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Author Topic: Holly's Home Invasion  (Read 33804 times)

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« Reply #15 on: September 03, 2007, 03:48:01 AM »

Part 16

by Andromeda

'How much do I want for the girl?' the slave trainer repeated with a note of
irritation in his voice, 'I just got through telling you, Hank. The girl and the
mother get sold together or they don't get sold at all. Forget about it.'

"Well it's your decision, buddy,' Hank murmured bitterly, 'they're your slaves,
your property, your call. Lemme get this bitch cleaned out for you like you
wanted.' He thrust some sort of hard swab into my snatch and reamed it roughly
to sop up the ejaculate he'd discharged inside me. Somehow the cleansing
procedure was even more degrading than the rape itself and he administered it
gratuitously hard to make sure it hurt. I bit down on my gag and endured the
demeaning procedure in silence until a few sudden hard jabs of the swab against
my cervix sent agonizingly sharp stabs of pain ricocheting through my ravaged
pussy. I cried out repeatedly through my gag pleading with him to stop but the
tightly packed panties stuffed inside my mouth absorbed my cries mercilessly and
effectively. The rapist chuckled evilly as I broke out sobbing with pain a

'You gotta learn to shut the fuck up, honey,' he growled as he pulled out the
swab, 'your trainer said I had to get your fuckhole nice and clean for the next
fella so that's what I did. Go with the fucking program, sweetheart.'

'You could have left some of that semen inside to coat her lining, Hank,' Master
Jim remarked, 'it would have provided some lubrication for the next user.'

'Yeah right,' Hank muttered, 'the bitch won't cream herself on her own, huh?'

'You obviously haven't been paying attention, Hank,' my trainer said dryly,
'Slave Holly was creaming herself copiously when she was masturbated earlier on.
She was even spraying her vaginal juices on the floor. You must have missed
that. But she does require skillful handling. You obviously failed to provide

'Yeah, well, fuck you very much, Jim. You can keep the girl. There's plenty more
pussy to fuck around here tonight so thanks a lot but I'm gonna move my dick
somewhere else.'

'Have a nice evening, Hank,' Master Jim said politely. He tapped his mike for

'Gentlemen, as I've said before on many occasions, slave girl handling is an
art, not a science. Effective training requires a marriage of discipline and
delicacy. Stern discipline is required to deter struggling and punish any
attempt at escape. On the other hand tact and delicacy is needed when handling
the slave's vagina and attempting to coax out her natural secretions prior to

'Fuck those secretions, Jim,' I heard someone yell behind me, 'show me the
fuckhole. My dick'll take care of the rest.' This shout drew a round of cheering
and catcalling from the rest of slavers standing behind me. My face was suddenly
flushed with shame. I couldn't believe that just a few short minutes earlier I
had been fantasizing excitedly about my new life in slavery, that I had been
secretly proud that I was bound and gagged, secretly pleased that I was
displayed naked and bent over in front of this crowd of perverts and
psychopaths. I was in the hands of animals. I began trembling. My naked body
felt cold. I longed for some clothing, anything, a pair of shorts or even just a
pair of panties to cover up my nakedness. For the umpteenth time, I was bitterly
conscious of my tightly roped wrists behind my back, of the harsh cuffs at my
ankles and my soiled and foul tasting panties that the slavegirls had stuffed
inside my mouth and wedged in place with so many tight turns of duct tape around
my neck. I felt miserable.

'That may be,' the slave trainer said evenly, 'but what we're talking about here
is slave training, we're talking about rape as a training tool. Rape training
isn't just about teaching a slave that her private parts are no longer her
property. Nor is it about using her for our personal pleasure though that's
undoubtedly a felicitous by-product of our work. The goal of good rape training
is to produce a marketable product, a slave girl who will lubricate dependably
whenever and wherever her master wishes to use her. This is a bottom line item.
We're talking dollars and cents here. Do I make myself clear?'

Master Jim paused and waited for a reaction. No one said anything. The slave
trainer's invocation of the all-important bottom line had effectively silenced
the hecklers. Buoyed by the silence, he plowed on.

'So if you'll allow me to proceed, I'm going to demonstrate the proper way to
coax out a slave girl's natural juices. To achieve good results, correct
handling of the slave's clitoris is key. This is something all of us are
familiar with, yet somehow we fail to apply it properly in our work. Slave
Brenda has already demonstrated how skillfully this can be done and though not
all of us can hope to compete with her expertise, we can nonetheless do our best
to work on our skills and improve our performance. Please keep your eyes on the

Master Jim was about to masturbate me. Suddenly my mood changed and I shifted
excitedly in my restraints. I felt a rush of arousal and a sudden wetness in my
pussy. The thought of my trainer's hands on me thrilled me. I remembered how
powerfully I'd been aroused and how wonderfully I'd climaxed under his skillful
handling. I knew that my arousal had been inextricably laced with shame, that
I'd felt simultaneously degraded and excited. It left me wondering uncomfortably
if that was it took for me to come so intensely. Was I just like Belinda under
the surface? A bondage slut? It didn't bear thinking about.

'I'm going to do another quick T&L check on this slave,' Master Jim announced,
'but I'm not concerned with her grip this time, just her lubrication. Please pay

I pushed out my pussy wantonly as the slave trainer inserted his finger inside
me. I felt it slip smoothly into my lubricated snatch and I moaned with pleasure
through my panties as the finger was thrust deep inside me. I felt
simultaneously degraded and thrilled by my trainer's casual handling of my most
private part, the impersonal way his finger explored my vagina, massaged its
lining and took stock of my wetness. My nub ached for his touch but he
deliberately steered clear of it. If I hadn't been gagged I would have begged
him to touch me there. Is he saving my clit for later I wondered, as another
surge of wetness streamed from my lining through his probing fingers. I hoped he
was pleased to find me like this. I wanted so badly to please him. How would he
react? I briefly fantasized that he'd withdraw his finger and proudly announce
that this slave had creamed her cunt without even having had her clit
masturbated. I glowed with pride. Once again a humiliating gladness that I was
bound and gagged ran through me, that strange mixture of shame and arousal that
I had experienced before. I was thankful for my gag, thankful that my hands were
bound behind my back so I couldn't reach my gag. Could I have endured this
degrading yet ever so thrilling finger fucking in silence if I hadn't been so
well muzzled, I wondered. I waited breathlessly for my trainer to announce his

'Once again,' the slave trainer announced with his finger still thrust inside
me, 'just as before her training began, Slave Holly's vaginal passage shows
little in the way of natural lubrication, just a thin lining of ejaculate left
over from the rape training she has already undergone.'

I was shocked. Why was he lying, I wondered. Why? He obviously knew how hot and
wet I was for him. Why was he concealing it?

Master Jim went on. 'The problem is that this slave's sexual responses have been
dammed up by the rough treatment she received as the hands of her last user.
That roughness was entirely gratuitous, I might add. The slave did nothing to
deserve it. On the contrary her body language indicated clearly that she was
doing everything in her power to cooperate in her ravishment. We saw her grind
her hips, push her vagina out at her user and even moan through her gag to
indicate that she desired penetration. Bear in mind that we're talking about a
freshly captured slave who is, naturally enough, severely restrained. She has
her mouth tightly and uncomfortably gagged and her wrists bound harshly and
painfully behind her back. Her neck is confined in a noose and her ankles are
securely shackled by tightly drawn handcuffs. Yet in spite of the obvious pain
and discomfort of her bondage this slave has displayed a willingness to be
trained which is quite unusual at this early stage of her captivity.'

In a flash, I understood. He wants an excuse to masturbate me, I thought
brightly. He knows I'm sopping wet but he's going to masturbate my clit anyway!
That's why he's concealing the fact that I'm already wet for him. And he enjoys
me! Look how he's kept his finger inside my pussy all this time. I trembled with
anticipation as I waited for his fingers to caress my clitoris. Suddenly I felt
the slave trainer withdraw his finger and pat my moist pussy lips encouragingly.
What now? I wondered. Why did he suddenly remove his finger? My clit ached for
him and my pussy felt empty without his finger up inside it. In a sudden fit of
frustration I cursed my restraints. How I would have loved to have been free to
turn around and seize his hand and guide it back to my throbbing pussy! I longed
for his thrilling touch but the slave trainer paused for a brief moment then
went on with his peroration.

'In a moment I'll be subjecting Slave Holly to some clitoral stimulation that
should draw out her vaginal secretions quite nicely. But before I do I'm going
to do something fairly unorthodox. As some of you are probably aware, my
personal training philosophy is that ultimately, one should be able to take a
well trained slave girl and subject her to slave-rape without the need for any
restraints whatsoever. Naturally this is a long-term goal but the presence of so
many of our well trained girls here in this room shows that it's hardly
unrealistic. All of them, I'm pleased to say, have been trained to accommodate
their users without the need for restraints. Naturally, bondage should be eased
gradually during training so as not to compromise security but I've found it
pays to start this procedure earlier rather than later. And although this
approach is still controversial I've found it gives excellent results in cases
when the slave has displayed an early willingness to cooperate with her captors.
So as a reward for good behavior, I'm going to ease Slave Holly's bondage and
make her a little more comfortable. I'm going to ask Slave Brenda to remove the
ankle and neck restraints. The gag and wrist ropes will stay on for the time

I could hardly believe it. My feet free from the cuffs, my neck released from
the choke cord! All right, my hands would have to stay bound behind my back and
my gag would stay on but I couldn't wait to have my feet and my neck released
from their tight painful bondage. Behind me I could hear the gasps of
astonishment that accompanied the slave trainer's announcement. A few of the men
booed loudly.

'Gimme a break, Jim,' I heard one of the slavers exclaim, 'whaddya gonna do if
she bolts? Tackle her down?'

'Yeah,' shouted another one, 'what the fuck is this? Be Kind to Your Slavegirl
Week? Keep those cuffs on her for chrissake.'

'If it ain't broke, don't fix it, Jim,' a third man called out behind me, 'your
bitch looks real good just the way she is. Those cuffs stay on!' Suddenly a few
slavers took up a chant. 'Cuffs stay on! Yeah! Cuffs stay on! Yeah! Cuffs stay
on!' they chanted. I was so embarrassed I felt as though I wanted to die. The
slave trainer stayed silent and waited patiently for the chorus to die down.

'Your concerns are noted, gentlemen,' he declared at length, 'but as to the
possibility that the slave could try and bolt, that is, I'm afraid, thoroughly
unrealistic. She knows she won't get very far. And she also knows she'll be
severely punished. She has already been given a mild but punishing taste of the
cane and the markings are still visible on her buttocks. She can expect much
worse if she attempts to escape. Isn't that so, Slave Holly?' He gave me ass a
light tap with the cane for emphasis. 'Please grunt once through your gag to
indicate that you understand.'

I grunted once. I knew I couldn't get away. I didn't want to get away. And I
certainly didn't want to be caned again.

'Good. After your neck and ankles are freed you are to remain just as you are,
bent over your table with your head down and your legs spread wide as though
they were still in restraints. You will maintain that position until I allow you
to change it. Is that understood?'

Again I grunted once through my panty gag. I would have agreed to anything to be
free of the tightly drawn cuffs and the chafing choke cord and have my trainer's
hands back at my pussy.

'Outstanding. Gentlemen, I don't anticipate any trouble whatsoever with this
particular slave. An important part of my job is forming quick and accurate
assessments of the women who fall into our hands and I've already formed a
fairly accurate assessment of Slave Holly. She is, I'm pleased to say, a natural
submissive, a slave who enjoys her training or at least that part of her
training which is properly administered.'

A natural submissive. Could it be true, I wondered. Could that explain those
brief and humiliating flashes of thankfulness that I was bound and gagged? Again
I asked myself if deep down I was just like Belinda. And again I shied away from
the question. I felt the trainer place his hand on my ass and lean over me.

'Did you hear what I just said, slave?' he asked me. I grunted once. I had

'You heard me tell these gentlemen standing around waiting to sample your assets
that you take pleasure in submitting and that you're enjoying the training
you're receiving here provided it's done properly and skillfully. Am I right?
Grunt once for yes, twice for no. Keep your answer honest.'

I didn't know what to do. It had been all too obvious that I'd enjoyed Brenda's
skillful masturbation of my clit, that I'd climaxed dramatically when Master Jim
had raped me. Not only had it been obvious, it had been displayed on closed
circuit TV just above my head. Now my trainer was forcing me to admit it. I
didn't relish having to admit that I'd enjoyed being raped. I hesitated.

'Slave Holly?' Again I hesitated.

'I asked you a question, slave, and I expect an answer. I'm not accustomed to
waiting for a response, not from you, not from any slave. Keep me waiting
another five seconds and I'll give you another caning, three fresh strokes on
your buttocks right over the markings from your first caning. It won't be
pleasant. Take my word.'

It was mortifying but what could I do? I grunted once through my gag, my face
crimson with embarrassment.'

'Good. An honest answer, slave, though it may have been hard for you to admit
it. Another question, Slave Holly. Do you secretly enjoy being bound? Again I
want an honest answer.'

That question would have been easy to answer an hour ago. Now I wasn't so sure.
I grunted twice through my gag for no.

'No? Really?'the slave trainer was sceptical.

I grunted twice again. I might be able to deceive my trainer but could I deceive
myself? There had been that brief flash after my earlier rape when I felt
humiliatingly proud of my bonds, had felt thankful that I was gagged and
restrained. It had happened then and it had happened again while Master Jim was
finger fucking me a few minutes ago. That was two times too many for comfort. I
was learning strange truths about myself.

'I suspect you're not being entirely candid with me, Slave Holly, but I'll allow
it to pass. Slave Brenda, would you unlock the slave's ankle cuffs and free her
neck from the choke cord, please? Leave the gag and wrist bindings in place.'

I felt Slave Brenda's hands at my ankles, unlocking my cuffs. Blood rushed
painfully into my feet as they were freed from the tightly drawn metal
restraints. The slavegirl tucked the handcuffs into her pouch and leaned over me
to loosen my neck binding. She kept one hand on the inside of my thigh just
below my crotch as she fiddled with the noose.

'Master Jim likes you, sweetie,' she whispered in my ear as she gently stroked
my thigh, 'he likes you a lot. I can tell. So can all the other girls. We've all
been watching and no one's ever seen him do this for any other slave. It's just
unheard of. Lucky you. That stuff about his training philosophy is just a lot of
bull.' The slave girl tugged fitfully at my choke cord while she felt me up,
brushing her hand lightly over my pussy lips. Her face next to mine was flushed
with excitement. The noose came loose and she slipped it up over my head.
'There,' she whispered, 'I bet that feels better already. Keep it up. You're
doing wonderfully well. If your luck holds out he'll be freeing your hands and
removing your gag soon. We're all making bets on it. I've got $50 that says
he'll have you untied and ungagged in less than an hour.' She gave my pussy lips
a final pat and stepped back. As she did, I grunted softly at her. I hoped she
would win her bet. Bent over my raping table with my ankles and neck blissfully
freed from their restraints I waited, head down and legs spread wide, for Master
Jim to masturbate my clit. My hands were still bound and my mouth still gagged
but my cunt was sopping wet with desire for my master. If only he'd fuck me too,
I thought wistfully as I waited.

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« Reply #16 on: October 29, 2013, 02:22:05 PM »

bringing back another relic Cheesy

First I would like to say, this story while very good, tickled something in the back of my mind, did you possibly post it elsewhere? or possibly take inspiration from another story?? Not accusing you of stealing it by any means! It's just driving me nuts because it sounds somewhat familiar lol

I very much enjoyed this story!! The characters are well rounded and defined, I think I REALLY like Master Jim. Though I wish they had spared Red... he seemed to have had a good head on his shoulders and I could easily see him having caused all kinds of mischief!! 

I'm disappointed that the story ended quite so soon Sad or was never finished... if your still around and the muse strikes I would love to read more.

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« Reply #17 on: October 30, 2013, 02:50:47 AM »

bringing back another relic Cheesy

First I would like to say, this story while very good, tickled something in the back of my mind, did you possibly post it elsewhere? or possibly take inspiration from another story?? Not accusing you of stealing it by any means! It's just driving me nuts because it sounds somewhat familiar lol

I very much enjoyed this story!! The characters are well rounded and defined, I think I REALLY like Master Jim. Though I wish they had spared Red... he seemed to have had a good head on his shoulders and I could easily see him having caused all kinds of mischief!! 

I'm disappointed that the story ended quite so soon Sad or was never finished... if your still around and the muse strikes I would love to read more.

Foxy, now Baron didnt check your profile, you didnt check Andromedas profile. He was last online on 3rd September 2007, after having published his story disappeared back into space to
his Andromeda stars ....  Wink Quite a pity !

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« Reply #18 on: October 30, 2013, 02:58:54 AM »

lol Rainbow, no I didn't check when he was last on, however I DID see when the story was written thus the reason I called it a "relic." however, that being said, I know that on RD I would get a story started, not have many responses so figure I would take a break from it for a bit, get busy RL, log back on 6 or so months later and upon seeing 15 requests for more I couldn't help but want to write more for my readers... even if it has been a while since this writer has been on, whos to say he/she won't eventually pop back in after a while? Maybe if they see positive responses they shall choose to stay and write more.... it's not like RU couldn't do with some more decent writers :) Not to say there is anything wrong with the ones here, but more is always good.
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