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Amber's Abduction
« on: August 01, 2021, 11:42:27 PM »
This story is presented for the August 2021 story contest "It began online..." The story will focus on a male serial rapist who tricks and abducts a female to rape repeatedly. The serial rapist is none other than The Hunter. Reading The Hunter will not be necessary. This story will have a simple plot and is set in the year 2028.

And now for your pleasure Amber's Abduction.

     Amber Anne Anderson was a woman nobody really noticed. At 29 years old she was a successful hospital nurse in a small Texas town about an hour away from Galveston. Her job was a good one that allowed her to live comfortably. Yet something was missing from Amber's life. A boyfriend to love her would be nice. A terrible plague ravaged the world and snatched all of her closest family into the jaws of death when she had just turned 21. Amber was the only one in her family who was spared. The plague was what inspired her to become a nurse so she could help the world heal from it's painful wounds. Amber couldn't have any pets due to her allergies, so every night she would go home to an empty house.

     Even though Amber wasn't noticed, she still had natural beauty. Strawberry blonde hair went down to her shoulders. She had fair white skin. Her body was average sized. Not too skinny and not too fat. Freckles dotted her cheeks. Her breasts were on the small side of a b cup. She had a small birthmark in the shape of a shark on her right side. Amber never bothered with makeup aside from red lipstick on formal occasions. Her face was beautiful enough on it's own. Yet there were women in her small town that were just more attractive than her. They got all the hot guys while Amber struggled to even get a single date.

     It was getting closer to Valentine's day again and Amber felt lonely. As she browsed Facebook after work, she noticed an advertisement for an online dating website that gave free membership until Valentine's day. It had an app option for the smartphone she had. "What the hell, might as well try it" she muttered to herself. Everything else she had tried led her nowhere. She was, in essence, the invisible woman. The app asked her lots of questions about herself. She answered each one honestly. Some of the questions didn't look like they had anything to do with dating. One question involved what you would wear if you wore the same clothes for 10 days in a row. Amber thought that was pretty gross. Who would willingly do such a thing if they had other choices? Finally, she got to the end where it asked for a profile picture. She took a selfie. It was pretty plain, but Amber knew it was the best she could do.

     About an hour later Amber's phone vibrated. The dating app had found a few matches for her. One in particular caught her eye. His name in the website was listed as Detective Dan with occupation police detective. The profile picture was of a young white man with a thin black moustache. He had a hat and trench coat on. Something about his name and the way he looked seemed familiar somehow, but Amber couldn't quite place it. She decided to accept the match. What could possibly go wrong when your date is a member of the police?

     Detective Dan gave a brief hello about 10 minutes later through the app. He liked her profile and wanted to go out on a date. A seafood place in Galveston was proposed. Amber thankfully didn't have any food allergies and enjoyed eating seafood. The day and time of the date took a few moments to work out due to schedules. Finally, they both decided on Saturday at 6 pm. They would both come in with a red rose. Whoever got there first would wait for the other. For the first time in a long time, Amber felt hope for a better future.


     Amber was the one who ended up arriving first to the restaurant. She had on a red dress with her red lipstick to match her strawberry blonde hair. She waited for about 10 minutes. A blonde man with white fair skin wearing semi formal attire walked in who looked nothing like Detective Dan. He had a red rose in his hand. When he saw Amber, his face showed confusion. He walked over towards her.

     "Are you Connie Muldoon?"

     "No, I'm Amber."

     "Oh sorry. I'm meeting Connie on a date here tonight."

     "I'm meeting Detective Dan."

     The hostess heard their conversation and shook her head. "You guys were both played. Detective Dan and Connie Muldoon are characters in an old 90's show called All That. It was like Saturday Night Live but for kids. I just binge watched episodes of it yesterday."

     "I knew I heard that name somewhere before" the man and Amber both said simultaneously. Amber was crushed. How could someone be so cruel? The crushing feeling didn't last when she saw the man look at her. Actually look at her like she wasn't invisible. "I'm Paul." He held out his hand and she shook it awkwardly. Paul then asked if she would be his date for the day since they were both tricked. Amber was thrilled! She happily accepted. Maybe being tricked would turn out to be a good thing.

     Paul was kind and polite. The pair got to know each other through some of the silly questions off the dating app. He gave some funny answers. When the subject of family came up Amber's heart ached when she revealed what she had lost. Paul had a tragic story as well. His parents were killed by his aunt. The aunt took him into her home where she kept the heads of his parents in the basement for some psychotic reason. When he discovered the truth he had to kill his aunt and her husband in self defense. Amber knew the story. Most people in her town did. She didn't realize this was the same Paul it happened too. He looked really good for someone who had walked through the fires of hell.

     The date was over. Amber loved every moment of it. She really liked Paul's charm. And he even asked her out again! It turned out Paul lived in the same town as Amber, so there was no reason to go all the way to Galveston again. The pair exchanged addresses, phone numbers, and they compared schedules. He would pick her up for their date the following Saturday.


     Saturday finally came. Amber wore the same red dress that had gotten Paul's attention with the same red lipstick. When he got there, Paul said he had to go to the bathroom. When he came out it looked like he left a card or something on her sink. How cute he must have left her something for later! He confirmed this by telling her to wait until after the date to look at it. Amber enjoyed the idea of being surprised and wondered what it could be. The pair then got in Paul's car and her heart fluttered with excitement. A few minutes after they left her house, Paul patted the side of his pants. "Oh damn," Paul cursed "I forgot my wallet at home." Amber had her bank card with her in her purse and offered to pay for the date. Paul declined and said that she would be treated like she deserves. The comment was weird in the wording. Amber felt a twinge in her. Something didn't seem right. She dismissed the feeling, thinking Paul was just slightly flustered.

     They pulled up to an old farmhouse. She recognized it from the news when Paul's trauma happened. Paul parked his car and suddenly Amber felt like something was wrong. There was a distinct change in the atmosphere.

     "Can you believe what happened last time? We got lucky to have met," Paul said.

     "Yeah people can be so mean. I can't believe it happened to both of us."

     "I can't believe you totally fell for it."

     The hairs on the back of Amber's neck stood up. Goosebumps appeared on her arms. Something was definitely wrong. Paul's kind demeanor had changed. His smile was no longer warm and had twisted into a grin. The kindness in his eyes was gone with a dark evil look that had replaced it. And what he instead of we...

     "Wha...what do you mean Paul? You were the fake profile Detective Dan?"

     "I'm also..." Paul paused. His grin grew wider and she saw something else in his eyes. Lust. "...The Hunter!"

     Amber screamed in terror. She knew of the serial killer and kidnapper. All of Texas did. His first victim was found dead in her home covered in semen. No other victims had been found, but The Hunter always left a card with his name on it to let people know he was there and had a new victim. The card must have been what he put in her bathroom. She managed to get off her seatbelt and blocked him from placing a cloth on her face somehow. Amber didn't know how she managed to get out of the car. One moment she was there the next moment she was running with adrenaline pumping through her veins. She ran towards the entrance of the property, desperately hoping to be faster than him. No luck. The Hunter caught up with her easily and grabbed her arms, stopping her in her tracks.


     "I'm going to walk you into the house. Do as I say or you will die."

     Amber didn't know The Hunter's death threat was an empty one. None of his victims did. The Hunter had accidentally killed his first victim and used the accident to his advantage. Had Amber known that The Hunter was never planning on killing her, she probably wouldn't have cooperated. She allowed The Hunter to walk her to the front door of the old farmhouse in fear for her life. The Hunter let go of one of her arms and quickly brandished a knife. He held it in front of her eyes.

     "Please don't hurt me please!"

     "I'm letting go of your other arm to open the door. You try anything then this knife and your body will get acquainted with each other. Understand?"

     Amber sobbed and managed to squeak out a yes. She stood there in terror as he opened the door. Her arms were in his hands again and he forced her to walk through the house. They came to a bedroom where the bed had stains on it. Amber realized the stains were cum from previous victims.

     "Sexy Amber. Do you want to die?"

     Amber's eyes widened "No, please don't hurt me please!"

     "Good. Do what I say and you won't die."

     "Please just let me go I won't tell anyone who you are I swear!"

     "Turn around when I let go of your arms. Stay still while I take off your clothes."

     Amber's eyes welled up with tears as she felt his hands leave her arms. Slowly she turned around to face him. Sobs escaped her lips as his hands slipped the straps of her dress off of her shoulders. He pulled the dress down to reveal a red lacy bra.

     "Oh my, someone was looking for sexy time. You wanted this to happen."

     "Please no! Please! Let me go please!"

     "Amazing Amber. I'm not just going to let you go. I brought you over play."

     Amber continued to beg The Hunter as the dress fell all the way to the floor, revealing red matching panties. He mocked her again and called her a slut for wanting this. Amber's face burned red with embarrassment. She had an intimate boyfriend after high school, but she wasn't a slut who slept around! The memory of the former boyfriend caused a twinge of pain through her heart. He had been taken by the plague as well as her family. Amber continued to sob and beg to be let go. The Hunter ignored her sobs and cries. He fumbled with the hooks on her bra and was able to take it off quickly.

     The Hunter apparently couldn't help himself. He began to rub her small breasts. "Small but sexy with that body of yours" he said.

     "Please stop please! Just let me go! I promise I won't say anything."

     The Hunter made no audible reply. She felt his hands leave her bosom. Her panties were tugged down to the dress on the floor. Another sob escaped her lips. Amber was totally exposed. Her face burned red with shame. The Hunter then commanded Amber to get on the bed and play with herself. She reluctantly complied. Her hands rubbed over her nipples. She watched The Hunter take off his clothes and sobbed when she saw his hard thick cock. The knife was back in his hand again.

     "Do you want to die?" Paul asked again.

     "Please...please I don't want any of this please!"

     "Do as I say and you won't die by my hand. Lay on the bed and finger yourself while rubbing your tits. Get your pussy wet for me."

     "Please don't make me do this I'll do anything just don't make me do this please!"

     "So you've chosen death I see. A shame that such a lovely body will go to waste..."

     "No! No please! I'll do it! I'll do it!"

     "Then do it. Now."

     Sobs squeaked out of Amber's mouth as she lay down on the bed. She saw The Hunter loom over her beside the bed. Her left hand began to rub her left nipple. Amber slid her right index finger inside her womanhood. She hoped she wouldn't have to do more. Maybe she could delay or fake it somehow. Her hopes were dashed when his hand slapped her face. "Do it for real like the whore you are," he commanded. Defeated, Amber rubbed all over her bosom with her left hand. She slid two fingers of her right hand into her tight pussy and began to masturbate. Her cunt got wet and made slop sounds as she fingered herself. The Hunter watched her and had a pleased look in his eye.

     "Beg me to fuck you."

     "Please...please no don't do this I don't want this!"

     "Guess I'll have to motivate you then. I'm going to count from ten to zero. If I hit zero and you haven't begged me to fuck you, then you will die."

     "Please no!"


     "Don't do this please I'll do anything you want just don't do this to me please!"


     "Just let me go I won't say anything to anyone I swear!"



     "Seven. Scream all you like. No one who would rescue you can hear you."



     "Please I'm begging you please just let me go I won't tell anyone please!"


     "I'll do anything but this please don't do this to me! I'll give you whatever you want just don't do this!"

     "Four. What I want is your body. And I'm going to take it."


     "Three. No one is coming to your rescue. It's just you and me in this room."



     "Pl...please fuck me!"

     "I told you to beg. That's not begging. One."

     "NO! Please fuck me I want that hard cock in my tight wet pussy. Please don't kill me, please fuck me!"

     "That's better."

     Amber cried uncontrollably as The Hunter got on top of her in the bed. She was too afraid of him to struggle. His cock brushed the entrance to her pussy. Amber closed her eyes and tears streamed down her face on her freckles. He slapped her face and commanded her to open her eyes. She felt forced to look at him as his cock slowly went deep into her cunt. Amber wailed and cried as the cock slowly moved in and out. His body pressed hard against hers. A scream erupted from her lips when his lips began sucking on her neck.

     Her body betrayed her by getting wetter and wetter. Amber soon found herself moaning to the pleasure. The Hunter was moaning too. Together their moans slowly grew into a fiery whirlwind that engulfed the room. She felt his thrusts get faster and harder. Her moans made her feel like a disgusting whore. Amber hated how she sounded like a cow as he took her even faster and harder. Screams of pure pleasure ripped out of her lips as The Hunter hit the perfect spot in her pussy. Her body felt amazing, but in her mind she felt like a dirty worthless slut. An orgasm ripped through her body in the ultimate shame.

     His moans became more primal after her orgasm. She was completely helpless for what was about to happen. Her mind screamed for it to not end this way. All she could do with her body was moan from the unwanted pleasure. He slowed the pacing and shoved his cock as far as he could deep into her cunt. Amber felt the warmth of his fluids enter her body. It was absolutely disgusting and gross. His cock left her cunt and she felt it rub all over her breast. He was making her body dirty, filthy, and unclean. Amber cried and sobbed from the torment. The Hunter then grabbed one of her wrists. He pulled out handcuffs from a drawer and cuffed her wrist to the headboard.

     "Pl...please...just let me go...I did what you wanted please..."

     "You are my new whore. Your only purpose is to provide me pleasure. Or you could always choose to die."

     "Please....let me go...won't say a word..."

     "I can't just let you go Amazing Amber. Your body hasn't been fully used by me yet. Tomorrow we'll have lots more fun!"

     The Hunter left Amber there in the room with a wrist handcuffed to the headboard. There was no possible way of escaping. On one side of the bed there were covers for her to sleep in. They were just within reach to allow her to cover her nakedness. The house was eerily quiet. Judging by the light coming from the window it was pretty late. Amber felt utterly and completely hopeless, dirty, gross, and disgusting. She cried uncontrollably again as everything that happened hit her all at once. Her days of being tormented by The Hunter had only just begun.

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Re: Amber's Abduction
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2021, 06:18:51 AM »
I gotta admit, I got a little worried there. First contact I thought, "Yep he's done it." Then you pulled the played contscts card, and I thought you had misread the requirements. Then the Hunter brought up the double play, and I went, "Now I know how Amber felt!" You used my own rules against me to fool both Amber and myself, and I fucking loved it!
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Re: Amber's Abduction
« Reply #2 on: August 02, 2021, 09:23:39 PM »
Nicely done. The ruse of a shared duping by a prankster made for a good believable icebreaker that put Amber off her guard.
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Re: Amber's Abduction
« Reply #3 on: August 03, 2021, 12:37:43 AM »
Thank you both :) Had to find a way to make it difficult for the police to sniff around in his area since he never ends up getting caught.