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Huntress (Revised)
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Chapter List

Story information


Chapter 1

Chapter 2
The Hunter's Last Victim

Chapter 3
Birth of Huntress

Chapter 4
The Lifeguard

Chapter 5
The Married Man

Chapter 6
The Driver

Chapter 7
Dream Revelations

Chapter 8
Sexual Interrogation

Chapter 9

Chapter 10
The Lesbian


Story Information

The Kidnapping Chronicles

The Red Rose Rapist - prequel
The Hunter - Part 1
Huntress - Part 2 <---you are here
LK - Part 3
The Masked Marauder - Part 4
Melinda's Tale - Part 5
The Masked Marauder II - Allen's Revenge - Part 6

     This story is part 2 of The Kidnapping Chronicles.  If you would like to avoid spoilers, read The Hunter before reading this story. It is also recommended, but not necessary to read The Red Rose Rapist before reading this story. It is a prequel to The Kidnapping Chronicles. The story mostly focuses on a female raping different men after she herself is raped. There is one instance of attempted lesbian rape. The story is part of a complex plot involving mysteries and betrayal. Because of that, character deaths are present but will not be told in graphic detail. If you want to skip the plot and read the female raping male scenes then they will be chapter 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10 (8 and 10 will have some plot within but will be centered around female raping male.) This story is a rewritten version of my original Huntress story.

 And now I give you, the revised edition of Huntress


     It all began the day I heard a loud voice outside my grandparent's house.  A young man looked angry at the black truck in front of the house. Why would he be angry? They were here as living assistants for my grandparents. I decided to get closer so I could hear and investigate.

     " think I'm with the feds like FBI or something?"

     "Yeah. You have a black van and you’re wearing a black suit and I bet in that black van is a black device that allows you to somehow listen to what I’m talking about."

     I stepped on a branch and he turned around with a crazed look in his eyes.

     "So the van is here because we need people to help take care of my grandparents."

     The crazed look in his eyes faded. He explained that something he saw on Facebook freaked him out and he had just lost his head. Something was off with that explanation, but I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. I told him about a time I saw something creepy too. We introduced ourselves and he gave more of his background. He had killed his aunt and uncle in self defense. I remembered the story from the news. It was awful. His aunt killed his parents and kept their heads in her basement. No wonder Paul was so paranoid. No one would be normal so soon after a traumatic event like that happened!

     I warmed up to him. He had a nice charm. We had small talk for a little while longer and at one point I felt a creepy vibe coming from him. He gave me a look for a split second like he wanted to do more than just chat. The look quickly disappeared. Maybe I imagined it? Paul apologized to the driver for yelling at him and left. I must have imagined that look. He wasn't a bad guy, he just had horrible things happen to him.

     My phone buzzed with a call from my friend Caroline.  I answered after making sure I had enough battery for a long phone call. Caroline was quite a talker. A lot of people didn't like her for it, but I didn't mind. She was good at conversation, you just had to know when to contribute at the right moments and when to politely tell her you needed to go.  Her sister Catherine had been taken by The Hunter. I had seen that in the news as well and had mixed feelings about a serial kidnapper. Ever since I was young, I had a fantasy of being kidnapped and my captor doing whatever they wanted with me.  In my fantasy, I would pretend to be tied up and pretend someone was touching my privates. Sometimes it was a man and sometimes a woman. Gender of my captor didn't matter. I'm bisexual. Anyway, back to the phone call. Caroline had just gotten a new alarm system so the police decided it wasn't necessary to have someone posted near the house anymore. She wanted me to stay with her the first night just in case.

     Of course, The Hunter came for Caroline that very night. I heard the back door unlock and open as I lay in Catherine's bed, attempting to sleep. What was going on? Why didn't the alarm go off? Oh that's right I had turned it off when pizza came and forgot to turn it back on. Shit! I peaked out of the room just in time to see a dark figure too tall to be Caroline slink into her room. I thought about calling the police, but then wondered what if Caroline called another friend to be intimate. She did things like this all the time after all with other women. I decided to quietly follow just to make sure.

     When I heard muffled moans from Caroline and vaguely saw the other person's pants look like a tent, it became perfectly clear. This was The Hunter. I knew Caroline would not have a man over to be intimate. My cell phone was still in Catherine's bedroom charging. I attempted to quickly and quietly get back to the bedroom without being noticed.


     Ow! Ow! Ow! I ran into the bookcase. Oh fuck that was loud, did he hear me? He had to have heard me! I ran out the front door and forgot about the screen door slamming. If he didn't hear the thump, then he definitely heard that! I ran to the side of the house where it was dark, hoping he wouldn't see me. It was fun to pretend to be kidnapped, but not fun when the danger was real. Someone kidnapping my friend wasn't fun either. I couldn't help but sob as reality sunk in. Caroline was taken. I couldn't do anything to stop it. Eventually, I gathered the courage to quietly enter the house and call the police. It was the most frightening moment of my life.
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Re: Huntress (Revised)
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Chapter 1

     The Hunter was a scourge among Texans. No one knew who he was or where he would strike next. Each time a new story came out people would be terrified and rightly so. Part of me continued to have the kidnapping fantasy. There were times where I pretended The Hunter took me instead of Caroline that night. Soon each time I heard a victim was taken, I would fantasize about it being me instead. I didn't know that soon my fantasy would become a nightmare reality.

     It was the day of my grandfather's funeral when I saw Paul walking through the cemetery. I recognized him right away. He looked really handsome.  My heart fluttered as I walked over towards him.


     “I’m sorry, do I know you?”

     “You do! The last time we spoke you had just moved out of the Nealon house and into your aunt and uncle's.”

     "Oh wow that was what? 5 years ago? Come to think of it you do look familiar. Oh...I remember that day now..."

     "Don't worry about that. You had terrible things happen to you."

     "Thanks, your name is Tina right?

     I giggle and wink at him.

     “Yup, it is Tina! It’s so good to see you! How have you been?”

     “Not so good. My grandfather!” I gesture towards the coffin.

     “Sorry for your loss.”

     “Thank you. It was his time though and he's not in any more pain. Are you visiting a grave today?”

     “No. Sometimes I like to walk through the cemetery to think. No one usually bothers me here, but I’m glad you came to talk to me! I must say, five years did a wonder on your body. You look very beautiful.”

     I giggle and thanked him. I beckoned him closer  like I was about whisper something in his ear. He was surprised when I kissed his lips. I was the next one to be surprised as his tongue invaded my mouth. He held me closer as we kissed and I was in heaven. For one moment I knew what it’s like to have true happiness. The kiss broke and I felt my face turn a little red.

     “I didn't know you liked me. I thought you were scared of me.”

     “I do like you. I'm not afraid.” I beckoned him closer and whispered in his ear “How big is your penis?”

     He surprised me by instantly answering. Oh my! Suddenly I’m glad I decided to make the first move. Sex with him would definitely be so wonderful.

     “What’s your breast size” he whispered in my ear. I whispered it to him.

     “Want to see my cock?”

     “Oh yes I do my bad, bad boy. Would you like to see my tits and my hot, wet pussy?”

     “I would love to my naughty girl!”

     “I’m a virgin you know” I said with a wink.

     “I am too. I haven’t really thought about having sex until just now!” he says with a devilishly sexy look in his eyes. The foreplay drove me wild. My pussy was already wet and hungered for Paul’s hard cock. We kissed again, longer this time. Our tongues danced and his hands slowly moved down to my ass. The kiss broke as I remembered I had somewhere I needed to be.

     “I’d love to have more fun with you tonight, but I need to go.”

     “That sucks! Hey I know somewhere where we can be totally alone tomorrow. It’s far out of the way, but worth it.”

     “Sure, I'd love to."


     I meet Paul early in the morning and we shared another passionate kiss. I thought I was in love! I felt as if I was floating on a cloud with sweet aromas wafting in the breeze. He even wore cologne! I didn’t smell that on him the day before. Ah, he smelled like fresh cut spring flowers spewed over a babbling brook with a hint of lemon. Oh I wanted to have sex with him right then! I became horny! His eyes were...scary? No, that was probably a trick of the light. "Tina Elaine Hill you’ve GOT to stop imagining things," I thought to myself. I was glad my imagination didn’t ruin the mood! He asked me if I would join him at his house. My heart fluttered. Maybe we'll have sex!

     "Yes. Before we drive over there I want us to touch each other. A preview for what's to come."

     "Sounds sexy."

     “My pussy is so wet. I want your cock Paul. Can I touch it now?”

     “You may only if I can feel your hot, wet pussy Tina.”

     I giggled and winked at him. We each slid our hands into the other’s pants. Oh my mercy me! His cock was so hard! Ah, his hand made my pussy feel so good!

     “Mmm, rub me harder!”

     He rubbed me harder and I moaned loudly. Our next kiss felt like the white hot intensity of a thousand suns! Oh his tongue again! I sucked on his tongue this time while we continued to rub each other’s most private areas.

     I lifted up my shirt, revealing my braless breasts. He looked at them and then smiles a dreamy smile. Slowly, he rubbed my breast and gave my nipples a few light pinches. I giggled each time he pinched my nipple. He took one of my nipples into his mouth and rubbed my pussy again. I moan louder and louder and louder as my pussy released one of the best orgasms I ever had.

     "Let's finish at my place. Don't want anyone to interrupt us."

     "Good idea."

     The signs above the road warned people to be on the lookout for The Hunter. I shivered. "I hope that guy is caught."

     "The whole state is afraid. It's sad really."

     His words said one thing but his tone said something else. He almost sounded happy. I dismissed it and thought he was just happy because we were about to be intimate.

     "I saw him one night...WATCH OUT FOR THE TRUCK!!!”

     “Sorry, got distracted.”

     “My God Paul, you’ve got to me more careful. Would you like me to drive? Do you need to pull over?”

     “No, I’m alright. How did you see m...The Hunter?”

     “Well, I was at my friend Caroline's house one night...”


     “I know right! I couldn't do anything to save her."

     "You can't do anything to save yourself either" he said as we parked in front of an old farmhouse.

     "If only I had called 911 first...wait what?" Did I hear him right?

     "You can't do anything to save yourself either."

     "Wh...wh...what do you mean Paul?"

     "I think you mean..."


     "...The Hunter!"

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Re: Huntress (Revised)
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Chapter 2
The Hunter's Last Victim

     Before I knew it a stinky cloth covered my face. I tried to push his hand away, but wasn't strong enough. Soon I realized I couldn't move my arms and legs! The cloth abandoned my face and I breathed in a deep, fresh breath.

     "This is a special chemical. It prevents movement from the neck down. You'll still be able to talk while"

     "Please no! Oh God please no! Put me down! No! What are you doing! No please!"

     He picked me up and moved me to the backseat of the car. He undressed, revealing his massive cock.

     "Please...please don't do this please no!"

     "Oh but earlier you wanted it didn't you slut? Hahahahaha, 'do you want to see my tits and pussy...' why yes I'd love to!"

     "No, no please! Stop touching me please! Don't do this! I'll do anything just don't do this!"

     He ignored my pleas and ripped my clothing away from my body. His hands loomed over my breast.

     "'Oh look Paul I'm not wearing a bra' thanks for making it easier to play with you slut."

     “Fuck you fucking bastard! Don't touch me there! Please stop!”

     He grabbed my right nipple between his thumb and forefinger and twisted really hard. I screamed as loud as I possibly could and begged him to stop. He ignored me and twisted even harder.

     “HAHAHAHA! You love this you fucking slut! But the other nipple isn’t getting ANY attention. We’ll fix that!”

     “No! Don’t do this, please! It hurts! It HU HU HURRRRRTS!”

     He continued to twist my right nipple while his teeth bit down hard on the left. I was in so much pain! He moved his head away from my breast, causing it and my nipple to stretch painfully.


     He finally stopped, but my nipples were still in tremendous pain. Then he bit down hard on my right nipple and I continued to beg and plead for the torment to end. My voice was horse from all the screaming and I didn't know how much more pain I could endure. My fingers squeezed the seatbelt. Wait, my fingers were able to move! If I could just move my arms and push him away. Fuck! He noticed I moved!

     Paul cackled with a wild look in his eyes. He picked me up screaming from the car and carried me toward the side of the house. A rope hung from a tree.

     "NO, please don't kill me please no I'll do anything please!"

     "Tantalizing Tina, it would be a shame for you to die now and have your body go to waste. I haven't used it properly yet!"

     I screamed for someone, anyone to help me. He tied my wrists behind my back from the rope on the tree. I understood then what he used the rope for. He could position me however he wanted, on the ground or dangling above it. Thankfully my feet were still on the ground. He anchored the rope on a post sticking out of the ground.

     “Now those lovely tits have been getting attention. I bet that pussy of yours is lonely.”

     “No, please don’t rape me! NO, PLEASE DON’T! SOMEONE HELP ME!”

     “HAHAHAHAHAHA! `Rub me harder Paul, I want your cock Paul!’ Yeah, you’re a filthy whore who loves to get raped. Your pussy wants my hard cock doesn’t it?”

     “Please no I’m a virgin, please don’t rape me NO!”

     “Now I thought you were lying about that like I was! Oh well, I’ll find out soon enough!”

     He grabbed my right leg and positioned it where my pussy was totally exposed to his member. His cock brushed the entrance. I moaned and whimpered in fear. Suddenly I felt pain! So much pain!

     “OOOOOW! Please, stop ta...ta...take it OOOOUT!”

     “Mmm, you’re definitely a virgin. Oooh yeah you like me fucking you don’t you? Mmmm, yeah mmmm, such a great pussy!”

     “No OOOH p p pl please sss ssstoooop OOOH AAAAH!”

     “You’re so nice and wet slut, mmmm yeah!”

     “G g get th the fuck ooh OOOH out of me!”

     “Mmm, you like this don’t you? Ooh, there’s some blood coming out! Yeah, you’re no longer a virgin now slut!”

     “Uuuh, please OOOH le let me go”

     My body betrayed me as my moans of protest became moans of pleasure. A wave of fire swept through me as a massive orgasm hit. Finally, he pulled out of my wet cunt. Shame and embarrassment flooded my senses. My eyes filled with tears with my innocence gone. He grabbed my hair and forced me to look in his eyes. The eyes of the kind troubled man I met were gone. These eyes were filled with lust, darkness, and pain. Fuck he was going to kill me eventually!

     “Your tight pussy was awesome my little slut, but I it as tight as your ass?”

     “No, please, no!”

     He slowly walked behind me and I pleaded with him to not fuck my ass. I screamed again for help even though I knew in the back of my mind there was no rescue coming for me. Suddenly I heard a faint noise. What was that? Before I could figure out the strange sound, Paul slowly inserted the head of his cock in my ass. It was excruciatingly painful and I continued to beg and plead for it all to stop. My arms are crammed in his chest and cramping from being behind my back. His hands mauled my breast as his cock thrust into my ass. I screamed louder from the pain. My ass was on fire. I felt his fingers pinch my nipples. Fuck it hurt so bad!

     “No more, no more please! I can’t take anymore! PLEASE STOP!”

     Oh God I could feel his cock throbbing! He was going to cum in my ass! No, he pulled out of my ass before he came.

     “Where should I cum in you...I wonder...should I cum in your ass, or should I cum in that nice tight pussy of yours?”

     “Please just let me go don't cum in either place! I won't say a word I swear! I swear!"

     He ignored my feeble plea and roughly shoved his cock hard into my wet cunt. I could feel his cum spraying the inside of my vagina. He took his cock out and squirted all over my breast. Then he rubbed his dirty cock all over my body; my face, my hair, my ass. Everywhere. I felt so dirty and unclean. Wait...there was the sound again...what is it? Paul didn't seem to notice the sound and slowly pressed his tongue all over my bosom. I was so dirty and filthy. Tears streamed down my face. I felt so defeated that I didn't bother pleading with him to stop anymore.

     “Well my little slut, normally I kill my victims at this point, but you are special! I think I’ll have one more fuck before you die!”

     My mind was numb. I didn't care what he had just said. All I felt was a cock in my pussy again and it felt good this time. Why did it feel good? What's wrong with me? Why did I enjoy this feeling?
     “Oooh, fuck me harder Paul! Rape me! Oooh!”

     Did I just say that? Why did those words come out of my mouth? Paul looked surprised too. To my surprise, he pulled out of my pussy. Oh God he’s really going to kill me now! He walked to his pants where there was probably a gun or a knife or something. Shit! Oh God no! Then I heard the sound again and recognized it this time. There were people whispering nearby. I strained to listen!

     “...but she liked it the second time...”

     Even the voices made me feel ashamed! I must have gone mad! I couldn't worry about that then because Paul had something in his hand. Oh shit I was going to die! Paul slowly crept toward me, probably savoring the moment. If I could just get my wrists free...wait...there was the knot...If I just wiggle a little this way...YES! I held onto the rope and pretended to still be helpless as he got closer and closer to me. He lunged for me and I dodged him. I had the element of surprise on my side and strangled his neck with the rope. "You should have never been born you fucking sick bastard" were the last words he ever heard.

     I slumped to the ground, the realization of what just happened hit me like a plane on a runway. My body and mind were numb. After a few moments I realized I was staring at Paul's pants on the ground. Something stuck out of his pocket. A journal. What all did he write down? Was I in there? I had a burning desire to know and opened the journal.
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Re: Huntress (Revised)
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Chapter 3
Birth of Huntress

     That last victim was tasty for a while, but like all the others she just quit struggling and was broken. Someday I'll figure out how to keep my victims struggling. The struggle despite whatever I say to my victims is tantalizing.  I'll need a new victim soon to replace Melissa's spot.

     I visited and spat on the graves of Melinda and Bill today. They didn't deserve to rest in peace. After I walked away from their grave, my next victim found me. I didn't recognize her at first. Tina was her name. I remembered then I met her on the day I yelled at a dude cause I thought he was spying on me. That was right after I moved out of the Nealon's and into the old farmhouse. Tina certainly aged well these past years! Her brown eyes looked especially innocent. It would be fun to watch the innocence drain from her eyes.

     She interrupted my thoughts and kissed me.  Wow, I didn't have to do anything to get her to like me!  It would be so easy to convince her to come with me.  Raping her was going to be so easy too!  We messed around for a few more minutes before she said she had to go.  Damn!  I asked if she wanted to be alone somewhere tomorrow. She agreed and didn't suspect anything! Ah Tina, you're going to be the easiest to bring back to the farmhouse!

     That crafty little bastard!  In my frustration I slammed the diary on the ground and screamed as loud as I could until I couldn't scream any longer. I collapsed on the ground, numb and broken.


     Ugh why was it hot? Why was I outside naked? The memory of what had happened rushed back to me. I wept and realized I needed to get away from this place. Paul's journal caught my eye again. I was drawn to it and couldn't help myself. Hey, weren't there more pages last night? There were more pages! He wrote about me I know he did! Who the hell ripped out pages in this journal? Perplexed, I decided to read what was left. Maybe whoever ripped out the pages missed something.

     I was shocked to find out the first victim died by accident. The torment of Catherine was mentioned next and reading about it made me wet. There was the day he met me. Caroline's torment was here as well. My hand found itself on my sopping wet cunt as I read through Caroline and Catherine's ordeal...wait...why did it skip over to another victim? What happened to Caroline and Catherine? Were they...were they just here? Were those the whisperers?



     Not even the wind answered me. Aside from my two screams all was quiet. I felt shame as I realized I screamed for them while still nude. My clothes, were were my clothes? I found the remains of my clothing in the car. There was no way I could save them. Paul's clothes would probably be enough to cover me. It was a disgusting thought, but I decided his clothes were better than no clothes. The clothes were big for me, but passable. Now I just needed to figure out where the whispers came from. I searched around the farmhouse and found no one. The house had no one in it either, but it did have some strange objects in various places. Probably stuff he used to torment his victims. The thought of victim torment made my pussy wet again. Damn I fucking hated Paul right then.

     Something in my mind snapped at that moment. Men rape women all the damn time and get away with it. What would happen if a woman did the same to a man? The thought of me raping men made me horny as hell. I needed a name to go by. I smiled and thought of the perfect name. I had seen the computer and paper he used to make his Hunter cards. It was simple to change a few letters. I left the paper in one of the bedrooms on the bed. Someone would find Paul outside his home eventually. I didn't know how long it would take and I didn't care. All that mattered was they would know the name of the one who killed him. Huntress.


     The next day at home I turned on the tv for background noise. I was originally going to figure out my game plan of where was I going to rape a man and who it should be. The local news drew my focus away as it talked about a murder at an address I was very familiar with.

     "Ok we're going to keep you updated with this story as it develops. What we know so far is a census worker discovered the body outside the house when he entered the property to gather information for this year's census. Randy is in front of the property right now and has the latest. Randy?"

     "Thanks Pat. I've spoken with investigators who suspect fowl play in the murder of Paul Hunter. Now you may remember him from several years ago when his parents were murdered by his aunt and he was forced to kill both his aunt and uncle in self defense. The police have no motive for the crime yet but have specified there is evidence of fowl play..."

     "Randy I'm going to have to interrupt you here. The police chief is holding a press conference at city hall right now to update us about the case. We've got a live look at that now. Let's listen..."

     "...terrible tragedy. Yet through this tragedy, we have discovered something astounding. We took DNA at the scene from both the victim and found DNA samples outside the house as well as numerous DNA evidence inside the house. The only DNA that matched to anything in the database was Paul Hunter's DNA. We can confirm through DNA testing that Paul Hunter was the notorious kidnapper who liked to call himself The Hunter."

     Well, that was quick. I didn't expect them to find him so soon. How fortunate for me. They know there is a new threat now!

     "If anyone has any information about The Hunter's victims you will be rewarded."

     "Pffft, good luck with that one since someone tore out pages of Paul's journal."

     "...believe that two nights ago there were at least seven women, possibly all of them victims, outside the home based on evidence we've found..."

     Wait hold on, seven women? I thought I was the only one there? Wait, the whispers! The whispers were real! But who the hell were the women and why didn't they help me? Suddenly I heard a loud knock at my door.

     "Yes, can I help you?"

     "I'm Inspector Griffin. I need to ask you about someone you met a few years ago. Paul Hunter."

     My heart leapt to my throat. He knew! Wait, no he couldn't have known. The pages in his journal were ripped out.

     "Yeah, I just saw on the news. He was in the cemetery when I was at my grandpa's funeral. I....kissed him..."

     "You kissed him?"

     "Yeah I met him 5 years ago and recognized him. He was a little off when I met him but I figured it was because of what happened to him ya know?"

     "Go on."

     "Ok well when I recognized him he seemed like he was ok and I liked him so...I kissed him. We were going to go out on a date the next day, but when he came to my house I got a real creepy vibe from him. I lied and told him my mom was sick inside and I needed to take care of her. He left."

     "Anything else?"

     "That's it."

     "You were lucky. Here's my card. If you think of anything at all no matter how small you might think it is, call me. The Hunter may be dead, but his victims need to be found to give families closure."

     "If I think of anything, I'll call you."

     "Thanks. Take care."

     Inspector Griffin left me alone with my thoughts. Who should I rape? How am I going to do it? When am I going to do it? And who in the hell were the six women who whispered outside near the house?

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Re: Huntress (Revised)
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Chapter 4
The Lifeguard

     A small public pool in my town became the perfect spot for my devious plan. I had worked at this pool as a lifeguard when I was a teenager over the summer. The pool usually had a few hundred people inside and closed at 5. If you wanted to have a pool party, you could do so between the hours of 5 and 8 pm. A lifeguard who worked during a pool party would have to do several tasks to get ready for the next day. If the pool party was small enough to where only one lifeguard was needed for the night, then they'd probably be at the pool until 9 pm. The entrance to the pool would be unlocked until the lifeguard left.

     My plan was a simple one.  I'd casually drive by the pool at about 8:20 and see the number of parked cars. One car would likely mean there was a pool party with one lifeguard on duty. No cars meant nobody there. More than one car meant more than one lifeguard on duty. The single lifeguard on duty would be my victim.

     "Excuse me."

     "Oh, ma'am the pool is closed right now"

     "Oh, I know sir. I lost my cell phone and am retracing my steps to try and find it."

     "I don't remember seeing a cell phone today, but I can check and see if someone turned one in."

     "Oh thank you!"

     It was the perfect story. A cell phone got lost and maybe someone turned it in. The lifeguard turned his back on me to look for the "lost" cell phone. That allowed me to quickly grab his arms and handcuff his wrists behind his back.

     "Oh ha ha, very funny. Ok who put you up to this. Was it Mike?"

     "No. It wasn't Mike."

     "Larry? Larry where are you hiding? You know I'll get you back for this prank!"

     "Larry isn't here."

     "Oh duh, it has to be Brian. He's still mad about the laxative in the brownie. Ok Brian! You got me!"

     "No one is pranking you. I'm just here to have some fun. You like fun don't you?"

     "Hey! No! Let go of my trunks! What are you doing?"

     "We're going to have some fun. You. Me. Your mouth. My breast. Your cock. My pussy."

     "Wait! I'm Catholic! I'm saving myself for marriage!"

     "Mmmm, a virgin huh? And a Catholic! So you probably haven't seen a woman's breast in front of you right?"

     "Please lady, I don't know you. You could have a disease and give it to me or something. Just let me go. Let me go now and I won't say a word!"

     "Go ahead. Tell. Tell people that a woman randomly came by and raped you. Tell them Huntress raped you. Who will believe you?"

     "Hey! No wait put your clothes back on. I really am Catholic! God please forgive me!"

     "All the prayers in this world won't help you now."

    After I undressed in front of him I pulled down his swim trunks. His cock was rock hard. My pussy was already wet, hungry for that thick meat. I forced him to the ground with me on top of him.

    "Shhh, don't worry Mr. Catholic. Losing your virginity isn't so bad. You get to see my naked body. Get your first experience of sucking a woman's privates. You'll even get your first handjob. Come on Mr. Catholic. You know you've always wanted this. A woman pleasuring you."

     "No, not like this! Please not like this!"

     "Too bad. You don't get a choice!"

     I shoved my bare bosom in his face. Muffled screams erupted from my chest. His body writhed in a desperate attempt to get air. I pulled my breast away. He gasped and heavily breathed in and out.

     "Now, you're going to suck on my nipple and do exactly as I say. Or else you'll get smothered by my breast again."

     He didn't cooperate when I brought my nipple to his mouth. Both his mouth and eyes were tightly shut like a steel trap. I pressed his face into the middle of my breast again, harder this time.

     "You just had to make this difficult. The more you resist, the more I'm going to make you do. You know the penalty for refusing to do exactly what I say."

     Muffled moans was the only response from him. I pulled my chest away and allowed his lungs to recover.

     "Beg to suck my nipple."

     "Please lady I don't want to do this."

     "I've told you my name. Call me Huntress. Now last chance. Beg to suck my nipple."


     "Fine. Have it your way."

     "Wait Huntress! Please let me!"

     "Please let me what?"

     "Please let me your n...n..nipple."

     "That's a good boy. You deserve a reward for being a good boy. You'll get it soon. Beg me again to suck my nipple. And keep those eyes open like a good boy."

     "Please Huntress. Please let me suck your n...nipple."

     My breast moved inches from his face again. His mouth opened this time and allowed my nipple to pop inside. Mmmm, it felt so good. I praised him for being such a good boy. My hand wrapped around his thick cock. He made disapproval noises but didn't stop sucking on my nipple. I explained to him his reward was pleasuring his meat. Slowly my hand went up and down the shaft. The disapproval noises that came from him ceased, replaced by moans of pleasure. Moans escaped my lips. My pussy tingled with anticipation.

     "You were such a good boy Mr. Catholic. That wasn't too bad now was it?"

     "Pl...please stop."

     "I said, that wasn't too bad now WAS IT?"


     "Mmm, sounds like someone is being a bad boy. And you know what happens to bad boys."

     "No, wait! wasn't so bad Huntress."

     "Good boy. Now, I want you to beg to stick that cock in my pussy. Beg for me to fuck you."

     "Please no! I'll do whatever you want just don't do this to me!"

     "What I want is your cock in my pussy. And I want you to beg me for it."

     "Please don't! I won't tell anyone if you leave now! I swear!"

     "Oh Mr. Catholic, you won't be telling anyone anything. No one would ever believe you if you did. Now, someone has been a naughty boy so you know what's coming."

     "No, please no don't dmmmmmmmmmmmmmph!"

     "You just had to be a naughty boy and make things difficult again didn't you?"


     "You WILL beg to have your cock in my pussy." I pulled my chest away from his face.

     "Please Huntress."

     "Please WHAT?"

     "Please Huntress, my c...c...cock wants to be..."

     "To be where?"

     " your pussy."

     "See? You said it and the world didn't blow up. Now BEG for it."

     "Please Huntress, please put my cock in your pussy."

     "Good boy!"

      I positioned my pussy right above his cock and slowly moved down. He moaned as the head of his cock brushed against my pussy. Slowly my hot wet pussy swallowed every inch of his thick hard cock. Mmmm, fuck it felt so good. Up and down I went on the shaft, moaning in pleasure. His cock felt amazing inside me. Soon his moans of pleasure joined the symphony. Pleasure filled my body as I rode his cock faster and faster. I screamed in pure delight when the orgasm hit. Mmmm, fuck I'd found just the right spot to ride his cock. I forgot everything in one glorious moment. All I knew was pleasure. Suddenly his moans became more primal. He was close. I rode his shaft in just the right spot to get another orgasm. His cock throbbed when the orgasm hit and I felt the warm, sticky sperm flow into my hungry wet cunt.

     My body lay on top of him. It didn't want to move. His cock softened and plopped out of my sopping wet cunt.

     "That...was a very good boy..."

     " got what you wanted....please...."

     "Of course. You were a good boy so I'll reward you."

     I had planned on having him eat my pussy, but my body at that point was done. My sopping wet cunt's appetite had been satisfied. I unlocked the cuffs. He remained there on the ground and curled up in a ball. After I got dressed, I decided to give him one last nasty tease before I left.

     "That felt amazing. When you work alone again, I'll be sure to come and visit!"

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Re: Huntress (Revised)
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Chapter 5
The Married Man

     Galveston, Texas was about an hour away from where I lived. A city like this would be perfect to find my next victim. Hotel bars likely had people who slept at the hotel as customers. All I needed was someone at a bar alone. Someone who kept to himself...or herself. Probably a guy because my pussy was hungry for a thick dick. Also I felt like guys needed to feel the shame, humiliation, and pain of being raped. Security cameras would pose a potential problem though...unless I wore a face mask. It wasn't unusual to occasionally see someone walk around with a disposable mask on. Before covid ravaged the world several years ago it would have been unusual and draw attention. But now I could wear one and not really be noticed. In fact people who delivered food sometimes still wore masks. A Door Dash worker would make the perfect lie since they have no official uniform. So all I needed to do was go to the bar, wait for a potential victim to order a drink, and hear him say his name or room number when the bartender asked for it. Then, I would leave the bar, put on my mask, pretend to be a delivery woman with a bag and empty to go boxes, and force myself onto my victim. What a great plan!

*knock knock knock*


     "Delivery from Door Dash to Mr. Herman Porterfield."

     "I am Herman, but I didn't order anything from Door Dash."

     "Well someone paid for this food along with tip so you don't owe me anything. Allow me to put this inside your room for you."

     "Free food is free food I guess. Come on in."

     I quickly went in the room and slipped a knife out of my pocket. His eyes grew wide when he saw it.

     "Don't scream. Do as I say and you won't be harmed."

     " did you know my name? Who are you?"

     "I am Huntress. I know many things."

     "What? Huntress? Then...that must killed him..."

     "Ah you're a smart man."

     "Please...I don't want to die..."

     "Do as I say and no harm will come to you."

     "Ok, just take what you want and go."

     "I will. First I want you naked on the bed. Handcuff your wrist to the post on the headboard."

     "I won't cause you any trouble. I'll stay out of the way while you get whatever it is you want. Please don't make me do that."

     "You know what I'm capable of."


     "Then you will do as I say. If you cooperate I'll take off the handcuffs before I leave. If you are difficult..."

     "Ok, ok I'll do it just please take what you want and go."

     "That's a good boy. See? You did what I told you and nothing bad happened. Now we're going to have some fun tonight."


     "Yes. My pussy has been aching for a nice hard cock. Yours is nice and hard right now. My breast is lonely too. It needs some attention. You're going to give it that attention."

     "No! I'm married! Please not that, anything but that..."

     "Oh Mr. Married. You're going to please me the only way a man can please a woman. Remember, if you're difficult the handcuffs stay. You don't want to be handcuffed to the bed for the rest of the time you're here now do you?"


     "So you're going to watch me. Watch as I take off this shirt. What do you think of my bra? Is it nice and sexy?"


     "Mm, being difficult I see. Looks like when I leave the handcuffs..."

     "No, no please! You...your bra looks nice and sexy."

     "Thank you! Now beg me to see my breast."

     "Please what?"

     "Please...let me see yo...your b....breast."

     "That's a good boy. You'll have to work on the begging part, but you'll get better at it. Now, my breast is so lonely. Rub it. Make it not feel lonely."

     "Please...please no..."

     "You're either going to rub it or I will shove my chest in your face and smother you with my bosom."

     "Ok, ok ok I'll do it..."

     "Mmmm, that feels so nice. See? This isn't so bad. I'm having fun and you're having fun too. Your cock just got a little harder. You know you want this. Your thick, hard cock just craves my tight, warm, sopping wet pussy doesn't it?"


     "DOESN'T IT? Say it!"

     "Please don't do this..."

     "That's a bad naughty boy. You know what happens to bad naughty boys."

     "No, what are you doing GET AWAMMMMMMMPH!"

     "You just had to make this difficult didn't you? I told you what would happen if you were difficult."


     "Now, let's try that again. Say it."


     "Your cock..."

     "W....want...s to be..."

     "Wants to be where?"

     " your p....pussy."

     "That's a good boy! Beg to see my pussy."


     "Please what?"

     "Please no..."

     "Such a bad naughty boy. You've brought this on yourself..."

     "NO wait please I'll say it!"

     "Then say it. Like a good boy."

     "Let me see your pussy."

     "Much better! Here you go, my pussy for your pleasure."

     "Please stop..."

     "Oh no, being difficult again. Well now that my pussy is exposed I can use that to smother you when you're difficult."

     "No! I'll behave!"

     "Good boy! Now, my pussy needs to be a little more wet before that nice cock of yours can meet it. Finger me."

     "Pleas stop this...I won't tell anyone if you leave now..."

     "Hahaha! Go ahead! Tell people! Tell them that Huntress randomly came to your hotel room to rape you! No one will ever believe you. Now, last chance. Finger me."

     "Ok, ok..."

     "Mmmm, that's a good boy. Go slow and deep. Aaaaah, just like that. Oh fuck! MMMmm, yeah, mmmm mmm, right there, oh right there! Mmmm, such a good boy. I'm nice and wet now."


     "Beg me to fuck you."

     "Please no..."

     "Beg me to fuck you. NOW!"

     "Please don't do this. I don't want this..."

     "Difficult again. Looks like my pussy will smother you..."

     "No, no please nmmmmmmmph!"

     "Hahaha, that's right you've been a bad naughty boy. This is what happens when you're difficult."

     "MMmmmmm mmmmmm *gasp*"

     "Beg. Me. To. Fuck. You."


     "Always have to be difficult..."

     "Ok! Ok!"


     "Please Huntress, please fuck me. I'm begging you to just fuck me."

     "Good boy!"

     It didn't take long for the orgasm to hit this time. I had just slid my pussy onto his cock when the wave of fire and pleasure hit. Moaning, I slid myself up and down that long, hard shaft. Fuck! It was even better than last time! He soon moaned, pleasure filled his body. Suddenly another wave of sweet, sweet pleasure hit. Another orgasm, just on the right spot. I sucked on his neck as I rode that cock faster and faster and faster. Moans grew louder and louder as our bodies molded together to become one. Faster, faster. Fuck! Oh fuck it felt so good! Another wave of pleasure hit as his moans became deep and long. He was close. I moaned into his ear as his dick coated my insides with his fluids. Mmmmm, so much better than last time!
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Re: Huntress (Revised)
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Chapter 6
The Driver

     "Please...I won't say a word if you just go..."

     "Ha! Go ahead! Tell. This is what you would say right? 'Please help me this Uber customer booked a long time period knowing that she'd be the last customer due to traffic times she researched on the internet. She tricked me at the end of the ride into looking for her earing in the back of my car! A knife was in her hand! I was forced to get in the back and strip. She raped me in the backseat of my car in a suburban alley!' Hahahaha! Tell the whole world Huntress raped you! Who is going to believe a story like that? No one. No one will ever believe."

     "Please don't do this..."

     "Now, now Mr. Uber. Just relax, cooperate, and you won't be harmed. We're just going to have fun in the backseat of your car. You like to have fun don't you?"


     "Say you like to have fun or you will be smothered by my breast."



     " to have fun."

     "That's a good boy. All you have to do is just be a good boy for me. It won't be so bad. You get to have fun after a long stressful day. You've had a stressful day right?"

     "Y...yes I've had a stressful day."

     "You just want to relax. You like that we're both naked in the backseat of your car right?"

     "Y... *sob* yes..."

     "Such a good boy. You deserve a reward for being so good. You get to rub my breast. You want to rub my breast don't you?"


     "DON'T YOU?"


     "SAY IT!"

     "Please Huntress, let me rub your breast."

     "You my rub them now. Give them a little squeeze too. Mmmm. Good boy! You deserve a reward for pleasuring me right?"


     "Your cock is so lonely. It wants to have fun with my breasts too doesn't it?"


     "SAY IT!"

     "Please just stop! I don't want this! No, what are you doing get awammmmmmph!"

     "Someone isn't being a good boy. This is what happens when you're not a good boy."


     "Don't be difficult. Do as I say and you won't be smothered by my breast."

     "MMMMMM *gasp*"

     "Now let's try this again. Your cock wants to have fun with my breast. SAY. IT. NOW."


     "Your cock..."

     "Wa...wa....wants to....''

     "Wants to WHAT? SAY IT!"

     "...wants to have fun with your breast."

     "The next time I tell you to say something, I expect you to say it immediately. Understand?"


     "Good boy! Mmmm, that cock just feels so good right between my breast. Oh and you're getting harder too! See? Your body knows what it wants. Your hard thick cock is enjoying this right?"


     "SAY IT!"

     "My har...hard thick cock is en...enjoying this."

     "Such a good boy. My breasts have gotten so much attention, but my pussy is so lonely."

     "Please....please no..."

     "Shhhh, just be a good boy. You want to finger my pussy and make me wet right?"


     "Bad naughty boy. Screaming isn't part of having fun. Besides, you don't want someone coming by and seeing you naked do you? It would be so embarrassing for you."

     "MMMMMMM MMMM MMMM *gasp*"

     "Now, let's try this again. Be a good boy. Do what I say. No screaming. Or else this happens to you!"

     "NMMMMMMMM MMMM *gasp*"

     "Beg to finger my pussy."

     "Please don't do this...leave now and I won't say a word..."

     "Hahaha! I already told you! Tell everyone! Tell the world you were raped! Embarrass yourself! Then be more ashamed when absolutely no one believes you. Now someone's been a naughty boy. You know what happens to bad naughty boys..."

     "Wait I'll say it!"

     "Yes. You will say it. NOW."

     "Please let me finger you Huntress. I want you to be wet for my cock."

     "And you even said more than what I told you to say! Such a good boy! Finger me. Now."

     "Ok, ok..."

     "Mmmm, yes right there. That's the perfect spot...mmmmmmm yeah....go deep inside. OOOOOh yes! Good boy! Now beg me to fuck you."

     "Please no..."

     "Difficult again I see. Looks like you need to be taught another lesson at what happens..."

     "Wait! Wait! I'll say it!"

     "Don't just say it. Beg for it. Now."

     "Please Huntress, please fuck me! My cock wants to be inside you! I'm begging you to fuck me! Please!"

     "Good boy!"

     The euphoria of his hard, thick cock entering my pussy was intoxicating. The nerves of my whole body screamed in delight and pleasure as my cunt violated his shaft. I kissed his lips as I rode that horse faster and faster. His muffled moans matched with my dripping wet cunt's movements. Oh fuck yes it felt amazing! Our moans symphonized into beautiful music. The first orgasm hit, or was it the second? I couldn't remember. All I knew at that moment was the pleasure. Suddenly I felt his cock spew the juices inside me. His cock remained rock hard as I continued to pleasure myself. Another orgasm, the most intense orgasm I ever had!"

     "Mmmm, that was such a wonderful good boy."

     "Please, please let me cum again I'm so close..."

     "You want to cum again?"

     "Please Huntress, please make me cum again!"

     "Hmmm...I don't were a bad boy at times..."

     "Please let me cum please! I don't care what you do just please make me cum!"


     "Please! please! I'm begging you I've never been so close before!"

     "Ok, but only because you're begging so well. Like a good boy."

     I teased his cock by letting a small drip of spit from my mouth land on it. My tongue lightly brushed the tip. He moaned softly then moaned louder as his cock entered my mouth. He wasn't lying about being close. After I gagged a few times his cock quivered and unleashed the load. I didn't swallow and dripped his own juices from my mouth all over his body.
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Re: Huntress (Revised)
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Chapter 7
Dream Revelations

     I was outside and somehow in front of my grandparents house. The guy sat in the black van like he always did. Only this time he looked weird. I didn't think much of it and decided to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Grandpa was in the living room asleep in his chair. He rarely had the energy to go so far from his bed, so I didn't disturb him. Grandma was probably in her room. When I entered Grandma's room I saw a nasty sight! The woman who was supposed to be a living assistant had a pillow over Grandma's face! I screamed as loud as I could "MORS TUA, VITA MEA!" The woman turned her head towards me. Slowly her lips turned to a twisted smile. I ran toward her and slapped her as hard as I could. She slapped me back. Her ring flew off her finger. The man burst into the room. His mouth opened impossibly wide. "Mors omnibus!" Suddenly I heard a scream that pierced through the room. The woman and man both collapsed to the ground. A piercing white light filled my vision...

     What else happened in that dream, I asked myself as I wrote down everything I could remember. The dream was different than any dream I've had. It felt too real. But it couldn't have been real because the day my Grandma died the woman wasn't working on that day. Or was she? Suddenly I realized I couldn't remember what I was doing the day Grandma died. I decided to focus on the dream instead. What in the world did I say? It sounded so familiar...then there was that ring...The ring! If someone had found the ring it would be inside Grandma's jewelry box. Ok so all I needed was an unfamiliar ring...found one!

     I turned the TV on for background noise while I tried to figure out this mystery. The news was on and immediately captured my attention, the ring forgotten for the moment.

     "...unknown how many people have been victims of the woman who calls herself Huntress. We've been told by investigators that she doesn't seem to have the same M.O. as The Hunter. As we all know, the notorious kidnapper always left behind a single card with his name after he had taken someone. Huntress didn't leave a card after assaulting an Uber driver..."

     "He actually told and someone believed him....what the fuck?"

     "...brown hair. That's all investigators were able to obtain from the victim in regard to a description of the woman..."

     "So they only know my hair color. Guess it was good I raped him in the dark alley..."

     "...and are urging people to report any information to police."

     "Thanks Randy. In national news, the president is again under fire for..."

     My focus returned to the ring. It had the inscription LK. What could that mean? Initials? No wait there's a name engraved on the inner portion of the ring, Mary Margaret Turner. That's right, her name was Mary! So was the dream real? Suddenly I remembered the wedding between the two living assistants. The Edwards wedding where David Edwards married Mary Margaret Turner in the backyard of the house they had bought to live in.  Did they still live there? It wouldn't hurt to drive over there and check. If not, then I could just find out where they lived through a few searches. If they did, then I wouldn't leave until I obtained answers!
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Re: Huntress (Revised)
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Chapter 8
Sexual Interrogation

     "Hi Mr. Edwards! Can I come in? I need help to figure something out."

     "Tina? Sure come right in. It's been a while since I've seen you."

     "It has indeed. Where's your wife Mary?"

     "She's in Louisiana for a few days."

     "Oh shoot I needed to ask her something to both of you. Can I have her hotel information? I'll just call her and ask after talking to you."

     "Sure, here's the hotel and the hotel's number. She's in room 208. Now what's this about?"

     "What do you remember about the day my grandma died?"

     "I don't remember that day at all..."

     "Why is it everyone has to be difficult..."

     "What do you...Tina what are you doing? Put the knife down!"

     "I'm going to toss you some handcuffs. Cuff your wrist to the table leg over there and sit on the floor. Don't make any sudden moves."

     "Woah let's not be too hasty here you don't know what you're doing!"

     "I know exactly what I'm doing. Now do as I say and you won't get harmed."

     "Ok, ok! There I did as you asked."

     "Good. Now let's try this again. What do you remember about the day my grandma died?"

     "I don't know!"

     "Difficult again. You could have made it easy for yourself and told me. Now you've made it worse."

     "I don't know anything! We didn't work that day!"


     "I'm not lying...what are...why are you getting naked? What the hell Tina?"

     "Since you had to make this difficult, we're going to have some fun. And while we're having fun you're going to tell me everything I want to know."


     "Oh no sir, you're not going to voice activate anything. Don't you DARE try that again."


     "This is what happens when you defy me. You get smothered by my chest."

     "MMMM *gasp*"

     "Turn off your cell phone."


     "Turn it off. NOW!"

     "Ok, ok...there it's off see?"

     "Now let's try this again. I'll give you a choice. Tell me what you remember about the day my grandma died or beg me to suck my nipple."

     "I wasn't working that day!"

     "Lying again I see. I suppose you've chosen to beg me to suck my nipple."

     "I really don't remember please!"

     "Fine. Beg me to suck my nipple. Or else get smothered again."

     "Please Tina..."

     "Please what?"

     "Please don't do this I really don't know anything I swear!"

     "Being difficult are we? Fine, your choice."


     "It would all go smoother if you were smart and didn't defy me. This is what happens when you do."

     "MMMMM *gasp*"

     "Now, beg to suck my nipple."


     "SAY IT!"

     "Please let me...let me..."

     "The whole thing stupid!"

     "Please let me suck your nipple."

     "Good boy! You can suck my nipple. Mmmmm that's it. Mmmmmmmmmmm. That felt amazing, but my pussy is all lonely now without attention..."

     "No, no please!"

     "Then tell me what you remember about the day my grandma died."


     "Looks like my pussy will get attention after all..."

     "No, no please! Nmmmmmmmmm!"

     "So difficult. If you would just cooperate I wouldn't have to smother you with my dripping wet pussy."

     "MMMMMM! *gasp*"

     "Tell me about the day my grandma died."

     "I'm telling you I don't know! I wasn't working that day!"

     "Still won't tell me? Ok, fine. Beg me to fuck you."

     "Please Tina, please don't do this..."

     "Beg me to fuck you or get smothered."


     "SAY IT!"

     "Please...fuck me..."

     Mmmm fuck his cock felt so good. Waves of pleasure pounded my body as I rode his thick, hard cock. Moans escaped both our lips as I ground that meaty member faster and faster. Soon the fire burned within as I got an orgasm. He suddenly erupted into a moan of pure pleasure when his cock throbbed and released the floodgates of sperm inside me. It quickly softened. A shame, I would have enjoyed fucking him a little longer. It wasn't as good as the others so not worth trying to get his cock hard, but it was still enough to satisfy my pussy's constant hunger...for now.

     "It's obvious you won't tell me anything. Maybe your wife will if I pay her a visit!"

     "I'll tell her before you get there!"

     "No, you won't be saying anything to anyone ever again."

     "Please no! I don't want to die!"

     "Then you should have never been born!"

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Re: Huntress (Revised)
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Chapter 9

     As you might have guessed, when I first became Huntress I decided to randomly pick victims through different methods. So far the strategy of random combined with a meticulous plan each time worked. Even though the Uber driver blabbed, I used a burner to order the Uber and ditched it in a neighbor's trash can soon after my fun. My trip to Louisiana was not random. The chance of getting caught over this was extremely high, but my grandparents raised me so it was worth the risk. Something for sure happened because that dream didn't seem like a dream. It was too real. And I know Mr. Edwards lied about working that day. Grandma died on a Thursday. I remembered taking Friday and a few more days off work because of it. He worked that day, but why did he lie? His wife had the answers I wanted. She had to. As I drove to Louisiana, I remembered that I wanted to look up those strange words.

     "Hey mors tua vita mea."

     "I found multiple results for mors tua vita mea."

     "Read first result"

     "From mors tua vita mea meaning: your death, my life. Comment: From medieval Latin, it indicates that battle for survival, where your defeat is necessary for my victory, survival."

     So in my dream, I had said to Mary her death, my life. I wouldn't have chosen those words if I found her smothering my grandmother. Similar words probably. The odd part was I hadn't studied Latin at all. The only foreign language I had been exposed to was required Spanish classes in school and Tex-Mex Spanish. How did a Latin phrase I had never heard before end up in my head? Did I hear it before and just forgot? What did the words Mr. Edwards say in the dream mean?

     "Hey mors omnibus on"

     "mors omnibus meaning: death to all. Comment: Signifies anger and depression."

     Looking up those words gave me even more questions with no answers. Ok, so Mr. Edwards was angry and said death to all. He certainly looked angry in my dream, so I ruled out the depression possibility. I was the only one in the room aside from his wife though, so what did he mean by "all?" If they both conspired to kill my grandma then he wouldn't be mad at his wife. Wait, there was another scream in my dream! So maybe someone else was in the room? It sounded like a female scream. Who else would have been there and why? Mary Edwards had to know something for sure. She was going to tell me one way or another.

     I found the hotel she was staying at in Baton Rouge pretty easily. I decided to act like a Door Dash worker again since it worked so well the last time. When I knocked on the door to the hotel room no one answered. Now what? I couldn't just stand there waiting for Mrs. Edwards to come into the hotel. That would draw suspicion. I had to think of something else, but first I needed to leave.

     As I left a woman walked through the hallway and bumped into me. She gave a brief apology as she walked, presumably to her room. Wait a moment, her room was the same as Mrs. Edwards! Did she leave the hotel? Did people know Mr. Edwards was murdered yet? I quickly left the hotel and drove a safe distance away just in case. Maybe someone thought Mrs. Edwards was a target somehow? I pulled up to a gas station and filled up my car. A quick search of the news from my neighborhood gave me no results. Mr. Edwards' death would definitely be news if people knew. Since there's no news about his death no one has noticed it yet. They probably wouldn't notice for a day or two. So Mrs. Edwards wouldn't have left for that reason. Maybe the woman in her room was a lady friend? Screw it, I decided to just go find out and quit beating around the bush.

     Mrs. Edwards did answer the door this time when I knocked. Finally! She surprised me with a strange comment.

     "Oh you must be new. That's a good sign."

     "Err, yes I'm new. Please let me in."

     "Sure, sure. You just missed her by the way. She's got a few things to do and will be back in a moment."

     "So then she won't be back for a while?"

     "Yeah you know how it is. Unless you've just started?"

     "Actually I'm Tina Hill. Remember me? I'm here because you killed my grandmother."


     "You didn't deny it! So you really did do it!"

     "Listen, you don't know what's happening..."


     "I did, but hear me out..."


     Mrs. Edwards hadn't seen the knife when she opened the door. Her odd comment of course allowed me to take advantage of the confusion. She didn't know I was armed and fell easily to my blade. My grandmother's death was avenged. Now, all I needed to do was pick up a few supplies, find the other woman, then get some answers and some fun!

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Re: Huntress (Revised)
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Chapter 10
The Lesbian

     Surprisingly, some of the supplies I needed were in the hotel room. I'm pretty certain now that Mrs. Edwards and the mystery woman were lesbian lovers. It didn't take long to get other assortment of items I needed. I also found an abandoned warehouse where I could have plenty of time to interrogate and have fun with my prey. Now all I had to do was find her. It took a little time to find her, but once I did I emerged out from the shadows with a chloroformed handkerchief.  She struggled and tried to scream, but it was muffled.  All I had to do now is take her to that abandoned warehouse. That done, I handcuffed her to a rail with her hands above her head. It was only a matter of time before she woke up.

     "Please, let me go please!"

     "No, we're going to have some fun. Then you'll tell me what I want to know."

     "No please! Don’t hurt me please!"

     "You like to have fun don't you? I know you're a lesbian..."

     "No, I've got a girlfriend please don't!"

     "Don't want to have fun? Ok, then you can tell me what I want to know."

     "I'll do anything please just let me go!"

     "Good girl! Have you known Mrs. Edwards more than 5 years?"

     " I just met her today."

     "Liar! Fine, I'll chose the activity for us since you're so difficult. And I choose to have some fun! Now let’s see, what should I do to my little lesbian slut first?  Should I abuse your body?"


     "Please abuse me, is that what you said?"

     "No, no please no!"

     "Too bad, you don't have a choice!"

     "Wh...what are those?"

     "Mousetraps. You know what I’m gonna do with these?  They’re going on your breast!"

     My captor struggled hard at that moment. Her breasts swung with each movement of her sexy body. She begged, pleaded with me not to hurt her. I held her left breast and bent the bar back as far as it could go.

     "Please no don’t you’re going to hurt me no!"



     I repeated the same procedure with her right breast.  She screamed louder and struggled harder. I laughed menacingly.

     "Now what should I do next?  Should I take the mousetraps off?"

     She furiously nodded her head and continued to moan in extreme pain.  I slowly bent back the bar on one of the mousetraps.  She looked relieved until...SNAP!  I quickly snapped the mousetrap back to her breast and she screamed even louder than before!

     "Now I think it’s time your pussy got some attention, wouldn’t you agree lesbian slut?"

     She moaned and shook her head no.  I smiled a wicked smile and blew on her pussy.  She gave a moan of protest and pleasure as my tongue invaded her most private area.

     "Please no more, take oooh ta ta take your tongue out of me!  Oooh please sto sto sto ho ho hooop!"

     I stopped licking her and retrieved a strap on dildo.  She desperately begged me not to fuck her....


     What the hell was that?  Whispers, I heard whispers! I climbed on top of a crate to survey my surroundings. I saw three dark figures lurk in the darkness. They hadn't seen me yet thank goodness.  I slipped into the darkest part of the warehouse as they cautiously crept toward my victim.  They passed me without noticing where I was and finally reached my victim. I watched as they began to rescue her. Fuck I wanted her more! It’s not fair! Why didn’t they come to my aid when I was being raped? FUCKING ASSHOLES! Uh-oh now there were four free women who were probably very pissed off at me! I had to get out of there!

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Re: Huntress (Revised)
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    Inspector Griffin finished reading Tina and Paul’s diaries for what felt like the hundredth time. He sighed from frustration and lack of sleep and decided to write down all the evidence to see if there’s anything he may have missed.

     The night Paul Hunter died there were six women who witnessed Tina Hill’s rape.  For reasons we have yet to figure out they did nothing.  According to Tina’s diary all they did was whisper.  I only wish she heard more of their whispers.  The women still didn’t do anything until Tina slept.  While she was asleep for some reason pages of Paul’s diary were ripped out including the things he wrote about Tina.  There were only three women present when Tina was killed.  We still haven’t gotten results from DNA testing yet so we don’t know if they are the same or not.

     It’s possible the six women watching Paul’s demise and the three women who watched Tina’s demise are among those who have faked their kidnappings. There were many women who did this and we know what happened to three of them.  One went to the police after thinking about her foolish actions.  Another committed suicide by jumping in front of a truck on the highway.  Finally, the third woman was found living under an alias.  After we tried to contact her she disappeared without a trace.

     Another strange thing is that Mary Edwards couldn’t have killed Tina’s grandma.  I saw the medical examiner’s report myself along with a few other medical examiners.  All of them say she died of a heart attack instead of suffocation.  The original medical examiner remembers that day pretty well and doesn’t seem to remember any strange dreams or a white light.  There is something going on here, but I can't figure out what.

     The inspector folded the paper he wrote on and put it in Tina’s diary.

     "Working late again?"

     "Yeah Molly, I’m trying to figure out some mysteries of The Hunter and Huntress."

     "You just need a break. Working hard can stress you out. Go home and sleep so you can come back to it with a fresh mind."

     “Perhaps you’re right.  I just wish I could figure this out.  I feel like I'm so close to something that I can smell it."

     "Fresh eyes are better than tired eyes."

     "Thanks Molly, I needed someone to tell me that."

     "I'll take a look at it tonight for a few hours. Maybe I'll find something."

     "Great! Thanks!"

     Police Officer Molly Hamilton waited in the police station for a while after everyone left.  She took a few files out, looked through them, and took out a few things.  After that she quickly read Tina’s diary, made a copy of it and put the original back in its place.  She then made a quick phone call.


     "It’s me."

     "Did you take care of everything?"

     "Yes I did.  There’s no possible way to cover up everything, but I have made sure that there’s no way they can find out about us.  I’ve made a copy of the diary and removed important evidence including DNA testing of the women who were there when Paul and Tina died.  If they notice anything missing I will take care of it."

     "Good work."

     Molly hung up and rubbed her very sore breasts.  They finally regained their original shape.  She was afraid that the mousetraps would permanently damage them due to Tina misusing them and she was very glad they didn’t.

The story continues with part 3 of The Kidnapping Chronicles LK
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