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Escape Room Rape
« on: July 05, 2021, 03:47:02 AM »
"Now remember, places in this room that say do not touch you aren't supposed to touch" Robert said, simply out of habit.

"Yes I know that I've done escape rooms before," Alex replied.

Robert smiled. "You know, it's not often that someone comes to an escape room alone. I don't have anyone else coming for a while. We could do...other things."

The hairs on the back of Alex's neck stood up. "No I just want to do the escape room."

Robert's eyes twinkled. "Listen, we're just a boy and a girl with a little time on our hands. We can have some fun in here and no one will ever know. Besides, you'll either have to get the key to the side door from me or solve the room to leave. I won't give you the key without having fun. You won't solve the room by yourself in just a few minutes. So, you might as well have some fun with me."

"No. I'm calling the police."

Robert quickly snatched Alex's cell phone out of her hand.

"Hey! Give that back" Alex dove for her phone but Robert jumped out of the way. She lost her balance for a moment but eventually recovered. A moment was all Robert needed to quickly grab some rope that held up a "no touching" sign in front of a sarcophagus.

"No, don't touch me! Please no! Please don't tie me up! SOMEBODY HELP!"

Alex's hands were roughly pulled behind her back as Robert tied her wrists together.

"No one will be able to hear you. The walls are soundproof. There's plenty of time for us to have some fun and clean up. You can struggle all you like, but this is going to happen."

"Please no, please just let me go. I'll tell my husband about you if you do this and he'll make you pay! I won't say anything if you let me go now!"

"Oh please, you don't have a ring on your finger. You're a terrible liar."

"No, no no no, what are you doing. Leave my shirt alone. Please no don't do this!"

Tears welled up in Alex's eyes as Robert lifted her shirt to expose a simple cotton bra covering her bosom.

"Please don't do this! You'll get in trouble! I'll go to the police after this!"

"I'll just say you were willing to have sex with me. Your word against mine. You'll have no evidence."

"Get your hand off me! No! I don't want this please!"

Robert slid the bra up to join her shirt, exposing her bosom.

"No no no no no! Don't touch me there! Stop that! No don't lick me there! Oh God please help me!"

Robert rubbed one breast then licked the other one. He enjoyed hearing her beg knowing that no one outside could hear. Alex closed her eyes. She wanted to be somewhere else. Anywhere else. She felt his mouth approach her nipple.

"Owww! Don't bite me! It hurts, owwww fuck! Please no more please stop!"

Robert craved her body more than ever. He undressed to reveal his massive cock.

"Don't want me to bite you? Ok, suck my cock."

"Please no, please don't make me do that! Ooooow! Ow ok, ok, ok, I'll do it if you let me go please!"

Alex opened her mouth wide. Robert shoved his thick, hard cock inside. She gagged as the cock went deep into her throat. She felt a hand on her head as the cock went back and forth inside. Robert felt her teeth barely grazing his cock, just how he liked it done. Alex continued to gag with every thrust. Both of his hands were on her head now. She couldn't do anything but gag and sob as his cock violated her mouth.

"Mmmmm Fuck!"

After what seemed like an eternity, Alex felt the cock fully leave her mouth.

"Please. I did what you wanted now please let me go."

"Not until my cock has been inside another hole."

"No, no! No please! You promised! You said if I sucked your cock you'd let me go!"

"No. You said that. I didn't agree to letting you go."

"No! Oh fuck no! Please don't do that! Leave my skirt alone! No! Stop it!"

"Like I said, it's going to happen."

"No please don't take off my panties I'll do anything please no!"

"I want your body. And I'm taking it."

"No, no, no, no! Get off of me! Ow! No!"

Robert grabbed Alex and force walked her towards a small table in the room. She felt his hand force her upper body to lay on the table. His cock rubbed the entrance to her pussy.

"Oooow! No! Aaaaah! Ple please don't do this I'll do anything don't do this!"

The thick, meaty cock invaded the sweet, juicy, tight pussy. Alex couldn't stop herself from moaning.


Robert was taking his time. Slow, deep thrusts in and out. He moaned in pleasure as he developed a faster rhythm. Alex couldn't form words beyond moaning "no" any longer. Soon the "no" just became grunts as her body betrayed her. Robert felt her pussy moisten. He violated her faster and harder. The head of his cock felt amazing. Alex felt the cock inside grow even more as her pussy became wetter. Her mind didn't want this, but her body craved it. Her body wanted that cock inside, wanted the pleasure, wanted all of it. Suddenly she felt a burning sensation. An orgasm was coming. Pleasure spread to every nerve cell in her body. Her scream of pleasure vibrated through the table as her body gave her the ultimate betrayal. Robert felt the pussy get even wetter, felt her orgasm. He was getting close too. Fire burned within him as his cock throbbed. He gave an inhuman moan as he unleashed his load into her sopping wet cunt.

Alex lay there on the table, helpless. She felt the rope fall from her wrists. Robert threw her panties and skirt onto the table. Alex couldn't move. That didn't just happen to her. It couldn't have. She was just here to have a fun time in an escape room by herself. Things like this didn't happen to good girls like Alex. She slid from the table onto the floor and curled up in a ball. She cried. Tears burst through her eyes as the realization hit her. Yes, it did just happen and she was still undressed. Sobbing, she slowly put her clothes back on in shame and embarrassment.
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Re: Escape Room Rape
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I loved your first line! And how you structured your dialogue. Merit and good luck with July's contest!
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