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Sons Of The Rose
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The Kidnapping Chronicles

The Red Rose Rapist - prequel
The Hunter - Part 1
Huntress - Part 2
LK - Part 3 
The Masked Marauder - Part 4
Melinda's Tale - Part 5
The Masked Marauder II - Allen's Revenge Part 6
Sons of The Rose - Part 7 <---you are here

     It is recommended, but not necessary to read The Red Rose Rapist, The Hunter, Huntress, LK, The Masked Marauder, Melinda's Tale, and The Masked Marauder II - Allen's Revenge before reading this story. Within this story I am exploring a cult of men who are direct descendants of The Red Rose Rapist. The cult is called Sons Of The Rose. The premise behind this story is pretty similar to my LK story. Man from the cult kidnap and rape any woman he desires for sexual pleasure. Once they're done having fun they erase the mind of their victims. Only one death will be present in the story and it won't be detailed. Also, there won't be major plot points within. It's going to be a simple look on a few characters having fun however they want (aside from killing.) A chapter list isn't provided at this time because I don't know how long it's going to be. I'm going to be freewriting a chapter at a time until a critical moment in this universe happens.

And now Sons Of The Rose


     FBI Agent Arnold Patton approached the gate of the compound where the yellow light had come from. Nothing looked like it had been blown up, but he still didn't like what he saw. It looked like a secret military installation designed to train terrorists. There were a lot of nude women standing outside. Nude women meant possible human trafficking. The concern was enough for him to have probable cause to raid the area.

     "FBI This is a raid!"

     He saw a bunch of women look around like they had no idea what was going on. Now he was sure of it. He had stumbled upon something huge. One of the women turned to look at two others and said something he couldn't hear. Just then a gunshot rang out. One of the women fell down dead while the other two ran off.

     "Damn it," Agent Patton cursed "who the hell fired their weapon?" He screeched in the communicator around his ear. There was no need to have shot someone so early. Aside from the two who ran off none of the women looked like they would resist. He didn't blame the two women for running off either with a trigger happy idiot around.

     "No one sir."

     "I'll find out sooner or later. Right now we've got bigger problems. We need to find out who these women are."

     The FBI swarmed the compound and discovered it was a gold mine of secrets. All of the victims of The Hunter were here. There was also a library building that contained numerous documented crimes no one even knew about. Agent Patton marveled at the sheer dumb luck of it all. He would be regarded as a hero! Just then another FBI vehicle pulled up to the compound. Backup had arrived even though they really didn't need it. But that was ok as long as it wasn't...

     "Agent Patton. Report?"

     Damn. With her here she would soak up all the credit even though she arrived later. It always seemed to happen that way. Agent Patton mentally blew a goodbye kiss to his promotion. She would probably be the one to get it instead of him.

     "Hello Agent Sanders. We have a gold mine today. All of the victims of The Hunter are present here. We have no idea what the yellow light was, but based on some preliminary findings we appear to be standing in the middle of what used to be a super secret cult that liked to kidnap women for sex."

     Agent Sanders didn't bat an eye, but he could tell from experience she was just as shocked as he was about the whole thing. Sanders thanked him and set off to bark orders at people. She at least didn't give him any orders which was both a good and bad thing. Good because he didn't want to deal with her. Bad because he knew for sure she was going to take the credit and no one would care that he had been the one to organize the raid. Agent Patton had been considering quitting the force recently because of her. He had originally joined the FBI because an interest in genealogy had him discover that his grandfather was the notorious Red Rose Rapist who besieged the city of London by raping the women there. His mother was one of the victims and moved to America to get a fresh start on life. Agent Patton wanted to be the opposite of his lineage and be a good guy. But with that bitch Sanders in the way he often didn't feel like he was one of the good guys.

     Just then Agent Patton stepped on something while he was near the dead woman who had been shot. It looked like the object rolled out of her hand into the grass after death. No one had marked it yet with an evidence number. He peered closer to the object. When he recognized what it was, his heart skipped a few beats. A neuralyzer from the classic Men In Black movie franchise! Agent Patton realized this neuralyzer could solve all of his problems if it worked. He cautiously looked around. No one was paying any attention to him. The neuralyzer wasn't marked and would have been easy to miss. Agent Patton knew he was taking a great risk stealing evidence, but he was tired of always being pushed down by a woman. He pocketed the neuralyzer, hoping that he could get it to work.


     A little while after Agent Patton had stolen evidence, The Kidnapping Trilogy came out. Agent Patton read the book and realized the whole thing was true. The investigation was helped tremendously by that little novel. He doubted that any charge he would give to any Lesbian Kidnapper member would stick. They couldn't remember their own name. And now Agent Patton knew why. That woman who died, Hannah, had tried to create a paradise and nearly succeeded. The idea of a new secret cult popped into Agent Patton's head. He had gotten the neuralyzer to work and tested it discretely. With the neuralyzer in hand he could create his own paradise. One where men kidnapped bitchy women, or any woman for that matter, like Agent Sanders to use and abuse. He decided to call it Sons Of The Rose. It was vague enough to avoid suspicion from anyone on the outside.

     Agent Patton didn't want to fall into the same mistakes that Lesbian Kidnappers had made. A family squabble was all it took to bring that Society down to it's knees. It was too much for one person to hold all the power and be leader on something this big. He needed to create a council of people who would lead instead of just one man. That's when Agent Patton decided the perfect requirement. People who were direct descendants of The Red Rose Rapist could be members of the council and be involved with leading his perfect world. But Agent Patton was getting ahead of himself. He first had to pave the path and discretely recruit people to his cause before the perfect cult would be created. Anyone related to him through his rapist grandfather was the best place to start. Thanks to genealogy websites offering easy DNA testing, it would be quite simple to find relatives to help create the perfect place. He knew the very first thing he would do once it was up and running. Kidnap that bitch agent who always stepped on him. Agent Patton decided to fully embrace his grandfather's darkness and began making preparations.
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Re: Sons Of The Rose
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Chapter 1
A Rose Returns

     It had taken a couple of years for Arnold to get everything he wanted done. A few men did sign up with him and he was thankful they were smart scientists. The scientists worked on neuralyzer technology and perfected it. Now it truly was like the MIB neuralyzers. Only people behind the person flashing the neuralyzer were safe. Everyone in front of it would instantly forget and be subject to a false memory. Now all Arnold needed was a few more members of his council to begin working on paradise.

     Arnold had found out where The Masked Marauder lived after that nuclear explosion down in Mexico and thought he would be perfect to help build the new cult. He knocked on the door of the old farmhouse. The Masked Marauder answered the door. Arnold liked that. He hadn't wanted to converse with his girl.

     "Hi! I'm Arnold. You must be Allen. We're related."

     "How are we related exactly?"

     "We have the same British grandfather."

     "You mean that red rose guy?"

     "Indeed. I have a proposal I think you might be interested in. You have after all taken after our grandfather by becoming The Masked Marauder."

     "I don't do that anymore. I'm happy with my life now and if I step out of line I'll get thrown in jail."

     Arnold smiled "just follow me to a place where we can talk and listen to what I have to say. If you still feel the same after we've talked I won't bother you again."

     "Ok I'm not just going to follow you without knowing more."

     "Hypothetically speaking, let's say an FBI agent found a nueralyzer and learned how to use it. Then the agent decided to slowly erase knowledge of a certain base in Texas that the FBI has sealed off from the public and are now no longer guarding because it's been forgotten. Would you be interested in the hypothetical scenario posed to you?"

     "Guess it's worth a look."


     "This all used to be the Lesbian Kidnapper base. Thanks to me, the FBI has forgotten all about it. We can conduct our operation that I told you about along the way right here."

     "Well the only one who would object lives in Canada and last I heard was not doing so well. Ok so let me see if I have this right. You want to create a male cult who explores their sexual fantasies by kidnapping females. The neuralyzer works as designed now and there's going to be a council of people who are descendants of the Red Rose Rapist."

     "That's right!"

     "I see a problem with that. Jim Blue would have given half his DNA to any of his children. His grandchildren would have 1/4th of his DNA at best. So how do you plan on making sure only direct descendants are council members as the gene pool widens? As we get into great grandparent territory a descendant might not have any or enough matching DNA to him at all."

     Arnold smiled and had Allen follow him through a door. "You'll see" he happily said. The door led to some kind of medical facility. Allen could hear beeps from monitors.

     "Allen John Smith. Allow me to introduce you to James Johnathan Blue. Also known as Jim. Also known as The Red Rose Rapist. Don't be offended if he doesn't talk to you, Allen. He hardly says much these days."

     "Wawawa wait. You're telling me this guy is our grandfather? He would have to be..."

     "Ninety years old. Yup. That's how old he is. And he's mostly ok health wise for someone that old. Just needs to be closely monitored so he can live slightly longer for the plan."

     "But that doesn't quite answer the question I had."

     "Oh but it does! Did you know that a man can have a child if he were to fertilize a woman's egg up until the day he dies?"

     "'re seriously suggesting..."

     "Yes! We can either breed women on him when or if he's healthy enough, or we can freeze a fuck ton of his sperm and keep track of who it goes in."


     "Uh I think he's trying to say something..." Allen remarked.

     "Oh he just always says rose every now and then. Probably dreaming about good ol' times, right grandpa?"

     "Rose was his girlfriend too. And my grandmother."

     "Fascinating. So you see the genius of my plan right?"

     "To be blunt, I think you're completely insane."

     "I know right! It is insane! Just like the idea of a super secret society where lesbians run around to kidnap women for sexual pleasure is insane! Except this one will work because with enough sperm we could get thousands of children whose father is the infamous Red Rose Rapist as the generation that comes after us and takes over when we can't go on! They will be able to keep track of the descendants better than we can!"

     "What if there are too many of them?"

     "Well since we can control how many we make it will be a council decision whether one more person is needed or not. Easy."

     "There's no possible way this could work. You're either going to have too many people leading or too few. And then there's all the other descendants we don't know about. This is going to be a nightmare to sort out for someone."

     "Ok, ok so it doesn't sound perfect yet. But wait until you see the best part. With this we will know 100% for sure if the person is indeed a descendant. Follow me."

     Allen followed Arnold to another building. After they entered they climbed down a set of stairs. The lightbulbs gave off pale light in the basement of the building. Arnold walked to the middle of the room. He showed it off as if he were a model on The Price Is Right.

     "Is that what I think it is?"

     "Yes! It's not fully finished yet. There's still a few things that aren't working quite right. But the smart scientist guys assure me that they are getting close to having it complete."

     "You are completely insane!"

     Arnold laughed "Yes! I am! With this time machine we can travel back in time and test the fathers of people claiming to be a descendant. All you need is a little bit of their saliva! Also we'll be able to do stuff in the past and future! The possibilities are endless!"

     "Sorry to burst your bubble here Arnold, but I'm going to have to pass on this. My wife Virginia and I are happily married. I have a few kids to help take care of as a result of me doing what I did a few years ago."

     "Oh tell me their names so that I can..."


     "Ah so this is a hard pass for you then. A shame. But, I did promise you that I wouldn't bother you if you decided not to join us. I'm a man of my word and we won't trouble you."

     "Please leave my wife and kids out of this too."

     "Sure, sure. With our grandfather here getting his sperm extracted in one way or another the plan can continue without you or your kids involvement. I'll make a note of that."

     "Good. I do appreciate the offer though. It's just not for me any longer."

     "Understandable. You know where to find us if you change your mind. You're always welcome here any time!"

     Arnold was sad. The Masked Marauder would have been an amazing asset to help with the plan. It could still be done without him of course, but one rejection from a relative hurt more than the positive boost of two relatives saying yes. He planned on keeping his word to all who said no to leave them be. There was no sense in gaining enemies. And forcing people to join you would be one of the ways you would get an enemy. Arnold didn't worry about those who declined to join either. If they told someone, who would believe them?

     The sadness didn't last long in Arnold. He knew of a great way to cheer himself up. It started with s and rhymed with anders. Sanders! Arnold had someone kidnap her. The bitch was probably struggling in the dungeon now trying to get away. Slowly Arnold meandered along to the dungeon. He was going to savor every moment with this Sanders bitch.

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Re: Sons Of The Rose
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Chapter 2
Agent Nina Sanders

     Agent Sanders stepped on anyone who she perceived was in her way. She knew how to play the system. If someone complained about her she'd always know just the right thing to say to disarm them. It also helped that Sanders was good at her job. Of course it was at the expense of others but she didn't give a damn. She was a 21st century woman. Why should she care one bit about anyone else unless it put her in the spotlight? Sanders had climbed the ranks of the FBI through no one's help but her own. She was a strong independent woman who bulldozed her way to success without caring what the bulldozer destroyed.

     Beauty also helped Sanders get her way. She had jet black hair, brown eyes, and peachy white skin. Her face didn't even have a hint of blemishes. Long sexy legs complimented her hourglass frame. She had D sized breasts and often used them to manipulate people to do her bidding. It was always amusing to her when she caught someone looking at her rack male or female. When she found someone looking she was able to manipulate them into trying to take it a step further. Those that fell under her spell were doomed. Bribery, blackmail, shady favors, or anything she could use would be the next move after. The threat of crying abuse typically had those who were doomed from being under her spell bow to her every whim. Sanders loved to fake play the victim because it made people around her weak. And she was damn good at it.

     Needless to say, nobody liked Agent Sanders. Everyone around her knew she was a Grade A bitch and a detestable person. She was too good at rationalizing something to make it seem like her actions were logical in order to avoid stepping in huge shit. An example would be similar to a command not to cross a line. Sanders would make sure her heal stepped on the line, claim that the person should have been more specific in instruction, and make it seem like the person was all at fault instead of her. If someone had a flat tire in the middle of nowhere with no spare available and they had a choice of wait 6 hours for a tow truck or wait 30 minutes for Sanders, then they would prefer the tow truck every single time. Sanders never helped anyone unless it directly helped herself.


     When Nina awakened nude with her arms and legs spread wide and chained on top of a table, she assumed right away it was some of her coworkers. Her coworkers were always trying to get back at her since they never could truly finger her for anything. This was just some kind of game to get under her skin. Maybe someone also wanted to skimp out on their bribe. Nina wasn't sure which, but she didn't care or need to know. Whoever it was would be in deep shit.

     "You guys are going to be in so much trouble."

     "It's just me here. Bitch."

     "Patton? Is that you? Oh you've stepped in it big time. You're going to get fired for doing this to me."

     "No. I won't. Because your bitch ass is going to stay here for a very long time."

     "This isn't funny Patton! Let's just skip the games and get right down to business. Free me now and you'll only have to do one small task for me. Fail to free me and you will be so deep in shit that you won't be able to see the sun for the rest of your days."

     "You want to skip the games? Ok. Fair enough."

     "That's smart on your part. Wait what are you doing? No! GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME NO!"

     Arnold's hands were on each of Nina's huge breasts. Nina screamed obscenities and even tried to spit at Arnold. Her spit missed him. Arnold slapped both of Nina's nipples as hard as he could. She screamed in pain. Arnold slapped those nipples repeatedly. Each time Nina would cry louder and louder from the pain.


     One of Arnold's hands moved down south toward the cunt. Nina hurled insults at him as he drew his hand back. The other hand squeezed one of her giant tits.



     "You're a fucking cunt."


     "Nobody likes your bitch ass."


     "People won't care that you're gone. Except me of course."


     "I care because I get to do this to you over and over and over again!"


     Without mercy, Arnold shoved two of his fingers down the cunt. Screams from her mouth were like a runaway train going top speed. Her bitch cunt moistened. Nina then fully realized she was the one in deep shit. Getting her wet from his fingers could only mean one thing. She gulped and her anger turned to fear.

     "Please just stop please I'll do whatever you want please!"

     "Oh ho! The cunt knows the word please! Too late. You're a mean, nasty little bitch who nobody likes. I'm going to enjoy fucking you over like you've fucked everyone else over."

     "No no no no no please! Don't do this to me please!"

     "But you chose this remember? You said you wanted to skip the games. So I skipped the games and am now at the part where my cock meets your cunt."

     "PLEASE NO PLEASE! I'll be nicer! I swear I'll be nicer!"

     "Too fucking late bitch."


     Arnold shoved his quivering member hard into the cunt and sent his cock deep inside her tight little pussy. Nina's screams turned into wailing cries of sorrow and pain. His cock showed Nina absolutely no mercy. He fucked that bitch whore as hard as he could. Arnold sucked hard on her neck. Soon Nina's screams turned into moans of agonizing pleasure. Harder and faster he fucked the bitch. She couldn't even form words any longer. All that came out of her open mouth were loud grunts of pleasure. Her body twitched violently into an orgasm. Arnold's cock throbbed soon after and he dumped the load inside her.

     Nina felt one last slap on the cheek before Arnold just left her there still chained to the table. She could feel the cum moving all inside her. It was disgusting, dirty, and gross. Nina bawled and wept as loud as she possibly could. The lights flickered off and she was left alone in the darkness. Before she knew it, Nina fell asleep from the overwhelming exhaustion. Nightmares plagued her dreams.

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Re: Sons Of The Rose
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Chapter 3

     "And you're sure he can handle this?" Arnold asked.

     "Yeah if there's a problem we'll know right away. His dementia won't be an issue at all. He's probably got about half a year left to live though." Dr. Ortiz said.

     "Alright cool and the Viagra is still good for him to use?"

     "I'd say no but since he's in this medical facility you set up on base we can react quickly if things go wrong. As long as you go with the recommended dose it should be fine."

     "Perfect." Arnold said. He turned to another grandson of the Red Rose Rapist whom he recruited a few days ago. "Go get the captive Mike." Mike went to go get the young woman he had taken earlier.

     "You know, we could just medically harvest her eggs like we've done for some of his sperm." Dr. Ortiz said.

     "Yeah but this is more fun! We can do the science stuff later any time we want to. But we only have limited time to do it this way."

     "Doing it this way does give things a bit of a flare of excitement" Dr. Ortiz agreed.

     "UUuuh LET ME GO!" Mike returned carrying a beautiful young woman with sandy blonde hair. She looked to be about 23 years old. Her green eyes were wide with terror. Grunts escaped her lips as she struggled uselessly.

     Arnold smiled. "Listen bitch. You're going to fuck this old man over there and have his baby."

     "What the fuck? NO! SOMEONE HELP ME!"

     Mike pulled back the covers over the old man revealing a large member underneath. The woman screamed and struggled as hard as she could. She couldn't stop Mike from forcing her to straddle the man. Her pussy swallowed his cock painfully.


     "Yes grandpa, your girlfriend Rose is pleasuring you."

     The old man smiled. "Rose" he whispered again. The woman screamed and begged to be let go. Mike slapped both of her breasts hard.

     "Fuck him."

     "Please no please don't make me do this please!"


     "OOOOW Please stop please don't make me do this PLEASE!"

     (SLAP) "Fuck him you stupid bitch."


     "Get the cattle prod," Arnold said. "Our livestock needs some more motivation."

     "No no no no no no no NO PLEASE! Get it away from me please! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! OOOOOWWWWHOOOOO HOO HOOOO HOOOOOWWWW!"

     The woman had no other choice. She was surrounded by men with no chance of escape. Sobs escaped her lips as she began to move her hips up and down. Her cunt was dry and it was painful. Screams replaced the sobs. The old man's smile got bigger. He began to moan from the pleasure. Soon after the woman's pussy got wet. The pain was gone but the pleasure that replaced it made her feel like she was dirtier than a pile of shit.

     "That's it bitch. Keep fucking him." Arnold commanded.

     The old man's moans sounded like a wolf howling to the moon. He was clearly having fun. She moved her hips faster and faster. Moans that sounded like a whale escaped her lips combined with sobs. Fire burned throughout her cunt. It disgusted her that she was getting pleasure from this. Her body twitched into an orgasm. Soon after she felt the warm sticky sperm go inside of her cunt. The woman was disgusted with herself and loathed that she had an orgasm.

     "I...did what you wanted...please..."

     "That's a good bitch. Return her to her home Mike."

     Mike grabbed the woman. She wasn't struggling now. Tears streamed down her cheeks and sobs escaped her lips. Arnold had instructed Mike beforehand to return her home and neuralyze her. Mike would give her the false memory of being raped by someone who wore a mask that looked like The Hunter. The police would be looking for something that doesn't exist if she told anyone.

     "Hey Arnold," Dr. Ortiz said. "I just thought of something. What if the baby is a girl?"

     "If it's a girl we can keep track of her and use for incest when we have someone who wants to explore that fantasy. Unless you have a better idea? Remember we're a democracy leadership where the descendants of this guy get to vote on decisions. You're a grandson like me so you can pitch in any ideas you have. When there's only one idea and no objections we'll go with it. More than one idea and we'll vote on it."

     "I can't decide if you're completely insane or a total genius."

     "I think they go hand in hand" Arnold laughed.

     "LET ME GO!"

     "Ah," Arnold said "looks like Nick got someone for our grandfather too. Status report on him?"

     "Vitals are stable and his member is still up so he's good to go. Should I clean it first?"

     "Nah. Let her ride a dirty cock knowing someone else has been on it."



     "Oooooow! Please stop!"

     "See that old man laying in bed over there? You're going to fuck him."


     This woman, a brunette was more of a fighter than the last one. She kicked and flailed her arms around. Once Arnold presented her with the cattle prod, she quickly complied.

     "No! Keep it away! I'll do it! I'll do it! Please don't use that thing on me please!"

     "Smart girl. Now go over there and fuck him."

     The brunette sobbed and hiccupped as she slowly walked over to the old man. She saw the cock was dirty with other juices and was mortified. Slowly she straddled the old man and slid her cunt onto his cock. It hurt and did not feel good at all. The old man smiled.


     "Yes grandpa, Rose is back for more."

     "Please don't make me do this! No! Get it away from me! Ok! ok! ok! I'll do it just don't use that thing on me please!"

     "We're not going to warn you again bitch. Next time I'll just use it on you with no warning."

     Defeated, the brunette slid her cunt up and down over the shaft of the old man's cock. The old man's smile grew wider. Cries of pain escaped from the woman's lips. She like the previous woman who fucked the old man started to fuck him with a dry pussy. Moans came from the old man as the brunette slid her cunt up and down the shaft faster and faster. Her face flushed red when she let out her first moan of pleasure. Faster and faster she rode that shaft. Now both of them were moaning to the pleasure. Her cunt got wetter and wetter. With no warning her body twitched into an orgasm as fire exploded from her cunt to her whole body. The old man gave one loud moan and released his warm sticky fluid into her cunt. She felt it go in and stopped.

     "I....I did it please..."

     "Take her home Nick. You know what to do."

     Nick left with the brunette. Like the blonde, she too did not struggle. She was too distraught to do so.

     "Status report?"

     "Blood pressure is a little elevated. Same with heart rate. Nothing concerning yet, but he needs to rest until they return to normal before we have someone fuck him again."

     "Then we'll let him rest. I'm horny as hell from watching that spectacle. If anyone needs me I'll be with my captive Sanders."

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Re: Sons Of The Rose
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Chapter 4
Sloppy Seconds

     Arnold could hear sexual groans before he opened the door to the dungeon. Someone else was here having fun with Sanders. Good. Make the bitch suffer. He wasn't sure who was in the room and decided to wait. A distraction might throw someone off their game. As the groans got louder from whoever it was and Sanders, Arnold got hornier. Finally, he heard the unmistakable groan of a guy's load shooting out of his cannon. Arnold opened the door to find another grandson Danny. Danny seemed surprised to see Arnold there.

     "Oh! Sorry Arnold I was exploring and found this beauty. Hope you weren't waiting too long."

     "She's a bitch and deserves to be used by anyone however they see fit. Just as long as we don't kill her of course. Her cunt and beauty are useful to us. I don't care about having sloppy seconds."

     A whimper escaped Nina's mouth.

     "That's right bitch. Cry. No one gives a fuck about you. Except us. We only care about you to fuck your cunt."


     "This is what you deserve for all the bullshit you've put people through. Raped constantly by different guys."

     "Jus..just let me g...go."

     "Fucking bitch cunt. Nobody misses you at the FBI. Nobody misses you in the community. With how much of a bitch ass you are I doubt anyone in your family would miss you."

     "I...I'll be n...nicer I sw...swear!"

     "Bullshit. You're a fucking toxic cunt that deserves to be used and abused because you use and abuse everyone who gets in your way."

     "Damn," Danny said. "you really hate her."

     "That's why she stays here. I want her to remember all of this because she's a detestable person who would probably make Cruella De Vil run scared of her. She deserves every fucking second of this."



     "UUUH! Please...please..."





     Arnold slapped her pussy one more time then brushed his cock against her dirty little cunt. Nina didn't have the energy to struggle thanks to Danny. All Nina could do was beg for it to stop, grunt, and moan to the slow, deep thrusts. His cock was as hard as it had ever been. Arnold quickly changed the pacing of his thrusts to fast and hard. Nina could only moan like a cow as the pleasure took hold of her body again. Fire burned all over as she twitched into an orgasm. Faster and faster Arnold fucked that bitch cunt. She was just a mass of pleasure now. All that came out of her mouth were screaming moans of pleasure.

     Danny had been watching the entire time. He jerked his cock to the scene. Voyeurism was never something Danny thought he'd enjoy. Watching this bitch get used was hot. Once Arnold was done with her, he decided he was going to give her a facial of cum out of humiliation. Soon after he decided to do that, Arnold let out the endgame moan as he released his sperm inside of her. Nina was crying again. Loud cries of anguish and sorrow. Arnold saw what Danny was about to do and nodded at him. Danny used one hand to slap her breast with the other jerking his cock. She couldn't form words due to crying and grunted from the pain. He formed a rhythm of slaps to the speed of cock jerking. The grunts of pain that came from Nina was enough to get him to explode his load all over her face.

     Nina was disgusted. Her womanhood was sticky and gross. The cum on her face smelled like something ripe. As she sobbed, some of the cum rolled it's way into her mouth. She was disgusted at the salty taste. The men left her, laughing at her torment. Nina's tears mixed in with the cum all over her face. The room darkened and she was once again left alone to endure a plague of nightmares in her dreams.

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Re: Sons Of The Rose
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Chapter 5
The Hack

     "Arnold you need to come take a look at this database." Mike looked excited and perplexed. Arnold had just gotten through with raping the bitch and had a little bit of a brain fog. He shook his head to try and clear it.

     "What's up, Mike?"

     "Follow me and I'll show you." Arnold followed Mike to the building that housed the old Lesbian Kidnapper database.

     "We haven't been able to get into this system. It's pretty sophisticated."

     "Well yeah I expected as much. For a super secret cult if anyone could just hack into it they'd have problems immediately."

     "Right that's why I called you over. I was able to get in just now, but I shouldn't have. It's like the system just randomly decided to open up for no reason whatsoever. That's not normal."

     "So explain the problem. Sorry still in a bit of an endorphin high."

     "Haha, no worries. The problem here is someone accessed the database. Yet I can't imagine how. It's a closed system so you can't just hack into it remotely. You've got to physically be present in order to get the files. And no one knows about this base but us."

     "There are two people. One is The Masked Marauder, but he wanted to be left alone and I doubt he would know how to hack into this. None of us even know how to hack into it since you hadn't been able to. Another is someone who lives in Canada. Ask around and see if anyone knows someone who lives near Winnipeg, Canada. We can rule this possibility out by just getting a visual. If she's not there then it was probably her."


     "Yeah there was one Lesbian Kidnapper agent who survived. It's quite a long story that I can tell you some other time. For now let's see if we can determine if she's at her home in Canada then go from there."


     "Yeah," Dr. Ortiz said "I have a colleague who likes the healthcare system in Canada so he moved there. He's a doctor in a hospital that's near Winnipeg."

     "Alright tell him to go to this address and ring the doorbell. See if a female with brown hair and brown eyes answers. Her name is Tina. Find out if she's been out of the country."

     "What should he say to Tina as to why he's there."

     "I don't know make up something doctor related."


     "Hey Arnold," Dr. Ortiz said "my colleague confirmed that Tina answered the door. Said she looked like hell. Like all the life had sucked out of her body and she was just a shell. Asked if she had been out of the country recently because there's a bird flu going around in the northern United States and they were going door to door to make sure no one had symptoms. She didn't say anything, just shook her head and closed the door."

     "Yeah her looking like hell doesn't surprise me. I'll go tell Mike and see if he can give me an update on the database."


     "So she was in Canada?"


     "Ok while you were checking that out I decided to see if there were flights over to that area. There's a couple but the layovers would have made it impossible for her to have been at her house by the time Dr. Ortiz's friend got there."

     "So Tina couldn't have done it then."

     "There's something else too. I ran a diagnostic and whoever accessed this downloaded a bunch of stuff then deleted it all from the database. Thanks to my technical expertise I can tell you what they downloaded but not the detailed contents. It was some dossier on Melinda Warren. That's all I know. I've looked at dossiers on other people in here as well and they are totally detailed. What the person looks like, what job they have, worst fears, and anything about a person."

     "Curious. So someone accessed the database, downloaded and deleted information about Melinda Warren, but then left the database wide open for us to use, and managed to get away undetected by any of us. If it's Melinda doing this and she's alive, we've got problems."

     "Who was Melinda Warren?"

     "The very reason Lesbian Kidnappers ceased to exist save one. She nuked Mexico City to kill them all."

     "Oh damn that was her?"

     "Yeah. She's supposed to be dead. But it's not the first time she was presumed dead. I think I'll go visit someone to make sure."


     "Hello there Allen, I apologize for returning to your home. A situation has popped up that I need your opinion about."

     "I already said I don't want any part of this."

     "I know, and again my deepest apologies. I wouldn't have come to you if it weren't important. It involves your mother."

     "What about my mother?"

     "Someone opened the Lesbian Kidnapper database to us, copied all the information about Melinda, and then deleted it from the database. But they also left the database open so I assume they were in a hurry."

     "Probably Tina. She's trying to figure out how to get revenge on Melinda. But there's no way to do that because she's dead."

     "Got a visual from a friend up in Canada. Tina was at her home and wouldn't have had time to travel back even by plane."

     "So then it was hacked."

     "My tech guy says that's impossible. Something about a closed system."

     "There might still be robots running around that my mother programed to do stuff. Could have been one of them. Not sure how many there are anymore with her primary base getting nuked to hell. I know that the robots have stolen data from the database before. One of them told me."

     "What about your mother? Any chance she's..."

     "Nope. She's for sure gone. Before the nuclear explosion she had robots kidnap former LK agents and place them in a virtual world. I was able to go in and out to torment and rape them in the virtual world."

     "Right, I remember hearing about that when you turned yourself in."

     "Yeah so one of the agents mentioned that Melinda would have wanted to be there herself in the virtual world tormenting them. She said with me being there alone it meant Melinda was incapacitated or dead."

     "Ok so you're sure she is."

     "Yeah. Certain. I double checked on her laptop after it set off the nuke. There was detailed information about her death. A video too. It wasn't pretty. Let's just say I saw a robot do a mortician's job of embalming and..."

     "Ok yeah that's good enough for me. So one of the robots probably did it then."

     "Yeah and they look like normal every day people so good luck trying to spot one."

     "Are they anything to worry about?"

     "No idea."

     "Ah well thank you for your time. Sorry again to have troubled you."

     Arnold pondered the issue. Allen was probably right. A robot somewhere decided to open up the database for some obscure reason. He decided to bring this up to the other grandsons to have the council make the first official decision. It was a quick unanimous decision to keep an eye on the database in case something else happened and not to worry if nothing further happened. The open database made it significantly easier to run their operation as well. Mike was able to do some technical stuff to ensure the database was open for all Sons Of The Rose. Everything was proceeding quite well with the cult and Arnold was pleased with himself for a job well done so far.

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Re: Sons Of The Rose
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Chapter 6
Nicole Allison Walker

     Like all the other victims of The Masked Marauder who weren't LK agents, Nicole had been rescued by the FBI and returned to her life. It wasn't normal by any means due to the nightmares and the endless flashbacks. Arnold was particularly interested in her because she was the youngest out of all his victims. At a current age of 23, she would be the perfect cow to breed a child from his grandfather. The Masked Marauder asked to leave his wife and children out of this, but he said nothing about his prior victims! Nicole may have escaped pregnancy when she was taken by The Masked Marauder, but this time she wouldn't be so lucky.

     "Please don't do this to me I can't take it again please!"

     "Listen up, Nicole," Arnold commanded as he held her arms behind her back "You're going to fuck this old man and have a baby with him."

     "NO! No please! Please just let me go!"

     "Listen Nicole you bitch," Arnold hissed "all we want you to fucking do is carry this man's baby. Sooner you cooperate the sooner you get to go home. The more you resist and struggle the more you stay here. It's that fucking simple. Look around you. Do you really think you could overpower all of us here and escape? And even if you managed it, you have no fucking clue where you're at. Think it over, but don't think too long you dumb cunt."

     Wailing sobs escaped Nicole's lips. "Ok...Ok I'll do it..."

     "Smart girl." Arnold released her arms. "Go fuck him. Now."

     Defeated, Nicole sobbed as she walked over to the old man. Maybe he would be too old to do this? When the sheet pulled back to reveal his wang, her hopes were dashed. He was well hung. Nicole straddled the man and slid her pussy onto his cock. She gasped and grunted as her cunt went all the way down the shaft.


     "That's right grandpa, Rose is here to fuck you again."

     The old man smiled. Nicole felt absolutely disgusted. "You guys are sick making this old man think I'm someone else. You're raping him too you know!"

     Laughter poured out of everyone's mouths like a waterfall. "You're funny and stupid as hell Nicole," Arnold said. "The old guy enjoys this as you can see from his smile. He used to be a serial rapist in his younger days."


     "Oh look at that! The old guy wants you to fuck him. So it's not rape. And even if it is, who the hell would care? We're giving him pleasure in his final days of life. Or I should say you are. Fuck him. Now."

     The hope in Nicole's eyes faded into despair. She had no choice but to do it. Sobs escaped her lips as she began to work his well hung cock. Painful yelps escaped Nicole's lips. Her cunt had gone in dry and it was not comfortable at all. Slowly she fucked the old man down the shaft. The old man's smile got bigger. He began to moan from the pleasure. Soon after the woman's pussy got wet. The pain left her and pleasure took it's place. Nicole felt like a whore for her body enjoying this. Moans of pleasure escaped both of their lips with sobs escaping Nicole's as well.

     "Fuck him faster Nicole," Arnold commanded.

     Nicole's sobs were replaced purely by pleasure as she worked up and down the shaft faster and faster and faster. A scream leapt from her lungs into the air as fire burned in her cunt. The flames of pleasure spread throughout her whole body to give her an unwanted orgasm. The old man gave an abnormal scream and squirted his seed into Nicole's cunt.

     "Please let me go. I did it please..."

     "Take her home Nick. You know what to do."

     Nick grabbed Nicole and led her away. Nicole felt too ashamed and dirty to do anything. She wept at what they made her do. And what's worse is they wanted her to have the old man's baby. They were sick bastards. Her nightmares would be even worse now that they made her do this.

     The monitors keeping track of the old man suddenly went crazy. Alarms beeped and Dr. Ortiz appeared to be concerned. The old man had his eyes closed and wasn't moving.

     "What's going on?"

     "He's having a heart attack. That scream wasn't normal for him if you noticed. I can get him stable but after that he needs to be in a better medical facility."

     "Ok. Get him stable and we'll take him to the hospital."


     "Mr. Blue narrowly escaped death. It's a good thing you were there Dr. Ortiz."

     "Is he going to be all right?" Arnold asked.

     "He's stable for now but we need to keep a close eye to make sure it stays that way. A few more tests need to come in as well. If he continues to be stable for a few more days we can discharge him. Since he has dementia it's up to you guys to be extra cautious in his after care. We'll talk about that when the time comes though. For now, Mr. Blue is in good hands. We'll call you if anything changes."

     "Thank you doctor!"

     James Johnathan Blue did indeed have a close call. Sons Of The Rose council decided to stop breeding women on him through sex. The risks were too great for another cardiac event to happen. Extracting sperm from him was a much, much lower risk. Once Mr. Blue was discharged, Dr. Ortiz slowly and carefully collected his sperm for future use.

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Re: Sons Of The Rose
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Chapter 7
The Nurse

     "So Dr. Ortiz, now that you've got some free time on your hands is there anyone you'd like to kidnap and fuck?" Arnold asked.

     "Yeah. There's a nurse at the hospital that's anti-Mexican. Every time I see her she throws softball comments at me or mutters garbage under hear breath if she gets a patient that's Hispanic or Mexican. This bitch knows how to be toxic and get away with it. Multiple people have complained about her but her comments are always just under the line, you know?"

     "I do. Sounds like my captive Agent Sanders. We'll kidnap her for you while you're at work so that the police won't sniff around on your trail."


     Heather Amy Jones had mostly everything she wanted. A job with good pay, men she could string along and twist around her little finger, smarts, and looked damn sexy. She had strawberry blonde hair she kept short down to her earlobes. A few freckles complimented her face. Her breasts were average size, but she knew how to use them to get attention if she wanted. Heather had fair white skin and a cute little birthmark the shape of a shark on her right side.

     It wasn't always sunshine and rainbows for Heather. She had grown up bounced around from foster family to foster family after she was left at a fire station as a baby. Some of them were ok. Others were downright horrific. Heather's worst experiences in the foster system came from a predominately Hispanic family. There was a deep psychological reason for Heather's distaste for Mexicans and Hispanics that stemmed from childhood. She used her childhood as justification for how she treated Hispanics and Mexicans as second class citizens. Heather was also able to do it in such a way that she wouldn't get into any kind of trouble. Therapy would have probably been the better choice, but Heather was a stubborn mule and didn't want to be seen as weak.

     Nobody knew who Heather's mother was, though there was a short list of about 40 women. Heather didn't see much of a point in looking for any of them on the list. She was doing just fine on her own. Her father died a while ago and was a reason she didn't try and find her mother. Heather doubted that finding her long lost mother if still alive would give a happy reunion since her father was a serial rapist who called himself The Hunter. She had found this out when trying to research her blood line for a school project. Most of the kids before that point tormented her because of being a foster kid. After that nice little revelation they left her alone out of terror. Heather thought it best to leave the matter of who her mother was be. If her mother wanted her, her mother would be the one to put the effort into finding her.

     Heather wasn't sure why she became a nurse. It was as if being in the medical field was in her blood. After the other children stopped tormenting her, Heather was able to rise above and beyond academically. At age 20 she was one of the youngest nurses to be in the field at a hospital in Texas. She enjoyed her job but wanted to try and get employed by a hospital in another state. Too many Mexicans and Hispanics were in Texas. If she could get away from them, then she would truly be happy.

     "Wake up bitch" an unfamiliar voice commanded.

     "Uuuuugh...wha...what the fuck?" Heather couldn't remember anything that had happened. One moment she was at home the next moment she was...somewhere else. Something was covering her wrists and ankles. She was laying on smooth wood, probably a table or something. And she was naked. This was not good.

     "I hear you don't like Mexicans. Maybe you'll change your mind when a Mexican fucks you and you have his baby!"

     "NO! No please I have good reason please!"

     "There's never a good reason to be racist." This time it was a very familiar voice that spoke.

     "Dr. Ortiz? Is that you?"

     "Oh yeah. And you're going to pay for all the shit you've put me and others through."

     "No wait I can explain why! Please let me explain!"

     "I don't give a shit. You're going to have my baby."

     "NO! I'm a daughter of The Hunter! Don't mess with me!"

     Heather had expected the men to be terrified like all the others. It always worked when someone was bullying or tormenting her. Instead the opposite happened. Her captors weren't terrified at all. They were suddenly more interested.

     "Really now," the unfamiliar voice said. "That's quite interesting. I didn't know another child of The Hunter existed. It does make some sense now that I think about it."

     "Are...are you a child of his too?"

     "Me? No, I'm not. I am a grandson of a serial rapist though. As is Dr. Ortiz over there."

     "Great! So you'll let me go since we're both examples of why rape is wrong?"

     Both men laughed as hard as they could. Heather's hopeful smile quickly faded.

     "Hey doc, I've got an idea."

     "What's up Arnold?"

     "Make sure she gets pregnant with the old man sperm instead. Then we can have a grandson of The Hunter and a child of our grandfather at the same time!"

     "The result would be an abomination to her and all of mankind. It's so deliciously evil. I love it!"

     "NO, No please don't do that to me please!"

     "I'll inject the sperm into her cunt then wear a condom while I fuck her."


     Heather desperately tried to struggle against her restraints. She screamed and continued to beg for some unknown knight in shining armor to rescue her. Tears streamed down her cheeks and she cried loudly when she realized no one was coming to her aid. A long syringe roughly invaded her cunt. Cries of despair and sobs escaped from her lips as she felt the fluid go inside her. The syringe left her cunt but she could still feel the fluids moving around inside her.

     "There we are. If she doesn't get pregnant from this I'll just medically harvest one of her eggs and force pregnancy to happen."

     Heather could only weep in reply to that plan. Never in her life had she felt so disgusted. A few moments later, Dr. Ortiz climbed on top of her. She could see his quivering member inside a condom. She knew he was going to go dry.

     "Please..." Heather managed to squeak out. Dr. Ortiz didn't listen. He penetrated her womanhood. Heather screamed from the pain. His cock went deep inside her cunt. Slaps were felt on her face and anywhere his hands could reach her body. Dr. Ortiz slowly fucked Heather, taking his time as if they were lovers. Heather screamed with pain from each of the slow thrusts. Then she felt him thrust faster and faster. Her body betrayed her by getting wet. She hated herself for beginning to enjoy this. Hated Dr. Ortiz for forcing himself onto her. Hated that Arnold guy who said to impregnate her with their grandfather's sperm. Hated that her child would be a grandson of a rapist perv just like the people tormenting her.

     His meat fucked her harder and faster and harder and faster. Heather could only moan from the pleasure now. Her moans became more animal like when his lips closed around her neck. Dr. Ortiz was making inhuman moans of his own as well. A few more slaps from his hands hit different points of her body. She wasn't sure where because the pleasure was just too intense. Suddenly her body twitched into an orgasm. Her inhuman moans continued to grow louder and louder. Another orgasm rocked her body as he unleashed his load into the condom. She felt Dr. Ortiz get off of her and bleated crying moans of sorrow.

     The two men laughed at her. Mocked her. Slapped her. Finally, they seemed to grow bored of her and walked out of the room. The lights went out and plunged Heather into total darkness. Heather continued to cry uncontrollably. She still felt the sperm from the syringe oozing inside her. Total disgust with herself flooded her emotions. Heather felt like a filthy whore for her body enjoying itself despite her objections. Eventually, Heather slipped into a fitful sleep. Even in her sleep, she couldn't escape the nightmare of her new reality.

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Re: Sons Of The Rose
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Chapter 8
Nina Sanders' Constant Torment

     Watching Dr. Ortiz rape that nurse made Arnold horny as hell. Arnold had slapped the nurse around a little bit for fun, but he didn't want to fuck her. There was someone else he wanted to torment so much more.

     " more...I'll do anything please..."


     "No more PLEASE NO MORE!"

     "You're a fucking bitch Nina. You deserve every second of this."

     "I'll be nicer to people I swear! I swear!"

     "You always say that and I always tell you it's too fucking late. You were a bitch to everyone around you. Nobody likes you. Everyone hates you."

     "I'll do anything! I'll do anything! I swear I'll do anything just let me go please! Please just let me go!"













     "Will you really do anything for me?"

     "Yes! Yes please I'll do whatever you want just please stop and let me go!"

     "Beg me to fuck you. I'm going to record you begging me to fuck you on tape so that you can never claim it was rape!"

     "Please no please don't make me do that please! Just let me go I won't tell anyone I swear!"



     "Beg me to fuck you bitch."

     "Please no! Let me go please! I won't tell anyone about this please just let me go! NO! NO! Don't slap me again! I'll do it! I'll do it!"

     "I'm going to hit record. You'd better beg me real good in 3...2...1..."

     "Please fuck me Arnold. My pussy wants your hard thick cock inside it. Please fuck me!"

     "That's a good little cunt. Now let's make sure we got it." The audio played back Nina's forced begging perfectly.

     Nina bawled when she heard her own voice used against her. Arnold got on top of her and roughly shoved his cock into her cunt. Screams of pain ripped through her lips and bounced off the walls. She felt his lips around her neck. Arnold didn't show Nina any kind of mercy and fucked the whore hard. Nina constantly cried out in pain and begged Arnold to stop because it hurt so bad. His grunts and groans grew louder and louder as he continued to roughly fuck that cunt. Her body betrayed her again by releasing waves of pleasure. Nina felt dirty, disgusted, used, and like she was a complete whore. The pleasure grew and grew. Arnold spewed his sticky fluids into her cunt with a long and loud inhuman groan as Nina's orgasm rippled through her body.

     Arnold decided to play with her tits a little before leaving her. Nina didn't have the willpower or strength to tell him to stop. She just lay there in defeat, shame, and torment. Arnold left her the same way he had done in the past. He turned the lights off and left Nina alone in the dark to be haunted by her nightmares.

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Re: Sons Of The Rose
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Chapter 9
The Disturbance


     Arnold had been taking a nap after raping Nina again. He woke to Mike shaking him awake. A yawn came out of his mouth.

     "Something wrong Mike?"

     "Follow me. I'll show you while also explaining along the way."


     "So to answer your question, for us there isn't anything wrong. We're fine. Thanks to the closed system of the Lesbian Kidnapper database and the generators that aren't connected to the internet we are ok for now. But something is happening and I'm not sure what."

     "Ok start from the beginning."

     "Right, sorry. The system we have access to allows us to monitor the outside world without being connected to it. Whoever designed it was a genius in that respect."


     "Gah, sorry again. Here we're at the database I'll just show you what happened."

     Arnold looked at the monitor. It appeared to be information about the power grid covering the entire planet. Suddenly a dark spot appeared in what looked to be Canada. The dark spot slowly grew outward at first then rapidly expanded to cover the entire world. Then after a few moments the darkness retreated as quickly as it had came all the way back to Canada. Yet the darkness didn't disappear fully. There was still a dark spot from the original start point.

     "What did I just look at Mike?"

     "A worldwide power outage. Looks like it started in Winnipeg Canada."

     "Tina. What the hell is she doing up there?"

     "Whatever she did was powerful. I'm surprised you slept through it honestly. You must have been tired."

     "Slept through a power outage?"

     "Well not the outage, but what came with it."

     "What happened?"

     "A scream unlike anything I had ever heard erupted from my phone. The scream was constant for a good ten minutes before power was restored to the world again."

     "Well that does explain the wailing banshee I dreamed about."

     "Look. It's spreading out again. Right now."

     "What the hell are you doing up there Tina..."

     True to what Mike said earlier, when the outage reached their location in Texas they heard a scream through their phones. It sounded very familiar. Arnold couldn't quite place why it sounded familiar at first. Then he realized it was the scream of a tormented woman. The scream faded as power was quickly restored to the world once more. There was no remnant of the darkness this time.

     "I see why you're worried. It's something new that no one has ever seen before."

     "Knocking out the entire planet power grid? Yeah, no one has ever seen something like that happen before. It's pure chaos out there. People are panicking. Like I said we'll be fine. No one aside from The Masked Marauder and Tina know we're here. But we need to make sure whoever is here now stays here until things blow over."

     "I'll text some people who are out there and...why is my phone not working?"

     "Because the power was out globally twice and it can take a while for everything to be turned back on."

     "Ah, right right. Ok so we should just hunker down and stay put here and hope those who are out there in the world have enough sense to come back here."

     "Pretty much. And they should have enough common sense to come back here if they can."

     "How long do we need to stay like this? Locked down in our own base?"

     "Hard to say. The good news is with the system open I can monitor things pretty easily. The major news networks are all running the story of course even though they have no answers to what just happened. Once I see that things have calmed down a bit we can resume our normal activities."

     "Yeah I agree with that. Keep us informed."

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Re: Sons Of The Rose
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Tina Hill

     Tina used her private plane to fly as close as she could to where she needed to go. An airport at a small town had an empty landing strip. She had the pilot land there without any authorization. No one was in the sky by now anyway after what had happened. She doubted anyone from the U.S. government would care about a small private plane landing in Texas.

     Her heart pounded in her ears. Tina had to steal a car. It didn't matter what kind. She just took the closest one she could find. After driving like a bat out of hell, she encountered some heavy traffic. There was no time for traffic. "Screw it I'll just run the rest of the way" Tina said to herself. She abandoned the car and ran. Adrenaline pumped through her veins. Her body began to get tired, but fear kept her going. Fear of what was coming. Fear of what she had just unleashed upon the world.

     Finally, she came up to the farmhouse of her nightmares. It was the last place in the world she ever wanted to visit again. Yet she had no choice. It wasn't as scary to look at this time around. He must have made improvements, and for that Tina was thankful. She pounded on the door over and over again, desperately hoping he would answer. The door opened. He looked at her with a neutral expression on his face.

     "So, the worldwide power outage and the scream people heard. Was that you?"

     "Yes! I'll explain everything! Once I do we'll need to move quickly to stop it."

     "Stop what?"

     "The nightmare I just unleashed upon the world..."

Tina will indeed explain everything in part 8 of The Kidnapping Chronicles: Revenge Beyond The Grave