingers into my hips while Robbie squeezes my tits.

    “A tight fucking asshole, too! ” Tyson calls out to Zack.

    “Shit, that feels good!” Robbie groans.

   Tyson pulls out of me and yanks my head toward his cock. He squirts his cum on my face and I sputter. 

    Robbie growls and shoots his load into my asshole. Tyson lets go of my hair and I fall back onto Robbie, all my strength gone. Robbie pushes me off of him and I fall to the floor with his juices leaking out my asshole and down my thighs.

    I breath hard, my face covered in Darius’ and Tyson’s cum and my asshole filled with Robbie’s.  I want to curl into a ball and block out the world but Darius scoops me up and tosses me and the onto the ground outside the room. Zack’s horrified eyes take in my abused body, covered in cum.

    “You got yourself a good piece of ass here, Zacky boy. What do you think, guys? Is Zack’s debt paid?” Darius asks the other guys. Tyson laughs.

   “I think that covers about half,” Robbie chuckles, pulling on his pants.

    I look to Zack and his eyes are mournful.

    “She’ll be back next week.” he says.

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Re: Raped to Save Her Boyfriend
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2017, 06:08:36 PM »
Isn't it grand what love will make a girl do for the one she loves?"  great story Daisy_D

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Re: Raped to Save Her Boyfriend
« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2017, 02:25:44 PM »
Great story, loved it. In fact, the rapists are being very generous, writing off two and half grand for a quick rape like that? And the boyfriend should be grateful, they've loosened up her arsehole for him...!  ;D I hope the little bitch gets more of what she deserves next time. Love the story, well done and thanks for posting!

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Re: Raped to Save Her Boyfriend
« Reply #3 on: July 29, 2017, 06:40:56 PM »
Another stellar entry. Great story!

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Re: Raped to Save Her Boyfriend
« Reply #4 on: July 29, 2017, 07:03:52 PM »
Good job Daisy! Really liked it!
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Re: Raped to Save Her Boyfriend
« Reply #5 on: July 30, 2017, 02:59:45 AM »
Fine one. I like how Dina sacrifices herself for that scumbag Zack. Her tastebuds for men are really offset. Hope for more adventures with the same heroine!

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Re: Raped to Save Her Boyfriend
« Reply #6 on: July 30, 2017, 02:54:19 PM »
loved, loved,loved the story emot_bghug.gif