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At My Cousin's Wedding
« on: July 11, 2021, 06:57:59 PM »
Note: This is a simple fictional story of me raping a bridesmaid at my cousin's wedding.

As the bridesmaids walked in, I noticed that one was especially beautiful.  My mind focused on her throughout the wedding and I knew I had to have her.  She was a beautiful blonde with lovely legs.  Her breasts looked to be about average and her arms looked tantalizing.  She wore bright red lipstick and as my cousin kissed her new groom I fantasized about kissing her lucious lips.  She looked over to me and I noticed her eyes were a beautiful shade of green.  I knew I couldn't have her in a million years.  Maybe there was a way I could take her, abuse her, rape her and get away with it...

The wedding was finally over and all pictures had been taken.  I look in the direction of my parents.  Good!  They're too concerned with helping my wheelchair bound grandmother than to worry about where I am.  What about the rest of my family?  Ah, my two younger second cousins are playing on their PSP's, they won't be looking for me.  Where are my other cousins?  They're visiting with each other...good!  Now what about my new extended family?  They don't know me so they won't be looking for me.  Perfect, I could pull this off.  Now all I needed was an empty room inside the church and a way to lure her there.  As I was cooking an elaborate lie up, I noticed a young girl who had an uncanny resemblance to the bridesmaid I was thinking about raping.  Hmmm...I wonder if that's her daughter...

...That is her daughter, she called the woman Mommy!  Now if I could just use that somehow...hmmm...first I'd better find an empty room. I walked through the church to see if there's a dark empty room, preferably with no windows.  Since this was my first visit to the church I found myself passing by the worship area multiple times.  I began to get frustrated, surely there's an empty room somewhere!  Ah, here's one!  There were no windows in the room and the door window had something on it.  I surveyed the room and realized it was a classroom for little kids, possibly kindergarten or first grade.  No one would look for anyone there.  Now all I need is to lure her there.  No woman would be stupid enough to follow me to an empty room without an exceptionally good reason, so I'd better think of one fast...

"Hey, your daughter is in a room eating paste."
"Again?  *sigh* Where is she?"

I led the beautiful bridesmaid to the room where I was planning to rape her.  My conscience came into play right then.  It wasn't too late to back out.  You could say the girl ran off back into the reception area.  I ignored my conscience and stepped into the room with her.  After locking the door, she turned to me with a questioning look on her face.

"Where's my daughter?"
"She's safe...somewhere."
"You'd better tell me where she is or I'll..."
"No, no, no.  You don't want to scream or be...uncooperative.  If you scream you'll never see your daughter again.  You wouldn't want that would you?"
"What do you want, I'll do anything!  I'll give you money!"
"Take off your dress."
"Take it off or I'll rip it off."
"Please don't do this!  No don't come closer to me! No, ok, ok, I'll take it off!"
"Do it slowly cunt and in a sexy way.  I want you to make my cock rock hard!"

Slowly, she slipped one of the straps of her pink dress off her right shoulder.  It fell onto her arm and she slowly moved her arm to where the strap was no longer on her.  She repeated the same, sexy procedure with the other strap.  Her hands grasped the top of her dress, which was a little below her neckline.  She slowly let the dress sink down, revealing her cleavage.  Further down the dress went.  Her right breast was first to bounce out of her dress.  She flushed with embarrassment and continued to slowly lower the dress.  Her left breast bounced out next, and her face turned redder.  The bra she was wearing looked like an ordinary cotton bra, yet it was elegant on her natural, beautiful breasts.  Down, down, down the dress went revealing her cute belly button.  She flushed with shame as she slowly revealed her cotton underpants.  I had hoped she would be wearing something more sensual today.  I wasn't disappointed because like her bra, her underpants looked elegant and complimented her natural beauty.  She let the dress fall at her feet and stood there red with embarrassment.

"Take off your bra.  I want to see your breast."
"No...please, don't make me.  I'll give you money, anything! Please!"
"Take it off."
"Please, I don't want to!  No don't come near me! Ok, ok I'll take it off!  Just don't touch me!"
"Do it slowly."

Her bra was strapless and looked like it had hooks or something holding it on her in the back.  She fumbled with the hooks and slowly brought her arms forward.  She lowered her bra slowly.  As more of her breast became visible, my cock got hard, wanting to titty fuck her.  Her nipples looked soft and yummy.  As her whole breast was finally uncovered she let her bra fall to the ground.  Her breast looked to be about a D cup.  Perfect, just the way I like them!  Her face flushed a deeper shade of red as I admired her wonderful rack.

"Take off your underwear."
"Please, don't make me!  Please let me go!"
"You can go if you want to, but you'll never see your daughter again."
"Don't do anything to her, I'm begging you."
"We've been through this already.  If you do exactly as I say your daughter will not be harmed."
"You're a great evil monster."
"Thank you, now take your underwear off.  I want to see your hot, wet pussy."
"Please...I'll do anything, my family is wealthy..."
"Take off your underwear."
"Ok, ok I'll take my underwear off, just don't hurt me or my daughter!"

At an even slower speed, she took both sides of her underwear with her hands.  She let it sink down onto the top of her long, sexy legs.  Further and further it went down.  Her pussy was hairless and arousing.  Her face revealed her shame when her pussy was completely uncovered.  She bent forward to finish her underwear removal and her tits bounced.  Tears of shame, embarrassment, and fear filled her eyes as the underwear fell to the ground.  She stood there naked before me, a goddess of beauty.

"Take off all of my clothes."
"Do it."
"...but I..."
"Do it now or else."
"Please I can give you anything, just please don't make me!"
"Haven't you figured it out yet?  The only thing I want is your body.  And you're going to give it to me whether you like it or not."
"...are...are...are you going to...rape me?"
"What do you think bitch?"
"Oh God, please don't rape me!  I'll do anything, anything!"
"Take off my clothes."
"Do it now."

She sighed in defeat and took off my coat.  She let it fall to the floor and slowly unbuttoned my shirt.  I told her to fold it up nice and neat and she did so.  She almost didn't take off my pants, fearing my huge erection.  After a few more calm threats from me, she slowly took my belt off and let my pants sink to the floor.  My cock got harder as she pulled my boxers down.

"Face the wall with your back to me.  Put your hands by your side and keep them there."
"Please...don't do this..."

She pleaded with me as she cooperated, hoping I wouldn't violate her sexually.  Her hopes were dashed when I walked behind her and my cock rubbed against her ass.  My hands wrapped around her body and I started rubbing her breast.

"Please...please don't do this, please!"

Ignoring her plea, I continued to slowly rub her breast.  She moaned softly as I squeezed her.  A louder moan escaped her lips when my lips pressed against her neck.  As I started sucking on her neck, she continued to beg me to stop.  My hands squeezed her breast more roughly.  Her soft nipples slowly hardened under my fingers.

"Grab your panties and stuff them in your mouth."
"I don't want your screams to be heard, that's why bitch!"
"Please, don't rape me please!"
"I'll do whatever I want to you cunt and there's nothing you can do about it."

She sighed in defeat and finally crammed her panties in her mouth.  I instructed her to scream into them.  The sound that came out was muffled and probably wouldn't be heard from the outside.  Perfect.

"Keep your panties in your mouth and stand like we were a second ago.  If the panties come out then I will do far worse things to you."

She moans and tears fill her perfect eyes.  I move closer to her and my cock once again rubs against her ass.  She moans in surprise as I slide an inch of my meat into her tight ass.  My hands grope her breast and pinch her nipples.  She made muffled moans as another inch went inside her hot little ass.

I pull out a little and shove half of my hard cock into her tight little ass.  Her muffled screams fill the room as I grope her breast more roughly.  Her nipples stand erect through my fingers.  As I savor the tightness of her ass, she emits a moan of relief, thinking I've stopped fucking her ass.  Her moan turns to fear as I bring my mouth close to her ear and whisper "that's only half of me inside you cunt!  You won't be able to sit down for a week when I'm done with your hot tight ass!"  She screams louder through the gag as I force all of my hard cock into her nice, tight ass.  Drool escapes her mouth and drips onto my hands as I'm groping her beautiful breast.  I fuck her in and out slowly at first, then faster and faster and faster.  Her moans and cries make me even hornier and I can feel my cock start to throb.  My hands squeeze her breasts as hard as they can while I shoot my warm, sticky sperm all into her ass.  Tears flow from her eyes and my cock softens inside her ass.

"Take your underwear out of your mouth.  Take that and your bra and wipe them on your ass.  I want my cum all over them."
"Please don't make me!"
"Do it."
"Please, I'll do anything but that, please!"
"Ok.  Beg me to fuck your pussy."
"No, please not that anything but that!"
"You just told me you'd do anything.  Those are your two choices cunt."
"Please, please don't make me do them!"
"Tell you what, I'll give you a third choice because I'm feeling generous.  Fuck my cock with your tits."
"Wh...what?  How do I do that?"
"You know how to you lying bitch.  Just put my cock between your tits and rub them on it."
"No, please no!"
"Do you want me to decide for you?"
"Ok, ok I...I...I'll rub your cock with my tits."

She slowly walked over to me in defeat.  Tears continued to flow from her perfect eyes as she surrounded my softened cock with her breasts.  Her hands held her breasts as they moved up and down against my cock.  My prick slowly hardened and I ordered her to squeeze her breasts harder against my cock.  She did so and I moaned with pleasure as my pole became harder and harder. Finally it was fully erect again.

"You will beg me to fuck you now."
"Please, don't!  I...I don't want you to rape me!"
"And I won't rape you because you'll be begging me to fuck you."
"You fucking bastard I'll..."
"You'll do what?  Have you forgotten about your daughter?  Perhaps I should rape her instead.  How would you live with yourself knowing you could have prevented your daughter from being raped?"
"Please...stop this..."
"Ok, I guess I'll just leave you here and go to where your daughter is..."
"No!  I'll do anything!  Just please don't make me beg like that!"
"You got off easy last time.  This time you aren't so lucky.  Now I'm going to count to five and if you don't beg me by that time I will fuck your daughter.  One"
"Please, don't make me, please no!"
"No, please don't!"
"I haven't done anything to you, please don't make me!"
"...please fuck me!"
"I knew you would see reason cunt.  But you have to beg me better than that.  Put lust in your voice and really beg me to fuck you."
"I want you to fuck me mister.  Fuck me harder and harder and harder."
"You have one more chance to lose the anger in your voice and turn it into lust."
"I want your hard cock inside me.  Please fuck me, I'm begging you!  I want you to fuck my pussy so hard!"
"That's better.  Now lay on the floor and put your panties in your mouth again.  I don't want to risk anyone hearing your moans of pleasure."

She complies and without even being told to she spreads her legs.  I tell her she must be a whore for opening up herself to me and that she must really want me to fuck her hard.  She doesn't reply, but her face burns with rage and embarrassment.  She does nothing when I lay on top of her until my cock brushes her pussy lips.  She decides to struggle then, moaning and pushing against my chest with her hands.  I don't bother to reprimand her because this is exactly how I wanted to fuck her.  Muffled moans escaped her lips as I pinned her arms down to the floor and crushed her breast with my chest.  Her head turns from side to side, trying to tell me no.  Her muffled moans tell me how much she doesn't want me to fuck her, and I taunt those moans. "Mmm, I'm not even inside you and you're already moaning.  You're such a whore, you really enjoy this don't you?" Her anger and shame turns to fear and pleading as the head of my cock continues to brush against her pussy lips.

Keeping her arms pinned, I ram part of my cock inside of her.  She screams and tears flow like a river from her eyes.  Her pussy feels nice and wet.  It isn't as tight as I wanted it to be, but her muffled screams and pleads for me to stop more than make up for it.  More of my hard cock invades her hot, wet pussy and she tries desprately to move her arms so she can throw me off of her.  It doesn't work and her head continues to move frantically from side to side.  I release her arms so I can rub her breast under me.  She quickly makes a fist and attempts to hit me hard.  I don't even feel her blows as I roughly rub her hot breast.  My mouth attacks her left nipple.  It has softened up a little, but soon it grows fully erect in my mouth.  I am about to thrust the rest of my hard, throbbing cock into her hot wet pussy when I realize her breast is producing milk.

"Well, well, well.  Looks like someone is sexually excited.  I bet your daughter is still breast feeding, am I right?"

I don't know if she responds to my question or not and I don't care.  My hands squeeze her left breast and milk slowly streams into my mouth.  Her moans are priceless.  I squeeze and suck her left breast until the flow of the milk stops.  After drinking all of the milk from her left breast, I whisper in her ear how much enjoyment she had out of all of this.  Her face flushes with shame and she moans, trying to convince me she isn't enjoying it.  Her moan turns into a scream as I unexpectedly ram my cock into her pussy.  Mmm, her pussy is so warm, wet, and tight.  This slut deserves to be fucked for a long time!  I crush her to the floor as I make slow, deep thrusts into her pussy.  With each thrust she moans and tears continue to flow from her face.  Her breasts are crushed under my chest and I can feel some milk slowly seeping out of her right breast.  I continue to slowly make deep thrusts into her pussy.  She grunts and moans beautifully with each thrust.  Gradually, my thrusts get harder and harder and faster and faster.  Her moans of protest are cut off when I press my lips against hers hard.  My cock is now pounding her, the moans escaping from her are a mixture of pain and pleasure.  Looking into her fear filled eyes, I can see the pleasure inside them as well.

"You're such a whore, you love my cock penatrating your pussy.  It's so wet and juicy, you're so horny aren't you slut?"

Tears stream from her eyes and fall down her cheeks as I start to roughly fuck that wonderful pussy of hers. Her panties at some point fell out of her mouth.


"You know you want it you filthy whore mmmm mmmm ooooh mmm yeah.  Yeah, you don't care who you fuck, such a desprate little slut"

Her moans are cut off again as I cover her mouth with my hand.  It makes her muffled moans of protest all the more beautiful.  As her wetness increases, she closes her eyes.  Harder and faster and harder and faster.  Suddenly her hips wiggle under me in a desperate attempt to force my cock out of her pussy.  My body presses down harder on her.  As she gives another long moan of torment, my cock throbs and squirts a warm jet of sticky sperm inside her.  The cum flows deep into her pussy as I keep my cock inside her, tormenting her as I force her to look at me.  She looks into my eyes.

"Please, you had your fun, let me go please!"

I slowly pull out of her pussy with a wet plopping sound.

"You never did have to stay whore.  You could have left at any time."

Her face turns red with anger.  As I climb off of her she angrilly stares at the ground.

"Put your clothes on and get out."

"What about my daughter?"

"Your daughter is in the playground.  She was never in any danger."


"Temper, temper."

"I'm so reporting this rape, you don't deserve to walk away from this."

"What will you tell them?  You don't have any physical marks on your body other than what can happen during consentual sex.  I never raised my voice to you.  You could have walked out of that room any time you wanted."


"Yes, but she is around the other children.  The other children are closely watched by adults."

She looks at me in anger and sighs in defeat and I smile.

"If you were to cry rape, I would say it was consensual and you didn't want rumors to fly that you are a slut.  It is your word against mine."

She stared at me with rage filled in her eyes.  Quickly she got dressed and left the room with tears still flowing onto her perfect face.  I waited for a little bit before dressing.  After making sure everything was in place, I took a relaxing, deep breath and resumed the wedding festivities.
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Re: At My Cousin's Wedding
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Love how he used the "threat of haring her daughter!" to have his way with her. perfectly paced to hold the readers (Or at least this reader's) interest Merit awarded  from me!


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Re: At My Cousin's Wedding
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Threatening a woman and forcing her to have sex, never gets old and always hot.
Good job, keep it up.

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Re: At My Cousin's Wedding
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Great story!  I love that she will keep seeing him at the rest of the wedding and know that she can't tell anyone what happened.

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Re: At My Cousin's Wedding
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Thanks all!

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Re: At My Cousin's Wedding
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Love stories from the rapist’s perspective, great read!