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Her first reaction was one of  confusion.  Was she having a bad  dream?  It took the throbbing pain in her head  to convince her  that this  was no dream, however bad.   She instinctively tried to bring her hand up to her aching head.  It was then that she realized that she could not move. She tried again,  no response.  Panic began to fill her, lending  the power of desperation to her tall, strong body.  But still nothing moved. One by one she tried each arm and leg in turn, exerting every ounce of strength that her strong limbs were capable of producing.   Nothing!  She even tried to move her head up and down and from side to side. She could not. She felt as if she were set in amber.  By now, she  was breathing heavily, a combination of her physical exertions and of the panic enveloping her.  She instinctively tried to suck in more air through her mouth only to find that she could not breath through her mouth. There was something completely covering it.  Growing more confused, she concentrated on breathing through her nostrils, desperate to fill her aching lunges as her mind struggled to try to understand what was  happening to her.  She told herself to try to think logically, told  herself that she could handle this, that she was an F-15 pilot, and that, as a fighter pilot, she had been trained to be capable of facing any crisis and surviving.  She could do this. She just had to keep calm. Don’t panic, she repeated to herself again and again as she desperately strained to see, or hear, or feel something, anything, which would tell her what was happening to her.  But there was only nothing. She was in total darkness.  There wasn’t a glimmer of light, a sound,  not even a taste or a smell.  Nothing. The only thing she could feel was something pressing against her skin all over her body from head to foot.  Pressing hard.  It was not her clothing. It was too hard and held her body too tightly.  It held her in a crushing  embrace, making her fight for every breath.  And there was something else. Her jaw ached. She couldn’t close it.  She probed with her tongue. She felt something, something that tasted metallic behind her teeth, holding her jaw painfully open and then something else, something hard and  tasteless in front of her open lips, blocking access to her mouth.  The realization of her total helplessness began to hit her.  With that realization came real fear.  For perhaps the first time in her 30 years, she did not have any idea about what to do next. She was helpless, at the mercy of ...  who?  Panic began to take over as the fear gnawed at her mind.  Her heart began to pound; she began to hyperventilate.  Each breath became a struggle against the thing which surrounded her, relentlessly holding her in its crushing embrace.  She tried to calm herself, tried to take control back from the fear, but she could not.  It had become a living thing inside her, feeding on her feeling of helplessness.

She frantically struggled to come up with some clue as to what was happening to her.  What was the last thing she could remembered? She remembered going home early to get a good night’s sleep before her  flying training period with  her Air National guard unit in Jacksonville on Saturday.  She remembered coming through the door to her apartment, turning on the light, then.. nothing.   Nothing.  Her mind had run into a
brick wall, just as her body had.   Unable to think of anything else, she began screaming for help. She could feel her lungs emptying, but could  not hear her own scream. Just a faint moan from her open jaws.  However, she found that once she had started her  screams,  she could not stop.  Her panic had control of her now. Her body vibrated  from her silent screams combined with a berserk renewal of her futile struggle against the invisible bonds holding her motionless.  She raged against the darkness and silence, against her unyielding bondage, for what seemed like an eternity.  She fought until she was exhausted and out of breath, her body covered in sweat. Only then did she stop, her body  motionless except for the slight movement of her breathing.  But her mind continued to race, out of her control now, desperately seeking answers she did not have.  She knew she was bound, blind, deaf, and dumb. She knew she was helpless.  But Why?  What, she ask herself again and again , was happening to me ?   Where am I? Who is doing this to me?  Why were they doing this to me?  All questions to which she had no answer. Again and
again,  her mind returned  to one question. What was going to happen to her next?

The two men watching her had heard none of her desperate screams.  But they saw everything else clearly enough.   What they saw was a well formed, obviously  female figure encased in  black latex.  The latex fit her like a second skin;  she looked as if she had been dipped in tar which had then molded itself into every crevice  and curve of her body. Every curve and line was clearly visible through the shiny latex, the two prominent nipples on her chest,  the flatness of her belly, even  the rippling of the muscles of her thighs when she fought against her bondage.  The encased form was very obviously that of a beautiful woman, but it was a woman without expression.  For her head had also been encased in  black latex helmet.  Her fine features could be seen - the small nose, her prominent cheekbones, the strong chin, but only as part of an expressionless  mask such as one would find on a mannequin.  There were only three openings in the shiny surface of the blank, black face -  one large opening for the mouth which was currently closed with a removable, cylindrical, solid  plastic gag and a pair of small openings for breathing just above. There was also another break in the latex’s  perfectly smooth surface at the top of the hood.  There a handle like strap had been stitched to the latex surface. A metal arm through the loop held the black, faceless head  upright,  forcing it to stare sightlessly at the far wall.  On the very back of the hood  there was also a  seam covering a zipper but this was  almost invisible in the blackness of the latex. The rest of that magnificent female form was encased in a bodysuit of identical black latex material which covered her from neck to feet.  But not quite all of her body was covered in that shiny black casing.  There was one large circular opening in the suit at the apex of those well formed  feminine legs.  There, the whiteness of her  exposed skin contrasted strikingly  with the blackness of the suit. The exposed area bared  the captive woman’s freshly shaven sex,  exposing her  prominent clitoris,  the soft pink of her cunt lips, and the tiny star of her asshole to the men’s hungry eyes.   

   The black, faceless female mannequin was held  immobile by a metal frame attached to a low slung, four wheeled cart upon which she crouched.    Her thighs were secured to the metal frame by thick leather straps. Her lower legs had  been folded back against her muscular thighs and secured to her thighs by similar straps, allowing her weight to rest upon her knees. Her arms were extended straight down underneath her body with her  hands, encased in fingerless latex mittens,  resting on the cart.  Her extended arms had been secured to the metal frame by more thick leather straps, holding them quite rigid. She knelt there before them in the doggy position , supported on her knees and hands.  Her sex lay exposed and inviting while  her  strong - and very feminine- body was totally immobilized.   She was not just totally helpless but denied the use of  her five senses as well.   She had always been a women who was used to being in control whether it was of her F-15 or of her own body.  Now she  had been reduced to a  blind, deaf, dumb, and helpless captive,  little more than an inanimate object, a thing for the watching men  to use for their  own pleasure. 

She would not have recognized the younger -  by more than 20 years - of the two  men watching her.  She had never seen him before in her life.  Nor had he ever seen her before tonight and didn`t even know her name. The other man she knew all too well.  He was a fellow officer from her unit in the Florida Air National Guard, the 159th fighter squadron.  One of the four men against whom she had filed a sexual harassment complaint.   One of the four male officers she called  the “ dinosaurs” ,  one of four classic Southern good ole boys  with at least seventy five years as fighter pilots between  them.  He was the informal leader of the four men who couldn’t, or wouldn’t, accept  her as their equal as a fighter pilot.  There had been trouble between her and the four men from the moment she had joined the unit.  Everything about her antagonized them.  The fact that she was a woman,  that she was the same rank
 as they were- a major,  and that she was a skillful pilot with  recent combat experience.  And everything about them antagonized her.  This mutual antagonism had quickly created an unbridgeable gap between her and the dinosaurs.   At first, they had simply been patronizing , and she had responded by playing the bitch.  But their mutual antagonism had deteriorated into a real feud.

It had been one of the four  “dinosaurs” that had hung her  new call sign - Revlon- on her. It came about when she had  attended her first weekend drill in her class A`s.  She was an attractive woman -  with
 striking blue eyes, full red lips, high cheekbones, and thick brunette hair in a just above the collar -and just within regs -  short and sassy style.   She liked to emphasize that attractiveness.  Cheerleader red
 lipstick, blush,  and lots of dark eyeliner may not be the recommended style for a female officer, but it was definitely her style. At first, she had  taken their sexist jokes, including the new call sign, with apparent good humor, knowing that anyone joining a National Guard unit from active duty was going to get a lot of ribbing.  But their attitude and especially the  new call sign  had angered her. As their sexist jokes
 and patronizing attitude had continued, they began to  increasingly grate on her nerves.   To her mind, they just didn’t get it. The 90’s were long gone.  She didn’t have to take this sort of shit from four relics of another age. She knew she could play unit politics as well as any of these relics. She bided her time until she thought they had hung themselves and  then made her complaint.  She knew she had them.  She believed that in today’s politically correct military, no squadron or wing commander would dare to protect one of his men , no matter how long they had been in the unit or how many combat tours they had flown,  if the charge was sexual harassment.  She was sure that their  careers in the Guard were over.  And she was quite correct.  All four were soon out of the unit and - she assumed- out  of her life. It seemed a good
assumption.  She had not seen or heard of any of those four for  almost six months now.  She  had no idea that one of the four  was not going to play by the rules and quietly disappear from her life.  Nor had she any idea of the volatile mixture of  hatred and desire that she had inspired in this one particular “dinosaur”.  Or of the unusual fetish he harbored deep inside that stereotypical good ole boy exterior.

“ What’s her name, Jim? “,  the younger man asked.  The older man, the dinosaur, was his uncle, his other`s brother.   The two of them were standing in an old hay barn on the ramshackle horse farm he owned,
 located  about 50 miles west of Jacksonville. Even here, on his own land, he deferred to the older man.  Jim was more a father to him than an uncle, certainly more of a father figure than the worthless pecker wood who had sired him and then abandon him.  That wasn’t saying much though.  Jim never let anyone, even family, get close to him.

“ She don’t  have a name now, Billy Bob.  A name’s for a person.  She’s not a person anymore. Now, she’s just a thing, a cum dump.  Faceless, nameless, just three warm holes for us to use.  You want to call her
 something?  OK, then call  her Cocksucker cause that’s what she’ll  be from now on.  ”

As he spoke, he stepped closer to Revlon, the object of his desire, the woman he both loved and hated.  He viewed his handiwork with pride,  a sense of accomplishment in what he had achieved.   She was his!
The latex suit had been an inspiration.   Once he had conceived of the suit, the rest  had been surprisingly easy.  He taken his time, waiting until his problems with Revlon seemed ancient history.  He had retired
 from his job as a detective sergeant with the Jacksonville PD a few months after he had been involuntarily placed on inactive status in the Guard.  He did that so that he could devote all his time to Revlon. The
 excitement of flying and of police work had been his life. Now Revlon became his reason to exist. He methodically stalked her. He learned where she lived, what car she drove, everything about her executive job at the hotel her family owned,  even the names and predilections of all her bitchy female friends.  He took particular care to keep up with all the younger men she dated, dominated, and  - if they jumped through enough of her hoops-  allowed to share her bed.   He noted with great interest that it was always Revlon who dumped them after a few weeks, and always with a humiliating, public scene.  He realized then that there would be no shortage of suspects if something were to happen to Revlon.  It had all fallen into place so smoothly. It was almost as if it were preordained.  A few hours on Google to find someone to make the suit,  calling in a favor from an old Air Guard friend to get access to her personnel records to find out her G-suit measurements,  an evening’s work  to stitch together a birdshot sap that would put  her out with one blow without cracking her skull, and, last, a few nights to find an old street contact from whom he could score some roofies to sedate her for the trip to his cousin`s farm.  It was all so easy once he had conceived  of  imprisoning her in the latex suit.  It was the perfect answer to his need to control and to punish Revlon while at the same time preserving that perfect body of her’s.   The suit would allow him to inflict almost infinite pain upon her without so much as breaking that  lovely smooth ,white skin.   And destroying that  perfect body was simply unthinkable to him.  He intended to keep her body intact for his own use.  It was her arrogant attitude, her arrogant feminist attitude,  that he would destroy,   He would capture her, break her will, then reshape and  remake her to become his perfectly submissive sex toy . His plaything.  After all,  he joked to himself, after a man retires , he needs a hobby to keep him active.

He  smiled in anticipation as he bent over and ran his hand over the shiny latex surface of Revlon`s suit. It felt so smooth . He felt rather than saw Revlon start as his hand touched her. Unable to move away,
 he could feel her body literally vibrating in response at his touch.  Smiling, he moved his other hand to  the circle of bare skin, lightly running one finger from her tiny asshole downward  over the soft warmth of her cunt lips to her hooded clit. He causally flicked his finger against the warm nub of her clitoris, enjoying her reaction immensely.  Though Revlon could hardly move, he could feel her reaction to his exploration of her most private parts by the way her body’s quivering increased  as his hand moved over her.  If she had not been bound and gagged, she would no doubt have exploded  with rage at being humiliated this way,  unleashing a barrage of profanity on him along with a hard right.  But not, he noted with satisfaction, now.  Well,  he thought, taming this bitch should be more than enough to make up for never sitting in a cockpit again.  Still, he knew Revlon would be no pushover. She was as strong  willed as she was  physically strong.  He had to give her that.  But he had no time to toy with her now, much as he would have enjoyed
doing just that. He had to establish his alibi. He had no time to waste.

 “Well, like they say, payback is a bitch. And this is the bitch!  ”

He opened his fly  and positioned himself behind her. As he had planned, the low cart positioned her ass just at cock level.  His cock was more than ready; it felt as if it were going to explode any second. He
 made no effort to prepare her. This was about showing  Revlon his power over her. He simply positioned the  head of his erect penis between her cunt lips and began to press forward, taking her as brutally as he
 could. God, she was tight! He groaned involuntarily as his cock sank into that tight warmth, her body vibrating around him.

   Revlon `s body  tightened  like a spring being compressed as soon as she had felt that hand on her back.  Her mind went blank except for one though, he’s here! The fear she had tried so desperately to keep from
 her mind was now real.  Rape ! She knew that she was about to be raped. And that there was nothing she could do about it. And she still had no idea of who her rapist was.  As soon that cock had entered her vagina , Revlon had exploded, her mounting rage and fear being channeled into one tremendous physical effort to escape the cock impaling her. As her body went wild, she tried to scream curses at her attacker.  But she could not even hear her own muffled sounds. She struggled with all the strength that desperation and her well toned body could produce, struggled  against the darkness holding her captive,  her arm and leg muscles visibly flexing beneath their black latex covering, her torso throwing itself  madly from side to side in a futile attempt to escape that cock invading her body. She tried to turn her head  back toward her rapist, desperate to see the man raping her even though the hood blocked her vision.  She couldn’t believe that this was happening to her!  Couldn’t believe that her deepest fears were coming true!

But all her efforts to escape her fate were all in vain. No part of her body never moved more than a half inch.  Finally she had to stop, lungs burning,  tears of frustration rolled down the side of her nose, as she accepted the futility of resisting.   Revlon could only wait passively as she was raped, forced to endure not just the pain but intense feelings of  humiliation as well as she was taken against her will.  The man’s penis  penetration her, sinking deeper and deeper into her body.   More tears of frustration ran down her face.  His  penetration - her rape-  became  her entire world.  Whether she wished to or not, she acutely felt each physical sensation of her rape. She felt every millimeter of cock as it entered her, felt every bump on its surface as it penetrated.  Encased  by a wall of darkness and silence,  her mind had compensated by concentrating on what little input it was receiving. It magnified each painful sensation as his unyielding cock forced its way deeper into her unlubricated vagina, obviously intent on penetrating all the way to her womb.

Jim crouched behind her, his manhood buried deep inside Revlon. He had sunk the  full length of his cock into her and was now battering away at her last bastion of resistance. He could feel his cock head ramming against her womb now. He could even feel it beginning to give way to his brutal assault.  Against her will, she had opened herself up to him.  A surge of power shoot through his body at this realization. But he
knew that he couldn’t last much longer.  And there was one more thing he had sworn to do.  Now was the time to do it.

He took a scoop of lubricant from the jar hanging on the metal framework and reluctantly  pulled his cock out of that wonderful tight warmth. As soon as his angry red cock was out, he slapped a layer of the
 thick lubricant on it and then  pressed the head of his cock against the little star of Revlon’s sphincter.   He griped her by her latex covered hips as he  pushed hard with his cock against that tiny gate. It
 quickly surrender to his attack, allowing his cock head to slip inside.  Even with  the muscles surrounding her sphincter clinched against his entry, clinched  hard enough in her panic for him to feel as if his cock
 head was  being crushed  in a vise,  he still continued  to relentlessly penetrate her bowels inch by painful inch.  He had sworn that he would  fuck Revlon ’s stuck up ass, and now he was doing just that.   The
 heat and tightness were overwhelming. He could hardly stand it.  He gripped her hips harder and, gritting his teeth,  thrust his cock forward again and again, sinking his manhood deeper into her bowels,  forcing
 himself into her inch by painful inch in a brutal struggle of his will against her`s.  No matter how hard she fought, he was determined to win this battle.  He grunted in satisfaction as he watched his cock slowly
 sink into the cleft between her bare, white asscheeks. Somewhere behind him, he heard Billy Bob whoop and  slap him on the back. He didn’t respond. All of his attention was concentrated on Revlon, on raping her deliciously tight ass.  He forced his way relentlessly forward until he had finally buried the full length of his manhood inside her, until he saw his dark cock hair pressed against the white skin of Revlon’s ass. He
 had reached his goal just in time. Jim moaned as he felt his cock throb and then begin to spurt.  He smiled, and then exhaled slowly, while he emptied himself into her, flooding Revlon’s ass chute with his hot
 cum.  A feeling of great power swept over him as he filled her guts with his seed.  He had won!  He had marked her as his with his cum. Now Revlon truly belonged to him!

   While Jim was feeling on top of the world, Revlon was feeling an opposite sensation. A feeling of utter helplessness and humiliation.  She had never felt so helpless before.  This feeling of helplessness, of
 not being in control , was devastating to Revlon.  For her entire life, she had always  felt she was in control of her fate.  If not in total control, at least able to say “NO”.  But not now.  In a few seconds, this
 unseen man had destroyed her image of herself as the master of her own fate. Making it even more humiliating was his choice of  sodomy as his instrument. She abhorred anal sex and had always refused to even attempt such a disgusting act with any of her lovers.

Her humiliation was compound by the betrayal of her own mind.  It was working against her, becoming the ally of her attackers.  Starved of any other  input by the latex suit encasing her, her mind was focusing
entirely on the painful, humiliating sensations of her rape. She could not stop her mind from overwhelming her with every detail of her sodomy.  Just as when he had raped her cunt, she could feel every millimeter
of that hard, cruel cock as it stabbed deeper and then deeper into her bowels.  The sensation  of  this man’s unyielding cock sodomizing her, the sensation of  his manhood brutally splitting her apart,  became
Revlon’s entire universe.  She tensed every muscle in her body, fighting desperately to keep him from penetrating her virgin ass. But she could not keep him out.  She felt him sink deeper into her ass chute,
penetrate her  inch by painful inch, despite her desperate struggles. She began to pant, the pain and humiliation overwhelming and exhausting her, but she couldn’t suck enough air into her lungs through the two small openings that were all she had to breath though.  Revlon felt lightheaded, the burning in her lungs combining with the burning sensation from her stretched sphincter until it felt as if her whole body was being consumed  by fire.  She felt as if  she were being impaled on a burning fence post.  With each second of her brutal sodomy seeming an hour to the disoriented woman,  Revlon greeted the feeling of his cum flooding her bowels with relief, almost joy.  It was , she told herself as she felt that huge cock pole sliding out of her brutally stretched ass, over.  Finally over.

Revlon’s relief was short lived. Almost as soon as the cock had left her, leaving her ass feeling empty though still on fire,  a new cock invaded her vagina.  She knew it could not be the same man. She had felt a man cum, had felt his hot seed shoot into her ass.  She could still feel it dripping slowly out of her tretched asshole and down her labia. A cold chill ran down her spine. There were at least two of them!
  Maybe more. Maybe there were  five or six.  A gang rape!  Oh God, no! How many men were there out there, she wondered. How many men waiting their turn to rape her?  Her panic rising, Revlon fought to regain some control. She told herself that she would be alright, that she just had to be strong.  It might, she realized, be an advantage that there were more than one of them. Maybe, once they had taken her,  one of them would release her from whatever it was that held her in this darkness. Then she might have a chance.  If she were just able to speak, then perhaps she could manipulate him, turning him against the others and winning her freedom.   At least she now had a plan though she still had no idea who had kidnapped her or  even where she was.  In the meantime, she must just hang on until some opportunity presented itself.

Billy Bob had wasted no time in mounting  Revlon after Jim had pulled out of her ass.  He stripped off his shirt to be more comfortable in the warm summer evening, but left his jeans on . He slide  into her vagina with ease since it was still half open from her earlier rape.  His cock disappeared into Revlon in one powerful thrust, immediately reaching her depths, sinking all the way to her womb in that single thrust. He paused for a moment, savoring the fleshy warmth  surrounding his buried cock.  Then, gripping Revlon’s  latex covered hips,  he settled down for a hard ride.   

“God, she’s tight.  Nice ass, great breasts too. Legs that go on forever.  I just wish you’de have let me see her face before you put her in that hood though.   What is she?  Brunette or blonde?   Redhead maybe?“

 “She’s whatever you want her to be. “

Billy Bob grinned as he bent forward , resting himself on her black latex covered back as he reached under Revlon’s body. He ran his hands over her stomach up to grab her hanging breasts.   He squeezed them through the latex, feeling their weight and  enjoying the contrast of their softness to the underlying firmness of her back and abs.  He caught the nub of her nipples, one in each hand, between his thumb and
forefinger and twisted it through the latex as he pumped his cock into her.

“Yea!  I can feel her cunt twitch when I twist on her tits.   Yippy Ka fuckin Yah!  This bitch’s cunt is fucking HOT! “

Jim began to feel his cock stirring as he watched Billy Bob hunched over the immobilized Revlon, his fingers twisting the black latex under which her nipples were trapped , his hips pounding a steady beat against her butt, riding her like he was breaking one of his  horses to the saddle.  Jim took his penis in one hand and began to stroke his limp cock as he watched his nephew plowing into Revlon’s cunt.  He felt a pang of jealousy at the pleasure on Billy Bob’s face as the other man raped his possession.  But he put that out of his mind as he watched in fascination as the  muscular 25 year old plowed into the bitch’s cunt with long powerful strokes despite his awkward position on her back.  She has to be really feeling that, he thought approvingly.

  As soon as he was semi erect, he knelt in front of Revlon and unscrewed the plastic plug covering her mouth.  Then he rose and carefully fed his half hard penis into the large round opening, secure in the knowledge that the  metal ring holding her jaw open would keep her from being able to bit down on his manhood.  Billy Bob raised off her back to give him some room, leaving the two of them facing each other, Jim at Revlon’s head and  Billy Bob between her legs.  Billy Bob increased the power of his thrusts, the slap of his hips impacting on her bare skin was as loud as a gunshot in the small barn.  His face was sweaty, his eyes a bit unfocused, a big, silly  grin on  his face as he plowed into Revlon.  By contrast, Jim’s face was expressionless.  He concentrated on the sensual feeling as his cock rode between  Revlon’s soft, full lips
 and deep  into her mouth.  He could feel the soft warmth of her tongue against the underside of his penis as he fucked deeper and deeper into her.  Deeper, until he had buried the length of his manhood in her mouth, his cock head ramming against her tonsils. He felt a feeling of warmth and wet softness as her tongue moved underneath him, at first trying to escape from the vile tastes assaulting her  tongue and then moving more violently  in desperate response as the pounding of his cock head against her throat triggered her gag reflex.  The feeling of her tongue caressing his cock as she gagged was exquisite.  He knew that she must be tasting not just his masculinity,  but the taste of her own vagina and the taste of her own shit as well.  That thought combined with the flaying of her tongue to make him hard as a rock.  His poker face was replaced by a grimace as he began to fuck Revlon's mouth, his cock so hard that it was throbbing painfully, its head banging against the opening to her throat with each thrust, the sensitive underside of his penis riding in and then out over the softness of her tongue as it moved in and
 then out of her mouth until only the head was left just inside of her soft full lips.

  The two men fell naturally into a rhythm.  It became an unspoken competition as each tried to out do the other in the power and brutally of their assault.  They used their cocks as weapons, each doing his best
 to batter Revlon into submission.  Each man thrust forward with all the power of his masculine body, their cocks plowing brutally into the helpless woman trapped between them,  brutally filling her mouth and her
 womb with their cocks at the same instant.  Once their cocks were buried to the hilt in Revlon, they hesitated for a second or two, savoring the warmth, the tightness. Then both withdrew at the same time, leaving her feeling empty but at the same time allowing Revlon a brief but life sustaining opportunity to fill her aching lungs before the two men’s cocks  plowed back into her,  knocking  the breath out of her with the force of their thrusts.   Trapped between the two unseen men, her body brutally battered, there was nothing Revlon could do but endure.  She could only passively endure their abuse, all the while struggling
 desperately to catch a breath in the brief instant the cock filling her mouth withdrew. Through it all, her mind continued to feed her every vivid detail of her double rape, every sensation, every pain. The feeling of the cock stretching her vagina, the bitter taste of her own shit on her tongue,  and worse of all, the suffocating gagging sensation as that cock head ram against the back of her throat.  Every detail of her rape went through her consciousness again and again until Revlon was totally overwhelmed. Physically exhausted,  her mind overloaded by the intensity of the violence being inflicted on her,  and feeling an intense humiliation at  her helplessness in the face of it all, Revlon had reached her limit.     

Strong and combative all her life,  Revlon had reached the end of her physical and mental strength.  She could endure no more of this punishment.  Trapped in total darkness and silence,  her strong body
 helpless, brutally buffeted by her dual penetration , she knew that she had to end this rape or go mad. But, unable to escape her bonds and still too strong physically to simply pass out , Revlon had to accept that she could not escape by fighting them. She could not escape at all. She could only speed the end of her agony by doing her best to bring both men to their climax.  It was a bitter, humiliating realization, but Revlon knew she had no choice. She had to survive. She surrendered to the two cocks impaling her. She forced herself to relax, to suppress her instinctive but hopeless urge to fight the men raping her.  Slowly, her instinct to survive took over from her combative instincts.  Her womb began to relax, opening itself to admit the cock  battering against it. She embraced  her exhaustion, allowing her exhausted cunt muscles to relax, accepting  the cock buried inside her,  opening herself up to it as she would to a  lover.   Then she forced her throat to open to accept the cock raping her mouth.  She struggled to relax her body,  willing to do what was necessary to bring these two men off and end her unbearable torture. Out of necessity,  she became a passive accomplice to her own rape.   Her reward was two loads of hot cum, one burning deep in her womb, the second spraying directly into her open throat.   As the cock in her mouth pulled back, dumping the rest of his bitter load all over the taste buds of her tongue, Revlon struggled  frantically to breath, choking on the cum blocking her throat.  After a short struggle , she was
 able to swallow most ,  blowing some out of her nose and onto the smooth latex of her hood while the rest coated her mouth, filing it with his strong masculine taste.  Only after his cock withdrew entirely from
 her mouth,  was she finally able to fill her lungs with air. But that happy boon lasted for only an instant before the plastic plug was screwed back in her mouth opening.  It was then that she realized that the
 other man’s cock was gone as well.  Suddenly, she was  alone  in the darkness and silence, her body a mass of pain from the battering she had received,  her mouth filled with the salty bitter taste of one  rapist, her sex feeling stretched and wet from the cum of the other.  Totally exhausted, totally humiliated, Revlon was just grateful that it was over and relieved to be able to sink back into the black silent nothingness of her latex prison. Her spirit had been tamed, if not yet quite broken.   Though she had no way of realizing it, the first stage of her transformation had been completed.

  The two exhausted men stood above the black clad form, oblivious to her suffering,  but savoring the pleasure she had so unwillingly provide to them.  Finally Jim spoke.

“It’s time I left. I got an alibi to flesh out. You have her training schedule. Be sure to follow it exactly. Exactly! Remember, plenty of water for her. And you  lighten up on the booze.  I have to stay away from here for at least a week cause the detectives who catch this one are going to have to look at me even if I used to be one of them.  Remember, no phone calls, no contact for that week. I’m counting on you, Billy Bob.  It’s all up to you.  Don`t let me down!  And don`t let yourself down. The $30,000 you`ll get for helping me is the only thing that is going to keep the bank from taking this place.”

Billy Bob nodded.  He hated it when Jim treated him like some dumb  kid. He knew what he had to do.

“ Don’t worry. I got it.  You don’t have to worry about anything.  I’ll take good care of her.”

“ Well, remember what I told you about being careful with her. She `s pretty strong for a woman. And right tricky. Above all, I don’t want you to take off her hood. I don’t want you getting curious about her face and deciding to pull it off for a quick look. Next thing you know you’ll be telling each other your life stories and then going out for burgers. So, just to be sure, I used super glue on the zipper.  The only time that hood is coming off is when I cut it off. Understand?”

“OK, Jim. OK. I won’t go messin with the damn hood.”  God, he hated it when Jim treated him like that, like he was dumber  than a  box of rocks.

“ Good. Remember, no name, no face, no big blue eyes looking at you all sad and teary.  She’s not a woman any longer. She is nothing but a thing now!  Treat her like that.”

Billy Bob walked with Jim out to his car, nodding as Jim repeated the same instructions again and again, still annoyed but holding his tongue.   He watched his uncle drive off, and when he was sure he was gone, walked back into the barn, his pace quicker now that he was headed back to Revlon.  Time for another  shot of pussy. Or maybe he’d fuck her ass this time.  Then her mouth. After all, he had all night.


Over the next week, Billy Bob had no problem following his uncle’s instructions. They were all  written out in simple, easy to follow detail on  the lap top computer Jim had provided.   He had to admit they were ingenious. Some were pretty much basics, similar to the things he did to care for the horses.   Taking care of her bodily needs was simple enough.  Eight to ten times a day he forced Revlon to drink a litter of bottled water, literally pouring it down her open mouth.  Food- after doing without on her first day-  was equally simple.  Three or four times a day, he put a half cup of oatmeal in a blender to break it down and then boiled it with water to make a fine mush to which he added the vitamins and supplements provided by his uncle.  He force fed this tasteless but easily digestible mess to Revlon by pushing it  into her mouth using a wide mouth, needleless syringe, the same applicator he used to worm his horses.   A pan of kitty litter left on the cart below her sufficed to take care of the liquid waste.  A daily enema took care of the solid waste.   Billy Bob used the same method to flush her out as he would use with one of his horses. He forced the nozzle of a water hose past her sphincter  and held it there as he turned on the cold water.  Despite the heat, he could feel her body shake from the cold as the water filled her. Once Revlon’s normally flat belly began to bulge under its latex covering, he would pull the nozzle out and let the stinking, brown liquid squirt out into a trash can.  Then, since he already had the hose in his hand,  he would also use it to clean out  Revlon’s vagina, subjecting  her to a cold water douche along with her enema.

As painful and humiliating as these things were the genius of the plan was in the timing of each item.  His uncle’s plan never allowed Revlon to establish a system or rhythm to all this.  One time it might be 3 hours in the Florida heat between 2 liters of water.  Then the next liter would come fifteen minutes later. Or two meals would come 3 hours apart with the next one not coming until 10 hours later. Everything was done at irregular intervals to confuse Revlon’s sense of the passage of time.   

Billy Bob followed the same plan with regard to raping Revlon.   He avoided any  pattern. He took her whenever he could spare a half hour or more from taking care of the horses.  Since even a man in his twenties can only get it up so many times in a day, he supplemented his cock rapes with manual rapes using various size dildos or simply his hand.  While his cock rapes were noteworthy more for their ferocity than their imagination, Billy Bob quickly became quite inventive in using  the assortment of dildos Jim had provided. Long or  thick, smooth or knobbed, he became quite skilled at using them all, delighting in finding Revlon`s G spot only to then deny her a climax,  alternating between her ass and vagina to keep her on the edge until her bound body was totally exhausted.   He also took to using a dildo along with his cock when he raped her the old fashioned way. He would use a thick, knobby one in Revlon’s ass when he raped her cunt - or vice versa- to make her even tighter.  Revlon’s unusually large clitoris fascinated him. In his limited experience with the local trailer trash, he had never seen a clit this large. Or this sensitive.  By experimentation,  he soon learned  exactly how to bring Revlon off with his fingers.  But he had little interest in simply giving her satisfaction. Over time he learned to tease and torment her, arousing her and then keeping her on the edge of an orgasm for prolonged periods of time or arousing her only to then inflict sudden pain by pinching her swollen, sensitive red clit with a pair of pliers. It was only  a matter of time before he went even further.  He had never heard of fisting until his uncle told him about it and explained how it was to be done. At first, he just used a finger inside Revlon as he teased her clit with the thumb and forefinger of his other hand. Then he used two , then three, and eventually  four fingers formed into a spear to fuck her as he rubbed her clitoris.   Then he pushed his hand in a little deeper, sinking his thumb as well as all four fingers into her as he worked on her clit with his other hand, fucking her in a maddening stop and go. Finally, after greasing up his hand, he slowly pushed  his entire hand up to his wrist into her cruelly stretched vagina. He was amazed at Revlon’s ability to take something so large.   And wondered how much more she could take. The next day he repeated his experiment, only this time he closed his spear hand into a fist once it was inside Revlon. Then he slowly brought her off, capturing her clit between thumb and forefinger and milking it to an orgasm as he pumped his fist back and forth inside Revlon.  He started out slow and then steadily increased the speed of his fist until eventually he was pounding his fist into her womb, using all his strength, punching into her as hard as he could until her body shook, subjecting Revlon to extremes of both pain and pleasure for a prolonged time.  When he finally allowed her an orgasm, her entire body shook with such intensity that he thought she was about to rip the frame right off the cart. But the cart held until her body went slack and still. Then Billy Bob feared that he had killed her.  But instead he found she had only fainted from the intensity of  her orgasm,  an orgasm so intense that it had left her body exhausted and her mind - starved for so long of any input- totally overloaded by the intensity of his brutal fisting. 

   But it was the suit itself which was Revlon’s primary tormentor.
  After only a few hours, the forced immobility became a form of torture.
 Her muscles ached continually as they were forced to remain in one
 position for extended periods. With much of her weight resting on her hands
 and knees, they  soon felt as if her hands and knees were resting on
 hot needles.  Eventually, they became numb. Her muscles were next, the
 big muscles of her legs and arms cramping after long hours in one
 position.  Then, finally, her muscles also became numb. Despite her
 immobility, her body was constantly covered in a layer of sweat from the heat,
 adding yet another discomfort.  But that too faded into a minor annoyance
 with time. It was those times after she became used to the constant
 minor pains and discomforts and between the brutal sexual assaults or the
 demeaning housekeeping  chores that were the worst for Revlon.  The
 endless empty time. For even  Billy Bob only had the time and the energy
 to use her so many times during the day.  Those empty times when she
 was left alone, when she was totally alone, trapped  in the darkness and
 the silence, were the worst for Revlon.  Far worse than the physical
 discomfort or the pain and humiliation of the rapes.  Unable to move,
 unable to see or hear anything, unable to even scream just to hear a human
 voice. It was then that she experienced the maddening effects of near
 total sensory deprivation.  Because of that deprivation, she also had
 no way to measure the passage of time or even, in the darkness of her
 hood, to know if it was night or day.   Her mind was literally cut off
 from the world around her, adrift in a sea of black silence.  How she
 long for a ray of light, a human voice,  any sound other than the pounding
 of her own heart.  Revlon had always been an active person, not an
 introspective one.  She needed action, sound, and people around her to
 feel alive.  Now, cut off from every stimuli, she felt as if she had been
 buried alive. Time became an eternity. She had no idea how long she had
 been like this.  And worse, she had no idea how much longer this dark,
 silent prison would hold her. She decided that in the first rape there
 had been either two or possibly three men. Who they were she still
 didn’t know. There were many possibilities, too many-  someone she had
 fired at the hotel,  men from her National Guard unit,  a jilted boyfriend
 and his hired help, or just a gang of strangers/rapists.  But she
 thought that there was only one man using her now.  Her idea to turn her
 attackers against each other wasn’t going to work if there was only one
 of them.  It had been at least a week, and she had not once seen his
 face or even heard his voice. She feared that she never would, that she
 would never escape this silent darkness.  If she didn’t, she knew that
  soon her mind would snap, that she would start screaming inside her head
 and not be able to stop.   She had to have some human contact, or she
 would go mad.  Since she could not communicate with her voice, she
 decided that the only option she had left was to use her body to establish
 that contact.

   Within two days after her bondage and sensory deprivation began -  a
 period Revlon  thought had been at least  a week -  she had began the
 second phase of  her involuntary transformation.  She was by now on the
 edge of sanity, totally dependent upon her contact with Billy Bob to
 maintain her precarious hold on sanity.   She craved any contact, even
 the humiliating attention of  her rapes.  She grew to look forward to
 her daily rapes. They were the high points of her long, impossibly lonely
 day, the only times when she could forget about the darkness
 surrounding her for a few precious moments.  The human contact and then,  over
 time, the sex act itself became her lifeline to reality.  Revlon had
 became addicted to rape just like a drug addict becomes addicted to
 cocaine.  If she didn’t have her daily “fix”, she feared that she would go
 crazy. As humiliating as the realization was, Revlon accepted that those
 times when she was being raped were the only times when she could feel
 alive. Everything else was an unbearably empty blackness.  She did her
 best to prolong  her rapes for as long as possible and even to
 encourage Billy Bob to rape her more often.  It was her only alternative, her
 only way to keep the terrible, silent darkness at bay.  Driven by this
 desperate need,  Revlon stopped being the passive victim and
 increasingly became a very active participant in her own rapes.  No matter how
 painful or humiliating, she craved every moment that his cock or his fist
 was inside her.

  Billy Bob had had his doubts about his uncle’s plan.  He would have
 gone along with him just for the money though and would have been quite
 happy to simply keep Revlon as his unwilling victim. But he had to
 admit that his uncle had been right.  She was changing. By the fourth day,
 Revlon  was clearly responding like a slut in heat. It was
 unmistakable.  Her muscles would grip his penis and struggle to pull him deeper
 inside her, milking his cock  in an amazing display of muscle control.
  She would do the same when he raped her asshole, using her sphincter
 muscles to clamp around his cock shaft like a vise as he thrust in and out,
 struggling to keep him inside her. And when he slide his cock into her
 mouth, she would go crazy, sucking and using her tongue on him.  He
 could simply slide the head of his cock between her lips and hold it
 there as Revlon struggled to service him, frantically using the tip of her
 talented tongue around and around his cock head until he could stand it
 no longer. Then, when he couldn’t stand it any longer, he would begin
 to fuck her mouth hard, using it like her cunt. Even then, as he plowed
 into her face, Revlon struggled to continue using her tongue on his
 penis, licking the sensitive underside while at the same time using her
 full, soft lips to caress its length as he pumped in and out of her
 mouth.  No matter how brutally he used her, Revlon worked hard to please
 him, using every sluttish trick she could think of to stimulate him, to
 please the man who was raping her.  In fact, it seemed that the harder
 he used her, the more passionate was her response. And she was very good
 at  pleasing a man.   It was obvious to Billy Bob that she was
 responding this way,  teasing him and working so hard to pleasure him, so that
 he would pay more attention to her.  After a few days trapped in her
 latex suit, she had developed an apparently  insatiable appetite for man
 cock. He realized that the faceless, nameless woman  Jim had
 christened  “cocksucker” had really lived up to the name his uncle had given
 her.   It was at that moment that,  in Billy Bob’s mind, she truly became

   That was the moment when he began to make changes of his own in  his
 Uncle’s plan.  Contrary to his Uncle’s orders to think of her as a
 thing, not a person, Billy Bob set out to find out  who this woman had
 been before she had been made into cocksucker.  He wanted to know her
 story and to see her face.  Especially to see her face. It wasn’t hard.  He
 found that all he had to do was turn on his TV set. To his surprise,
 he found that both the  local  TV news and Court television were full of
 her story.  He discovered that her name was Paula Beck though that bit
 of information was unimportant to him.  As far as he was concerned,
 her name was cocksucker.   But Billy Bob was fascinated by the pictures
 of her that he saw on the TV. There were some good ones of her in her
 form fitting Air Force flight suit looking so professional and so sexy at
 the same time. But he preferred the short clip of her taken at some
 big society ball. He thought that she looked like a super model in her
 low cut, black dress.  He was particularly drawn to the short segment
 showing a side view of her aristocratic face, her white teeth and full
 lips emphasized as she smiled at the pretty boy handing her a drink, and
 then, as she turned her head, a view of her tapering fingers with their
 blood red nails brushing her thick dark hair back from her ear to
 expose a shiny diamond  set in her dainty earlobe.  The talking head on
 Court TV had droned on and on about  her. He heard her life story again and
 again, all about how she  was so rich, so accomplished,  about how she
 was the glamorous  fighter pilot, the modern warrior woman.  She was,
  according to the hard faced blonde on Court TV,  the perfect role
 model for women.  That last part  brought a smile to Billy Bob’s face.

   After he had turned off the TV, he just sat there for a moment on
 his ratty old couch, trying to take it all in.  It took him a while to
 connect the sleek, rich bitch he saw on TV with the faceless thing who
 had sucked his cock an hour ago.  But the more he thought about it, the
 more he liked the idea.  He had taken this rich and powerful  woman  and
 - conveniently forgetting his Uncle’s role in all this-  turned her
 into something lower than  a whore, into a thing that existed only to
 give him pleasure.  For the first time in his life, he felt like  he
 really was someone. He felt like he was on the top of the world!  But then
 he remembered his deal with his Uncle and his mood changed.  It won’t be
 long before his Uncle Jim would expected him to give cocksucker up and
 go back to being....  what?  A small time loser?  That didn’t seem
 fair to Billy Bob.  The more he thought about it, the more it seemed  only
 fair that he should keep cocksucker  and get  the money his Uncle
 promised him as well.  After all, he had done all the work. And Uncle Jim
 was the only one who knew that he had cocksucker.  If some thing
 happened to Jim,  and if it happened  after the money had changed hands, then
 he would have it all.

    As he brooded  on the possibilities of  this situation, Billy Bob
 continued to care for- and use-  his captive. Since cocksucker’s
 training was essentially done now, all he really had to do now was to take
 care of her physically, to maintain the machine by using it as his uncle`s
 instructions put it.   And use her he did- with cock, dildos, and
 fists.  But just using her was not enough anymore.  At night, after a few
 drinks, Billy Bob began to fantasize about a future with cocksucker, a
 future where he, not Uncle Jim, owned cocksucker.  It was a future where
  he not only owned her , but could freely displayed her, even share
 her with other men. He had these fantasies of  displaying her and sharing
 her with other men over and over again.  Breaking Paula Beck and
 remaking her as cocksucker was the highpoint, the great achievement,  of his
 short life. He wanted someone to see what he had done.  He wanted to
 see the envy in their eyes for a change.  In one fantasy,  he had her at
 the old service station near his farm, positioned on the other side of
  a glory hole he had made in the men’s bathroom wall. She was
 imprisoned in her latex suit, her mouth held hard against the glory hole, on
 her hands and knees in a locked storeroom.  He was in the bathroom with
 the other men, collecting $20 from each man as they took turns pushing
 their erect cocks through the hole and deep into cocksucker’s mouth.  He
 enjoyed the way the other men looked at him enviously as cocksucker
 gave them the blow job of their lives.  Other times he was in his usual
  Saturday night hangout, a windowless, cinderblock bar called the Boar’s
 Head. Only now he had cocksucker with him. He was leading her by a
 leash. She was in her black latex suit, walking behind him, her feet
 hobbled with a short chain, her arms bound behind her back.  He saw himself
 as the center of attention as he made his entrance.  All eyes were on
 him and cocksucker.  Every man wanted to be him. He saw himself sitting
 at his usual booth with cocksucker kneeling on the floor beside him,
 her mouth hole open, waiting to service him. Other men surrounded him,
  buying him shots and paying court to him in the hopes that he would
 share her with them.  Next he saw cocksucker  bent over a table, one man in
 front of her using her mouth and another behind her using her cunt.
 Behind each of them was a long line of other men all waiting their turn
 to use cocksucker.  He knew it was a fantasy.   He knew that he could
 not afford the risk that this fantasy entailed, but he could not get it
 out of his mind.  He felt that he had to share his secret with someone
 or he would surely explode.

    His Uncle’s instructions for this phase were just as detail and
  specific as those for the earlier phase had been  But now Billy Bob began
 to take some liberties with those instructions.   One of the liberties
 he took was to strip the latex suit off cocksucker so that he could
 both see her nude body and bath her.  He could not remove the helmet
 without cutting it off though, an act which would certainly lead to a
 confrontation, and probably a violent one,  with Jim. And he didn’t know of
 anyone who had come out ahead in a fight with Uncle Jim. He was not yet
 willing to risk that , at least not until he had the money, when  he
 had already seen her face on TV. But her body was another matter.  He
 had to see her breasts.   He thought about it for a long time.  Then at
 the end of the fifth day of cocksucker’s captivity, after he'd  finished
 half a bottle of Evan Williams, he decided to do something about it,
 Jim or no Jim.  He was aware of the danger of freeing her hands, but
 took ample precautions,  only freeing one arm or leg at a time as he
 slowly stripped that latex prison off cocksucker.  First he unzipped the
 back of her suit to loosen it. Then, one by one he loosened the zippers on
 each limb and worked the clinging latex away from her skin.  It took
 him two painstaking hours before he had her suit off, leaving her still
 bound on her hands and knees but now nude but for her black helmet and
 the wrist length latex gloves and  ankle length latex socks that were
 separate from the suit. 

  Billy Bob ran his hand over her warm skin, really feeling it for the
 first time. His hand  traveled over her soft skin, feeling the strong
 muscles of her back and then around underneath her to her two hanging
 globes, capturing and squeezing them, feeling  their weight in his palm.
 Then his hand moved over her flat stomach and  around her leg to the
 familiar ground of her sex.  Her body was more beautiful than he had
 imagined, womanly, strong, her skin flawless, her breasts with their big
 red nipples so perfect in size and shape. But she was filthy with days of
 accumulated sweat.   He picked up the hose and  turned on the cold
 water, savoring the way her body shook as the cold water hit it.  Then he
 covered her body with liquid soap and began to wash cocksucker,
 kneeling the soap into her soft skin with his bare hands.

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Another great story!  Thanks a lot conwic.

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Hot story is there a part 2?  I do hope so  :emot_kiss.gif:

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  Sorry. I had not noticed that part of the story was lost in transmition.  Well, better late than never-


Billy Bob ran his hand over her warm skin, really feeling it for the first time. His hand  traveled over her soft skin, feeling the strong muscles of her back and then around underneath her to her two hanging globes, capturing and squeezing them, feeling  their weight in his palm. Then his hand moved over her flat stomach and  around her leg to the familiar ground of her sex.  Her body was more beautiful than he had imagined, womanly, strong, her skin flawless, her breasts with their big red nipples so perfect in size and shape. But she was filthy with days of accumulated sweat.   He picked up the hose and  turned on the cold water, savoring the way her body shook as the cold water hit it.  Then he covered her body with liquid soap and began to wash cocksucker, kneeling the soap into her soft skin with his bare hands.

   Cocksucker’s mind was reeling with the  flood of sensation assaulting her senses. The feeling of finally being free of that prison suit had  been like heaven. Then the feeling of hands moving over her body, the shock of the cold  water, and now the sensuality of soapy hands moving all over her body.  This flood of sensations was like a feast to a starving woman.  She couldn’t get enough.  In response, cocksucker arched her back like a cat being stroked, literally purring in pleasure. 

    Once her entire body was covered in the slippery soap, Billy Bob stripped and  threw himself onto cocksucker.  His impossibly hard cock penetrated her open cunt, instantly sinking inside her up to his cock hair.  He grabbed her slippery bare hips and began to thrust into her as hard as he could,  riding her like a bucking bronco, delighting in the feeling of his bare skin against her soap slick, warm skin as he fucked her.  He groaned as he felt cocksucker’s  muscles grab his penis, squeezing him as hard as she could as he brutally thrust into her.  In response he slapped her butt hard with his open hand, again and again, turning her white ass cheeks red, the loud cracks as his open hand impacted her ass  filling the silence of the barn.

   Underneath him, all of cocksucker’s attention was concentrated on that man cock moving inside her, savoring the feeling of it as it filled and stretched her. She wanted desperately to keep this feeling alive, to hold his manhood inside her, to feel its hardness filling her.  She barely felt the blows to her ass; the sensation of the pain blended with the hardness battering against her womb to further feed her arousal.  After her eternity of nothing but darkness and silence, her mind could not get enough  of  the physical sensations she was now experiencing. Her body was had become so conditioned by now to respond  positively to rape, to crave it even, that she could not control her response.  A distant corner of her mind still knew it was wrong,  but her rational mind was no longer in control. Cocksucker instinctively milked his cock as she desperately rode it to a climax, her mind greedily soaking up every sensation.   Suddenly, his cock stopped moving inside her.  Then , despite her efforts, his penis slid out of her, leaving her feeling empty,  crying in frustration as she was denied her satisfaction.  Cocksucker was once more left alone in the darkness,  totally oblivious to the exchange taking place above her.

   “Hello, Billy Bob.  Hope I didn’t come at a bad time. “

 “ Uncle Jim.  Un, I didn’t expect to see you so soon. “

“  Yah, I can see that.  I got lucky. Turns out one of her old boyfriends decided to go sailing  early the morning after I took her.  Bad choice of timing for him.  Everybody - cops, the TV people , the showboating prosecutor  - is all over him and his boat.  Looks like I’m in the clear.  So, thought I'd drop by and see how she’s doing.”

  Billy Bob swallowed hard and tried to keep his voice calm, no easy task while staring at  the snub nose revolver Jim  held loosely in his right hand. 

 “ Cocksucker is doing great, Jim. Just great. It all went just like you said.  She’s the perfect cocksucker now. She’s hotter than a two dollar  whore and  sucks cock sweeter than a hundred dollar one.  You’re not mad, are you?  I mean, cause I’m doing her, and I took off her suit.  I had to clean her up, Uncle Jim. She smelled worse than a goat in heat after all this time.”  As he spoke, Billy Bob started to back away from cocksucker and to reach for his jeans.  He had a lockblade knife in his jeans pocket.  If he could just get to his jeans.

 “ It don’t matter now, Billy Bob.  But I'd appreciate it if you stayed right where you are and kept your hands on her back where I can see them.”

   As Jim spoke, the gun came up until it was pointed at Billy Bob.  The frightened young man  froze.  He could see that the ugly little gun looked worn, like it had seen a lot of use.  He could see  the cartridges in the cylinder. Unlike the gun, they looked shiny, brand new.  It was the kind of combination that said the man holding it was serious. The feeling in his gut told him the same thing. He stared up into the dark tunnel of the gun’s  barrel, knowing that he was looking at his death.  He had just one chance;  he had to somehow talk his way out of this.

“ Please Jim. Don’t do it. I’m sorry I stripped her. I’m sorry I hit her. I know you said not to. I’m real sorry. I’ll make it up to you. Forget about the money. We’re even. Just take her.”

“ There never was any money, Billy Bob. “

 The desperate whine in Billy Bob’s voice  was painful to hear as he tried again.

“ Jim, we’re family.  Blood’s thicker than water. You won’t kill family over a cunt, over cocksucker.  Just take her and leave.  I won’t say nothing. I can’t. I’m in this too.”

“ That’s the problem, Billy Bob. You never could keep your damn mouth shut.  You are your  father’s son when it comes to whiskey.  No, you wouldn’t talk directly to the law. But, after a few drinks, you’ll talk about her with every barfly who’ll listen to you.  And then one of  your barfly buddies will get in trouble, and  he’ll try to use your information as a get out of jail free card. I can’t have that.  I can’t afford to end up in jail.  Too many of the slimeballs I put there would be waiting for me.  And you’re wrong about family, boy.  Blood may be thicker than water,  but cum is a damn sight thicker than either of them. ”

 “ Please Jim. Not like this.  At least let me put my pants on. A few seconds head start is all I ask.  Just give me a sporting chance.  Please Uncle Jim! “

“ Sorry boy, but this is as sporting as I get.”

    The three shots were very loud. Loud enough  that they were the first things that cocksucker  was able to hear inside her hood.  She felt a weight hit her bare back and then slowly slide off.  She immediately knew that the man who had kept her was dead.  But she wasn’t concerned about him. She was terrified for herself.  She knew at once that the other man had returned.  But why?  Was this man  reclaiming her, or had he come to wipe out the evidence of his crime? Was she to be next to die?  She felt a hand touch her and instinctively braced herself for a bullet.  None came.  Eventually, she felt her cart being pushed forward , then stopping.  She was lifted , then lowered onto her side, still strapped onto the cart, the bare skin of her legs and arms resting against a soft surface.  More time passed. An eternity of time for someone bound and trapped in the black silence of that hood.  Then she felt movement. She decided that she must be in a truck or van. He was taking her someplace.  She breathed a sigh of relief that she was leaving that hellish place.  But her fear persisted. Where was he taking her?  And why?  Again and again throughout that endless drive, she ask herself what was going to happen to her now?


         By the time they arrived at Jim’s house outside Jacksonville, Cocksucker had drifted off into an uneasy sleep.  She was jarred awake only when her cart hit the ground hard. They were there, she thought, where ever there was.  She felt pressure on the handle on the top of her hood. To her surprise she felt herself  being pulled forward by that leather strap.  Her fear began to rise as she  felt the surface under the cart’s wheels change from rough concrete to a smooth surface.  A rug?  Her body tensed as  the pressure on the strap ceased and she came to a stop.  Then nothing.  Cocksucker began tremble uncontrollably, a combination of fear and anticipation.  Blind and deaf though she was, she could somehow sense that something terrible was about to happen.

   Despite her anticipation, the first blow struck her like a lighting bolt from the blue. The pain shot through her body like an electric shock.  It took her breath away, leaving her too stunned to even try to gasp for air, unable to find the breath to scream even if her gag would have allowed it..  A millisecond behind the shock came the heat. Her ass was on fire!  It throbbed and burned, the pain greater by a magnitude than anything she had ever experienced in her life. A second blow fell as suddenly as the first.  She experienced the same dual agony a second time. Only this time it was twice as painful. Her ass  felt as if were being sliced by a knife and then doused with molten metal. Her pain was beyond her mind’s ability to measure.  The third blow was even worse,  as was the fourth and then the fifth.  The pain was so great that she could not relax her body; the tenseness of her muscular ass acting to further  increase the pain of each merciless blow. Cocksucker was sure her body was being torn apart, that her flesh had been sliced from her body.  And just as with her rapes, her mind  began working against her, magnifying the terrible pain two fold until it filled the darkness surrounding her.  The sudden and overwhelming attack had nearly driven her into madness by the time the tenth and last blow had fallen.  But even after the blows had stopped, the pain continued.  Her ass throbbed and burned, as it would for many more hours.  It was some minutes after the caning ended before the shock  began to wear off,  and  she could even begin to react.  Cocksucker began sobbing uncontrollably, her body shaking with the intensity of her sobs.  The self confident F-15 pilot, the modern woman warrior, had been reduced to a frightened, crying little girl.

  He had debated how to go about this last, but critical stage in cocksucker’s transformation  for a long time. It was important to him that cocksucker’s body be preserved undamaged even as her old personality was  destroyed.  But, he eventually decided that it was necessary to begin this final phase of her training with a painful physical punishment.  The woman he had known  had been uniquely strong willed, as well as insufferably arrogant.  He had immeasurably humbled her since her capture,  but he knew that he needed something more, something different from the rapes and sensory deprivation he had ordered used up to now, to push her over the edge and into total submission.   He felt that she needed one more  brutal, crushing demonstration of his power over her to break her to his will.  After much thought, he chose to use a whipping with a light, flexible cane as the appropriate means to accomplish his end. He  decided that such a cane, when used correctly,  would produce the maximum pain and shock for the minimum damage to her perfect body.  He could not have trust his loutish nephew with such a powerful  instrument, but in his hands, he felt it safe enough . Cocksucker would bear muddy blue bruises from the cane for several days, but it would not beak her soft skin or leave a scar.  Those bruises, he decided, were an acceptable price to pay to ensure her total submission.   

   Jim stood over her, looking down at the magnificent, nude  body of the hooded woman for a long time before he had struck the first blow.  He carefully aimed each blow to fall diagonally across both her firm, perfect ass cheeks.  He delivered the first five blows from her left side, putting the full strength of his arm into each stroke, followed by another five from her right side. When he was finished,  the bright red stripes overlapped each other, forming a series of overlapping X’s across cocksucker`s  tightly clenched ass cheeks.  Jim took a moment to admire his handiwork, particularly enjoying the contrast between her pale white skin and the bright red stripes and the way her hanging breasts shook  from her silent sobs. Then he laid aside the cane and took up a pair of medical scissors.   He used those to cut the black latex helmet off cocksucker’s head, allowing her to see light in place of total darkness for the first time since her capture.  Allowing her to see the face of her captor for the first time. And allowing him to see her face again. 

    She looked a lot different than she had that first day at the Guard meeting.  It was the same beautiful, aristocratic face of course, but the self image her face projected was totally different. Where once her face had radiated confidence and privilege, it now projected an image of uncertainty and submission.  And total disarray. Tears were still streaming down her pale cheeks, her usually perfect hair was wet and matted ,  plastered to her head by the helmet.  Her full lips were pale, her cheeks wet with tears, and her eyes were haunted.  Once her eyes adjusted to the light, she looked up at him in disbelief, her sobs forgotten  as her red, teary eyes grew wide with surprise.  He watched the surprise spread across her face as she recognized him.  He watched that surprise changed into fear as she remembered the gunshots and the weight sliding off her back. Then came the muffled sound that would have been  a shocked  “ You”  if her mouth had not still been gagged.  He smiled down at her as she crouched there, helplessly bound to her cart, and then slowly retrieved the cane. He held it up so she could see it as he spoke .

“ You will speak ONLY when I ask you a question. Otherwise you will remain silent at all times. When you do have my permission to speak, you will answer in as few words as possible,  “yes” or “no” should usually be enough. You will always end whatever you say by addressing  me as “Master” .  Any other response will be severely punished.   Any show of resistance will be futile, and it will be punished severely.  Very severely. Nod that you understand what I`ve told you.”

   Cocksucker’s eyes dropped as she hesitatingly nodded her head.  Jim leaned forward and carefully  unbuckled the leather strap that held the metal ring in cocksucker’s mouth.  He eased the ring out of her open mouth, allowing her to close her jaw for the first time in days.

“  Can you speak ?”

There was a second’s hesitation, then a  horse whisper.

 “ Yes, .... Master.”

“  Good.  You are now cocksucker.  Not Ms. Beck, or Paula, or Revlon, or Major.  Just COCKSUCKER!  That is what you will call  yourself as well.  Because cocksucker is what you are.  What you do. The only reason you exist. You are the thing that sucks my cock; the thing I stick my cock into whenever I feel like it.  You no longer have any control over your own body. It belongs to me.  You only exist to service me. With your mouth, your cunt,  your ass.   I can cane you, starve you,  lock you away in that latex suit forever if you anger me. Everyone has given you up for dead.  No one is looking for you.  I can do whatever I wish with you, and no one will know.  Do you  understand, cocksucker?”

There was no hesitation this time.  Just a soft “ Yes, Master.”  And a shiver when he mentioned the suit.

“  Good.  But let’s make sure you understand. Who am I ?  Who are you ?  Why are you here ? ”

 There was a moment’s silence.  As she spoke, he could hear the tremor in her voice.  The words were terribly  painful for her to say, but say them she did.   He was thrilled to hear the resignation in her voice.

“  You are my Master.   I am ..... cocksucker.  Cocksucker is here to... to serve your cock, Master. “

“ Very good. But then you always were a quick study. Now you will serve me. With your mouth.  Show me what a good little cocksucker you are.“

     As he spoke, he leaned over the kneeling woman and tightly tied a cloth blindfold over her eyes, returning her to the familiar darkness. Then,  Jim stepped in front of her, his erect cock jutting out from his open fly.  He rested one hand on her thick sweat matted hair as he use the other to guide his cock into her open mouth.  He placed the head of his manhood between her lips and then stopped, forcing cocksucker to do the rest.  Her head was able to move freely, but since she was blindfolded, she had to depend on her tactile sensitivity to guide her.  She gripped his cock with her lips, and  then slowly  moved her head forward, methodically swallowing the length of his cock shaft, inch by painful inch.  Driven by her fear, her ass still on fire, she forced herself to relax her gag reflex to allow him deeper penetration.  As he penetrated, Cocksucker used her tongue on the underside of his cock, swirling it around from side to side , licking the sensitive under side with the flat of her tongue as his cock slowly sank deeper into her throat.  When she felt her lips pressing into the man’s wiry cock hair, she stopped, then began working her head from side to side as she slowly allowed it to slip out of her mouth, flicking the tip of her tongue against the cock’s underside as it withdrew.  She pulled her head back slowly, allowing  his cock to gradually escape until only the cock head remained in the warmth of her mouth, tightly gripped between her soft lips. Much as she hated the man standing above her, she did her best to excite him.  And as she worked like a shameless whore to arouse him, cocksucker began to change, to put aside her fear and to concentrate on the sensual warmth of the cock filling her mouth.  Sightless, she fell back into a familiar routine, becoming oblivious to everything except the taste and feel of the cock filling her throat,  her head bobbing up and down on his cock shaft as her tongue worked expertly over its smooth surface. Her blindness and the familiar taste of a man in her mouth  triggered the responses Jim had so brutally programmed into her.  She found the familiar taste and feel of a cock filling her mouth oddly reassuring, even comforting.  She took pleasure in its taste and in its smooth texture against her tongue as it rode over her sensitive tongue and deep into her throat.  Its masculine taste filled her mouth, exciting her,  triggering a physical response from her body. She could feel her sex getting wet as she became aroused from sucking his cock.  As her arousal grew, she sucked and licked even harder,  soft, greedy  moans coming from her mouth  as her need for his cock grew. She  forced more and more of his cock into her throat, greedy to have as much of it inside herself as she possibly could.   Her head move up and down  his wet, slick cock at a faster and faster rate.  Her moans and the liquid sound of his cock as it moved in and out of her mouth filled the room. The man was forgotten as she concentrated on making love to his cock with her tongue.  Right now, she wanted more than anything to taste his cum, to feel it fill her belly with its warmth.  She was willing, even eager,  to do whatever was necessary to get that “fix” of sex to make her feel alive.

    Jim groaned,  the feeling of her warm, wet tongue stroking the underside of his cock was so arousing that it was almost painful.  He had to force himself to remain passive, force himself not to grab her by her hair and brutally skull fuck her.  He was pleased. She was very good, much better than any woman he had ever had. Even better than the famous little brown fucking machines he remembered  from the whorehouses and bars outside  Clark Field in the Philippines.  And just as good as the feeling of her tongue on his cock was the sight of this proud, once unobtainable  woman, the woman responsible for ending his career as a fighter pilot, humbling herself to service his cock.   The sight alone of his cock sinking between those full lips almost drove him over the edge. Add in her soft tongue caressing his cock , the warm, wet feeling as his cock sank into her throat, and the  pleasure was almost unbearable.  In a hurried bid to keep himself from exploding,  Jim pulled his cock out of her mouth.  He heard a soft moan as the head escaped her lips. She turned her face up to his, her desire evident. He lifted his hot, split slick cock and laid it across her upturned face, denying it to her but allowing her access to his ball sack as a consolation.  Cocksucker  instantly thrust out her tongue and began licking at his ball sack. Feverishly, she used the flat of her tongue on his pungent ball sack , licking its hairy wrinkled skin, searching for the testicles within, then paying them particular attention with her tongue and lips.  He let her lick and pull on his ball sack for several moments, his  throbbing cock still resting across her face.  When he could take no more, he pulled his ball sack away from that wet, warm tongue and let his throbbing man shaft slide down her face to her  waiting mouth. Jim teased her, offering his cock to her lips, then pulling it back as the desperate woman lunged blindly forward to claim it. As he rubbed his cock over her upturned face, he taunted his captive.

“ If you want it, you have to beg for it, cocksucker.  Beg for the privilege of tasting my cum. ”

   Blind and helpless, her  body on fire, she responded in the only way she could,

“ Please.. please let cocksucker suck your cock.  Cocksucker begs you, Master; please let cocksucker taste your cum.  Please, Master!”

    Hearing the need in her voice, seeing her grovel before him, sent a feeling of power surging through him. He knew that had succeeded in breaking her.  She was truly his cocksucker now.  He allowed her to resume worshipping his cock, again forcing himself to stand still as she hungrily sucked him. He allowed her to service him,  allowed her  to repeatedly swallow the full length of his manhood,  to  bury her nose in his cock hair as her tongue frantically worked on his cock.  Finally, he could stand no more.  He tightened his grip on her hair to hold her head still as he shoved the full length  of his cock deep into the bound and blindfolded woman’s throat and began to shoot his hot load directly into her throat. As he dumped his load into her throat, cocksucker  responded by pressing her head  further down onto his penis as she eagerly swallowed as much of his  hot white cum as she could.   What she couldn’t gulp down backed up to fill her mouth and  then, when there was no more room, to flow out of her nose and between her tightly clinched lips, coating her lips and chin with the sticky white scum.  A warm sensation spread through her body as his seed  filled her stomach.  This, along with the strong masculine taste flooding her taste buds, triggered cocksucker’s own climax.  Through it, she held onto his cock with her soft, full lips, still gently licking at his cock’s underside, as she greedily milked him of the last bit of his thick white cream, reluctant even now to release his cock.  She was still aroused; she needed more. She felt a man’s hand stroke her hair and heard his voice.

“ Very good, cocksucker.   Very good indeed.  She can have a reward for being such a good little cocksucker.  Does cocksucker want to feel my fist up her worthless cunt?”

“ Oh yes, Master.  Please fuck cocksucker!  Please shove your fist up cocksucker’s cunt and make her cum, Master!  PLEASEEE  MASTER !”


  Jim finished making his breakfast - scrambled eggs, sausages, and toast along with coffee- and  brought the plate into the back bedroom, which he had made into his play room, to eat.  He set the plate on the small table by his leather chair and stepped over to the  four foot high by 5 feet long  wooden box in the corner of the room.  He unlocked the padlock there and raised the end of the box, resting it on the top.  Then Jim stooped down and grabbed at something inside the box.  He straightened up with a rope in his hand, then used it to slowly pull both cocksucker and her cart out of the box that was her  home whenever he was not using her.  When he had her free of the box, he unstrapped cocksucker’s legs and torso from the framework of the cart, attached a chain dog leash to the dog collar around her neck, and  helped her  to her feet  He untied the red rubber ball gag from her mouth and pocketed it and then used the leash to guide the hooded woman toward his chair. She followed slowly, with small steps, the nylon covering her feet giving her very little traction on the polished wood floor,  her body still working out the stiffness after her night in the box. When she finally reached the chair, Jim gently pressed down on one of her shoulders, and she obediently knelt  beside his chair, her back straight, her weight resting on her heels.  He sat down and began to enjoy his breakfast, watching the woman kneeling submissively by his side as he ate,  pausing occasionally to use his fingers to feed her a bite or two of his eggs or his sausage. Jim felt a keen sense of  satisfaction as he watched her kneeling there, a feeling of pride mixed with one of power. She was his most prized possession, and it pleased him to start each day by simply admiring that possession.  He had done this same thing each morning for the past four months, ever since he had brought cocksucker here to his house.

   She had both arms firmly strapped behind her back, each wrist strapped to the forearm of the opposite arm using plastic ties with a leather strap linking her upper arms to totally immobilize them.  Her hands were in the same black latex fingerless mitts she had worn earlier. A black latex hood  covered cocksucker’s head  down to her nose, covering her ears and eyes, but leaving her full, bright red lips , her cheeks, and her chin  exposed.  The new hood was attached to her head by a piece that closed around her throat.  It looked a bit like an old style World War Two flying helmet with small circular cylinders around her ears.  The small cylinders on the side were where he had implanted the electronic hearing aids. By the simple flick of a small switch, he could now allow cocksucker to hear or encase her in silence, as she was at the moment.  He was very proud of that hood. He had designed and built it himself specifically for cocksucker. He had cut her dark hair short to better accommodate  her sleek new  hood.  On the few occasions when he had her new hood off her head, he had been pleased with her new look. He thought the new hairstyle style did her justice,  the shorter hair actually emphasizing her femininity by drawing his eye to those high cheek bones and fine features. 

  In place of the old solid black heavy latex suit, cocksucker now wore a lighter nylon garment cut like the pilot’s flight suit she had once worn, one equipped with a zipper down the front to allow him easy access to her body.  Her new suit was a hot pink in color and fitted her like a second skin from neck to toe, fitted so tightly that her erect nipples were clearly visible.  Blazoned across the front of her hot pink suit  in  bold black letters was             “ COCKSUCKER” .  As with the latex suit, this one also had the crotch area cut out, exposing the  reddish labia of cocksucker’s smoothly shaven sex as well as the red, pouting, well used opening of her asshole.  At the moment the round, black handle of a very large plastic butt plug was jutting from that exposed asshole.  From there down, it was all hot pink nylon, the fabric which encased her legs and feet so tight that it looked as if it had been painted on.  In this outfit, she looked every inch the cocksucking whore, making her the perfect sluttish parody of the proud female flyer he had once known.  He smiled at the memory of the way she had reacted the first time he had shown her the suit.  He had dressed her in her pink nylon “COCKSUCKER” suit and placed her in front of a full length mirror before removing her hood.  She had said nothing;  she had just stared at her image in the mirror, too stunned to speak, too appalled at the image she saw to look away.  He had seen the self loathing and shame in her eyes as she stared at that whorish reflection  of herself.  He remembered fondly the way cocksucker’s cheeks had blushed  a bright red in her shame and her eyes had grown moist as she saw what she had become. 

   Her old black latex suit waited in the closet along with the cane, out of sight but by no means forgotten. He still used each of them every week or so to remind cocksucker of what awaited her if she should try to disobey him in any way.  He knew that  cocksucker was beginning to enjoy the cane, or more accurately, he knew that a dozen strokes across her taunt ass would bring her to a climax now- if he allowed it. But the threat of imprisoning her again in that black latex suit still got her attention.   Whether it was out of fear of that latex suit and of him, the way his continuing sensory deprivation training left her craving any physical sensation no matter how painful or humiliating, a bad case of  Stockholm syndrome, or some combination of the three, Jim neither knew nor cared.  All he cared about were the results.  Cocksucker’s once strong will had totally disappeared to be replaced by  total submission on her part.  To demonstrate that submission to himself, Jim held the two greasy fingers he had used to feed her up to cocksucker’s bright red lips. Immediately, cocksucker sucked both of them into her mouth and licked them clean,  licking and sucking on them as if the twin digits were a cock. 

   Once she was done cleaning his fingers, Jim sighed.  Time for the rest of the morning routine. Maintaining cocksucker was more work than he had anticipated.  But it was necessary to preserve that magnificent body, that combination of strength and femininity, which he found so fascinating.  And, it was hardly an unpleasant or boring chore. First he unbound her arms, stripped her of her pink flight suit, and then rebound her hands behind her back. Then he led her through the connecting small bathroom into the third bedroom, which he had converted  into cocksucker’s exercise room.  Jim used her leash to secure the nude, still hooded woman to the frame of a large high end stairmaster. He flicked on the switch for cocksucker’s hearing aids, then put a set of earphones over her head.   That done, he programmed and then turned on the machine.  Cocksucker could not get off the machine, but as long as she worked the pedals at the set-  and very demanding - pace he had programmed,  the circuit would be completed, and she would hear music from the ear phones.  The music was her reward.  He knew he could safely leave her alone now since if she stopped pumping an alarm would sound, but he lingered for a moment to watch her taunt, round ass work as she labored at  the pedals.  He had left the dildo from last night in her ass. That gave her a double incentive.  If she worked hard enough, he knew that she might be able to bring herself to a climax in addition to the music.  After a few moments of watching her strong, nude, very feminine body  exercising, Jim returned to the play room to take care of breakfast dishes as well as to take his morning viagra pill.   By the time he returned to the exercise room, cocksucker had worked up a good sweat, her nude body shiny in the harsh lights as she move sensually  through her exercise routine.  She was moving gracefully to the music only she could hear, her body alive with the stimulation of her exercise and the  music.  And the pleasure of the butt plug impaling her.  Despite her efforts to hide it, he twice saw her body falter and tremble ever so slightly as she achieved  a small orgasm from a combination of the plug and her exercise.  He remained silent, allowing her to think she had been unobserved. He would punish her later for that, when she least expected it.

  Once she had finished her leg exercises, Jim removed the ear phones and led the hooded woman over to an inverted L shaped machine on the opposite wall.  He freed her arms one by one , reattaching each hand to the metal bar hanging from the short arm of the machine before freeing the other hand.  This metal bar was attached to a stack of weights through a thick cable and a pulley system and was designed to exercise the arms and upper body.  Jim had a special affection for this machine.  With both hands positioned above her head gripping the bar, cocksucker was perfectly positioned for a bit of sodomy.  But first he removed her butt plug, then held that cock shaped plastic against  cocksucker’s lips and watched as she kicked it clean of her own filth before he tossed  it aside. Then he ordered her to begin exercising. He watched the muscles of her back flexing under her sweat slick skin as her stretched body struggled to pump the bar up and down.  Jim stripped himself and  pressed his bare chest against the warm slick skin of her back.   He moved his hands around cocksucker’s torso to capture both her heavy breasts,  trapping her thick red nipples between  his thumbs and forefingers and squeezing hard until he felt her body respond.   He whispered,

“ Do you want to feel a hard cock up your ass, cocksucker?  Want to feel me ream your slut ass until you cum? You know that you do.  And you know you have to beg for it !  Beg me to let you cum, cocksucker !“

   He felt her stiffen as he twisted her nipples and again as he spoke.  Cocksucker took a deep breath before she replied, her low husky voice managing to sound both eager and fearful at the same time.

“ Yes, Master.  Please  put your big cock up cocksucker’s ass.   Cocksucker begs Master to butt fuck her dirty ass hard and deep !  Please make cocksucker cum, Master!”

    Jim smiled at her words. Even after all this time, it still gave him a thrill to hear this once proud woman  demeaning herself by begging for his cock like some cheap whore.  Though she had little choice;  if cocksucker refused to beg, he would deny her the pleasure she craved while still taking his own pleasure.  Revlon would not have humiliated herself in this way. But the woman he held in bondage was no longer the proud, strong Revlon.  This woman hanging in front of him was his creation, his submissive, sex addicted cocksucker.

   He used one hand to position his cock at her still open asshole and pushed forward, sinking his cock head into her body.  She moaned as his cock impaled her, her muscles relaxing to allow him further inside her , then tightening to grip his cock like a hand.  As he thrust deeper into her, she responded by thrusting her ass  back at him. Grunts and spittle escaped from between her tightly clinched lips as he forced his way deeper and deeper into her still tight ass.  Cocksucker `s ass alternately relaxed and then clinched, squeezing his cock, her contractions in time with the movement of the heavy bar she was rhythmically raising and lowering.  All the while, he was riding her ass hard, his fingers twisting and pulling on both her swollen nipples. This brutal pounding went on and on, the grunts and moans of both filling the small room.  It was only when he could feel her rhythm faltering, her breath becoming irregular, and her body tightening  that he moved one of his hands down over her flat stomach to the wet junction of her legs while his other hand continued to torment her sore nipple. He found and trapped her sensitive, swollen clitoris between two fingers. and a thumb and  used them  to milk the super sensitive nub until cocksucker’s body began to jerk helplessly in time with his fingers.  Her grunts steadily rose in pitch until they became screams,  the sensations from her clit crossing the line from pleasure to pain.   Still, despite her approaching climax and despite the brutal intensity of her butt reaming, cocksucker knew better than to stop pumping on the bar.  Even with his cock brutally ramming in and out of her ass, and her knees growing progressively weaker, cocksucker struggled to continue her exercise.  She also struggled desperately to keep control, to hold her  orgasm at bay until she received his permission to climax, for the privilege of cumming  was, like the rest of her bodily functions,  her Master’s to control. Once Jim whispered his permission,  her orgasm washed over cocksucker like a tidal wave, her knees giving way entirely, no longer able to support her weight. She was left hanging from the manacles attaching her wrists to the bar, her body limp, as Jim filled her ass chute with his hot white seed. Their climaxes came almost simultaneously for Jim did not give her permission to cum until he was about to cum as well. Their dual climax left both totally spent.  Once Jim had recovered  enough to speak, he ordered cocksucker to resume her exercise. Then he separated from her warm, sweat slick body and staggered to a nearby chair.  He watched contently from the chair as cocksucker’s  sweat soaked body struggled to pull the bar down to nipple level, to let it ascend, and then to start again. He watched her nude body struggle, watched the sensual movement of her back muscles as she continued to exercise to total exhaustion, all the while savoring  the sight of  his cum slowly tricking out of her half open asshole and running down onto one of her legs.

   Once she could do no more, it was time to clean up cocksucker.   With her plastic ties back on to hold her arms behind her back,  Jim led the hooded, exhausted woman back into the small bathroom. He paused to turn the hood’s hearing switch off and then attached her leash to a hook set high up on the shower wall before he turned on the water.  He let her take the blast of cold water from the showerhead before he stepped into the shower with her.  Nude but for her latex hood and gloves, her arms bound behind her back, she could only stand there passively as he leisurely washed and probed every exposed inch of her strong, feminine body before washing himself as well.  When both were clean, Jim dried himself off, reapplied a thick coat of lipstick to her , and then dried her off.  He debated briefly between leaving her nude and redressing cocksucker in a fresh pink flight suit.  He decided on redressing her in her crotchless pink nylon suit. Once dressed, and with each wrist once again secured to the opposite forearm and  the leather strap connecting her upper arms, he led  his submissive sex toy back into his playroom and put her back onto her knees by his chair,  locking her leash to the ring set in his chair to prevent any possibility of her moving. 

   He left her there, bound, blind, and deaf, as he seated himself at his computer and started reading the morning news.  Jim spent about 40 minutes going over the national and local news. There was nothing about cocksucker there any more. The story of her disappearance had totally disappeared from the news, forgotten once it became clear that there was not enough evidence to charge, let alone convict, the ex-boyfriend.  Billy Bob’s death had never even made the local news, written off as just another of a growing number of murders connected to rural meth labs.  Just as he had expected, the sheriff ’s investigators had made that assumption after seeing the remains of the lab equipment Jim had planted near the body before he had torched the hay barn to wipe out any trace of cocksucker`s presence.  It looked as if both cases were stone cold and would remain that way.  As he thought over the implications of that,  Jim’s mind returned to an idea that had become increasingly compelling lately.  He knew it was risky, but he kept returning to it, to the idea of sharing cocksucker with  his three friends, the other men from the squadron whose lives cocksucker had wrecked.  What, he ask himself  was the use of having created something unique like cocksucker if no one else ever saw her.  It was like having a Rembrandt that you kept hidden in your closet. Impulsively, he typed out an email message to one of the three, suggesting dinner out and then drinks at his place tomorrow.  He would start with Tom, the biggest cunt hound of the three.  He decided he would get Tom half drunk and then throw out an offer to let him fuck cocksucker.  But he would not tell Tom that cocksucker was - or once had been-  that bitch of an F-15 pilot they both knew as Revlon.  No, for the moment, he would just tell Tom that cocksucker was a new girlfriend who was deep into domination and heavy S&M  and  had a fantasy about being used by a group of men.  He knew that as long as cocksucker was kept hooded,  there was no way Tom would recognize her as the missing Revlon. The hood he would explain as a disguise, something she had insisted on  because she was shy about her desires.  He didn’t think Tom would ask too many questions once he saw cocksucker’s nude body. Revealing who cocksucker really was could wait until Tom had thoroughly compromised himself, until it was too late for him to go back even if he wanted to.  At the thought of the possibilities inherent in the two of them using and abusing the bound and hooded cocksucker, his cock  begun to harden again. He rubbed his hand over his crotch and looked over at the silent, kneeling  figure.  Perhaps a long, slow blow job before lunch?  Better than watching the travel channel.   

   He signed off and then stepped back to his leather recliner. Cocksucker remained motionless as he took his seat. Jim leaned back and looked at her for a moment, enjoying the way her pink flight suit molded itself to her body.  He could see that her nipples were very erect. They seemed to remain erect all the time now.  Her face, or the half he could see of it, was calm, almost serene; her full, bright red lips in that an enigmatic half smile he had labeled her Mona Lisa.  He stretched out a hand and used her leash to pull her toward his lap.  Then he held her face there between his legs as he used his other hand to open his fly and free his erect cock. Once it was free, he let go of cocksucker’s leash.  Her face groped forward, her red lips seeking his cock.  As soon as her lips touched its warmth, she turned her head to it, tracing its length with her soft wet tongue to find  the cock head.  There, she ran her tongue over the head, then opened her lips wide and engulfed the head as her tongue continued to caress it.  He leaned back as her tongue continued to work on his penis, his body almost limp as the warmth of her mouth closed around the length of his manhood.  As her wet, warm tongue  began to slowly move up and down the underside of his cock,  Jim closed his eyes and thought to himself, ho  hum, just another day in paradise.




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Excellent ending!!  Thank you conwic!

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The formatting is a pain ... but the content makes it worth a bump  ;D
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