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The Masked Marauder
« on: July 18, 2021, 11:38:23 PM »
Chapter List

Story information

Chapter 1
A Familiar Face

Chapter 2
A Discovery

Chapter 3

Chapter 4
Oklahoma City

Chapter 5
Kansas City

Chapter 6
Nebraska City

Chapter 7

Chapter 8
Forest River

Chapter 9
Surprise and Secrets

Chapter 10
The White Stone

Story Information

The Kidnapping Chronicles

The Red Rose Rapist - prequel
The Hunter - Part 1
Huntress - Part 2
LK - Part 3 
The Masked Marauder - Part 4 <---you are here
Melinda's Tale - Part 5
The Masked Marauder II - Allen's Revenge - Part 6

     It is highly advised to read The Hunter, Huntress, and LK before reading this story. Towards the end I advance through a plot point that we last left a character on in the epilogue of LK. There are also minor references to the prior stories within. It is recommended, but not necessary to read The Red Rose Rapist before reading this story. This story is a simple tale of a male who rapes a former female classmate. Soon after he learns that he is adopted and his mother has an address in Canada. He decides to go see his mother and rape random women along the way. He calls himself The Masked Marauder!


Chapter 1
A Familiar Face

     I sighed in sheer boredom. There was nothing to do in this stupid small town. It sucked so badly! Oh well, at least I was out of here in a few months. I decided to watch some porn. I yawned in utter boredom as some guy forced some girl to take his cock in her asshole. Even reading fictional stories about rape wasn’t turning me on. I got out my “rape kit” and played around a bit. Months ago, I had purchased everything I needed to sneak into someone’s house, rape them, and then sneak back out. I imagined taking a beautiful princess in her own bedroom. Her soft, golden, shiny hair would tempt me to spray cum all over it! My fantasy keept me entertained for a while, but even that didn't satisfying my boredom.

     I drove to McDonald’s and walked inside just to kill time. I wasn't hungry or thirsty, but I soon was glad I decided to come. There was a beautiful girl who graduated high school with me. She had long blonde hair that could probably cover her large breasts if she got naked. What was her name again?

     "Hey there Allen, how have you been? It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other!"

     "Hey Nicole, I’ve been great! What have you been up to these days?”

     "Well, I’m bouncing around trying to find a good job. My parents went on a cruise to Alaska and they’ll be back in a couple of days. I'm house sitting until they get back."

     "Maybe we could hang out sometime."

     "Yeah, I’m a little busy before my parents get home, but after they’ve been home for a couple of days we can definitely do something. Do you need my address?"

     "Yes please."

     She wrote her address on a napkin and we conversed about old times for a while. Soon a familiar feeling crept inside me. I wanted her body so badly! She was so beautiful in high school and I never got to have her! Suddenly, the darkness within me hatched an evil scheme. I could disguise myself and fondle her body! Oh but should I do it? Should I make my fantasy a reality?


     There was no backing out now! Her parents were coming soon and this was my only chance! I made one last check to make sure I had everything. Rope, orange ski mask, knife, duct tape, and three pairs of handcuffs yup everything’s here! The sun slowly sunk down into the horizon and I waited in the ever growing shadows. Finally, the light in what I believe to be her room switched off. It was show time!

     All the windows were open. It was almost too easy to silently slip onto the floor in the living room. Her door stood slightly ajar and I slowly tiptoed into her room. She sleept above the covers, probably because it’s so damn hot, and she had a nightgown on. Perfect, that will make violating her body easier! But should I really do it? Should I rape a crush and pleasure myself from it? Yes, I should do it! I took a few minutes to think of a name for myself and came up with a pretty good one.

     I quietly undressed. Carefully I snapped one handcuff onto her right hand. She didn't wake up. Slowly I handcuffed her hands behind a pole on the headboard. That movement somehow woke her up.

     "uuuh what…what’s going on? Who are you?"

     "Tip tip and cherio” I said in my best fake Irish voice. "Now listen Nicole lade, I am the Masked Marauder and we're going to have fun!"

     "Please…don’t hurt me!"

     "Hurt you? Oh ho ho ho ho my lassie! I won’t hurt you if you cooperate and eat mi Lucky Charms."

     "Eat your WHAT?"

     I dropped the the Irish accent and switched to a dark and mysterious voice "In other words suck my dick and…other things."

     "…so…you’re…you’re going to…to…OH GOD SOMEONE HELP ME!"

     "Suck it" I growled in the mysterious dark voice. I moved my hard cock over to her lips. She clamped her mouth shut and refused to open it. I pinched her nostrils, knowing that she would have to breathe soon. Sure enough she gasped for air and I forced my cock in that mouth. I told her if she bit me I'd bite her breast and pussy much harder. She decided to be smart and behave.

     Nicole gagged and kept her mouth open wide as I orally raped her. She was a good little whore. I mentioned that she must have done this before and her face flushed red. I held her head to force my cock deep down her throat. Sobbing moans escaped her lips along with gagging sounds as I violated her mouth. Mmmm, it felt good. My cock was hard enough to have fun with her pussy. Now I just needed to get her wet enough.

     I withdrew my cock from her mouth and pushed her nightgown up, exposing her body. She slept without a bra and wore black panties. Sobs escaped her mouth when I brandished my knife. Nicole begged me to not use it. I told her I would if she screamed for help again. Tears streamed down her face as I roughly squeezed her huge tits. She begged and pleaded with me to stop. I ignored her cries and brought my lips to one of her nipples. She tried to struggle but couldn't stop me from getting the nipple in my mouth. She cried and pleaded for it to stop as I slid a finger in her tight cunt. Soon her pleas became moans of pleasure. Her pussy became nice and wet.

     I moved my cock closer to her pussy. I pressed my lips onto hers to muffle her moans. She squirmed as I entered her tight wet cunt. I took my time to slide my cock deep into her pussy. Nicole continued to moan and kept trying to wiggle her body. Slowly I fucked that tight wet pussy, savoring how good it felt. A few of the muffled moans I could tell were moans of pleasure. I started violating her cunt faster. My moans matched hers as I continued to keep my lips onto her. The pleasure intensified. My lips released hers and I moved them to her neck. Harder and faster I fucked the beautiful tight bitch. Her moans were pure pleasure now and were getting me close. As I sucked on her neck my cock hit just the right spot in her pussy to cause both of us to scream with the pleasure. Fire spread quickly throughout my body as I kept hitting just the right spot. My cock throbbed and I released my warm sticky sperm all inside her tight wet cunt.

     I collapsed on top of her body. Nicole was crying uncontrollably. After the endorphin high faded I unlocked her handcuffs. She got herself into the fetal position and sobbed. She begged me to leave her alone now since I had my fun. I gave her a light kiss on the cheek and told her I would be back to have more fun at another time. She sobbed and wept as I dressed then left her room. She was a good little whore. I hoped to get the chance to rape her again!

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Re: The Masked Marauder
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Chapter 2
A Discovery

     "Allen, come in here please.  Your mother and I need to have a word with you."

     "I didn't do anything!"

     "’re adopted...wait why the guilty conscience?"

     "Err...wait I’m what?"

     "You’re adopted."

     "Do you know who my real parents are?"

     "No.  We only have instructions written by your mother.  She never signed her name."

     "What…what do they say?"

     "That we are to tell you you’re adopted a few months after your 20th birthday, your name was to be Allen, and that we take care of you well."

     "Wow...I’m adopted..."

     "Since it’s the summer and we have money saved along with money you've earned from work we think you should search for your real mother and father."

     "Really?  This...this is too much..."

     "I know it’s hard to absorb at first, but it was important to your mother...your birth mother...that you would be able to find her after you turned 20."

     "Where should I start?"

     "There’s a children’s home in the small town we used to live in before we adopted you.  We adopted you there as a baby and they would probably have some idea of where your birth mother is."

     "I'll go check it out."


     "Allen, now let’s see...ah yes here you are."

     "Great, what does the file say about my mother?"

     "Not much here I'm afraid. She wrote a letter recently. As you can see it says very little. Just that she wants to finally meet you at her address soon."

     "Her address is in Canada? Why would she be all the way up there?"

     "I can think of a few reasons. None of them are good. I wouldn't get your hopes up if I were you."

     "Is this how you are with everyone? How horrible!"

     "I'm realistic. I've seen too many stories end bad than ones that end good. The odds are not in your favor."

     I called my...parents...after arguing with the receptionist for quite some time. They were pretty shocked to learn my mother might be in Canada but gave me their blessing to go there. I asked if I could drive up there since I've always wanted to see different sights in the USA. At first they're skeptical but agree that some time to myself could be a good thing. An evil thought popped into my head. I could take my time on the drive to Canada and rape good looking sluts along the way! I congratulated myself on coming up with such a brilliant plan. Look out! The Masked Marauder is coming to town!
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Re: The Masked Marauder
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Chapter 3

     Amarillo's one of the largest cities in Texas. I figured it would be the perfect place with plenty of choices for a victim. Bar after bar, store after store I saw tons of hot women. Which one should I choose? Ah, there was a nice looking blonde haired green eyed girl in Starbucks. Her tits looked amazing under her shirt. My cock grew slightly as I thought about how I would fondle them. Her legs were so long and sexy. They ended with a tight looking ass. I hoped she lived alone!

     I followed her at a safe distance. At first I was afraid she didn’t live in Amarillo at all. To my luck, she lived outside the city and her closest neighbor looked to be half a mile away. No one would hear her screams and moans! After I made a note of the exact location, I went back to my hotel and slept. I would need to be fully rested before I canvased the house. My cock hardened in anticipation.

     The full moon brightened the countryside and I parked my car on the side of the road. It would be better to be silent than to have them hear my engine. I silently trekked towards her house. The first window I peered into revealed the living room. Nothing of interest appeared to be there, so I peeked through another window. Ah, this looked like it was a bedroom and someone slept on the bed! The person turned over and the moonlight sparkled on the long, blonde hair. I decided to scout out the rest of the house in case more people were inside. The next window revealed a room with a computer and a couch inside. Without pausing, I looked through another window and saw another woman. Ah, a double rape! The darkness within me loved the idea. Now how should I approach this? Hmm...I should come back later when I have more equipment, I decided.  My cock shrunk a little in disappointment.  "Don’t worry" I said to it "you’ll be inside two hot wet pussies soon!"

     Three days later I had all that I needed. Closer surveillance of the house revealed that the two women lived together. I was bold enough to sneak inside while they were both out. I thought I’d see something in the house with their names on it, but I couldn’t find anything. I did steal a black bra and black panties from a hamper in one of the woman’s rooms. The panties smelled wonderful and I couldn’t wait to burry my face and cock in the women’s pussies.

     I took care to be silent as I entered through the living room window. I slowly crept to one of the woman’s rooms. I looked closer at the woman and I realized she looked sort of like the woman I saw in the store but older. Her mother perhaps? Hell if that was her mother then she was a fine looking one! I snapped some handcuffs onto her hands to where they were behind a pole on the headboard like my first victim. She was a heavier sleeper than Nicole. I was even able to spread her legs wide and restrain them. Perfect, I could leave her alone while I tend to the woman I have been fantasizing over for the past half of a week. I crept to the younger woman's room. Unlike her presumed mother, this bitch woke up the second I touched her.

     "Who are you?"

     "I am The Masked Marauder!"

     "What does marauder mean?"

     I was taken aback by the question. Was this girl completely clueless as to what was about to happen? Was she so stupid to not realize her situation?

     "Marauder means raider, looter, prowler, and intruder. I’d go with intruder and add rapist to that."

     "Oh, so I guess you’re going to rape me then."

     " know this isn’t a dream right?"

     "I know."

     "Aren’t you scared?"



     "Because you often play with me, Daddy. You always tell me it’s better to cooperate than to struggle."

     Holy fucking shit! Her dad rapes her and she thought I was him! Was I about to do the same to her? Should I continue her pain and making her think I’m her daddy?  Yes, yes I should do it!

     "That’s good my darling daughter, but tonight I want you to struggle as hard as you can."

     "Ok daddy."

     "And I want you to moan and beg me to let you go."

     "Please don’t rape me daddy! Please let me go!"

     "Let’s pretend I’m not your daddy for tonight. What’s your name and how old are you?"

     "I’m Jasmine Brooks and I’m 19 years old, please don’t hurt me!"

     I slowly took off her nightgown and she didn't struggle. She still didn't struggle when I slowly took her bra off.  Her breasts were definitely a D cup with nipples at least an inch long and they weren’t even hard!  Mm, it was going to be fun mauling her tits and sucking on her nipples! I began restraining her wrists. The little bitch must have realized something was different. Jasmine moaned and started to really beg me to let her go. I ignored her and tied her elbows together. It made her thrust out her big, beautiful breast.

     "’re not my daddy!"


     "Mom help me, oh God!"

     "Your mother is tied up in the next room. I’ll have fun with her after I’m done with you. Then all three of us can have fun. Would you like that?"

     "No, please no! Let me go, please!"

     "I think not" I said and tears escaped her eyes. I took her panties off and spread her legs. She tried to keep her legs closed, but I was the stronger one. My left hand caressed her pussy lips. My right hand groped her left breast. Her pussy got wet and her face flushed with shame.

     "You enjoy this don’t you? You love other guys raping you and you love daddy raping you!"

     "No, please don’t! Please stop!"

     I ignored her pleas and shoved two fingers inside her pussy. It got even wetter as my hand that groped her left breast squeezed hard on it. The breast became more firm as I squeezed it harder and harder.

     "Ooooh! God please stop! Aaaah aaaah, someone please he he heeeelllp me!"

     I took my fingers out of her pussy and rubbed them on her panties. After that, I shoved her panties in her mouth and my right hand moved to her left breast. I loved the feel of her mounds under my hands. She moaned in muffled pleasure and protest. Her eyes were filled with fear. Jasmine struggled and moaned with fear and protest. ​My face moved slowly down to her pussy and my hands never left her perfect, huge breasts. I slowly stuck my tongue inside her. Her moans sounded more pleasurable and I paused to tell her how much she liked it. She flushed in shame and emitted louder muffled moans. I licked all of her pussy and made circles with my tongue. My right hand left her left breast and I slid my fingers inside her with my tongue. My left hand continued to violate her right breast. Her muffled moans fill the room as her pussy got wetter and wetter and wetter. I stopped when I could tell she was close to an orgasm.

    ​"I don’t want you to get an orgasm just yet my fine little bitch!"

    ​Her moans of pleasure changed back to moans of protest as I nibbled on her hard left nipple. I started sucking and abused her right breast with both hands. I tweaked her nipple and roughly rubbed and squeezed her breast. My cock moved closer to her pussy as I mauled and sucked her perfect bosom. She felt the head of my cock at the entrance and moaned loudly in protest. Her eyes widened when she felt my hard cock enter her pussy. I started sucking hard on her right nipple. Her breast was still being abused as I squeezed it and twisted her nipple. More of my cock entered into her pussy and she gasped through her panties. When half of me was inside her, the moans of protest became moans of pleasure. I pushed all of my meat inside of her and slowly started to fuck her cunt nice and deep. Faster and faster and harder and harder I violate that tight cunt. Her moans sounded more like an animal. I watched her perfect tits bounce beautifully with each thrust.  Suddenly her pussy released a huge orgasm. I taunted her.

    ​"You love this, you love rape you nasty little slut! You don’t care who does it as long as you get raped each night!"

    ​Her pleasure was too great for her to even understand my taunts. I continued fucking her harder and harder and faster and faster. Her beautiful breasts bounce and jiggle just right to each thrust. More and more of her moans sounded like an animal. Another orgasm rocked her body and that sent me over the edge. I released my warm, sticky fluid inside the cunt. Exhausted, I collapsed on top of her with my prick still inside her. It softened and I caressed her whole body. My tongue licked her cheeks and I pulled the panties out of her mouth. She was too exhausted to protest as I kissed her. My tongue invaded her mouth. She moaned in pleasure. I felt my prick start to get hard again and definitely wanted another round with the slut.

    ​"I'm home! Anyone awake?"

    ​Shit, the father came home! Well, he could handle things from here. He might even rape his daughter and his wife! Fuck I wanted to take his wife too! I quickly escaped out of the daughter's window and ran as fast as I could back to my car. As I drove back to the hotel, my conscience awakened.  How could I keep doing this? Rape was wrong and I shouldn’t do it anymore! The darkness within me quickly countered my conscience easily. Rape is what women want and I should give them what they want even if they don’t realize they want it. My dark side triumphed over the light. I hoped to never hear my conscience ever again

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Re: The Masked Marauder
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Chapter 4
Oklahoma City

     "I'm headed to Winnipeg Canada."

     "Well, your best bet is to follow this road here.  Then, take this road into Omaha and go onto Interstate 29 all the way up."

      "Thank you, but what if I wasn't looking for the shorter route? I'm in no hurry."

      "If you're into sight seeing you might want to go to Oklahoma City.  It's a little out of the way, but worth the visit and you get to see more of Oklahoma.  Then you can take Interstate 35 into Kansas City and turn onto Interstate 29.  That'll only bump your driving time up to...oh about two or three hours."

     "Thanks for your help!"

     "No problem."

     Well, that looked like a good plan.  Oklahoma City, beware!  The Masked Marauder is coming!


I found her!  She’s a beautiful bitch with brown, wavy hair and small but good looking breasts.  Breaking into her house was so easy because she didn’t even have the front door locked!  Now I’m pretending to be asleep in her bed.  Imagine her surprise when she sees a masked man in her own bed!

     "Hmmmm, dum de dum.  Oh it will be so nice to sleep in my own...what the hell?"

     She cautiously approached the bed.  I pretended to be asleep.  Despite all the danger, she slowly reached towards me as if she wanted me to wake up. I quickly sat up and startled her.

     "Hey, what are you doing in my bed?"

     "Waiting for you."


     I quickly pulled her down to the bed and snapped the cuffs in place before she has a chance to process what had just happened.

     "Hey, what the fuck!"

     "Hey there sexy bitch!"

     "Who are you, what are you doing in my house?"

     "First, I think I'll stuff something in that pretty little whorish mouth of yours.  That's better.  Now, your questions.  To the first, I am The Masked Marauder."

     "Mmmmph! MMMPH!"

     "To the second, I'm going to have fun with your body whore.  And you WILL enjoy it."

     "Nnnmmmph! plemmmph! emmmph hempph memmph!"

     I ignored her protests and used my large knife to slowly cut the fabric of her shirt.  She moaned in protest as her bra was exposed.  Ah, this sexy slut wore a nice red bra.

     "A red bra.  Looks like someone really is a whore.  Are your panties red too slut?  Oh my they are!  You're just a worthless whore looking for a good time aren't you?  Yeah, well you're going to have a good time with me tonight!  I'm going to rape the shit out of all your holes until you beg me to keep fucking you.  That's right bitch, you're going to end up loving me fucking that hot little cunt of yours."


     As I continued to verbally abuse her, my left hand slipped under her bra and began rubbing her small but firm breast.  She moaned in protest and struggled in vain.  My right hand moved closer to her pussy and tears began to form in her eyes.  I stopped rubbing her to slowly strip for her.  Her eyes widened when she saw my hard throbbing cock.  Her moans of protest were not understandable and I teased her about them.

     "Mmm, you're moning baby.  You want my hard cock in that tight little snatch?  Yeah, that's right; you want it so badly don't you?  Well, I can't deny what you really want cunt!"

     I ripped off the rest of her clothes and moved my cock to the entrance of her pussy.  She looked away and I smacked her in the face.

     "Look into my eyes cunt!  I want you to look into them and remember how this felt!  Don't you dare look away or your neck will be bleeding bitch!"

     She reluctantly looked into my eyes.  Her hazel eyes were wet with tears and I reveled from the fear in them.  I looked into her terrified eyes as I slammed my whole cock inside her almost wet cunt.  She gave out a muffled scream. Her eyes and muffled begs made me even hornier.  Her pussy got wetter and wetter with each thrust.

     "Mmmm, ooh yes you love this don't you?  Your pussy is so fucking wet babe!  You want your tits rubbed too?  Do they feel left out?  Mmmm, so hot, oooh yes, your pussy is so tight."


     Her tits were about a b cup, but they were the perfect size for abuse.  My hands squeezed her small, perky tits and her nipples slowly hardened.  She moaned loudly as her pussy released an orgasm.  Her breath quickened and her moans were more of pleasure as I continued pounding my meat into her cunt.

     "Ooooh, yeah baby, mmmm yes, mmmmm oooh, mmm you love this don't you?  Yeah, your pussy likes rape!"

     When she released another orgasm, it sent me over the edge and I spewed my warm, sticky sperm inside of her.  I managed to save enough cum to get a little bit on her small tits.  She breathed hard. I took the duct tape off of her mouth.

     "Scream and you'll regret it bitch!"

     "Please, you had your fun, let me go!"

     "Only if you do exactly what I say."

     "Ok, just don't hurt me please!"

     "I won't hurt you" I say then add under my breath "much."

     "Ok, ok I won't try anything."

     I uncuffed her from the bed and told her "Lay on your stomach, spread your legs, and don't move!" She obeyed and my cock moved to the entrance of her ass. It didn't take long for her to realize what I was about to do.

     "Please, don't fuck my ass!  I'll do anything, please no!"

     "I told you cunt, all of your holes will be mine tonight!"

     "Fuck you bastard!"

     Suddenly I felt a sting in my left eye. What the fuck just happened? Somehow that fucking slut quickly turned around and punched me! Fuck it hurt! Where the fuck did that bitch go? I heard a door slam and a lock click. The slut had locked herself in a room. She was talking hysterically to someone as if she were on a phone. I realized the best course of action would be to leave. Lockpicking was not a skill I knew how to do. I quickly put my clothes back on and ran to my car. She probably gave me a black eye, the little cunt. Thankfully there was an ice machine near my room in the hotel I booked. I knew if the bitch gave me a black eye it would be fine in a few days provided I put ice on it as soon as possible. Thanks to technology I wouldn't even have to leave my hotel room. I could just order anything I need from smartphone apps until the injury healed. I also decided to reflect on what went wrong while the eye was healing.


The eye had healed after nearly two weeks. I really wanted to go after the bitch who gave me the black eye, but that would be a sure fire way to get caught. It was time to head on further north towards Canada.  Kansas City beware!  The Masked Marauder is coming to town!

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Re: The Masked Marauder
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Chapter 5
Kansas City

     Kansas City is primarily in Missouri instead of Kansas. I felt more like raping a fine little slut on the Kansas side. It was probably an OCD thing. I scouted the area looking for a fine slut to rape all of her holes. In a quaint little neighborhood I spied quite a looker doing a light jog. Something about her screamed innocence. She wasn't wearing anything revealing. Her bra held her breasts, probably b or c cup, up well enough to just lightly bounce. Her body looked to be thin without being too skinny. She was a fine black bitch. Something about this girl drew me to her. I made note of what house she entered and planned to come back later.


"Oh, give me a home where the Buffalo roam
Where the Deer and the Antelope play;
Where seldom is heard a discouraging..."


"It ain't to far
Come as you are
Mmm hmm hmm mmm mmm I love this...."


"...about The Masked Marauder?"
"We have very little information about him. One of the women he assaulted punched him and managed to flee but he has yet to be caught.
"Do you think he's as dangerous as The Hunter?
"It's too soon to tell. We only have one report on him but we do believe he has assaulted more than one woman. We are asking people with any information to call..."


I'm Mr. Meeseeks look at me!


     "Don't squirm bitch."


     "Shut up."

     I couldn't believe how easy it was to sneak into this lovely whore's house.  I saw a note on the refrigerator that said her parents would be gone for the entire weekend.  That left me alone with my fine black bitch.  I had all the time in the world to fuck her and I wanted her to be more afraid with each passing moment! I looked toward her for the third time in the past 10 minutes.  Ah, her dark, long hair looked beautiful as she squirmed in an attempt to break free from her bonds.  She was naked of course. Her medium sized breasts jiggled nicely with each attempt she made at freedom.  Her hands were tied behind her back and her legs were spread wide and tied to the bed.  It must have been painful for her to lay on her arms! I gave her a few more menacing looks.  My prick was ready to have some fun.  Her eyes grew wide and she made muffled screams as I got on top of her.  I decided to remove her gag so I could hear her pleas and torment her.

     "Mmmph! mmlease! Please don't rape me!"

     "Why would I not rape you?  You're so helpless right now.  I can do whatever I want to your body and there's nothing you could do to stop me."

     "Please...I'm a virgin, please!"

     "A pretty black girl like you a virgin?  Well, you won't be one for much longer."

     "No! Please I'll give you money or whatever you want please don't do this to me!"

     "But what I want is your body. And I'm going to take it!"

     She attempted to belt out a scream.  I saw it coming and kissed her sexy lips.  Muffled moans of protest escaped from her mouth instead.  My tongue invaded her mouth.  Her skin felt so soft and smooth as I rubbed my hands all over that dark body.  Whimpers came out of her mouth. Tears formed in her eyes.  I slid a finger inside her hot snatch.  It doesn't take long for her cunt to get nice and wet.

     "Mmm, you're cunt is already getting wet.  My cock is nice and hard.  We really should introduce them to each other, don't you think?"

     "No, please nommmph!"

     I kissed her lips again to muffle her cries.  I pushed the head of my cock into her pussy.  She moaned in agony and protest as I began thrusting.  Fuck this beautiful black bitch was tight.  I moved my lips down to her neck as I fucked that black cunt faster and harder.  She moaned more in pleasure now than protest.  I fucked her harder and faster and harder and faster.  Her tits bounced up and down with each rough, hard thrust.  I grabbed them and squeezed them hard.  She made moans of agony and pleasure.   Her pussy became so wet and moist.  Her moans of pleasure and wet pussy quickly allowed the fire to spread through my body.  I squirted hard inside of her cunt and saved some sperm for her tits.

*bzzzz bzzzzz bzzzzz bzzzzz*

     Her cell phone rang.  The caller looked to be her mother.

     "Who is calling?"

     "Your mom looks like."

     "She will call someone to check on me if I don't answer."

     "Will she really?"

     "Yes.  You don't want to get caught here right?"

     "Well no I don't.  Ok talk to her as if nothing is wrong.  Then we'll continue our fun."

      "Hey.  I'm...I'm doing ok?  No.  I need help with some homework.  I do have homework.  There's a masked man in here and he..."

      That fucking bitch!  I slapped her breasts hard and got on the phone.

     "Hello there. I'm The Masked Marauder!"

     "Please, don't hurt my daughter!"

     "Well now that's entirely up to you."

     "Wh..what do you mean?"

     "If you don't call the cops, she will be ok...well, physically ok that is.  If you call them she will have a few more holes in her body."


     "Ah, temper temper!  Don't insult me or else!"

     I hung up the phone and gave my victim one last sloppy kiss. "I'd love to stay and fuck you more slut, but I don't want to get caught.  Someday I'll come back to finish what we started tonight!"

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Re: The Masked Marauder
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Chapter 6
Nebraska City

     Nebraska City is the home of Arbor Day.  I figured I'd pick that location to find a sexy slut to rape.  Smaller towns seemed easier to scout than a large city.  It also had a station on the underground railroad.  Perhaps another sexy black slut would catch my eye.  I decided to go to a bar for a change and see if a beautiful bitch caught my eye.  I was also curious about what people were saying about The Masked Marauder.


     There wasn't much eye candy in the bar I chose.  A few people were obviously drunk.  About half an hour after I entered, a man walked in and asked the bartender to turn on the news.  He wanted to see if there was any update about The Masked Marauder.  How fortunate for me, I didn't have to draw attention to myself!  The man sat near me and we both watched.

    "...that he is somewhere in Nebraska.

     "Are you sure?"

     "Yes.  We believe he is headed to Canada.  We don't know why he's going to Canada but we do have some ideas."

     "How do you know he's going to Canada?"

     "The police in Amarillo got a tip from an elderly man.  We believe that The Marauder..."

     That's Masked Marauder you stupid knucklehead.  No one ever got The Hunter's name wrong.  My hands clenched tightly.

     "...and asked for directions to a Canadian city.  This man came forward when he heard the news of Oklahoma City."

     "Ok we need to take a break, but later we will continue with the man who may know the identity of The Masked Marauder..."

     Thank you news lady!  Perhaps not all women are stupid fools.


     "I'm sorry?"  The guy sitting next to me had spoken to me.

     "I said, what do you think about this whole Marauder business?"

     "Oh you know, just another Texas guy giving us Texans a bad name."

     "You're from Texas?"

     "Yeah.  I'm just passing through.  There's a job somewhere for me in Minneapolis."

     "Oh, moving huh?"

     "I might be.  To be honest, I'm just trying to get as far away from Texas as I can for as long as I can.  There's this girl..."

     "Ah, say no more I've had girl troubles myself.  Why, on our 2 month anniversary one of my ex's claimed to have been raped by The Hunter."

     I laugh "That's impossible.  All who were raped by him had no memory of it according to everything I've heard.  There's a legend that the women who were taken by him were so traumatized they blocked out all of their memories.  They couldn't even remember their own names!"

     "There's a story floating around too that their memory loss was due to a giant neuralyzer from the classic Men In Black movies going off in Texas," he laughed.  "The things people come up with right?  She had also never been to Texas so I knew she was lying.  Still have no idea why she did but hey women right?"

     "Right. Oh the news is back on..."

     "...hide the identity but this man requested to be brought on in full view because he isn't afraid of The Marauder.  So...Mr. Nealon."

     Wait a minute, I thought.  Mr. Nealon...THE Mr. Nealon?

     "...did you come to the conclusion that the man who asked for directions was the serial rapist."

     *COUGH* " many of you may have guessed, I'm the famous Mr. Nealon.  The old guy who took in Paul Hunter after his family died while he was waiting on probate to come through.  After my wife and I found out he was The Hunter, I learned to keep a sharp eye out.  You never know who to trust!"

     "Yes, please go on."

     "Well, a few years back we had moved to Amarillo because that's the only do do do AAAAH CHOOO!"

     "Bless you."

     "Thank you.  That's the only place where they treat my wife's condition.  I was just pulling into a gas station where this man asked an employee what the best way to get to Canada would be.  Well the employee didn't know, but I had been to Canada in my early years and had a few good times there.  I offered the boy some directions but he didn't seem to be one to hurry.  It looked like he wanted to go straight up the middle of the states sight seeing.  I offered him directions to Oklahoma City then to Omaha."

     "Ok, so when you heard about the Oklahoma City and Kansas City rapes you decided this man was the person correct?"

     "Yes.  Unfortunately I never got a good look at the man.  These eyes just aren't as sharp as they used to be.  I do remember that hair.  I remember because it reminded me of someone.  Someone equally crazy and twisted as The Hunter, but I don't remember her name.  My mind's not as sharp as it used to be either.  Why I remember a couple years back when..."

     "...Err ok we need to take another break..."

     I chuckle "Mr. Mason is just like my grandfather.  Just as he's about to tell you the most important part he launches into a story from his childhood."

     "My grandfather's the same way.  Say, I don't believe I know you name."

     "haha, I do that often with people.  We talk and talk and talk and sometimes I leave without ever knowing their name.  I'm Allen."

     "I"m Alexander.  Most people call me Al."

     "Cool.  Well I'd better get going.  I haven't booked a hotel yet."

     "At this time of year?  Wow, hey why don't you stay at my place?"

     "Oh I couldn't impose."

     "Nonsense!  You can earn your keep by helping my daughter move.  You seem like you're strong enough to help with that and the town is on the way to Minneapolis.

     "What's the town?"

     "Richland, South Dakota.  It's about a 2 and a half hour drive from here."

     "Well...ok, if you insist.  What is your daughter's name?"


     Ah, Veronica.  The name alone inspired me to rape her!  But I couldn't do it at their own home, no that would be foolish.  I could wait until we finish the move.  Then I could creep in at night and make her my rape slut!  After that I could rape someone in North Dakota, visit my mother, maybe rape a few sluts in Canadian provinces, rape one slut in each of the eastern states I haven't been in, rape a bitch in Nebraska since I skipped it, and finally go through all the states west of that. What a great plan!

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Re: The Masked Marauder
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Chapter 7

     Al had a nice house.  But something just it off, he's got a daughter and he's practically given me permission to rape her, I told myself.  As I stepped in the house a flavorful aroma surrounded my nostrils.  Mmmm, pie!  Something still didn't seem right...

     "Well all that beer seems to have gotten to me, make yourself at home and I'll be right back."

     That's strange...he didn't drink that much.  In fact, I didn't recall him drinking at all!  And where was his pride and joy Veronica?  My thoughts became distracted when I noticed a picture of him and a very tantalizing woman.  The woman had long wavy blond hair and very good looking melons.  A very sexy tan too.  If that picture was Veronica then boy oh boy I'd be glad to take her again and again and again.

     As I peered closer at the picture something seemed odd about it.  Is that picture outside the frame?  Who would do something like that?  Slowly I reached to touch the picture.  The movement of my hand created a small wind that slightly blew a corner away from the frame.  It was outside the frame!  There's another picture inside the frame!  Why would someone do that?  Unless...


That screeching cat nearly scared me half to death!  Wait, a cat!  That was my ticket out of here!

     "I see you've met Pounce."

     "Yes I have.  Unfortunately I'm allergic to cats so I'll have to stay in a hotel."  I give a few convincing sneezes.  "Don't worry about me, I'll find a place."

     "Wait, my daughter's pulling up.  Let her take you to a hotel."


     I had a feeling "Al" and "Veronica" weren't really ordinary citizens.  I decided to be extra careful.  They likely didn't realize I was on to them yet.  All I needed was a plan on how to proceed...


     "Wake up!"


     "Hello Veronica...IF THAT'S YOUR REAL NAME!"

     "What the?  How did you?"

      "It's very simple you foolish, foolish cop.  I foiled your little plans to capture me.  Now, you see this?  I believe this is what you use to contact your little cop buddies."


     "NUH UH UH!  I found your gun and your badge you filthy slut!  Now this is what you're going to do.  When I give you the radio or whatever you will call them.  You are to only say what I tell you to say understood?"

     "No, no I won't.  I'll tell them exactly where...we...are?"

     "Oh poor baby, don't know where you are?  Good."

     "Please just let me go!"

     "I think not.  You're going to tell your little cop buddies that we are on the road to Minneapolis.  I am asleep in the car because mine broke down and I have no idea that the cops know who I am.  Then you're going to say that it's best to maintain radio silence because I'm stirring in my sleep.  Now, here's the radio.  I will shoot you if you don't cooperate.  One wrong word and BANG!  You should know me, I'm not a murderer.  I don't want to kill you, but I will if you don't do it!"

     "...Ok I'll do it just please let me go after."

     "I'll think about it.  Oh and if you say any police codes or something strange like 'take the back roads because the freeway is under construction' I'll shoot."

     She made the call.  Nothing she said seemed like a code for anything.  I smiled with glee and relief.  The police were probably searching for a truck and my car miles away from us.  I wondered if they would mistake another car for mine!  Haha, the fools.

     "Ok, I did what you asked.  Let me go now please!"


     " said..."

     "I said I would think about it.  I never said I would let you go.  Now hands behind your back."

     "But I..."

     "Ok I guess I'll just shoot in an area that won't be lethal to you.  It'll hurt like hell though.  Imagine, a bullet in the foot.  Now with that I am certain you won't run away!"

     "Ok, ok ok I'm putting them behind my back."

     I grabbed her own handcuffs and handcuffed her wrists together. 

     "Boy I bet you never thought you'd be trapped in your own handcuffs.  What an ironic twist this is huh?"

     She glared at me with hatred in her eyes.  As we strolled away from the small dirt road into the woods, the hatred slowly seeped away into fear.  She knew what was about to happen to her.

     "Yes, you know don't you.  You know that The Masked Marauder will take you in the woods.  See those lights?  That's the town your 'daddy' said you would be.  Imagine, so close to Richland, but too far away for anyone to help you!  MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" I dragged the beautiful policewoman further into the wooded area.  She yelped when I pushed her onto the ground and held her down.

     "Now my beautiful whore, you're going to answer some questions of mine."

     She gave a scornful laugh "What makes you think I'll cooperate?"

     "Good point.  Tell you what, I'll make you a deal.  You answer my questions correctly and truthfully then I won't rape you.  If I don't like an answer or you lie then I'll remove an article of your clothing.  That gives you six chances to answer correctly."

     "And if I refuse?"

     "Well then I'll just have to rape you everywhere.  Your pussy, your ass, your mouth, your breast, maybe even your ears and nose if I feel like it."

     "And if I cooperate you'll let me go?"

     "Oh of course not.  No, you'd go for help and I would be unable to get to my destination.  I will leave you here for a day and then once I'm safe and sound I'll alert the authorities where you are."

     "Fine.  I'll answer what I can."

     "That's better.  First question.  Where am I headed?"

     "We think that you are headed to Canada.  We assumed that you would go where Mr. Mason told you to go.  After telling Al that you were headed to Minneapolis there was uncertainty."

     "So Al was wearing a wire?"


     "How long have you known I was the culprit?"

     "I'm not sure, I was just assigned the case today!"

     I shook my head at her.  Slowly I removed her shoes.  First the right one, then the left one.

     "That's one."

     "I swear I don't know!"

     I gave an evil smile.  Slowly, ever so slowly I removed her socks from her feet.

     "That's two.  The next one that comes off is your pants."

     "Ok, ok please don't take them off I...I think that someone wrote down your license plate after Kansas City and that's how we knew."

     I twisted my evil grin wider and slowly slid her pants down.


     "I didn't like that answer.  So now the pants come off!"

     "Please, no please I'll tell you anything."

     "Good.  You can start by telling me how you knew I would be in that exact bar on that exact night in that exact time."

     "Ummm...we figured you'd want a drink and we picked the closest bar from the highway?"

     "Say bye bye to that shirt."

     "NO! WAIT! that's the undercover cop's favorite bar.  He saw you there and wanted to make sure it was you."

     " I'm supposed to believe that I 'happened' to be at an undercover cop's favorite bar who 'happened' to know who I really was and just 'happened' to have his wire on and just 'happened' to have a plan on getting me to a house that he would use to set me up?"


     I grabbed her shirt and ripped the material off of her body.  She flushed in shame as her bra became exposed.  As I fumbled on her bra, she gasped and began struggling.

     "Please, no please I'm telling the truth! I'm telling the truth!"

     "That's lie number six my beautiful slut."

     Quickly I ripped her panties off of her and press her body harder to the ground before she could react.  Her arms were pinned behind her back painfully and she screamed in the pain.

     "Please, no don't rape me please I'm telling the truth!"

     I ignored her protests and slid my clothes off like a snake.  Her eyes widened as my cock forcefully inserted itself into her pussy.

     "Ooooh, you're wet down there!  You must have really wanted this didn't you?  Yeah such a slut!"

     She grunted and groaned in protest as I moved in and out of her hot, wet pussy.  Screams erupted from her mouth as I to fucked her harder and harder and faster and faster.  Her breasts bounced faster and faster as I had my way with her.

     "Oooh yeah, just like that right bitch?  You're loving this, I can feel you getting wetter and wetter!"

     "Ple...ple...ple ooooh please no, please sto....stop!"

     My mouth violently closed over hers to stifle her annoying pleading.  Faster and faster and faster I fucked her.  She began to moan in pleasure and her face turned more red with each forsaken moan.  Finally, I began to feel the fire burn.  I was close.  My mouth bit down on her neck and she screamed loudly.


     "Oh no one can hear you my little fuck slut.  You're going to receive my seed!"

     "Please, no please I'll get pregnant, it's almost my time of the month please NO PLEASE NO!"

     I grinned the evil grin and groaned in pleasure.  I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could.  My cock throbbed and the fire spread throughout my whole body.  Not long after I shot my warm, sticky sperm inside of her.  She began crying uncontrollably as I pulled out of her.

     "Well I'd love to stay and chat my little whore, but I need to get going.  By now your cop buddies have figured out I'm not where you said I was."

     I got dressed and with her gun in my hand I unlocked her handcuffs.  The gun turned out to not be necessary.  She was too distraught to do any harm to me and was still crying her eyes out. "Veronica" looked at me, her eyes red and bloodshot.

     "You're free to go.  Run to the lights."

     She looked at me questioningly.  For a moment she considered asking something, probably why I just allowed her to run free.  She decided to avoid asking the question and ran towards the lights through the woods.  I sighed and put the gun in my pocket.  The gun had to come along with me because my fingerprints were all over it.  The less evidence the police had that could prove I was The Masked Marauder the better off I would be.

     I took off my orange ski mask and reunited with my car.  It was time to head further north.  I hoped my diversion to Minneapolis would give me a head start from the police.  Look out North Dakota!  The Masked Marauder is coming!

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Re: The Masked Marauder
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Chapter 8
Forest River

     After I entered North Dakota I stopped for gas in Fargo.  I didn't think the police were onto me, but I also didn't want to rape in a well known area either.  While I pumped gas I searched on google maps for small towns in North Dakota.  Forest River seemed like a good place to plow my southern cock into a northern pussy.  It was only a couple hours away.


     "You're going to Canada?  Me too!  I won't be staying long.  I just want to find out who my mother is.  I was adopted."

     "I won't be staying long either.  Maybe we can go together and save gas.  Where are you from?  You have a southern style accent."

     "Texas.  I know I've heard it all before.  Electric chair, executing the mentally ill, too many executions, George Bush, The Hunter, The Masked Marauder."

     "The Hunter?  The Masked Marauder?  Who are they?"

     "Wait you haven't heard?  It was all's not important.  Um, when were you planning to leave?"

     "Today, but it's not everyday a cute Texan comes to town."

     "Oh I bet!  And it's not everyday I see a beautiful flower in the North."

     She giggled and invited me to spend the night at her house.  Ah, an opportunity!  I didn't want her to think I'm dangerous, so I politely declined her offer.  She put on a sexy sad pouty face and asked again.  The sexy woman emphasized that she lived alone.  I played dumb for a little bit then smiled in a faux eureka moment.  She smiled back and told me to follow her car to her house.  The house wasn't far.  As we walked into the house, I realized I had to go to the bathroom very very badly.  I asked her where it is and she pointed to it.  After I did my business, I looked for her.  To my surprise I found her on a bed completely naked.  Her short blonde hair covered half her face in a tantalizing and teasing manner.  Her breasts are perky and there's not a hair anywhere on her body except the hair on her head.

     "" I managed to spurt out.  She giggled and invited me to the bed.  Without hesitation I quickly removed my clothes.

     "Oh my, that is an impressive size!" She exclaimed. 

     I grinned and began kissing her lovely lips.  She moaned in passion and slowly sank down onto the bed, taking me with her.  My hands slowly moved all over her body.  I slowly started to move my big hard cock toward her womanhood.

     "Mmmmm!" She broke the kiss and looked at me "We need a condom.  Do you have one?"

     "Condoms are for the weak!"  I said with an evil grin in my eye.

     "What? No! Please don't do it this way!"

     I ignored her and plunged my meat in her warm, wet cunt.  She moaned with more protest than pleasure.

     "Ple...ple...please don't!"

     "Oh come on this is what you wanted all along!"

     She opened her mouth to reply but couldn't catch her breath because I began fucking her hard and fast.  Her gorgeous mouth formed a perfect O as I continued to violate her.  She put her hands on my chest in an effort to push me away.  I grabbed her hands and roughly pinned them over her head.  She struggled hard in a desperate attempt to get her pussy away from my cock.  It didn't work and I fucked her harder than ever!  Fire burned within me and my cock began to throb.  We both felt it.  She screamed out in protest and begged me not to cum inside her.  I gave her the same evil look and allowed my warm, sticky juices to coat her insides.  She ceased resisting me and tears began to flow from her perfect eyes.

     "Why?  You could have gotten me pregnant!  You could have given me a disease!"

     I ignored her question and dressed myself.

     "Hey, aren't you going to answer me?  Why did you do that?"

     I decided to tell her the truth.  I was close enough to the Canadian border that I could probably make it over before police were any the wiser.  She also hadn't recognized the name earlier so the people in this small town probably hadn't heard of me anyway.

     "Because I am The Masked Marauder!"

     I didn't stick around to hear her reply.  Quickly I bolted out of the house and hopped in my car.  Next stop Winnipeg Canada!

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Re: The Masked Marauder
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Chapter 9
Surprise and Secrets

     The address from the letter turned out to be quite a large house.  I developed second thoughts at first.  What if the lady at the children's home was correct?  Why would someone with a lot of money to get a house like this abandon a child in Texas?  I decided there was nothing to lose by ringing the doorbell.

     A woman with beautiful brown hair and matching brown eyes answered the door.  She looked at me with suspicion.  I could tell from the way she looked at me that the woman was probably not my mother.

     "Who are you?" she asked in a scary tone.

     "I...I'm Allen.  I'm looking for my mother."

     "Your mother?"  Confusion formed on her face followed quickly by realization "Ah how clever of her."

     "Clever of who?"

     "It won't help you to lie to me."

     "I'm not lying!  Look here is a letter she sent to a children's home that I was sent to when I was a baby.  This is the address it gave for me to meet her."

     "A baby...hmm..."

     "Forget it.  I shouldn't have come.  You're obviously not my mother.  I'll just go back to..."

     "Wait.  I think I know who your mother is.  You might as well come inside.  It's going to be quite a story."

     "I don't understand but thanks I guess?"

     We walked into the house.  The woman told me to sit in a large comfy chair in what looked like a dining room.  She disappeared into another room.  I could faintly hear sounds of whispering.  It wasn't long before a pretty hot blonde woman came into the room with the brunette.

     "Do you know who we are" the brunette asked.

     "No.  Should I?"

     "My name is Tina.  This is Molly.  When we married we decided to hyphenate our last names to Hamilton-Hill.  We haven't used our real names in quite a long time."

     "Why haven't you used your real names?"

     "Have you ever read The Kidnapping Trilogy?" Tina asked.

     "A while ago yeah.  Wait a her..."

     "The story was real.  We are real." Molly said.  "We wanted to tell the world our story because the organization was labeled as terrorists.  That wasn't the truth."

     "So in the story you said the mansion had a previous owner.  So my mother was Hannah the leader of that Lesbian Society thing? But wait didn't she die?"

     "Hannah did die" Molly sadly said. "Someone else owned the mansion before her and that woman is very much alive."

     "Who else would have owned it besides her?"

     Tina made an unhappy face "Her sister Melinda Warren."

     " could Melinda Warren be my mother?"

     "There's a few ways I can think of," Molly answered.  "But first we want to make sure this is the truth.  Melinda could be toying with you to get to us.  We can take a simple DNA test to compare your DNA with hers to see if it's true.  We do have samples of her DNA that we were going to use for...something, but we can use it to determine if she really is your mother.  Are you ok with this?"

     "Yeah I'm cool."

     "Good.  It should only take a few hours to run the test," Molly explained  "All we need is just a little bit of your saliva.  While we wait I can tell you how I think this happened.  As second in command I had access to more knowledge and history of the Society of Lesbian Kidnappers than anyone aside from our leader.  In darker times, Lesbian Kidnappers randomly selected women to get married.  It was believed that men could be controlled, but whoever believed it was horribly wrong.  Some men raped their lesbian wives."


     "Damn indeed.  It gets worse.  The "belief" was actually a charade.  It was expected for women with husbands to give birth to a new generation.  If an agent had a boy, their boy would marry another agent.  If the agent had a girl, the girl would eventually be recruited.  It was a dystopian nightmare that Melinda and Hannah both worked very hard to abolish."


     "Yeah.  So I'm thinking that Melinda Warren and Bill Warren are your parents.  We'll see though in a few hours."


     "50% match.  You are Melinda's son," Molly said.

     "Ok cool so you'll take me to her?"

     "We will fly with you to Mexico City," Molly explained.  "There we will stay on the plane and give you directions to her house.  Call us once you are there so that the four of us can negotiate a truce.  We are tired of fighting with each other and just want to live our lives in peace."

     "Sounds good to me!"

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Re: The Masked Marauder
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Chapter 10
The White Stone

     "Mom?  It's me, Allen.  Your long lost son!  Mom?"

     The house was a rather large two story home.  The front door was wide open, so I assumed she was here.  I did a quick search of the house but didn't find anyone.  Maybe I should check the back yard?

     "Are you out here Mel...Mom?"

     A white stone protruded out of the ground.  It looked like she was working on something.  Maybe it was some type of marker?  Is there something written on the other side?

Melinda Warren.
1985 - 2046.

     A grave!  But did she really die this year?  I decided to call the girls and ask for their opinion.


     "It's me, Allen.  There's a gravestone in her backyard.  It says she died this year.  I find that very hard to believe."

     The girls whispered inaudibly for a few minutes.

     "Tina and I are going to stay where we are for a few days.  Stay at the house and do not go anywhere until we get back.  Knowing Melinda, there should be enough supplies to last for a week or so.  If not, call us and we will send someone down to help you."

     "So I'm just supposed to sit here and wait while you hide?"

     "We aren't hiding.  We have reason to keep our distance.  You are in no danger to anyone as long as you stay in that house.  Besides, wouldn't you rather meet your mother alone?"

     "I guess so..."

     "There you go.  We won't be in the way of your reunion, Melinda gets something she wants and after we get what we want.  A peace deal to end the fighting between us once and for all."

     "Ok, I'll talk to her."

     "Good.  Now stay there and wait for her.  We'll come by in a few days once we are sure it is safe for us to go."

     "Alright.  Bye."

     I sighed in frustration.  What the hell was I going to do in friggen Mexico?  Watch Mexican TV?  I didn't know much Spanish so that was out.  I decided to search the house for things to do.  There were a few bookcases but I didn't feel like reading.  A laptop caught my eye with a note on it.

     Turn me on

     I shrugged and hit the power button. 

     "Eye scanning commencing."

     What the?  Some scanner had scanned my eyes!  Uh-oh, I hoped this didn't cause trouble!

     "Scanning complete.  Voice recognition required."

     "Umm...Hello there?"

     "Voice recognition complete.  Identity confirmed.  Welcome Allen."

     Welcome Allen?  She knew!  She knew I was coming...but how did...

     "Primary program running for...'Allen.'  Opening word document."

     Word document?  Oh, she must have known she would be gone when I arrived.  I wondered why she didn't just write down whatever she needed me to know...probably because it could fall into the wrong hands...

     "Reading word document.  'I am about to die...'"

     "Errr...Computer!  Do not read document out loud.  I will read it myself."

     "Processing voice command.  Command accepted.  Terminating oral reading program...termination complete."

     Ok, now let's see what my mother wanted me to know...

I am about to die.  I had hoped you would be here Allen before I moved on so that I could meet you.  Before I die I need to set the record straight over some things you may have heard about me...

The story continues with part 5 of The Kidnapping Chronicles Melinda's Tale
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