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Captive. Chapter one
« on: June 23, 2022, 08:37:52 AM »
"Well what do you think Chris?"
 I looked at the young girl tied up and gagged  on the the couch and smiled at her .

I then turned at looked at my partner in crime.
Her name was Kerry ,
Like the girl on the couch  is where Kerry started off.
She'd been homeless , I felt sorry for her , not because she was homeless, but because she was just what I was looking for .

I was in the human trafficking business .
Nothing to be proud of.
I had fallen on hard time after leaving the armed forces after  12 years of service .

I then met an old friend, he was doing very well for himself .
He told me what he did and asked if I'd like the opportunity to join him .
He gave me a few thousand pounds to help me get started .
The agreement being he would take 15% of any takings I made.

Kerry was my third victim , I  plied her with food and drink , She was so thankful , then realised when she woke up on the couch just like our new victim .

Kerry took a lot of time to train ,She was a fighter .
I had to tie her down , every time I raped her , I had to use a ring  gag when I raped her throat.
She threatened to bite off my cock even if It meant she'd end up dead .
Eventually  she accepted that whatever she tried to do she always lost the fight .
Then she began to change , She was beginning to enjoy what was happening to get .
When it was the time to sell her , She came up with a suggestion.

 " Look I don't want to be sold , I'm truly happy being with you here.
I could be useful to you"
I asked her how .

 "Well , She took a deep breath ., you get your victims, train them and sell them on .have you ever thought of making sex video's of them , you'd make a load of money as a bonus , I could even get victims for you, but I'd want a cut of the profit, you can still fuck ,but only if I say so ".
I made the deal with her , She also wanted to stay ,but wanted her own room .

Kerry looked at the girl on the couch and walked over to her and removed the gag .
Immediately ,the girl started screaming at her .
" You fucking Bitch , what the fuck do you think your fucking doing "

 Kerry smiled .
Then slapped the girl hard across the face , the girls head spun at the force of the slaps .
 "You shut your fucking mouth ,you do not speak until we tell you to do you fucking understand?.

Through tearful eye's , and with a frightened look on her face she spoke again .
" Please what am doing here, who are you ,what do you want from me ?

The poor Bitch screamed again as Kerry slapped her over and over again .

 "Oh poor little Jenny you really can't remember, we met in the club , I got talking to you ,got you a drink, with something else in it , you said you didn't feel too good , I helped you outside , then on the club car park I led you to my car , I even let you throw up, didn't want you doing it in my car did I , and here you are "

Kerry turned and smiled at me, then turned back to face Jenny.

 "Your here because you suit our needs ,and what we want from you is to do exactly as you are told .
Your going to be a porn star, we are both going to be fucking you , in your pussy ,asshole and mouth , your going to satisfy all our needs , then if your a good girl we will let you go ".

" Oh God you can't , please I've only just turned  18 years old, I've never  done anything like that before, I don't even have a boyfriend. ".

Kerry slapped Jenny again .
" You fucking  liar , you have got a boyfriend ".

 "  I   haven't honestly I haven't , I have to study so much ".

Kerry looked at me .

 " She has hasn't she ".

" Hell  yes  she's  just become my new girlfriend. ".

" Jenny say hello to your  new boyfriend ".

Kerry  removed Jenny's restraints,  pulled her off the couch and stood her in the middle of the living room .

" Ok Jenny take off your clothes , nice and slow then put your hands above your head, don't want you trying to hide everything you've got to offer  your new boyfriend do you.

" Please no , please don't make me do this ,  I don't want to , I just want to go home"
 She began crying uncontrollably.
Kerry walked up to her , grabbed long blonde hair and dragged Jenny across the room .
 "Chris go and get my whip, I'm going to show her what happens if she doesn't obey us ".

" No no oh God no ,please don't hurt me, please ".

" So your going to strip , show us your lovely  naked body ?

 "Yes ,yes just don't hurt me ".

Kerry came and sat on the arm of my chair ,She gave me a kiss, I hope you enjoy what you see ,She was the prettiest girl in the club".

" Ok sweetie start stripping and make it slow and sexy ".

Jenny slowly began taking off her clothes .

First was her  lacy flowered top ,  then she took down her shorts  ,inch by inch , She was sobbing the whole time.

" Good girl Jenny ,your doing great. "

Jenny stood in just her bra and panties.
 "Please please , do I have to take off my bra and panties." .

 "Jenny Jenny Jenny , how can we see your tits and pussy if they are covered up, come on , you really don't want to be hurt do you ?.

Jenny slowly removed her bra.
" Wow Kerry they are a nice pair , can't wait to get my mouth on them nipples , they are perfect".

Jenny then , shaking and sobbing, lowered her panties.

 "Oh my God , She shaves her pussy, look how smooth it is ,and it looks so fucking tight, I'm going to have trouble getting in there ".

"Jenny , do you shave it to tease all the boy's when you wear, a short skirt, and when you wear a bikini , your a prick tease , look but don't touch girl ".

" So you like your new girlfriend then , I'm sure she is going to do her best to make you very happy".

 "Turn around Jenny bend over and spread your ass cheeks wide apart, we want to see your tiny little asshole."

Jenny sobbed even louder, "please no don't make me do that , it not right. ".


Jenny looked at me with pleading eye's .

" You'd better do it girl ,  I've seen Kerry when she's mad and I promise you ,you won't be able to walk  for weeks ".

Jenny turned bent over reached behind her and spread herself wide open .

" Christ ,Chris , I'm definitely going to need to help you open that up , we might even have to tie her down , she'll fight like hell to stop you ".

" Ok Jenny , you can stand up again now , but don't you dare cover yourself up, you must always be on show , do you understand  me , now go sit on that chair and don't forget what I said , and I want you to smile , I  want a nice photo  of you , it's going to be the cover of your first porn movie ".

Jenny just sobbed and nodded her head .
She went over to the chair Kerry had pointed at sat down and tried to smile .

Kerry took the picture ,  She took my hand and pulled me up off  the chair .
" That's great Jenny, not bad at all for your first shot, you'll be doing a lot more , so practice on your smile and the look in your eye's.

" Come on  Chris let's get set up for the movie"
  She reached down and grabbed my cock.
 "Bloody hell , your definitely ready "
  She looked over at Jenny  he's huge , your going to love it, now you just stay there like that ,and think about what your going to be doing very soon ,  if your a sensible girl you'll be doing everything we tell you to do .

 Kerry led me out of the room and up to the bedroom .
 "Lets get started ."

To be continued .
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Re: Captive. Chapter one
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2022, 04:09:02 PM »
Excellent beginning, except you mistyped her age. Of course, she was celebrating her 18th Birthday at the Club, otherwise it would be against the rules of the Club, and of this Board …. Hope you agree, and alter the age. 18 years old virgin still is a virgin. … 😉
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Re: Captive. Chapter one
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Yes sorry
Will change her age now 😀
There are no such thing in life as problems.
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Re: Captive. Chapter one
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Well done! And now please continue your story!  >:D
If she can‘t breathe, she can‘t scream !