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Author Topic: by conwic - The Taking of Troi  (Read 8333 times)
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« on: September 05, 2007, 11:20:13 PM »

Startrek the Next Generation's Counselor Troi is taken captive by some renegade Klingons with an agenda. They broadcast pictures of her gang rape in order to lure the Enterprise into a trap. Will the Captain fall into their trap?
Codes: MF Mult fanfic ScFi non-con rape gang

DISCLAIMERS: This story contains adult material. If you are under twenty-one years of age or are offended by accounts of rape, DO NOT READ THIS STORY. This is a work of fiction; it contains a parody of characters taken from Star Trek, The Next Generation. There is no intent to inflinge on copyrights owned by Paramount or by the producers of Star Trek. (And sueing us will do no good since there is no money being made here.) No fictional characters were injured in the making of this story.

The Taking of Troi
by conwic
Copyright© 2002 by conwic

"Computer, estimate time to arrival at Rigas 7?"

"Estimated time to Rigas 7 is 12 hours, 13 minutes, 37 seconds at current speed and heading."

Wonderful, sighed Deanna Troi, twelve more hours of boredom alone in a scuttlecraft, and then I begin the ultimate in boredom, A Star Fleet counselors' professional development conference. She grimaced and spoke again, "Computer list available..." Suddenly Troi stopped speaking; she felt something, a telepathic tingling of growing intensity. Something was wrong, she thought.

"Computer, scan sector. Is there anything there?"

" Scanning. Negative signs... correction... sensors indicate a D-7 class battlecruiser uncloaking 1200 kilometers off port. Do you wish to open hailing frequency?"

But Troi was no longer listening for by now the tingling had become overwhelming. It was like a malevant presence running amok inside her head. Never had she felt anything with the intensity of this. Instinctively gripping her head with both her hands, she struggled to make sense of it as the lights in the scuttlecraft blinked and disappeared, the result of a carefully aimed shot with a ship's phaser set on low power. With the scuttle's shields down, it was only a millisecond before the transporter beam locked on the struggling counselor.

As she materialized on the attacking ship, Troi was struck an almost physical blow as the intensity of the psychic sensation which had effected her on the scuttle increased a hundred times. She could not think. The sensations flooding into her mind simply overwhelmed her... The sensations were, she realized, directed at her specifically; it was composed partly of intense lust - the kind of lust she had so frequently experienced in the brief unguarded thoughts of a crewmember fantasizing about her. But here the sensation was multiplied a thousand times over and mixed with raw hatred to become a monster tearing at her mind. With great difficulty, she forced herself to discipline her mind's portal, to attempt to shut out the horrible feelings which were flooding into her open mind. While she could not close her mind to this horror, she could and did slow down the torrent of horrible feelings- feelings of pain and lust- flooding her mind. Slowly, Troi regained enough control to become aware of her surroundings. What she saw was as terrifying as the sensations filling her mind. She saw that she was in a strange ship though the surroundings were familiar enough for her to recognize them as the mess deck of a Klingon warship. The smell was unmistakable. All around her were Klingons clad in their familiar black syntholeather, glaring at her with an intensity which was as frightening as the sensations of desire and hatred she sensed emulating from these men. There were dozens of them surrounding her silently, motionless except for the uniform hand movements as each man stroked his exposed cock. She was overwhelmed by the crude maleness of their urges and knew instinctively what they wanted of her.

NO", She screamed, "YOU CANNOT DO THIS!"

Troi's natural haughtiness and the impetuous tone of her command served only to enflame the collected male Klingons. Aroused by her resistance, they were in no mood to listen to her pleas. They advanced upon the defiant woman. Two of them grabbed her arms and twisted them painfully behind her back to force her to hold her still as another used his long knife to cut her star fleet tunic. Troi's brown eyes widened in fear as the tip of the oddly shaped blade invaded the counselor's low cleavage to rest in the deep valley between her breasts. The pink, very feminine garment opened easily at a touch of the long, sharp blade as the Klingon ran the knife down Troi's torso. Since she wore no bra, two large breasts jumped into view, the red nipples erect from her fear. Her heavy cone shaped breasts swayed as she struggled against the men, further enflaming them. The Klingon kept cutting the pink fabric, his blade traveling just above her flat, trembling stomach to her crotch. With a double slash to cut first her pants and then her panties, her dark bush was revealed to the watching Klingon warriors. Thick cunt hair covered her vagina, hiding it - for the moment- from the hungry eyes of the Klingons. In their haste they had left the shreds of the tunic around her shoulders and back; they, and her shoes, were the only covering they left the cowering woman as they stripped her of her pride and self assurance along with her clothing. Each time Deanna felt the cold of the knife, a spasm of fear cut through her. She shivered, moaning and flinching as the cold steel cut away her uniform to expose her slender, athletic body. One Klingon grabbed her left leg in his powerful hands and pulled it open to reveal her hair covered cunt, her prominent clitoris and the thick, reddish outer lips of her cunt clearly visible through dark forest of her cunt hair. The reality of her powerlessness as well as the terrifying way they had stripped her filled the once proud Deanna with fear as well as shame. She felt so very helpless as she struggled against the Klingons' strong hands. Never had she felt so powerless. It was a new sensation for the haughty Star Fleet officer. Accustomed to holding the upper hand by virtue of her telepathic powers, her new helplessness filled her with terror as she realized finally how much at the Klingons' mercy she was. Unfortunately she knew that there was no mercy to be expected from Klingons. Only murmurs of " 'IH "from the lips of the watching men as they pawed her now nude body.


BLJATH" E" YLMEV BE' !", ordered the largest of the men.

At this orders, another man picked up her shredded panties and stuffed them into her screaming mouth; then, as another man held her head still by gripping her long, dark hair in his fists, he secured the shredded panties in her mouth by using a strip of her destroyed uniform tied around her frantically shaking head. In a second the furious but now panic strickened Troi had her arms also secured together behind her back with unbreakable plastic ties at her wrists and at her elbows. Then males stood back to admire their handiwork. Deanna was left standing at the center of a circle of huge Klingon males with her hands tied and gagged with her own panties, spreading a faint taste of her own sex through her mouth. She was literally stamping her feet- her limbs left unbound- in fear and frustration. Her long dark hair flew around her face as she turned first one way then another in desperate search for a nonexistent escape. Her breasts swayed with each turn, their weight keeping them in constant motion; her large, brown eyes pleaded silently with the Klingons surrounding her... Then the apparent leader, man who had ordered her gagged, picked her up in his muscular arms. He held her there with her feet above the deck as he stared into her pleading eyes where a mixture of fear and anger were clearly visible... He laughed in her face, and then casually tossed her onto one of the mess tables. Stunned, Deanna lay sprawled on the cold metal, her vagina open and vulnerable. Still laughing, the Klingon followed the helpless woman onto the table, pinning her legs with his own as he searched for her cunt with his long, ridged cock...

Under normal circumstances, Deanna Troi's femaleness would have responded instinctively to the overwhelming maleness of the Klingon. Now that instinctive response was overwhelmed by the fear she felt as the Klingon's cock forced its way inside her cunt. The shock of the physical assault weakened her mental defenses, allowing a new flood of sensations into her mind, raping Troi mentally as well as physically. She tried to protest through the gag, producing a muffled:


Tears streamed from her wide, almond shaped eyes as the long ridged cock filled her dry vagina painfully. Trapped against the table, Troi could only stare up at the grinning face of her attacker as he filled her mind with his overwhelming lust, impaling her on his rigid cock. Her body shook with the force of his thrusts; they made her cone shaped breasts move in a circle. Mindless sounds of fear and suffering escaped her gagged mouth as Deanna lay there on the table suffering under the brutal assault of the tall, muscular Klingon.

"Ohh... ummm... umm... ahh... nooo... ahh!... pleaseee... umhhh..."

The huge Klingon ignored her pleas, mindlessly chanting " JEGH. BE' " as he beat her into submission with his cock.

Deanna could see no alternative to the surrender he demanded; she could hardly breath with the pounding the Klingon was giving her. Her cunt was being stretched beyond anything she had ever experienced. The Klingon Leader's cock filled her, forcing the breath- almost the life- out of her. The feeling of his cock battering its way through her uterus seemed to Deanna's fevered mind to join with the sensations flooding her mind- feelings of impalement, of his cock tearing her apart. She tried to relax herself to accommodate the huge invader, but to no avail. The mental and physical agony seemed to go on forever for the trapped Star Fleet officer. Finally, Deanna felt his cum, a flood of hot liquid filling her with his seed. With an infinite feeling of relief, Deanna sensed him withdrawing his still hard cock from her abused cunt. Slowly, his weight left her.

Deanna's relief was short lived. As soon as the first attacker had left her, another Klingon pressed her against the table and entered her cum soaked, open cunt. More feelings of hate and lust from the new male attacker filled her confused mind as soon as his large Klingon cock entered her. He fucked her brutally- in the Klingon manner. But his rape was cruel even by his people's standards. He thrust his cock into her as if he meant to stab her through her heart with his cock, venting his hatred of the Federation into this one woman's body. Deanna was sure that he was tearing her insides to pieces, shredding the lining of her cunt despite the lubrication of the first Klingon's cum. Because of that cum, the Klingon's cock was making loud and wet, squishy sounds as he plowed into her open sex, embarrassing the reserve Deanna even now with the sheer sluttiness of the sound. Harder and harder he fucked the helpless Troi. Finally, he lifted Troi in his muscular arms, holding her suspended on his cock. Using his immense strength, he moved her up and down on his cock, letting her own weight drive his cock into the moaning woman. Deanna tried to wrap her legs around him to keep herself from being split in two by his cock. Despite her attempts at resistance, he filled her with his cock, using her cunt like a fist to masturbate himself with the helpless Betazoid. Screaming, her breasts flying from the force of his fucking, Troi was impaled upon the Klingon's cock as the others cheered. When he too was finished and had filled her with his huge load of cum, he through her back onto the table and the cock of the next Klingon.

Again and again a Klingon cock filled her cunt as changing sensations of her attackers' hate and lust filled her mind. Soon the exhausted Troi lay on the table, her cunt open and dripping streams of thick, Klingon cum onto the tabletop. Her eyes glazed and confused, she could only moan in pain and humiliation, overwhelmed by the repeated rapes. Her attacker paused only for a moment to explore her stretched, cum sloppy cunt with his large hand before choosing her still virgin asshole instead. He flipped her over onto her stomach and pried her asscheeks apart with his huge hands to stare at the tiny star of her asshole. Then, to the cheers of his companions, he used his thumbs to open that tiny hole and force the large, blunt head of his cock into that tiny opening. As Troi screamed, he forced himself into her ass channel inch by painful inch until his large cock was halfway into her. Troi's mind was overwhelmed by the pain, it seemed as if a cock the size of a proton torpedo was forcing its way inside her, tearing her apart. The Klingon forced himself further into her ass channel, opening her ass hole to fit his arm size cock. She felt the wiry hair of his crotch press against her asscheeks. He was totally inside her now; Troi could not believe that his huge cock was inside her tiny asshole even though the intense pain of her stretched asshole told her differently. He was filling her, making it difficult to even breath especially with the gag still in her mouth. As she desperately gasp for breath, another Klingon tore the strips of cloth from her face, allowing Troi to spit out the gag and suck in a lungful of air. Unfortunately, as she opened her mouth to breath, a large erect cock forced its way in. Troi initially gagged on the Klingon's cock. He grabbed her hair and jerked her head back to open a passage for his cock, forcing her mouth open as he pushed his cock deeper into her, the head of his cock battering the against the opening of her throat. The two Klingons worked in tandem. As one impaled her ass, the other Klingon thrust into her painfully open mouth, trapping her between them and simultaneously subjecting her to the overwhelmingly obscene thoughts coming from both their minds. Troi could not resist; she could only lie between the two Klingons, battered physically and mentally, cum already dripping in streams out of her raped vagina.

After the first pair had deposited their thick loads of warm, gray cum in her open mouth and asshole and withdrawn, a second pair of attackers took their places. Deanna could feel the slimy cum coating her throat and burning the taste buds in her mouth. Her face was forced into the new Klingon's crotch, gagging her as his large cock filled her mouth. Her anal passage burned with a fire stoked by the pounding she was receiving from the Klingon sodomizing her. Klingons only knew one way to fuck, she thought helplessly; their idea of sex differed from their concept of battle only in their choice of weapons. Through it all, her big, brown eyes could only stare hopelessly into the Klingon's hairy crotch as he used her long dark hair to control her, fucking her face as if it were a Klingon cunt. Her thick, red lips were stretched and stained redder than ever with her own blood as a result of the battering he was giving her face. The waiting Klingons could actually see the head of his cock moving down her throat, expanding it cruelly and making the soft white skin bulge as it forced its way down her gullet. She felt other hands now; hands running over her breasts and weighing them, squeezing them, even trying to crush them with strong, callused fingers as their companions raped her two open, cum dripping holes. Throughout it all, feelings of hate and lust flooded her mind as she was literally split wide open by the Klingons' cocks filling her body.

As the Klingon using Troi's mouth delighted in the wet, caresses of her tongue on the underside of his cock and the pressure of her throat on his cockhead, his companion enjoyed the tightness of Troi's ass. Now, after several sodomizes and the coating of her ass chute with their cum, her back passage was slick and open- though still far smaller than the width of the cocks plundering her nether hole. The males howled their war cries as they rutted into her captive body, trapping it between their thrusts as Troi screamed and moaned helplessly under them.

As the others enjoyed the body of the captive Federation Officer, the erstwhile leader of the Klingons stood to the side swilling a Romulan ale, the second benefit of this job to his mind. He watched carefully to ensure that no one ran amok, as rutting Klingons were want to do. The sight of her helpless body being impaled by two cocks caused his cock to stir again. He stared transfixed at her face, covered as it was with cum. Her eyes found his, pleading for help. He smiled at the begging eyes, enjoying the sight of the proud officer's degradation and shouting encouragement as the Klingon raping her mouth used her long, cum specked hair to pull her face onto his cock, driving her face into his cock hair. As Troi suffocated in the wiry forest, the second Klingon drove her face even deeper into the Klingon's crotch by slamming harder and harder into her open ass.

Klingon after Klingon attacked her soft white body, repeatedly using her asshole, her cunt, and her mouth while still others pawed her nude body. All three holes dripped streams of cum as she lay there helplessly under their attacks. Her stomach was full of the foul tasting scum which she had been forced to gag down in order to breath. Her lips and chin were covered with it and it coated her mouth, making the strong, feral taste of Klingon cum an overwhelming part of her consciousness. Rivers of the gray stuff ran from her open cunt and asshole and down her legs to collect on the cold metal mess table. Deanna lost all concept of time; she could only concentrate on trying to endure as she was assaulted mentally and physically by countless males. To her fevered mind, the attack seemed to go on forever. She passed in and out of consciousness, floating in a sea of cum and pain until suddenly she realized that the cocks were no longer inside her. They had finished with her. Gratefully, she drifted off into a senseless sleep.

But she was not allowed to sleep. A foot was pressing against her swollen, sore cunt, and a voice tried to penetrate her dazed mind. A female voice.

"Wake up you Betazoid slut! I want you to see what is going to happen."

Troi painfully opened her eyes to see a mirage. "Yar, she thought out loud, no, it cannot be you; you're dead."

"No Slut!. I am not Yar, and I am not dead! Though soon all your friends on the Enterprise will be dead."

Troi slowly realized that the woman before her was Sela, Yar's half Romulan daughter. The same slender but muscular body and the same fine blonde hair she had found so fascinating about her mother, but with the pointed ears and hard eyes of the Romulan soldier.

"What do you mean? What about the Enterprise?"

"It is coming here... to save you, slut. Only there will be a surprise waiting for it. Four of our cloaked warships waiting just inside the border to destroy it when it crosses over into our territory looking for their poor kidnapped counselor."

"They know I'm here?" Troi ask, her mind confused even though she could sense no deception in the woman's mocking words.

"Oh, they will soon. We've sent the signal. I'll show it to you on the monitor later. It's a recording of your rape by the Federation hating Klingon renegades who make up this crew. The losers in their civil war, thanks to the Enterprise. That interesting sight should bring Picard running, don't you think? Even though he'll know that the signal comes from inside the neutral zone, he'll still feel compelled to come, won't he. It's that damned sense of compassion you humanoids have, isn't it."

Troi knew that the Romulan was not lying. The Enterprise was going to be lured into a trap because of her. And worse, she realized, her friends on the Enterprise would see her rape. The sense of humiliation that came over her as she realized that made her body shudder.

"Now, while we wait, let's have a good time. You know the Duras sisters I believe- Luras and B'Etor. I didn't want them in our little video, but there's no reason they cannot have their fun now. Is there Lovers?"

Luras- the elder sister- used her foot to turn Troi on her back. She straddled the cowering woman as Luras unzipped the syntholeather crotch piece form her black uniform, exposing her hairy cunt to Troi's fearful gaze. Slowly, she sat down, her cunt hair covering Troi's face as she ordered, " EAT ME, YOU FEDERATION WHORE"

Sela kissed the taller, more muscular B'Etor, and then knelt by Troi's legs.

"Did you realize that the Federation English word for happiness and the Klingon word for torture are spelled the same- J.O.Y_? Oh, of course you did; you Betazoids know everything, don't you. Well, do you know what a Klingon pain stick feels like?"

As she finished speaking, the Romulan put the end of the metal cylinder to Troi's abused cunt and triggered it. Despite the weight of the Klingon woman sitting on her face, Troi's body arched upward, nearly throwing Luras off her.

"AWHHHH... OHHHHH!", Troi screamed.


Frantically, Deanna reached out with her tongue to lap at the hairy, strong smelling cunt of the Klingon, searching for the little finger size clit which she knew was hidden in the hair. Quickly, she found it, and set about caressing it with the flat of her tongue, all the while trying to ignore the strong, almost feral, taste and stink emulating from the cunt of the big Klingon woman. The As Troi serviced her sister, B'Etor positioned herself behind Luras. She used the fingers on one hand to spread Troi's cum encrusted, swollen cunt lips. Slowly she inserted the fingers of her other hand, spreading the red lips with increasing force until her whole hand- covered in a fingerless, black glove with large metal studs- was inside the Betazoid's once small cunt opening. With an evil smile, B'Etor formed her large hand into a fist and, using her strong arm muscles, began to piston her fist back and forth inside Troi. In a moment, she was fisting the captive Star Fleet Officer with all her considerable strength, making Troi's smooth stomach bulge with each awful punch as the fist shredded the remains of her womb. The watching Sela stared at the dual, lesbian rape. Then she slowly traced the tip of the pain stick up Deanna's torso to the erect, elongated nipple of her left breast.

"I said BITE HER CLIT, YOU BITCH! Klingons like it rough!", sneered the blonde Romulan as she pressed the pain stick deep into the woman's breast and pressed the "on" button.

"Captain, We have a message arriving with Counselor Troi's prefix."

"Very well, Mr. Warf. Probably wants to tell us how much fun she is having at her conference. Put it on viewscreen.", replied the Captain in a resigned voice.

In an instant a bigger than life Troi occupied the viewscreen. The nude woman had obviously been gang raped; she seemed to be dripping great streams of cum out of all three of her holes. Troi was surrounded by a forest of erect cocks jutting out of black uniforms- Klingon cocks. The only sounds were the Klingon sounds of lust- low and deep- and the counselor's faint moans as she gagged on a huge, Klingon cock. Her face clearly conveyed the agony and degradation she was experiencing, an impression increased as the camera panned in until the counselor's cum smeared, bruised, cock filled face filled the wide screen, her huge brown eyes pleading with them for help.

"Captain", said Commander Data, "This does not appear to be a Star Fleet conference.

"I can see that, Mr.Data! Thank you for again stating the obvious!", grunted the annoyed Captain as he tugged at his uniform jacket. Why, he wondered for the million time, can't Starfleet make a uniform that fits. " What can you tell me that I cannot see for myself?"

"The transmission is coming from INSIDE the Neutral Zone, Sir."


Captain!", Shouted the horrified Commander Riker, " We must do something!"

"Quite Right, Number One." Said Picard, " Make a note. No more long trips in scuttlecraft. Everytime someone does that, this is the sort of thing that happens. Romulans kidnapping people, the time continuum getting screwed up... I wouldn't stand for it any longer."

"But Sir... Deanna?"

"Oh, her!" mused Picard, "Well Number One, I always found her very... annoying; never liked her. Always droning on about "I sense no deception" and such dribble. Useless... And that Mother of hers! She's certainly not worth risking war over. Leave her where she is. It looks as if she has finally found a position which suits her."

The End

So much oppression in our culture is based on shame about sex: the oppression of women, of cultural minorities, oppression in the name of the (presumably asexual) family, oppression of sexual minorities. We are all oppressed. We have all been taught, one way or another, that our desires, our bodies, our sexualities, are shameful. What better way to defeat oppression than to get together in communities and celebrate the wonders of sex?
The Ethical Slut: A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possibilities
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« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2007, 09:07:21 AM »


During the last Star Trek convention I attended there were many who felt this way about Deanna Troy!

Love the comment about "no fictional characters were injured in the making of this story."

So much oppression in our culture is based on shame about sex: the oppression of women, of cultural minorities, oppression in the name of the (presumably asexual) family, oppression of sexual minorities. We are all oppressed. We have all been taught, one way or another, that our desires, our bodies, our sexualities, are shameful. What better way to defeat oppression than to get together in communities and celebrate the wonders of sex?
The Ethical Slut: A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possibilities
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« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2007, 09:55:08 PM »

That was great.  The rapes and torture hot and the ending absolutely wonderful.  She was often extremely annoying.  Thanks conwic for the story and thanks Emily for posting it.
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