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The Masked Marauder II - Allen's Revenge
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Chapter List

Story information


Chapter 1
The Present

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12
Jennifer Morgan

Chapter 13
Virginia Dennis

Chapter 14
The Cop

Chapter 15
The Fighter

Chapter 16
Jasmine Brooks

Chapter 17
Mama Brooks

Chapter 18
The House Sitter

Chapter 19
The Condom Lady

Chapter 20
Tina Elaine Hill

Chapter 21

Chapter 22
Tick Tick Boom


Story Information

The Kidnapping Chronicles

The Red Rose Rapist - prequel
The Hunter - Part 1
Huntress - Part 2
LK - Part 3 
The Masked Marauder - Part 4
Melinda's Tale - Part 5
The Masked Marauder II - Allen's Revenge - Part 6 <---you are here

     The story centers it's focus on a man raping multiple different women, most of them lesbian in a virtual world where they are imprisoned in their minds.  We will see our rapist friend carrying out his mother's revenge by raping members of a super secret cult that crumbled called Lesbian Kidnappers.  A few women who are still alive in this universe will make another appearance as victims.  The stories before this one had complex and complicated plots.  This story will not focus on complex plot points until we near the end.  Thus it is recommended, but not necessary to read The Red Rose Rapist, The Hunter, Huntress, LK, The Masked Marauder, and Melinda's Tale before reading this story. Character deaths are present but not told in graphic detail.


     So now you know everything Allen. Your father was my nephew. That’s how fucked up the Society made everything. They damaged our entire family. It’s now to let you in on my revenge that can now become yours. Press the Y button on this computer to carry out my revenge. If you wish to go back home to your adopted parents, simply close the computer and take my car. Enough cash is inside to get you back wherever you wish. Consider my car as a gift and an apology for never being there for you.

     Allen paused after reading the document with a tear in his eye. The computer, sensing no movement, inquired if he had finished reading the document. He quickly said yes. A dialog box opened up, instructing him to press the Y key at any time he was ready. After taking a deep breath, Allen collected himself. He let everything slowly sink in. His fingers touched the keyboard. Butterflies collected in his stomach as his right index finger pressed the Y key...

     "Hello my son."


     "Yes. I am your mother. I created a computer program and put as much as my personality as I could in it. Unfortunately the program is the best I could do."


     "Because the real me died."

     "But aren't you the real Melinda?"

     "I am but a copy. A clone but stuck in a computer program. The real me is buried out in the backyard. I last accessed this computer 11 days ago with the final update of my health. I estimate I died 2 or 3 days after that."

     "What did you die of?"

     "A disease I created that only affects females. I was careless with it and exposed myself. After accidental exposure I destroyed what was left out of anger. I can show you proof upon request."

     "No, I believe you. This is weird though."

     "You can ask the computer to run the program without me as a guide."

     "No, I like hearing your voice even though I know it's not really you. It's a nice touch. What program are you talking about?"

     "Revenge against the remnants of the Society of Lesbian Kidnappers."

     "What's the plan?"


     "Now that I have told you everything you need, this program will shut down and only come back if there's a problem with the plan. It is up to you. If you want to carry out the revenge, great! If not then you can live here in peace and harmony for the rest of your days. Oh, and there’s one more thing. I have a present for you. You’ll see what I mean if you decide to enact the revenge."

     Allen watched as the screen faded to black and noticed that the printer started to print his mother’s story. He thought about the decision to complete the revenge his mother, Melinda Warren, was unable to perform. It was pretty simple. All he had to do was send his mother’s robots to capture all ex members of a dying super secret society called Lesbian Kidnappers. The robots could also kidnap and bring any female Allen wished them to, but the primary focus was on LK agents. The robots were of the finest quality and looked like your average everyday human. As a cover, the robots all belonged to the F.B.I. Of course, FBI didn’t stand for the government agency. Instead, it stood for Female Bondage Instigators. Once a robot captured an agent, Allen would place the agent in a cryogenic tube. The chamber would freeze the agent and place their mind in a virtual reality world. Virtual reality would be the only possible way for an agent to stay a captive. The victim would not be able to move in the real world. They could only move in the virtual world, or if the person controlling the world lets them move. The world was made to be inescapable for females – hence why Melinda could not do this task. Allen was more than capable, and Melinda made it to where he was in control of everything when he was in and out of the virtual world.

     It sounded complicated, but Allen saw it as very simple. The robots kidnap someone, place them in a tube, he keeps them in a virtual world to where they can’t escape, and he can do whatever he wanted to his victims. He decided that he loved the idea and gave the computer the necessary commands to the robots. The computer whirred to life. Robots left the house to collect all members who used to be in the Society of Lesbian Kidnappers. After they left Allen went into the basement where the virtual world was located to discover what his present was...
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Re: The Masked Marauder II - Allen's Revenge
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Chapter 1
The Present

     "Hello Allen."

     "Well, Alexander. I believe the last time I saw you I was in Nebraska. So it is true that you were looking to get my DNA, just for my mother instead of the cops. Are you one of the robots she told me about?"

     "Yes. There was a robot stationed at the children's home so they could put a tracker on your car. We kept watch over you."

     "Ah, that explains a lot. So was that cop you were working with a robot?"

     "No. She is human and had no idea I was a robot."

     "Cool. So are you my present?"

     "No, this is!"

     Allen was pleased, very pleased. He looked forward to caressing that body once again. She wasn't in the virtual reality world, but she didn't have to be. Melinda must have known exactly what Allen needed. A victim to play with in the real world while tormenting the agents in the virtual world. It was the perfect gift.

     "Hello Nicole."

     Nicole was the first woman he raped before going on his road trip to find his mother and rape other women along the way. She didn't know it was Allen who raped her because he had worn a mask and talked in a fake Irish accent. She only wore chains around her ankles that limited her to a small area of the basement.  Her eyes brightened when she saw Allen.

     "Allen? Please help me! They won't let me go!"

     Allen laughed "And neither will I," he said. He sent chills up Nicole’s spine as he spoke with the accent "Now listen lade, we’re going to have a lil bit of fun!"


     Laughter echoed off the walls. "Yes, and we're going to have lots of fun together."

     "No! No please don't do this to me again! I'll do anything! PLEASE NO!"

     Allen quickly undressed then pinned Nicole's wrists to the wall beside her. She screamed for mercy as Allen licked her face. Nicole spat in Allen's face and was rewarded with a hard slap on her own. He then grabbed her wrists again and wrestled her to the ground. Allen decided to fuck that bitch's pussy dry as punishment for spitting in his face. Screams of pure agony galloped out of Nicole's mouth when his cock stormed the entrance. Allen liked it better when the pussy was wet, but he cared more about teaching this slut a lesson in obedience at the moment.

     Nicole earnestly begged him to stop because the pain was so intense. She couldn't take much more. Allen didn't listen and fucked that bitch rough and hard. He pushed hard against her body with his and bit her neck like a vampire. Screams rattled the basement walls. Nicole could only say the word "no" over and over again through her cries of pain. The abuse she endured was too intense to form any other word. Finally Nicole's pussy started to get wet.

     Allen slowed the pacing down so he could take her slow, hard, and deep. Agonized moans of pain and pleasure raced out of her mouth and echoed off the walls. Allen fucked her without care or mercy. Her mouth was permanently open from the pain and pleasure. He spat inside her mouth and partially on her face to return the favor. Then he pressed his lips against hers hard. Screams still managed to slip through as Allen pounded that pussy which slowly became wetter and wetter.

     He changed his pacing again. Now both belted moans of pleasure as Nicole's pussy got closer and closer to an orgasm. Her body twitched with the pleasure. Allen kept the pacing going. Nicole gave muffled moans of pain now and Allen felt her body just go limp. All the fight was gone from her. She no longer had the energy to struggle. The moans of pain were soon replaced with moans of pleasure as Allen continued to pound her again and again and again. Fire spread throughout his body. He released his load and coated the inside of Nicole's cunt. His cock softened and he rolled over to the side. For good measure, Allen slapped Nicole's tits. She let out a yelp each time but still lacked energy to move.

     Nicole sobbed as she lay there on the floor. Allen continued to abuse her body by slapping her every now and then. They looked into each other's eyes. Nicole was out of breath, but managed to apologize to Allen for spiting in his face. Allen smiled and immediately changed his demeanor. He caressed her body instead of slapping it. Tears leaked out of her eyes when she saw his cock getting hard again. Her pussy was sore, raw, and dripping with cum. This time Allen took her softly and slowly. Her mind wanted to struggle, but her body wouldn't cooperate. It was too exhausted.

     Allen mocked Nicole's helpless body by treating her as if she were a lover and wanted this to happen. He was gentle and slow. His lips kissed hers again, but more like a lover than the animal before. Slow and gentle Nicole's body quickly released another orgasm. Her mind desperately wanted this to stop. She wanted to stop moaning in pleasure, stop Allen from taking her body, stop everything from happening to her. Another orgasm rocked her body and Allen once more spewed his sperm inside the dirty wet cunt. Both Allen and Nicole spent all their energy and eventually fell asleep next to each other. One had dreams of pure pleasure on cloud nine. The other couldn't even escape the nightmare hell in their dreams.
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Re: The Masked Marauder II - Allen's Revenge
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Chapter 2

     The basement had a different room past Nicole's area separated by a large thick door. One of the robots brought Allen through there to show him their first catch of an LK agent. The agent was secured neatly in the cryogenic tube.

     "Name: Rachel Elizabeth Stevens. Position in the Society: Greeter."

     "Ok how do I enter her mind?"

     "This headband when worn will transport you to the virtual world inside their mind. There you can control everything just by concentrating hard enough on it. When you want to leave simply think about the headband and it will appear in the virtual world. Once you take it off there you will return to the real world."

     "Sounds simple." Allen put the headband on to have fun with his new prey.

     Rachel was in a room with no windows or doors completely naked. She couldn't move her arms or legs, but didn't see anything visible restraining her. It had to be drugs. She closed her eyes and calmed her mind. The drugs would wear off soon and she would find a way to escape. Suddenly she heard a sound. A man was in front of her.

     "Hello there Rachel."

     "Who are you?"

     "I'm the Masked Marauder!"

     "So why aren't you wearing a mask?"

     "Well to earlier to hide...but now I don''m not wearing a mask so sue me."

     Rachel smiled. This one clearly wasn't as smart as her. She thought she could outwit him easily. Whatever he used on her must have been strong though because she still couldn't move. How had this man caught her?

     "You won't be smiling for long!"

     "Do your worst. You can't keep me drugged forever. Once they wear off I'll escape this room easily and find you. It won't be very pleasant for you after that. So I suggest you release me now and we'll forget this whole thing ever happened."

     To Rachel's surprise, Allen laughed at her. "You think you're drugged? Oh man that's hilarious! I'll just clap my hands for you and presto! Now you can move!" Rachel lurched forward from the sudden ability to move and fell to the ground. No drug could be turned off by a simple clap of the hands. Who was this man?

     "Ok who are you really?"

     "I'm Allen. Melinda Warren's son."

     Rachel's smile fell from her face. Her eyes filled with fear. It couldn't be true! It wasn't possible! Yet when she looked into his confident eyes she knew he was telling the truth. Melinda capturing her was the terrifying answer of how she had gotten caught by this man. She knew she was screwed.

     "Oh crap! I never did anything to her. All I did was meet new recruits at a bank. She was before my time I swear!"

     Allen's face twisted into a grin. He slowly walked closer to Rachel. She didn't realize she was backing herself into a corner. The corner kissed her naked body and made her jump in surprise. It was cold. Rachel trembled as Allen got closer and closer.

     "I don't care."

     "No, get away! HELP ME SOMEONE HELP!"

     "Oh but earlier you said I could do my worst to you. I think I'll take you up on your offer!"

     Suddenly Rachel was in a bed with her arms and legs spread wide. How did that happen? She tried desperately to move her arms and legs, but her body wouldn't cooperate. She saw Allen appear out of nowhere beside her. Allen caressed Rachel's body. Rachel didn’t want to give Allen any satisfaction, so she didn’t cry out or beg to be released. She knew it wouldn’t do any good anyway. As Allen’s hands rubbed slowly over her breast, she held in a lustful moan. She felt her body craving for sex, something that she never expected to happen with a man. Allen continued slowly caressing Rachel’s flesh, going down ever so slowly towards her middle. He breathed lightly on her nipple and started to suck. Rachel was desperately trying to not cry out now. A moan escaped her as his finger slowly slid into her pussy.

     "I knew you’d love this you dirty little whore. You’re already wet after such a short period of time. What a slut!"

     Rachel knew Allen was toying with her shame. Ever determined, she kept silent. Her body wouldn’t cooperate though as her pussy got wetter and wetter with each passing moment. Allen was pleased with the wetness of her pussy. Wordlessly, he pressed his body against hers. She knew what Allen had planned next and wondered if she could keep quiet. As Allen’s huge cock brushed the entrance to her pussy, she gasped. All of her self control left her and she began to struggle, looking for a way out. She tried to wiggle her hips in an effort to keep Allen from shoving his meat into her, but it only made him hornier. Allen slammed his cock into her at full force and Rachel made a lustful moan. He laughed and toyed with her some more. As he slowly drew his cock in and out, Rachel screamed with each thrust. She felt her body enjoying the rape, enjoying the sensation of being abused. She hated it and tried to struggle and tell her body “no! I don’t like this,” but to no avail.

     Allen’s thrusts became faster and faster now, then harder and harder. They both screamed as pleasure filled their bodies. Rachel desperately wanted this to end; she wanted her body to stop betraying her. Allen was ready and close. His cock throbbed, and when her body felt the throb she came. She made an even more lustful moan and jerked right when Allen’s cock sprayed his warm sticky fluid inside of her.

     The scene changed. Rachel was standing on the beach, stark naked with cum dripping out of her pussy. Allen winked at her. She felt that she could finally move her arms and legs. Rachel made a grab for Allen’s throat in the hopes to take him by surprise. All she grabbed was air. She looked in confusion as Allen slowly faded away.

     Rachel immediately thought "dream, this is a dream." But deep down, she knew that this was no dream. No dream has ever been so vivid. She could still see cum dripping from her pussy and onto the floor. The floor? She looked around and realized that she was back in the room with no door or windows.

     "Sounded like you enjoyed your time with me slut," Allen taunted. But where was his voice coming from? There was nothing in the room!

     "Where are you?"

     "I'm standing right in front of you waiting for you to figure it out."

     Suddenly Rachel knew exactly what was happening. She was even more screwed than she originally thought. "My mind. You've imprisoned my mind!"

     "There is no escape!"

     Suddenly Allen appeared behind her. She couldn't move again! He roughly groped her breast and without any kind of mercy shoved his hard thick prick inside her ass. Rachel screamed with pain and desperately begged for him to stop. Allen painfully abused both Rachel's tits and ass. She continued to scream and beg for mercy. He didn't listen and fucked her tight little asshole raw. Allen was the only one getting pleasure from the experience. All Rachel knew was pain. Pain from slapping her nipples, pressing his hands hard against her boobs, thick cock in her ass, and squeezing her tits hard. Rachel screamed to the point her voice became horse. Allen felt the fire within. He made the hardest thrusts yet and squeezed her boobs as hard as he could. The scream from Rachel split eardrums as Allen's cock throbbed and he unleashed his load into her tight little ass.

     Suddenly Rachel could move again. She collapsed onto the floor without ceremony and without care. Rachel saw Allen smile. A headband suddenly appeared around his head. "Until next time whore," he said. He took off the headband and vanished. Rachel was left alone in a broken mess of pain and mental suffering.

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Re: The Masked Marauder II - Allen's Revenge
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Chapter 3

     "Name: Brooke Danielle Sinclair. Position in the Society: High ranked trainer."

     "State ages of current victims and include age from now on."

     "Brooke Danielle Sinclair: 40 years old. Rachel Elizabeth Stevens: 43 years old. Nicole Allison Walker 21 years old."

     "Time to meet Brooke!"

     Brooke had been naked tied to a strange bed. Whoever tied her didn't think about her being able to reach the knots and she escaped easily. She suspected whoever kidnapped her wasn't very bright. Now she was hiding beside a door in the room. When her captor opened the door she would take whoever it was by surprise.

     "Hello Brooke."

     A male voice behind her made Brooke jump. What the hell? She turned around and saw a man in an orange ski mask. There was only one door! How could he have gotten behind her? Had to be a secret entrance. Whoever this was had no idea who they were dealing with.

     "So you're making a mistake. I have pretty well connected friends who would go after you."

     "Oh you mean the remnants of Lesbian Kidnappers?"

     Brooke's stomach dropped. How did he know the Society was real and not just a story? This couldn't be a test to reform the Society. Her captor would be female if that were the case.

     "Who are you?"

     "The Masked Marauder. Melinda Warren's son."

     Brooke laughed "Did you read in the story how Daphne and I weren't afraid and were willing to fight even though Melinda was dangerous? You're just a puppy compared to her."

     "Oh? Could a puppy do this?"

     Suddenly Brooke had rope around her tits. And it hurt! The rope traveled up to the ceiling. Her knees were fully bent with her ankles tied to her legs off of the ground. She was suspended in the air from her breast. Rope coiled around her arms that were behind her back.

     "Ow what the fuck ow!"

     "Does it hurt Brooke? Are you in pain? How can that be? I'm just a PUPPY!" Allen slapped Brooke's bosom. Hard. She tried to figure out where the knots were in the ropes, but couldn't find them. Screams escaped her mouth as the pain grew more intense. Then suddenly she was back in a bed again. There was no restraints of any kind, yet she couldn't move her arms and legs.

     "How the fuck are you doing this?"

     "Oh I don't know Brooke, I'm just a harmless puppy aren't I? Hey, you know puppies like to lick people right?"

     "Please just stop and let me go we can work out a deal."

     "Oh now you're afraid Brooke? Why are you so afraid of a harmless puppy like me? Now I wonder where I should lick..."

     "No, no please NO PLEASE HELP!"

     Allen laughed and ignored Brooke's cries. He licked all around Brooke's pussy as if he were a puppy licking her face. Brooke tried to move but was unable to. She could only protest and scream for help. Allen stuck his tongue in and slapped the slut's tits hard. Moans of pain, protest, and pleasure swirled all around the room like a tornado. The tongue went deeper into that hot wet cunt. Hands continued to slap Brooke's tits. Pleasure slowly started to build in Brooke's womanhood. Suddenly the tongue withdrew and the abuse her tits were suffering ceased.

     "Suck my cock you fucking whore."

     Brooke tried to keep her mouth shut. She was even able to grunt in pain with her mouth closed as Allen twisted her nipples hard. Then he pinched her nose and Brooke knew she had no choice. Her mouth had to open for air at some point. Allen shoved his cock in her mouth without mercy. Brooke gagged and choked on his hard thick cock. Hands groped her breast as she took the shaft in deep into her throat. Gags and moans escaped her mouth as he orally abused her. Soon his cock was covered with her saliva. Then after what felt like an eternity the cock withdrew. Allen got on top of Brooke and caressed her body.

     "Please...please no. We can work out a deal. Please just don't do this!"

     "What's the matter Brooke? Afraid of me even though I'm harmless? Oh that's right you are a lesbian so you probably don't want my cock in that hot wet pussy."

     "I don't! Please don't do this!"


     Suddenly Brooke was on her stomach "NO, please no NOT THERE! PLEASE NO!"

     "You didn't want it in your pussy, so it's going in your ass instead!"


     Allen laughed as he rammed his thick cock into her ass. Brooke created the perfect screaming moan of pain as he roughly fucked that asshole without mercy. She continued to try and move her arms and legs in vain and couldn't understand why she was frozen. Allen yanked on Brooke's hair and pulled it back as he continued to ravage that asshole. Brooke begged, pleaded, screamed, and cried for mercy. But mercy would not come for her. Allen spanked her ass hard as he continued to ride that asshole. Pain was all Brooke felt from every nerve in her asshole.


     Allen pleasured himself with her tight little asshole. His moans of pleasure flung out into the room and mixed with her screams of pain. Harder and faster he went. The fire of pleasure suddenly exploded inside his body. Allen gave some last deep, hard thrusts as his cock blew the load into her ass. Brooke could feel that her asshole was wet, sticky, and still in tremendous pain.

     Allen's cock softened. All of a sudden Brooke was on her back again. How was he doing that? Suddenly, she realized what was happening to her.

     "I'm a prisoner in my own mind."

     "Ah so you've figured it out have you? There's no escape from this. Now suck my cock and make me hard again, whore."

     "None of this is real. We are only in my mind. Maybe I can take control if I..."

     Allen laughed. "Don't waste your time slut. Only I can control what happens in here. Now suck my cock or else."

     Brooke desperately tried mental defensive techniques, but they didn't work. She was forced to suck Allen's dirty cock again. Desperately Brooke tried to tell herself this wasn't really happening. But the cock felt so real in her mouth. The taste felt real too and it was awful. And her asshole continued to throb with pain from the earlier abuse. She realized Allen was right. There was no escaping this torment inside her mind. It truly felt no different than it happening in the real world outside her mind.

     Allen's cock slowly grew as he orally raped her again. She gagged once more as his cock went deep in her throat. He held onto her head, forcing her to take it in deeper. Moans, gags, and saliva escaped her lips. Allen's cock was nice and hard again. His cock wasted no time and moved down to her pussy lips. He took that cunt slow and deep, taking his time. Allen pressed his lips against hers hard. Moans escaped the pair's lips as pleasure slowly started filling their bodies. Brooke desperately wanted this nightmare to end, but she knew it had only just begun. Slow, deep thrusts caused Brooke to moan like an animal.

     The unwanted pleasure inside of her grew. Allen felt the fire as well. He increased the pace of his thrusts. Both of them gave louder and louder muffled moans. Faster and harder Allen fucked that wet hot cunt. The fire suddenly burst through Brooke's entire body into a massive orgasm. As her body twitched, Allen sprayed his warm sticky fluids all into her cunt.

     Allen vanished moments afterwards. One moment he was there, the next moment he was gone. Brooke was left alone on the bed, cum dripping from her pussy. She realized she was able to move her arms and legs again. Her asshole still felt raw and sore from the experience. A soft noise whisked it's way into Brooke's ear. What was that? She looked toward the sound.

     "Rachel?" Brooke saw Rachel curled up in a ball on the floor.

     Rachel sobbed "'ve w...w...won. W...e c...can't e...esc...ape. He's g...going to k...keep r...r...doing th...this to us and o...ov..." She could no longer form words and cried from the torment she had endured. Brooke felt the truth hit her as if she got hit by a subway train while standing on the track. This was only the beginning of her torment. They were trapped inside their minds in this virtual world where they could be tormented again and again and again. Brooke collapsed onto the ground. Her cries of anguish mixed in with Rachel's. The room was filled with torment and despair.

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Re: The Masked Marauder II - Allen's Revenge
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Chapter 4

     "Name: Molly Grace Hamilton. Position in the Society: Second In Command. Age: 42 years old."

     "I thought she was leader now?"

     "Information is data stolen from Lesbian Kidnappers' database."

     "Oh! I get it! The database was updated up until everyone got neuralyzed. Hang on, have you been reporting their current ages?"

     "Age estimated to current year based on data from database. 95% accurate."

     "What's the other 5%?"

     "Plus or minus one year. Birthdates not specified. Only ages."

     "Got it. Why are the other two together in the virtual world? I know Molly isn't hooked up yet but I didn't notice that before."

     "Current power is insufficient for more than two virtual worlds at one time."

     "Ah so while I'm having fun they are in a different virtual world then get transported back. That makes sense. Is it possible to have more than one with me at once?"

     "Two with you possible. Caution: User will experience high fatigue after event. Warning: More than two may overload user."

     "Makes sense I guess. Would I be able to travel to the other world and torment them all when they've all been captured?"

     "Warning: User cannot return from other world. User can speak in microphone to the other world."

     "Oh cool that's a good way to torment them. Can I hear what they're saying too?"


     "Alright I think I've asked enough questions for now. Time to have some fun with Molly!"

     Molly planned on restarting the Society, but couldn't do it with Melinda in the way. As Leader of the Society, she kept in touch with everyone who had slowly gained their memories back. She knew something was wrong. Rachel had suddenly become silent. Shortly afterward Brooke stopped responding. The trackers in their rings were not responding. It was as she had feared. Melinda was making her move after sending her "son" to the mansion.

     When Molly suddenly awakened naked in a room with no doors or windows, she knew right away what happened. Melinda captured her. Yet Melinda had forgotten to take Molly's ring. How foolish of her!

     "Tina. Code red. Warn as many as you can...what the?"

     Molly's ring wasn't working, but how could that be? She then remembered that Melinda created the rings and probably disabled it. Melinda clearly didn't want her dead, so Molly wasn't afraid. The room having no entry or exit points was simply an illusion. She tested a spot on the wall in the middle of the room. It was solid and not hollow so no one could come from behind her. From here she would be able to see or hear someone coming into the room.

     "Hello Molly."

     A familiar voice right beside her ear made Molly jump in surprise. How had he snuck up on her? He would have made some kind noise! She recognized the voice from somewhere, but where? And why was he naked aside from wearing an orange ski mask? Oh, of course. It had to be Melinda's son.

     "Hello Allen."

     "Oh darn, you didn't ask me who I was. Ruined the surprise. I'll go ahead and tell you anyway. I'm..."

     "Melinda's son yes I know."

     "I'm also The Masked Marauder."

     Molly rolled her eyes. "Tina never explained why I enjoyed being the victim in her stories. Would you like to know why Allen?"

     "It doesn't matter."

     "Oh but it does. I enjoy being a victim because before I was in the Society, I had been assaulted and abused for years along with others who trusted someone. The only reason I joined the Society is because we could make our victims forget. But I didn't want to forget my past even though that was offered to me when I told my story to the other agents. It made me into a strong willed woman."

     "Sooooo you think that your will is greater than mine?"

     "I don't think. I know. You cannot break me. You think running around raping a few women in their homes with a name nobody is going to know the meaning of is something? That's nothing. The Hunter was far, far more dangerous than you can ever hope to be."

     "Oh so you feared my father then?"

     Molly blinked but retained the hard expression on her face. "Your father is dead. I do not fear him any longer. And I do not fear you. Not even your father would have been capable of the horrors I and others experienced. Oh, and don't bother trying to figure out who it is. That person is long dead too."

     Allen stood there with an amused look on his face. Molly had really thought this through. She wasn't going to be broken as easily as Brooke and Rachel were. He still planned on raping the bitch of course, but it was just satisfying to watch the other two sob knowing their torment wouldn't end. Allen decided to continue toying with Molly for a little bit longer. Perhaps she would break more easily than she thought.

     "You're silent so I know what I've said is true. Bring your mother here and let's all negotiate. Now."

     "She's dead."

     "Yeah and I'm the President of the United States. Ok fine. I'll escape here and it's going to get much worse for you and your mother when I do. As Tina would say, you're going to wish you had never been born."

     "Can you escape when you can't move?"

     Molly suddenly couldn't move her arms and legs. Yet she was still able to breathe which meant she could probably still talk. Allen hadn't moved or done anything but talk to her. Drugs would have affected Allen too so it couldn't have been that. Molly smiled. She had figured out what had happened.

     "Ah clever Melinda. Capturing us inside our own minds. Or it would be if it wasn't our idea first!"


     "That's why we had Melinda's DNA handy to compare yours with when we met. Imprisoning her mind. Course that required capturing her too but we were hoping to avoid that when you showed up. So here's the deal. If I created this I know exactly how to get out, though it'll take me a couple of days. Maybe a week. Doesn't matter how long I'll eventually get out. Then you'll be fucked."

     Allen laughed. He could tell she was lying. The game was no longer amusing to him and he just wanted her cunt. With a clap of the hands Molly suddenly had a ring gag in her mouth. She blinked but didn't make a sound. Suddenly Molly was on the floor arms and legs spread wide. A snorting noise came from her mouth. She was laughing at him! Well, she wouldn't be laughing much longer!

     Allen wiggled his nose and a blindfold covered Molly's eyes. He slapped one of Molly's nipples. Her body jerked a little, but she made no sound. Allen slapped her harder elsewhere on her breast. She still didn't make a sound. Irritated, Allen forced his cock into the slut's open mouth. She made the usual gag sounds but there were no moans of torment. The gag sounds were enough to make his prick harder though. As he forced his cock deep into her throat he slapped her tits as hard as he could. This time she grunted in pain. Ah, he could make her grunt through pain!

     Allen forced his cock in and out of her mouth through the ring gag easily. Pleasure began to rise in his thick cock. He slapped her breasts repeatedly without mercy. Every time he slapped he made sure it was hard enough to make her grunt. Faster his cock entered in and out of her mouth. Drool was everywhere. He let some of it fall on his hands and rubbed it all over her face. She remained quiet until he slapped her hard again.

     The cock left Molly's mouth and she attempted to spit all of the drool out. Her ring gag vanished. Molly then was surprised when Allen roughly stuck his finger deep into her pussy with no warning. She screamed in pain when another finger entered into her cunt. Allen used his other hand to slap those tits. By now they had red marks from the abuse. He continued to roughly finger her and bit onto her nipple hard. Screams echoed throughout the room. Tears of pain escaped Molly's eyes.

     Allen's fingers left Molly's cunt. She didn't have time to even breathe before his hard thick member slammed into her cunt hard. Molly felt pain and pleasure as Allen rode her deep and hard. He bit into her neck and slapped her face just so he could hear her constant screams. As Allen rode the bitch he could tell some of the sounds were moans of pleasure. He kissed her lips hard to muffle them just the way he liked it. His thrusts became faster and faster. Molly felt the fire of unwanted pleasure rip through her body. She had no control over her body any longer. Pleasure made her body betray her and burst into an orgasm.

     Now all that was coming out of Molly were animal moans. Allen fucked that wet cunt faster and faster and faster. He felt the fire spread throughout his body. Moans escaped both of their lips and seeped into the walls. The thick hard cock spewed the fluids inside the sopping wet cunt. Yet Allen didn't feel satisfied. He hadn't broken this bitch. It wasn't as fun when his victim had a strong will. He decided to rape Nicole out in the real world and vanished from Molly's virtual prison.

     Molly breathed heavily. She heard sounds beside her and realized she could move. Cum still leaked from her cunt. Rachel and Brooke were sobbing next to each other on the floor. Molly hadn't been lying about creating a prison for Melinda's mind. She knew with Rachel and Brooke here Melinda had to have come up with it on her own. Tina and Molly had only planned on keeping Melinda in prison and no one else.

     "Rachel, Brooke. It'll be ok. We'll find a way to escape this somehow."

     Rachel sobbed "'t be..beca..."

     "Shhh, I know we're trapped in our minds. He got me too, but I walked through hell before joining the Society. I have still been hurt by him, but nothing compares to what happened to me previously. I can be strong for you two and give you hope."

     Allen hadn't gone to rape Nicole yet. He wanted to see what Molly would do. And he was furious.

     "I will find a way to break you. I will find a way to make you beg for mercy. And when I finally do, I'm going to enjoy watching you suffer in torment!"

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Re: The Masked Marauder II - Allen's Revenge
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Chapter 5

     Allen was pissed. That bitch Molly psyched him out. Attempting to figure out what Molly was talking about regarding her past got him nowhere. She was assigned to be a police officer after all and probably made sure the information was hidden or destroyed. Allen didn't end up raping Nicole after he had raped Molly. He couldn't get his cock hard enough because he was too obsessed with figuring out how to break Molly. There had to be a way to win in a battle of wills against her.

     "Incoming captive."

     "Yeah ok," Allen was only halfway listening, lost in thought in his obsession to break Molly's will.

     "Name: Melissa Grace Hamilton. Position in the Society: Victim of The Hunter. Presumed Dead. Age: 65 years old."

     "Wait, repeat that again." Allen wasn't sure he heard it right and listened very attentively to the robot.

     "Name: Melissa Grace Hamilton. Position in the Society: Victim of The Hunter. Presumed Dead. Age: 65 years old"

     "Ok so is Melissa related to Molly? Melissa is a redhead and Molly is blonde so I don't quite see it."

     "Searching: Melissa and Molly listed in Project New Generation as mother and daughter. Observation: Melissa's hair has blonde roots. Conclusion: Dark red hair dye."

     "Mother and daughter..." Allen smiled. No wonder when Melissa was taken by The Hunter the Society sent careless and poorly trained agents over to try and get any kind of advantage. It wasn't Hannah who made the mistakes, but Molly because it was her own mother! His eyes sparkled with joy. Laughter boomed from his lips. He cackled and rubbed his hands with glee. Maybe he can break Molly by forcing her to watch him ravage her mother!


     Molly was proud of herself. Because of her strong will she was helping Brooke and Rachel cope. Her painful past was a dark chapter in her life. Someone her family had trusted betrayed them and held the whole family captive. The asshole forced Molly and her mother to watch her father die. Then Molly was forced to watch as her mother was raped repeatedly. Molly wasn't spared either and was repeatedly raped as well. They were also forced to have mother/daughter lesbian sex. The only reason they were saved is because of Melissa's membership with the Society. Were it not for them, they both would probably have been dead long ago. Molly of course didn't join the Society until much later and was happy to thank her rescuers once she met them.

     Rachel and Brooke seemed to be doing better because Allen hadn't come for them again. Molly was confident that nothing he could do to her would ever compare to what she went through. Now all she needed to do was figure out how to escape this prison of the mind. There had to be a flaw somewhere. But where?

     Molly's thoughts were interrupted when Brooke and Rachel vanished. The room looked the same but the two women were just gone. Molly laughed to herself because she knew she had gotten under Allen's skin. Perhaps if she did this enough she could escape since Allen was the only one who was able to go to and from the virtual world. That would be her exit point. She had to trick Allen somehow into releasing her into the real world while she trapped him here.

     "Hello Molly."

     The voice had come from behind her. Of course. She didn't even bother to move or turn around. In fact, she planned on not saying a word to him at all. She was confident in her ability to best him in the war of the wills. If she won enough battles, she could escape.

     "Never thought I'd have the hots for someone a lot older, but damn those tits are huge. About as big as my head!"

     Molly was confused. He didn't comment on her breast size last time. They were large but not that large. What was he talking about? No, this was a game he was trying to get her to talk or move. She wasn't going to fall for it. Molly remained silent and still.

     "Ok Molly just stand right there if you want to. How rude of you to not introduce me to your mother."

      Molly's heart sunk. ​She could handle anything Allen did to her own body, but the body of her mother's? Forcing her to watch Allen fuck with her mother's mind? There was no way her mother had the same strong will. Not after being taken by The Hunter and having the memories slowly come back over the years.

    ​"That's ok. I'll get to know her myself!"

    ​"Ugh...Molly? What happened? Who are you? Why can't I move? Why am I naked?"

    ​"I'm the Masked Marauder. Son of The Hunter and Melinda Warren."

    ​Melissa's eyes widened. Her naked body trembled. She let out an ear piercing scream of terror. Molly suddenly found her arms spread wide chained to a cross. Her legs were painfully chained together and pressed against the wood. And her head was chained in place to so that she would be able to look exactly at Melissa. A mattress appeared underneath Melissa who of course was naked and had her arms and legs spread wide.

    ​"Saggy tits but they're still big as hell. I wonder if you're going to lactate like you did for The Hunter and my mother?"

    ​"No, no, no get away please no!" Melissa protested.

    ​"LEAVE HER ALONE!" Molly screamed.

    ​Allen laughed and took one of Melissa's large nipples in his mouth. Melissa managed to wiggle her body a little, but still couldn't move her arms or legs. Screams begging for mercy erupted from Melissa's lips. Molly struggled against the chains that held her on the cross. It was happening all over again. She was being forced to watch her mother being abused before her very eyes once more.


   ​Moans of protest and pleasure were escaping Melissa's mouth. Allen sucked on one of her large nipples and rubbed all over her saggy huge tits. Molly continued to plead with Allen to stop and struggle against the chains that bound her. Rational thought escaped Molly. She was reliving her nightmare all over again. Melissa continued to make moans like a whore as Allen abused her massive breast. He sucked on the nipple as hard as he could, wanting to stimulate it to where she would lactate. Her other nipple was roughly treated by pinches, hard rubs, and occasional slaps. Finally, the nipple he was sucking on leaked a milky discharge.

    ​"Mmm, looks like mama still has some milk in those jugs."


    ​Allen ignored Molly's protests. For her part, Melissa was quiet when Allen taunted her but her face flushed red with shame and embarrassment. Allen decided to make Melissa's other nipple lactate as well. His lips and hand traded places on her massively large breasts. Melissa moaned like a whore and yelped whenever Allen's hand slapped on her lactating nipple. Allen sucked as hard as he could on the other nipple. Milk sprayed out of her nipple when his fingers pinched it hard enough. Harder and harder Allen sucked the other nipple. Molly's cries became more pleading and desperate. Melissa sounded just like a cow as her other nipple began to lactate.

    ​"Fuck those are some really great tits. My hands have met them, my mouth has met them, now my cock should meet them!"

    ​Both women pleaded in protest as Allen got on top of Melissa and rubbed his cock between her huge, massive boobs. It didn't matter how saggy they were, he really enjoyed the feeling. Those tits just needed to have cum all over them, Allen decided. He fucked between those massive watermelons and moaned as pleasure kissed his thick cock. Melissa and Molly begged for it all to stop, but Allen didn't listen. He grabbed his shaft and masturbated hard to Melissa's tits while he was still on top of her. The flaming fires roared through his body and he spewed cum onto those lovely, luscious breasts.

    ​"You're a fucking whore. Suck my cock and make me hard again."

    ​Melissa screamed when Allen twisted both of her nipples hard. A ring gag was suddenly in her mouth. Unlike Molly who only gagged when Allen's cock invaded her mouth, her mother gagged and moaned like the slut Allen knew she was. Tears were streaming down Molly's face now. She continued to beg Allen to stop doing this to her mother. Allen continued to ignore her and violated Melissa's mouth. Slowly his cock got nice and hard. It was time to stick it into another hole. Allen decided to slide his hand on her cunt to see how wet it was.

     "Fuck you really are a whore your cunt is dripping wet."

     "Don't do this to her please! Please do whatever you want with me just leave her alone! PLEASE!"

     "I can do whatever I want with you Molly?"

     "Yes, do whatever you want. I'll do anything just please leave her alone!"

     "But I am doing what I want with you Molly. I want you to watch."

     "Please don't! Melinda and I were recruited around the same time! Please leave me alone, I never did anything to her! I swear! I never did anything to her please!" Melissa exclaimed.

     Allen moved his hand away from her cunt. He slowly got on top of Melissa again. His lips moved beside one of Melissa's ears and his cock brushed the entrance of her pussy. "I don't care" he whispered. Both women screamed as Allen slammed his cock into the whore's dripping wet pussy. He made slow, deep thrusts. Melissa belted out moans like a bull. Molly was crying hysterically and couldn't form words anymore.

     "Mmmm, fuck this pussy is tight, mmmmmmmm mmmmm yeah mmmmmm you're my fucking whore."

     "Noo uuuuhh uuuu not uuuuh uuuh a uuuuh uuuh whore"

     Melissa could barely form words as Allen fucked her tight little whore cunt faster and faster. Molly's uncontrollable crying, Melissa's moans of protest and pleasure, and Allen's own moans formed a symphony of pleasure and torment that filled the room. Allen went in as deep as he could, smacking his balls hard against Melissa's curvy body. Faster and faster he ravaged her. Melissa felt her neck get sucked on by Allen's mouth. Her body betrayed her and released an orgasm from the pleasure. Allen loved it that Melissa moaned like the whore of a cow she was. He continued to take her pussy and soon felt the fire once more around his prick. He gave slower, deeper thrusts as the flaming desire spread throughout his whole body. Warm, sticky sperm coated the inside of that whore cow's cunt.

     Allen looked over to Molly hanging on the cross. Sobs escaped her sexy lips. Melissa was also crying uncontrollably. Allen made the cross and Molly's chains vanish. She was back to a standing position on the floor. Molly reacted by looking at the floor. She wrapped her arms around herself. Loud sobs escaped from her and mixed with Melissa's sobs of despair. As Molly hugged herself, Allen smiled with satisfaction. He had done it. Molly's will was broken.

     Brooke and Rachel had seen Molly vanish and knew she was being assaulted again. They had hope that she could endure the torment once more. Her powerful will gave them strength. They were shocked to see Melissa and Molly both appear in front of them some time later. Melissa had cum dripping out of her cunt and was crying on the floor. Molly continued to sob uncontrollably. Brooke and Rachel looked at them and felt their hope shatter into a million pieces. All four of the women soon filled the room with sobs of terror, anguish, despair, and suffering.

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Re: The Masked Marauder II - Allen's Revenge
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Chapter 6

     "Man when that robot said I'd experience fatigue with two people in the virtual world it was an understatement." Allen was exhausted after his fun. He decided to rest instead of rape a few more agents who were captured. They went straight into the virtual world with the others. Thanks to the microphone, Allen was still able to taunt them at random moments. All the women, even the newly captured, were in a sea of despair and torment. Allen was pleased by this. For him, it wasn't enough to be trapped. The former agents had to be broken of their will so he could have ultimate power over them. A broken will was easy to accomplish with their leader Molly hopeless.

     "Name: Amanda Anne Butcher. Position in the Society: Volunteer victim. Age: 61 years old. Found in file Project New Generation: Leila Anne Butcher listed as daughter."

     "Any information on the daughter?"

     "Searching: Leila Anne Butcher. Position in the Society: Declined offer to join. Victim of The Hunter. Presumed dead."

     "Fascinating. Is Leila on the list to kidnap?"


     "Can you put her on the list?"

     "Yes. Caution: Virtual world designed for agents. Probability of death for non agents: 25%."

     "Yeah I don't want to kill anyone. We can keep her in the basement or other areas of the house in the real world for me to play with."

     "State priority level for kidnapping Leila Anne Butcher."

     "After all the Society agents are in the virtual world sounds like a good idea for now so whatever priority level is lower than that. I can always change it if Amanda is hard to break like Molly was. Can I add more people to kidnap and play with in real world?"

     "Yes. Specify target or targets."

     "Caroline would be on the list since Melissa is here, so take her sister Catherine too. Then take the people who were mentioned in The Kidnapping Trilogy as victims of LK just for the fun of it. After that I want that cop I raped in South Dakota. There was also the bitch who gave me a black eye in Oklahoma. Oh yeah and in Amarillo I raped someone named Jasmine Brooks but didn't get a chance to play with her mother. I want her and her mother. Then the black lady who tricked me into letting her answer her phone when I was in Kansas. Then there was someone I raped in North Dakota I want. I think that's it."

     "Targets added to list. State priority of retrieval."

     "Same as Leila. Kidnap them after all the agents are captured. Alright I'm gonna go play with Amanda now."


     Amanda awakened to find herself naked in a room with no doors or windows. She along with every other agent who was in the Society before it dissolved knew they were being targeted. Tina had contacted them all, at least all the ones who gained enough of their memory back, through their rings. Melinda Warren had executed a plan that involved her long lost son named Allen in Mexico. A few agents began working on a rescue plan but it wasn't completed yet. All former agents were on high alert so it was a surprise to Amanda that she had been kidnapped somehow. Amanda sat and meditated in the center of the room to conserve her energy for when the time was right to use it.

     "Hello Amanda"

     Amanda was startled. No one had walked into this room she would have at least heard footsteps or a hidden door open. The voice belonged to a man, so it was probably Melinda's son.

     "Hello. You must be Allen," Amanda said while still sitting on the floor in a meditation pose. She didn't even open her eyes to show how she was not afraid.

     "Yes! I'm Melinda Warren's son. I'm also The Masked Marauder!"

     "If you say so. The rest of us know something is happening involving you. You were lucky to capture me, but you'll find it harder to capture the others." Amanda still continued to keep her eyes closed.

     "Well it's a good thing my mother created the rings and can use the tracking devices inside to find the others."

     Amanda's eyes popped open. Shit! She had to warn the others to hide their rings! Allen was in front of her, but far enough away that she could relay a quick message through her own. Ha! The fool didn't bother to remove her ring. Amanda fiddled with the ring for a few moments but nothing happened.

     "Oh dear Amanda, is your ring not working?"

     Figures. Melinda created the rings so she knew how to disable them. Eventually the other agents will figure that part out on their own. That's why Allen didn't take the ring off of her. He wanted to toy with her. Amanda closed her eyes again and resumed meditating. She wasn't going to play his little game.

     "We will all eventually escape. Or you'll miss someone who will come and rescue us."

     "Like your daughter? I saw she was recruited to the Society but didn't join. Seems like a lovely addition to my collection of women, don't you think?"

     Amanda didn't even open her eyes this time, though she did flinch a little bit. "My daughter went through hell with The Hunter. If you do anything to her, to borrow a phrase from Tina, you will wish you had never been born."

     "I'm going to have fun with her just like my father! Did I mention The Hunter was my father?"

     "You do and you will die just like he did. Only slowly and painfully."

     Amanda still continued to keep her eyes closed, even with that shocking revelation . Her calm voice wavered at times but she managed to stay in control of this little mind game Allen was playing with her. Amanda knew since she was alive Melinda and Allen didn't want her dead. Allen trying to toy with her was proof of such. Thus, Amanda was confident she could take whatever Allen did to her. As a volunteer victim she had been subject to all kinds of abuse for sexual pleasure. All she had to do was keep her eyes closed and pretend it was a woman doing whatever Allen did to her and she would be fine. Her daughter on the other hand was something Amanda couldn't take happening. Not again. Not after she had finally gotten her back after thinking The Hunter had killed her. If she could keep this up like she was the one in control and not him, perhaps he would think twice about taking her. At least that's what she hoped.

     "Someone's feisty. So you're not afraid of me at all?"

     Amanda ignored him. She wasn't going to respond to any more of his bait. Even if it was about her daughter, Amanda decided she wouldn't respond. The consequences he would experience if he laid a hand on her had already been spoken. Amanda could feel his hesitation and laughed to herself. There was a temptation to mention the hesitation, but that would resume the little mind game he was trying to play on her. No, she would remain silent. And if he tried to do anything to her she had a few surprises for him if he got close.

     "I will make you afraid. You have no idea how fucked you are."

     Her eyes remained closed. Allen sounded mad. Yet she heard his voice come from the same area. He hadn't moved. Maybe he was waiting for her to waver or something. It didn't matter. She saw that Allen was naked like her when she opened her eyes earlier. From what she saw earlier the floor looked like it would be noisy with bare feet. If he came closer towards her, Amanda would be ready.

     Suddenly Amanda felt her arms and legs spread wide with her back to the floor. "What the hell," she asked. How did this happen? She opened her eyes. No! She couldn't move her arms and legs at all but nothing was restraining them! Being paralyzed was her worst fear. How the hell did he do this? She could still talk though and breathe but that's about it.

     "How do you like not being able to move?"

     "Please, whatever you did give me the antidote. I'll do whatever you want."

     "Oh I didn't give you any kind of drug. Would you like to try again or do you want me to tell you?"

     "Please reverse whatever it is and I'll do whatever you want I swear!"

     "Ah so you want me to tell you then. This prison is all in your mind in a virtual world. There is no escape! I control it all!"

     "NO! Please, I'm begging you please let me move I'll do whatever you ask. Please!"

     "Ah that look in your eyes. That's the look of pure terror. This is your worst fear isn't it? You can't even struggle."

     "Please! I'll do whatever you want! Let me move!"

     Allen slowly walked closer to Amanda. He loomed over her body with his hands just above her medium breasts. His eyes had lust and a wicked gleam in them. A twisted evil grin was on his face.


     Amanda screamed in pure terror as Allen squeezed her breasts. She realized her body was going to feel everything he did to her. Evil laughter boomed from Allen's lips and into her ear. Amanda continued to plead with Allen in vain. Tears welled up in her eyes as she began to cry uncontrollably. Her nipples grew hard from Allen's pinches, squeezes and rubs. Then after what felt like an eternity his hands left.

     "You said you'd do anything right?"

     "Yes, please I'll do anything I swear just let me move please!"

     "Suck my cock and I'll think about it."

     Amanda quickly agreed. She had probably sucked and been forced to suck a dildo thousands of times. His dick wouldn't be much different. Allen positioned her body to where she was on her knees but she still couldn't move. He moved his cock close to her lips. Amanda obediently opened her mouth. Allen commanded her to keep her eyes open. Sobbing, Amanda obeyed. She knew it would make it harder to pretend but her fear of being paralyzed was much worse. Allen slid his cock in her mouth. Amanda gagged as it went in deep into her throat. He commanded her to moan like a whore whenever she could. The cock grew as it violated her mouth. Allen moaned with pleasure in a symphony with Amanda's gags mixed with moans of a whore. Through it all Amanda kept her watery eyes open as much as she could. Finally the hard thick cock left her throat. She was suddenly on her back to the floor again and still couldn't move.

     "Please...please I did what you wanted...I did everything you asked. Please!"


     Allen quickly lay on top of her and slid a finger into her cunt to see how wet it was. It had been wet since he violated her breast. Screams of terror erupted out of Amanda's lips as Allen forced his member into her womanhood. His lips pressed against hers and made the screams muffled. Slowly Allen fucked Amanda deep into her tight wet cunt. Amanda was too terrified to even try and pretend it was a woman fucking her with a dildo. Allen's thrusts began to be faster and harder. The muffled screams of terror were soon replaced with moans of pleasure. Through it all Amanda's mind was in total torment. She wanted desperately for her worst nightmare to end. She didn't want her body to betray her. The unwanted pleasure slowly grew as Allen fucked her faster and harder. Allen's moans mixed with hers as he continued to violate her. Fire burned within her cunt and quickly spread throughout her body. Amanda's muffled moan of pure pleasure filled the room as her body ultimately betrayed her with an orgasm. Soon after, Allen's cock throbbed and released his load.

     Allen stood up. A headband appeared on his head. He took it off and vanished. Amanda realized right after he vanished the other women appeared in the room. She could hear their sobs and cries of despair. Her body trembled and she realized she could move again. The ability to move again gave her no comfort. Amanda knew that Allen could paralyze her any time he wanted. She shook uncontrollably from the fear. Her wails and cries of fear mixed in with the sobs and anguished cries of the others. The room remained a hopeless dark abyss full of anguish, fear, and suffering.
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Re: The Masked Marauder II - Allen's Revenge
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Chapter 7

     "Name: Caroline Charlotte Crawford. Position in Society: Victim of The Hunter. Presumed dead. Age: 42 years old. Found in file Project New Generation: Mary Jane Crawford listed as mother of both Caroline Charlotte Crawford and Catherine Charlene Crawford."

     "Any information on the mother?"

     "Searching: Mary Jane Crawford status: Deceased from complications due to covid-19. Year: 2021."

     "Ok so I can't play with the mother then. Not something I really want to use to mess with her mind either."

     "Information: User may have clone of Mary Jane Crawford made in virtual world created from any picture or video of subject."

     "Really now? Will the clone have memories and act like the original?"

     "No. User must program personality and memories or may use default setting."

     "What's the default setting?"

     "Default setting set to Christina Helen Ellison personality."

     "What personality is that? It sounds familiar."

     "Christina Helen Ellison's personality replaced 'Huntress' when the Society erased her mind."

     "Oh that's right! Strange that my mother would do such a thing. I don't think I'll play with a clone of a person. Wouldn't feel the same. I'll just play with Caroline now."


     Caroline knew she was fucked. That bitch Melinda Warren and some son of hers were capturing the remnants of Lesbian Kidnappers. Melinda's revenge. A room with no doors or windows welcomed her when she awakened from a forced slumber. She searched the room for a hollow spot or a hidden door. Anxiously she paced the room when she found neither.

     "Hello Caroline."

     That wasn't Melinda's voice. She remembered it well after being captive of Melinda after The Hunter was done playing with her. The very memory of The Hunter made her shiver. Maybe she could bargain somehow with her son...what was his name...Allen.

     A memory flashed through Caroline. She remembered Melinda hiding them in a secret room in the basement to "train" them. Shortly after she became pregnant. Yet Melinda had faked her death. Only they knew she was alive because she had revealed herself. So the only one who could have impregnated her was....was....

     "Son of The Hunter...dear God no..." Caroline's face was a portrait of pure terror. She shook with fear. Goosebumps covered her naked flesh. Tears began to form in her eyes.

     "Ah I'm pleased to see you already know who I am. Have you also heard of The Masked Marauder? That's me too."

     "Oh God! Please, I did everything Melinda asked me to. Please just let me go I promise I won't get in your way! I swear! Please, I can't live this all over again, please just let me go I never did anything to Melinda to harm her. I didn't do anything! Just let me go and I won't say anything to anyone! Please! No, no please don't come closer! NO PLEASE! GET AWAY FROM ME! NOOOOO! PLEAAAAASE!"

     Caroline suddenly found herself on the floor. She wailed in terror and anguish as Allen went straight for her boobs. The nightmare she had endured was back. The Hunter's voice and all he made her do flashed through her mind. Hysterical crying moans escaped from Caroline's mouth. She was crying uncontrollably in moans of fear and anguish. Words couldn't even get past her lips.

     Allen sucked on one of her nipples and rubbed her other breast. The pleasure. That unwanted pleasure she experienced over and over and over again. It was back. Her body always betrayed her. She hated herself for getting wet by a man. Lesbians shouldn't get wet from a man's touch damn it! Yet here she was. Again. Getting wet from a crazed madman violating her bosom.

     Caroline was totally struck with terror. She barely felt Allen's cock brush against her mouth. He wanted her to suck that nasty large cock. Caroline kept her mouth closed as she continued to weep in agony. A slap on the face was all it took for her mouth to open. A real cock was inside her mouth. Again. She gagged and moaned in sorrow as the large thick cock rode her mouth. It went deep inside and her saliva was everywhere. The cock even got harder as he violated her. It was absolutely disgusting.

     The cock left her mouth and a finger entered her tight little pussy. She knew it wouldn't stay in there long. Her body had again gone against her wishes and became wet when her breast was abused. She felt his weight on her and the cock brush her pussy lips. Caroline didn't bother to struggle. There was no point. It was happening no matter what she did. Just like the last times with The Hunter.

     Moans of pleasure mixed with Caroline's moans of anguish. The cock went deep into her pussy. She felt dirty as the unwanted pleasure caused her body to reject her mind's wishes. The only thing she was good for was being dirty, a whore, and rape meat. The horrors of what had happened to her continued to cause her to belt out crying moans of terror and pleasure.

     Caroline felt the cock move faster and faster inside her. Suddenly the fire came. The burning unwanted fire of pleasure that her body would always do. The ultimate betrayal. An orgasm made her body twitch. Soon she felt the warm fluid fill her dirty whore cunt. All Caroline could do was moan and sob from the torment. She closed her eyes and hoped it would be over. Please let it be over.

     Sobs and sniffles reached her ears. She opened her eyes and saw all the other women who had been captured. The worst thing she saw was Molly. Molly had helped her recover from the horrors she faced and gave Caroline hope once her memories began to return. Now Molly had the haunted look of fear and pain in her eyes. Caroline didn't know how she had gotten in this room, and she just didn't care. She trembled in fear and knew this was only the beginning of her torment. With Molly even haunted and tormented, Caroline knew there was no hope for any of them.

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Re: The Masked Marauder II - Allen's Revenge
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Chapter 8

     "Name: Angel Grace Garcia. Position in the Society: Scout and volunteer victim. Age: 44 years old. Found in file Project New Generation: Samantha Susan Garcia listed as mother. Searching for Samantha in database: Deceased from stage 4 breast cancer. Year: 2010."

     "Nasty way to go." Allen shuddered. "Is cancer going to be a problem for Angel? I don't want her to die from something like that because I kept her here. I just want to play with them."

     "Subjects in real world are cryogenically frozen while their mind is trapped. Current probability of subject death from internal disease: 1%."

     "Much better odds than 25% that's for sure. Alright, I'm going to play with her now."

     Angel awakened to find herself nude in a room with no doors or windows. The Society's nemesis Melinda and her bastard son Allen had caught her, though she didn't see how. She tested the walls for hollow spots and the floor. No luck. Angel needed to conserve her energy. There was no telling how long she would be here with nothing. She thought it was strange that she didn't feel hungry or thirsty. In fact, Angel was used to having to pee every time she woke up. That feeling was absent. The lightbulb in her head clicked on. This was a prison of the mind. Angel decided to just sit on the floor and close her eyes. If she was right, nothing could truly harm her.

     "Hello Angel."

     Angel heard the man's voice and didn't bother to reply. There was no point in engaging with him. She had accepted being trapped for now and was waiting for the right moment to try and make an escape. It would have to be done through the mind. She was certain now that it was a prison in the mind since the man, probably Allen, said hi without a single sound before his arrival.

     "Well! How rude. Not even going to say a word huh? Amanda knew who I was but I'll still tell you who I am. I'm Allen. Melinda Warren's son. The Masked Marauder!"

     A snicker escaped from Angel's mouth. This man was just riding on the coattails of his mother. He was no threat. Melinda posed a much larger threat. Yet even in a prison within the mind you can't really hurt someone.

     "You're just going to sit there and say nothing?"


     "Oh I get it. You're just like Amanda. She did the same thing you were doing just now. And I made her afraid."

     (silence) Suddenly Angel was on the floor with her arms and legs spread.

     "How do you like not being able to move?"


     "What the fuck? Why aren't you afraid?"


     "Damn it I'm the son of The Hunter and you will fear me!"

     Angel let out a short giggle. If what he really said was true, it would mean his mother and father were aunt and nephew. She couldn't remember how she knew this thanks to her memory being erased a while back, but she knew it was true.

     "You're laughing? Molly laughed too. She's not laughing so much now because all of you are imprisoned in your minds!"

     (silence) Angel smiled a little. She was right. It was a prison of her mind. The room wasn't real. Nothing that would happen to her would be real.

     "I found Molly's breaking point. I could find yours too."

     (silence) Angel's ears perked up at that. Molly was the strongest person she knew. And she knew exactly how Molly would be rattled. She had seen it when The Hunter had taken Melissa. That meant Melissa was here too somewhere.

     "I'm sure I could...persuade...another agent to tell me what your greatest fear is."

     (silence) Angel had enough of this game. She opened her eyes to see a nude man in front of her. Her eyes looked directly into his. Like Molly, Angel was a volunteer victim because she had once been abused herself in the darkest pits of the underworld. And like Molly, Angel had an aura of powerful inner strength. She bore all of who she was behind her eyes and into his. Many people have experienced The Look. It's the look a woman gives someone that causes them to back away, even if the look is for someone else. Angel gave Allen that look and then some.

     "K...keep her here in this world." Allen's voice was shaken. "Don't put her with the others."

     A robotic voice that came from everywhere replied "Subject must go into other virtual world at least once to reduce chances of escape. User may switch her back and forth."

     "No wait, I have a better idea. If she wants to be silent, she can be silent in the other virtual world. I can put them in any position I want to right? Like if I wanted them tied and gagged?"

     "User must be in real world to make modifications to virtual world."

     "Cool. I'll do that then. Molly threw me off when she did this to me earlier, but this time I can be patient. It's only a matter of time before I find out what Angel's afraid of."

     "Pfft, good luck with that one."

     "Oh so you do speak? Well, you won't be able to speak for much longer!"

     A headband appeared on Allen's head. He took it off and vanished. Ah ha! That's a possible way out! She soon saw all the others appear before her very eyes. They were all crying or just had a blank haunted stare. Before Angel could do anything to be strong for them, her hands and legs were suddenly chained to the walls. A gag was placed in her mouth and a blindfold over her eyes. Damn, she wouldn't be able to communicate at all!

     Angel heard a cascade of noises that sounded exactly like hers when she was chained to the wall. That meant Allen had decided to give everyone the same treatment. It would be ok for Angel. She was used to being restrained for long periods of time. Suddenly, one of the women beside her gave moans of pleasure. Then another. And another. Soon Angel felt a vibrator slide up her cunt and turn on. She guessed it was turned on to the highest setting.

     Muffled moans escaped Angel's mouth as her body reacted quickly to the stimulation. It did not take long for the orgasm to rock her body. The vibrator did not slow. Angel knew Allen was keeping all of them in a state of pure pleasure. He would exhaust her mind by doing this. That was a problem. She had to get away somehow.

     Allen watched the virtual world on the monitor. All of the women were being tormented by vibrators. He paid close attention to Angel and laughed when she started to struggle. "I should have done this when Molly wouldn't break for me," he said aloud to himself. "Watching all of them tormented is quite satisfying." Confident that Angel would break eventually just like Molly did, Allen set off to rape Nicole again. This time he didn't let what happened in the virtual world bother him. Allen was winning the fight against the Society. That's really all that mattered.

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Re: The Masked Marauder II - Allen's Revenge
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Chapter 9

     The robots continued to kidnap all former members of the Society. Allen had realized the last ones would be the toughest ones to break because they knew something was coming. Judging by Angel's reaction, the rest of them probably knew enough to have a general idea and had been preparing. He knew he had found Molly's breaking point by chance. It would be difficult to find the other breaking points of the ones who were left. Yet instead of being discouraged like when it happened with Molly, Allen realized he enjoyed the challenge. Molly's defiance of him surprised him enough to be emasculated, but it wasn't as bad the next time it happened. Allen was the one with all the power at the end of the day, even if a few of them wouldn't be totally broken.

     "Name: Daphne Meredith Blake. Position in Society: High ranked trainer. Age: 41 years old. Found in file Project New Generation: Meredith Ann Blake listed as mother. Searching for Meredith in database: Deceased from land mine. Year: 2026."

     "You know, you would think that with all the times The Hunter left the house agents could have just walked right up to the front door from the property entrance."

     "Information: Mines were designed to blow up when agent's ring signal detected. Probability of false activation on average person: 5%."

     "Huh, mom was a genius."

     "Protocol: Daphne final agent on list. Confirm lower priority targets."

     "Yeah I'm still interested. Keep them restrained similar to Nicole in the real world. Are you sure that's everyone? I feel like we're missing someone."

     "List was created by Melinda using Lesbian Kidnapper database a month before your arrival. List of agents to kidnap complete."

     "Still feels like we missed one but whatever. I think I'll play with Daphne now. Maybe knowing that she is the last one will be enough to fear me."


     "Hello Daphne."

     "Hello Allen, son of Melinda Warren and The Hunter. Also hello Masked Marauder."

     "How did? What the?"

     "You've been busy. So have I. Your birthdate was too late to have been the son of Bill Warren. Thus you're the son of The Hunter. You like to call yourself The Masked Marauder. Remember that rape where you admitted it without a mask on? The victim went to a police sketch artist and drew a very nice likeness of you."

     "What is it with agents recently that already know the surprise?"

     "Shouldn't have disabled the rings. That's how we figured out we were targeted. If you had kept the rings in each agent's residence then I wouldn't know what I know about you. And I would honestly be terrified. The fear would have made me miss something subtle that tells me exactly where we are right now."


     "I'm not hungry or thirsty. There's no urge to go to the bathroom. Doesn't take a genius to figure out we're really inside my mind."

     "But you can get wet. And I can cum in that lesbian snatch of yours."

     "Oh please it's not going to be real and you know it."

     "But it will feel real."

     "I'm sure a black eye would feel real but at the end of the day my body is not affected. Look, let's not play games. Your mother has manipulated you from beyond the grave just like she manipulated victims of your father to do her bidding."

     "You knew she was dead too???"

     "I didn't. I expected to see her here. She would want to be personally involved in this part. So it meant she was either incapacitated or deceased. You just confirmed it to me when I made a guess."

     "I'm going to enjoy breaking your mind. There's only so long you can endure a prison. Oh and did you realize with you captured there's no one left who could save you? You're the last agent!"

     Daphne smiled "you sure about that?"

     Suddenly Allen wasn't so sure. He did feel like someone was missing, but he couldn't put his finger on who. Perhaps his mother did miss someone because that memory hadn't come back yet? No, she would have double checked with the Lesbian Kidnapper database. Allen realized Daphne was just toying with him. If he kept this game up with her, he would lose just like he did once with Molly and nearly did with Angel. Allen just then got a great idea. He would be exhausted after doing this, but it would be so worth it.

     Angel suddenly appeared in the room screaming from a constant perpetual orgasm. She crumpled to the floor with the chains and vibrator gone. Her breathing was labored and heavy. Now it was Daphne's turn to look unsure of herself.

     "Welcome back Angel."

     " more...please."

     "Did you enjoy a week of being constantly pleasured Angel?"

     " more...."

     Allen smiled big and wide. He had done it. Angel was broken. And all he had to do was a few adjustments then sit back and wait. Allen looked over to Daphne with his big twisted grin. A twinge of fear flew into her eyes.

     "Constant end to it...oh shit..."

     "Oh shit indeed."

     Allen clapped his hands. Both Daphne and Angel were suddenly chained to the wall. Vibrators appeared inside their cunts. The women screamed as the vibrators were turned on the highest setting. "NOOOOOO MOOOOOORE PLEEEEEEEEEEASEEEEE GOOOOOOOOD NOOOOOOOOO MOOOOOORE PLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAAAASE STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE NOOOOOOOOOOOO MOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" Angel screamed through her animal moans of pleasure. Daphne was trying to keep herself from moaning. Allen could tell. Her face was beat red and she was sweating.

     "Oh Daphne, do you need help to get that orgasm of yours?"

     Daphne shook her head. Her eyes silently pleaded with him for the perpetual pleasure to stop. She couldn't open her mouth to tell him anything. If she did her body would betray her. Allen grinned and began rubbing her tits. Daphne still didn't moan. Her face was getting redder and redder. Meanwhile Angel continued to moan like a whale, begging for the torment to end.

     "Poor Daphne. Your body wants to orgasm doesn't it? You can't hold it forever you know. I wonder what would happen if I pinched your nose? If your mouth opened to get air, would that cause you to scream? Give in to the orgasm Daphne. You know you want to do it just for me. You know you want to pleasure me by your screams just like Angel is."

     Allen's fingers moved towards Daphne's nostrils. Just before he reached her nose, Daphne opened her mouth and let out the loudest, horniest, most lustful scream ever imaginable. He got horny as hell from their perpetual screams and decided to try something a little different. Allen jerked off to Angel's screams in front of her body. Angel was completely unaware of what was going on. She was just a mass of torment with never ending pleasure that her body so desperately wanted to stop. When Allen's sticky sperm spewed all over her tits she didn't even notice.

     Daphne saw the spectacle and felt absolutely gross. She knew he was going to do it to her next. Sure enough, Allen wanked his soft cock into a hard pole again to the screams of both women. Daphne hadn't reached her body's breaking point yet, but she knew it was coming soon. Orgasm after orgasm rocked her body. Soon Allen's cum covered all over her tits and she felt totally disgusted. That's when her body reached it's breaking point. Daphne begged for the perpetual pleasure to end just like Angel did through screaming moans of pleasure. Laughter boomed from Allen's mouth. A headband appeared on his head. He took it off and vanished.

     Daphne and Angel both found themselves in with the other agents who had been forced to endure never ending pleasure just like Angel. Wails and moans exploded from mouths. Then one by one each woman's vibrator and chains around their arms and legs disappeared. Everyone was breathlessly moaning, unable to form words. Laughter boomed from all directions. Allen waited a little while until they had recovered enough to be self aware and not in an orgasm fog.

     "Every agent has been taken. There is no escape. Your bodies are all frozen so you will be in a perpetual state of pleasure forever! Except when I occasionally want to play with one of you of course! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

     One by one each of the women were bound to the wall on her arms and legs. The vibrators were back turned onto the highest setting. Cries of pleasure, anguish, and torment flooded the room they were in. Daphne was the only one who had the mental capacity to see that someone was indeed missing from Allen's collection of agents. She would have laughed in triumph if she weren't busy moaning like a cow. There was a thin ray of hope for them. But how could Daphne communicate with everyone? They were all screaming and moaning. No one would be able to hear her news of hope. She realized there wasn't anything she could do and prayed that the ray of hope would come soon just before the pleasure reduced her mind to mush like all the others.

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Re: The Masked Marauder II - Allen's Revenge
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Chapter 10

     "Hello Leila."

     Leila looked around the best she could. Her wrists were handcuffed to a bed. "Ugh...wha? Who are you?"

     "I'm The Masked Marauder. Son of The Hunter!"


     "Well done, you've just guessed what I am going to do to you!"


     Allen hesitated. Not because he didn't want to do this to her, but because he had forgotten that he was in the real world and not the virtual one. He had wanted her legs to not move and they were thrashing wildly about. It was of no consequence. Allen knew she couldn't stop him no matter how hard she tried. Leila didn't notice the hesitation and was instead terrified.

     "Please...please don't do this to me please!"

     Allen ignored her cries and slid a finger into her tight little cunt. Leila continued to beg and plead for release. Moans mixed in with the begs as her snatch began to get wet. He hungrily took her pussy with his cock soon after he felt her whore cunt be wet. Screams erupted from Leila's lips. She begged Allen to kill her like she had done with his father. Leila would rather be dead than have a cock constantly violating her cunt.


     Her cries were completely ignored. Allen began sucking on her neck. Soon Leila could only moan from the pleasure. She hated that it was happening to her. Again. Leila felt like a dirty unclean whore. Shame flooded her mind when her body rocked into a powerful orgasm. Now Allen was moaning animal cries. He was close. Leila screamed no, moaned, and cried all at once. The familiar feeling of nasty gunk filled her cunt.

     "Please just kill me or let me go please! No more of this please!"

     "Do you remember what happened when my father took you for the first time?"


     "I'm hard as hell still. And your ass hasn't met my cock yet."


     Allen uncuffed one wrist from the bed and was able to roll her over onto her stomach. Leila screamed and begged for it all to end. He plowed his cock into her ass without mercy. Screams vibrated the walls of the house. She continued to beg for Allen to kill her so the torment could end.


     "Mmmmmmm FUCK!" Allen exclaimed as he unleashed more sticky sperm all inside her ass. Leila was moaning and crying loudly from the pain. She desperately wanted to die. Allen left her there in bed before she realized he was gone. Her snatch and asshole were completely gross, disgusting, and dirty. Leila bawled uncontrollably as she realized she had to endure the nightmare hell all over again.

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Re: The Masked Marauder II - Allen's Revenge
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Chapter 11

     "Hello? Did you hear me? I'm not Caroline so release me out of these chains. We're twins. I'm..."

     "Catherine. Yes I know who you are. Allow me to introduce myself to you. I'm Allen. The son of The Hunter!"

     Catherine was absolutely and utterly terrified. Screams of terror were like a hurricane rushing out of her lips. She was in the basement close to Nicole with her legs chained to the wall like she was. Nicole was simply curled up in a ball and hadn't acknowledged Catherine.

     "Please let me go I can't take this again please!"

     "Kind of a shame that I can't play with you and your sister."

     "Wha? What do you mean?"

     "Nothing important."


     Allen sighed. "No. I don't want anyone to die. I just want to have some fun. Your sister is just beyond that door over there. She's preoccupied with a vibrator in her cunt and chained to the wall. Oh, and her mind is trapped in a virtual world. You would die if I took you into that virtual world. That's why we can't all play together."

     "Let us go please!" Catherine had absolutely no idea what Allen was babbling about. But at least her sister was still alive. For now.

     "But you just got here. And I'm sure that pussy has been so lonely for a nice hard thick cock. What better way to give it what it wants than the son of The Hunter!"

     "Please please please no please no no no I'm lesbian please!"

     "That's what makes it all the more fun!"

     "No, what are you doing? GET AWAY! NO PLEASE! NOOOOOOOOOOO! Please take your finger out of me please! Don't do this to me PLEASE GOD NO!"

     "I'm just making you nice and wet. You're fucking sexy as hell and I want to take my hard, thick cock and just slam it into your pussy. You should thank me that I'm not doing it dry."

     "Please stop please! I can't take this again please! SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE!"

     Allen ignored Catherine's pleas and cries. After he made sure her snatch was wet enough, he wasted no time and rammed that thick cock into her tight wet cunt. She continued to scream for someone to help her even though she knew it was pointless. The other woman likely tried that with no success. Moans replaced her screams as her body went against her lesbian nature. It was happening all over again. She, a lesbian, was having an orgasm from an actual cock. Catherine felt so disgusted and gross. Another orgasm ripped through her body as Allen took her cunt without mercy hard and fast. Then Allen began to moan more and more. Catherine desperately wanted it all to stop, but she knew he wouldn't. Soon the familiar feeling of having her cunt filled with nasty man juice came.

     Catherine just lay there defeated and broken. Allen left here there lying on the floor with cum dripping from her cunt. Just like Nicole, Catherine curled up into a ball a few moments after Allen had left. She wept. Her torment had only just begun.

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Re: The Masked Marauder II - Allen's Revenge
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Chapter 12
Jennifer Morgan

     "Oh God! Please I never said a word about the secret society! You have to believe me! Please let me go!" Jennifer was screaming into the void. She thought the lesbian freaks had kidnapped her. Yet when people had read The Kidnapping Trilogy and asked if it was her, she lied and said it must have been someone different. Her ankles were chained to the wall. Two other women were with her, but they only gave out occasional sobs.

     "Hello Jennifer. The secret society no longer exists. I just wanted to have some fun with you for the hell of it!"

     "No, no please!"

     "Oh how rude of me. I know your name but you don't know mine. I'm Allen. Son of The Hunter!"


     Allen ignored Jennifer's terrified cries. He was pleased that regular women feared him. After dealing with all the strong willed women, Allen had tired of toying with people. Now he just wanted to fuck.

     "NO what are you doing? Ooooow that hurts get your finger out of me please God no!"

     Jennifer's cries and pleas were ignored. She desperately tried to get away, but there wasn't very far she could go. And this crazy madman was stronger than her. Sobs escaped her lips as her cunt was violated by his finger. She knew what was coming next after the finger and tried to squirm away. A slap on the face was her reward. Tears welled up in her eyes as Allen ravaged her.

     There was something enjoyable about the simplicity of just getting a cunt wet and ravaging it. The mental games were fun sure, but nothing beat his real dick in a real pussy. Once Jennifer's pussy was wet, Allen took her with slow deep thrusts. Real world rape was by far better than virtual rape. Allen began to moan as the pleasure began to fill his member. Meanwhile, moans of a whale were coming out of Jennifer's mouth. Her body was actually enjoying this. Jennifer felt like a sick person for having her body enjoy being violated. She felt ashamed when her body betrayed her into an orgasm. Warm fluids then entered her dirty little cunt and Jennifer knew he had fully taken her.

     Jennifer felt the cock leave her disgusting, dirty, filthy cunt. That crazed lunatic quickly left her after that. She realized he had done this exact same thing to the other women who were lying on the floor hugging themselves. Cries of anguish escaped her lips as she curled up in a ball of her own. What did she ever do to deserve this?

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Re: The Masked Marauder II - Allen's Revenge
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Chapter 13
Virginia Dennis

     It took a while for Virginia to become alerted to her name appearing in The Kidnapping Trilogy. Now people asked her about it all the time. The questions caused her to regain memories that had been neuralyzed. So when Virginia woke up tied to a bed, she had assumed the weirdo lesbians had taken her again.

     "Hmm...Tina wasn't kidding when she said you had tiny tits. But they look good with your body. You'll do just fine."

     "What the fuck? You're not a lesbian. Who the fuck are you?"

     "Allen. The Masked Marauder. Son of The Hunter!"

     "Finally! Something going my way. I'm straight. Those lesbian freaks kept taking me and using my body. My best friend turned out to be one of them too!"

     "You're not afraid?"

     "Afraid? Fuck, I'm thankful that you took me. Do you know how hard it is to pleasure yourself after someone has done it for you? I've been craving pleasure for ages! And I can't do it with myself anymore! I need another person to do it for me!"

     "You're kidding..."

     "Nope. Thanks to my tiny tits guys don't really look at me. Hell I don't even know why I was an 'experiment' for that society of lesbian freaks. If the rest of that Kidnapping Trilogy is true, then I'm shit out of luck in the getting laid department from both men and women. I may be straight but those weirdos knew how to please someone, you know?"

     "This kind of defeats the purpose. I mean I just wanted to rape you for the hell of it, but you want it to happen so it's not really going to be rape..."

     "Don't get second thoughts please! We can start this all over again and I can act however you want. You won't even have to restrain me afterward cause I know I'm going to want more. Though I would still be quite happy if you did restrain me and kept me stimulated. And I know you're not going to kill me. I can see it in your eyes that you're a little cray cray but not the kind of cray cray where you just kill people."

     "What the hell are you talking about? Cray cray?"

     "You're crazy but not super crazy. Don't get offended! I'm crazy too for wanting this. But I'm at least sane enough to know it!"

     "What the hell. Might as well do it. It's not the strangest thing I've done these past few months. Ok so I'm just going to walk out of here then come back in a few minutes and we pretend like this conversation didn't happen."

     "Yup. And I'll scream and beg and struggle."

     Allen walked out of the room and waited a few minutes. He then walked back in.

     "Hello Virginia. Your tits are tiny but they look really nice with your body."

     "Wh...who are you?"

     "Allen. The Masked Marauder. Son of The Hunter!"

     "Oh GOD please no! Please let me go please!"

     "I bet those tits get lonely. Maybe I should get acquainted with them more."

     "No no no no no please! GET AWAY FROM ME! NO!"

     Allen rubbed her tiny little tits. For small tits, they felt really good in the palm of his hands. Virginia struggled against the ropes that held her to the bed. He slapped her nipples. She screamed with each slap, begging for it to stop. One of his hands went down below to her womanhood. A gasp escaped her lips as his index finger slid into her cunt. Virginia struggled harder but couldn't break free.

     "MMMMM please take your finger out of me please don't do this! You don't have to do this!"

     His finger withdrew from her now wet cunt. Virginia felt his cock brush against her tight snatch. She screamed as it went in and pretended like she didn't want it. In her mind she loved being used by someone thanks to the Society always experimenting on her. This was the only way she could attain pure pleasure. Allen was pleased with Virginia's performance. She was doing a good enough job that he wasn't distracted from the idea it was a fake rape. His cock went deep into her snatch and he took his time, slowly going in and out.

     Virginia moaned like a cow as Allen fucked her slightly faster. She managed to be able to cry "no" and "stop" for Allen's pleasure. Then the fire came. Virginia craved the fire feeling inside her needy cunt. She couldn't get to this feeling on her own. The fire spread throughout her whole body. Virginia held the orgasm in as long as she could. Allen was fucking her even faster and harder now. Bellowing moans were escaping both of their lips. As warm sticky sperm spewed into her snatch, Virginia let the orgasm go. She screamed like a whale as the pleasure exploded from her body.

     Allen left her there tied to the bed. After about half an hour he returned with a vibrator for her. Virginia pretended to not want the vibrator. She begged him to not degrade her even further. His mouth was in a twisted grin as he ignored her pleas. Allen turned the vibrator to it's highest setting and began to walk out of the room.

     "Thank you" Virginia managed to say before the pleasure once again took hold of her body. Allen gave her a wink. He could hear her screams of pleasure grow louder and louder as he walked out of the room. Once out, Allen shook his head. "Remind me to check on her in a couple of hours" he said to one of the robots. Allen decided to take a power nap and fake rape Virginia again after he awakened. Before he went to nap he checked on the virtual world. All the agents were being tormented with perpetual pleasure just like he had left them. He still felt like they missed someone and couldn't quite put his finger on who.

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Re: The Masked Marauder II - Allen's Revenge
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Chapter 14
The Cop

     Mary Jane Dickson had a nice life until The Masked Marauder came to town. As an undercover cop she was assigned to get close to him with her name as Veronica. It didn't end well for Mary Jane. The Masked Marauder had raped her in the woods and then just let her scamper away. And he had stolen her gun. When she heard of a man with a similar description crossing the Canadian border she figured she'd seen the last of the perv. She was wrong.

     A strange feeling came to Mary Jane as she woke up. She was naked in some dimly lit basement it looked like. Her feet had something on them. Chains. Oh no, there were other people here too. Mary Jane could hear them crying. This was not good.

     "Hello Veronica, IF THAT IS YOUR REAL NAME!"

     Mary Jane recognized the voice instantly. She trembled in fear. "No! Please don't do this to me again please!" Laughter was the only reply. Mary Jane tried her best to move around but couldn't get very far. She yelped when arms drug her whole body back to the ground. A scream escaped her lips as she was unable to stop a finger from invading her cunt. Another hand rubbed all over her bosom. She thrashed wildly but couldn't stop what was happening to her. Again.

     "You get wet so easily. Your body wants this and you know it!"

     Mary Jane flushed red with embarrassment. She opened her mouth to reply but ended up moaning from the pleasure instead. He laughed at her. His hard thick cock was coming into her line of vision. It was happening all over again. Mary Jane didn't want this at all. She hated the way he used her in the woods last time.

     "Say...did you ever get pregnant from our last encounter?"

     Mary Jane didn't bother to respond. She was in fact pregnant with this demon's offspring. But she wasn't going to let the psycho know it if she could help it. He seemed to know anyway just by looking at her eyes.

     "Oh so you are pregnant. Well guess that makes you a milf then!"

     Mother I like to fuck. Mary Jane heard that before and felt old, dirty, and gross to have that be said about her. She begged him to not do it again, but he didn't listen. His cock slammed hard into her cunt. The pleasure inside her body exploded into a tidal wave. This was not the gentle sex lovers made with each other. It was the sex of a crazed horny man only caring about getting his sexual fix. Mary Jane screamed in pain and pleasure. She tried to protest but couldn't form words. Her arms tried to move around but they felt like lead due to the pleasure.

     He started to moan louder and louder. His thrusts were going faster and harder inside her. Fire swept through her whole body as the orgasm hit. Soon after she felt the familiar feeling of fluids enter her womanhood. Mary Jane wept. It had happened to her again. She felt like a dirty, unclean, used whore. Her body shook as The Masked Marauder left her. Eventually, she curled up in a ball like all the other women around her and added her sobs to theirs in a symphony of despair and torment.