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A Rape In Time
« on: August 20, 2021, 02:16:33 AM »
The Kidnapping Chronicles

Note: There is no need to read the prior stories in order to enjoy this one.

The Red Rose Rapist - prequel
The Hunter - Part 1
Huntress - Part 2
LK - Part 3 
The Masked Marauder - Part 4
Melinda's Tale - Part 5
The Masked Marauder II - Allen's Revenge Part 6
Sons of The Rose - Part 7
Revenge Beyond The Grave - Part 8
A Rape In Time <---you are here

     I encourage you to read the stories before this one, but you can jump right into this story without having to have read them. The premise behind the story is a man in a sex cult uses a time machine to kidnap women from the past to rape them. A simple plot with unlimited potential. There will be no character deaths and no complex plot maneuvers. The story takes place in the year 2048. Like my past 3 stories, I have no idea how long I'm going to make this so a chapter list won't be included. But I know I'm going to have some fun with it.

And now A Rape In Time.


     Arnold Patton was a disgruntled FBI agent who founded a sex cult simply named The Society. Things were going very well for The Society. They had a base in Louisiana where men and women could kidnap people in order to explore their sexual fantasies. When someone was finished with their victim, the cult was able to erase the victim's mind and return the victim home with no one being the wiser. Arnold had chosen to keep his victim here because she was a bitchy coworker that no one liked or even missed. Yet he was tired of her. She was just a broken mess now and no fun to play with anymore. Other members enjoyed playing with her, so she at least hadn't outlived her usefulness.

     One of The Society's creations was a time machine. A tech guy named Mike helped create it. Mike had created a paradox failsafe. If someone accidentally created a time paradox when going back in time, the paradox would fix itself when they returned to the future. Essentially with the failsafe if you ended up changing history in any way all you had to do was go back to the present. Upon returning to the present, the change would not take effect. It would be as if you had never left at all. Nothing could happen that hadn't already happened.

     A few people had tried the time machine already. Some used it to save friends from certain doom. Another attempted to pluck someone from the past, but was unsuccessful. Members of his cult were more interested in the ability to explore sexuality with people in the present instead of using the time machine. That was fine with Arnold if most people didn't care for it at the moment. It meant more usage of the time machine for him!

     "Now where should I start" Arnold asked himself. He scrolled through Wikipedia and a few other websites. Someone who disappeared or supposedly died wouldn't change history if Arnold plucked them from the past. There were so many to choose from. Finally, he remembered someone from the past who would be perfect. He gave Mike the information needed and stepped into the machine. Mike adjusted the machine and it whirred to life. A bright light flashed into the room and Arnold vanished into the past.
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Re: A Rape In Time
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Chapter 1
The Actress

She awakened with a jolt. Where was she? Why was it so dark? The last thing she remembered was...


Her housekeeper didn't answer her. As her eyes grew accustomed to the dark she realized she wasn't home after all. Why couldn't she move? Ow! Thinking hurt. She took a deep breath. Was she drugged? No, no she felt clarity and knew she hadn't taken the pills yet. Or did she? Had she gone to hell for committing suicide? This place sure seemed like hell. Only without the fire and heat. Her mind became more clear. She couldn't move because her wrists and ankles were chained. Her body was spread out tight. And she was nude. Had she taken her clothes off? Yeah she wanted to die in the nude. But what happened why hadn't she done it?

"Oh God." She cried. A memory of being hit on the head flooded back to her. Someone had taken her. Why couldn't they have just waited? A little while longer and she would have taken the pills then died. Death was much more preferable than being kidnapped. Lights illuminated the room with a sudden flash. She screamed in shock and blinked rapidly.

"It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you to my domain."

"Who...who are you?"

"Arnold. Big fan of yours. Your death was quite a shock to the world you know. And even in the 21st century people still watch your classic movies. That Playboy centerfold too. Magnificent. But I do see now that the photographs of you don't do you justice. Your body is much more sexy to look at in person."

"Classic? Death? 21st century?" He's crazy, she realized. But how could he have known she was going to die? Unless...

"Are...are you going to kill me?"

"Kill you? Oh no my dear. Your body is far too sexy to die. That's why I took you. We are going"

"Wha...wha...what do you mean?"

A naked man entered her peripheral vision. "Your body is mine now."

"No, no please just kill me! I want to die."

Arnold slowly walked over to her. "I know you do. But I won't let you die. You're mine now. And I'm sure others will want to play with the famous Marilyn Monroe. We can't have that perfect body go to waste now can we?"

Fear and terror filled Marilyn's eyes. Why her? Why always her? She was going to be abused again. Tears formed in her eyes. Her past had eaten her alive and made her want to die. Enduring more abuse was a fate much worse than death. Marilyn tested the restraints in a desperate attempt to break free, but they held solid.

The naked man pressed his body onto hers. She loudly whimpered as his tongue brushed against her face. "Please..." Marilyn sobbed "just kill me please." She felt his hand rub the outside of her womanhood. Marilyn belted out uncontrollable sobs as flashbacks from her past intertwined with the present. The flashbacks were why she wanted to die. Now this man was forcing her to relive them and experience more. She knew she couldn't control her own body. It would betray her like all the other times she had been abused. Sure enough, she soon became wet.

Marilyn couldn't form words. She cried and screamed so much her voice became horse. The man's cock gently entered her as if they were lovers. Marilyn hated it. Hated him. Hated herself. "Oooooh FUCK!" The man exclaimed, clearly enjoying himself. Marilyn knew it wouldn't be long before her whore body started to enjoy it. Sure enough, the man made rhythmic thrusts that hit just the right spot for her body. She felt disgusting. Like a piece of trash. A cum dumpster and nothing more. It was happening all over again. Her slutty whore body fucking her over by enjoying someone using it against her will. The man made primal groans that vibrated the walls. Soon Marilyn joined him with her own inhuman moans, unable to control her own body.

The orgasm hit out of nowhere like lightening flashing through the sky. Pleasure and desire was all she knew. Her screams echoed through the room as the man continued to have his way with her. He slowed his rhythm down and made harder thrusts. Marilyn knew he was about to unleash his load into her. Her body craved it. Needed it. She didn't have the mental capacity to think, the pleasure so great. Even the desire to die left her. All she wanted was the pure pleasure. She felt his cock throb inside her and the warm juices afterward.

"Holy fuck" the man said "your body is one of the best. For sure I'm going to keep you around a little while longer" he cackled.

All Marilyn could do was lay there, mind numb from the pleasure. The man mocked her. "You liked it too I see. We'll do this again soon."

"Please..." Marilyn weakly said "just kill me."

"Already told you, beautiful. Death would just be a total waste of your body." The man yawned "I need a nap after that one." He stepped out of Marilyn's view.

"Wait, don't leave me like this please!"

"Don't worry, someone will be by soon to play with you again. You won't be alone for long." Laughter echoed through the room until she heard a door slam somewhere near her.

Marilyn was sweaty, her vagina dripped with cum, and dried tears crusted her cheeks. Choked sobs escaped her lips. The flashbacks came and went. Every sound she heard frightened her. She was exhausted, but knew sleep would give her no comfort. The nightmares of her dreams surely would be worse now more than ever. Marylin cried softly. She knew there was no chance of escape. The chains were too tight and she couldn't see them to be able to tell if there were any weaknesses. Eventually, Marilyn did end up falling asleep. Demons raped her in her dreams.

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Re: A Rape In Time
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Excellent start to this tale.  There are so many directions you could go in.  Arnold can have all of the fun he wants, as long as he remembers to put them back to protect the timeline.

Is it wrong to make a request in this thread?  Because Aaliyah would be a perfect use of this tech.
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Re: A Rape In Time
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Request away! I am in need of ideas after all. Aaliyah is perfect indeed.

The anti paradox feature would protect the timeline. At least that particular universe's timeline. If Arnold didn't end up replacing the woman, the anti paradox feature would end up creating a Groundhog Day / Happy Death Day time loop until she was brought back to the past. Unless of course the woman just vanished without a trace...

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Re: A Rape In Time
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An interesting concept. Can't wait for more chapters.