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Russian beauties
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Russian Beauties

The camp of the slaver “the tree” Adam was on the north side of the meadow tucked into the peninsula of the lake. I had an appoint with him before meeting my men. I strode onto the north edge of the camp. My eyes moved over four woman chained by a small wagon with bars. They were all beautiful specimens of feline beauty. One of them was naked and watched my every movement. As the guard cracked his bull whip the girls shrank back in terror. They knelt with heads down in submission as he lowered the whip towards the ground.
The guard walked over to the first woman. She was about average height. He lifted her chin and shook our her hair. The jet black hair curled up at the ends as it fell down her shoulders. Her pink lips formed a perfect O made for kissing. Her brown eyes darted at me with the hope of expression of freedom. She still had on a blue flowery shirt that had a large crown button that tied a black leather strap just under her chest. The denim pants hugged her legs and told me she was a woman of Earth.
The guard yanked the silver necklace from her neck. She yelped as it tore from her neck not understanding her new situation. As the guard took out from his belt a seven layer whip and moved it slowly over her body. Her response was instant. She blushed as the whip moved from her right breast down her side to her hips. Her pleas to stop were met with a backhand to the face. She recoiled in pain. Her high intelligence was apparent as she spread her knees shoulder length apart. Her hands were open and down by her thighs.
“Buy me. I will serve you well,” she said to me.
“I will keep you in mind,” I responded.’
“Yes, master,” she responded in trepidation. Her body told it was a truthful response. The brown eyes followed me as she lowered her head.
The woman to her left was the youngest of the four. She had reddish brown hair and green eyes. She was the shortest too. Her young body was in a tight fitting strapless black dress with a red bow at the waist. The guard was most abusive to her. He cupped her breasts and told how much he was going to enjoy using her body as his personal slave. She was bawling by the time she too uttered the same phrase. Her green eyes pleaded with me to help her from this man.
The next woman was a blond. Her short wavy lock accented her round face. When I looked at her the smile coming from her was to much to behold. Her face lit up every time our eyes made contact. The rousing of the red dress allowed everyone to see the pink lacey bra and her round pink nipples pressed against the fabric in fear. This dress hugged her round bottom and showed off how tight they were. Her body moved very quickly to the whip. She moaned as he moved it over her body begging the guard to take her. However, he left her in this aroused state whispering that she was going to be branded and used as a slave within the ahn.
The guard approached the last woman. He made her stand in front of me so that I could fully appreciate it. Her short curly brown hair framed her oval face. The button nose accented the brown doe eyes. She was the oldest of the four Russian women and most vibrant. Her body was exceptional. Her breasts were full round and topped with dark red nipples. On her left hip was the mark of the solten, the flower of Korobe. The guard told me that last night she had been branded by Adam after he took her. He made her serve as a paga slave for the men afterword. She was now to be put up for sale.
“How much?” I inquired.
“3 gold pieces,” he answered running his hand along her side.
“Buy me. Slava will serve you fully,” she begged.
“2 for her,” I answered placing them in his raised hand.
“Sold.” he said pocketing them. He pointed to a nearby tent. “It is yours to use while you wait for Adam.”
She looked at me as he removed her from the chains. I was now her master on this planet. I took the silver collar from my bag and placed on it her neck.
“Slave you will now do well to see that I am fully pleased,” I said grabbing her by the waist and taking my first kiss. She did not try to break away from me. Her body was hot to my touch.
“Yes master,” she responded breathlessly.
“I will be address as Master Scott. I will wait there. Slave take these and make sure all is ready.” I answered.
“All will be ready including Slava,” she said with a smirk.
The guard handed me her white dress with spaghetti straps. I did not need any of the other garments not that she would be wearing them. Slava would have to earn them and be adjusted to show off her voluptuous charms. I was positive that she would work hard for them.


The guard, Slava and I moved from my temporary tent to the merchant tent. Slava had been quite motivated to earn her dress back. She was glad to have it on even though I had shortened it and tore a slit up the side to reveal her brand. Adam looked at her.
“The only females allowed in here are paga slaves,” he bellowed pointing at her.
“She will then be a paga girl tonight. Slave go fetch us some paga,” I responded.
Slava quickly went and fetched us some paga. I had her offer it first to Adam. He took the paga from her.
“I wish to see my paga wenches. Remove the garment.” he said looking at her on her knees.
Slava pushed the spaghetti straps off of her creamy white shoulders. The men around us whistled at the sight. Slava remained with her head down in submission as she spoke.
“Do you wish anything else, master?” Slava said in a shallow shaky voice.
“You will do nicely tonight. Slave you may begin serving the others.”
“Paga,” I said.
Slava jumped to her feet and returned to my side with a warm mug full of steamy drink. I took it from her as more cries were heard. Slava started to rise.
“Did I release you girl?” I asked.
“No master. Please forgive a new girl,” Slava begged piteously.
“I should punish you for this. However, I think it will be better if you spent the rest of the night serving those men I choose for you. You will start with me, the guard at the wagon, George, and of course Adam may wish another taste.” I said.
“Excellent,” said Adam and George.
I made Slava crawl into my lap and wait with her arms around my neck as we conducted our business. I decided to buy the other three women that had been with her. We settled on a price of three more gold pieces. He had them brought to the tent. They were now standing in front of us by the nights camp fires.
“Do you wish your freedom?” asked Adam.
“Yes,” they responded in unison.
“This man wishes to purchase you,” said Adam pointing at me. “I have agreed to this sale on one condition.”
The women looked at me. They heard some of the men laugh and thought about running but knew it was hopeless. Their eyes settled onto Adam. He pointed at the blond woman. Only a few ahns ago this man branded her like an animal and forced himself onto her. She had been put to use by a dozen men as she was tied to the log by the lake. They had broken her spirit for freedom
“What is your name and where were you from?”
“Anna from Kherson, Ukraine,” she responded with fear in her voice and her body shaking in the red dress. Anna only now was good for one thing or was she.
“Are you not from there?” I said lifting up the frightened girl by her chin.
“Yes master Scott. But it is a big city.” replied Slava as tears welled in her eyes. I brushed away the tears from her cheek and told her to continue with her tasks of feeding me.
“Aliona from Lugansk, Ukraine,” responded the youngest one next to her.
“Olga from Nikolaev, Ukraine,” responded the last woman.
“My condition is simple. You will one by one move to the blue circle in front of you. Once there you will remove all of your clothing. and kneel down in front of me. I will then be handed your folded clothes as you say my body now belongs to you to do as you wish.” I will then move on to the next one. “Olga will be first.”
Olga gasped. She did not want to this at all. However, she realized that if she did not do it his way that the other men would make sure it happened. Olga slowly walked the four steps to the blue circle and raised platform. Her right hand shook as she undid the clasp. The tears could be seen rolling down her face as her shirt parted revealing her black camisole. She slowly pushed it off herI shoulders. Her alabaster skin broke out in a red tone. Olga lifted the black camisole above her head. Her left hand covered her chest as she let it fall to the ground.
“You will now turn slowly in two complete circles with your hands above your head,” said Adam. “I want everyone to see you.”
She reluctantly raised her hands and started to turn. The men around the campfire were all making comments about her. When she finished the two circles Olga thought about covering herself. She saw the stern look on Adam’s face and hung her head in shame. Olga then removed the denim jeans and black panties. She then knelt down placing her folded clothes in front of her. She was scared and very frightened with what might be in store for her.
With tears running down her face Olga said, “My body is now yours to do with as you please, Master.”
Adam smiled.
“Olga for the rest of the night you will serve me fully as a slave. In the morning you may beg Scott to take you.”
“But,” Olga pleaded.
“No back talk. Olga you will crawl here now,” said Adam.
Olga crawled into his lap. Adam ran his hands all over her naked body. She let a sigh went he touched her most intimate areas. He raised her head and kissed her roughly as his tongue explored her open mouth.
“You will not hold back in any way. I will expect full service of my pleasures slave,” said the slaver while looking into her gorgeous brown eyes.
“Yes, master. I am your slave and will give my body fully to you,” stated Olga in a shaky voice.
“Aliona. You are the next one on the block. Olga, I expect by the time she is finished that you are begging your master to try out his new toy.” Adam said as he placed her arms around his neck.
Olga began kissing and grinding

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