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Claire's husband, Jamie Fraser, was jailed for a banned duel in the Bastille and, his life now depends on the French king, who has strictly forbidden duels. Claire visits mother Hildegard so that she can give her an audience with the king, since she was his father's goddaughter. During this conversation, Claire tells that after learning the reasons for his betrayal, she was still angry with Jamie, but that he was also the father of her child. Mother Hildegard also tells Claire that the king will almost certainly demand sex in return for granting a request, and that the king is known and notorious for his perverted fantasies. Claire is willing to pay that price, but will it be enough to satisfy the king.

Claire's heart sank as the huge double door leading to the king's private quarters was opened and the butler bowed deeply in front of her, beckoning her in.
Louis was standing in his elegant purple embroidered silk gown, and he was watching her with haughtiness and evident pleasure. Everything had turned out as she had foreseen. His secret services had kept him constantly informed of the movements of Monsieur Frazer, the rough Scottish husband of this precious pearl who was bowing to him. He knew of the rivalry which separated him from that rude English officer who had been introduced to him at court, and whom, to ingratiate himself with the young lady and her haughty husband, he had humiliated before the ladies of the court. It was clear that sooner or later a violent rivalry would break out between those two bulls over that prosperous heifer, on which he too had set his sights. It was enough just to control the two rivals and stop them at the right moment, when one of them had knocked the other out. At that point that young cow would have needed the leniency of the sovereign, which would have been paid at a high price, a price that the charming and reserved Claire Beauchamp, who had never made a name for herself in the salons of the court, would never have been willing to pay in other circumstances.
"Majesty, I have taken the liberty of disturbing you for a serious matter which requires your attention and your intervention."
"Tell me, my dear ... - she replied, motioning her to rise from the position of reverence that the woman had taken as soon as she entered, and pointed to a sofa next to the fireplace, on which to sit.

"Your Majesty, ... my husband, James Frazer, was arrested this morning ... now he's locked up in the Bastille and I can't even meet him."
"I have known, Madame. He has violated the law, my law. A grave insult to my person and a dangerous precedent which I cannot tolerate spread among my subjects. By what authority could I govern my people if my foreigners guests prove to be disrespectful of the rules. Monsieur Frazer will have the just punishment that the law provides in these cases. "
Claire's breath broke into a sob as a tear of despair rolled down her cheek: she knew that the penalty for violating the royal decree, which prohibited duels, was her death.
"Your Majesty, I beg you! James is innocent! Yes, that's right, he was arrested while fighting Captain Randall, but he was provoked. You know how sensitive these Scottish nobles are when their honor is at stake ..."
"Scottish nobles ... - sneered Louis - That mass of louts, whose straw from their stables still comes out of their rough shoes and who don't know how to behave at the table ... those ridiculous drunken beggars who have so little consideration for their ... masculinity, from walking around in their funny kilt, like the maids in my kitchens. Yes, yes ... don't make that face, I know everything about what happened in the Wentworth prison between your devoted hubby and his ... English lover. And today's duel will probably be the result of a love refusal that he was unable to tolerate.”
"It is not true Majesty, it is all slander. Captain Randall has persecuted him and continues to do so here in the land of France, despite the protection that His Majesty has so generously granted us. I swear to you Majesty that my husband is innocent!"
"So, Madame Beauchamp, did you ask for an audience to come and insult me, to tell me that I lie? ..."
Claire dropped to her knees crying, begging for more mercy for James, but Louis pulled away, grinning in amusement. Bringing his charming guest down had been easier than expected.
"I beseech you on my knees, Majesty, for the life of my husband. And I will give you all my ... gratitude ... all my ..."
"Get up, Madame Beauchamp - the king interrupted her abruptly - it is not the case that you are on your knees in front of your king, not yet at least ... But we will get there soon, if you can be more condescending and less proud of your husband .... Beauchamp ... Beauchamp ... your surname is French, so ... splendid surname. How would you English say? "Nicefield" I would be really curious to see how "nice" the "field" that is in a certain valley of your body really is. And, if your surname is French, then that "field" somehow belongs to me, since I'm the king of France. "
Claire blushed with shame. She knew that she would have to pay a humiliating price to win freedom for James, but until the end she had hoped that her status as a noble woman and as a foreigner would protect her from the obscene pretensions of the sovereign, who had no peace until he managed to conquer every young beauty who came to court. Looking around the room, she knew immediately where the king wanted to lead her, taking advantage of her position of power: it was no coincidence that Louis had wanted to receive her in her bedroom.
She attempted a last ditch effort to preserve her honor as a woman and that of her husband.
"Majesty, - she said with a trembling voice - I am a married woman ..."
"Precisely, Madame: then make sure not to be promoted soon "widow". You know, we have some interesting works of merciful assistance for young women who find themselves in this sad condition: women without a man to be able to them. I myself entrust many of these young women, whose cold bed is no longer warmed by the body of a husband, to the convent I founded just outside Versailles and I often go to visit them, especially in the evening, out of sight. But to do any of them wrong, I let my guards and my grooms accompany me: you will have to see how those young ... fillies tremble at the sight of a well-endowed black stallion; how they whimper at the beginning and how they scream at the end, when they find the warmth of a cock of ... generous dimensions inside all their orifices at the same time ... Like any good shepherd I take care of these poor lost sheep ... sheep ... yes ... this is my favorite position.." He laughed amused at the horror that could be seen on Claire's face.
"And now, my dear, the time has come to show your precious merchandise a little. Come on, start by showing me your large breasts, which you put on so well at the last reception at the court, but never let yourself be approached by me, to let me better admire the two tasty strawberries that grow on top of your sweet secret garden ..

Claire completely undid her bust and loosened the wide skirt of her dress, letting the dress fall around her feet. The sad time had come to pay the shameful price of Jamie's freedom and she would have paid it all the way, but the king's contemptuous smile made a rage and strength build up inside her that she believed she had lost.

“Majesty, I am a married woman. I'll give it to you if you want it but leave me a modicum of dignity. I will be able to satisfy… every desire you wish , but I ask you for the respect that is due to a woman in love with her husband, who sacrifices herself for her sake. At least leave me the comfort of this shirt and I will give myself to you as the most devoted of lovers. "

Louis's contemptuous gaze of hers looked her up and down as she lay on her bed dressed only in a humble shirt that barely covered her crotch. He was unwilling to indulge a whore's whims but he would play with her like cat and mouse before he tasted the fruit of his victory. He walked over to the bed unbuttoning his pants and exposing his semi-erect penis.

"Spread your thighs well, bitch!" he told her as he rubbed his cock on her dry cunt. He tried to widen the neckline of her shirt to still admire her breasts, but Claire writhed under him. Louis gave off a horrible stench, which the French perfumes with which he covered himself every day could not disguise. He had stopped washing for years, and all the French nobility present at Versailles had followed his example. Personal hygiene at the French court had become a ridiculous and vulgar thing, which only the people and the bourgeoisie cared about.

"Please, Majesty, a little delicacy ..." she said, trying to push her disgusted face away while he tried to penetrate her with the brutality of a stable boy. But the king multiplied her brutal insistence.
“I have endured your insolence enough, you filthy English whore! Who do you think you are to give orders to me? Your husband's life is worth less than a gnat's to me, and yours still less. I can lock you in my prisons, in a dungeon with street brigands, thieves and murderers and enjoy the scene of how they will treat you. "
Claire was afraid of those words and she desperately tried to escape that hateful embrace. With the strength of desperation she wriggled under the body of the king, managing to move it and get out of bed. She threw herself on her dress and started to grab it but the voice of the king behind her froze her movements.
“You just signed your husband's death sentence! Today I will do it in the dungeon where I had him locked up and tomorrow someone will find his body in the Seine. But nobody will find your body anymore because I will have you deported to Louisiana as a whore in the service of some border garrison! "
The woman burst into tears. She had done everything possible to resist that man but she hadn't considered that he was actually a hungry beast. He was an absolute king, above the law. She knew that the French Revolution would one day wipe out that form of power but more than forty years would have to pass before then. It was useless to appeal to the law, to morality, to piety. This man was used to getting everything he wanted and destroying everything that bothered him. With her head bowed and her gaze pleading, she turned to the king.
“Forgiveness, Majesty! I adjure you! I'll do anything, Majesty, anything! But don't hurt Jamie!... "
Louis looked at her beaming in her pride. His bitch had finally given in. she was a toy in his hands.
"Take that rag off, you won't need it for the future, bitch!" he said scornfully. Slowly she complied, pulling her shirt off her head and remaining completely naked. “When I fuck a whore I want her naked. What are you? Tell me! "

"I am ... a .. whore ..." Claire muttered under her breath.
"Say it louder!" the king pressed on.
"I AM…. A… .WHOOOO-REEEE !!! " she screamed in a long sob, utterly humiliated and defeated.
“On your knees, bitch! You'll use your cheeky tongue to please your king, ”he told her as he pointed to her his stiff cock.

Her cheeks flushed with shame and streaked with tears, Claire sucked as she had been ordered and gently squeezed the thick rod between her trembling fingers.

 She struggled to hold back a retch as she brought her lips to the nauseating-smelling penis and she placed her tongue under it, tickling with the tip the big vein that went up from the scrotum to the tip already slimy with humors .

“You have to put in a lot more effort, you filthy little English bitch, if you really want to save your dear husband's life. I've seen peasants and nuns do more exciting things than you do on my cock. Get busy! " and he tugged at her hair mercilessly.
With her thoughts on Jamie and hoping that she would never know what she was doing for him, Claire began to tickle his testicles with slow, gentle movements of the fingers of her right hand while with her left she squeezed the rod and in a slow motion. up and down that accompanied the warm touch of his lips on the sensitive glans.
“Put it in! I want to feel your tongue and lips, bitch! "
And, with a long gasp muffled by the sickening club that invaded her mouth, she humbled herself again and eagerly sucked the sovereign's swollen flesh. Her lips encircled and squeezed the big intruder while her tongue tickled him from underneath: Louis was immediately delighted and moaned excitedly, grabbing the woman's dark curls and driving her mouth to swallow the whole club.
"So! ... So! ... whore !, Now we understand each other !. you're good at sucking cock, huh! You like this thing! And you did a lot prude with me, while instead you are a slut to the core. I should have you whipped and branded as a witch. Swallow it all, you filthy bitch! In the throat! I want to stick it all the way down your throat !! Brava sucks like that! so! the tongue! yes! what a waste of mouth for a damned Scotsman! I had to incarcerate that bastard first! ... "

At those words Claire felt betrayed. It had all been arranged for her to lend herself to that obscene market. That bastard would never free Jamie and would have forced her to indulge all his lewd whims for who knows how long. She felt her overbearing hands grab her hair at the back of her neck and her cock was thrust into her throat just as an unstoppable shudder ran through him. And her mouth and her throat were flooded with a hot, thick jet that made her disgusted with herself at how she had fallen down. In an instinctive reaction, without stopping to think, she gritted her teeth on the quivering flesh of her cock, causing Louis to scream in pain, knocking her to the ground with a slap across the face.

Oarghh you filthy whore, I swear you will pay for this!!!!!

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Re: OUTLANDER Claire Fraser at the mercy of the french King Louis XV
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Fumetto, this is a masterpiece! Please continue!!

I fangirl out to Outlander on a regular basis. You have no idea how much this presses all my buttons (and then some).
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Re: OUTLANDER Claire Fraser at the mercy of the french King Louis XV
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Interesting start! Merit.
I would like to know how her punishment goes...
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Re: OUTLANDER Claire Fraser at the mercy of the french King Louis XV
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Part 2 The king gets angry

"Little ignoble English whore! How dare you do such a thing? - King Louis yelled - I'll make you crawl in the mud like the snake you are! I'll make you regret being born!" And so saying, he started beating her savagely.

The first slap and the sudden fall had stunned poor Claire, who had banged with her temple on the floor. She lacked her strength and she had to suffer the beating of the king for several minutes without being able to offer the slightest resistance.
Louis enjoyed his physical superiority and the brutality he was using on Claire's body made up for the frustration of not being able to rape her right away, both because he struggled to regain the energy he needed after the wonderful blowjob he had just received, and because his injured penis hurts terribly. Punches, kicks and slaps fell on the beautiful Englishwoman's body like a storm, making her cry and scream. The violence excited Louis who had often indulged this perversion of his own with the ladies who rejected him and Claire was now the ideal victim, because she was guilty of an attack on the person of the sovereign, which could mean the death sentence for the young foreigner woman. His cock, although painful, rose with every moan of the poor woman and the rhythm of the brute's blows became more and more rapid and urgent. But at some point the forces that had supported him so far began to abandon him and Claire noticed it.
With a quick move she broke free from her grip and managed to push him to the ground and overwhelm him.

 Riding astride him, she pointed at his throat the blade that she, as a good Scotsman by adoption, she always kept in her right boot, and Louis lay furious but helpless on the ground.

Claire subjugates Louis 3.jpg"You filthy witch! You will pay for that! You can't do anything to me, bitch of an Englishwoman! You can't kill the king of France with impunity! Do you know what the penalty is for such a gesture? You will be dragged naked through the streets of Paris to Place Louis XV there they will tie your arms and legs to four workhorses, which will be frustrated and incited until they tear apart your filthy slutty body. And your beloved Jamie will be there to enjoy the show, on the gallows where he will go up after he I will have publicly castrated! ".
"Ignoble tyrant! Know that yes, I am a witch, you are right, and I foresee the future. You are nothing but a dwarf who cannot look beyond his nose and the ignoble depravities in which you live and amuse yourself, giving this fine example to the nobility of France. This behavior of yours will be the ruin of your family and your country. The day will come when the people of Paris invade these beautiful halls and drag your son and his family to prison. Nobody will tear those people when Louis XVI will be put on the gallows and his head will be cut off! And the same fate will happen to all this corrupt class of evil nobles. And I prophesy that you will understand it before you die and you will leave having these scenes of terror before your eyes. After you will come the Flood!"
Louis, bewildered by that prophecy and terrified by the blade brushing his throat, remained silent and trembling. Sitting astride him, Claire had proof of the king's surrender as a hot stream of urine ran between his thighs.

"Now you will write a pass for me and a release order for my husband and you will close it with your personal seal, which does not admit any counterorder. Then I will gag you and tie your hands and feet to this bed and lock the door, telling your servants that you want to be left alone, sleeping for the rest of the day, which will give me time to free my husband and run away with him.
Don't try to hunt us down, you filthy worm, or I'll make public the way a weak woman overwhelmed and humiliated you, to the point that you pissed on yourself.. "
Louis shivered and whimpered like a child. Claire made a quick comparison between this worm and Jamie: the comparison was so humiliating for her husband that the woman wondered how she could have lent herself, if not forced by violence, to give her body to such a nobody, a man. ready to beat a helpless and naked woman, but weak and cowardly when cornered.
The woman was sure that he would not attempt any false move, raised herself keeping the blade well in contact with his throat. She was still leaning over him when a door behind her swung open and a butler came in shouting.
"Majesty! Majesty! News from the Bastille! The Scottish prisoner has escaped!"
Louis, swift as a snake, grabbed her wrist and twisted it behind her back, until she dropped her weapon to the ground. Then he began calling the guards in a hysterical voice. Claire was promptly affected and pinned down as the king dressed and regained control of himself and the situation.

"So you tried to fuck me eh, you filthy English spy! But now you are definitely in my hands and you will stay there, rest assured! You deserve a punishment appropriate to the crime you committed, but I am also a statesman and a practical spirit. Because its a waste of such a pretty body when it can be useful to satisfy my desires and those of my friends as often as I want? Why miss the spectacle of you thrown naked in a cell where a dozen thieves and rapists are locked up waiting for the gallows and see what they will do to your delicious body? And why deprive the people of Paris of the pleasure of seeing the beautiful Claire Beauchamp dragged naked through the streets to Place Louis XV where you will be stuck in a pillory and whipped under the gaze of all Parisians and then left in the shackles all day with her thighs wide open, as it befits a whore like you, so that anyone who wants to can take the pleasures that your many orifices can offer?

 ... I'm sure your beloved Jamie will do everything to free you and so I will have a way to capture him. When he will be definitely in my hands and you will be my personal whore, I could sell you to the Bey of Algiers or really send you to distant Louisiana on a long sea voyage, which will give you the way to satisfy the cravings of all sailors, and on your arrival, the soldiers of some of my isolated garrison and the tribes of Indians loyal to my crown. You, filthy witch, will serve your king willy-nilly, indeed I prefer this second chance.

 And if my kingdom falls, like you said, you won't be able to see it. By then, at the most, you'll be an old hag with a big, flabby pussy and ass from lots of fucking and your tongue will be consumed by thousands of blowjobs. "
And, as he said this, he began to whip her on her ass with renewed pleasure.

Thanks for the kind words, well Claire's story is a bit different from the book and the series, it will be a longer ordeal with all sorts of people from the series and some contemporaries from back then. The story consists of about 20 chapters, which I will publish in the near future with matching pictures if there is interest.
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Re: OUTLANDER Claire Fraser at the mercy of the french King Louis XV
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Another merit from me, Fumetto. You're spinning quite the tale here and I'm addicted to Outlander. I can't wait to see what you'll come up with next. Your sense of action and pacing is perfect and tantalizing in all the best ways.
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Re: OUTLANDER Claire Fraser at the mercy of the french King Louis XV
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After having enjoyed whipping her under the eyes of the guards, who had come immediately, Louis pointed out to his soldiers poor Claire, who was crying bitterly, naked as when she was born.

"This cursed British spy broke into my room with the idea of luring me as the most ignoble of whores. But I was smarter than her and played her game, I have subjugated and punished her, but for what she deserves it is still not enough. Get her dressed before you drag her to the Bastille. I don't want any gossip about me at court. Tell the guardhouse commander to tighten up his watch over this young body , that he assigns three times as many guards to her cell and that this little snake is guarded on sight. I believe my guards will not be content with just watching .... I am sure that Madame Beauchamp will be able to do the honors of the house to her captors, is it true, bitch? ... ".
Claire was crying and dressed as quickly as she could, to cover her beautiful body from the gaze of the two eager soldiers.

"That's enough! - Louis said when only his chemise was put back on - Madame Beauchamp doesn't go to a royal reception at the court but ... to a private party. We save our guards precious time, when they will want to undress you!! ..."
Claire wept bitterly at being defeated by such a cowardly man. Defiantly and wiping her tears, she replied:
"You are just an ignoble coward! You demand sexual favors from a defenseless woman, who comes to ask you for justice. And to force her to bow to your wishes, you lock an innocent person in prison. You disgust me!"
Louis was dumbfounded by those words and pointed the woman to the two guards, who immediately grabbed her another guard held Claire at bay with a pistol and kept moving it up and down against her lips. When he saw her immobilized and helpless, Louis approached smiling wickedly and gave her a slap in the face and immediately after her backhanded.

"Still full of fire eh, damn English bitch! Well, it will be even more fun for me to get you down. Evidently one cock is not enough for you, you are such an insatiable bitch! You two! Strip this whore off and fuck her here, right now, in front of me! I really want to enjoy the show! "
"Nooooo !!! Damn, leave me! Leave meeeeeee!!!" Claire cried desperately as the two hurried to obey that unexpected and unexpected order with a pleasure as big as their erections. The shirt covering the woman was ripped off her and Claire found herself naked again between the two soldiers. She tried in vain to defend herself or to escape their grasp but she could do nothing against their strength and their growing excitement. Louis at a distance from her invited them to slap the woman to reduce her to her obedience.
"Fuck this filthy English bitch! I want to see her fucked from all sides! Wild and arrogant fillies like this one must be tamed with the whip and with the mounting of one or two thoroughbred stallions!"

The soldiers chuckled at that pun that wasn't out of place at all, given the size of the two impressive cocks that came out of the two pants of their uniforms.
"Come, Your Grace, we will let you taste something that you will remember for a while!- said the corporal, grabbing her by the hair and forcing her to lean forward, with her face at the height of the pubis covered with dark hair from which a cock smelly emerged. And while he was pulling her hair making her scream and shoving the rod all the way down her throat, the companion settled behind the beautiful victim, ready to fuck her from behind.

"In the ass! Stick it in the ass! - Louis ordered excitedly, throwing cries of joy like a child playing his favorite game. The soldier did not have it repeated twice and brutally spread the buttocks of the woman, who screamed desperately. She did not have never suffered such violence, though it had come very close once, when she was in the clutches of Captain Jack Randall. But now Jamie would not come to rescue her. The tip of his cock brushed the tender, contracted hole and with brutal violence opened it, without even a minimum of lubrication. Claire screamed in excruciating pain she had never experienced in life. Strength failed her, while the two men took advantage of her impotence to overcome her resistance and occupy the two opposite channels with their cocks.

"Suck, English whore, suck it well, if you don't want me to break your neck! - the corporal said plowing her throat vigorously and making her almost choke - I want to feel your lips around my cock, nice tight, ... so ... good! ... You know how to do it, bitch! "

The other thug took her from behind with violent thrusts while holding her firmly locked around her hips. The bristly hair of the man's pubis tickled the inside of his two gaping white buttocks with each thrust. By now his cock had conquered every inch of the woman's rectum and the violated anus began to dilate to let the rod pass in and out of her. The room was filled with Claire's desperate screams, the roars of the two soldiers, and the king's laughter and incitement to his soldiers to show that English slutty what the soldiers of the King of France were made of.

Claire blocked by the strong grip of the two rapists, and still threatened by a guard with a pistol she surrendered crying to that torment and ceased all forms of resistance by adapting to suck and lick greedily the big penis that invaded her mouth and throat. She stopped squeezing her buttocks and let the man who sodomized her devastated her body with her thrusts. Tears rolled down her face as she heard the soldier behind her giggle blissfully.

“You like to get ass fucked, you dirty English bitch, huh? Of course you like it, I was sure! Take this! and this! and this!..."
“Lick, beauty! So, as a good girl! You have a delicious mouth, little bitch! Keep it going! Keep it going!!! Keep it goiiiiiiiiiing!!!!… AAAAAHHHH !!!! Yeeeeessssss !!!! "

Louis had approached the group and was enjoying the orgy just a few steps away.
“Cum on her face! On face!!! I want to see her as dirty as a slut! " the king yelled at her soldier, who reluctantly pulled his cock out of the hot opening in which it was tickled to explode on her face in tears of the beautiful prisoner.

Meanwhile, the other soldier had arched his back as he threw himself even deeper into the belly of his victim and his cock poured all the semen of his swollen testicles inside it.

“Here, you filthy bitch !!! Take it all!"
The two soldiers dropped her to the ground, deprived of strength and pride, splashing the last drops of their juices on her.
“After me the flood, you said, damn bitch! I would say you were right: after me you had a deluge of sperm.

 And it's not over yet! Take her to the Bastille and close her in a dungeon until tomorrow, when she will serve her sentence and my revenge! "
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Re: OUTLANDER Claire Fraser at the mercy of the french King Louis XV
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What a great little story, love the images to support the words, merit earned from me.

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Re: OUTLANDER Claire Fraser at the mercy of the french King Louis XV
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thanks for doing this. Great work

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Re: OUTLANDER Claire Fraser at the mercy of the french King Louis XV
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Chapter 4: Claire in the bastille

Upon her arrival at the Bastille, Claire was immediately taken over by the commander of the fortress, the Marquis René Jourdan de Launay, who had admired her and, like every other man at court, had desired her during the sumptuous banquets at Versailles. Claire had treated him with disdain, both for his old age, for the evident lust of his filthy attentions, and for the nasty smell emanating from his putrid body. But now this little hen was a guest in his hen house and he would have relieved himself of the desire to snatch every feather from her.
As soon as she saw him, Claire threw herself at him, in tears.
"Marquis de Launay, thank heaven! Help me, Marquis, please, in the name of our friendship! It was all a misunderstanding, your majesty did not understand that ..."
"Shut up, you filthy bitch! I have specific orders from her majesty on your behalf and I will be very happy to carry them out. To begin with, take off that rag now!"
Claire looked around her, meeting the perverse gaze of the many guards who watched the scene.
"Marquis, I beg you! Have pity on my condition. I have nothing else on ..."
"Better that way, bitch! We'll hurry first. Off that shirt! Nobody enters my prison without being properly screened. And I'll be happy to carry out this assignment myself."
Defeated, Claire surrendered and, after taking off that one garment that covered her shame, she was naked and chained in front of the soldiers.

"I don't see weapons or poisons on you... let's check inside your body now!"
"Nooooo, you can't! You can't! I'm a woman !!!"
"That means I'll have to check two mole lairs instead of one." replied the marquis, making his men laugh coarsely, who, at a peremptory gesture of their commander, immobilized the woman. De Launay licked his dry lips, tasting with his eyes the lush kitten of the English lady, so admired at Versailles but never seen by anyone for how she was without her beautiful clothes.

"You know Madame Beauchamp, I find you much more interesting in this your outfilt of sinful Eva than with your provocative low-cut red dress, which you wore at the last reception at the court. - Then to his soldiers - Open her thighs and hold her still!"
Cries and screams did not stop him as he stroked the thick black hair of sex and introduced first one and then two fingers into the contracted vagina. The old man's bony fingers probed the warm wet channel until Claire's breathing became labored and her moans slower, deeper and more rhythmic. The slit tightened around the insistent fingers and their slow and continuous movement in and out produced an extremely sensual sucking noise after a few moments. Claire closed her eyes helplessly to resist that humiliating and delicious torture at the same time, and she felt a slow and unstoppable tide coming from afar, rocking her bowels.

"Our restless guest has become a tender kitten, huh ...? Well, there's nothing in here, not yet at least. Turn her on her stomach!"
Claire let out a long moan of frustration and humiliation as his two fingers pulled out of her sex, leaving her unsatisfied and frustrated. Shocked by the growing passion shattered by those words, she could only oppose with some useless whining to the brutal grip of the guards, who forcibly turned her belly on the table of the governor of the fortress and presented her full and firm buttocks to their commander. Before Claire could realize what was happening, her buttocks were spread wide and two of her tormentors bony fingers forced her anus, moving up her rectum to her last phalanx. The beautiful prisoner screamed in surprise, humiliation and horror at her brutal penetration. De Launay's fingers resumed his brutal inspection in the narrow orifice, heedless of the beautiful English woman's screams of pain and shame.
"The road to Sodom is pretty clear, even if it is a bit narrow. But you will see Madame, it is a journey that we will travel together and that you will not be able to forget. And now close her in a dungeon with bread and water. You will share it with the Bastille rats, you filthy slut, and they certainly do not get scared in front of this beautiful black cat of yours! ... "added the governor of the prison, returning to torment the sweet wet slit of the prisoner. - I will make you taste a old gray mouse, which I know, and who is still capable of feats ... - The sentence died on his lips, as a faint moan came from his lips and he rubbed his pathetic non-existent erection.
"Bring me the key to her cell, even the spare one. This prisoner is reserved for me. And tomorrow she will have a nice walk around Paris. Put something light, Madame, it will be a sultry day. I think your skin will be enough to cover you. , at least until you are covered with lashes and insults! And on your return we will resume our interesting conversation about hungry kittens and fighting mice ... "

The soldiers unwillingly accepted the order to hand over the cell key to the old pig, they had other plans for that night, but they were soldiers accustomed to sieges and they knew that a long-sought victory gave even greater satisfaction.

Finally Claire was led into one of the lower dungeons of the Bastille, de Launey hurried after her and called out to the men. Prepare Madame Beauchamp in the king's cell, our illustrious majesty would like to witness this whore once more. Claire felt a cold shiver as the hulking men led the young woman into a somewhat larger dungeon, which was furnished with all kinds of pillars and benches.

 The men mercilessly tore off the last of Claire's clothes and tied her to a kind of spreader bar under de Launey's expert observation. Claire's hands were pulled behind her back and tied to the ceiling with a rope. A voice rang out and ordered everyone present to withdraw. It was Louis, the French king, who had been so humiliated by Claire and to whom she was now completely at his mercy. In a calm and somewhat quiet voice the king spoke, "We have some catching up to do before I have her punished for her incredible insolence in the main square under the eyes of my jeering people.

The young Englishwoman summoned up all her courage and, due to her extremely painful position, only gasped back "And I hope you will be present at the punishment of an innocent woman, otherwise you probably won't be able to get a hard one" Claire's courage caused a certain respect to arise in the young king, but this was soon displaced by a boundless rage. The king grabbed a whip and stood behind Claire, the young Englishwoman could hear the unbuttoning of his trousers as he suddenly gave her a lash on the bottom. Claire cried out loudly, but calmed down immediately, because by now the king had brutally stuck his cock between Claire's buttocks and was rubbing it up and down between them, Claire did not want to offer the triumph of a moaning woman to her rapist. Claire was unable to offer the slightest resistance, exhausted from the long unsuccessful gallop she had been forced to do to Loise's delight. Louis kept changing the tension of her arms and brutally grabbed her ankle, tying it with rope and forcing her to bend her whole body in half,with her arms fixed, which in turn blocked her thighs, and with her ass and cunt raised and exposed to all kinds of attacks.

 Claire cried and kept her eyes closed, sobbing desperately, defeated and humiliated, but immediately regained her composure. After all the pain, it burst out of her, "Your Majesty, please! I beg you! Have mercy! Pitiéééé !!! Ayez pitié de moiiiiii !!!! - She tried desperately to tighten her thighs, but it was impossible. The pussy and ass were horribly exposed to the desires or the most sadistic punishments. The king grinned in amusement at the woman's futile attempts to hide her private parts, which were defenseless to his dirty actions
"You still want it, don't you, you little slut? Come on, admit it, you want to be fucked by a real man and not some smelly Scotsman every now and then.  "Cochooooonnn !!! Salaud de saaaaang !!!" She screamed with all her breath in her throat as the big wet rod entered her in one shot until it rubbed the man's pubic hair against the poor victim's buttocks.

"Yes my dear, I am the king and you are at my mercy for better or worse, your punishment will be endless, I will make you suffer until you go insane" . Here, bitch, take this! And that! And that!" her tormentor screamed at her as he patted her tits and pulled on her nipples. He wanted to bring her back to ecstasy in a few moments, but without giving her his most desired pleasure in the wet channel of sex. The cock assaulted Claire's ass like a sledgehammer and she cried out with each blow, in a torture that became more and more brutal. And then ... then the rectal canal quivered. Louis felt it and renewed his thrusts, the anus holding the rod in place with each entrance and expanding with each exit. And like the collapse of a tunnel in a mine, the colon began to contract and open at a rapid pace onto the marble cock, which unloaded its hot lava into the depths of Madame Claire Beauchamp's body, screaming her first anal orgasm to the world.

Suddenly there was silence in the room. The King gave another satisfied roar and pushed his last drop of cum into Claire's battered ass, giving her one last painful thrust with his cock, which was already beginning to deflate. Then, with a powerful jerk that elicited a new moan from his helpless victim, he pulled his cock out of the raped anus of the young Englishwoman, who was crying softly.

The king left with the words, "That gave me real satisfaction, it's a pity I won't see your punishment tomorrow, but urgent state business unfortunately demands me." With these words Louis left the dungeon and de Launey and two other hulking men freed Claire from her predicament.
"From the scream I heard, which was undeniably lust, I'd say you enjoyed your experience with the king you filthy bitch. I could be jealous of that. Get up and follow the gentlemen into the dungeon," and to force her to obey, he threw her to the ground, grabbed her by the hair and kicked her butt. Claire went on all fours, dragged by the beast, who hurled all sorts of insults at her in her native language. The trapped woman was forced to enter the next room without being able to see anything but the floor.

 Strong hands grabbed her by the arms and legs and took her to a dark and much smaller cell.


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Re: OUTLANDER Claire Fraser at the mercy of the french King Louis XV
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Absolute!! Superb stuff :emot_thedrool.gif:
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Re: OUTLANDER Claire Fraser at the mercy of the french King Louis XV
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Thanks a lot, I will do my Best, more  of Claires punishment will come soon.
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Re: OUTLANDER Claire Fraser at the mercy of the french King Louis XV
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Chapter 5: Claires punishment at the pillory
The next morning all of Paris knew the great news: Claire Beauchamp, the charming wife of a Scottish noble, one of the most beautiful lady and in sight of the court, would pay dearly for her attempt to attempt to take the king's life. The sovereign had been lenient and had not condemned her to quartering but, to the delight of all the citizens, the beautiful woman condemned would have marched naked through the streets of the capital and arrived in Place Louis XV, would have been exposed naked to the pillory, whipped on the buttocks naked fifty times and finally abandoned to the curiosity, outrage and desires of the people.
When the gate of the Bastille opened and the condemned woman came out escorted by a platoon of guards, naked as a worm, having no way of covering her shame, an ovation of insults and laughter and fart filled the streets.
"Whore! Filthy English spy!"
"How much did King George pay you to come and prostitute you with us, damn bitch?"
"Today we will show you how France knows how to fuck England! ..."
"What beautiful dresses, Madame! ..."
"Look, look how those two beautiful tits dance with every step! You feel like tasting them!"
"I'll give you something to taste, as soon as your ass is burnt to a crisp!"
"I told you, my husband, it's not true that all noble women shave down there, do you see?"
"Yes, I knew that the black forest was in Württemberg not in Scotland! ... Ah! Ah! Ah!"
With her eyes downcast, without even having the opportunity to cover her face because of her tied hands, poor Claire walked barefoot and bare in the cool Parisian morning, her eyes swollen with all the tears she had shed that night. De Launay had left her alone but not the soldiers on guard who came to annoy her at every change, to admire her naked body, which for further contempt had been chained with legs and arms wide open, so that from the peephole nothing of her body was removed from the sight and comments of the guardians. At every hour there had been insults and promises of what that soldiers would do to that beautiful noble cunt, that courtesan's ass, that impertinent mouth of her ...
Now, if she alone she slowed her pace because exhausted and distraught, a lash caressed her ass and a yank on her rope made her advance amid the laughter of the people.

"Move your buttocks, you ugly English sow! I really want to cook you to perfection on this spit! - shouted a big tavern cook, lowering his pants in front of everyone and grabbing a powerful cock of impressive dimensions in his hand.
"Let's give this Madame the beauty cream that fits her sow body!" screamed a toothless old hag, grabbing a large handful of horse dung from the ground and hitting the bare breasts of the condemned woman, who wept in despair.
"You are no longer elegant and haughty now, Your grace!" a maid yelled at her, giving her a loud spanking on her white buttocks, on which remained the red mark of her five fingers and all her palm.

Insults, jeers, obscene proposals followed one another without interruption. The beautiful Englishwoman had in her heart the terror and the shame that Jamie might see her in those conditions, but she trembled even more at the thought that her exposure to the mockery of the crowd was nothing more than the pretext to set the trap on her husband, if only he had somehow tried to save her. The sad pilgrimage of the naked lady to Place Louis XV continued amidst laughter, insults and shouts like that of a ship in the midst of a storm. And the shameful landing was now just a few steps away. The beautiful Claire's heart sank when, entering the square, she saw in the very center the pillory waiting for her on a high platform, from where she would be exposed bent at ninety degrees and with her thighs wide open, so that she could hide nothing of the graces that nature had given her.
The shameful procession arrived in the square full of people and Claire with thrusts and slaps was forced to climb the ladder that led to the platform, where the sad instrument of her public shame had been placed.

As her wrists were untied cackles subsided until it was almost completely quiet.

Claire's wrists were grabbed by the guards and held in the two holes of the solid oak device, then the convict was forced against her to bend her back until her neck was stuck in the central hole. The executioner's assistant closed the top of the yoke over her neck with a thunderous blow and the wrists of the condemned woman who jumped in fear .

Her full breasts swayed, arousing comments and laughter from the crowd. Claire began to shake like a leaf when, now immobilized, she saw the executioner and his assistant move behind her, firmly grasping her legs at the height of the thighs and knees and spread them wide to offer the crowd the unveiled view of her parts. It was the long-awaited moment for everyone and he was greeted by an ovation of whistles and laughter, while the naked young woman's cry of shame rose high. The ankles were locked so that nothing of the beautiful English woman's femininity was hidden from everyone's view.
A bailiff took the stage and read the sentence.
"The present Claire Beauchamp, French by birth but Scottish by adoption, was found guilty of espionage in the pay of the King of England, of prostitution, for having entered the private rooms of our sovereign with the intent of luring him and then blackmailing him. Her arrest is thanks to our beloved king who, at the risk of his own life, was able to defeat her alone, even escaping the blade of his dagger. The death sentence that this diabolical female deserved was commuted, by the generous grace of our beloved sovereign, with fifty barrel shots to be received in the public square on her bare buttocks. - a shout of exultation rose from the crowd, accompanied by the whining of the woman obscenely stuck in the shackles - Furthermore, the present here Claire Beauchamp is condemned to exposure to the pillory for a day and a night. His Majesty the King allows the valiant citizens after sunset to approach the condemned woman to express the indignation of the whole population of France for the sacrilegious act she attempted against the person of the sovereign, provided that the condemned woman is not mutilated or killed ..."
"No fears, old barn owl, we have other plans for those wide open thighs and that mouth! ..." shouted a voice from the crowd, immediately followed by laughter and whistles.
"Long live the king! - concluded the bailiff, and then, turning to the executioner and his assistant who had settled on the sides of the pillory with their rods in hand, right in front of the buttocks offered for punishment, he murmured - Execute the sentence!"
The executioner's mighty arm lifted and the blow vibrated in the air with a sinister whistle. And then he fell on the ass offered to the kiss the barrel, with a loud thud. Claire's scream tore through the air followed by a long moan and heartbreaking sobs. The executioner's assistant didn't give her time to recover before he dropped a new, painful lash to her lower back.

Those closest to the dais enjoyed the sight of her swollen breasts dancing back and forth with each stroke, nipples erect and turgid from the caress of the breeze. Vulgar comments about her intimate parts of her wide open for all to see reached her ears, making her die of shame. What especially worried her was the shame that Jamie could be in the square and could see her in that obscene pose and the fear that such curiosity would make him fall into Louis's hands again and in this case definitively. Louis had hinted that he would have him castrated in the public square before hanging him, and what she was going through confirmed that he was a man capable of such brutality.At the thirtieth stroke her stomach almost turned because of the position she was forced to remain in, Claire was almost suffocated by the gagging she suddenly felt. Ten blows later, the tiredness, the tension and the excruciating pain, besides to the cool breeze of the day that caressed her thighs and belly, they made her lose control of her bladder and a warm straw-colored jet began to flow between her wide open thighs, amid the laughter and insults of the crowd. The last three blows were given with exaggerated brutality and the cry of the condemned woman exceeded that of the crowd.

The first part of the punishment was over. Claire was physically destroyed, her butt was a swollen, sore mass with fifty streaks ranging from bright red to deep purple. There was no doctor who could help her because the king had expressly forbidden to give her any kind of assistance. But the wounds on the buttocks were really bad and could have become infected. The bailiff, responsible for the execution of the sentence, then turned to the executioner, to see if he could do something about it.
"Of course, Your Lordship, those who strike are also capable of soothing the effects of the blow. I am an expert in my trade. I will treat her with a camphor-based balm, which soothes pain in the muscles and helps to heal wounds. She will not like it , it burns like fire, but for her ass it will be the only salvation. You will see, for tonight this damsel will be ready to meet her many lovers. "
Satisfied by that answer, which freed him of a responsibility, the bailiff went down from the platform and gave the order to the guards to disperse the crowd, but having seen the spectacle, which was offered on the platform, of the young and naked body of a beautiful woman, bent at ninety degrees with her legs wide open, no one was willing to go away and indeed many put themselves in the note to be among the first to be able to approach her that night.
The executioner took the soothing balm, with a strong pungent odor, from his bag and positioned himself behind the condemned woman.
"Well, beauty, your nice little ass is just a crap. I bet it hurts like hell, right? ..." he said wickedly, running a finger over a sore.
"NOOOOOOO !!!!" Claire screamed in pain.
"If you are good and kind to me tonight, I may decide to do something to get you through that pain and heal these sores."
"Ohhh yes, please, sir, do something. Please."
"Well, beauty, I have here a balm that will put you back in shape in no time. It will burn you and you will feel your buttocks on fire but then, after a few hours the pain will pass and your buttocks will be as beautiful and white as those of a newborn." he told her, giving her a loud slap on the buttocks offered to her hand. Claire cried out in pain, realizing that she couldn't trust that guy's good heart. She felt him open her jar and then felt a strange sensation on her right buttock, the cold of the balm and the warmth in it infused into the brutalized muscles of her buttock. The heat soon became stinging and the man's rough, callused hand was completely numb to her moans.
"My God, it hurts! Burn! Burn!"
"Calm down, it's all normal, this nice little ass will be as good as new." he chuckled to Claire. In the meantime he had begun to massage her other buttock too and now he was groping her ass in the center of the square under the eyes of many envious men. Claire wiggled her butt obscenely, sometimes to escape that impertinent touch, sometimes seeking the refreshment that after the first burning sensation she was now beginning to appreciate.

"Thank you, sir, thank you! But take it slower please, more gently please, sir. It hurts so much!"
"All right, Your Lordship, it's not that bad and your ass is really small and pretty that I have too much balm with me. It would be a shame to throw it away with everything it costs!" And so he saying his rough hand descended from the two firm hills behind to the most intimate area between her thighs.
"Nooooo !!! Not there! Don't touch me there !!!" she screamed desperately moving her pelvis sensually like a belly dancer. But hangman's fingers were already on her vulva and tormenting her sadistically. His ointment-soaked index finger searched for the hidden pearl in her folds where the sweet crack closed, a sensitive spot Claire loved to stroke on nights when Jamie was away. The sensitive button immediately came alive and began to burn as if it had been touched by a red-hot iron. The stimulation of his fingers made her wake up and stand up like a little devil out of hell and Claire's moans began to change tone, becoming a sign of indisputable pleasure.
"Mmmmhmmm, nooo please .... Uuuhhmmmm! Aahhhhh "Eh! Eh! Eh! Burn huh this hard nail that you keep under there. You'll see how I make you put out the fire now, milady! ... - and while he continued to torment her firm clitoris, rubbing around his index and middle fingers of his left hand, he slipped the index finger of his right into the hot slit, which in contact with the balm became even more inflamed. - Feel feel how wet you are below! Let's put two of your fingers and see if you like it more! " and as soon as he removed his finger from her vagina, he saw the woman's pelvis rise to a spasm, desperately seeking relief from that deep arousal.
Dying of shame for what she was doing but no longer being able to resist the passion, Claire would even spread her sex lips to invite those two newly promised fingers in. Her clitoris was sending out delicious signals, but the man's fingers left her, just on the most beautiful side, much to the chagrin of the prisoner. But immediately the hot touch of his balm bit her nipples, making her a long moan of arousal. - Great pair of boobs, Your Lordship. I love busty breasts! "
"Please, please please !!!" Claire murmured in one breath.
 The man enjoyed seeing the woman sway her over and down as far as her pillory allowed, letting his two big fingers penetrate with great ardor into her wet channel. People on the square watched the scene and cheered the obscene spectacle. When, now close to touching the top, the clitoris was again abandoned to her frustration, the woman multiplied her efforts with the pelvis to increase the rhythm and intensity of the vaginal masturbation of the two impertinent fingers and orgasm caught her with a scream liberating, just as the executioner slipped the index finger of his left hand into her asshole.!"
After noon the executioner and his assistant opened the pillory and allowed poor Claire some rest. So many hours locked in that obscene position had caused her painful cramps and her back was struggling to stay upright. The woman collapsed to the ground, unable to move a single muscle and for a while she lay on the platform in the center of the square. But then the mass of time wasters and idlers. that were crowded in the square to enjoy the spectacle of her humiliation of her, began to protest because her beautiful body was no longer exposed.
"Time to get back into your place, Your Grace." said the executioner, brutally grabbing her by the arm and lifting her off the ground.
"No please, let me go a little longer, my muscles hurt so much."
"People protest and I have to do my job. The convict has to be exposed to public view all day, says the sentence. People want to see your cunt, your boobs and your ass. Get moving!"
"I beg you! Give me a few more minutes. I'll do whatever you want."
"If you are willing to please the crowd and be admired, without hiding any of your graces, then I could give you a few more minutes of freedom from the shackles." her executioner answered, lifting her chin and looking into her eyes.
Eyes swollen with tears, poor Claire nodded yes with her head.
The executioner lifted her up and pushed her to the center of the dais.
"Now spread your thighs wide and show everyone your beautiful pussy!" he ordered her in a peremptory tone. And Claire, eyes downcast in shame, put herself in that obscene pose. Whistles, shouts, and ignoble comments immediately filled the square. Claire was forced to repeat that pose several times on each side and on or each corner of the dais.
"Your ass! Show us your ass, beauty! Let's see if the executioner's finger has spread it properly for tonight!" yelled a worker in the square.
"Did you hear? Do as he said!" ordered the executioner.
"But that's awful! They can't ask me this!" Claire sobbed desperately.
"Obey or I'll put you back in the pillory and stick the handle of my whip in your ass, to show how wide it can get." the man answers.
Won, Claire positioned herself with her legs apart turning her back to the crowd and leaned forward, then brought her hands to her buttocks and slowly opened them, showing everyone the tight opening of her anus.
"Executioner, there's still a lot of work to do!" screamed amidst her cackles and laughter a voice from the square.
Claire turned around full of shame and anger.
"What men are you? Don't you have a mother or a wife or a sister at home? What would you do if she were forced to do these things? Shame on you. I'm innocent, I just tried to save my husband!"
Everyone laughed at that extreme defense of her.
"You helped your husband very well, I see! Now by order of the king we are your husbands and we will soon be consuming our wedding night!" another worker laughed. "Now, like a good girl, go back to bend over to this side, we want to see your wares too and move your nice big boobs a little bit!" Claire watched the executioner's glare as she stroked the pillory and with slow steps she moved to another side of the dais to resume the same scandalous position she had assumed. But as she bent her heart beat like a crazed clock when she, bringing her hands to her buttocks to offer the inside of her back slit to the crowd.
Night had now fallen on the almost deserted square. The idlers, those who had no work for which to get up early in the morning, rich or poor, they wanted to be among those who would first step on the platform to enjoy the body of the beautiful and noble prisoner. The sentence of being turned into a public harlot for one night, offering her body to countless customers, who would pay a price at the royal coffers, was the last major humiliation Claire had to endure that day. She later she would no longer be able to show her face in public without being recognized for the gentlewoman fucked by half of Paris one night in the pillory of Place Louis XV.
The first to use her body was of course her executioner who approached her with a strange instrument closed in her hand, from which two long leather straps came out.
"You will forgive me for the distrust, beauty, but I really care about my cock and I don't want any nasty surprises." And so saying he closed her nose with two fingers and waited for the woman to open her mouth to take a breath; then, with a lightning-fast move, he put what he was keeping hidden in his hand behind her teeth, a kind of horse bit but to circle shape, which kept Claire from closing her mouth or gritting her teeth. Claire screamed something incomprehensible as he firmly secured the leather straps behind the woman's head so that the thing couldn't move.
"Now you won't be able to bite me and all your other customers and I will feel safer. And now let me see how well you move your tongue!". At the first resistance of Claire he gave her a slap in the face and squeezed a nipple between his strong fingers until Claire, defeated, decided to obey: she put out her tongue and began to move it wildly, hoping that this was enough to satisfy the man but with terror saw that he was splitting or pants and pulling out a mighty hard cock.
"Well done, Your Lordship, you have a long tongue! Let's see how you can use it as well as to annoy a man with your chatter! Start licking my balls and then continue to the top. Well done, so ... delicious ... you have a mouth that is a paradise .... She licks everything around well, like a good girl ... "
Claire crying she resigned herself to performing that horrible performance. She loved doing oral sex with her husband but the experience she was having now was degrading. When the man grabbed her by the hair and stuck his cock in her mouth, Claire moaned and gurgled her protest unnecessarily, and at the painful uncorking of her hair she decided to satisfy the man with one of her hottest blowjobs. . As her lips tightened around the rod and her tongue stroked and sucked , her thoughts went to the nights of love with Jamie, when the very things she was doing filled her with joy and pleasure instead of shame. and crap.
Finally the executioner spoke to Claire " I will now remove that pesky mouth gag to fully enjoy your oral skills, bite once and you will rue the day you were born, do you understand me whore?" With these words the executioner ran his whip over Claire's full breasts, removed the leather ball from her mouth, and immediately went into action.

"Keep it up, keep it up lady, you're awesome, yeah, yeah yeah ... still, ... do that thing again ... oohhh, yeeeessss !!!!". He grabbed her by her hair and dumped all of his load of cum down her throat. The executioner's assistant joined in and also sprayed his full load into poor Claire's face.

The woman threw up in disgust as they both dressed. Then Claire saw the executioner step off her dais and come up carrying two large jute bags, which he placed under her between her gaping thighs. Claire felt her rough burlap stroking the fur of her sex.
"These will serve as a mattress for those who want to fuck your pretty pussy from underneath and want to suck your nice boobs. And now, my dear, you have many friends who have come to see you. Try to be as nice to them as you have been to me or I will make you regret it! ".
The executioner made the first five of the line that had already formed behind the dais go up, and they all lined up in front of the woman: there were workers, artisans, common people but one of them was a nobleman that Claire had met in Versailles, who approached her mischievously.
"Madame Beauchamp, what a wonderful opportunity to meet and get to know you! You know, I got your pussy for a few sou. I thought it cost more to fuck the Versailles whore. So I felt generous and paid for my servant Paul too, do you see? He's the one on the right, yes, the black one, a real African that you won't be able to forget easily ..."

And while he said these words the men who were waiting unbuttoned the flap of their pants pulling out their cocks. Claire shivered with terror seeing Paul's: it was an immense cock, like she had never seen before, at least twelve inches long and three inches thick. That monstrous thing in her asshole would tear her apart. She tried to protest and shook her head desperately how much space the little the hole in her pillory allowed, but her almost animalistic noises she made brought onl her torturers to laugh loud at her , so they approached with theirs cocks in their hand. The three of them positioned themselves at the front of the pillory and a couple of them grabbed her wrists and pulled them forward as far as the width of the hole allowed.

Then they put her hands at the height of their rods and forced her to take them in her hand. With a brutal pull of her hair they made her understand that there was no need to play pranks and forced her to masturbate them. The third of them took it the same way she had just taken by her executioner. With horror Claire felt that the jute of the sack was lowered under the weight of a body and the noble who had previously mocked his positioned himself under her, firmly grabbed her hips and unceremoniously slipped his cock between her tender lips her sex and penetrated her with a powerful thrust of the kidneys. Claire screamed in bewilderment but her scream was lost in a muffled moan from the cock plowing her throat. Meanwhile, the noble continued to fuck her with powerful thrusts of his pelvis, while he delighted in sucking her swollen breasts and nipples that were erect and hard as small nails. When Paul's black thumbs slipped into the deep crevice buried between her buttocks and he opened them to admire her anus, Claire thought she was dying. She had recently suffered anal violence but that monster cock had nothing to do with any sex experience she had ever had. And knowing that that thing would enter through her hole narrower and drier than hers made her mad with horror. Paul spat in his hand and wet his cock already wet and slimy with sex moisture, then brought the head of his gigantic penis close to the mouth of the sphincter and with some effort overcame the resistance of the anal muscles by going up the narrow rectal canal with a few strokes all the way. Claire's heartbreaking scream gave more vigor to the cravings of her rapists, who urged her to do better with those beautiful delicate hands of hers and with her mouth.
When nearly all five joined climax together, they left her covered in cum and from head to toe.
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Re: OUTLANDER Claire Fraser at the mercy of the french King Louis XV
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Love her abuse in front of a big audience. :emot_thedrool.gif:
And her humiliation is still not over, isn't it?
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Re: OUTLANDER Claire Fraser at the mercy of the french King Louis XV
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Thank you for your kind words. No, poor Claire's ordeal is far from over, the French king is not someone who forgives easily. And old De Launey, the chief administrator of the Bastille, also has a score to settle with Mrs Beauchamp, plus lots of rough fellows. In addition, there are lots of characters from Outlander, but also real people from this century. The story contains 23 chapters, if there is interest I will publish a chapter with pictures from time to time until the grand finale.

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Re: OUTLANDER Claire Fraser at the mercy of the french King Louis XV
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MOST definitely there is interest for the ongoing of this story and its absolutely gorgious pictures!
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