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LK (Revised)
« on: July 11, 2021, 08:21:19 PM »
Chapter List

Story information


Chapter 1
The Mysterious Stranger

Chapter 2

Chapter 3
Two Naughty Lesbians

Chapter 4
Journal Mysteries Revealed

Chapter 5
A Practice Victim

Chapter 6
The Conspiracy

Chapter 7
The Second Test

Chapter 8
Memory Trouble

Chapter 9
The Final Test

Chapter 10
Her First Assignment

Chapter 11
Sloppy Seconds

Chapter 12

Chapter 13
The Greatest Agent

Chapter 14
The Lost Mind

Chapter 15
The Final Betrayal


Story Information

The Kidnapping Chronicles

The Red Rose Rapist - prequel
The Hunter - Part 1
Huntress - Part 2
LK - Part 3  <---you are here
The Masked Marauder - Part 4
Melinda's Tale - Part 5
The Masked Marauder II - Allen's Revenge - Part 6

     This story is part 3 of The Kidnapping Chronicles.  If you would like to avoid spoilers, read The Hunter then read Huntress before reading this story. It is also recommended, but not necessary to read The Red Rose Rapist as it is a prequel to The Kidnapping Chronicles.

     This story explores a secret cult society named Lesbian Kidnappers. It primarily explores the idea of kidnapping women to force them to have lesbian sex and has some consensual lesbian sex within. There is also a lesbian torture scene. References to both The Hunter and Huntress are within, which means there's a small focus on referencing a male raping a female and a female raping a male. It involves a complex plot of mysteries, conspiracies, betrayal, and plot reveals from The Hunter and Huntress. Because of this, character deaths are present but will not be told in graphic detail. The story also explores the question: What is the connection between LK, The Hunter, and Huntress?

     And now for your reading enjoyment, the revised edition of LK


     Christina Helen Ellison fit the profile of someone who would be taken by The Hunter. She lived deep in the heart of Texas and was a strikingly beautiful woman. Her brown hair, brown eyes, and large breasts turned quite a few heads. The looks people gave her were mostly from guys, but Christina was a lesbian and only wanted girls. Christina breathed a sigh of relief when it was announced The Hunter had been killed. She had worried about being taken and didn't have to worry about it anymore.

     A story emerged after The Hunter perished. There was a woman rapist who ran around and called herself Huntress. The full details of Huntress were unknown until police found her dead in a car. Someone leaked both journals of The Hunter and Huntress over the internet. Christina ignored the leak since she wasn't interested in male/female rape or female/male rape. Then she heard there was lesbian rape involved toward the end of Huntress' journal. Intrigued, Christina decided to investigate. She read the story and wished it had concluded with the full rape of the victim. Now Christina was horny. She needed more of the same material. The internet helped stimulate her and discover her fantasy of being a lesbian rapist. Or she could be the victim, but she thought rapist would be better.

     Each day Christina took a little time to dive into her fantasy. Stories over the internet were great, but she wanted something more real. Anonymously, she posted in various places about her fantasy, looking for more options besides stories. A woman from the dark corners of the internet contacted her one day and requested to have forced fantasy phone sex with her. Christina agreed, hoping a voice would help please the demands of her womanhood. The women discussed the plot behind the story. Christina would just be a mysterious stranger with no history, no past, and no name emerging from the shadows to rape Molly, the other woman. The mysterious stranger had been stalking Molly for a while and wanted Molly all to herself. Christina loved the plot for it's simplicity. After the women discussed boundaries they were ready for hot and steamy forced fantasy phone sex...
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Re: LK (Revised)
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Chapter 1
The Mysterious Stranger

     Molly was all alone in her house and had forgotten to lock the door. Again. The Mysterious Stranger stalking her knew it was a bad habit of hers. As Molly stripped off her clothes and got into the shower, the Stranger quietly snuck inside her home. The Stranger had a backpack filled with objects to play with. In the shower, Molly was clueless of the intruder in her home. She lathered her body with soap and enjoyed the hot water raining down on her skin. Molly thought she heard a noise. Her package must have come! She ended her shower, dried off, and put on some underwear and a nightgown. Molly walked right past the mysterious stranger hidden in the shadows of her home. She turned the doorknob of the front door and looked outside. No package was present.

     "That package isn't here. I must have imagined a noise. Oh well, the package will be here tomorrow."

     Molly locked the front door and headed to bed for a good night's sleep. The Mysterious Stranger waited for Molly to crawl into bed and fall into a deep sleep. Molly had a peaceful dream of being at the beach and was completely unaware she was being watched. The Stranger saw Molly's wrist slip out from under the covers. Quickly the Stranger grabbed some rope and tied a knot to the bedframe. Next, the Stranger carefully tied Molly's wrist. That done, the Stranger moved to the other side of the bed to tie another knot and grab Molly's other wrist. As the Stranger touched her, she stirred in her sleep.

     "Why do I beach..."

     The Mysterious Stranger breathed a sigh, glad that Molly hadn't woken prematurely. Molly's other wrist was then tied. Her body was in a Y position in bed. Now it was time to wake Molly. Molly felt fingernails run down her thigh.

     "mmmm...wha....what? Why can't...why can't I move my arms...oh God..."

     "What do you think is going to happen now?"

     Someone had invaded Molly's own home! And that voice! Whoever was in Molly's home was female! Molly was terrified and wondered what this person wanted. Maybe she was being robbed?

     "Please...I'll do whatever you want...please just don't hurt me...please."

     "Well, what do you have for me?"

     "I...I have money and can give you whatever you want just untie me please. I won't say a word I swear!"

     "I need a lot of money though, are you sure you have enough for me?"

     "Please just let me go and I'll get whatever you want, I swear. Just don't hurt me please."

     "Well I have a car that I want to pay off..."

     "Take whatever you want from my house, take my money, just don't hurt me please!"

     "Well before you give me whatever I want, what's to stop me from touching your body?"

     Suddenly Molly realized the mysterious stranger was toying with her about the car. Her eyes grew wide when the realization hit her. The mysterious stranger wanted something very, very different than what she originally thought. The stranger lightly touched Molly's neck with a finger. The finger traveled to the neckline of her nightgown. Molly begged and pleaded with the stranger to let her go. The stranger didn't listen and lightly touched Molly's arms with her fingers.

     "Your name is Molly isn't it? You're not stopping me from doing this. You must want this to happen don't you? You must want a girlfriend right?"


     Molly was terrified that this woman knew her name. The Mysterious Stranger cackled with glee. Molly continued to scream and beg for help. They both knew that Molly's screams would fall on deaf ears. No one was within shouting distance of Molly's home. Molly tried her best to struggle against the ropes that held her, but couldn't break free of her bonds.

     "Why aren't you stopping me from doing this Molly?"

     "Please stop doing this please no! I don't want this!"

     "But you're not stopping me are you Molly?"

     The Mysterious stranger pulled out a large strap on dildo from the backpack. Molly screamed and wiggled her body. The Stranger smiled and put the strap on off to the side. Molly knew that strap on was something the Stranger was going to use later. She begged the Stranger to be set free. The Stranger slowly, menacingly moved her face close to Molly's. Molly took the opportunity to spit in the Stranger's face. The Stranger didn't even attempt to wipe the spit away. Instead, the Stranger rubbed the spit onto Molly's face then licked Molly's cheek.

     "Mmm, why do you taste so good Molly? Was that shower just for me?"

     "LET ME GO!"

     The Stranger made a pouty face and repeated Molly's cry, mocking her. Smiling, the Stranger slowly moved her hands toward the direction of Molly's tits. Molly begged the Stranger to not touch her, promising to do something else - anything else. She felt the Stranger's hands grope her breast through the nightgown.

     "Is this illegal? What I'm doing to you now?"

     "Please...please stop it is illegal please!"

     "What am I doing to you right now Molly?"

     "Please stop touching me there please!"


     The Mysterious Stranger grabbed the top of Molly's nightgown. Molly screamed a bloodcurdling scream as she felt the nightgown rip away from her body. Her breasts bounced out of the nightgown, totally exposed. The Stranger smiled.

     "Why Molly, are those beautiful breasts all for me?"

     "No, no please don't do this! I'll do anything just don't do this!"

     "But I'm really hungry now Molly after seeing your perfect tits. You wouldn't want me to go hungry would you?"


     "So you don't want to feed me Molly? I can't suck on your nipples?"

     Molly squirmed as the Stranger's face moved closer and closer to her chest. She begged and pleaded with the Stranger to stop, but the Stranger didn't listen. The Stranger's nose lightly touched the middle of Molly's chest between her perfect mounds. Inhaling deeply, the Stranger smelled Molly's cleavage. Desperately, Molly attempted to move her arms but couldn't break free of the ropes. The Stranger slowly moved from the middle of Molly's chest to her left nipple. Without mercy, the Stranger roughly sucked Molly's perfect nipple. Molly begged for it to stop, pleaded to be released, and prayed to God that this was just a bad nightmare. Molly knew though it wasn't a nightmare. It was real. The Stranger tugged on Molly's underwear. Molly let out another bellowing banshee scream. She struggled, knowing what was about to happen to her.

     "Would it be ok if I stuck something inside you Molly?"


     "But you won't stop me from doing it, will you Molly?"

     "Please, I have a brother who will be home soon, please just let me go."

     "We both know you don't have a brother, Molly."

     Chills ran down Molly's spine. How long had this person been watching her? The Mysterious Stranger grabbed more rope from the backpack. Molly tried to kick and struggle as the Stranger tied her ankles to the end of her bed. Now Molly's body was a perfect X.

     "Can I just play with you tonight Molly? It's ok if I play with you isn't it?"


     "Oooo, someone's getting feisty. You must like things rough, right Molly?"


     A tongue invaded Molly's helpless pussy. Hands groped her breast. Molly struggled hard against the ropes, chafing her wrists and ankles. Soon she felt pleasure as the tongue invaded deeper. She desperately resisted moaning and clamped her mouth shut, hoping that would be enough. The hands roughly squeezed Molly's breast. A finger pinched her nipple. She opened her mouth to scream from the pain, but her mouth didn't cooperate. Instead, a howl of pleasure escaped Molly's lips as her body betrayed her. An orgasm rocked her body. Breathing heavily, she felt the tongue slip out and hands move away. Suddenly the Stranger kissed Molly on the lips. Her mouth was invaded by a slippery tongue. Molly could taste her own juices.

     "Sounds like you enjoyed that Molly. I want to enjoy it too. You will eat my pussy and give me an orgasm."

     "FUCK YOU!"

     "Hahaha, I love it when you're feisty. You're going to eat me. Or things will get much, much worse for you."

     The Mysterious Stranger stood on the bed and lowered her sopping wet cunt closer and closer to Molly's face. Molly screamed as the cunt invaded her mouth and nostrils. She couldn't breathe! The Stranger told her to slide the tongue in or else be smothered by her pussy. Defeated, Molly did what she was told. The Stranger felt the tongue inside and moaned with the pleasure. The tongue went in deeper. Pleasure slowly built up inside the Stranger's body as Molly ate that wet, tight cunt. A crescendo of pleasure came with fire as The Stranger screamed and got a massive orgasm. The Stranger got off of Molly's face then kissed her lips, wanting to taste her own juices. Tongues rolled together in Molly's mouth mixing saliva with other body juices.

     "Please...please you had your fun..."

     "We both had fun Molly. I know you liked it and I know your pussy hungers for more."

     "Please....please no..."

     "You can't stop me from putting on this strap on dildo can you?"

     "I'll do anything please don't do this..."

     "Yet you won't stop me if I slide this dildo into your pussy and fuck your cunt."


     "Hahahah, ooooo feisty again are we Molly? I love that!"

     Molly struggled hard but to no avail. The dildo roughly entered her pussy as The Mysterious Stranger showed her no mercy. Pain exploded inside her cunt as the Stranger roughly fucked her. Screams of pain ripped out of Molly's lips. She felt crushed as the Stranger lay her body on top of her and roughly kissed her lips. Molly tried desperately to move somehow, but she couldn't. Muffled screams escaped her lips as the dildo invaded her cunt faster and faster and faster. Suddenly the pleasure attacked her out of nowhere. Now bleating muffled moans escaped her lips as her pussy was ravaged by the dildo. Fire scorched her pussy and spread throughout her entire body. A final muffled scream shook the walls as Molly's body twitched with the biggest orgasm ever. The dildo left her pussy and Molly felt shame about her body betraying her. Suddenly she felt the Stranger snap the dildo onto her. What was the stranger doing?

     The Stranger wanted to be fucked by the dildo. And she wanted Molly to be the body underneath the dildo as she slid her wet cunt inside it. The Stranger quickly moved her pussy up and down the dildo as she mauled Molly's breast to keep her tormented. All of Molly's moans made the Stranger especially horny and wet. The Stranger fucked the dildo faster and faster and roughly squeezed Molly's perfect tits. Molly could only whimper in defeat as the Stranger fucked herself over her body. The fire burned inside the Stranger's pussy. The house shook as the Stranger erupted moans of pure pleasure out of her mouth. The Stranger's body twitched as the fire spread throughout her in a beautiful orgasm.


Christina breathed hard as the fantasy rape came to it's dramatic conclusion. Her fingers were dripping wet from all the orgasms she had. She knew she wanted more of this and told Molly she had a wonderful time. Molly asked Christina if she wanted to do it again sometime. Christina quickly agreed and Molly promised to be in touch with her soon.

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Re: LK (Revised)
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Chapter 2

     A day passed. Christina's cunt ached for stimulation like the day prior. She yearned for Molly to contact her again, but Molly wasn't answering her phone. Her pussy would have to settle for stories again. No one seemed to be active or available to play like she did yesterday. Pleasuring her cunt to stories was similar to eating something bland for a meal. It fulfilled a biological need but didn't truly satisfy her.

     Christina awakened the next morning to find an email from Molly. Molly wanted to meet with her in person. Nervous sweat formed on Christina's brow. Meeting in person was a large step, did she really want to take that risk? An address was provided in the email. Christina used google maps to look it up and discovered the address was a bank. A public place reduced the risk of something bad happening. She decided there wasn't any harm in checking it out.

     Christina wasn't sure where to go when she entered the bank. Thankfully, a woman approached her and asked if she needed anything. She told the woman that she received an email from Molly. The woman smiled and asked Christina to follow her. After going through a door, the woman stopped and handed Christina a blindfold.

     "Where you are going is a secret. Don't worry, I'll guide you there. You won't be harmed in any way."

     "What is this? Who are you?"

     "Who am I? My name is Rachel and I'm going to guide you to a world where all your sexual fantasies can come true...aside from death of course. We don't do that."

     " this real?"

     "Yes and as I said you won't be harmed. I will guide you while you're blindfolded. If you choose not to come then it's your choice. No one is forcing you to be here. You can change your mind at any time before we get to your destination. Molly is there by the way and she's eager to see you."

     "Why couldn't Molly come meet me?"

     "You must learn to trust all of us. Doing it this way will help you take that first step."

     Christina thought it over for a few moments and reasoned that if they really wanted to harm her, they could have already done so. She put on the blindfold. Maybe she could memorize the path if things went sideways. Path memorization soon proved to be difficult. Rachel took her down a hallway for 20 steps. They turned left. After 50 paces they waited. A ding sound indicated they were waiting on an elevator. Rachel led her into the elevator and the elevator went down. Christina didn't know how far down they had gone, but she guessed it was some kind of basement. The doors opened and Christina was led out into many twists and turns. Christina attempted to memorize all of them, but she didn't feel successful after the last left turn.

     "We are here. I'll take off the blindfold for you. Give yourself a moment to adjust to the light. I do hope to see you again!"

     Christina blinked and saw Rachel leave the room. A chair was near her. After that long walk Christina was eager to sit down.

     "Hello Christina. Don't be alarmed. I'm Molly and happy to finally meet you in person."

     "Why are you naked?"

     "Because I can be and want to be. I've called you here to ask if you want to join our super secret society. We have a primary goal I'll tell you in a moment and we fulfil any sexual fantasy you want. Except for..."

     "Killing. Yeah Rachel said you don't do killing."

     "I see she had to persuade you a little bit to trust us. Understandable. It quite a large leap of faith."

     "Part of me still wonders if this is real."

     "It's real. Let me tell you more about us before I give you your choice. We are called Lesbian Kidnappers. All of us in the Society are lesbians. We kidnap women and use them to fulfil our desires. Then when we're done we erase their minds. They have no memory of their torment, you get your sexual pleasures satisfied, everybody wins, and the cycle continues. Think you'd rather be a victim? We can do that too. Some agents volunteer to be kidnapped and enjoy someone dominating them. If it gets too intense we can erase that agent's memory with our leader's permission and the agent's too of course. From our phone conversation the other day I think you'd be perfect to be a kidnapper, but you can choose to be whatever you want. You could even do both. There's no limit on what you can do. Aside from death of course. And dismemberment, almost forgot that one. Both are messy and require way too much work to clean up the mess and keep the secret."

     "That...was a lot to take in all at once..."

     "I know it was a mouthful, but don't worry. You'll fit right in with us if you decide to. You have two choices now. If you say no, we must keep our secret. We will erase all physical evidence that you had any contact with me or were here at this bank today. Your mind will be erased of anything involving me and the Society. In short, if you say no we will cease to exist for you. If you say yes we will go somewhere more comfortable than this room and talk more.

     "Can I have a third choice?"

     "A third choice?"


     "What are you thinking?"

     "I agree to be a member, but before we go somewhere more comfortable we should be naughty right here!"

     "Mmm, I like what you're thinking..."

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Re: LK (Revised)
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Chapter 3
Two Naughty Lesbians

     Molly wasn’t surprised that Christina wanted to have some fun.  She had been watching her for a long time.  Christina was a potential target for lesbian rape until Molly came across her sexual fantasies.  She knew Christina would enjoy the society and was so excited when she said yes to the proposal.  More excitement flooded her body when Christina proposed to have naughty fun right there in the room.  The steamy rape fantasy phone sex had also made Molly orgasm multiple times and drip juice all over her fingers.

     Christina slowly took off her top revealing a laced black bra. Molly's body trembled in anticipation as Christina revealed matching black panties. Christina rubbed her fingers on the straps of her bra in a sexy tease. Slowly the bra revealed more and more of Christina's perfect bosom. Finally the bra fell to the floor and revealed perfect round breasts.  Hungrily, Molly jumped to Christina's luscious lips. Both women slowly groped the other body as they kissed. Christina's panties fell to the floor and the women pressed their pussies together as the kiss became more passionate. Tongues touched and hands rubbed all over each other. Moans of pleasure and content escaped into the room.

     The passionate kiss broke. Christina lay on the floor with her legs spread, inviting Molly on top of her. The pair shared another passionate kiss. Hands embraced each other's bodies. Slowly Molly moved from kissing Christina's lips down to her neck. Christina moaned as the nerves on her neck experienced pure pleasure. Her hands groped Molly's tits as Molly went further down to the top of Christina's breast. She licked the space between the breast, teasing and tantalizing Christina. Lustful moans escaped their lips.  Molly felt pure pleasure from Christina's hands rubbing all over her tits and Christina felt the pleasure of Molly sucking her perfect nipple.

     Christina breathed hard as the pleasure from her nipple ceased. Molly went further down, kissing the stomach. She turned around so Christina's face had a perfect view of her tight wet cunt. Slowly, Molly descended down.  Both tongues entered the other pussy at the same time. The air was filled with lustful moans as each pussy became wetter and wetter. Hands groped whatever they could find of the other's body as each tongue slid deeper and deeper. Floodgates opened and the floor vibrated as roaring moans erupted from the women each having a massive orgasm. The pair didn't want to stop, couldn't stop experiencing the pure pleasure of their slippery tongues deep inside. Screams of pleasure erupted from the pair as another orgasm rocked both of their bodies.

     The pleasure ceased, both women breathed hard. Molly moved from Christina's pussy to her lips. The women's tongues danced in each other's mouths, combining saliva and the juices from both sexy wet cunts. Both women enjoyed the taste and soft, satisfied moans escaped each pair of lips. Slowly the kiss ended as the lesbians lay next to each other.  Molly and Christina were both exhausted from the pleasure.  They looked into each other's eyes and knew what they had just done was wonderful.
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Re: LK (Revised)
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Chapter 4
Journal Mysteries Revealed

     "This is our library. We document whatever we can involving our victims, any assignments we get, and really any event you wish to preserve."

     "That's a lot of books! Can we write about what just happened? And what do you mean by assignments?"

     "We've been around for a while. To your first question, of course! Whenever you have free time you're welcome to use any of the laptops in the library to document what just happened. Just save it into the google drive file that has your name and we take care of the rest. As soon as I have some time I for sure will write about our fun together."

     "To your second question, the Society has to absolutely remain top secret. Sometimes you'll be given a specific person to kidnap and play with. That person could be completely random, someone who stumbled on our secret, or a threat like a former agent. Major threats are the only ones that need to be specified to you so that you exercise more caution. Minor threats or random women won't be elaborated on which one is which. Another assignment could be infiltration like my assignment now. I'm posing as a police officer in a precinct that got close to discovering us. My current job is to eliminate any evidence that could possibly lead someone to us."

     Christina's head spun with so much information all at once. She was excited that a super secret organization like this existed. The answers Molly gave brought up more and more questions.

     "How do you erase people's minds?"

     "Ever see the movie Men In Black? Or any of the sequels?"

     "No but I think I heard about it. They make sure people don't know about aliens among us."

     "Exactly. I don't think an organization like that exists. It could, but we haven't found anything. And their organization if real wouldn't conflict with ours so we don't care either way. Anyway, do you know how MIB kept it's secrets in the movie?"

     "It had something to do with why they wore sunglasses all the time right?"

     "Yes, they used an object called a neuralyzer. It had the ability to erase someone's mind and the user would suggest a false memory. The false memory would be accepted by the person who would then go off on their merry way. Anyway, that movie sparked the invention of a real neuralyzer. Though, it hasn't been fully perfected yet. We can't give someone a false memory, but we can erase their minds. We have to do the mind erasing in a specific building while on any LK campus. Instead of using sunglasses as protection we use rings. The way they protect us is pretty technical, but the short version is whoever is wearing one of our rings won't be affected by a neuralyzer if one is used. Once you have been trained, go on a few test assignments, and become inducted in the Society you'll get your ring. That's why on campus we have to be careful and make sure neuralizing someone is done in one specific place. New recruits don't have rings yet and we don't want to have their minds accidentally erased. Once you get your ring it's very, very important to keep it on at all times. The only time you would ever take it off is when your mind needs to be erased for whatever reason."

     "Uuuuh...ok so we have objects that can erase minds and rings protect us..."

     "Yes, it's lot's of information. Don't worry! You will be trained well and eventually the information will be second nature to you. You'll know it just like you know your own name."

     "What if I fail?"

     "That's what I'm here for! I am your mentor and coach. My other assignment besides impersonating a police officer is to train you to become an agent. Something I think we'll both like after earlier..."

     Both girls smiled as memories flashed of what they had done before coming to the library.

     "To answer your question, if you are not suitable to be an agent then we will cease to exist for you. Just like if you were to decide to back out we would cease to exist. Your mind would be erased and all evidence of contact between you and the Society will be wiped clean. But don't worry, no one wants to see you fail. We all want you to succeed."

     A few agents walked into the library then, completely nude. Christina suddenly felt weird about putting her clothes back on after she and Molly were intimate. It was an odd feeling to be somewhat embarrassed by actually wearing clothes instead of being naked. Molly sensed her embarrassment.

     "You have another question for me?"

     "Do we have to be nude? Is there a dress code? Rachel was the only one clothed so far that I've seen..."

     "Oh, that. You can be naked or you can be clothed. No one will care either way. On assignments where you don't want to leave behind any possible evidence you can and should use a black full body suit. Beyond that we wear whatever we want. If you want to stay in clothes, stay in clothes. If you want to be nude, be nude. Obviously some conditions require you to be clothed. Like when you're out in general public so you don't draw attention to yourself. Also like Rachel. If you had seen her walking around naked in a bank...well, I'm sure you can use your imagination on how you would have reacted. Anyway, unless specified no one cares if you walk around clothed or walk around nude."

     "So much information, it's like a dream only more complicated."

     "It's real. I am real. We are real. Now, hold your questions for now. I want to give you your first lesson. It is said 'those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it.' Have you read the journals of The Hunter and Huntress?"

     "Only the part where Huntress attempted lesbian rape."

     "Here, read these journals. This is the best example of recent history that should not be repeated."

     Christina read the journals. Horror filled her at the insanity of the man who called himself The Hunter. Huntress was just as insane as him. Finally, she got to the lesbian rape story in Huntress and felt her cunt get wet again. Molly spoke once Christina had finished reading.

     "Ok, so now that you've read everything I can tell you some of the history behind this so you won't repeat the same mistakes made by others. First off, Rachel really was raped by The Hunter."

     "Rachel...wait, the Rachel I met when I came here? That Rachel?"


     "What the fuck?"

     "Hard to believe I know, but it happened. Rachel hadn't been inducted into the Society yet. It was one of her tests to kidnap someone, but somehow she wound up in the wrong location. Luckily her trainer was able to keep track of her, but didn't get there in time to stop the rape. We of course took Paul, erased his mind, and placed him where he belonged. Rachel also got her mind erased of course so she wouldn't remember the trauma. As you can see, failing a test doesn't mean you're automatically out. Rachel is still with us."

     "What about the dream before?"

     "That jumps a little ahead but I can answer that now. Paul's journal allowed us to discover the neuralyzer can give someone false memories, make it appear as if the event was a dream, and even combine the false memory with the actual event in a dream. Other agents confirmed similar experiences to being neuralyzed, thinking they were the only ones. Rachel's trainer confirmed Melinda Warren was mentioned as the prior owner of the house and it was the wrong location before erasing both their minds. That's why Paul dreamed about her. Since this discovery we've increased attempts to place whatever memory we want to into an erased mind, but we cannot fully control it. Until we can, we are to only erase someone's mind and return them to their proper place in the world."


     "Yeah, wow indeed. The next part is on us. We as a Society made a mistake and didn't think the young man was a threat. He just responded to someone who broke into his future home. An extreme response sure, but we felt like as long as we didn't bother him he wouldn't bother us. We had no idea he was The Hunter...until one of our agents was taken."

     "Woah, who was the agent?"


     "Caroline...the one from the journal?"

     "The one from the journal. Catherine would have been one of ours too, but she decided her sexual tastes were too different and didn't want to be part of it. Anyway, Caroline thankfully took off her ring and slid it into Paul's pocket before she was knocked out. I forgot to mention our rings also have a tracking device in case someone gets into trouble and needs to be rescued. We were certainly surprised to see the tracker register at a very familiar address once we learned Caroline had been taken by the serial kidnapper."

     "So wait what happened to Caroline and Catherine? The journal doesn't say because pages were ripped out."

     "Due to being completely off guard and because The Hunter seemed like he killed his first victim, we assumed the twins were dead. We took months to prepare our revenge against him. We didn't know then that Paul sold the twins into slavery. He traded them for various tricks and traps both to torment his victims and to protect himself. Caroline had became broken and told Paul all she knew about us. When an agent was killed by one of the traps to survey the surroundings of the old farmhouse we knew we had to be much more careful. Our leader decided to leave him be and avoid Paul at all costs. But then, he took another agent."


     "Yikes indeed. It became even worse when people copied what Paul was doing and women were found dead. We had to cease our kidnap operations and lay low. The copycats gave us the idea to fake a few kidnappings, but we quickly learned it was pointless. Paul didn't care about the fake kidnappings. He thought it was funny. Anyway, the Melissa mentioned right before he took Tina Hill? That was our agent he took. We couldn't sit by any longer and watched him through the shadows to try and figure out a way to stop him. He wrote about this time in his journal too and called us 'the eyes.'"

     "Unbelievable that one man could be formidable against this..."

     "Well remember no one knew the first victim of The Hunter was an accidental death. Had we known that we wouldn't have been so cautious. But as you know, the idea that he was a serial killer ended up being his downfall."

     "Yeah because his last victim thought he was going to kill her."

     "Exactly. So, going back to Melissa he captured her and we just had to do something about it. His terrorizing needed to stop. 6 newly inducted agents were sent to observe, report, and kill Paul if the opportunity arose. We had enough of him."

     "So the whispers Tina heard and the evidence investigators found were all real!"

     "Yes. They were sloppy and left evidence behind. A good agent leaves little to no evidence. Anyway, they should have tested the defenses and killed Paul when they had the chance. Instead, they debated on whether or not to save the victim. They thought bringing someone to our base to erase their mind would have been harder. It’s true, it would have been harder, but it would have been the best thing to do. They also screwed up on Paul's journal."

     "So the agents ripped out the pages of the journal!"

     "It would have been better to have destroyed the journal. At the end of the day though we were happy to no longer have to worry about The Hunter. There was nothing in what was left of the journal that would lead anyone to us. A clue or two but not enough for someone to even come close to the truth."

     "But then Huntress came into the picture and complicated things."

     "Indeed. We knew who The Hunter was. I had already infiltrated the police in an effort to try and slowly guide the police to suspect Paul without drawing attention to myself. Thus we knew long before the general public about Huntress since she left behind her new name as evidence. This time we decided to take no chances and observed her every move. But Huntress only raped men to start off with. We thought because of that she wouldn't bother us."

     "But eventually she did."

     "Mary Turner was one of our agents. She conspired with another agent to go rogue. We aren't sure why they decided to kill people who knew them, but we believe that was their goal. It was a pointless way of attracting attention. As you know from Tina's journal, Mary's ring fell off before the rogue agent activated the neuralyzer. Thus the rogue agent mistakenly erased Mary Turner's mind."

     "Who was this rogue agent?"

     "Can't remember her name off the top of my head. It was a fresh recruit who had dreams of grandeur from what I remember. I think they wanted to be the leader or something and force their way to the top? Huh, interesting I don't remember fully. I must have been neuralyzed to forget that specific information."

     "Are you concerned that you were neuralyzed?"

     "No. It was probably someone I was close with and wanted to forget about so the betrayal wouldn't be as painful. Remember our leader and the agent about to get neuralyzed both sign off on having it done if wanted or needed."

     "So I shouldn't worry about being neuralized then."

     "No. No one will do that without your consent. Sometimes you might want to forget specific information too and ask for it to happen to yourself. In the case of the leader needing your consent it's usually a very, very good reason."

     "Ok that's good to know I guess."

     "Now you understand why you had to jump through the trust hoop to come here. You just need to give us your trust and you will have ours."

     "Fair. Sorry, I got the conversation off topic. Continue."

     "Right, where was I? Oh yeah! Mary Edwards regained her memory somehow and wanted to get back into the Society on good graces. We asked her to come to our first campus in Louisiana, quite interested in how she regained her memory. She claimed she didn't know how, but we now suspect it was through her dreams based on the journals of Paul and Tina. While she was there, Huntress killed her."

     "I'm sure that didn't go over well..."

     "It didn't. We of course knew Tina was in Louisiana. We were watching her after all. She wasn't as observant as Paul was and never saw us watching. So, when I returned to the hotel room and found Mary Edwards dead I knew exactly what had happened."

     " in the hotel that means..."

     "Yes, the last victim of Huntress was me."

     "Wow, what did it feel like?"

     "Despite my protests I enjoyed it aside from the mousetraps. I do enjoy playing the victim."

     "I enjoy you as a victim too."

     "Oh yes, you were an enjoyable rapist. So, as I was saying since I enjoy playing the victim I allowed myself to get captured by Huntress. It didn't take a genius to see what she was planning."

     "So then Huntress escaped but met her end when you caught up to her."

     "We had no idea Huntress kept a journal in her car. Fortunately since I'm someone on the inside I was able to read the journal pretty quickly after it became evidence. I then destroyed or manipulated as much evidence as I could to prevent the police from getting anywhere close to the truth."

     "Wow. This story is just too crazy to be real..."

     "That's how the Society existed before the neuralyzer. It was too absurd of a story for anyone to believe something like us existed. Agents were of course far more careful back then. You'll find little nuggets of our work here and there for the past hundred years or so, but no one outside the Society would ever be able to make any kind of connection."

     "Hundred years? So it has been around a while."

     "Yes we have. Now, what lesson does this history teach us?"

     "Be on your guard always expecting the unexpected. Be reasonably cautious and gather as much information as you can. Leave little to no evidence you were ever there."

     "Excellent. You learn quickly. I'm sure you have more questions. Before we go further though you need to be tested through a training assignment."

     "Tested??? Already???"

     "It's ok Christina, don't stress out over it. I wouldn't test you if I thought you weren't ready. Remember, Rachel failed a test and is still with us. This is only your first one. We don't expect you to be a master after knowing about us for less than a day."

     "Ok, ready as I'll ever be I guess."

     "That's the spirit!"

     Molly led Christina to the other side of the library. At the other side was another door. Molly ushered Christina inside and shut the door behind her. She then walked up some nearby stairs to a control room in order to view Christina's progress.
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Re: LK (Revised)
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Chapter 5
A Practice Victim

     Christina blinked at the sudden darkness. How long had they been talking? Was it night time already? No, this was a giant training room that reminded her of that movie The Hunger Games. Suddenly Molly's voice boomed from all directions.

     "You have supplies in a crate to your right. Choose whatever you wish, though not everything inside will help you. Your victim is alone in a small neighborhood ahead. Capture her and bring her to the training room entrance."

     Christina grabbed what she thought looked useful and set out in search of her prey...

     ...Angel was both excited and bored. She loved to be dominated and often played the role of victim for new recruits. Waiting was both the best and the hardest part. The kidnapping could happen at any time. That made sleeping quite difficult since she was anticipating the upcoming fun. Somehow through the excitement, Angel did fall asleep. She had a dream about being a victim to someone quite different than a new recruit. Who was it? She couldn't remember. All she could remember was the neuralyzer used on her worked exactly as it was intended where it gave her a completely new memory. The new memory urged her to...suddenly the dream left her as a hand covered her mouth. Angel snapped from the dream and quickly remembered she needed to be playing the victim.

     Christina noticed Angel was still at first, but then put up quite a fight after the handcuffs snapped her wrists behind her back. Angel pleaded with Christina to release her and promised to do anything to be set free. Ignoring Angel, Christina tied a rope around her waist and wrists and menacingly commanded Angel to walk with her. Or else. Completely at Christina's mercy, Angel sobbed and had no choice but to walk. Panties were stuffed into Angel's mouth to prevent her from screaming. Duct tape over her sexy lips too for good measure. Christina force walked Angel through the darkest part of the simulation as if it were the real world and she didn't want to be seen. Angel made constant muffled pleas to be released through the gag. Eventually they reached the training room entrance.

     "Well done Christina," Molly's voice boomed from all directions again. "Excellent victim acting Angel. You both get to play as a reward in the dungeon." Suddenly the floor lowered. The entire area was one giant elevator! A door appeared underneath the door Christina had entered. "Enter the training dungeon and have fun you two!"

     The pair entered the dungeon. Inside were all kinds of devices, some Christina had never seen before. What should she use to play with her victim? She almost couldn't decide. Everything looked like fun! Christina decided to keep it simple. A chain hung from the ceiling and she hooked the end of it to Angel's handcuffs behind her back. It was a tribute to the history that she had just read on how The Hunter raped the future Huntress. Christina took off Angel's gag, wanting to hear her beg and plead.

     "Please...what do you want from me..."

     "I just want to have fun Angel. You like having fun don't you?"

     "Just let me go I won't tell anyone I swear!"

     "Oh Angel, you won't be telling anyone anything. Who would believe you?"

     "Please...please no!"

     Christina tugged on Angels nightgown and ignored her desperate pleas for it to all stop. Angel screamed for help. Though she was pretending to be the victim, her mind loved every moment of this and her pussy was already wet. Suddenly the nightgown ripped away from Angel's body. Christina immediately groped all over Angel's sexy body. Angel struggled, pretending to not want this to happen.

     Molly was watching every moment from the control room. She couldn't help but put fingers in her wet cunt. Voyeurism was something she really enjoyed. If the roleplay was good enough, Molly could often pleasure herself to multiple orgasms just by watching a new recruit have fun. Since the roleplay started off hot, Molly knew quickly it would be one where multiple orgasms would rock her body. Sleep would come well for her tonight after this and playing with Christina, that was certain!

     Christina helped herself to Angel's nipples. Her mouth sucked on one and hand played with the other. Her body tingled as both nipples hardened. Pleading cries soon became moans of pleasure. Christina's other hand moved to Angel's pussy. She was determined to force Angel to feel good on both nipples and pussy all at once.

     Angel felt a finger go inside her womanhood with Christina's mouth and hand playing with her nipples. Holy fuck this new recruit was making her feel so good! Moans of pure pleasure escaped Angels lips as she briefly forgot about where she was. Forgot about who she was. All she knew was her breasts and pussy were in pleasure heaven.

     "FUCK!" Molly exclaimed as the moans of Angel grew into a massive orgasm. Her breathing grew more rapid as Christina forced Angel to the ground so she could eat her cunt. Pleasure slowly built in her womanhood as she watched Christina scream with delight and pleasure. She fingered herself deep inside and screeched when the orgasm came. Her body needed more. Craved more. "OOOOOOH FUUUUUUCK!" Molly cried. Christina had located two dildos. A regular strap on and one that snapped around a victim's head, forcing them to have a massive cock in their mouth.

     Angel begged and pleaded to be set free. She didn't want that nasty rubber cock inside her mouth. There's no way it would fit! Angel snapped her jaws tightly shut, refusing to put that unholy thing in her mouth. She felt fingers pinch her nose. Oh no! Her breath couldn't be held forever! Desperate, Angel struggled to move away from her captor but couldn't free her nose in order to breathe. She had no choice and opened her mouth wide to suck in a lungful of air.

     Christina shoved the cock inside her victim's mouth as she gasped for air. She snapped the device shut. Muffled moans and whimpers came from Angel. Christina wore the strap on dildo next. The dildo roughly and mercilessly entered Angel's wet, juicy cunt. The muffled moans became screams as Christina swung her hips hard and fast. Soon the screams of pain turned into pleasure as Christina continued to pound her victim without mercy.

     "FUCK, FUCK OOOOOOOH FUCK!" Molly screamed as she fingered her cunt to match Christina's merciless thrusts. She imagined how it would feel in Angel's place. How her pussy would scream in pain and pleasure. Molly slapped her nipples with her other hand hard to simulate even more pain. "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" The scream vibrated the room as Molly's body violently shuddered in a humongous orgasm once she saw Angel scream as she got hers too.

    It was over. Rapist, victim, and observer were all exhausted from the pure pleasure. "I REALLY need to remember to get a dildo in here...why do I keep forgetting it," Molly asked herself. She took a few moments to gain her composure and spoke into the intercom.

     "Excellent, so enjoyable! Christina you did well on your first test. Angel as always wonderful victim! We're done for the day ladies. Christina, release Angel. We will both walk with you to the dormitory where we all can get a nice, good sleep after a pleasure filled day!"

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Re: LK (Revised)
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Chapter 6
The Conspiracy

     Christina awakened from the best sleep she had in a while. She decided to try out walking around naked. It felt weird at first but Molly was right. No one cared if she was clothed or naked. Everyone was welcoming and friendly towards her. She could get used to living in a place like this. Her old life on the outside just sucked compared to this. Molly eventually caught up with Christina after she met a few of the other agents.

     "Enjoying yourself? I see you've embraced being nude."

     "This life it's amazing! Everyone is happy and likes each other and are very friendly!"

     "I knew you would fit right in. And you did well on your first test to become an agent. You're a third of the way there already. The first test was just to see if you could kidnap someone from a house and if you enjoyed our lifestyle."

     "Enjoy? I LOVE this lifestyle!"

     "Great! So let me tell you a little bit about what happens next. In a day or so you'll be called back to perform your second test. It'll be like the first, only in the real world. You'll be given the information you need to capture your target and bring her back here. A third test comes after that then we do the Induction. At the Induction we say a blood oath. Don't worry, we only need one drop of blood and it's more ceremonial symbolizing that we are all blood sisters. Our leader will be there and present your ring. Then you're a full member!"

     "Oh, who is our leader?"

     "We don't speak her name. We just call her Leader. It is an ancient tradition of the Society both done out of respect and secrecy."

     "How cunning! That way someone can't rat the leader out if we were exposed somehow."

     "Exactly. Right now I'm second in command and will become the next leader should something happen to her or she decide to step down. Thus I'm the only one in the Society who knows her name aside from agents who have been here for a few decades. Though, there aren't many."

     "You wear a lot of hats."

     "I do. And I enjoy what I do."

     "Who is that over there?"

     Christina had a weird feeling that something wasn't right. She couldn't quite place it. Her finger pointed to a dark figure entering the building where people were neuralyzed. Molly glanced over and shrugged.

     "Don't know. She's wearing a full body suit. Why is something wrong?"

     "I...don't know..."

     During the conversation two agents were having an argument. They walked towards Molly and Christina. Their argument soon reached Christina's ears and made her forget about the strange feeling.

     "She's supposed to be dead," Daphne simply said.

     "I really think she's alive it would explain quite a few things," Brooke argued.

     "No it's an alias. It has to be."

     "Who in their right mind would use that name as an alias? It's her!"

     "Someone cunning would."

     "Cunning is exactly what she was! Our best agent!"

     Molly swore to herself. "Christina, I need to take care of this. We'll catch up later." Molly beckoned Brooke and Daphne to follow her as she walked quickly away from Christina.

     "That was weird" Christina thought. She decided to use the downtime to explore the library. Maybe she'd find a sexy story to whet her cunt's appetite.

     Molly was pissed. Brooke and Daphne could tell when they walked closer to the neuralyzer building. After making sure Christina was out of earshot she hissed at the women.

     "Do you two realize what you almost did?"

     "We're sorry, we both just wanted to discuss something. Brooke thinks that..."

     "...Brooke is right. She is alive."

     "How is that possible" Daphne wondered. "It was written..."

     "What's written isn't important. What's important is, how many people know about this? How did you find out?"

     "Well we sent Angel to observe her..."

     "YOU. DID. WHAT!!!!!"

     Daphne and Brooke cowered under Molly's scream. "We...we just wanted to observe and report we didn't think..."

     "...Damn right you didn't think! You should have come to me right away for something like this!"

     "We're sorry."

     "Yes, you are. Did she damage Angel in any way?"

     "No and Angel doesn't know who it was. Just confirmed based on a photo we let her see."

     "Wait a moment, Brooke what about the dream Angel had?"

     "It was just a dream! She had no memory loss so it doesn't mean anything! How could she have done that! No one has been able to do it!"


     "But it happened right after we got back! We need to watch her!"

     "HEY! GIRLS!"

     "Sorry" they both said in unison.

     "Thank you. Who else knows?"

     "No one. I wasn't sure it was her because it was kind of an old photo and someone else could have used that name as an alias. We decided to come straight to you once Angel confirmed the woman and picture looked similar."

     "It's her. I already knew. Leader knows too. She arrived not too long ago after making sure the defenses in Louisiana could withstand a possible assault."

     "Leader is here? Then it really is true! See I told you Daphne no one would be foolish enough to use that as an alias!"

     "It sounds like you've known about this a while. What aren't you telling us? We can prepare quickly and will be ready to fight for the Society at a moment's notice."

     "No, you won't fight. We're hoping it won't come to that. We hope when the time comes Christina will be a full agent and ready to fight."

     "But why her instead of us? She just got here!"

     "Come inside, we'll explain everything..."

     The Leader of the Society of Lesbian Kidnappers was pissed. Daphne and Brooke nearly broadcasted the secret to the whole campus by arguing about it. She was glad Molly intervened when she did. Mass neuralyzing was messy and exhausting to make sure everyone forgot what they weren't supposed to know. It could be done, it just was definitely not on the list of things Leader needed to do at the moment. Molly and Leader filled in the details to Daphne and Brooke. They were shocked.

     "So, that's why Daphne and I aren't going to fight at first."

     "Yes, Molly alerted me to the rogue agent some time ago and Christina is the best choice of making sure this rogue agent goes down. Now, you know what has to happen right?"

     "You have to erase our minds to keep the secret" Daphne observed.

     "We cannot risk the secret being exposed. You know she could come for you and torture you for information if she even got a hint of you knowing the plan."

     "Suggestion before you erase our minds," Brooke said, "you need to tell everyone to not answer any of Christina's questions and tell her to ask Molly instead. Any one of us could reveal information that doesn't need to reach Christina's ears by accident."

     "Excellent idea Brooke," LK Leader said. "Now, sign the consent form to erase your minds and take off your rings."

     Daphne and Brooke did as instructed, knowing it was the best option. LK Leader fished a small object out of her pocket. The neuralyzer. She pressed the button on top of the object. A white light exploded outwards from the neuralyzer and brightened all corners of the room. Daphne and Brooke's minds instantly forgot the secret plan. They blinked rapidly for a few moments when the light faded.

     "Daphne, Brooke, confirm that your signatures are in fact your own handwriting."

     "Yes. That's my signature."

     "Mine too."

     "Good. We erased your minds for your protection. You can see that you each consented to be neuralyzed. Here are your rings back. Go about your business and tell Angel to come speak to us. We need to erase her mind for her protection too."

     "Yes Leader" they both said in unison.

     After the women left Molly let out a heavy sigh "I really wish we could keep them in the loop for the plan."

     "You know she would capture and torture them in a heartbeat if she even took a whiff of them having any kind of information."

     "Yeah and not the fun kind of torture either. This plan is really a huge burden I'll be glad when it's over."

     "You handle problems well. That's why you're my second in command. I'm glad to be sharing the burden of this conspiracy with you, even though you know it puts you in danger."

     "I'm somewhat safe because of my police officer assignment. She wouldn't dare draw that much attention to herself. But I'm still cautious and careful."

     "Good. Do everything you can to avoid her eye. Hopefully this will all be over soon..."
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Re: LK (Revised)
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Chapter 7
The Second Test

     "Your second test is to capture an agent out in the real world. Pretend like she is a rogue agent and you need to capture her before she causes us harm. She has been told to act like a rogue agent as well. The test is to capture her and bring her back here. Once you've done so you can have fun with her. Since we don't know exactly when you'll be back it's possible your fun won't be monitored. There's a safe word in the file. If gagged, there's a series of specific moans she will do located in the file."

     "So I'm doing a mock rogue agent retrieval, bring her back over here, then have some fun with her."

     "You got it! Good luck!"


     Amanda had just gotten out of a relaxing shower. She dried off then straightened her long fiery red hair. Suddenly the atmosphere in the house changed. An uneasy yet excited feeling crept down into her gut. Amanda peeked into the bedroom where her husband should have been in bed. He wasn't in bed. The covers were drawn back and messy. "She's here. Showtime." Amanda whispered. She slowly, carefully walked through each room of the empty house.

     "I know you're here watching me! Come out and we can talk, there's no need for violence! I can show you why the Society is bad. You won't be harmed if you just come out and talk to me."


     The whisper came from behind her! Suddenly a stinky cloth covered her face. She squirmed and struggled but couldn't stop the deep sleep from claiming her consciousness. Christina let out a sigh of relief. Capturing this person wasn't easy. Now all she had to do was bring the unconscious pair back to base.


     "Ah Christina great timing! I'll be able to view your fun! Who is the other person you brought though?"

     "Johnathan James Butcher. Husband of Amanda Anne Butcher, maiden name Williams. I observed them for a while and they were typically always together. It wouldn't have been possible to take Amanda without alerting Johnathan. Your history lesson of the journals where it would have been better to kill Paul and take Tina to get her mind erased gave me the idea to bring him here too. We don't need him causing a scene."

     "Well done! You're right, we don't need him to cause any trouble especially since he doesn't know about us."

     "He doesn't?"

     "Nope. Her marriage is a cover. Don't worry, getting married isn't needed like it used to be. The world has changed in the past few years by being more accepting of LGBTQ's. Now go play with your victim. I'll be watching like last time."


     Amanda slowly regained consciousness. She felt her arms stretch out to each side of her body and tried to move them. Metal cuffs tugged at her wrists. Her arms would not move. It felt like she had her back to the floor. She tried to experimentally move her legs because they felt weird. Her legs were pulled up and spread by separate chains. Amanda's asshole, pussy, and medium sized tits were totally exposed. She shouted into the darkness, hoping to sway her captor to join her cause.

     Christina emerged from the darkness and demanded to know what Amanda's plan was. Or else. Amanda said nothing. Christina calmly walked over to Amanda's face and smothered her with her large breast. She slapped Amanda's nipples, making her muffled screams begging for air also screams of pain. Christina moved her chest away and calmly asked Amanda what her plan entailed. Amanda refused to answer again and was rewarded with being smothered by Christina's breast again.

     Molly fingered her wet cunt as she watched the fun. She slapped her own nipples to copy what Christina did. "You fucking whore you forgot the dildo again" she said as she degraded herself. She covered her nose and mouth with her hand and pretended she was the one there being handled by Christina. Muffled moans escaped her mouth as spanked her cunt after Christina did the same. "Fucking slut you're just here to be used," she said to herself as she continued to watch the fun.

     Amanda screamed. A finger was in her ass and a tongue in her cunt. She tried her best to move but couldn't due to the restraints. She felt Christina's other hand slap her ass cheeks as her cunt and ass got violated. Amanda begged for it to stop. The fingers in her cunt and ass just went in deeper, ignoring Amanda's cry. A scream erupted from Amanda's lips but soon was replaced by a scream of pleasure.

     Christina loved the screams of pleasure coming from Amanda. Her tongue went inside the sweet, juicy pussy while still fingering the asshole.  Christina gave Amanda so much pleasure that she couldn't form words anymore. Her body twitched into a massive orgasm. Quickly Christina kissed Amanda's lips and invaded her mouth with both her tongue and the finger that was in her ass, making her taste both of her own holes. She demanded Amanda tell her the plan again and smothered Amanda with her bosom when she refused to comply.

     Molly was busy degrading herself while fingering her ass and pussy and slapping her tits. "I'm....a....FUCKING....WHORE....SLUT! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH FUCK!" She saw Christina smother Amanda again "MMMM, MMMMM, MMMMM MMMM FUUUUUUUCK!" Molly was close. "I'M A WHOOOORE, I'M A WHOOORE, I'M A SLUUUT, OOOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUUCK!" Her body spasmed in a massive orgasm and she breathed heavily.

     Amanda cracked after she was smothered again. She told Christina the pretend plan given to her. The plan to kill as many as possible and take over the Society. Amanda expected the session to end but was surprised when Christina looked into her eyes with a burning fire of anger. Her eyes were scary and real.

     "Woah what are you doing?"

     "Your plan cannot succeed."

     "Wait! Remember this is just pretend!"

     "No. I will not allow you to trick me."

     "Fuck! Someone stop her! She's going to kill me! I don't want to die."

     "Then you should have never been bor..."

     "STOP! Christina, it's me Molly! STOP!"

     Christina blinked. Where had that desire to kill come from? That was really weird! Why did it suddenly become real for her? She stepped away from Amanda and waved her arms to signal that she had heard Molly. Molly sighed with relief and told Christina to stay put until she came to release Amanda. They would both need to be nuralyzed. Hopefully the killing urge in Christina wouldn't happen like this again.

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Re: LK (Revised)
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Chapter 8
Memory Trouble

     "Come with me Christina and Amanda. I'll explain what happened and why you need to be neuralyzed."

     "So I failed my test?"

     "Oh no you passed your test by bringing the target here. We just don't want you to remember the desire to kill. I think you forgot that this wasn't a real scenario."

     "Didn't I do the same thing in my last test Molly," Amanda asked.

     "Well yes, but there's a reason why. Leader and I will explain once we get to the..."

     "...supposed to be dead," Daphne said as the pair suddenly came within earshot.

     "I really think she's alive it would explain quite a few things," Brooke said like last time.

     "Oh my fucking God not again," Molly swore, surprising everyone. "Daphne, Brooke did you recently send Angel on a mission?"

     "Yeah we did," Daphne said. "I can't really remember what happened before we sent Angel. Do you remember Brooke?"

     "No I thought I was having some memory trouble but since you have it too...oh..."

     "Yeah, 'oh.' One of you go get Angel for me and let's all meet inside the neuralyzer building. We need to talk about why your minds need to be erased. Again."


     "This has to be a joke right? I'm the only one who can get close to the rogue agent because she's my godmother???" Christina said, goosebumps all over her body.

     "Understand the Society was a lot more cutthroat back then around the time you were born. Once I became the leader I eliminated some of the older practices that were no longer necessary. The Society is a paradise now where you don't have to compete with each other and you won't always have to look over your shoulder. Or at least it will be when this rogue agent threat is eliminated."

     "But there has to be more to it than this," Angel said. "I can understand erasing all of our minds but shouldn't Christina know what she's up against? This was the greatest agent the Society ever had. If she's really Christina's godmother she wouldn't torture Christina like she would us."

     "There is," Molly said. "And you're not going to like it..."

     The Leader of the Society of Lesbian Kidnappers and Molly both explained the full plan in detail. They quickly gained consent to neuralyze afterward and wasted no time activating the device. The white light burst into the room then fled as quick as it came.

     "Blink your eyes rapidly Christina, it will help," Molly advised. Once your eyes have gained focus verify the signature is yours."

     "It looks a little weird but yes that's mine."

     "Amanda, please verify that the signature is yours."

     "Yes that's my handwriting."

     "Good. Christina, you have verified you gave consent to be neuralyzed. You did well on your test. Things just got a little too intense at the end. Don't worry, sometimes it happens and it won't be counted against you. Amanda, you have verified that you consented to be neuralyzed. The reason why is what I explained to Christina. Both of you may go now."

     Christina and Amanda left the building. Molly could barely hear the pair talking. Good, they were getting along and there was no sign of hostility.

     "Angel, Brooke, Daphne."

     "Yes Leader," the trio said in unison.

     "Each of you verify your signatures."

     "Yes. That's my signature."

     "Mine too."

     "Looks like I signed it, yes."

     "Good. Now, Molly and I have a plan to stop a rogue agent. That's all you need to know for your protection. If you find any hint of a rogue agent anywhere do not under any circumstances engage, spy on, or send anyone to verify the rogue agent's identity. Instead, you come directly to one of us with what information you have and most importantly do NOT discuss it outside this building. Understood?"

     "Yes," the trio said in unison.

     "Good, you may leave now."

     Molly gave a weary sigh as the trio left the building. "I didn't dream of them doing the same thing to observe her again."

     "I didn't either, but they're good agents so it makes sense," the Leader said. "They know enough to avoid my sister without knowing too much to where she'd torture them. She probably knows we're about to strike. We should do a new plan for Christina's last test. Come, walk with me and help me brainstorm."

     The women left the building talking quietly so no one would overhear them. They didn't notice a dark figure watching them. The mysterious figure slithered into the building they had just left. A flash of red light went through the building for a brief moment, unnoticed. A soft evil laugh escaped the figure's lips. Her plan was nearly complete.

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Re: LK (Revised)
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Chapter 9
The Final Test

     "Your final test is to capture me." Molly explained.

     "Ohmygosh! I'm excited! I've wanted to play with you since my first day! But either you've been busy or I've been training."

     "I expect it to be quite enjoyable for both of us. In 24 hours after I depart your test will begin. Find me, capture me, and bring me back here to play with. Pretend I'm an ex agent that knows too much so you're going to play with me before you erase my mind. Of course, you won't really erase my mind after. We just pretend that part."

     "You get a long head start."

     "Sometimes people we need to capture are hiding from us. They've had months or years to hide."

     "Oh! So I'm practicing for something I might need later while taking my test. How clever!"

     Molly smiled, but on the inside she was conflicted. It was clever for the Leader to up the timetable since it was almost certain the Leader's sister was onto them. The move was dangerous too as the enemy could capture her instead. Christina sensed Molly's conflict.

     "What's wrong?"

     "Sometimes I wish my mind would be erased from some of the things I know" Molly said truthfully. She could have tried lying, but for some reason it felt different to answer her with a total lie. "There's just some things I'm worried about while I'm away." Strange, Molly could easily lie to another agent and it wouldn't matter in the slightest. Why did it matter with Christina?

     "Sounds like you need to rest. Maybe you'll get to relax a little before I find you? Or I can help you relax after my test is over," Christina said with a wink.

     "I hope so," Molly said. "I really hope so."


     Christina was perplexed. Other agents were friendly to her but wouldn't answer any of her questions, even mundane ones. They kept telling her to ask Molly when she asked a question. But in order to ask Molly she'd need to find Molly! And she couldn't ask Molly when she found her because of the test! And it hadn't been 24 hours yet! She could tell the other agents felt bad for not answering her, so she didn't hold it against them. Maybe it was just a minor oversight from the Leader or Molly. They both were pretty busy after all.

     The 24 hours was finally up. Christina went straight to Molly's room in the dormitories. When looking for someone the best place is where you know they have been, she reasoned. Nothing was under the mattress. Pillowcases only had pillows in them. There were just clothes in the dresser...or were there? The inside of a drawer looked funny. She experimented with it for a few moments and found it had a false bottom. Under the false bottom was a slip of paper for addresses to safe houses. Ah ha!

     Christina slowly and carefully approached the first house on the list. The yard was overgrown with weeds. It looked like no one had lived there for months. She cautiously peeked through the windows. It was a good place to hide, but there were no indications anyone had been here recently. Still, the house probably had clues inside. The door surprisingly was unlocked. After she stepped in side she was sure Molly wasn't here. There was no furniture anywhere. It was just an empty house. She attempted to look for a trapdoor or a false wall or something. No luck. She could tell she was the only one who had been in the house for a while.

     She tried another safe house. Then another. Both gave the same result. Empty with no clues. "If I was an agent that didn't want to be found, which one of these would I go to?" Christina asked herself. "Probably not near the main base in Louisiana. That can also rule out safe houses near the Texas base. Wait, we don't have a base in Arkansas yet! That's where she probably is!"


     The Arkansas safe house had a trash can out front like all the other houses. Trash pickup was probably the next day. How fortunate for her that she had such perfect timing. Someone was definitely living here. Silently she crept through the yard and snuck quick peeks inside. The occupant was there, but was it Molly? The occupant turned around. Christina got a good enough look to see it was indeed Molly. She tried one of the windows to see if it was open. It was! The window opened without a sound and the floor welcomed her silent feet. She tiptoed silently to the living room where she saw Molly. Molly was making it difficult for Christina by being awake and watching TV.  She decided to lurk in the shadows of her house waiting for an opportunity.

     After an hour, Molly walked over to where Christina hid.  Thinking quickly, she ducked into the closest room near her which turned out to be Molly’s room. Christina hid in her closet and waited. Molly walked in and quickly took off her clothes. Christina almost leapt out of the closet and kissed her when she saw her naked again. Oh it made her so horny to see her naked! She remembered the mission just in time and waited for Molly to leave the room. Christina followed Molly to her bathroom and took her chance before she got into the shower. Molly gave a surprised muffled yelp as the stinky cloth came out of nowhere on her face. The women struggled but Molly eventually succumbed to sleep. Now all Christina needed to do was take Molly back to the Texas base!


     Molly awakened naked on top of a large wooden table. Her wrists were bound above her head and tied to one of the table legs. Legs were spread apart with ankles tied to different legs of the table. Her pussy was totally exposed and she figured her ass could be if Christina wanted it to happen. Molly was already wet with anticipation, excited to play.

     "Please, please let me go I just want to be left alone please!"

     "Shhhh, don't worry Molly. We're just going to have a little fun before we take care of those secrets you know. Then after that we'll let you go."

     "No, please I don't want to play anymore! I just want to be left alone please! I know you'll continue to do this after I forget, please no!"

     "Oh you know you like playtime. You wouldn't have become an agent if you didn't like this. I'm going to make you my whore and by the end, you'll be begging me to give you pleasure."

     Molly continued to plead and beg for release. Christina didn't listen. She began by smothering molly with her perfect tits. Muffled screams escaped as Molly struggled against the bonds that held her. Laughter jumped out of Christina's mouth. She withdrew her bosom and slowly rubbed Molly all over her sexy body.

     "Oh someone's already wet. See! Your body knows what it wants! Now you're going to beg me to eat you out while rubbing those juicy tits of yours."

     "No, no please stop please!"

     "Beg me or get smothered by my breast again!"

     Molly refused to beg and got smothered again as her punishment. She struggled harder against the bonds, but Christina had tied her up well. There was no escape. She was completely at the mercy of her captor. Christina withdrew her bosom again and Molly gasped desperately for air.

     "I just want you to be a good little slut for me tonight Molly. We both know you want this. Beg for me. Now."


     "Please what?"

     "Please no"

     "Bad naughty girl. This is what happens when you're a naughty little whore."

     Molly quickly changed her mind and half heartedly begged Christina to eat her out. Christina praised Molly for being such a good whore. Molly felt the tongue go inside her wet, juicy cunt. Hands pinched at her nipples. She screamed and begged for it to stop. Christina only sent her tongue deeper into her pussy and roughly squeezed her melons. Slowly moans of pleasure escaped her lips. Then as the fire started to burn, the pleasure stopped.

     "You were a bad whore earlier, so you don't get to have an orgasm yet."

     "Fuck! Please don't do this to me please!"

     Christina smiled and teased Molly by lightly brushing her fingers all over her body except her breast and pussy. She whispered in her ear.

     "You're so close to an orgasm aren't you? Your pussy is aching for pleasure."

     Christina slid a finger into Molly's pussy after the whisper. The fire was quickly back.

     "Now you're going to beg me to cum. And you'd better not do so before I say or you get...punished."

     "FUCK! FUCK! Please let me cum!"

     "I don't know..."

     "FUCK! Please, I'll be a good whore for you please just let me cum!"

     "I don't think you're really begging me..." Christina said. She replaced her finger with her tongue, tormenting Molly.

     "FUUUCK! I'm so close, I can't hold it much longer please! Please let me cum."

     Christina paused licking the cunt. She lightly rubbed her fingers on Molly's body. "Surely you can beg for me better than that," she said. Her tongue suddenly went deep in Molly's dripping wet cunt.


     The tongue left. "Tell me how much of a slut you are." The tongue was back, deeper than ever inside.


     The tongue left again. "Count down out loud from 10. When you hit 0 you can cum." The tongue was back with hands mauling her breasts again.


     It was the largest, most pleasurable orgasm Molly had ever had. Her cunt exploded with juices into Christina's mouth. Molly screamed louder than she ever remembered screaming before as waves of pleasure rocked her body. Christina lapped up all the juices then kissed Molly's sexy lips. Her tongue invaded Molly's mouth, giving all the juices and cum from her pussy straight into her mouth.

     "I told you that you were going to beg for me. See? You had some fun after all didn't you? Now you're going to lick my cunt for me so I can have fun too."

     "Please...." Molly said, exhausted but still horny as hell

     "Please what?"


     "Oh you want more?"

     "Yes, lick my cunt as I lick yours. I want more. Please..."

     "I don't know..."

     "Please, I was a good whore and came when you told me to."

     "You were a good whore. Why should I pleasure you again?"

     "Because I'm a filthy dirty slut! Please!"



     "Ok, but only because you begged and pleaded like the good little slut you are."

     The women hungrily licked and sucked each other's filthy wet cunts on top of the table. All Molly knew was pleasure. Muffled moans filled the air as the pair went deep inside each other. Molly's body twitched again as another orgasm claimed her body. Christina felt the fire too and muffled screams ran out of her mouth as she got hers.

     The Leader of the Society of Lesbian Kidnappers, who had been watching from the control room, licked her dripping wet fingers. That was an amazing performance. She was able to pleasure herself from the orgasm denial and tried her best to hold it like Molly did. The LK Leader was able to hold it a little longer than Molly and experienced the best orgasm she'd had in a while. "Why are there no toys in here while someone observes a test or assignment? I'll have to remember to get someone on that..."

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Re: LK (Revised)
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Chapter 10
Her First Assignment

     "Congratulations on becoming a full member of the Society of Lesbian Kidnappers!"

     "Thank you Leader! Molly, thank you for bringing me to this wonderful world! I'm so excited to be here!"

     "Here is your ring. Remember always keep it on unless you need to be neuralyzed. There's a lot you can do with it that I hadn't told you about before. Have fun playing around with it. Some of the features are fun to discover on your own."

     "Ohmygosh it can connect to your phone! I wondered about where you kept your phones while naked!"

     "Yes we have the Apple Watch to thank for that. We made it better." Molly said. "When you're ready for your first assignment let me know."

     "No time like the present!"


     Virginia Dennis was one of the Society's experiments. Unbeknownst to her, Lesbian Kidnappers constantly kidnapped her to study the effects of neuralyzing someone multiple times. Amanda, her best friend who Virginia believed shared all their secrets, would know immediately if something was amiss. Her bronze skin came from deep Native American roots. Like Amanda she had fiery red hair. She had small a cup breasts that complimented her skinny frame. It was a common first assignment for new recruits like Christina.

     Virginia awakened and felt strange. She couldn't move! Why couldn't she move? Did it have something to do with the dream of a stinky cloth on her face? What if it wasn't a dream? Slowly the grogginess faded and she realized her knees were on the ground. Her wrists were tied tightly behind her. She didn't know where the rope was anchored but realized it was done in such a way to stick her chest out. Her ankles also had ropes around them anchored to possibly the same location. Fear grew in her when she realized she was naked, her breasts and pussy totally exposed to whoever had taken her.

     "Somebody help me please!"

     She had found her voice. Desperate, she attempted to struggle against the ropes. Whoever did this didn't want her to move much. She sobbed and begged for help again. She shivered and whimpered in fear when she heard the voice.

     "Hello Virginia."

     "Who...who are you?"

     "Someone who wants to play with you and have a little fun. You like fun don't you?"

     "Please let me go please!"

     Christina laughed "We're going to have some fun first. Starting with those tiny tits of yours. I bet they get so lonely, don't they Virginia?"

     Virginia begged her unknown captor to be set free. Suddenly a light flipped on. She screamed more earnestly when the realization hit her this was a dungeon. Her captor showed her some clothespins.

     "Those tiny tits are so lonely. Your nipples look lonely too. Would they like to meet my friends?"

     "No! No please don't do that I'll do anything please!"


     "Yes I'll do anything please don't hurt me!"

     "So you would do anything for me to not put these on your little nipples?"

     "I swear! Please don't hurt me I'll do whatever you want!"

     Christina smiled and ran her fingers all over Virginia's body. Virginia sobbed but didn't protest, hoping this was all her captor would do. Horror filled her mind when she soo after realized the woman wanted to use her body.

     "Your breasts look like they'd enjoy a little rough treatment Virginia, but if you'll do anything..."

     "Yes, please don't hurt me I'll do whatever you want just let me go!"

     "Then beg me to suck those tiny nipples of yours and rub that tiny bosom."


     "Such a naughty girl. You heard me. Beg me to pleasure your tiny breasts."

     "Please...please just let me go..."

     "Naughty girl said she'd do anything. You have one last choice before I decide for you. Pleasure? Or pain?"


     "Please what?"

     "Please, don't do this to me I'll give you whatever you want."

     "Naughty little slut. Looks like I'm deciding for you!"

     Virginia screamed as a clothespin bit her tiny nipple. Tears streamed down her face and another scream erupted from her mouth when the other nipple was given the same treatment. Fingers rubbed all over her tiny bosom. Christina softly laughed as she flicked the clothespins, making Virginia scream further with pain.

     "All you had to do was be a good whore for me tonight. This is what happens when you refuse to play."

     "Please it hurts! Please!"

     "Lick my cunt and maybe they'll come off."

     Virginia of course didn't want to lick Christina's cunt. The threat of clothespins on her pussy made her agree. Christina moved her snatch to Virginia's face. The tongue licked inside Christina and she moaned in pleasure. She tormented Virginia more by slapping her tiny tits just near her nipples. Her tiny tits barely jiggled with each slap. Virginia's tongue went in deeper. A muffled scream ran out of Virginia's lips when Christina painfully yanked the clothespins off her nipples.

     "Now let's try that again. Be a good whore. Beg me to pleasure your tiny tits."



     "Please make my tiny tits feel good, Miss."

     "Such a good slut."

     Christina gently rubbed Virginia's small bosom. It hurt at first but the pain slowly faded into pleasure. Virginia moaned. A gasp escaped her lips as she felt Christina's tongue lightly playing with each nipple. Her womanhood trembled, slowly becoming wet.

     "There now that wasn't so bad. You've even gotten a little wet. I can pleasure you more Virginia. Do you want more?"

     "Please, please stop."

     "Uh oh, sounds like someone wants pain instead of pleasure. What kind of pain would you like to feel? Needles in your nipples? A whip kissing your body? I can't seem to decide..."

     "NO! Please pleasure me instead Miss!"

     "You were a naughty little whore just now. Why should I pleasure you?"

     "I'll be good please pleasure me instead Miss!"

     "Tell me how much of a whore you are."

     "I'm a good little whore, Miss."

     "How badly does that pussy want attention?"

     "Real badly Miss, please pleasure me down there. Please don't give me pain any longer!"

     Christina slid a finger inside. Soft rhythmic moans of pleasure escaped into the room. Another finger went inside. The cunt got wetter and moans got louder. A tongue replaced the fingers. Virginia gasped with the pleasure and could barely breathe. Suddenly the pleasure was gone just as a fire started to burn inside her.

     "Beg for more. When I resume you can't cum until I tell you. Or else you'll experience pain on those tiny tits and dirty cunt."

     "Please, I'm so close please!"

     "Your only purpose is to pleasure me. Why should you get more pleasure?"

     "PLEASE! I can pleasure you however you want, please give me more!"

     "I love moaning. Moan as I pleasure you. Cum when I tell you to. Then you'll eat my cunt like the slut you are."

     "I'll do it! Please give me pleasure, Miss! My dirty cunt craves pleasure!"

     Christina slid a vibrator inside Virginia's snatch. She sucked and rubbed the nipples on those tiny tits. Virginia moaned loudly with pleasure, wanting to please her captor. The vibrator increased in intensity. Fire spread throughout all of Virginia's body. She begged to be allowed to cum. Christina wouldn't let her. Her pussy exploded in pleasure as the intensity of the vibrator increased even more. Every nerve on her small tits was bathed in the pleasure as fingers touched all over. Screaming moans were ripped from her lips as Virginia continued to beg earnestly to cum. Christina still wouldn't allow her. More and more pleasure built up in her body. Christina sucked on Virginia's neck while continuing to rub those tiny tits. And Virginia still wasn't allowed to cum.


     "How much of a whore are you?"


     "Not yet slut."


     "Cum now for me slut."

     A screeching scream filled the air that could be heard several miles away as Virginia came. Sweat dripped from her body as the pleasure exploded out of her body. Virginia took a big gulp of air and screamed longer from the pleasure that rocked her. The vibrator was still on high, extending her orgasm. Soon the scream became muffled as Christina forced Virginia to eat her dripping wet cunt. It didn't take long for Christina to feel the fire. Her tormented captive had already made her close by the scream. Fire quickly spread from her cunt throughout her whole body as the orgasm came for Christina. Virginia felt like the orgasm never left her as she bellowed muffled screams of pleasure while eating out that cunt.

     Molly of course was watching. Someone had finally put sex toys in a box under the control panel. When Christina put clothespins on Virginia's nipple, Molly hit her own with a crop. While Christina was doing orgasm denial, Molly fucked herself with a dildo. She couldn't hold the orgasm the way she could last time. Molly punished herself by whipping her sore nipples and cunt then resumed penetrating her cunt with the dildo. She had wanted to hold the orgasm this time until Christina was fully done with Virginia, but the screeching scream made it impossible. Molly breathed heavily, her body happy and satisfied. Christina and Virginia both breathed hard too as the pleasure feeling slowly faded away.

     "Well done Christina," Molly said in the intercom after she regained her composure. "I'll help you take Virginia so she can forget when you're ready." It didn't take long for Christina to signal Molly that she was ready. The pair carried Virginia, too tired to struggle or care from the pleasure, to the neuralyzer building. Virginia was nerualyzed without incident like many times before. The LK Leader and Molly shared a knowing look. Their plan to take care of the rogue agent was nearing completion.

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Re: LK (Revised)
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Chapter 11
Sloppy Seconds

     "Molly, you've mentioned before this place allows us to explore all of our sexual fantasies right?"

     "Yeah just no death or dismemberment. What are you thinking?"

     "What if we dominated a woman or target together while being intimate with each other."

     "Mmm, I like what you're thinking. It's not the first time someone's thought that of course, but I haven't been asked to join in that kind of fun before. You take the lead and I'll follow."


     Jennifer Morgan walked into the bathroom like normal. She enjoyed looking at herself naked in the mirror before a shower. Her green eyes stared back at her. "Beautiful as always" she said to herself. Jennifer turned on the shower. Soon the mirror became foggy and she turned her attention to washing her cute blonde hair that came down to her shoulders. She let the water fall onto her massive breasts.  The water felt good after a hard, stressful day. Jennifer got some shampoo and lathered it inside her hair. With the shower on, she couldn’t hear a slight thump that might have alerted her to an intruder. She continued to take her shower, blissfully unaware of what was about to happen next. Jennifer closed her eyes as she let the water fall down onto the back of her head. She didn’t see the door slowly open and an intruder creeping closer and closer towards her.  The shower curtain was slowly pulled back and this time Jennifer noticed the dark shadow of the intruder. Her scream of surprise mixed with terror was cut short when the intruder covered her nose and mouth with a stinky cloth.

     Jennifer slowly came back to consciousness. Where was she? What happened? She remembered the intruder and her heart filled with fear. Her arms and legs wouldn’t move! Why won’t they move? As her awareness sense became greater she felt cold metal surrounding her wrists and above her ankles. Oh God someone kidnapped her and she was still naked! She was chained on a mattress with her hands above her and legs spread wide!


     Two women walked into her view. One blonde and the other brunette. They were both naked with large breasts. Jennifer's heart thudded in her ears, afraid of the women in front of her. The women shared a look and Jennifer knew they were up to nothing good.


     They didn't say a word to her. The blonde showed her a large vibrator and smiled. Jennifer begged to be let go and not have that stuck inside her. She screamed as the vibrator was shoved all the way up in her womanhood. Jennifer then saw the brunette held a strap on dildo. Her eyes widened and she continued to scream for help. The brunette strapped the dildo onto her.

     "Turn on the vibrator," the brunette said. Pleasure slowly filled her cunt. Jennifer moaned in protest and pleasure. She attempted to struggle but only succeeded in wiggling her tits.

     "Eat my cunt Jennifer," the brunette said.

     " do you know my name?"

     "Eat my cunt," she repeated "if you don't you'll get smothered by it."

     Jennifer sobbed and realized she didn't have a choice. The wet cunt was in her face. She stuck her tongue out and the brunette moaned with pleasure. She felt the blonde straddle her waist and realized the blonde intended to fuck herself on the dildo strapped to her. The vibrator became more intense. Jennifer gave out muffled moans. She heard the moans of both women as the used her body for pleasure. Their moans were muffled too. They were kissing each other, Jennifer realized. Probably rubbing each other too.

     "When I cum Jennifer keep it in your mouth. We both want to taste my juices. If you don't things will get worse for you."

     Jennifer couldn't answer. She didn't want to do it but was too afraid of what the something worse would be. The vibrator grew even more intense. All four hands pawed at her large boobs. The three women began moaning as the pleasure for each of them slowly grew. Jennifer was the first to have an orgasm. As she gave out bellowed muffled moans the two women using her both got theirs too. Jennifer kept the juices from the brunette's pussy in her mouth as instructed. She felt disgusted when the women took turns sliding their tongues in her mouth. Then she could see them kiss each other. The whole time the vibrator still stimulated her pussy. She was free to moan and breathe in pure pleasure. Another orgasm was coming.

     "Do you want to cum again, whore?"

     Jennifer's mind said no but her body craved it. Her mouth opened and her body won the battle. "Please let me cum!"

     The brunette smiled "You'll eat her cunt now while I fuck the dildo. When one of us gets an orgasm you can cum. If you cum before it's going to get worse for you. Understand?"

     "OH GOD! Yes!"


     The pleasure was intense and Jennifer was close. She managed to hold her body back from unleashing the floods. The other cunt lowered to her mouth. Jennifer hungrily ate the pussy that had a little blonde fuzz growing around it. She felt the brunette on top of her middle. They kissed and made muffled moans like last time. Her breast had hands rub all over them. The vibrator stimulated her even harder. Jennifer managed to hold it and stuck her tongue deeper into that pussy. She really wanted to cum so bad! Finally after an eternity one of the women announced she was cumming then made an inhuman moan. Jennifer allowed her body to cum as she gave her own muffled screech of pleasure. Suddenly the cunt she was licking exploded with juices as the blonde got her orgasm too. Jennifer kept the juices in her mouth. Like last time the women took turns sliding their tongue in her mouth, tasting the blonde's juices.

     The vibrator finally turned off. Jennifer breathed heavily. She felt shame for her body betraying her like this and for just going along with instructions given to her. Maybe she should have struggled. Jennifer sobbed as the reality of what just happened clicked. Tears streamed down her face as the women released her from her bonds and carried her. Where were they going? She didn't know and didn't have the energy to struggle.

     The Leader of the Society of Lesbian Kidnappers licked her wet fingers after pleasuring herself to the spectacle. She smiled a hopeful smile. So far their plan to shape Christina into an agent worked. "It is time" she softly said to herself.

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Re: LK (Revised)
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Chapter 12

     "This isn't good," Molly softly said. She fiddled with her ring for a few moments and spoke. "Leader, my neuralyzer isn't working."

     The ring chirped out "I'll be right there."

     "What do we do?" Christina asked "We can't risk being exposed!"

     "Just wait. Jennifer won't do anything. She knows it would be foolish to try. Right Jennifer?"

     "Please just let me go I won't say a word I swear!"

     "We will let you go Jennifer. Just keep sitting there and you won't be harmed."

     Jennifer sobbed but complied with instructions. Christina was suddenly glad this victim didn't resist as much as the others did. She preferred the struggle, but at this moment it would not be good if her captive decided to be uncooperative. The LK leader walked into the room just then looking tired. She had a neuralyzer in her hand and held it up. The button was pressed, but nothing happened.

     "What is your name?"


     "Jennifer listen carefully. You have been kidnapped by a secret society who likes to take beautiful women like you and force them to have lesbian sex."


     "You will soon be knocked out and taken back to your home. We have eyes everywhere. If you do not say a word to anyone you will never be bothered by us again. Ask me what happens if you tell."

     "Wh...wh...what if I tell?"

     "Then we will kidnap you and keep you here permanently. Do you understand? Say nothing for the rest of your life and you will be left alone. Blab and we will kidnap you and ravage you until there is nothing left."

     "I...I won't tell I swear!"

     "Good girl" The LK Leader fiddled with her ring "Your presence is needed in the neuralyzer room. Code white."

     Brooke and Daphne came shortly after. Brooke held a cloth in her hand and covered Jennifer's face. She instructed Jennifer to inhale deeply and not struggle or else she may get smothered. Jennifer did as asked and quickly fell asleep. The pair lifted Jennifer and carried her away to awaken later in her nice warm bed.

     "What could cause a neuralyzer to not work?" Christina asked fearfully.

     "Sabotage. The person who originally invented them did it," LK Leader said. "She has made her move. Now it's time to make ours."

     "Make preparations for the most dangerous mission you will ever go on. Wear the full body suit and select weapons of your choice," Molly commanded. "We will brief you when you are ready."

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Re: LK (Revised)
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Chapter 13
The Greatest Agent

     "Our mission as I said is extremely dangerous. The three of us are going to stop a dangerous rogue agent. The best agent we've ever had."

     "Who is the target?" Christina asked.

     "Melinda Warren. My sister." LK Leader said.

     "Your sister? Holy fuck! Wait...that name I know it from somewhere..."

     "Paul Hunter's aunt," Molly said.

     "But wait that also means..."

     "Yes, Paul Hunter was my nephew as well."

     "Holy fucking shit I knew there was no way some random man got the better of this organization! But wait...didn't she die by getting shot?"

     "We think she perfected the neuralyzer and gave her nephew along with the police a false memory. We only discovered she was alive when the decision was made to go after him once he took Melissa. As you know Molly is assigned at the police precinct he was in. She noticed something wrong with the evidence when she decided to do some research on him. There is no telling how much damage she has caused all these years."

     "So why not stop her sooner?"

     "We tried. Agents died. I hate to get all 'Star Wars' on you, but you are our only hope Christina. She knew your mother. You are her godchild and the only person she won't kill," Molly grimly said.

     "WHAT! This has to be a joke right? I didn't even know my mother!"

     "No it's no joke. We've had to keep this plan under wraps for a long time for everyone's protection," remarked LK Leader. "She would torture anyone in a heartbeat for information if she thought it would gain her an advantage. My sister is angry and vengeful. The sabotage of our neuralyzers is but a fraction of what she can do. She knows we know that she's alive by now. We must proceed with the plan to capture her anyway. She needs to be stopped."

     "Capture? Not kill?"

     "I would prefer to keep my sister alive if possible. That's why we need you Christina. If I wanted her dead I would send overwhelming force against her. If she refuses to comply and you have no other option, you are authorized to use deadly force. Come quickly. We must go to the old farm house."

     "The one from the journal?"

     "The very same."


     "We should split up. Christina, sneak around back and look sharp for traps. Molly, see if there are any open windows. I will observe the front. If one of you finds an entry point, whisper into your ring."

     Christina and Molly nodded. The trio slowly slinked through the shadows towards the old farm house. Molly stayed in the shadows looking at all the windows. All appeared to be closed. She tried to open one and found it opened easily. Christina carefully crept to the back door and grasped the knob. It turned easily in her hand.

     "The front door is open," LK Leader whispered.

     "So is the back," Christina quietly replied.

     "The windows aren't even locked. Should we go in?"

     "Yes, all of us might as well go in. Be on your guard.  Anything ordinary could be a trap."

     The trio searched carefully throughout the house. Not a soul was present. Suddenly they heard a voice.

     "Well, well, well. Our Great Leader has finally come out of her hole."

     The women were shocked and wondered where the voice was coming from. They quickly located a cell phone on a table charging.

     "So, you know then my sister. Where are you? We need to discuss some things."

     "You'll know soon enough."

     "Hello godmother."

     "Ah so they've told you their little secret...or did they?"

     "We've told her enough. Please listen to her, my sister. I've created a paradise! She can tell you!"

     "Or I could tell her who she really is."

     Molly and LK Leader gave each other a terrified look. Their worst fears had come true. Melinda knew their entire plan. Molly brandished a gun and shot at the phone in a desperate attempt to stop Melinda from revealing the darkest part that Christina didn't need to know.

     "What a waste of a bullet. This phone won't break that easily. Bulletproof case. You could try to get it off to destroy the phone if you want but I'll have said all I need to by then."

     "Please Sister, just listen to Christina!"

     "Christina Helen Ellison? No I don't think so. Frankly I'm surprised you picked such a lame name choice. What did you use? A random name generator?"

     Christina was confused "My mother named me didn't she?"

     "Yes, but she didn't name you Christina Helen Ellison. Instead, she named you Tina Elaine Hill."

     "No I'm Christina! Aren't I?" Christina wasn't too sure and had a confused look on her face. Something about that name sounded familiar. Like it once did belong to her. She racked her brain and tried to remember where it came from. "No, it can't be...Tina Hill died!"

     "That's what your oh so great leader wanted everyone to think! Go ahead Tina Hill. Tell me about your paradise after I tell you their last dirty little secret."

     Now it was Molly's turn to look confused. Christina...Tina...saw her look questioningly at the LK Leader. The Leader had an expression of terror on her face. Melinda really did know everything somehow. The whole plan was meaningless.

     "Or do you want to tell Tina Hill who killed her mother and used her mother's dead body as a poor representation of Tina's death oh Great and Powerful Leader?"

     Realization dawned on Molly in that instant. Terror gripped her face as she realized what the LK Leader had known moments earlier. The whole plan was meaningless. There were things even she didn't know about the plan. Things that she neuralyzed herself so she would forget. But it no longer mattered. Everything was out in the open now.

     "You gave us no choice, she had gone rogue because of you. I had to order Molly to kill her."

     "LIAR! Now listen all of you, and especially you Tina Hill. I'm at your own base where you neuralyze people. Come and try to stop me if Huntress doesn't kill you! Huntress, kill them and join me to create a true paradise!"

     The phone call ended. Molly and LK leader held their breath. Time itself seemed to slow down. It was as if the universe were holding its breath too in order to see what would happen next.

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Re: LK (Revised)
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Chapter 14
The Lost Mind

This can't be real! I'm Christina! I live in Texas and...

They killed my mother? I should kill them and join Melinda! Huntress will be reborn again!

No! I'm Christina Ellison! The Society is a paradise, Melinda must be stopped! This is all just some kind of test!

They killed our mother! Melinda should be leader then us when she is gone!

No! I don't believe it! This can't be true! My name is Christina Helen Ellison...

We are Huntress! We avenged our grandmother's death. Now we must avenge our mother's! Huntress will rise again!

My name is Christina...





We must work together. Yes fighting is getting us nowhere. Working together we will KILL THEM ALL! Start with Leader and Molly and then when Melinda isn't looking KILL HER TOO! She's probably lying about paradise just like they did! Yes that's a good plan! We can be leader or do whatever we want after! Yes we can do this!

NO! I love Molly! I am Tina Elaine Hill!

Don't be foolish! Molly used us! We must KILL HER! KILL LEADER! KILL MELINDA! KILL THEM ALL!

No! I love Molly! She loves me! I've felt it! I do not need Christina! I do not need Huntress!

You need us! They will keep using you until nothing is left! KILL THEM ALL!

I stand by my friends! It's all Melinda's fault! She must be stopped!


No! I am Tina Elaine Hill! I don't need you! I love Molly! GO AWAY!

Molly will use us! They've been using us from the beginning! KILL THEM ALL!

They were all nice to me! None of the other agents knew! I won't kill them all! NOW GO AWAY AND NEVER RETURN!

     "Molly," Tina hill softly said.

     "Y...yes Christina."

     "Please don't call me that. I'm Tina Elaine hill. And I've wanted to tell you something for a long time."


     "I love you."

     "I...I love you too."

     "Don't be afraid. Huntress is gone."

     "I'm sorry I killed..."

     "I forgive you Molly. I can tell you didn't know. I have a question. Please be honest with me."

     "Yes, Chri...I mean Tina."

     "Was Melinda the rogue agent present when my grandma died?"

     "Yes. She was. I lied when I told you I couldn't remember. If I told you..."

     "...I might have killed her when the truth came out. Huntress wanted to kill all of you and be done with it. But I don't. I love this Society." Tina then looked at LK Leader. "Leader, I love Molly and want to marry her. Can Molly and I get married?"

     "I don't see why not. It would have been forbidden a few decades ago but the world is far more accepting of lesbians now than they used to be. You both have my blessing."

     "Molly. Will you marry me?"


     "Let's work together to stop Melinda Warren. Then we can get married and live in paradise."
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