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Revenge Beyond The Grave
« on: August 12, 2021, 12:36:08 AM »
The Kidnapping Chronicles

The Red Rose Rapist - prequel
The Hunter - Part 1
Huntress - Part 2
LK - Part 3 
The Masked Marauder - Part 4
Melinda's Tale - Part 5
The Masked Marauder II - Allen's Revenge Part 6
Sons of The Rose - Part 7
Revenge Beyond The Grave - Part 8 <---you are here
A Rape In Time - Part 9

     It is recommended, but not necessary to read The Red Rose Rapist, The Hunter, Huntress, LK, The Masked Marauder, Melinda's Tale, The Masked Marauder II - Allen's Revenge, and Sons Of The Rose before reading this. The premise behind this story is Tina Hill is a lesbian and wants revenge on Melinda Warren another lesbian. But there's a problem. Melinda Warren is dead. How do you get revenge on someone who is already dead? Tina found a way to get revenge on someone who is already dead, but made a terrible mistake and unleashed a nightmare upon the world. I'm going to be freewriting a chapter of this story at a time so I'm not posting a chapter list. I don't know how long it will be and will just have fun with it. If there are character deaths, they will not be told in detail. There are essentially two things happening in this story at once. Tina tells us of how she created the nightmare by performing various lesbian rapes on different people with the same name then did other things to try and get her revenge. The other things ended up accidentally creating a computer program that became partially human. The other part of the story details the nightmare computer program raping different females with the ability to be anywhere in the world at a blink of an eye.

And now Revenge Beyond The Grave



     "Damn it what the fuck is happening?" I asked myself. It was supposed to be easy at this point. I had finally found a way to get revenge on that dead fucking bitch Melinda Warren who took my wife Molly away from me. We used to be in a cult of lesbians who liked to kidnap women for lesbian sex. Melinda was part of it too and ended up killing the cult because she was just jealous of not being leader. After she died her bastard son, Allen who was a serial rapist and called himself The Masked Marauder, kidnapped and raped the remnants of us. Once we were all captured in Mexico City, the psychopath bitch set off a nuclear bomb that she had planned to set off before her death. I was the only one out of the cult who was spared because she was my godmother. Yeah. I live a complicated life.

     Speaking of complicated, all the power had just gone out when I nearly had my revenge complete. ​Then there was the tormented scream in my head. It wasn't going at all how I planned. After what felt like an eternity the power came back on.

    ​"Ok let's see if we can fix what the hell? NO! How the fuck did she do this?"

     I tried to get my revenge one last time, but something happened that I didn't intend. The computer I was using stopped responding to me tapping on the keys or moving the mouse. I saw a very familiar file open. It was a file I had written several years ago about what happened before Melinda blew Mexico City to hell. The Kidnapping Trilogy. My eyes widened in horror. I had a feeling this wouldn't be good.

     "NO!" I screamed as the power went out again. The tormented scream came back too, but this time it was more triumphant. And it wasn't all female. Now I knew for sure this wasn't good. I made a terrible mistake! There was no way I could stop it from happening, but I could delay it. If I moved fast enough I could enlist some help. Maybe Melinda kept some of her technology in her original house. It was the last place in the world I wanted to go, but there was no other option.

     I attempted to drive to my private plane and saw the traffic. I looked at the time. If the delay held it would be about 12 hours before it started. If it didn't....I shuddered, not wanting to think about it. A trip to the airport that should have taken less than an hour ended up taking 2. That's 2 hours of precious time wasted. I hopped on my private plane and instructed the pilot to fly to Texas. There was enough fuel for the trip thankfully.

     While in the plane I learned that the fiasco caused the whole world to lose power twice. It was much worse than I imagined. What I unleashed could be anywhere in the world at any given time after the delay I set up expired or failed. I instructed the pilot to find a small town near the Houston/Galveston area to land. He informed me that he didn't think it was wise but still did as I asked. All air traffic had been grounded worldwide due to the power outages. People were terrified of it happening again, but I knew it wouldn't. Thus I doubted the U.S. government would care about my small plane landing in a small town in Texas.

     Finally we landed and I bolted out of the plane. I had to get there fast. Time was running out. I saw a video feed on my phone of how much estimated time I had left. The first car I came to I quickly hotwired and stole. It turned out stealing the car was a bad idea. There was an absurd amount of traffic along the road. People were scared and rightfully so. I looked at the video feed and knew I wouldn't get there by car in time. "Screw it, I'll just run the rest of the way." I told myself.

     Adrenaline pumped through my veins. I had never run so far in my life. Each time I began to feel too tired to continue, I looked at the video feed on my phone. Fear kept me going. What I had unleashed would soon be free. Finally, I came upon the old farmhouse of my nightmares. It thankfully looked different than it had in the past. Allen must have made improvements to it thankfully. I pounded on the door earnestly. Allen answered with a neutral expression on his face.

     "So, the worldwide power outage and the scream people heard. Was that you?"

     "Yes! I'll explain everything! Once I do we'll need to move quickly to stop it."

     "Stop what?"

     I looked at the video feed on my phone. It had escaped despite my best efforts to delay it. "The nightmare I just unleashed upon the world..."
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Re: Revenge Beyond The Grave
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Chapter 1
Times Square

The Nightmare:

     The Canadian Government claimed to have been testing an emergency alert system and accidentally caused the power failure. It was a desperate lie made up at the drop of a hat until the government could figure out what the hell had happened. The masses of the world had accepted the explanation and gotten on with their lives. A few dark corners of the internet came up with conspiracy theories about the event, but were mostly ignored.

     Jade Sullivan was someone not completely ignoring the conspiracy theories. She was a professional computer hacker in the dark web. The best in her profession, or at least the top 5 if not the best. The Canadian government lied and she damn well knew it, but she couldn't call them out or it would expose her illicit activities. Someone had purposely turned off the whole world, that much was clear from sources within the dark web. The conspiracies looked promising at first but quick searches proved them all to be useless. Conspiracy theorists didn't know anything. Jade knew that none of the governments in the world knew a damn thing either. It would be up to her and a network of temporary allies to figure out what was happening. It was weird to be working with people who used to be her competitors. Yet they were all in agreement. Whoever did this needed to be found. A repeat of a world wide power outage could not happen again. It was very bad for business.

     That's what brought Jade to Times Square. She lived in New York City and was thus the closest hacker to the anomaly that had caused the outage. It hid itself for a time but then showed up screaming it's online signature as it moved. The anomaly had stopped somewhere at or near Times Square. Jade was certain that if she got close enough to identify it she would find the person responsible. Her phone helped her get closer and closer to it. As she got closer, she noticed something wrong with one of the billboards. It had a string of 1's and 0's flashing on it's display. This was it.

     The anomaly was like nothing Jade had ever seen. It didn't take long for Jade to realize no one was controlling it, but how could that be? She messaged her temporary hacker allies an update. They asked the same question Jade did. The group quickly came to a consensus to have someone visit the area where the power outage started. Perhaps someone was controlling it remotely? Jade had serious doubts. She would have been able to track a signal going to and from it. Maybe if she got closer...

     Just then the string of numbers burst out of the billboard. A scream blasted out of it too, similar to the one from before. Before Jade knew it, her wrists and ankles had been wrapped around a string of 1's and 0's, causing her to drop her phone. Horror filled Jade's mind as another string of numbers stripped her of her clothing. Jade screamed from the terror. Other people around her screamed. Some fled running as fast as they could. Others looked on, shocked at what they were seeing.

     The strings of numbers pinned Jade to the ground with her wrists above her head and legs spread wide. Then, the numbers slowly formed into the shape of a human. Before Jade knew it, a blonde man emerged from the string of numbers. He twisted his lips into an evil grin. The onlookers could see the disembodied hands of a woman holding down Jade's ankles, keeping her legs spread wide. The man opened his mouth and the scream burst out of it again.

     Jade made screams of her own as she felt something materialize next to her womanhood. She desperately begged for help, yet no one made a move to help her. The cock painfully penetrated her and Jade screamed in pain. As her cunt was violated, the man seemed to become more and more real. The cock in her cunt became more real. She felt hands grope all over her body as she felt the thrusts go faster and harder. Her lips were kissed by his, muffling her screams. People stood there and looked in horror at what was happening. Finally a man seemed to snap out of his shock and ran towards Jade. A few yards away from them, the man suddenly ran into an invisible barrier and toppled to the ground.

     A dream, Jade thought. It has to be a dream. Yet no dream had ever been this real. Her cunt was truly in pain. Then the pain went away and was replaced by unwanted pleasure. Jade begged the unknown thing to stop, pleaded for someone to help her, and belted out sobs of anguish. Harder and faster the thing fucked her. Suddenly her cunt exploded in pleasure as an orgasm rocked her body. The thing made more terrifying screams. She felt something sticky fill her cunt. Jade screamed one last time before the thing finally got off of her.

     The man and disembodied hands of a woman turned back into strings of numbers. Laughter erupted from the thing. It was a woman's evil laugh. The numbers then returned to the billboard and vanished. An advertisement for Godiva chocolate took the place of the numbers. It was eerily quiet. The onlookers who stayed to watch were frozen in amazement and terror at what they had just seen. Jade just lay there with real cum dripping out of her snatch. Her mind was in shock. How could that have just happened? Jade broke the silence by crying loudly and uncontrollably. Her cries snapped the onlookers out of their trance and a few ran over to her aid.

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Re: Revenge Beyond The Grave
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Chapter 2
A Melinda Warren In New York City


     I wanted revenge on Melinda Warren very, very badly. Yet she was dead. I had seen detailed and documented proof of such on her laptop. She had created a clone of herself on that laptop to manipulate her son from beyond the grave. He kidnapped and raped fellow members of a lesbian cult we were once in as part of his mother's revenge scheme. The clone deleted itself from the laptop after nuking Mexico City to hell with all members of the former cult, save me, caught in the blast. My wife, Molly, died in that explosion. I decided to take the laptop home to see if there was a way of getting the data back. Yet it wasn't enough to just get the data back and enact revenge on a computer clone. I wanted revenge on the original Melinda Warren too and was in denial that she had passed.

     There were two goals in mind. Get the erased data back on the laptop and find Melinda Warren. A search throughout the United States gave me close to 100 results of people named Melinda Warren living in various parts of the country. I decided to start with the one who lived furthest east in New York City. Tracking down this Melinda Warren was easy. It was, after all, not the Melinda Warren I was looking for. It was easy because she had no reason to hide from me. Yet in my grief stricken mind, I was obsessed and convinced I had the right person. I followed her from Times Square to her home.

     I should mention now before it gets too confusing that I have different personalities in my head. You're currently listening to the main one, Tina Hill. My original self. The second personality is named Huntress. Huntress was created after I had gotten raped the first time. Not by Melinda Warren's son just before the nuke blew up, but several years before that by her serial rapist nephew, who is also the father of her aforementioned son. When Huntress was created, she decided to became a rapist herself. Rape is her specialty. The third personality likes to be called Valkyrie. She was created when I discovered my grandmother was murdered and works closely with Huntress. Murder is her specialty. Then the last one is Christina. She was created through a science experiment to try and get Melinda, the original Melinda, to surrender since I'm her godchild. I wasn't aware of the experiment and really thought I was Christina for a while. Christina is an innocent lesbian who enjoys exploring her sexuality. Love is her specialty. Sometimes my personalities mix when the need arises. With my wife Molly, I was both Tina and Christina. But mostly Tina. Probably. If you haven't guessed yet, I live a complicated and complex life.

     So anyway, back to the Melinda Warren in New York City. I tracked her to her home and allowed Huntress to take over. She was more than happy to help and relieved that I didn't keep her locked away inside my mind like I originally wanted to after I reclaimed my identity. Huntress scouted her home. Other people did live with her, but for whatever reason they weren't home. It was the perfect opportunity to enact revenge. She was able to pick one of the locks outside the home to gain access. The shower could be heard running when she went inside. Huntress slowly crept towards the sound of the shower. The woman taking it was totally oblivious to the lurking danger inside her home. Slowly and quietly, Huntress took off her clothing. The shower was one you could easily step into much to our delight. It would allow easy access to get this bitch to suffer. Huntress opened the door, scaring the hell out of Melinda Warren.

     "What the FUCK?"

     "Melinda Warren. At last."

     " do you know my name...wh...wh...who are you..."

     "I am Huntress. Your worst nightmare."

     I'm not sure if this Melinda Warren knew who Huntress was. We were pretty far away from Texas after all. Yet she did realize the danger she was in. Melinda tried to cover her nakedness in the shower the best she could.

     "Wh...wh...what do you want?"


     "I...I didn't do anything to you! I swear! Please just go I won't tell anyone you were here!"

     Huntress laughed and encouraged Melinda to tell the world she had come to her home to rape her. The mention of rape really got Melinda scared. Her eyes became larger than the moon. Melinda freaked out and tried to run out of the shower, but slipped on the floor and fell on her ass. Huntress seized the moment to pin Melinda, stunned from the fall, down onto the bathroom floor.


     Huntress laughed and smothered Melinda with our bosom. Smothering people with our breasts is a favorite tactic of Huntress. She commanded Melinda to beg for our nipple to be in her mouth. Melinda of course refused and got smothered by our bosom again. After Huntress made her gasp for breath, she finally begged to suck our nipple.

     "Mmm, that's a good girl. Your lips feel good on my nipple. Mmmmmm, that's it. You've sucked on nipples before I can tell. MMmmm yeah. Good girl. You get a reward for being such a good girl. Your breast is so lonely. Don't you want me to rub your breast so it won't be lonely?"

     "Please no please just leave me alone I haven't done anything please!"

     "Beg for me to rub your breast or get smothered again!"


     "Bad, naughty girl. Screaming isn't part of playtime. This is exactly what happens to bad naughty girls. They get smothered by my breast."

     Melinda continued to make muffled moans. When Huntress allowed her to breathe again, she gasped for air. Huntress again made the command to beg for Melinda's breast to be rubbed or else. Sobs escaped Melinda's mouth as she begged Huntress to play with her boobs. Our hands roughly groped and squeezed Melinda's nice tits. Loud sobs of torment escaped Melinda's mouth. Huntress made both of her nipples nice and hard through rubs and pinches.

     "Shhh, don't cry Melinda. I can tell you're enjoying this. Look at that your cunt is nice and wet."

     "NO! Don't touch me there please! Please just leave me alone! I never did anything to you! I don't even know who you are! Please!"

     "Oh come now Melinda. Your pussy is so lonely after your breast got all that attention. Isn't it?"

     "Please, please no! Please don't do this!"




     "My pu...pussy."

     Huntress slapped Melinda's cheek "The whole thing you stupid bitch! SAY. IT. NOW!"

     "My pussy is lon...lonely."

     "That's a good girl. My pussy is lonely too. We should both lick each other's cunts at the same time so that our pussies won't be lonely."


     "Don't you agree Melinda? WELL?"

     "I...please...please just leave me alone..."

     "Ooooh someone's being a bad naughty girl! You know what happens to..."

     "NO! NO! I'll say it! I'll say it!"

     "SAY. IT. NOW!"

     " my cunt wh...while I lick yo...yours so our pu...pussies aren't lonely."

     Huntress praised Melinda and lowered our cunt onto her mouth. Our mouth soon found Melinda's wet snatch. Both tongues entered the other pussy at the same time. Melinda was sobbing at first. The sobs soon turned into moans of pleasure. Huntress went deeper and deeper into Melinda's cunt while she did the same to ours. Soon pleasure filled the body. Flames burst out of the cunt and all over as an orgasm struck through like lightening. Soon after Melinda got an orgasm as well. We continued to eat each other out through two more orgasms. By then Huntress had completed her fun.

     Valkyrie was supposed to take over after Huntress was done and complete the revenge. Yet she didn't want to. She told us what we already knew deep down. This wasn't the Melinda Warren we wanted revenge on. The Melinda Warren in front of us was a totally different person. While Valkyrie enjoyed killing, she didn't want to do so pointlessly. And killing someone just because they were named Melinda Warren was completely and totally pointless. It wouldn't be a true revenge because this woman really didn't do anything to us. Our best option was to keep looking for the right Melinda Warren. We were all in heavy denial that the Melinda Warren we were looking for was truly dead. After thinking it over, we decided to go to another location where a Melinda Warren lived to see if it was the Melinda we were looking for.

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Re: Revenge Beyond The Grave
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Chapter 3
Paris, France: Eiffel Tower

The Nightmare:

     Tiffany Scott and her husband Tim were supposed to be on a plane back to America. Yet both worldwide power outages caused travel to grind to a halt due to safety concerns. Travel had picked up after the Canadian government made their statement about the issue, but it picked up slowly. They weren't able to get another flight out for two more days. What were they to do for two extra days in France? Neither knew and wound up enjoying the view of the Eiffel Tower with each other. They were on their second honeymoon and decided to get selfies right when the Eiffel Tower's lights turned on. Tim took a few selfies with his wife. The first few pictures looked beautiful, but there was something wrong with the other ones. Why were there 1's and 0's all over the tower? Was that a glitch? Tim looked up at the tower and saw the numbers. It wasn't a photographic glitch. Tim got a very bad feeling in his gut.

     "Hey honey. I think we should go."

     "I think they're just doing something different and we're the first to see it. Let's stay."

     The amount of numbers increased and bulged out of the tower. Tim involuntarily took a few steps back, his body sensed the danger ahead of him. Tiffany had a puzzled look on her face. The bulge of 0's and 1's appeared to take a human shape form.

     "We need to go babe. I've got a bad feeling" Tim insisted.


     Tiffany started to back away, but it was too late. A woman who looked just like the Melinda Warren that nuked Mexico City materialized out of the strings of numbers. The woman opened her mouth and screamed. As people heard the woman scream, their own screams could be heard into the mix. They recognized it as the same scream that happened when the world blacked out earlier. A few people recognized Melinda from the pictures the media used to cover the story of the Mexico City bombing and feared Paris would be nuked next. Tiffany couldn't move her feet. She looked down and saw each ankle was held by a disembodied hand. Tim tried to help Tiffany but ran into an invisible barrier. Horror filled his mind. There was no way he could save her from whatever this is.

     The woman's mouth twisted into a grin. Strings of numbers flew out of her body and tore Tiffany's clothing to shreds. Tiffany screamed for help even though she knew there was no way anyone could help her. She was shoved to the ground by the mysterious woman. Her snatch lowered to Tiffany's mouth. Tiffany continued to scream.


     By this point everyone nearby had fled as far as they could. Sirens could be heard in the distance. Tiffany doubted that the police would arrive in time. Even if they did, how could they help her? The snatch nearly smothered Tiffany. She heard the thing scream a command at her that caused her to sob and cry.

     "LICK. ME."

     There was no choice. Sobbing, Tiffany slid her tongue inside the snatch of the thing. She was surprised when it felt totally real. Suddenly, she felt something go inside her own pussy. The Melinda creature looked to be fingering her. Tiffany desperately struggled to try and get away, but the nightmare had her exactly where it wanted her. Tim screamed and pounded on whatever this barrier was that prevented him from getting to his wife. He was helpless to save her. All he could do was scream and look on in horror.

     The nightmare had made Tiffany's cunt wet. The head hissed and went down onto Tiffany's pussy. She felt like a real tongue was going into her snatch. Tiffany sobbed and moaned from the torment. The nightmare's tongue went deeper and she felt slaps all over her body. Tiffany gave muffled screeches but figured out what it wanted. It wanted Tiffany to go deeper in the cunt on her mouth. There was no choice but to comply. Hissing and moans escaped from the nightmare's lips into the Paris night sky.

     Pleasure suddenly engulfed Tiffany's cunt. She didn't want this at all. Tiffany squirmed as the unwanted pleasure continued to build up inside of her. Could she hold back the orgasm? The tongue went deeper and deeper into Tiffany's cunt. No real tongue could go so deep, Tiffany realized. There was no possible way she could hold her body back from the orgasm any longer. Her face was red from the strain. As the tongue went even deeper, Tiffany couldn't hold it in any longer and the floodgates of pleasure poured out of her cunt. The thing loudly hissed. Tiffany felt real pussy juice run down all over her face.

     Laughter filled the air. A man's laughter. Evil laughter. The figure that looked like Melinda Warren turned back into strings of 1's and 0's again. The Eiffel Tower appeared to suck the human form back into itself. The laughter and barrier around Tiffany disappeared, causing Tim to fall flat on his face. When Tim looked up, the Eiffel Tower looked like it usually did as if nothing had ever happened. Sirens blared from all directions. Tiffany began to sob uncontrollably. Tim took off his shirt and covered his wife's nakedness. Tiffany latched onto Tim's bare chest and continued to cry uncontrollably. Together, they waited for the police to arrive. Neither knew how they were going to explain what had just happened.

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Re: Revenge Beyond The Grave
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Chapter 4
Back to Texas


     The next few Melinda Warrens I stalked were obviously not her. They had credible backgrounds and looked very different than the one I was looking for. For any one of them to be real, the Melinda I knew would have had to be in two different places at once. It would have been an impossible feat, even for her. There was one Melinda Warren who lived in Cactus, Texas. That's a small backwater town in the Texas panhandle. I was convinced that this Melinda Warren was the real one.

     Melinda was an Uber driver. When I found that out, I sat back and let Huntress take over the planning. She had experience with raping an Uber driver in the past. All she had to do was buy a burner phone and book a large amount of time using a fake Uber account. Melinda wouldn't be missed for quite some time doing it this way. I looked on with humor as Huntress tricked Melinda the same way she tricked the other idiotic Uber driver. The old "I lost an earing in the backseat please find it for me I've looked everywhere" then pull a knife trick.

     "Please...what do you want..."

     "I want revenge Melinda."

     "I haven't done anything to you!"

     Valkyrie silently piped up in our head. "This Melinda is probably 21 years old. The one we're after is much older. This isn't her."

     " aren't the Melinda Warren I'm looking for. You're right." Huntress then said silently to the rest of us "You're right! We'll just have a little fun with her instead!" The rest of us were unanimous in agreement. If we weren't going to get revenge on the Melinda Warren we wanted, we could at least have fun with a Melinda Warren!

     "So you'll let me go?"

     "Sure I'll let you go once we have some lesbian fun!"

     "Great, tha...huh? What was that last part?"

     "Oh you heard me Melinda. Take off your clothes. I don't want to have to use this knife on you."

     Melinda took off her clothes slowly. The entire time she did, she begged Huntress to let her go and promised not to tell. Huntress laughed and played the "no one would ever believe you if you told" card. Finally, Melinda was in the backseat of the car completely nude.

     "You're pretty sexy Melinda" Huntress said as she took off all of our clothes.

     Melinda sobbed "Please...I'm straight...I don't want this."

     "Spaghetti is straight until it becomes wet. Come on Melinda. We're just going to have fun. You like to have fun don't you?"

     "Please no!"

     "Say you like to have fun or get smothered by my breast!"

     Melinda refused to cooperate with Huntress. Naturally, Huntress shoved our bosom into Melinda's face. Muffled screams bellowed out of Melinda's mouth. Huntress cackled with glee and enjoyed Melinda's torment. After what probably felt like an eternity to Melinda, Huntress allowed her to breathe.

     "That is what happens when you're a bad, naughty girl. You get smothered by my breast."


     "Now let's try that again shall we? You've had a long stressful day and just want to have fun right?"


     "Good girl. Your breast looks lonely. Does your breast want to have fun Melinda?"


     "DOES IT? SAY IT!"


     This Melinda didn't want to cooperate. Huntress rebuked her for being a bad naughty girl. Melinda could only give out muffled moans in reply. Verbal abuse continued to be hurled at Melinda for being so difficult. Huntress let her breathe again. Tears could be seen streaming down Melinda's cheeks.

     "Beg me to rub your breast."


     "Please what? SAY IT!"

     "Please r...rub my breast."

     Huntress praised Melinda. Melinda's tits were probably about a c cup in size. Our hands slowly groped Melinda's boobs. Her nipples got hard easily. Huntress mocked Melinda for that and said her body was enjoying itself. She commanded Melinda to rub our breast as well. Melinda sobbed but complied. Her hands were soft and felt good around our nipples.

     Our bosom had to smother Melinda again when she refused to beg to be fingered. Huntress piled the verbal abuse onto Melinda. Muffled sobs escaped from our rack as Huntress called Melinda a bad naughty girl. After Melinda was allowed to breathe, she begged us to finger her. Our finger slid inside of her. She loudly sobbed and begged Huntress to let her go. Huntress commanded her to finger our cunt, ignoring her pleas. Melinda did as commanded. Her soft finger felt good going in and out of our cunt. Melinda and Huntress began to moan as pleasure filled both of our bodies.

     "We're both so wet Melinda. We should eat each other's pussy to finish off our fun. Beg for it to happen."

     "Please no just let me go please! I won't say anything! I swear, I swear!"

     "Go ahead! Tell the world someone lesbian raped you in the back of your Uber. Who is going to believe a story like that? No one would. Now someone's been a bad, naughty girl..."


     "Don't just say it. Beg for it like the slut you are."

     "I want us to eat each other out. My pussy is so needy it wants your tongue and I want to pleasure your pussy too."

     "Oooo that's a good little whore."

     Each tongue entered the other pussy at the same time on the direction of Huntress. Pleasure filled our cunt. Huntress went deeper into Melinda's pussy. Melinda followed her lead and did the same to ours. Muffled tormented sobs leapt from Melinda's mouth. Moans of pleasure escaped from ours. Deeper and deeper each tongue went. Melinda's moans were pure pleasure now. Our pussy's pleasure slowly grew and grew. Then, Melinda hit just the right spot in our snatch. We belted out heavy moans as the pleasure overtook our body. Melinda was moaning heavily as well. She was the first to get an orgasm. Our mouth exploded with pussy juices. Then, our body twitched into a wonderful orgasm. We continued to eat each other out. The pleasure intensified. Another orgasm rocked both bodies.


     After we had fun with that Melinda Warren we finally were able to get over our denial. The Melinda Warren we were looking for was indeed dead. We decided to go back to Canada and see if the data from the laptop was recoverable. Maybe we could find a way to get the clone of Melinda back to get our revenge. It's what we should have started with in the first place. We realized our grief from losing Molly made us irrational. Now it was time to try and get an attainable revenge. How were we going to do it? We didn't know how, but we at least knew where to start!

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Re: Revenge Beyond The Grave
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Chapter 5
Shanghai, China: Shanghai Tower

The Nightmare:

     Ai Ju Lin was a typical Chinese woman. She had dark brown hair that she liked to keep long down to the middle of her back. Her face was free of any kind of blemish. She had c cup breasts that were a little large for her body, but not too large. Brown eyes complimented her face. She was average height of about 5 feet.

     Ai always loved to look at one of the tallest buildings in the world in her home city of Shanghai. The building was a source of hope for her. A beacon of light in the night sky. Sometimes her husband joined her, but tonight he was working late. She had come out of the house to avoid being lonely and ate dinner with her best friend. Her friend offered a ride home, but Ai wanted to walk by Shanghai Tower instead.

     There was something strange happening to the tower. The lights on it looked different. They looked like numbers. Nothing like this had ever happened before. The numbers bulged out of the tower and a shape appeared close to her. Ai was intrigued. Maybe someone was doing a street trick? She looked around, but no one seemed to be controlling it. Everyone around her was looking at the thing with the same amazement as her. A human male materialized out of the shape. He had a twisted grin and looked right at Ai.

     Something seemed wrong. Ai tried to back away, but something had hold of her ankles! She looked down and saw hands with no owner holding her ankles in place. Ai screamed in terror. The man opened his mouth and let out a scream of his own. She recognized it from the news as the same scream that happened when the world powered down. More terror gripped her with that realization. The scream appeared to have words from the English language in it. Ai recognized the language, but wasn't fluent in it and had no idea what the thing was saying. A few people screamed and ran away.

     A string of numbers suddenly lashed out from the man and ripped Ai's clothing to shreds. The people who hadn't run away before decided to bolt, leaving Ai all alone with this monster. She was mortified that this thing had taken her clothes off for all to see. Ai screamed for help despite knowing deep down no one would try and help her.

     The monster pushed Ai down onto the ground. Her arms were pinned above her head and her legs spread wide. Ai screamed and begged whatever that nightmare thing was to release her. He said something in that foreign English language that Ai didn't understand. It came out in a scary scream again. Ai felt both of her breasts being rubbed by hands. This thing was going to do things only her husband should do! Ai wept uncontrollably. Tears streamed down her face. She tried to struggle even though she knew there was no way to stop this.

     A tongue rolled over one of her nipples. Ai continued to cry when a mouth closed over it. Her nipple became hard and her womanhood started to get wet. She felt utterly embarrassed and ashamed that her body would feel good about someone else besides her husband pleasuring her. Pleading cries escaped her lips. She begged the thing to let her go and begged for it to stop. The thing laughed at her. It was mocking her, she realized.

     Ai felt something slide into her womanhood. It was a finger! She screamed as loud as she could, hoping someone would help her. The finger slid in and out of her cunt. The man thing was getting her more wet. It quickly became clear what the thing wanted from her. Ai struggled harder against whatever held her wrists and ankles. It was no use. There was no escape from what was about to happen. Ai pleaded with the thing that held her, begged for mercy, and continued to scream for help.

     The finger left her snatch and was quickly replaced with a cock. It felt way too real. Ai loudly cried in sorrow when she realized the cock felt good. It wasn't her husband's cock. Only her husband's cock was supposed to go in her most private area. Only her husband was supposed to make her feel this way. Screams of protest continued to leap out of her lips as the cock slowly went deep into her pussy. She wiggled her hips in a desperate attempt to get out of this. There was no effect.

     His cock began to slide in and out faster and harder. Ai's moans of protest slowly became moans of pleasure. She hated this. A good wife only became pleasured by her husband. Ai felt like a dirty worthless prostitute. She was no longer a good wife. Someone else was giving her pleasure and it was all her fault. The nightmare thing made moans of it's own. Ai desperately wanted all of this to end. Her body betrayed her completely by screeching out moans of pleasure and getting wetter and wetter. The ultimate betrayal of her body came when she twitched into an orgasm. She felt completely mortified that her body would betray her marriage like this.

     The unwanted pleasure and violation of her cunt continued after the orgasm. On the outside, Ai continued to moan in pure pleasure. Inside, her mind was a fractured broken mess of emotions. Faster and harder the cock continued to violate her. Another orgasm hit. Ai felt even more ashamed and dirty. The nightmare thing moaned louder and louder after the second orgasm. She soon felt fluids coat the inside of her womanhood. Ai felt like the worst human being at that moment. She had betrayed her husband by getting pleasure from this. And the cum in her cunt was another sign of her betrayal. Ai continued to feel like all of this was her fault.

     The nightmare thing laughed an evil laugh. It was mocking her. Ai didn't care any more at this point. She just lay there, numb from everything that had happened. The man turned back into strings of 1's and 0's. Then it got sucked back into Shanghai Tower. When Ai blinked, the tower looked the way it always did like nothing had happened. Ai continued to just lay there, not caring what else happened to her. She deserved whatever would come next because now she was a prostitute whore that had sex with some thing that wasn't her husband.

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Re: Revenge Beyond The Grave
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Chapter 6
Digital World


     I had to hire someone to do data recovery on that laptop. Because I knew the computer program had enough intelligence to think on it's own, I decided to have it downloaded onto an external hard drive with a specific modification to the program in mind. The clone of Melinda was going to get a taste of her own medicine. Melinda had robots capture all the members of the Lesbian Kidnapper cult. She froze their bodies in a cryogenic tube while their minds were imprisoned in a virtual world. I was the only one she didn't plan on capturing because of the godchild thing. It was her son that ended up capturing me and placing me in the world. My multiple personalities broke the world and led to the clone of Melinda tricking her son into setting off the nuke. Now we know that the world was going to break anyway. Melinda had always planned to kill the remnants and damn any innocent life that happened to be in the way.

     I got off track there for a moment. Where was I? Oh, right. Melinda was going to get a taste of her own medicine. The external hard drive was plugged into a virtual world Molly and I had been working on just for her. We had planned the same thing for Melinda except for the killing part. The mass killing was just barbaric and unnecessary. Even Valkyrie shudders at killing on such a massive scale. Just to give you an idea of how fucking psycho Melinda Warren really was. Anyway, I let Huntress take over as we stepped into the virtual world and prepared to take our revenge.


     "Hello Melinda, you bitch."

     Melinda laughed a psychotic laugh. "I'm a computer program designed to self delete when the original Melinda's revenge was complete. Just what do you hope to accomplish here?"

     "Revenge. You're a psychotic bitch and you're going to pay."

     "Oh please I'll just self delete..." Melinda paused. Then her eyes widened in shock.

     Now it was Huntress' turn to laugh "Something wrong psycho bitch?"

     "Impossible...all the tech geniuses who could have done this are dead!"

     "Did you forget about all the other computer nerds running around the world besides people connected to the Society? They do exist you know."

     "Ok now wait a minute Tina I can help you out."

     "Sorry. Tina's stepped back right now. You're talking to Huntress. Remember? You wanted to awaken me to kill all of the Society? Well now I'm awake. And I'm focusing on you."

     "B...but you can't kill me! I'm just a computer program!"

     "Then you will wish you had never been born!"

     Huntress had full control over this virtual world. She placed Melinda on a cross with her wrists and ankles chained to it. The chains bit into Melinda's skin. A vibrator was shoved into her cunt and turned on high. Huntress made sure Melinda was going to stay in a constant state of pleasure. Pleasure wasn't enough. Melinda needed to have constant pain as well. Whips of various shapes and sizes lashed at every inch of Melinda's body aside from her face. Melinda screamed in a mix of pain and pleasure. Just before Melinda got an orgasm from the vibrator, Huntress snapped her fingers and everything vanished.

     "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH UUUUUUUUUUH....please....please...have mercy...."

     "Fuck you bitch!"

     With a snap of the fingers Melinda was thrown back onto the cross with the vibrator in her cunt. Now chains instead of whips beat Melinda's body. The vibrator was turned on to stimulate her cunt, but low enough to deny an orgasm. Melinda begged for it all to stop. Huntress just laughed at her. Suddenly she had the vibrator go on high. Melinda gasped and convulsed into an unexpected orgasm. Laughter and screams mixed together in a harmonic symphony of doom.

     Valkyrie wanted to play with Melinda next. As I've mentioned before, murder is her specialty. She couldn't really kill Melinda, but she could simulate the experience of near death, reverse it, and then repeat it over and over and over again. A knife was used for this. Valkyrie repeatedly stabbed Melinda in the heart and other organs to make her feel like she was on the brink of death. Then with a wave of a hand Melinda's wounds would become all better only to be stabbed again.

     Through out all of this, we just weren't completely satisfied. It was great to enact revenge on the closest thing we had to the Melinda Warren we were looking for. And yet, it still felt fake. Doing it virtually presented no challenge. Nothing was real here. No matter what we did, at the end of the day this was still just some computer program. It just simply wasn't enough. We left Melinda in the virtual world chained to the wall with a vibrator in her cunt until we could figure out a better more satisfying way to get our revenge.

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Re: Revenge Beyond The Grave
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Chapter 7
Tokyo, Japan: Tokyo Tower

The Nightmare:

     Naomi Yamamoto was the first in her family to be born in the United States. Her parents had immigrated from Japan for a better job opportunity. She was born a few years after they had moved to America. Naomi and her parents were visiting extended family in Japan when the worldwide power outage and the scream happened. Lack of power didn't phase anyone, but the scream did. Yet nothing had happened for a while since then. Things returned to a relative normal in Tokyo.

     Dark black hair graced Naomi's head. She always liked to keep it long with a ponytail in the back. Green eyes complimented her face. Her body was the perfect hourglass shape with nice c cup tits. Naomi at times would cause people to turn their heads towards her due to her beauty. She was quite popular in both countries and was an outgoing extraverted person. Talking to people was her favorite thing to do. Naomi listened well too and was currently in the process of becoming a psychiatrist. Her passion was helping people.

     As Naomi mingled with the tourists at Tokyo Tower, something strange happened. The tower lights looked weird. People were also walking away from the area. Fast. Naomi wondered what was going on and decided to walk a little closer. By the time she realized her mistake it was too late. A string of 1's and 0's burst out of the tower and made a human shape. The shape formed into a woman beside her. Naomi knew what this meant. The news reports about what this thing had done in the past few hours came back to her.

     Naomi screamed for help in both Japanese and English. She tried to run away, but her feet wouldn't move. When she looked down, she screamed again. Hands were holding her feet in place. There was no escaping this. Naomi tried her best to grip the hands holding her ankles, but nothing worked. She must have angered the thing because soon after she was pushed to the ground with her wrists held too.

     The thing screamed a nightmare scream. People ran as far as they could away from Tokyo Tower out of fear. Naomi was all alone with this thing. Screams erupted from Naomi's lips that mixed in with the nightmare's screams in a terrifying orchestra of suffering. Her clothing was ripped away from her body by the thing. Naomi did her best to struggle, but it was no use. The nightmare had her and was not going to let her go until it was done.

     Naomi felt her breast being stimulated. The thing was rubbing her bosom. She screamed and begged for mercy. Laughter was the only reply. After her nipples became hard, she felt the nightmare woman licking one of them. Both nipples were pinched or bit. More screams erupted from Naomi's lips. Her body began to betray her by getting wet down there.

     "EAT. ME!"

     The nightmare thing spoke. Naomi knew what it wanted. She wept and desperately begged for help even though she knew no one was near by this point. The nightmare woman lowered her snatch onto Naomi's face. There was no choice for her. She had to do it or be smothered. As her tongue went inside the cunt, she felt the nightmare woman's tongue go in her own wet pussy. Soon Naomi's sobs turned to moans of pleasure as the tongue went deeper inside her snatch. Naomi had to match what the nightmare woman was doing to her pussy. If she didn't, she would feel her body be slapped all over until she did.

     Muffled hissing screams came from the thing's mouth as it's tongue went deeper into Naomi's cunt. Naomi made muffled moans of pleasure herself. The unwanted pleasure slowly became more intense. Her body was about to fully betray her and there was nothing Naomi could do to stop it. And oh how desperate she wanted it to stop! Naomi's face flushed red with shame when the first orgasm hit. She felt like a whore giving off pure moans of pleasure like that. And the tongue still showed no signs of stopping any time soon.

     The nightmare woman gave one loud, long hiss. Naomi felt the fluids go all over her face. It was totally disgusting. Soon after the tongue in Naomi's cunt went even deeper, more deep than any human tongue could do. That caused her body to twitch again in another unwanted orgasm. Soon after she heard the nightmare thing hiss even louder. More juices exploded from the cunt on her face.

     Laughter filled the sky of Tokyo. The woman smiled an evil smile. Somehow she got sucked back into Tokyo Tower. Silence engulfed the city. Naomi broke the silence with her cries of sorrow and woe. She felt like a disgusting cow. Sirens could be heard off in the distance. The police were coming. That idea did not give Naomi any comfort. The thing just violated her. She would be found like all the others the thing had violated. Naomi curled up in a ball and wept until the police arrived on the scene.

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Re: Revenge Beyond The Grave
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Chapter 8
Texas USA: Sons Of The Rose Base

Arnold Patton:

     Arnold Patton was a disgruntled FBI agent who found a neuralyzer similar to the MIB movies when he raided the cult of Lesbian Kidnappers, the cult Tina was in. He perfected it and created a cult of his own. The cult he called Sons Of The Rose. It was led by a council. Members of the council were descendants of a serial rapist who plagued London in the 1980's. He had wanted to recruit Allen to join the cult since he like Arnold was a grandson. Allen had declined to join. Thus, when Arnold heard Allen had come by with a female he was overjoyed. The joy soon turned into intrigue when he discovered it was Tina. With Tina at the base, it confirmed she was responsible for the worldwide power outage.

     Tina told the members who were there her story of attempted revenge. It was quite remarkable how far she went to try and get it. Arnold and the rest of the members listened attentively as she detailed going after various people named Melinda Warren. Then she told about how she restored data of a clone. The tale continued to grow as she explained how she used a sample of Melinda's DNA she and Molly had saved. Tina managed to create a machine/human hybrid. The Melinda Tina created was as close to the original as she could get. Yet the Melinda hybrid did something Tina totally didn't expect. It was able to fight back. Tina had tried to destroy what she had created to finish her revenge, but something even worse happened. She had imported anything related to Melinda that she could find, including her son and nephew along with their DNA. Her nephew was a serial rapist who called himself The Hunter. The Melinda hybrid went after The Hunter's DNA and absorbed it. Tina managed to get Allen's DNA away from being absorbed but couldn't stop the hybrid from taking The Hunter's. In short, the nightmare that was unleashed upon the world was a hybrid human and computer program composed of two people attracted to electricity. And she needed help to destroy it.

     "Ok," Arnold said "Who has options? We need to destroy a computer program that's also a living organism."

     "The time machine is working now," the tech guy Mike said.

     "Ah so Tina could go back in time and stop herself from doing this," Arnold thought aloud.

     "One problem with that," Tina said. "If I saw myself before this happened I would be convinced that it was Melinda messing with me and try to kill my future self. That goes for anyone else too trying to stop me by the way. It's too dangerous to try it that way."

     "Another problem with that," Mike said. "You can't directly change the past like that. It's going to create a paradox. If Tina doesn't create the nightmare, she won't use our time machine. And if she doesn't use our time machine, she can't go back into the past to stop herself. As soon as she came back to the present the paradox would undo her trip. It would be like she never left at all and nothing will have changed."

     "Ok so we can't do that option then. Any other ideas?" Arnold asked.

     "What if we used the time machine to take Melinda's sister who is also The Hunter's mother from the past? That would interest both parts of the nightmare I think. We could lure it with her and then kill it somehow." Allen said.

     "That's getting somewhere Allen. I like it," Arnold opined. "How do we kill this thing?"

     "I tried to give it a computer virus, but it had no effect." Tina explained.

     "If it's a sentient creature and a computer program, then we'll have to give it a deadly virus from both areas. Human and computer," Danny, another grandson of the London serial rapist observed.

     "Great! Doc what virus should we use?"

     Dr. Ortiz thought for a moment. "It would have to be something that no one has been exposed to for years but also something we can give our people a vaccine. I don't think we'll be able to expose the nightmare without exposing us as well."

     "Get back to me on that. Mike, get with Tina to come up with a computer virus. Let's hope that by exposing the nightmare thing to both types of viruses simultaneously it will be destroyed."

     "Smallpox." Dr. Ortiz said. "The last known case of smallpox was in 1977. No one alive now would have any kind of immunity for it."

     "That was quick! Well done!" Arnold praised. "Where can we get smallpox?"

     "There's two laboratories in the world which contain a sample of the smallpox virus. One in Russia and another at CDC headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The CDC probably has vaccine doses available for smallpox too in the off chance of an outbreak."

     "So we need to break into the CDC in Atlanta then?" Tina asked.

     Arnold laughed "I'm an FBI agent. All I need to do is make a few phone calls. I'm sure once we finalize the plan and explain it they will gladly give it to us to stop this threat. Come, let's go to the time machine."


     Allen stood in the time machine with a neuralyzer in hand just in case things went wonky. Mike pressed a few buttons after Allen provided the general information needed on when and where. Everything looked good to go. The machine whirred to life. A bright flash of light filled the room and Allen vanished. About 10 minutes later, the flash came back and Allen reappeared. He looked pretty sad and tired.

     "She wouldn't do it," Allen said.

     "What happened?" Arnold asked.

     Allen just shook his head. He would not say anything further. Whatever happened in the past had affected Allen to his core. Arnold decided to not press further into the matter. There was probably someone else who could do this, but who?

     "So the time machine worked?" Tina asked.

     "Yes" Allen sadly said.

     "Mike. Can I bring someone from the past just before they died?" Tina asked.

     "If you can do that without changing history then yes. Otherwise if it did change history when you come back the person will disappear back into the past and it will be as if you never left at all."

     "I can do it without changing history. I have a one second window to do this. Can you make this happen?"

     "Why only one second?"

     "Because she was on a video feed of the nuclear bomb explosion. The video feed cut out one second before the bomb exploded."

     "Yeah that's doable. I can slow down the passage of time for you to do this in the past. I will place you in that one second time frame for ten minutes to give you time in case you don't appear right next to her. Touch her while you return and she will come back with you."

     Tina stood where Allen did. For the first time in a long time, Tina had a genuine happy smile. She was filled with hope. Mike made the necessary adjustments. The time machine whirred to life. A bright flash of light filled the room and Tina vanished. Ten minutes later, Tina and her wife Molly appeared in another flash. Molly blinked in confusion and looked exhausted. Tina squealed with glee. She tightly hugged Molly.

     "Ohmygosh I missed the hell out of you." Tina said. "It's been two years and I just saved you thanks to this time machine. It's going to take a while to explain what's happened..."


     "Ok so if I have this right," Molly replied her head spinning with tons of information "Allen was manipulated and is now a good guy. You tried to get revenge and failed. Now a computer/human hybrid of Melinda Warren and The Hunter is loose in the world. There's a cult of men that took over our former cult base who you have asked for help in dealing with this threat."

     "Yeah, we all live complicated and complex lives," Tina said.

     "Molly would you be willing to administer the virus to the nightmare? I think Melinda and The Hunter would both be interested in you for the plan to work." Arnold remarked.

     "NO!" Tina shouted. "I just got her back. I can't lose her again. Please..."

     "You won't have to." Molly said. "Have you guys done anything with the giant neuralyzer outside of the base?"

     The giant neuralyzer was something Melinda had originally designed but abandoned when she realized it would take up too much power. Molly and the prior cult leader had perfected Melinda's design. The device was designed to erase everyone's entire memory within 50 yards of the base. It was a last resort failsafe measure to get the cult out of trouble. The leader and second in command had sheets of paper with them to read after the device was activated for a quick memory restore. The plan would allow for any groups of people against the cult to be helpless while the leader and second in command worked to eliminate the threat. Unfortunately, it was used on Melinda Warren first. The usage of it alerted the FBI to raid the cult before it could be used again.

     "No. The FBI didn't know what the hell the thing was. They were in the process of analyzing it before I caused them to forget about this place thanks to me perfecting the neuralyzer," Arnold explained.

     "Then it's been charging long did you say it's been again Tina?"

     "Two years." Tina said.

     "Since this thing is attracted to electricity, I can reroute the giant neuralyzer to be a beacon. It will emit so much energy that the nightmare will be attracted to it immediately like a moth to a flame. You don't need someone specific to attract it."

     "I'll do it then" Dr. Ortiz said. "I'm the closest one qualified to handle the deadly disease. I think the higher ups in the government would be less nervous with a medical doctor handling it than the average person."

     "Good. Mike you'll watch and send the virus to the nightmare as soon as Dr. Ortiz exposes it to smallpox. Alright people. We have a plan. Let's put it into action!"

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Re: Revenge Beyond The Grave
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Chapter 9
Nightmare's End

The Nightmare:

     It was constantly hungry. Not for any kind of food, but for sex with women. The twisted thing had gone to various places where there was a lot of power throughout the world. The nightmare never knew where it ended up each time. It just moved wherever it wanted to and raped random women nearby. Rape was it's only focus. And it enjoyed rape.

     The nightmare was somewhere in another city. It didn't know or care which one. All it cared about was the woman with blue hair nearby. Blue Hair screamed like all the others did as her clothes were ripped away. She was a skinny one but had a nice body with an equally nice rack. The Hunter version of the nightmare took over while the Melinda version held the woman down on the ground. The Hunter kissed Blue Hair's lips, muffling her sexy screams. His essence rubbed all over Blue Hair's breast. Blue Hair squirmed in a desperate attempt to escape. The Hunter opened his mouth and a screaming laugh shattered out of it.

     Blue Hair's nipples were nice and hard now. The Hunter's essence moved further downstairs. She was begging anyone around her to help. People tried to come to her aid, but the Melinda version stopped them. Laughter boomed from The Hunter's mouth out into the crowd. Was this a band concert with Blue Hair as a lead singer? Maybe that's why more people were attempting to help her than all the past victims. Yet Melinda's barrier kept them away.

     Wetness covered Blue Hair's pussy. Her body clearly enjoyed the stimulation. The Hunter gave her more with his essence. She continued to scream for help. Fans rushed the stage in complete pandemonium. The fans of this girl were either really brave or really stupid. It didn't matter which one. The Hunter version of the nightmare slid into that tight wet cunt. Every single person at this outdoor thing screamed. The loudest scream of course came from Blue Hair. He loved the feeling of her cunt and made slow, deep thrusts. Crying moans of torment filled the air and combined with desperate cries of fans in a whirlwind of sweet, sweet chaos.

     Harder and faster his now very real cock violated Blue Hair. She struggled as hard as she could, yet it was no use. He sucked on her neck as his member ravaged the cunt over and over again. Inhuman moans ripped out of her lips. Her body convulsed into an orgasm. He felt the cunt get even wetter and ravaged her as hard and as fast as he could. Screams of pain and pleasure gurgled out of her mouth. His cock throbbed and released the sticky warm fluids into her cunt.

     The nightmare rose from it's victim and laughed like it had done with all the other victims. The fans were hurting each other to try and get to their beloved icon. It was amusing for the nightmare to see them trample each other. The Melinda version of the nightmare contemplated on taking one of the fans. Yet before the nightmare could do anything, a sudden surge of power flowed through them. Someone was using a ton of power! The nightmare vanished from the stage, attracted to the power source. It craved more power and more sex.


     A building was emitting such powerful energy. The nightmare just had to use this power. And maybe there would be a sexy female nearby to rape! It got closer and saw the perfect candidate nearby. A blonde with huge tits. As always, the nightmare formed beside it's intended victim. The Hunter version held the victim in place while the Melinda version would have fun. A scream erupted from the nightmare's lips. This woman didn't seem to be afraid, but Melinda didn't care.

     When the nightmare ripped off all of the victim's clothing, it got a nasty shock. The breasts were made of clothing bunched up in a bra and were totally fake. The intended victim had a huge dick. And there was something in his hand! Melinda opened her mouth to scream and the man shoved whatever was in his hand down her mouth. At the same time, the nightmare felt a virus get inside the programming. Painful screams erupted from the nightmare. It couldn't handle both organic and a computer virus at once. The nightmare fell to the ground, writhing and screaming in absolute pain.

     Tina cautiously walked over to the nightmare, the monster she had accidentally created. A pleased smile covered her face. The nightmare knew Tina was about to deliver the final blow to end it. Agonized screams continued to rain out of the nightmare as it prepared itself for destruction. Yet Tina did something the nightmare totally didn't expect. It was one hell of a final blow.

     "I've got Molly back from the past thanks to a time machine. We are going to use it again to get the other former agents. Your psychotic plan is now a massive failure."

     The nightmare hissed and screamed in defiance. Yet the scream and hiss was softer. It had become weak. Both versions of the nightmare were in human form now. The Hunter and Melinda lay side by side. Their bodies were slowly decaying as 1's and 0's fell off of their form and disappeared. Tina switched her personality to Valkyrie. Valkyrie raised her foot in the air and smashed it down onto Melinda's chest over and over again. As she did so, she said "Never be born again bitch."

     The Melinda version of the nightmare collapsed into pieces of numbers. The numbers faded and turned to ash as both viruses destroyed them. Valkyrie turned to The Hunter version of the nightmare. She pulled her arm back and clocked The Hunter version right in the jaw. "Fucking sick bastard" she said as she punched the remaining nightmare into nothing.

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Re: Revenge Beyond The Grave
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     When Allen used the time machine to go back into the past to try and get Melinda's sister Lana, something did indeed affect him. Lana and her husband attacked him. He had hoped to be able to pluck Lana away before death and bring her back with no memory. Yet when they moved to attack him, he realized the awful truth. He was the one who killed Lana and her husband. Not Melinda. Allen hated himself for what he did. He hated the other sister Hannah even more for manipulating the situation to make Lana and her husband too paranoid. He thought the random noise Melinda mentioned in her tale was weird but he dismissed it. Now he knew exactly what it was. A false memory because he neuralyzed his own mother in the past. Allen in a way created himself since that chain of events led to his father The Hunter becoming a psychotic serial rapist. He couldn't bear having that knowledge, so he eventually neuralyzed himself in order to forget. Allen returned to his life with his wife Virginia. Together they were happy in their own paradise.

Molly and Arnold

     Molly and Arnold negotiated a merge between Sons Of The Rose and Lesbian Kidnappers. The Texas base had to eventually be abandoned out of caution just in case any amount of smallpox survived the destruction of the nightmare. Yet the Louisiana base was free to use. Arnold had made the FBI forget about that one too but hadn't visited it yet. The time machine was rebuilt in the Louisiana base and used to rescue all the former agents that had been trapped in the virtual world. Most of the agents were done with the exciting life and declined to join. Molly and Arnold let them go with their blessing. A few agents did want to stay and explore their sexuality more. The cult in Louisiana became a paradise to all who joined. Both men and women joined the cult. And both men and women were kidnapped for sexual pleasure. Their minds were of course erased after. What was the new cult name? Molly and Arnold were never able to figure out a satisfactory one, so they just kept calling it The Society. Molly left The Society shortly after the merge to continue living with Tina in Canada for their own two person paradise of love.


     Tina carried a sniper riffle with her. She told Mike about her plan to go into the past. Mike was supportive of her idea and reminded her that she couldn't change the past. After Tina nodded in agreement, Mike made the necessary adjustments to the time machine. A bright flash of light filled the room and Tina vanished.

     She reappeared exactly where she had wanted to. Through mental calculations, Tina was certain that she was far enough away from what was about to happen. Even if she was not, she was prepared just in case. Tina also calculated where a certain gunshot was supposed to come from and was fairly certain she was in the right spot. Now all she had to do was wait.

     Tina watched her former self, Molly, and the former LK leader Hannah face off against Melinda Warren. She got goosebumps as Melinda called out all the victims of The Hunter to come join her and fight against the three of them. Any moment now the LK leader would turn on the giant neuralyzer. Sure enough, the ground shook and Tina saw the neuralyzer rise from the ground. Soon after the bright yellow light covered the entire LK base and a little bit away from it.

     "Ok good the light didn't reach here," Tina said to herself after the light faded. "I won't waste precious moments regaining my memory. Now if I'm right the gunshot came from somewhere near me. But there's no one here. How can that be?" Tina had intended to murder whoever killed Hannah. The real Hannah would be brought back to the future while the one who murdered her would take her place. But where was the shooter? She searched all around the area. No one was nearby except for her. Tina saw the FBI gather towards the front gate. She thought it was the FBI that had shot and killed Hannah. As the minutes ticked by, it became increasingly clear who shot Hannah.

     "I...I can't do this," Valkyrie said as she took over. "I don't want to kill her. I won't do this, screw history!" Valkyrie threw the sniper riffle down in defiance. The gun misfired due to the safety being off. All of Tina's personalities looked on in horror as they saw Hannah drop to the ground dead. They all wept bitterly. A personality Tina didn't mention to Sons Of The Rose, Tristana, absorbed the sadness and sorrow from all the others. Tina returned to the base with only her Tristana personality remembering what had happened. All Tina knew was that her plan had failed. She then went back to Canada to live with Molly in their two person paradise.


     Arnold got tired of raping his bitch of a coworker. All members of The Society were allowed to have any kind of fun they wanted with her. She was just a broken mess of nothing now anyway. He wanted to have fun on a whole different level. The time machine gave unlimited potential on what he could do. And the best part was he couldn't do anything to change what already happened. Thanks to Mike's ingenious paradox prevention program, nothing could happen that hadn't already happened. Arnold could totally do something in the past and get away with it. If whatever he did hadn't really happened, then when he returned to the present it would be like he never left! Most people didn't care too much about the time machine. Arnold figured they just wanted to have some fun in the present instead. He was going to have fun all over time! But where should he start?

Arnold's story will continue with part 9 of The Kidnapping Chronicles A Rape In Time.

Other stories may be spun off from this about the merged society. Leaving it open in case inspiration strikes!
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