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Desire of The Rose
« on: April 15, 2022, 04:03:38 PM »
The following story is a spinoff of a universe where a sex cult for descendants of a serial rapist and a lesbian sex cult merged into each other. It is not necessary to read these stories, but our antihero is part of this group. Also this story takes place a few decades into the future.

The story centers around a female hunting a male in order to force him to have sex. As with all my stories this is simply a fantasy not reality blah blah blah. You know the drill and if you don't you can just not read so you don't get offended k? K.

Desire of The Rose

She hadn't moved in a long while. Her body was bathed in sweat from the south Texas heat. For many the heat would be unbearable, but she was used to it. A sniper needed to stay still hours at a time in order to make their mark. Her skills didn't come close to a real army sniper like Chris Kyle, but they were good enough. She was the invisible woman. Someone no one would look twice at. Oh sure, she could become a perfect 10 if she wanted to. Yet throwing her body around was too easy. The thrill of someone unwilling had become a drug to her. Hence why she was out in the Texas heat. She was a member of a super secret society, Society of the Rose, where people can explore any sexual desire they wished. Society of the Rose members usually kidnapped their victims for sexual pleasure. No one had told her why her mark was on The Society's radar. It could have been any number of reasons, but it ultimately didn't matter to her. They would have told her if he was a threat. All that mattered was that he was her type. An ordinary young man not too ugly or too handsome. She had chosen him a few weeks ago after browsing through a few of the unrestricted files to find someone to play with. Her plan on capturing her mark had been completed a day later, but she had to wait for other prospective Society members to play before it was her turn. It always got busy for a month or two when new members needed to prove themselves worthy to join.

Her mark was a college boy home for the summer. She had been watching him for a few weeks. He looked and acted like he didn't quite fit in with any group. Not exactly nerdy, not exactly athletic, not exactly smart, not exactly stupid. She always preferred the type that didn't quite belong anywhere. Easier to hunt without getting caught. Invisible like her, but not by choice. A virgin, or maybe someone who got lucky once but wouldn't get lucky again for a long time. Or even someone who still thought they were a virgin. Those cocks were the best to play with. To manipulate. To explode inside of her and make her mark want more. Desire flooded her womanhood. The urge to quench her pussy's thirst took over her body. She slowly reached into her pocket to press a button. The vibrator inside her already wet snatch caused an explosion of pleasure to rock her body. A moan escaped her lips. She quickly reached into a bag beside her and pulled out a strap on dildo. Her mouth became acquainted with it to muffle out her moans of pleasure so no one could hear her while she continued to watch her mark. She shoved it all the way inside and clasped the straps behind her head. Her pussy of course craved more, but her body was satisfied with the pleasure. For now. Soft moans fell out of her muffled mouth as she looked into her binoculars to watch her mark.

An hour passed. Maybe two. Time always lost meaning when she was having fun. Pleasure and her mark was all she knew at the moment. As she watched she fantasized about what she would do to him. Give him Viagra and take his hard cock inside her for hours. Muffled moans dripped to the ground along with drool from her mouth. Her chin was slick with drool. She turned the vibrator up. Fire burned within her pussy. She imagined the vibrator was his meaty member and that he was close to shooting his load. Slowly the fire spread. She was close. Muffled screams burst from the gag. Drool was everywhere. Suddenly her watch lightly buzzed. Shit she was so close! She hoped it wasn't something that would require her to stop pleasuring herself. Her pussy ached with hungry desire as she turned the vibrator down. She fished her phone out of her pocket and was able to see the new text in her notifications menu.

Your reservation to the Rose Inn has been processed and confirmed.

Excitement and adrenaline rushed through her veins. The text was coded language of course. It meant she was good to kidnap her mark and have fun with him however she wanted. That was worth stopping herself from getting an orgasm right now. She swiftly turned off the vibrator in her dripping snatch and lowered her pants a little to get it out. That done, she unclasped the straps on her head and removed the dildo from her mouth. Her jaw ached from not closing for a while, her teeth felt weird, and her panties were soaked with juices. She tapped on her phone and deleted the message. Then she sent a message to a number not on her contacts list. A number she had memorized.

The roses were delivered to the wrong address. It will take me 20 minutes to get them.

The message was read a few moments later. Immediately she deleted the text she sent. It was time to move. Her hands grabbed dirt on the ground. She rubbed it all over her face and neck. Next, she took off her clothes aside from her bra and panties then put them in her bag. That done, she pulled out average clothes from her bag, rolled them around in the dirt, and then got dressed. She opened the picture app on her phone and reversed the view to look at herself. Her face and body looked like someone had their way with her. Perfect. She took a few pictures and made a few fearful, helpless faces. Someone in the society would probably get off to them later. Her way of paying it forward since they also helped her get her juices flowing. It was time to meet the mark. She pounded on the back door. After a few minutes, the door opened. She looked at the ground in an attempt to look pitiful and pathetic.


"Woah what happened to you?"

"He...he took...he took..." She raised her head to look at her mark and pretended to be afraid. "I...I..." Her feet went backwards as she pretended to be an abused damsel in distress in fear for strangers. It was all bait designed to get him out of his house. She could have easily broken in and overpowered him, but this way was more thrilling. The face men made when someone seemingly helpless suddenly made them helpless was always priceless.

His face was filled with concern and worry. Yet he didn't move from his doorway. So, he was a freezer when in difficult situations. She had to up her game. A scream of faux fear pierced the air as she backed away faster. She accidentally on purpose tripped on her own feet and fell to the ground. "Oh damn," he exclaimed. She heard his footsteps come towards her and inwardly smiled. Cries and sobs escaped her lips as she acted the part of someone distressed. She felt his hands around her armpits and allowed him to help her up.

"Th...thank" she sniffled.

"What happened? Should I call 911?"

She smiled and suddenly pushed him. He was taken aback and fell on his ass to the ground. His face went from concerned to shocked to pained. The thrill of seeing someone realize they were the ones in danger always stimulated her. And he didn't disappoint. Fear now filled his face.

"Wait, wait please! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

"Oh? What are you sorry for?"

"I didn't mean for it to get this far! It was just a joke!"

"A joke?"

"Yes! A joke!"

"Tell me what you did. Admit it."

"I...I...posted someone's nudes. But I didn't know they were hers I swear! I thought she had given me fake ones!"

Now she knew why the society chose him as a victim. He sounded like an internet troll or an online bully. He definitely pissed someone off in the society. A scout from the society would have found him through his IP address, observed his behavior for a day or two after his name was entered on the victim list, and then created the file that drew her attention to him. He knew someone was pissed at him since he protested his innocence without any prompting from her. The person who put him on the Society's list must have given him a vague threat. Whoever it was needed to be talked to and encouraged to be more discrete. She made a mental note to follow up on it later and checked her watch. 10 minutes had elapsed.

"You're lying" she simply replied.

"I swear I'm not! I didn't know! I thought they were fake please!"

She ignored his protests and punched him in the head. He whimpered and moaned. Her fist punched his head again to make sure he would be too disoriented to escape while she retrieved her bag. Keys emerged from her bag and she pressed one of the buttons. She returned to her mark. He continued to whimper and moan.

"This is what's going to happen. A van is going to pull up in 8 minutes. You are going to get in the van. You can either walk on your own power or be dragged in it. Your choice."


She turned him onto his side and looked into his eyes. "You are going in the van."

His eyes filled with tears and he decided to start struggling then. She laughed at him as his body flopped clumsily like a fish out of water.

"Struggle harder! You might actually get away," she mocked and cackled. He continued to thrash on the ground. Moans and pitiful cries escaped his lips. She watched him with amusement. They always looked good during the initial struggle. He breathed heavily and appeared to be exhausted. She saw his eyes change with the look he gave. He had an idea.

"Hey, how much are you being paid? My parents can probably double that amount. Please just let me call them and I can get it to you."

Gleeful laughter erupted from her lips. "No one is paying me anything sweetheart."

Confusion masked his face when his idea fell apart. His confused face tantalized her dirty wet snatch. Different looks her victims gave her would always stir the lustful quake inside. He must have sensed her change in mood and resumed struggling. Sexy strained grunts flew from his lips. A few moments later a van pulled up and stopped a few hundred feet from where she called it with her keys. The driver seat was empty because it was a self driving van.

"The time has come. Choose. Do you want to walk into the van or would you prefer to be dragged into it?"

"Please...I'll do anything please just let me go."

She leaned down in front of his face and looked into his eyes again. "You would do anything you say?"


"Then when I help you up, walk into the van with me."

"But you won't let me go if I get in the van!"

"Perhaps. Perhaps not. But then again, you don't have a choice. You're getting in the van because I say you're getting in the van."


"Sounds like you want me to drag you into the van. Ok then..."

"Wait! Wait! I'll do it! I'll do it!"

She helped him get back on his feet. True to his word, he walked toward the van and entered. She entered right behind him with her bag and clicked a button on her keychain. The van doors closed and they slowly moved away from the house. There were no backseats in the van. It was wide open space that suited her needs perfectly.

"Now, we're going to have fun. Sit on the floor in the corner."

"F...F...Fun" he asked as he complied with her order to sit. It was difficult for him to get a good sitting position with his hands cuffed behind his back.

"Yes. Fun." She slid her hand on his leg.

"Wait...what are you doing" he protested.

"I told you. We're going to have fun." She slid her hand up his leg closer and closer to his crotch.

"D....d...d....don't do this!"

"Why not? You're a male. I'm a female..." Her hand felt his member inside his pants. It was slowly growing.

"Please! Please stop! I don't want it like this!" His eyes darted wildly and he wiggled his arms in an attempt to get away.

"You told me you would do anything right? Were you lying to me when you said you would do anything?" She had him completely trapped. One hand rubbed his growing member. The other worked on the zipper of his pants.

"Please...please stop..." He couldn't move. He couldn't do anything to stop the horror of what was happening.

"So you lied to me when you said you'd do anything." Her lips brushed against his face. His eyes closed. Whimpers escaped his lips. Before he knew it, his cock tasted open air when she slid his shorts and boxers down.


"You're even lying to yourself. That cock is nice and hard. Quit lying to both of us. We both know you really want this. At least your body does. That cock of yours wants attention" she whispered in his ear. Her hands caressed his body as if he were a lover.


"My mouth wants attention too. I think my mouth and your cock need to meet. Don't you agree?" Her tongue licked his ear and her head slowly moved down towards his crotch.

"I...I...I'll do any...anything just don't d...d...o this me" he sobbed.

She ignored his protest and teased the tip of his cock by lightly blowing on it. Her tongue lightly licked the tip next. Sobs continued to escape his lips. There was nowhere for him to go. She took his cock into her mouth slowly and savored the moment. Slurp sounds and moans filled the van as she took the cock. Up and down she went with her teeth lightly grazing the foreskin. As she sucked, she slid a hand in her pants and rubbed her dripping wet cunt. Moans erupted from both of their mouths like a volcano. Fire burned within her as she vigorously rubbed and sucked the cock. He moaned faster and faster. Suddenly his cock throbbed and warm sperm slid into her mouth. She kept it all inside her mouth and withdrew from his cock. He had tears in his eyes. Sobs resumed from him as she slowly spit the sperm out all over his face, humiliating him.

"You enjoyed that, I know you did." He only sobbed in reply. The scrunched face look he had drove the fire inside her wild.

"Now it's time for me to enjoy it. My pussy is so lonely. You're going to lick me." He gave her no indication that he heard her. She stripped off her clothes then whispered in his ear. "My pussy is lonely. It wants to meet your tongue. Lick me."


She slapped him in the face. "Lick me. Agree to it. Or else." He sobbed but nodded his head.  "That's better" she said. She spread her legs and moved her dripping wet pussy in front of his face. "Put your tongue inside of it." She felt the wetness of his tongue on her snatch. A moan leapt out of her mouth. "Deeper" she commanded. The tongue went deeper. She quivered with pleasure and screamed. She rubbed her breasts while he ate her dripping wet cunt. "Oooh fuck yes, right there, right there RIGHT THERE! YES! YES! YES" she screamed. An orgasm rocked her body and more juices flowed onto his face.

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Re: Desire of The Rose
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2022, 01:41:55 AM »
The self driving van arrived shortly after at an old motel called Rose Inn. The only appeal the motel had was for one night stands. No one ever truly spent the night there. It was truly one of many fronts the society used in their operations. The van stopped behind a building out of sight. She pushed a different button on the key chain. Part of the ground in front of the van lowered to create a ramp to a hidden parking garage. Her watch lightly buzzed again. She tapped her phone screen and read the message.

Congratulations. Your answer to our question of who was William Utermohlen is correct. Please send your banking information within 24 hours so we can deposit your winnings.

Another coded message. She memorized the name and immediately deleted the text. It meant she had 24 hours to play with her mark. Plenty of time. She looked up who Utermohlen was on her phone. Ah, an artist with Alzheimer's. That meant she was responsible for making her mark forget this encounter. The society had neuralizers for this task similar to the neuralizers from the Men In Black movies that made people forget about aliens. She knew one would be in the glove compartment of the van.

The van rolled into the underground garage. All she had to do now was take her mark to the dungeon. Most members liked to knock their victims out and have them awaken restrained. Not her. She enjoyed the thrill of the possibility that her mark would try to escape.

"We are in an underground parking garage. You are going to walk with me. Or be dragged. Your choice."

"Please....just let me go please..."

"Right now your choices are to walk or be dragged. There is no option where I let you go. Yet."

"But you will let me go?"

"I might. It depends on your cooperation" she said.

Despair filled his facial features. Defeat was in his eyes. "Fine. I'll go with you. Just please let me go after."

"Good. Now I'm going to free your hands. It would be stupid to try anything. You have no idea where you are or how to escape. Oh and I'm taking off your shirt too." The passenger seat at the front of the van had a key ring on the seat. One of the keys was to his cuffs. She unlocked them and freed his wrists. That done, she took off his shirt. Now they were both completely nude. He wisely didn't try to do anything. His body looked much better nude. Desire for his cock made her twat twinge in anticipation. She helped him up and step out of the van into the dimly lit garage. "Walk ahead. Turn when I tell you. Memorize the path if you want to. You aren't going to get away."

He wordlessly followed orders. There wasn't much of a choice after all. The walk was long. Finally, they went into an elevator that went down one floor, walked past several doors after the elevator, and then went into another elevator that moved sideways. In the sideways elevator he was in front of her. She pressed her body onto his and slid her hands to the front of his body from behind. A choked sob was the only sound he made. One of her hands played with his limp cock. The other caressed his stomach and chest.

"Time for more fun" she whispered in his ear. The elevator doors opened to a long hallway. "Walk to that vending machine over there" she commanded. He slowly walked and was probably trying to figure out a way to delay the inevitable. She smiled behind him. People's tactics when trapped were always fun to watch. He finally reached the vending machine. Only one button was present on it. "Push the button and take what comes out. Then swallow it with water from the water fountain nearby."

"Wh...wh...what is it?"


"I'm...uh...allergic to Viagra. Sorry."

She smiled. "Your name is Mark Mathers the fourth, the only child of Mark Mathers the third and Joan Mathers. Currently your parents are on a third honeymoon trip and won't be back for another 5 days. You graduated with a 3.4 in high school and are currently home for the summer after your first year of college. You made A's and B's in the subjects you took and major in science with a minor in journalism. Your favorite color is red, though you sometimes switch to blue. You are allergic to horses, dust, and cats. You do not have any known allergies to medication or food. And if, IF, you happened to be allergic to anything this facility is equipped with medical equipment and doctors to treat you."

Pure shock was plastered on his face. "Well....fuck...."

"Yes that's what we're going to do. Once you take the Viagra."

"Who are you? Why are you doing this to me?"

"I'm Addie, short for Addison" she moved closer to him. "And I'm doing this because my pussy hungers for cock. Yours." Mark's eyes darted wildly, looking for an escape. Addie smiled. "I made your cock hard, you know you want this."

"NO" he exclaimed and quickly darted away from Addie. Mark ran down the hallway, away from where they came in. Addie laughed "You can't get very far Mark!" Mark made no reply. He got to the end of the hallway and turned left at a T intersection. Addie set a timer on her watch for five minutes. She enjoyed giving men a head start if they decided to run at this point. Most members of the society would chase down their victims if any did this. Not Addie. Why bother chasing when they can't go anywhere? She would rather spend her energy having a cock in her twat than running.

Five minutes could go by slow or fast depending on what you were doing. Usually waiting makes the time go by slow. She took a drink of water from the fountain then opened the unmarked door next to it. A bathroom greeted her. Addie turned on the lights by the door. She walked to the mirror and posed seductively. It was a two way mirror to another room. Addie loved the idea of someone getting off on her. Even if no one was watching, the possibility someone could be was exciting. Not as exciting as a cock, but Addie liked to take the time for small pleasures in times like this. She sat on the toilet and took a piss, making sure as much of her body was visible while she did it. After she wiped, she licked the fingers of the hand she used. Addie knew some people would get off on that kind of stuff. And helping others get off was fun. Her watch beeped. She pressed her boobs onto the mirror for one last sexy pose and left the bathroom. Addie went to the vending machine next and took a Viagra pill.

Addison followed Mark's path at the intersection. A hallway of doors welcomed her. She walked past all of them. She knew they were all locked aside from four at the end. It was how she wanted the dungeon set up for her fun. Mark didn't realize he was doing exactly what she wanted him to do. She would have made him march down the hallway anyway. Addie walked to the first unlocked door. The room had a large metal cross with chains where a person's arms and legs would go. She peered behind the cross. Mark wasn't there. The next door had a cage in the middle of the room with various toys. He wasn't in that room either. The third room had a queen sized bed inside with a dresser opposite the bed and night stands on each side. She heard a gasp. The gasp told Addie that Mark was in this room hiding beside the bed.

"I know you're in here Mark. Lay on the bed." Addie closed the door behind her.

"Pl...please..." Mark didn't move from his spot.

"There's no escape Mark." A clicking sound followed her voice. "I just locked us in. I'm the only one in this room who knows how to unlock the door."

Defeated, Mark rose from his hiding spot and lay nude on the bed. "Sexy" Addison whispered. Mark cringed at the whisper. "Now, let's try this again Mark. Take the Viagra." He took the pill from Addie's hand. "Pop it in your mouth and rub your throat so it goes down easy." Mark grudgingly did as he was told.

"Now," Addie said. "Like I told you in the van. You're a male. I'm a female. It's only natural that your cock meets my pussy."


"Mark, you know you want this" Addie said. She crawled into the bed. "I made your cock hard without Viagra earlier. Your body liked my touch."


"Shhhh" she whispered. Addie pinned him underneath her. He didn't resist. "Did you ever feel the touch of a real woman before today?"


"Then why fight it Mark. I want your cock. Your cock enjoyed my hand and mouth remember? I want to make you cum inside me Mark. Again and again" Addie whispered the last part into his ear seductively.


"Shhhhhh. Just let it happen Mark. What you're feeling is natural. You want me. You want my body. And I want yours." Her hands caressed his body

"Th...this is w...wrong..."

"Why is it wrong Mark?"


"You're an adult male. I'm an adult female. It's only natural for us to play together in bed." Addie moved her wet cunt towards his cock.


"A Christian who leaked nudes online? Come on Mark. That was wrong." Her cunt slowly moved closer to his manhood. "This isn't wrong Mark. We're not hurting anybody. I'm not hurting you. You're not hurting me. We both want this."


Addie gave one final whisper in his ear "Just relax and enjoy it." Her snatch swallowed his cock. Pleasure flowed through her body like a lightening strike. Addie pressed her body onto him and moaned like a cow. Mark sobbed but couldn't do anything to stop it. He was trapped underneath her body and not strong enough to push her off. The cock felt amazing in her cunt. Addie rode the cock faster and faster. Her screams pierced the room. Mark continued to sob. Soon those sobs turned into moans of pleasure. The moans turned into screams as the pleasure in their bodies grew. Addie rode harder and faster. Mark breathed faster. His moans more lustful. Addie's cunt exploded in pure pleasure. Screams of euphoria fled her. Mark's cock suddenly throbbed. Warm fluid filled Addison's cunt. His cock remained hard, the Viagra doing its job. Addison vigorously continued fucking his dirty cock with her filthy cunt.

"FUUUUUUCK OOOOOOH YESSSSS" Addie screamed as the fire burned all over her body. "GAAAAAAARAAAA RAAAAAAARAAAAAAA" Mark's screams blended in with hers. Addie rode that cock hitting just the right spot inside of her. Her body quivered with a massive orgasm. His cock squirted again soon after. She didn't stop fucking that cock. The right spot was still being hit. Her body began to tire, but she had trained herself to work through it. The pleasure of fucking a cock after an orgasm was worth the extra effort. Down and up she continued to ride and made sure to hit the spot just right every time. Mark simply lay there without resistance. Moans escaped his mouth with each thrust. He was her fuck toy now.

Another orgasm rocked Addison's body. She became more tired and needed to rest for a moment. Addie took his entire cock inside her and stopped to rest. The cock inside throbbed again and more sperm dripped into her snatch. Her body crushed his as she rested on top of him. "I...can't...breathe..." Mark complained. "You...can" Addison panted "...feels can't...not having...someone...on you...don't panic." The pair breathed hard. Slowly their breaths slowed and heart rates fell to normal resting range.

"Fuck this cock feels good inside me" Addie whispered into his ear. "I know you enjoyed it. You came three times."

Mark nodded his head. "More" he said.

"You want more?" Addie asked.

"Please. I've never been so horny before. Please keep fucking me."

Addie smiled. A man who wanted more was always the best part. "You can be on top and fuck me Mark."


"Yes." Addison slid her pussy off of his hard cock. She lay next to him. "Fuck me whenever you're ready Mark." Mark didn't waste time. He got on top of her but had a little difficulty aiming his cock into her pussy. That was good. Men who didn't know what to do were always best at sex. They listened more to fulfill both needs. "Experienced" guys only cared about getting their rocks off not their partner's. Addie guided his cock inside her. Her snatch exploded in pleasure again. It didn't take long for another orgasm to hit. The pair continued to fuck each other until both were too exhausted to continue. They slept in the bed from exhaustion covered in body juices.

Addie woke up. Mark was snoring softly. She got out of bed and lightly tapped his feet.

"Wake up Mark."

"Wh...wh...oh wow what the..."

"I'm taking you back home now."

Confusion filled Mark's face. She knew he was torn between wanting more sex and wanting to go home. They were so cute when torn.

"Really? But..."

"Shh, don't say anything. Just follow me."


They arrived at Mark's house. She opened the back door for him and he got out. "Use the outside hose to wash yourself off." Mark went to follow her instructions. While he did that, she grabbed the neuralyzer.

"Time for me to go Mark. Thank you for playing with me."

"Wait, will I ever see you again?"

Addie smiled "You won't remember me if you did." She pressed the neuralyzer. The world around them exploded in a blinding white light...


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Re: Desire of The Rose
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Enjoyed this very much :emot_thedrool.gif:
Love woman who knows what they want
seems it´s only legal a rape...
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