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Melinda's Tale
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Chapter List

Story information


Chapter 1
Lesbian Sisters

Chapter 2

Chapter 3
Practice Victims

Chapter 4
The Second Test

Chapter 5
Final Exam

Chapter 6
The Escape Artists

Chapter 7
Gadgets and Gizmos Aplenty

Chapter 8
The Blonde

Chapter 9
Bill Warren

Chapter 10

Chapter 11
Assassination Attempt

Chapter 12
Mind Over Murder

Chapter 13
Rise of The Hunter

Chapter 14
Secret Rape

Chapter 15
The Conspiracy

Chapter 16

Chapter 17
Rise of Huntress

Chapter 18
Clash of Secrets

Chapter 19
Angel's Mistake

Chapter 20
The Last Stand


Story Information

The Kidnapping Chronicles

The Red Rose Rapist - prequel
The Hunter - Part 1
Huntress - Part 2
LK - Part 3 
The Masked Marauder - Part 4
Melinda's Tale - Part 5 <---you are here
The Masked Marauder II - Allen's Revenge - Part 6

It is highly advised to read The Red Rose Rapist, The Hunter, Huntress, LK, and The Masked Marauder before reading this story.

     This story is loosely based upon the plot of Wicked where the Wicked Witch of the West was actually a good person and everyone else evil.  After I had finished writing The Hunter, Huntress, and LK I wondered what Melinda Warren's point of view would be like.  Thus this story focuses on the events of the three stories I mentioned but from her point of view.  The story is centrally focused on a super secret cult of lesbians who kidnap women and rape them, voyeurism is also involved.  There will be references to male raping different females as well as two detailed male rape female scenes. There is also consensual lesbian incest  As you may or may not know from the prior stories, character deaths do happen but it is not written with graphic details.


     I am about to die.  I had hoped you would be here Allen before I moved on so that I could meet you.  Before I die I need to set the record straight over some things you may have heard about me.  I hope someday the remnants of LK will read this and realize the injustices and atrocity that I've received over the years...but I'm getting ahead of myself.  I suppose I should start at the beginning.

     At the turn of the century the Society of Lesbian Kidnappers had strongholds in several southern states.  A grave mistake was made by some members or there was a traitor, not sure which one.  Either way, bases in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Texas were compromised.  The Society had enough time to wipe away all evidence they existed from those bases.  The main base in Louisiana was not compromised.  A while later after the heat died down the leader decided to restart the base in Texas.  That is where I come in.  I am Melinda Warren and this is my story.
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Re: Melinda's Tale
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Chapter 1
Lesbian Sisters

     I'm somewhat jumping ahead of the tale here, but it's important to know the family dynamics before I begin.  Hannah was my step sister and two years older than me.  Hannah's mother died when she was less than a year old.  Her father married my mother while she was pregnant with me.  Then, my mother gave birth to my half sister Lana two years later.  Hannah was too young to understand what a step sister meant so she always thought of me as her sister.  Same with Lana, who was also her half sister.  We didn't truly know the family dynamic until much later when Lana's interest in genealogy stumbled upon a nasty bombshell of a secret, but I'll get to that part later.

     What we did know was that the three of us were for sure sexually attracted to one another.  We had a forbidden incestual love for each other that other people knew nothing about.  It was our deepest, darkest secret.  I can't remember when we first started exploring each other's bodies, but I do remember it started off subtly slow.  Each time we had our fun, our desires for each other snowballed into more and more fiery passion.  It really grew once the three of us moved into a place of our own.  We then could spend hours of whatever free time we had pleasuring each other.  I still remember one of the best times we had.

     I had just finished taking a shower and my body was very wet.  Hannah and Lana saw me coming out of the shower naked and that brought them in the mood.  We never had to tell each other when we wanted to explore the other's sexual fantasies.  Our bond was very strong back then.
 My sisters beckoned me into Hannah's room and my heart fluttered with excitement.  The three of us lay down on the bed with me in the middle.  Hanna was on my left and Lana was on my right.  They both slid a finger into my pussy and I instantly became wet.  Moaning, I slid a finger into both of their cunts and felt them slowly become wet.  Each sister then took their free hand and rubbed my breast.  I was in such a heightened state of pleasure that I knew nothing else.  My pussy got wetter and wetter and wetter and my nipples became hard with each rub.

     Wordlessly, I traded places with Hannah and the same procedure was repeated.  Hannah moaned louder than I did and my pussy got even wetter from her moans and her fingers inside me.  Her breast always felt good to rub and that day it was extra soft and beautiful.  Hannah then traded places with Lana and Lana moaned the loudest out of all of us.  Her beautiful breasts rose and fell with each moan even with our hands groping them.

     Next came Triangle Position...I forget the real name for it, but that's what we always called it.  We had to do it on the floor because there wasn't enough room on the bed to spread out.  I licked Lana's pussy, she was licking Hannah's, Hannah was licking mine, and we formed a triangle on the floor.  Our moans filled the air as our tongues went deeper and deeper and deeper into each other's pussies.  In this position, we never knew who would cum first.  I felt Lana cum before I did.  As her sweet, sweet juices flowed into my mouth, I came into Hanna's mouth.  We all gave out a lustful, animal like moan as juices continued to flow out of our pussies.  We lay there on the floor for quite some time, our tongues never leaving each other's beautiful cunts.  Every now and then, one of us would cum, sending the other two over the edge to cum as well.  We sometimes did this for hours.

     On one particular occasion around the year 2005ish, can't remember the exact date, I heard a noise outside.  It sounded off and I couldn't quite place it.  I asked what it was.  Hanna said that she didn't hear anything.  Lana managed to see someone outside.  We freaked out because someone possibly caught us in our incestual relationship.  If we were caught, then our life as we knew it would crumble.  A few days passed without a word from anyone about the incident.  We were relieved and thought whoever it was didn't actually see us be intimate.  After a few more days the incident was forgotten.  We continued to live our lives and have incestual relations until the day our lives changed forever.  The day when we all got called to join Lesbian Kidnappers.

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Re: Melinda's Tale
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Chapter 2

     They came for us on a day, and we were pleasuring each other again.  I lay on the bed and Hannah started licking my already wet pussy.  Lana groped my breast.  This was my favorite type of incest, when two sisters gave pleasure to the third.  I moaned in sheer bliss as my nipples grew hard and my pussy became wetter and wetter.  Right before I reached a wonderful orgasm, four people crashed through different windows in the house.

     Lana ran to see what the multiple crashes were.  She gave a short, cut off scream.  Her scream seemed to awaken Hannah from a deep slumber.  She searched for something to defend herself with when three of them came inside.  The fourth was busy with Lana.  One of them was completely nude, the rest were wearing all black.  We could only see their faces.  They quickly overpowered Hannah, brought her down, and tied her arms tight with strong rope.

     I watched the scene unfold unsure of what to do.  Bondage had always been a fantasy of mine, but I never brought it up to my sisters because we were already having taboo fun.  The naked woman noticed I wasn't doing anything but laying on the bed.  She was actually pretty sexy naked.  Her eyes looked at me with confusion as she spoke.

     "Are you not frightened?"

     "A little."

     By this time the fourth person came in carrying Lana. She had been knocked out, but it looked like she wasn't hurt.

     "And you're not going to attack us or try to get away?"

     "Should I? Should I waste energy attacking you when I know I will lose?"

     One of the women in black cat suits spoke next, "you are a clever one to want to save your strength now in case you might need it later.  You will make an excellent agent I think."

     "What are you talking about?"

     "You idiot" said a different woman, "we aren't supposed to tell them anything yet!  We're just supposed to take them to the base!"

     The fully nude woman then spoke up, "No.  We can tell her.  The element of surprise is gone and we don't want anyone to really get hurt."

     "Tell me only if you agree to untie my sisters."

     "A bold request. Why should we comply?"

     "You outnumber us four to three.  You have the advantage over us.  If you wanted to really harm us you would have done so already."

     "But Melinda, they hurt Lana!"

     "She might be knocked out, but it's probably because they had trouble restraining her.  Am I right?"

     "We often have trouble restraining people and usually resort to chloroform.  The plan was to knock all three of you out at once but someone over here misjudged our entry point.  Your sister will be fine."

     "Well you clearly want something from us, why go through all the trouble?  Have you thought about just asking?  I'm interested in whatever it is you have to say."

     The nude woman looked at me with a puzzled expression.  She was thinking.  After a few moments she agreed to talk to us in our home.  I had to keep an eye on Lana for when she woke up in case she freaked out.  We all sat down with large glasses of water.

     "Before we talk," I said, "I would like for your followers to take off their black clothing."

     "You impudent little..." one of the women said.

     "Easy now," the nude one cautioned.  "They will not take off their clothing so we can prevent exposure.  I am not the leader of these women. The leader is elsewhere."

     "I see you have a lot to tell me."

     "Indeed I do."

     "Well, start at the beginning."

     "We are an elite society called Lesbian Kidnappers.  The goal behind our secret society is to explore whatever sexual fantasy you have.  We kidnap women to have forced lesbian sex with.  Obviously we have to do this a few at a time or we risk becoming exposed.  If you've ever fantasized about being a victim we always need volunteers for that role."

     "Huh," I mused "that sounds too unbelievable to be true."

     The nude woman smiled "that's how we've been able to keep the secret.  It's such an absurd story that no one would ever believe it.  It also helps that we threaten our victims to never tell about us.  Victims usually don't say a word when the alternative is to be captured again and used for the rest of their days."


     "Indeed.  So now the question.  Do you want to join us?"

     I looked over at Lana, who had finally awaken. Both sisters looked at me. They nodded at me, trusting my judgement.

     "Yes, I think we are all in agreement that we want to join you."

     Oh I was excited.  Hannah seemed excited also, but for the first time in my life I could not read Lana's emotions.  She seemed distant from me and I was surprised.  My surprise for her lasted a moment, overrun by the excitement of exploring lesbianism and kidnapping.  I hoped a lot of bondage was involved and that I would get to play the victim every now and then!  Little did I know they all would eventually betray me.

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Re: Melinda's Tale
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Chapter 3
Practice Victims

     Though we agreed to join the Society we were not considered full members until we passed a series of tests.  The tests were meant to train us into becoming agents and see if we liked the lifestyle.  My sisters, myself, and other new recruits were told that we could back out at any time.  If we chose to back out we were to never expose the Society or else we would be ravaged until the end of our days.  Each recruit during tests was observed by all the other new recruits and a high ranking member of the Society.  It was a competition amongst ourselves as to who would be the best and worst.  The worst performance overall out of three tests would not become a member.

     The test was pretty simple.  A giant training room similar to The Hunger Games had a fake neighborhood inside.  Our job was to find the agent who volunteered for the role of victim inside.  An assortment of tools was near the training room entrance for us to use to help capture our victim.  Some tools were helpful and some were not.  Once we found the agent we were to bring her to the training room entrance.  After that we could have fun with the victim if we wanted to.  Fun would be watched by everyone.  For those watching we were allowed to play with ourselves or each other if we wanted to as long as we continued to watch the whole time.  To my surprise, Lana volunteered to go first.

     "Your test, Lana Warren, is to kidnap one of our agents inside this room. You may use any method necessary to retrieve her to this door. Any questions?"

     "Good luck."

     My concern for Lana at that time had completely manifested itself. She looked pale and her body language clearly told me she would rather be doing something else right now.  The leader continued to show no interest in Lana’s unwilling heart nor did she show that she even knew of it. Before I could give Lana another supporting hug or thought, we were ushered into a room that overlooked the test area.

     "...will happen?"

     "Huh? Sorry Hannah I wasn’t paying attention."

     "I asked you if you thought something bad might happen."

     "I hope not."

     Whispers bounced around the room when we all saw the test area. It was humongous and cleverly looked as if it were outdoors.  We had an aerial view of a neighborhood street.  But where was Lana? After searching for a while, we saw her standing at the doorway, not moving.  The leader showed her first signs of displeasure from the behavior and I was more worried than ever about Lana.  Finally, she moved, but it was as if her joints were made of rusty hinges.

     "Come on Lana, do the test" I whispered.

     She finally moved away from the door and right away I saw a mistake that she made. There was equipment by the door and it looked like she should have taken off her clothes and switched with the black full body suit next to the door. If she used the suit it would be harder for hair and skin cells to be deposited at the crime scene.  No sooner than I realized her first mistake I saw yet another one.

     "Lana, come on use your head. Don’t walk around in the streetlights! No one needs to see you in those houses!"

     My whispers fell upon dead ears as Lana foolishly peered through one of the windows of the house, fully exposed to anyone who would happen to peer out their window or walk out of a house.

     "Lana, what are you doing?"  I asked as she kicked the door of the house down.  I sighed in frustration at her utter lack of common sense.
 Breaking down a door would definitely allow the whole neighborhood to hear!  I conjectured that in a neighborhood with the houses close together like this it would be safer to look for an open window or pick the lock on the back door.  It was ok to crash through the windows of our house because we essentially live in the middle of nowhere.

     Suddenly a scream penetrated the night.  From what Lana told me, she had reached the bed of her victim wondering how exactly to grab her.
 She decided to grab her wrists, but didn’t think to cover her victim’s mouth.  A foolish mistake since it caused the penetrating scream.  Lana then struggled with her victim for a while but she wasn’t strong enough to subdue her.  Finally Lana ran from the room.  We saw Lana run away from the house and the victim chasing her.  Lana ran wildly back towards the door with the woman who was supposed to be her victim still chasing her.  The leader sighed in frustration and we all met Lana a few minutes later.

     "Where should I begin? Someone tell me what went wrong."

     "Well first," I said, "she didn’t change clothes.  If she had put on the provided suit then she would have blended into the night and the risk of DNA evidence would be lowered significantly."

     "Well done Melinda. Anyone else see something wrong that Lana did?"

     "She broke the door down," said Hannah.

     "Exactly. In a neighborhood such as this, silence and surprise are one of our best weapons. If the home were in a secluded area, then suddenly breaking the door down or a window might be acceptable depending on the circumstances."

     The conversation continued and each of us found something wrong about Lana’s performance. Lana just stood there, her expression blank. While another woman was taking her test, I got the chance to talk to Lana.

     "What happened during your test?"

     "I failed, that’s what happened."

     "But you didn’t even try!"

     "You’re right Melinda. Don’t you think this is too good to be true?"

     "What do you mean?"

     "They tell us we are exploring our sexual fantasies, but why do we have to go through so much?"

     "You didn’t have to take the test or agree to join the Society. I don’t speak for all three of us."

     "That’s not the point, I was happy with the idea of exploring my sexual fantasies, but something just seems wrong about all of this.  There’s something wrong about the women who brought us here.  Plus it seems as if the tests are made to train us.  We might be throwing our lives away and becoming slaves!"

     "Lana, that’s ridiculous."

     My sister was having none of it.  She had decided the life wasn't for her.  She told one of the high ranking members whose name I can't remember that she wanted to leave.  The naked woman who broke into our house took Lana away to go home.  I sighed in frustration towards Lana.  She had missed out on so much throughout her life and this is yet another good thing she carelessly decided to throw away.


     When I took my test I was flawless.  It was pretty easy to stay in the shadows and knock my victim out with chloroform before she even made a sound.  After I knocked her out I realized she was one of my best childhood friends, a brunette named Veronica Wilson.  I hadn't realized she was a lesbian but understood her hesitancy to tell me about it.  My incestual relationship with my sisters was something I hadn't told her about as well.  It was easy to get her to the training room entrance while staying in the shadows.  I found out later that I had done the test faster than anyone even with my shock of the victim being someone I knew.  After I did my test I wanted to play with my victim.

     I tied Veronica to a chair with her hands behind her back and feet tied to the legs.  It didn't take long for her to awaken.  I knew she recognized me once she did so I quickly whispered in her ear we would talk after having some fun.  She gave me a wink then pretended to be a perfect little victim for me.  Screams belted out of her mouth and she struggled against the ropes that bound her.  I taunted her and let her know she was mine.  She begged me to let her go.  I didn't listen and rubbed all over her sexy body instead.  Veronica moaned when I sucked on one of her nipples.  Her moans of protest quickly became moans of pleasure when I slid a finger up her cunt.  I kissed her sexy lips to make her moans muffled as I fingered her hot wet pussy.  It didn't take long for her moans to become inhuman and her body to twitch into an orgasm.  I didn't stop fingering her.  Her body wanted and craved more pleasure, I could tell from her moans.  My lips moved to her neck while I fingered her wet cunt faster and faster.  I sucked on her neck for a little bit then moved back to her breast.  Screams of pleasure were flowing from her lips.  Veronica had gotten another orgasm.

     It was then I realized that her position tied in a chair made it difficult for me to get pleasure, so I improvised.  I tilted the chair on it's side to the ground.  She didn't seem to like it and begged me to let her go.  With her face now near the floor I was able to force her to eat my already wet cunt.  It was a little awkward but her tongue felt amazing.  Veronica knew for sure what she was doing.  Expertly she ate my pussy and it didn't take long for me to release an orgasm into her mouth.  Like her my body wanted and craved more after the orgasm.  I ordered her to go deeper inside me.  Veronica did as she was told.  All the nerves in my body felt the pleasure as the tongue moved even deeper than I had thought possible.
 I screamed like she did when the orgasm hit.  Then, I quickly kissed her lips so that I could taste my own juices. 


    Hannah's test went about as smooth as mine did.  She decided to tie her victim's hands behind her back, gag her, and then force her to walk toward the training room entrance.  It worked out well and she wanted to play with her victim like me.  Her victim was a pretty redhead.  Hannah had her victim tied to the bed with her legs spread wide.  Then she untied her arms from behind her back.  That done, Hannah forced Redhead to lie down with her arms above her head.  She tied them above her and it made her breast stick out more.  I made a mental note that tying to a chair the way I did made it slightly more difficult to play and the bed was a better choice.  Redhead screamed for help and begged to be let go.  Hannah took her time with her.  She ran her fingers down all over Redhead's body.  Her tongue was next.  She lightly licked all over the body but avoided her pussy and barely avoided licking her nipples to tease her.

     Before I knew it I was touching myself while watching.  I never considered voyeurism as a possible turn on for me and it was a nice surprise.  The other recruits were touching themselves too.  When Hannah began fingering her victim I did the same to myself and matched according to how fast or slow she was going.  Redhead continued to protest but slowly began to moan from the pleasure.  Hannah got Redhead extremely close then replaced her finger with her tongue.  Redhead screamed out moans as Hannah ate out her hot wet pussy.  Hannah quickly positioned herself to force her victim to eat her out as well.  The orgasm hit Redhead based on her moans, but Hannah didn't stop.  Soon both women were moaning in pure pleasure.  I continued to finger my cunt to the hot spectacle.  Suddenly both bodies twitched as the women came in each other's mouths.  Seeing their bodies twitch sent me into an orgasm of my own.  I could tell the others watching had some fun too!
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Re: Melinda's Tale
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Chapter 4
The Second Test

     For the second test we were to capture a volunteer agent inside her home in the real world.  This time only a high ranking agent would watch each recruit if they chose to play.  I don't remember who my target was.  Even after all these years not all of my memories have returned, though most have.  I'll explain my memory trouble a little later.  As of now, all I remember is praise for doing the test so well then having some fun after.

     My victim agent had short jet black hair and was a little on the chubby side with large breasts that complimented her sexy body.  I was curious about voyeurism and decided to torment my victim from afar.  The agent was chained to the wall with her legs and arms spread wide while upside down.  I placed small pads all over her body that would give a small electric shock whenever I wanted.  Her cunt had a remote controlled vibrator.  I stayed in the shadows of the dungeon, unseen, as the agent awakened.

     "Help me someone! Someone please help!"

     I remained in the shadows and made no sound.  She continued to plead further for help.  My cunt was already wet.  My victim begged beautifully for release.  I looked forward to hearing her beg and moan once I got her going.  I turned the vibrator on a low setting.  She squeaked in surprise.

     “Please, turn it off oooooh, mmmm mmmmm uuuuuh please! No more, someone, please help!”

     I slid my finger in my cunt while I watched her struggle from the chains.  Her face was red from being upside down and from the pleasure.  I turned the vibrator up more.  Her pleas became more desperate.  She screamed when the first jolt of electricity hit her nipples.  Oh the yelp was so sexy.  I had the electricity kiss her pussy and she screamed even louder as her body twitched from it.

     "Please, ooooh please don’t shock me again! Please! No more, no more, oooooooh uuuuuuh oooooooh, no more OUCH! PLEASE STOP! No more, no more!"

     My fingers slid in and out of my cunt to the rhythm of her screams and moans.  Her body became sweaty as I turned up the volume even higher.  She moaned like a cow and breathed heavy.  I knew she was approaching an orgasm.  There were no pleas of protest anymore.  All the sound coming from her was pure pleasure.  I jolted her pussy and nipples all at once and she let out an ear piercing wail that shook the walls.  Her body twitched hard.  Her orgasm had come.

     My cunt was close to an orgasm, but it craved more than my fingers.  I stepped out of the shadows to my victim who continued to scream in pleasure.  Her screams soon became muffled as I lowered my cunt onto her mouth.  Her tongue immediately slid into my cunt without a word from me.  My cunt vibrated from her muffled screams and tongue.  She had hit just the right spot with it.  My screams of pleasure harmonized with her muffled ones as we both experienced massive orgasms.  Her tongue continued to hit the right spot inside my cunt.  This girl really knew how to please a woman and I got the feeling that she had reached the realm of perfect pleasure like I had.  We each got another massive orgasm and then another.  Time slipped away from me and all I knew was the pleasure.  After a few more orgasms her tongue withdrew.  I figured that was a signal that her body was done.  I probably could have gone longer, but my cunt's monstrous appetite had been sated.  I turned off the vibrator then released her from her chains carefully.  We both collapsed on the floor, breathing heavily from the endorphin high.

     "Holy fuck that felt good. No one's ever done anything like that before with me." she managed to say breathlessly.

     "You hit just the right spot" I agreed with a sigh of pure content.

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Re: Melinda's Tale
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Chapter 5
Final Exam

     Our final exam had simple instructions but what we had to do was quite complicated.  There were thirteen agents who were either traitors or made a series of blunders that caused some bases in different states to be compromised.  I mentioned bases being compromised earlier in the tale.  We as new recruits were each tasked with capturing one agent and bringing them to the Texas base.  Hannah and I were at the top of the new recruits so we got first picks.  I wanted a challenge and chose someone who traveled the furthest away.  The target I chose ran to Winnipeg, Canada.  It was actually her mansion that the leader of the Society later deemed a safe house should the Society be exposed again that Tina and Molly are in now, but I'm jumping ahead of the tale.

     Once I entered Canada then saw the location of the rogue agent I worried that I might have chosen something too difficult.  She was in a huge house.  I knew immediately it wouldn't be easy to break in.  There was also a problem with transporting my target back to Texas.  Not only did I have to capture her without being noticed, I also had to cross the border into the USA.  I could see cameras and heat sensors as I drove into Canada so I would need to figure out a way to mask her body heat.  There was no way she would come with me willingly if she traveled this far to get away from the Society.  I sat in my car in front of the house contemplating the problem.  Suddenly I saw my target walk towards me.  Did she know why I was there?  No, her body language was casual.  I waited to see how it would play out.

     "Are you the maid I sent for?"

     "Maid? Oh, yes right I am. I just wanted to see the place before I start working.  I begin tomorrow right?"

     "Ah, I thought that's why you were here. You're a little...older than I expected."

     "Well how young did you expect?"

     "About 18 or 19, but no matter. I'm sure you'll do fine Miss...?"

     "Jane, Mary Jane."

     "Nice to meet you. You will live in the mansion. I find that more effective than having a maid that drives over here. I will provide you with whatever cleaning supplies you need and you can start right after you're settled in if you'd like."

     "Yes, I would like that. Thank you."

     Well that was one problem solved.  I was able to easily get rid of the real maid that arrived the next day.  She had come early before anyone aside from me had awakened.  It was a simple matter of telling her that she was too late and the job had already been filled by me.  Being a maid involved a lot of mindless repetitive tasks, which was perfect since I needed to think on how to overcome my obstacles.  After about a month I knew what needed to be done.

     On a day like any other I awakened much earlier than I usually did when I knew no one would be awake.  I grabbed ordinary giant garbage bags and a small one along with some rope.  While my target was asleep I shoved the small one over her head.  There was no glorious struggle.  Instead, she simply gasped for air and fell unconscious.  Fool.  Tying her up was the easy but getting her out not so much.  The large trash bag gave the best cover but I had to carry it awkwardly.  Fortunately no one else in the mansion was awake and I managed to get her to my car without incident.

     The next part involved a giant ice chest and anything from their freezer.  This is where things got complicated.  My task was to take her in alive so I needed her to be able to breathe in there, but I also needed to prevent the cold from escaping so her body wouldn't register on heat sensors.  Fortunately, there were numerous places in Winnipeg where I could buy scuba gear.  It took a bit of a hit on my finances, but I was able to purchase what I needed ahead of time.  I had also removed the water spigot from the ice chest to allow a tube for oxygen to go in.  With the scuba mask on  she would be able to have fresh oxygen to keep her from suffocating.  It also would keep too much of the cold from escaping.  Since I had spent a month in Canada I was able to hide the oxygen tank and the hole into the ice chest with a bunch of dirty clothes.  I put her and as many cold items as I could from the freezer and shut the large ice chest in the trunk of my car.

     Now it was a race against the clock.  I estimated it would take about 2 or 3 hours for the oxygen to run out.  An hour and a half of that time would be spent driving to one of the busiest border crossings on the US Canada border.  If I had timed this right it wouldn't be too busy.  My Texas driver's license gave me the perfect excuse for being out so early.  I had a long way home and wanted to get an early start.  When I reached the border crossing I knew I had chosen the right time to go.  I presented my passport and driver's license and the border patrol waved me through.  My plan to smuggle someone out of Canada worked.

     There was no time to celebrate just yet.  I needed to find a safe place to pull over and move her from the ice chest to the backseat of my car.  I set my gps to go to some small area named Bathgate.  I didn't intend to enter the town and only wanted to go far enough from the main highway that I could do what I needed to.  Once I had been off the highway for about 5 minutes I stopped and opened up the ice chest in the trunk.  By this point she was awake.  I took off her scuba mask.  She gave me a look of astonishment and I nodded at her.  The agent didn't say a word when I took her out of the trunk and placed her in the backseat.  Her body was quite cold but it didn't look like she would be permanently damaged.  I offered her water and she drank a single sip while still looking at me with amazement in her eyes.  I then had her lay down in the backseat and piled my clothes on top of her.  No one who passed by the car would know someone was in the backseat unless she moved at the wrong moment, but with her bound it would be highly unlikely.  Also I was going to have to really get my car cleaned after this since there was no chance I was going to let her go free to relieve herself.  Now all that was left was to drive roughly 20 hours back to our base in Texas.  Pride in my accomplishment made the drive easier and I was able to make the drive in two days.  The rogue agent was too shocked at me to cause me any kind of trouble.

     When I returned to base with my captive and told my story everyone was practically speechless.  They had thought I had failed or died because I had taken the longest to retrieve my target.  My best friend Veronica and sister Hannah were of course very happy to see me.  As I caught up with them I noticed the LK Leader was watching me with what appeared to be great interest.  I gave her a smile and knew then I would truly become a full agent.

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Re: Melinda's Tale
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Chapter 6
The Escape Artists

     The next day we were told all of us would become members of the Society.  No one would be eliminated from the pool because Lana and another agent whose name I don't remember voluntarily left.  We were tasked to make sure the ex agents didn't escape until the induction ceremony.  As soon as the LK Leader finished speaking we learned one had already escaped.  Not only did she escape, but she also released the other prisoners.  Just imagine the surprise when you find out all you need to do is guard a few people and they all appear out of nowhere running towards you!

     I thought it was just the Society testing us.  I took the first woman I could and twisted her arms behind her back. I held her tightly against me. I couldn't help noticing how beautiful she was. As I held her tightly against me with one arm, my hand groped her luscious body.  She struggled a little as my hand squeezed her big, round, perfect breast.  I could feel her nipple harden as I slowly rubbed her breast.  My mouth latched onto her neck and I began kissing her soft skin.  She didn't make a sound as I rubbed and kissed her.  I wanted more of her, but this wasn't the time for lust.  I quickly looked around me.  All the ex agents had been restrained easily.  They were all busy with the others.  I was glad they didn't notice me giving into my lust at the wrong moment.

     "Well, looks like I was right to keep all of you.  All of you will make excellent agents. We all were taken by surprise by the escaped prisoners, yet you did not let them take advantage of it," LK Leader remarked.

     "You mean...this wasn't a test?" I asked

     "Unfortunately no. I hadn't planned on these women to ever leave the dungeon. Fear kept them from speaking the truth earlier, but it is unwise to allow them to be free for a long time."

     "So how did they break free?"

     "A good question Melinda. Obviously we have underestimated these agents.  They haven't been trained as much as all of you have.  Yet one managed to escape and as we just saw when one escapes they all escape."

     "Interesting. Perhaps they had help?"

     "A bold conclusion, but remember to not come to conclusions before seeing all evidence Melinda. It's possible one of them had a tool hidden in their clothing...or other...hard to see areas."

     The group nodded at the last statement.  Most of us had allowed the ex agents to keep their clothing, where small tools can be easily hidden. We stripped them of their clothes, locked them back up, and searched their clothing.  A pair of pants had a very battered paper clip in one of the pockets.  With that problem solved, we all agreed that any future captives of the Society should not be allowed to wear clothing.

     That problem was solved, but there were many more to come.  Throughout the next few months, the ex agents would escape again and again and again.  The issue kept happening under Veronica's watch.  I knew Veronica well and came to her defense, but it wasn't enough.  The Society had to expel Veronica to my sadness.  I wanted to find out how the prisoners were breaking free myself, but the LK Leader said there would be torture mistresses with more training than I to work them over.  After Veronica was expelled though the prisoner escapes stopped.  Some pointed out that it was evidence of Veronica's guilt.  Others sided with me and said the prisoners quit escaping to mess with us out of spite and would try the same trick again eventually.

     It was then I started to wonder if there were other ways to silence them without keeping them here.  They were preventing us from going after other targets and from pleasuring ourselves.  Killing them would be too messy and we didn't need the Society exposed again. The only other way would be to erase their minds.  That was when I came up with the idea to build a neuralyzer similar to the ones used in the Men In Black universe.

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Re: Melinda's Tale
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Chapter 7
Gadgets and Gizmos Aplenty

     When I created the neuralyzer and LK rings I was deemed the greatest agent the Society ever had.  It was both a blessing and a curse.  The neuralyzer would shoot a ball of white light up to about 50 yards away.  Anyone wearing an LK ring was protected from the neuralyzer's effects. Whoever was not wearing a ring at the time would forget whatever length of time you had set the neuralyzer to.  I also wanted the ring to have other handy features like a tracker if someone got into trouble.  The neuralyzer wasn't an exact copy of the ones from Men In Black.  I couldn't make it to where someone had false memories, but it was still sufficient enough to work well.  My hope was for us to use it on the rogue agents to make them forget as well as our victims so we could kidnap whoever we wanted without any consequences.  The Society had other plans.

     As a member of the Society, we can go home whenever we want to if there are no pressing matters to attend to. I had wanted to see Lana ever since she left after the first test, but other matters had always kept me away.  A few months after I had presented the neuralyzer to the Society I had the time to visit her.  Lana was surprised to see me. I had a greater shock than she did. It had only been a few years since I had seen her, yet she was married! Her husband wasn't at the home when I came by. I think he was golfing but that's not relevant.  She mentioned an interest in genealogy and wanted all of the family to take a DNA test even though it was quite expensive.  Most people serious in genealogy have their DNA tested so they could confirm matches up as high as you could.  All I had to do was spit in a tube and wait.  I didn't understand the process that much but thought it would be fun.  Instead we stumbled upon a terrible secret, but I'm jumping ahead.  After I spit in the tube we talked more.

     "So you're married now?"

     "Yes. He's a wonderful man. I tried to reach you and Hannah before the wedding, but couldn't find you."

     "We were both busy...I thought were a lesbian?"
     "No. I am bisexual, but I prefer men."

     "Then why did you take up the offer to join the Society?"

     "What Society?"

     "Remember? LK?"

     "Oh, right that" Lana said, winking at me "That is when I figured out I was bisexual."

     "So what's your last name now?"

     "Hunter. I like it, goes with the name I'm going to give to my child if it's a boy."

     "You're pregnant?"

     "Only a few months but yes!"

     "This is quite a shock. What have you picked out for names?"

     "Well with a girl I'm not sure.  Amber maybe.  A boy will be named Paul."

     I did not question my sister's decision because it made sense. She never felt good about joining the Society.  When we had incestuous relations she would always look as if she were guilty after a while.  She wanted to forget LK, and that's why she didn't remember it when I spoke to her.  I left my sister's home to tell the good news to Hannah.  We're going to have a niece or nephew!

     Of course, what really happened was the Society erased Lana's mind of their existence without telling me.  She merely thought LK had something to do with the last time she remembered we had incestual relations.  LK was just code for a dark past that we used to pretend it was a game so we wouldn't get caught.  Of course, her baby was a boy and she named it Paul.  It's the same Paul who went on a rape rampage throughout Texas, but I'm jumping ahead again.

     I went back and told Hannah the good news. She was thrilled. I had the sense that she knew Lana had married before me but I didn't press her on it. Hannah had news of her own.

     "It's a good thing you arrived when you did. The leader has just asked us to assemble. It sounds urgent."

     "Well we'd better go then. Do you know what it's about?"

     "I overheard the leader talking to someone, but I didn't catch who. I think she said something about keeping people in an agent's life unaware that they are lesbians. Other than that I didn't hear anything. The rest was just small bits that didn't make sense."

     "Sounds interesting."

     "Yup. I also overheard that we are going to get targets to kidnap and fulfil our desires.  They're going to use the neuralyzer you made to erase their minds so we won't have to worry about them exposing us!  Maybe we can kidnap more often now!"   

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Re: Melinda's Tale
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Chapter 8
The Blonde

     The announcement turned out to be multiple items of business. A building on the base would be the location for people to be neuralyzed.  All full agents would eventually be given a ring based on the one I created for protection once they were all made.  New recruits would not have them.  Neuralyzing someone at one location indoors was the perfect safety measure to prevent someone from accidentally getting their mind erased.  To celebrate the gift of the neuralyzer we could choose whatever victim we wanted to play with.  Finally, after we played with our victims some of us would be randomly selected for marriage in order to preserve our cover as lesbians.

     The victim I chose was a stunning blonde who had sexy curves that complimented her body.  For this victim I decided to threaten an old form of medieval torture.  She was placed unconscious on a table with her arms and legs chained loosely.  With a simple press of the button the chains would retract, causing her arms and legs to spread wider and wider.  In medieval times some people had their limbs pulled out of their sockets, or worse if the pull was strong enough.  I didn't intend for it to get that far and figured a little bit of incentive would cause her to do anything I wanted her to.

     She was a nice screamer and thrasher when she woke up.  The chains prevented her from getting off the table, but she could still move.  That wouldn't last if she was uncooperative.  The blonde had a pretty foul mouth too and was cussing up a storm.  Wordlessly I emerged from the shadows and showed her my button.  I held it down for a few seconds and the chains slowly retracted. She couldn't move her arms and legs very far now.  Her eyes grew wide and the curse words quickly became pleas of mercy.

     "In medieval times this was likely done with horses pulling the chains.  Or people turning a large crank.  Amazing what modern technology can do right?  All I have to do is hold this button down and it's effortless."

     "Please! Please don't do this I don't know what you want just tell me what you want please!"

     "What do I want? Your cooperation.  Cooperate and I won't push the button.  Be difficult and the button gets pressed."

     "Ok, ok I'll do whatever you say I swear! Please just don't hurt me!"

     "You had better.  It would be a shame to have your arms and legs rip out of their sockets or worse, torn off your body.  Now will you be a good girl for me?"

     "Yes! I swear I'll be a good girl!"

     "Good.  What I want is for us to pleasure our bodies together."

     " mean like sex?"


     "Wait!  I'm not a lesbian I'm straight!  Please, you've got the wrong girl!"

     I shook my head in disapproval.  Her eyes widened as she saw my finger hover over the button.

     "Would you like to try that again?"

     "Please...I'll do whatever but I haven't done anything with a woman before."

     "Awww, poor thing.  Just relax and do what I say.  As long as you do what I say you won't be harmed.  Got it?"

     "Ok, ok ok I'll do what you say I swear just please don't hurt me!"

     "Now, now, no need to be afraid.  We're just going to have some fun that's all.  I'll start with something simple.  I'm going to kiss you and I want your tongue to slide in my mouth."

     The blonde gulped but agreed.  I got on the table on top of her and kissed her sexy lips.  She slid her tongue in my mouth just like she was told.  My hands began to grope her body.  Muffled whimpers escaped her mouth while moans escaped mine.  I sucked on her tongue.  She gave a muffled yelp of surprise but didn't withdraw.  I broke the kiss.

     "See? That wasn't hard now was it?"


     "You did exactly what I told you to do.  That's a good girl.  See?  I left the button on that chair over there beyond your reach.  Just do what I say and I won't go over and press it."


     "Now, we're going to kiss again.  Your hands can still move a little so I want you to grope my body like I did yours during that last kiss.  Is that something hard to do?"

     " it's not h...hard."

     "Good girl."

     We kissed again.  This time my tongue invaded her mouth.  Our hands groped each other's curves.  She even sucked on my tongue while it was in her mouth.  I moaned and enjoyed her hands rubbing all over me while mine rubbed all over her.  Moans escaped her mouth as well.  I could tell she was enjoying herself.  I broke the kiss again.

     "Good girl.  I could tell you were starting to enjoy yourself right?"


     "Now, you're going to suck my nipple while I play with yours.  Does that sound like a hard thing to do?"

     "I...I...I've never done that..."

     "That doesn't matter.  If you do what I say you'll learn quickly."


     My nipple brushed her lips.  She opened her mouth and slowly sucked it.  I rubbed and lightly pinched her nipples, making them nice and hard.  I told her to lightly use a little of her teeth.  She obeyed and it felt amazing.  Moans escaped our lips as we pleasured each others bosom.  I complimented her on a job well done then reversed the roles.  I sucked on her nipple while her hands played with mine.  Her nipple was perfectly hard in my mouth.  My tongue and teeth danced with it.  We both moaned from the pleasure.

     "You've made me feel good, such a good girl.  And look, the button is over there in that chair far from both of our reach.  I'd have to get up to press it.  You don't want me to get up off this table do you?"


     "So that means you want more pleasure right?"


     "That's a good girl.  Now I just want you to eat my pussy while I eat yours."

     "Please...I don't want that I've never done that...please..."

     "Oh so you've never had your pussy eaten out?"

     " please I'll do anything just don't do this to me."

     My calm demeanor stopped.  I gave her an angry look.  She whimpered then began screaming when I got off the table.  Pleas of mercy escaped her lips, but I didn't listen.  I pressed the button and held it down for several seconds.  I stopped when her legs were shoulder width apart and arms about halfway to being fully extended.

     "Please please please please I'll behave I swear I'll behave please stop please stop!"

     "That was a bad, naughty girl."  I slapped her breasts hard.  She screamed in pain and begged for mercy.  Her pussy was next to get slapped.  It was still nice and wet.  Her cries grew more desperate the more I slapped her private areas.


     I changed my angry demeanor back to a calm gentle one.

     "That's what happens when you don't do what I say.  I could tell you didn't like that did you?"

     "Please I'll behave please just stop hurting me please!"

     "I don't want to hurt that beautiful sexy body of yours.  It really would be a shame if you didn't cooperate again.  Do you want your arms and legs stretched as far as they could go?"

     "No, no I don't I'll behave!  I'll behave!"

     "I want us to pleasure each other.  I don't want to have to slap your tits and pussy again.  You don't want me to slap your tits and pussy either right?"


     "We have an understanding then.  I'm going to get back on the table.  Once I'm there I want you to lick my pussy while I lick yours.  Do you agree?"


     "Good girl."

     I got on top of her again with my snatch near her face.  My instructions to her were simple, just mimic my tongue's movements inside her pussy.  I slid my tongue inside her hot wet pussy then soon after felt hers go in mine.  Lightly my tongue flicked in and out as a tease.  When she copied me it felt amazing and I wanted more.  Suddenly I slid my tongue deep into her pussy.  She gave a muffled moan and did the same.  Deeper, deeper, and there was the spot!  My body twitched into an orgasm when she hit just the right spot in my pussy.  My tongue rolled around deep in her pussy and soon after her body twitched too.  Juices flowed into my mouth.  We both moaned in pure pleasure as we got orgasm after orgasm.  Our muffled moans became louder.  The flame roared through my body as the crescendo of pleasure reached its peak.  We both simultaneously came in each other's mouths.  It was wonderful.  I withdrew my tongue and she did the same.  We both breathed hard from the pleasure high.  Now that I was finished all I needed to do was get her mind erased and return her to her home.

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Re: Melinda's Tale
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Chapter 9
Bill Warren

     I didn't like being randomly selected to get married and vocalized it to Hannah, but I did understand the reasoning behind it.  Oddly enough my husband Bill had the same last name as me.  It was a little odd marrying someone with the same last name, but Lana's interest in genealogy inspired me to look up his family line.  As far as I could tell he wasn't directly related to us.  We probably shared a distant ancestor somewhere. 

     It was around this time that the terrible secret I mentioned earlier was revealed.  We found out through the DNA testing we all had taken earlier that I wasn't related to Hannah at all.  Lana too shared too little of a percentage of DNA to be considered sister, but we were at least related.  We were perplexed and asked our father.  We couldn't ask our mother because she had passed on about a year prior to this discovery.  He told us our mother Rose came from England pregnant with me.  They met, fell in love, and married while Hannah was young and I hadn't been born quite yet.  He said he had no idea who my father was, just that Rose told everyone he had died shortly after coming to America.  Of course, the truth was much darker than that.

     Lana and I were both interested in finding out who my father was.  Genealogy is like a drug where once you discover something new about yourself you simply must know as much as you can.  That was especially true with a bombshell such as this that we never were truly full blood sisters.  Eventually through the help of someone who lived in England and matched DNA with me we stumbled upon the nasty truth.  My father, James "Jim" Johnathan Blue was currently serving a prison sentence for a series of rapes.  They called him The Red Rose Rapist.  And who happened to be the lead investigator of the case?  My mother Rose.  The information got even more twisted when our England friend told us Jim and Rose were boyfriend and girlfriend.  Rose quit working for Scotland Yard and moved to America.  She no longer felt like she could work for the police when she had been fooled into a consensual sexual relationship with someone who happened to be the rapist she was looking for.  How I wished my mother told us this before she died!  Carrying that secret to her grave must have cost her dearly.  I couldn't imagine the pain she must have felt.  And as far as I'm aware, Jim Blue is still alive.  Where he is now if in prison or elsewhere I neither know nor care.  After that bombshell of a secret came out Hannah and Lana were more distant towards me.

     I got off on a tangent there.  Sorry about that.  I was talking about my husband Bill Warren.  Despite the forced marriage I did like him though I never truly loved him.  He was funny and had interesting life stories.  His old family farmhouse was even a station on the underground railroad in Texas.  There was a hidden hallway that you had to push the wall to open at just the right spot under the stairs.  The hallway led to a few rooms that would house runaway slaves who wanted to go to Mexico.  Once they crossed the border into Mexico they were considered free men according to Mexican law.  The few empty rooms ended up coming in handy a little later.

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Re: Melinda's Tale
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Chapter 10

     After the bombshell of a secret getting out and getting married Hannah ended up becoming leader of the Society.  I really should have been the one who got the job.  Out of everyone there I was best at problem solving and making the impossible possible.  And that's not me bragging, that is a fact.  No one else could have had the ingenuity to smuggle someone out of Canada.  No one else had ever thought to make a neuralyzer to tremendously reduce the chances of becoming exposed, but I digress.

     As I mentioned earlier Hannah became more distant when the bombshell secret came out.  Once she was appointed leader she just became different.  Suddenly she wasn't the sister I loved to caress and have relations with.  After all this time I'm still not quite sure what happened.  At any rate, I was busy trying to perfect the neuralyzer.  I wanted to be able to give Bill a false memory that we had sex so that he would at least have his needs met and stop pestering me every so often about it.  Finally I managed to perfect it, but I decided to keep it for myself.  I'll explain why in a moment.

     There was another project I was working on too.  I had an idea that if our base became compromised like others had in the past we could build a giant neuralyzer 50 feet high and mass neuralzye a group of people who came for us.  I shared the idea of a giant neuralyzer with Hannah.  She was quite interested, but as I worked out the logistics of it I realized that it simply couldn't be done.  The power that the giant neuralyzer needed to run would be enormous.  Even if the Texas power grid were completely shut down and power rerouted to the giant neuralyzer it still wouldn't have been enough to get it to work.  The original neuralyzer I made used a simple solar powered battery.  I abandoned the project because it seemed like I had finally bit off more than I could chew.

     Back to me keeping the perfect neuralyzer.  Before I perfected it I began to notice lapses in memory.  At first I simply thought that the gaps and lapses were because I was having so much fun with my victims and working too hard.  Then I started to notice the gaps and lapses becoming more frequent and longer.  Sometimes I would wake up on a Monday and find myself going to sleep on a Wednesday with no memory of Monday’s sunset and Tuesday’s sunrise.  Eventually I started to notice slips of paper in my pocket after the memory lapses.  That confirmed for sure they were using the neuralyzer on me.  Unfortunately my short notes didn’t make any sense.  No one else in the Society seemed to have any problems.  After talking to a few members I realized that I was the only one who was having these memory lapses.  I decided to ask Hannah for the reason why.


Suddenly I found myself in my room in bed.

     "Ugh, damn it not again," I cursed. I peeked out the door and looked to see if anyone was in earshot. No one was and I was happy about that. The best time I think is when I think aloud.

     "Ok Melinda, what was the last thing you remember...ok, I talked with a few people about the memory lapses and then I decided to go see Hannah about it...yes, then I woke up here. Ok, now is there anything in my pocket? Yes, good. Now all I have to do is put all the pieces that make no sense together.  Ok, it looks like I wrote everything down at once this time.  Ok, so put it all together Melinda. 'Hannah anger orders suspicious death.'  Ok, so I think it sounds like I'm angry at Hannah for some suspicious orders?  Maybe she ordered the death of someone?"

     After talking to myself for a while I realized my notes to myself didn't make enough sense.  I was frustrated with myself for not being able to tell myself what was wrong.  It's quite an interesting frustration to have but not a fun one.  The wait to find out was not long though.  On the next day after I talked to myself, Hannah called us all to assemble.  She greeted all of us and called me by her side with a devilish smile on her face.

     "You all know Melinda, and I’m afraid that she is no longer able to stay."

     "No longer stay! What are you..."

     "Let me finish my dear sister. You know Melinda has been asking you about memory lapses, well I am here to tell you why. Melinda is meddling in Society affairs and causing distress among myself and other members of the Society.  We have therefore decided that she be cast out.  You may all come to me with questions, but first I must talk to my sister alone."

     "What the hell are you doing?"

     "You are too dangerous Melinda. I first used the neuralyzer to wipe your mind because you were very angry and lost your temper. We both know how you can get when you lose your temper."

     "Yeah but why didn’t you tell me..."

     "I did. You got angry and we had to wipe your mind yet again. Over and over again we had to keep doing it."


     "No discussion."

     "Yes discussion! I bet anything that I was supposed to be the real leader and you wiped my memories away so that I wouldn’t become the new leader."

     "You accused me of doing that before and you know that's not true.  A leader doesn't become one because she is the best at certain things.  You know this.  But it doesn't matter.  I'm wasting my breath again because in a moment you'll attack me like you have all the other times.  I've had enough of this so this time when your mind is erased you will remember nothing of the Society."

     "YOU FUCKING BITCH" I screamed.  I wanted to attack her right then, but knew it would play right into her hands.  She would have the perfect excuse to erase my mind.  No, I couldn't attack her directly here where she had the advantage.  Thus, instead of attacking her I ran as far as I could.  Somehow I made it home to the old farmhouse.  Once there I was amazed that I still had my memories this time.  I walked in the house and a letter was there waiting for me.


You will not understand fully why I did what I did and I will never be able to explain so that you would understand.  As you know I am the leader now and my influence is law in the Society.  With one order I can have a handful of agents on you within the hour.  This letter arriving before you should confirm that fact.

I could have given the order as soon as you left, but I didn’t.  For the sake of Lana we should have a truce.  Lana doesn’t need to bear the pain of one sister killing another even though we aren't truly related by blood.  I promise you that if you do nothing to us in the Society then we will do nothing to you.  I may also let you back into the Society if you wish, but that can’t happen now.  I will contact you when you are able to come back.  Maybe then we'll be able to talk and I could help you understand.


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Re: Melinda's Tale
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Chapter 11
Assassination Attempt

     Of course, I was a fool to trust my sister’s promise.  After all, all rogue agents of the Society had to be neuralyzed.  It used to be they had to be kept prisoner until I developed the neuralyzer.  I knew the day would come when they sent someone after me.  Yet as the years passed Hannah kept her word.  I still wanted my revenge and I was going to have it one way or another somehow.  Some may say that it was my quest for revenge that set the rest of the events that took place in motion, but that is not true.  Instead of making the next move, I watched and waited to see what Hannah would do first.

     The assassin came around the year 2025 or so at night.  By this point I had trained Bill to try and intimidate anyone we didn't know coming as a precaution.  I'm not sure if neuralyzing him multiple times made him act different or if he was always a little crazy from the start.  Back to the assassin.  She actually drove to the old farmhouse and I easily spied the LK ring on her finger.  When she arrived Bill did his thing.  He screamed in a rage and ran towards her with the shotgun in his hand.  She ignored him, and proceeded to walk up to the front door.  My husband got within arm’s reach of her, and without missing a step she flung him to the side.  He ran off, probably to go cry somewhere.  Idiot.

     My assassin approached the door and started to pick at the lock.  Hah, as if I didn’t know she was already there! I waited patiently behind the door as she slowly opened it.  We both gasped in surprise.



     "What are you doing here?  I haven't seen you since you were expelled from LK!"

     "*sigh* this is unfortunate."


     "You’re the rogue agent I’m supposed to kill."

     "Well shit."

     Suddenly Veronica motioned to me with her hands. Sign language, great. One of the few things I’m not good at. I looked at her questioningly and she sighed.

     "Prepare to die."

     Her eyes looked back at me pleadingly.  That's when it clicked.  I knew what she wanted me to do.

     "Hannah, you are a fool if you think I wouldn’t touch her. She may have been my best friend when we were kids, but she is nothing to me now."

     I mouthed the words "I understand" to Veronica.  She winked at me, and tackled me to the ground.  We wrestled into the house. As soon as we were in a room that wasn't easily spotted from the outside, we stopped.

     "Ha…ha…Hannah, hel…help me!"

     "No one can save you now!"

     Veronica’s breath came out in rasps as she pretended to be strangled. She huffed and puffed.  If I wasn’t watching her right then, I really would have believed that she was being strangled.  Suddenly she crumpled to the floor.  I breathed an exhausted sigh, as if I had to work to strangle her.

     "Hannah, you’re going to pay dearly for this.  Mark my words, you will PAY!"

     Veronica mouthed at me to detach the ring from her finger. I did so quickly and gently placed it on the floor without a sound. A small light on the inside of the ring slowly dimed to nothing.

     "It’s safe for us to talk now. I’m glad you realized what I wanted."

     "Why did you want me to fake your death?"

     "Things are bad in the Society now, real bad."

     "It must be if they recruited you to kill me.  Why did they come to you anyway?  You were kicked out even though I stood up for you!"

     "She wanted to see if you would kill someone you cared about so that she might prepare for a day when you came for her.  It was Hannah’s way of asking herself 'If I come to kill you will you kill me?'"

     "She told you this?"

     "No.  I overheard Hannah and her new lackey talking about it."


     "Yeah Hannah made a second in command position to oversee the operations in Texas.  Once Hannah is no longer leader for whatever reason the second in command becomes the leader.  Hannah moved to the Louisiana main base and controls the Society from there.  She came back to Texas to see if I would kill you."

     "Who is this second in command?"

     "Molly Hamilton. She's part of the Next Generation."

     "Next Generation?"

     "Yes.  They want their daughters to be in the Society as well.  This is the only reason husbands are provided, so that we may birth the next generation of agents or husbands.  It also gives them leverage for the mother.  If the mother is uncooperative, then the child pays."

     "How awful!"

     "Yes it is, the worst part is new members are joining the Society.  They will fall into the husband trap soon."

     "It’s a good thing you didn't fall into the trap yet."

     "But I did, and I have a daughter now too.  They might not take her in now that I’m supposed to be dead.  I just wish I didn't have to fake my own death.  Now I can’t ever see her again."

     "Hey, it’ll be ok.  I've been contemplating a plan to take out the Society, but it's going to take a while to work out the details and execute the plan.  Maybe a few years.  Stay with me and help me plan."

     "I'd rather hide.  I have a place in Mexico that I can go to.  Here's the address.  If they find out I'm still alive, they won't be able to smuggle me out of Mexico very easily with all the border checkpoints nowadays.  The border with Mexico is much different than the one with Canada."

     "I understand.  Good luck."

     "Can you do me a favor?”

     I smiled "Yes, I’ll watch out for your daughter as much as possible."

     She looked at me, the sadness erased from her face, "I’m counting on it.  Watch her from a distance.  Keep her safe and keep her from being killed."

     "I will. What is her name?"

     "Tina Elaine Hill, she lives with her grandparents close by.  Here's the address for her." (for those of you keeping score, Tina Hill became Huntress, making this task of protecting her far more difficult than it should have been!)

     "Rest easy Veronica, I will protect your daughter the best I can.  In the meantime, go hide in your spot in Mexico."

     "That's the plan."

     "Before you go, can you show me the features they have now on the LK rings?  I created them so I should be able to listen to what Hanna talks about whenever I want to.  Or any agent that has a ring on."

     "Yes, I'll show you."


     Hannah made her move.  Now it was time to make mine.  She wanted to see if I would kill someone I cared about?  Fine Hannah, two can play at that game.  Let's see what you do if Lana believed you were dangerous and came after you!

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Re: Melinda's Tale
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Chapter 12
Mind Over Murder

     "Melinda, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you!"

     "I know, too long.  Listen Lana, we need to talk about something."

     "Ok, what's up?"

     "Look at the object in my hand for a moment."

     "Err...ok I'm not sure what you're doing Melinda.  What's all this about?"

     Something was wrong.  My neuralyzer wasn't working.  How could it not be working?  I silently cursed at the rotten luck.  Then I realized maybe telling Lana the truth was the best policy.

     "This is hard for me to say, but it's about attempted murder."

     "So, it is true!"

     "What is?"

     "Hannah told me earlier that you hurt Veronica and that I would probably be next.  You’re going to hurt me, maybe kill me aren’t you Melinda?"

     "What?  No, Hannah’s lying to you!  She sent Veronica after me to kill me!  And I wouldn't hurt you or kill you!"

     Why wasn't the damn neuralyzer working?  What the hell?  It was supposed to be the perfect one where everyone but the user got their memory erased!  The damn thing had worked on Bill the day prior!  Just then as I cursed the broken neuralyzer to myself, Lana’s husband walked in.

     "Give up Melinda, I haven’t called the police yet but I will if you make any sudden moves. Just turn around and walk on out of here then we will have no problems."

     A loud popping noise made us all jump.  They both looked at me with accusation in their eyes.  I had no idea what had happened or where it all went wrong and my neuralyzer wasn't working.  Then, he had the audacity to say it.

     "I'm calling the police.  She's not even really your sister anyway.  Just half."

     I.  Was.  Pissed.  I flew into a rage and regretfully killed them both.  It was all Hannah's fault.  She lied and it created the situation at my feet.  If Hannah hadn't lied Lana would still be alive.  Hell if my neuralyzer worked...fuck, my neuralyzer wasn't working!  In desperation I quickly got rid of any evidence I could and did some other things I'm not proud of to try and keep the Society away.  One of those things was taking in Lana's boy Paul Hunter.

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Re: Melinda's Tale
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Chapter 13
Rise of The Hunter

     Hannah was furious that I had taken the boy.  I could hear the chatter through the ring.  She would send agents to observe and I made sure to always allow them to see me make a threatening gesture.  Paul never saw them while he was there.  He was too busy mourning.  Don't get me wrong, I was sad as well but I was also quite angry at Hannah.

     Eventually I found out that the perfect neuralyzer I created had an unforeseen technical flaw.  I knew that only the high ranking members of LK had neuralyzers and that they still used my design to create them.  This meant their neuralyzers had that technical flaw as well.  Thus, all I had to do was exploit this flaw at just the right moment.  I had no idea what the right moment would be, but Veronica faking her own death gave me inspiration for me to do the same.

     It was a simple plan to have Paul want to kill me and my husband after seeing his parents' heads in the basement that I kept as a warning to keep the Society away.  I had our wills changed to where everything would go to him and it was all just about the waiting game from there.  Unfortunately, he really did kill Bill because the idiot had put ammo in his shotgun when I left it there empty.  Still I managed to neuralyze the police and Paul so everyone thought I was dead and I could hide out in the house.  It was supposed to be an easy way to plot and plan my revenge.

     I thought for sure Hannah was onto me when she pretended to be my lawyer and talked to Paul.  Later I heard through the ring her acknowledgement of Paul being messed up and me being dead.  I had free reign of the house until Paul inherited it and figured I could roam around unseen for a while.  It allowed me to improve surveillance on the house so I could see anything I wanted to from the secret basement rooms.  Oddly enough Paul entered the house one day for no apparent reason.  I neuralyzed him easily and he forgot about me...or so I thought.  He actually came back that same night and wound up finding a Society agent in the house.  The Society agent Rachel did not go to the farmhouse by mistake.  She was looking for Veronica's ring to eliminate possible exposure to the Society since Paul was going to live there.  Thankfully her trainer did indeed mention my name because she thought Paul was me at first, the fool.  So in that one time his journal mentioned me saying the Latin phrase they thought it was a fluke, but I'm jumping ahead a little bit.

     In my secret hideout I slowly made it to where I could see anything that went on in the house and on the property.  So I knew right away when Paul had taken a victim over to the farmhouse and revealed himself to be The Hunter.  I also knew the absolute danger he put himself in when he took the LK agent Caroline.  By doing so he was now officially their enemy.  In observing his behavior I quickly realized that he was never going to kill the twins.  They of course didn't know that but I could tell the fight had left them and he was growing bored with them.  In that moment I realized it could fit in perfectly with my plans.  Paul couldn't just let his victims go so they could tell on him, but he didn't want to kill them either.  He was in an interesting conundrum that I could exploit.  If his victims came to me after he was done, I could use their broken spirits to get them to do whatever I wanted them to do.  Even go after a super secret cult society!  I had to approach this carefully.  One day I saw him talking to himself, trying to figure out the problem.

     "Damn it, Caroline and Catherine just have no fight left in them.  I like the fight, so I need another victim.  But I can't just let the new victim see my previous ones otherwise they will know I won't kill them.  I want them to think I will kill them even though I won't because it allows them to not get too far out of line.  Letting them go isn't an option because they'd blab to the police  What a crazy problem I've brought upon myself."

     "Perhaps I can be of some assistance."

     "What the fuck? YOU..."

     "Wait let me explain..."


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Re: Melinda's Tale
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Chapter 14
Secret Rape

     Paul was pissed and actually managed to punch me hard enough in the head that I was knocked out.  Slowly I came to in the basement.  Once I realized what had happened I swore loudly.  I was tied to a bed naked in the basement.  How was I going to get out of this one?

     "It started here and it will end here.  I don't know how the fuck you're alive and I don't care.  You won't be alive soon enough after I'm through with you."

     "Wait, don’t do this! I have a...mmmph!"

     Damn! He shoved a ball gag in my throat!

     "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! After all that and you beg me not to? That makes me want to do it more!"

     Roughly he grabbed my breast and I could see his cock twitching in anticipation. As his hands squeezed me hard I moaned, desperately trying to think of a way out of this. Paul smiled as if he knew what I was thinking. I knew then there was no way out. His hands groped my body, sliding all over my chest and stomach. With no warning his fingers entered me. I kept silent, my body burning with desire. Moans of pleasure wanted to escape my gagged throat, but I wouldn’t give him that satisfaction.

     His fingers kept going, and then a lustful moan escaped as I felt his tongue enter me too. The tongue stayed inside as he groped me again. Losing my self control, I started to struggle and moan with as each lick brought a new wave of pleasure through my body. Quickly he pressed his body against mine and kissed my lips ball gag and all. He let my juices mixed with saliva drip all over my face. I felt his quivering member brush up against the entrance to my pussy, teasing me. Moans escaped my throat.

     "Yeah I knew you’d love this slut, you’re just a whore. Yeah, you love to be raped all the time don’t you?"

     His taunts angered me, but I could still not get away. As his cock roughly penetrated me, I screamed in pain and pleasure. He continued to taunt me with each thrust, telling me I am a whore for moaning and that I really love being raped. My body agreed with him as I got wetter and wetter. He moved deeper inside of me, harder and faster. I began to moan more lustfully as I began to get closer and closer to a climax. His cock throbbed, and we both screamed in pleasure as we came at the same time. He flopped down onto my body. His hard cock softened and came out of me. The ball gag was removed from my mouth. My jaw hurt from staying open so long. Before I could react his hands wrapped around my throat.

     "Do you have any last words before you die BITCH?"

     I answered him quickly "Yes! You're in danger! I am too! We can help each other!"

     I could tell my words surprised him. He was expecting me to beg him to let me live or plead with him. "How can you help me and how am I in danger?"

     "You know those friends Caroline mentioned when you first took her? The ones she threatened you with?"


     "I know who they are. I'll explain everything..."