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The Hunter (Revised)
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Chapter List

Story Information

Chapter 1

Chapter 2
A Living Story

Chapter 3

Chapter 4
The Lucky Victim

Chapter 5
Family Reunion

Chapter 6
Twins Are a Guy's Best Friend

Chapter 7
A Tasty Treat

Epilogue - The Lost Chapters

Story Information

The Kidnapping Chronicles

The Red Rose Rapist - prequel
The Hunter - Part 1 <--- you are here
Huntress - Part 2
LK - Part 3
The Masked Marauder - Part 4
Melinda's Tale - Part 5
The Masked Marauder II - Allen's Revenge - Part 6

     This story is Part 1 of The Kidnapping Chronicles. It is recommended, but not necessary to read The Red Rose Rapist before reading this story. It is a prequel to The Kidnapping Chronicles.

     Inspiration is a funny thing. A roleplay inspired me to write out this original story and a wave of darkness poured out over the pages. Murder, slavery, and even a little necrophilia came into play within the original story. I soon came to realize that murdering every single victim took too much of a toll. Also, people who don’t like snuff would be turned off in reading this story. The Hunter can still be a fierce serial rapist (male raping different females) without killing and without getting caught. It simply needs to be told exactly right. So, any rape death will be accidental instead of on purpose (for example accidental overdose of the date rape drug.) There will be some character deaths that happen on purpose, but the details will not be drawn out. I'm also changing some of the names of characters to give it more of a new story feeling even though it's a rewrite.

And with that, I give you the revised edition of The Hunter!

Chapter 1

     It was a cold rainy night. The kind of night where anything could happen. Thunder and rain drowned out the muffled screams and creaks of the bed as The Hunter ravaged his victim again and again and again. The teacher’s eyes begged and pleaded for it to stop, but it wasn’t going to stop any time soon.

     "Ok, that’s quite enough. You’ve earned a trip to the principal’s office."

     "But I did what you asked Miss Smith."

     My 12th grade English teacher, Miss Smith, gave me the death glare. Damn, she was sexy and scary when she did that. Being sexy was the only thing that teacher had going for her. Her personality was just garbage.

     “No, you went to far as usual. You keep this up and you’ll never amount to anything. You need to quit acting like you can do whatever you want. You can’t make me a victim in a story like that. Principal’s office. Now.”

     Of course, I’m suspended from school. The principal took one look at me and didn’t bother gathering information like she always does. She never listened to us. Now of course I must explain to my parents why I’m home early. “Yeah, mom I wrote a story for school and got suspended.” That’s a conversation I just can’t wait to have! I don’t get it. We read about stories that push the envelope in school so why can’t I push the envelope as a writer? I’ll probably get grounded and be stuck writing in this journal as my only activity that I can do. Oh well, maybe this journal will be worth something someday when I become famous.

     Huh, who is at my house? That’s a car I’ve never seen before along with a woman too. Something seems weird about her.

     "Hey who are you and what are you doing?"

     "Oh, you must be Paul. I’m your aunt Melinda Warren."

     "Ah yeah I've heard of you. You're the black sheep..."

     "Listen, we don’t have the time for idle chit chat," she interrupted. "The police are on their way. Stay out here with me."

     "Police? What? WHAT DID YOU DO?"

     "Nothing. I came over to try and make amends and found them inside the house. Trust me you do not want to go in there."

     She was lying. I could smell it, though I should have heeded her warning. The house was a big mess. Blood everywhere in the dining room with my parents’ bodies on the floor with their heads missing. I don’t remember much after that. I don’t remember the officer who asked me what happened. I don’t remember what my aunt said. All I remember is agony, grief, and pain.

     My aunt must have offered to take me in, and I guess I accepted. The next thing I do remember is being inside a car pulling up to an old farmhouse in the outskirts of the city. Why did I accept her offer? No idea. Maybe it was because she was my only family left. Maybe I wanted to know my relative now that my parents were gone. Black sheep or not she was still family. Maybe I didn’t know anything about her because whenever the subject came up black sheep was all that was said. Ugh, today was just the worst day of my life.


     Haven’t felt much like writing. It’s been a few days or a week, I don’t know how long really. Haven’t been back to school. Haven’t really cared. All I know is my uncle Bill acts weird and my aunt is grieving from her loss like I am. The days run together now, and I just don’t care about much of anything anymore. Guess I’ll write in here when something happens.


     How long has it been? A week? A month? Time seems to slip by me. I think Christmas is coming soon because Uncle Bill decorated the house. The guy is super weird. I’ve never heard him say a word and he moves like he’s a zombie or something. Also, Melinda keeps telling me to not go down to the basement because her husband keeps a shotgun down there and doesn’t like it being disturbed. I’m sure there’s a lie in there somewhere. If she hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have wanted to go down there. Now I do. I’ll probably go whenever I feel like doing something other than lay in bed.


     Holy cow! There’s so much to write now I don’t know where to begin! So, it turns out Melinda did kill my parents. I called the police when I saw their heads in her basement on a table. No idea what the hell she was doing with their heads, and I didn’t want to know. Of course I found Mr Crazy's shotgun right after calling the cops. Part of me wished I had seen it before calling them because it would have given me time to get revenge on these sick bastards. Thankfully, Mr. Crazy came down the stairs first. I doubted he killed my parents after watching him for some time. He had to have known about this though. I took great pleasure in shooting that bastard.

     After I shot Mr. Crazy, I got this strange feeling that I’d never felt before. Then Melinda came down the stairs, probably wondering what all the commotion was. She showed no human emotion whatsoever. Her eyes were cold and dark. I took great pleasure in pulling that trigger and watching her drop like a house of cards.

     The police of course had questions. Many questions. Turns out Bill had a knife in his hand I didn’t see and so did Melinda. It was pretty cut and dry after that. Obviously, I had feared for my life after discovering the heads of my deceased parents and acted in self-defense by killing my aunt and uncle. In another bizarre twist my aunt for some reason decided to put me in a will and give the entire estate to me should anything happen to them. It's not going to go through for a few months at least because of some legal stuff that I can't really understand. My aunt's lawyer...what was her name...oh right Hannah said she would take care of it. There's something odd about Hannah but I don't know what it is. Maybe I'm just being paranoid.

     I think I've touched on everything. No wait! There's an older couple from a church, Mr. and Mrs. Nealon, who offered to take me in for a while. I'm grateful for their help. I think Mrs. Nealon works at the church doing something there, not sure what. Mr. Nealon owns a small pharmacy business.

     All of what's happened to me is a lot to take in at once. I don't like this feeling of chaos or that I've lost control of my life. I'm not sure what I'm going to do now after all this tragedy. I'm starting to get a few ideas though...
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Re: The Hunter (Revised)
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Chapter 2
A Living Story

     There was a power I felt when killing. Control. I liked the feeling of control. That’s why I write stories. I control the flow of the story. The living and the dead. Now that I’ve felt that power in real life, I want more. Killing isn’t what I want to do though. Killing is messy. Rape on the other hand is something I always fantasized about. People get away with rape all the time, even when they are caught. Why can’t I? I won’t get caught though. And I know just who I should rape first! It’s time to make the story I wrote come alive!

     The storm masked the noise of picking the lock to her house. I knew she lived alone. She wasn’t married and had at times mentioned family from another town. A bolt of lightning illuminated the dark house for a moment. As I entered thunder soon followed. No one will hear her scream in this mess. I tried a nearby door. Closet. Another door down a hallway. Bathroom. One door left and it’s finally the bedroom.

     She wasn’t asleep. As I opened the door, I saw her move on the bed. She fortunately had her back to me because another bolt of lightning screamed light into the house. The rolling thunder immediately followed. The rain danced on the roof and the howling wind both masked the sounds of me quickly undressing, my cock hard with anticipation.

     I quickly got onto the bed on top of her. She screamed in surprise and horror. Her wrists were easy to pin over her head. A nightgown covered her. I slid the nightgown easily up over her body. She wasn’t even wearing underwear or a bra. I mocked her; told her she must be a whore wanting my quivering member because she made it so easy to get to her womanhood. She struggled and screamed at me to stop as my thick cock brushed the entrance, teasing her.

     I pressed my body on top of hers. Feeling her flawless body wiggle in a desperate attempt to escape was intoxicating. My lips pressed into hers, muffling her screams. I turned slightly to one side in order to squeeze and rub one of her breasts. Her breast was larger than my hand. Perfection. I broke the kiss so I could press both of my hands on each of her perfect melons. She kept wiggling, trying to get away. I laughed at her. My cock at the entrance to her warm, tight pussy could feel it start to get wet. Her body wanted this. Craved this. I just had to have her.

      I kissed her luscious lips again, muffling her screams and cries of protest. My hard, thick cock entered her flaming, moist pussy. Thunder and rain drowned out her muffled screams and creaks of the bed as I ravaged her again and again and again. My teacher’s eyes begged and pleaded for it to stop, but it wasn’t going to stop any time soon.

     I broke the kiss on her lips. She moaned in protest and pleasure as I violated her faster and harder. Through the moans, she continued to beg me to stop. I called her a whore again and slapped her face. Her eyes welled up with tears. Miss Smith managed to squeak out she wasn’t a whore. Faster and harder I ravaged her. Those beautiful, luscious melons bounced with every thrust. I just had to taste those perfect nipples. I pulled my cock out of her pussy so I could enjoy those big, luscious breasts again. She tried to struggle but couldn’t lift me off her. My lips closed around a juicy nipple. Hand played with another. They both became harder and erect. She was sobbing now, begging for it all to stop. She couldn’t stop some moans of pleasure escaping out as her body betrayed her.

     My cock entered her pussy again, now dripping wet with her juices. I mocked her again, insisting she was a whore for allowing this to happen. As I continued to ravage her, she kept saying “not a whore” over and over again. She was more desperate to get away now. Her hips were swinging back and forth in a useless attempt to get me to stop violating her perfect body. A fire burned inside of me as her moans became more inhuman. I felt my throbbing hard cock twitch as I busted my load all into her warm sopping wet pussy.

     She was crying now, poor sexy thing. I whispered in her ear "shhh, don’t worry. You won’t remember much of this anyway." I got off the bed, knowing she was too distraught to put up any kind of fight or try and get away. I quickly walked to my clothes and took what I needed out of my pocket.

     "Take this pill" I said, brandishing my knife for her to see "or you’ll regret it."

     "Wh…what is it?"

     "Something that will make you forget."

     Of course, she continued to protest, but eventually did as requested. She didn’t enjoy the knife tip on her nipple after all. Or my threats of the knife going inside her pussy. As expected within a few moments of taking the pill she fell asleep. My cock had softened after releasing my seed but became erect again as I saw her chest slowly rise and fall.

     I couldn’t help myself. I planned on leaving after her forced slumber, but her body was just so delicious. I was thirsty for more and had plenty of time on my hands. The storm was still angry outside anyway. My hands groped all over her helpless body. I just had to have her juicy melons again. Taking my time, I made sure my tongue licked every inch of her large, wonderful breast. Her breast was simply divine now, completely wet from sweat and saliva. My cock just had to have them. I slid my quivering member between them, hard and erect. I squeezed her breasts together as I rubbed my cock between them. I was close to cumming again, I could feel the burning flame inside. Moans of pleasure escaped my lips as I rubbed my cock faster and harder between those enormous breasts. I made sure to cum as much as I could all over her breast. She deserves to be totally filthy when she wakes up, the whore.

     I had to have her pussy again. My cock found it's way inside her womanhood once more. Beautiful breasts bouncing with every single thrust. My cum spread all over the place as parts flicked away from the thrusting. She was moaning in her sleep, clearly enjoying what was happening to her. The fire was back, more intense than ever. Inhuman moans escaped my lips as I violated her sleeping body faster and harder. My cock exploded with cum, coating the inside of her body with my juices.

     Suddenly I woke up, not even realizing I had fallen asleep. What time was it? Holy shit did the drugs on Miss Smith wear off already? I figured it wouldn't be a big deal to give her another pill just in case. Unfortunately that turned out to be a bad choice. Actually I don't really know what happened, but I think I might have given her an overdose by accident. I didn't intend for her to die, it just happened. I didn't discover she was dead until the next day when I returned for more fun. Everything was exactly the way it was when I returned, so it had to have happened just after I left. It was just an unfortunate tragedy. She could have been a constant victim and instead she was dead.

     Now I had a problem. A dead body and a messy crime scene. Or is it a problem after all? I decided to use this to my advantage. If people thought I killed intentionally, maybe they won’t report the rape out of fear for their life when I let them live. I used her computer to print out two simple words on a piece of paper and left it beside her body.

The Hunter

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Re: The Hunter (Revised)
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Chapter 3

     Someone was at the old farmhouse. I don't know how I knew this, but I just had this weird funny feeling. Something is just off. I walked into the house to a shocking sight. My aunt was right there in the living room! She stared at me with a gleam in her eye and pointed at me. "Mors tua, vita mea!"

     I woke up drenched in sweat. Where was I? Nothing looks familiar at all. I nearly panicked then remembered the Nealon couple took me into their home for the moment. Ok, so I wasn't at the old farmhouse after all. It was just a bad dream. Still, something about that dream bothered me. I decided just go back to Melinda and Bill's farmhouse. It's supposed to be going to me anyway, so if I'm worried something is going on over there I should naturally go investigate. When I arrived to the house I saw the front door to the house wide open. Someone was here recently. I quietly crept into the house. A soft sound entered my ear. Someone was talking.

     "...can't find it...gone...damn it..."

     Who is this person talking to? I peak around a corner and see a female figure. She appeared to be looking for something. Is that my aunt? Maybe I didn't kill her after all and she was just wounded from being shot? I had the element of surprise so I decided to use it. I slunk from the shadows. Her hands were on her hips. I grabbed both wrists and twisted them behind her back.

     "What the fuck!"

     "You're not Melinda! Who the hell are you and what are you doing here?"

     "I...I can't tell you."

     I had no idea if she was serious with her answer, or lack thereof. Suddenly it didn't matter to me who she was or why she was here. I had her at my mercy and it had been so long since my cock had danced with Miss Smith. Lucky for me, I had some pills in my pocket. I started keeping them in my pocket wherever I went just in case an opportunity came to have some fun. How was I going to get them out when I had both of her wrists?

     Suddenly her wrists broke free, giving me my answer. She ran for the front door but ended up tripping somehow. There's my chance! I quickly pounced on her facedown body. She was going to be mine, all mine!

     "Ok wait I'll tell you please just let me go please!"

     "I'll think about it. Now tell me who you are."

     "Rachel. I'm Rachel and I was just looking for anything valuable to get some money! I'm broke and about to be homeless please just let me go!"

     She was lying, but about what I didn't know. Nor did I care. I placed my hand over her lying mouth and forced a pill inside. She really struggled at that point, but couldn't get any kind of leverage to get me off of her. Slowly her struggles became weaker. I took my hand away from her mouth. She promptly spit out onto the floor. Most of the pill had already dissolved in her mouth, very little of it was on the floor. She didn't get the full dose to fall asleep, but she got just enough to not be able to fight back. Perfect.

     Now that I had all the time in the world I turned her over to her back. Oh my, she had such beautiful green eyes that looked tired and filled with fear! Slowly I lifted her shirt, ignoring her pleas for me to stop. Off came her bra next, revealing a breast somewhat on the small side. Slowly I licked all over one breast and roughly squeezed the other. She sobbed and pleaded for it to stop. I told her it was only the beginning.

     Slowly I undressed, showing her my massive erect cock. She gave a weak scream for help. I mockingly imitate her weak scream and slowly remove the rest of her clothes. A simple skirt slid right off of her legs and revealed her panties for me. Slowly I slid them off of her body, her cries and pleas became more desperate.

     My cock was trembling with anticipation. I slid it inside her really tight pussy. Fuck this was a real tight pussy. I sucked on her neck as I violated her most private area slow at first, then faster and harder. Moans escaped her lips. I knew she would enjoy this. I pressed my body onto hers and kept violating her. Faster. Harder. Her pussy dripped with juices. I kissed her lips, muffling her animal moans of pleasure.  Harder and faster and harder and faster. Her hands lightly push against me, probably the most strength she will ever get because of the pill. I grab her wrists and pin them down as I ravage her sexy, tight pussy faster and harder.

     Her muffled cries of pleasure suddenly turned to cries of pleading and pain as her body twitches into an orgasm. I broke the kiss on her lips so I could whisper to her that she must really be enjoying this. It tormented her, she was screaming in pain and desperately pleading with me to stop.  The fire started to burn inside me. I knew I was close. Her screams of pain were louder. Tears streamed down her face as I ravaged her faster and faster. Her small breasts jiggled with each thrust. The fire burned through my body as I released my warm fluids into that tight cunt.

     Suddenly I gasped, drenched with sweat and very sticky. What the fuck? Another dream? This one seemed more real than the one about my aunt! What the hell? I'm still at the Nealon's? Did I really leave to go to the farmhouse? No I must have been dreaming both times...There must be a meaning behind those dreams. After I pondered it became clear to me. Miss Smith was the first time I had sex. I wanted more. My cock craved to be inside a wet juicy pussy again. The old farmhouse is a perfect location to kidnap my victims and play with them over and over again. Now all I need to do is find my next victim...

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Re: The Hunter (Revised)
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Chapter 4
The Lucky Victim

     Probate for the Warren estate came through shortly after that crazy realistic dream I had. Now I had my base of operations at a perfect location. No one will be able to see or hear anything in that house. All I needed next was a sexy little slut to play with!

     I began scouting for potential victims and wasn't having much luck. Then my luck turned around. I stopped to get gas and heard two girls arguing with each other in the parking lot. I didn’t pay attention to most of it because it didn’t look like anything would come out of it. To my amazement, one of the girls gets so mad at the other she drives off without her! Ah yes, my next victim is practically delivered to me on my doorstep! I approach her slowly.

     “Excuse me, do you need some help?”

     “No thank...maybe.”

     She almost politely said no but then fell for my charm. I asked her what happened. She ranted and raved about how her friend is a stupid bitch, blah blah blah, and how her friend always does this to her when they argue, blah blah blah, and how she always has to call her sister to pick her up, blah blah blah! She thanked me for being there for her and expressed how lucky she must be tonight. Yes, she was very lucky indeed. My lucky victim! For a moment I considered just taking her to my base, but decided against it. Gas stations have security cameras after all. I offered to drive her home and she gratefully agreed.

     As I thought about all the ways to play with my lucky victim, Caroline, continued to babble on. There doesn’t appear to be any kind of silence when she is around. She talked all the way to her house. Most of it was about how the person she was with is a bitch and how she always embarrasses her like this. I couldn’t follow most of it, but I suddenly understood why someone would want to kick her out of the car and leave. Caroline waved after I dropped her off. Her place is pretty easy to get to. I took another look at her as she approached the door. She was a hottie. Annoying, but her body more than made up for that. Now all I needed to do was prepare for my unwilling guest!

     A few days later I slowly prowled near Caroline's house.  I slowly crept up to one of the windows and was able to lift it up without any trouble. Oh how easy she made it for me! I peered inside and noted it was someone's room. The bed was empty, but I knew Caroline was home. I've been watching her from afar for the past few days. The bedroom I invaded must have been the sister's that she mentioned was on vacation or something to do with work in Louisiana. I couldn't remember what because she talked my ear off in the car.

     Silently I snuck through the dark, gloomy house to look for Caroline.  The door didn't make a sound as I tiptoed across the hall. I noticed a door partly open and look inside, but it was a bathroom. I tried another door and found a bedroom. This time someone was indeed in the bed. Slowly I walked into her room and noticed the sound of her breathing. She sounded so sweet and innocent, my cock tingled with anticipation. I snuck over to the bed. A cloth soaked with chloroform was in my hand. Quickly I covered her mouth and nose with the rag. She doesn’t stir at first, but then realizes something is wrong as whatever she was dreaming about left her. Her hands flew everywhere trying to get air. She made a few wild punches in the air and one made contact with my chest, but I kept the cloth on her face. A muffled scream bellowed from the rag, then another one, and another one. The screams turn to quiet moans. Then, she lay still in her bed, truly asleep. Before I kidnapped Caroline, I left a little note that told all who took her.

The Hunter


     “You’re mine tonight Caroline.”

     She had just woken from her little nap in my bed.  Dazed and confused she looked all over her surroundings. As her eyes focused on me she gave an exasperated sigh.

     "I'm not Caroline."


     "I'm Catherine. Caroline and I are twins. This happens way too frequently. People get us confused with the other."

     "So...Caroline gets taken from her home often by guys I take it?"

     "No, not guys. Girls. Caroline and I are lesbians. We have different tastes in other women though. She likes things on the kinky side and I'm more of a vanilla girl."


     "Yeah, if you're looking for Caroline she won't be back until the day after tomorrow from Louisiana. This is the first time she's used a guy though. Normally it's been other women. I guess she wanted to try something different."

     I considered what Catherine said for a moment. Now that I thought about it, Caroline did say she was the one taking a trip to Louisiana. Not her sister. I just remembered wrong because she wouldn't stop talking. Catherine wasn't lying. She clearly had a different personality than her sister; more calm and less chaotic.

     "Ah yeah thank you for letting me know. I am looking for Caroline to play with her. You'll be fun to play with until she gets back."

     "Yeah thanks for understa...wait what? Who are you?"

     "The Hunter!"

     ", no it can't be. Fuck! SOMEONE HELP ME! PLEASE HELP ME! SOMEONE!"

     "No one can hear you scream sexy Catherine."

     "No, what are you doing! Get away! Please don't hurt me I'll do anything please!"

     "Cute, captivating Catherine. Do you want to die?"

     "No, no please I don't want to die please don't kill me please!"

     "Good, do as I say and you won't die by my hand."

     "Ok, ok, I'll do whatever you want just please let me go."

     "That's a good girl. Now, rub your breast and pussy for me."

     Sobbing, she complies. One hand caresses her perfect bosom the other plays with her tight cunt.

     "Now, beg me to fuck you."

     "Please not that, I'm a lesbian I don't want it in me!"

     "Prepare to die then."

     "No, no please put the knife down. Please don't make me do this!"

     "Last chance. Beg me to have my cock in your snatch."

     "Please no please! Ok! Ok! Ok! I'll say it"

     "Then say it."

     "Pl...please fuck me."

     "That's a good start, but I don't hear the begging in your voice. Beg me to fuck you like the whore you are."

     "Please fuck me. Give me that c...c...cock in my warm wet pussy."

     "Better, but you still didn't sound convincing. Do it again. With feeling. Or else."

     "I'm begging you please just take me Mr. Hunter. Take my pussy, it wants you inside. Fuck me and use me Mr. Hunter, please I need to be fucked!"

     I smiled and got on top of her. She didn't struggle, fooled by my bluff of death. My cock slowly entered her wet, juicy pussy. Her eyes closed. Whimpers escaped from her lips. I whispered into her ear how much of a slut she was. She sobbed and said that she was a super slut because she wanted me so bad. I pressed my body against hers and ravaged her sweet, sexy pussy faster and faster and faster. Sobs escaped her lips, but as I fucked her harder and harder they turned into moans of pleasure. Faster and harder, her moans sounded more like a wolf howling to the moon. The burning sensation filled my body. I was close. Suddenly she twitched as a massive orgasm rocked her body. She forgot about being cooperative and begged me to stop because it hurt so much. I ignored her pleas and ravaged her even faster and harder still. Her screams of pain bellowed into the walls of the room. She desperately wanted this to end. Her cries and begging sent me over the edge and I released my warm, sticky sperm inside her.

     She was crying now. Tears streamed down her face and she tried to cover her nakedness.


     I grabbed one of her wrists. She didn't make a move to struggle, fearing what I might do to her. I handcuffed her wrist to the headboard.


     "You are my slut. I'm keeping you for my pleasure. Soon your sister will join us and we'll have lots more fun!"
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Re: The Hunter (Revised)
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Chapter 5
Family Reunion

     The police were watching the twins house after Caroline came back and likely found my little note.  Police officers were talking about it on their  scanner. Why don't more people use these things?  I knew it was only a matter of time before the police stopped watching the house. They had other places to be after all. I can easily wait and play with Catherine until she is reunited with her sister.

     In the meantime I had a more pressing problem. A black van sat unmoving day after day near the old farmhouse. It wasn't there before I moved into it. To the average person it looked like the van was parked near another house, but I knew better. Cops. I figured they were doing this because they had no evidence. They are going to have a rude awakening when I let them know I'm onto them. Slowly I approached the van. A man was inside in the driver's seat.

     "You're spying on me."

     The man twitched, startled at my arrival. "What?"

     "You're spying on me. I know what you're doing. Keep it up and I'll go to the media. I'm sure my story will make a few headlines."

     "You've got it all wrong, kid. We're here to assist the elderly."

     "Oh that's a load of bull. Where is this elderly person? Why are you in the van if you need to assist someone?"

     "Kid I'm telling you."

     "Oh I bet I know who you are. You're with the feds right? Trying to catch me doing something huh? Well it won't work! You have no jurisdiction over me!"

     "Ok slow think I'm with the feds like FBI or something?"

     "Yeah. You have a black van and you’re wearing a black suit and I bet in that black van is a black device that allows you to somehow listen to what I’m talking about."

     I heard a crack behind me. Someone had stepped on a branch. Did they sneak up behind me? I whirled around and saw a pretty sexy girl with long brown hair.

     "So the van is here because we need people to help take care of my grandparents."

     "Oh. I'm...I'm sorry. I just saw something on Facebook and this van looked exactly the same so I freaked. Today's an off day. I'm not normally like this."

     "Understandable I guess. I once saw on Facebook a story about black eyed kids and couldn't sleep for two days. Would have probably been longer but after the second day I found out black contact lenses exist. I'm Tina by the way..."

     Tina, she had such a nice lovely name. She told me she didn't live with her grandparents, just came by often. She appeared to be defensive towards me, so I decided not to ask about where she lived. After I told her about my parents and the "unintentional self defense" deaths of my aunt and uncle she warmed up to me. Suddenly to her my paranoia made sense after what I'd been through. I couldn't kidnap her from here though. The workers would see me or even her grandparents might if they were still mobile. I decided to say goodbye to Tina for now. She will be a victim after I acquire Caroline to play with!


     It was a dark, gloomy night. I had scouted the house earlier that day and saw no police presence anywhere around the neighborhood.  I crept slowly toward Caroline's house under her bedroom window. Like before, I pushed up on the frame. Unlike before, the window was locked.  According to Catherine, a key to the house was kept underneath a plant by the backdoor. I had "persuaded" her to tell me. She hasn't caught on yet that I'm bluffing about killing her.

     The key was right where Catherine said it would be. I quietly slipped through the back door and saw a nasty sight. They installed an alarm system since I had been here!  At first I panicked but then realized the alarm system wasn't even turned on! Oh what a fool! What a foolish fool! How fortuitous!  Caroline probably recently got the system and forgot to use it! That explains why the police were no longer watching the house.

     I tiptoed through the dark, dark house toward Caroline's room.  The door was silent as I slowly inched my way in. She breathed just like her sister did that night I took her, slowly in and out.  Slowly and quietly I made my way over to the bed and loomed over Caroline.  Unlike her sister, she immediately snapped awake when I put the cloth soaked with chloroform over her beautiful face. Moaning, she struggled to get my hands off as the chloroform slowly made her fall into a deeper sleep.  She gave one final whimper and then her body went limp.  I wondered if she looked the same as her sister naked.  I stripped her of her clothes.  They did indeed look similar!  Both sisters interestingly had a birthmark near one of their nipples but at different places.  Catherine's birthmark was near the right nipple and Caroline's was near her left.  Well at least it would be easy to tell them apart!

     It was going to take a while for Caroline to wake up. I was in no hurry. After I saw her naked I just had to have her. She would probably feel so much shame when I told her I fucked her in her own bed! My hands groped all over her body. Mmmm, I wonder what her pussy tastes li...


     I froze with my tongue hanging out about to lick Caroline's hot pussy...that noise...someone else was in the house, but who? I slowly exited the room and heard the screen door at the front of the house slam shut.  Caroline must have had a friend over who fled the house after realizing what I was doing. It wasn't worth chasing the friend. I had Caroline in my clutches and could "persuade" her to tell me about her friend. It was a shame that I couldn't fuck Caroline in her own bed, but I couldn't risk it. I quickly took Caroline away from her home and left a little present behind. A note that told everyone who was here.

The Hunter


     "Oh FUCK, Caroline! Please leave her alone! Please let us go! I won't tell anyone I swear!"

     "Now now Catherine, that isn't any way to behave! We're at a family reunion right now. The reunion of you and your sister once she wakes up! What activities should we do for this I wonder?"

     "Please no please just let us go we won't say anything!"

     "Oh neither of you are going anywhere. I brought you both play...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

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Re: The Hunter (Revised)
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Chapter 6
Twins Are a Guy's Best Friend

     "You're really The Hunter? You? The Hunter? You just made the biggest mistake ever. You've really screwed yourself over by messing with me and my sister. You're going to be in soooo much trouble! I have friends and just you wait they will come rescue both of us and you'll be fucked. I mean it they'll fuck you up good. Let us both go right now and we'll forget this whole thing ever happened. I mean it! My friends will fuck you over! You wouldn't even be safe in prison if you continue! Listen to me! You really don't understand what you've done! You're making a huge mistake just let us go! Seriously, let us go and we can work out a deal. Hey no what are you doing with that! No that's gross! NO! You're not putting her panties in my mmmmmth! Nmmmmmph! lmmph ummf gmmf! NMMMMMMMPH!"

     "So Catherine."


     "Do you have any idea what your sister was babbling about?"


     "Mmmmph my fmmmnds mmmph fuummmph ymmmph"

     "So your sister is bluffing then."

     "Y....y...yes mister H....Hunter. She's lying."

     "MMMnmmmph! nmphfammmph!"

     "Good girl. See how well behaved Catherine is? She's a good slut. You could do better though, right Catherine?"


     "Y...yes mister Hunter. I can behave better and do whatever you say."

     "Catherine behaves for me because she knows there are consequences when she doesn't. You will behave too Caroline. You will behave, or else you will die."

     "Mnnnmph nmphnnpnm mphmphhm pnhmpp mmph mphmphmmmphmpm."

     "Catherine, rub your sister's bosom. Make her wet. Play with her."

     "Please mister Hunter, please don't make me do that."

     "Mphmphm mmmphmphmhpmmph!"

     "Would you rather have a knife in your chest?"

     "Please...please no..."

     It took a little more persuasion. A knife playing with her nipple did just the trick. Catherine promised to make her sister feel good. Caroline of course was constantly trying to talk through the gag.  I tied a rope around Catherine's neck and told her if she tried anything funny I'd pull on it and choke her to death.  Then I freed her wrist from the cuffs. Now she was free to pleasure Caroline after I made her cuff both of Caroline's wrists above her head in between the opening of the headboard.

     Catherine sobbed. Her hands slowly rubbed both of Caroline's sweet, sweet knockers. Caroline continued her angry muffled screams of protest. Slowly the muffled sounds became moans of pleasure as her body betrayed her. Catherine kissed her sister's breast then began sucking on one of the nipples. I got on the bed with the twins behind Catherine. Tears were streaming down her face as I instructed her to lick her sister's pussy while on her knees so I could fuck her own pussy.

     Caroline moaned louder in unwanted pleasure as Catherine's tongue slid it's way inside of her.  Catherine continued to cry until my thick, hard cock entered inside her.  She had her face in a pussy while her own was up in the air, just waiting for a cock to penetrate it. Oh fuck her pussy was tight and wet. My hands mauled her breasts and nipples as I slowly swung my hips back and forth. Caroline's moans were primal now. I knew she wanted that tongue inside of her. I slowly fucked Catherine as she pleasured her sister, squeezing and pawing all over her breast.  Suddenly Caroline's body twitched and I knew it was an orgasm. I pulled my cock out of Catherine's pussy.

     "Good girl, you can stop now. Cuff yourself to the headboard."

     Catherine does as told while crying and sobbing.

     "Now, let's see how wet cute Caroline is."

     "Please leave her alone. I've done all you asked. Please just let us go. We won't say anything to anyone if you just let us go."

     "Oh Catherine, you both are too sexy to just let go. It would be a shame if your bodies were not used. Now, be useful while I fuck your sister. Wiggle your breasts around. I like it when boobs dance. Then get creative playing with yourself."

     With defeat in her eyes, Catherine positioned herself where her arms were behind her. She wiggled her body, making her boobs swing. Caroline was back to muffled defiant screams. My cock roughly entered Caroline's pussy with no intention of giving her any kind of mercy. Catherine played with her nipples and allowed her saliva to drip onto her breast. Caroline gave muffled screams of pain, her breasts bouncing with each merciless thrust. My obedient captive rubbed her saliva all over her breast, making her boobs nice and shiny. I continued to ravage Caroline. Faster and harder. She screeched out muffled moans of pain and pleasure.  Catherine lifted her breast up to her mouth. Her teeth nibbled at her own nipple. She moaned as she pleasured herself for me.

     My cock throbbed. It was nearly ready to explode. I slowed down to slide my cock deep in that tight wet pussy. Oh fuck it was so wet and tight. Both sisters moaned in pleasure as my cock exploded. Warm, sticky sperm spewed deep inside Caroline's pussy. My cock softened, I knew I was going to sleep well that night. I decided to play with both sister's breasts before bed. Caroline had finally quit with the defiant muffled screams. She was only whimpering now as one of my hands rubbed all over her bosom.  Catherine of course let me play with her juicy boobs without complaint.

     "Better get used to this girls. Your only purpose is to pleasure me. Your bodies were made to be used by me and each other. We're going to have fun for a long, long time!"

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Re: The Hunter (Revised)
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Chapter 7
Tasty Treat

One year later...

    It's been too long since I've had a victim. A few weeks maybe? Too long. My cock craved action. I drove down the deserted road hoping to find a pretty little woman to use and abuse! Suddenly I see a car with it's hazard lights on. "Come on, give me what I want" I mumble to myself. As I start to slow down a beautiful woman comes into view. "Yes!" I exclaim as I see that she's alone. I stop a few yards in front of her car and walk out.

     "Do you need any help?"

     "Oh, yes that would be wonderful! It started making sort of grinding sounds earlier, and then suddenly jerked to a stop and now smoke is pouring out and it won't start."

     "It looks pretty bad. I don't know much about cars. I can give you a ride somewhere if you like?"

     "Oh, yes thank you that would be amazing! I'm Leila by the way."


     Leila. Such a lovely name. It will be wonderful to play with her. Lucky for me, the route Leila needs to go wasn't too far from the old farmhouse. I could just drive her right to my front door! She got into my car and I asked if there was anything she needed. She had forgotten her purse inside. Retrieving her purse for her gave me enough time to leave the little note I always like to leave when I take my victims.

     My plan to just drive her to my house almost didn't work when she noticed we were going in a strange direction. Thinking quickly, I told her I just needed to go to the bathroom and my house wasn't far from where she needed to go. She bought the lie.  We drove up to the old farmhouse. Once she saw where we were she became skeptical.

     "You live here?"

     "Yeah I know it's run down and looks bad right? I inherited this place after my aunt and uncle died. I've thought about selling it and just renting a place to live. Upkeep on a home is just difficult. Come inside you must be thirsty from being out in the heat."

     Leila was happy with my explanation and confirmed she needed something to drink.  I invited her into my home and she accepted the invite, no longer suspicious of me. She walked into the house first, after all it was the polite thing to do! It also allowed me to easily grab her wrists after I closed the door behind us.

     "What the? What are you doing? Stop it!"

     "You're mine now my lovely Leila. We're play!"

     "What do you want Paul?"

     "I think you mean...The Hunter!"


     "Keep your hands behind your back. Walk through that hallway and enter the first door. That's the bedroom where we'"

     "Please no please! Not me! Don't hurt me please!"

     "Shhhhh, no need to scream my luscious Leila. No one will be able to hear you. Now, do you see this knife slut?"


     "Do you want to know what happens when you misbehave?"

     "Wh...wh...what are you going to do?"

     "This knife will play with you instead of my hands, mouth, and cock. I've been told it's quite painful to have a knife inside your dirty little cunt."

     "No, no please don't do that to me please!"

     "Then walk. Hands behind your back. Into the bedroom."

     She acted compliant at first, but then decided to try to get around me through the front door. Ah, a fighter. I love it when they fight. I allowed her to reach the front door and grabbed her at the last moment. She screamed and wiggled that sexy body of hers in a desperate attempt to break free. I dragged the cloth soaked chloroform from my pocket and covered her face with it. She screamed louder and struggled harder, probably as hard as she could. Leila couldn't break free. Soon her screams turned to soft moans. Her body relaxed into my arms and I carried her into the bedroom.

     I slowly undressed her, marveling at her perfect body. She was tan all over, not a tan line in sight! She must have been in a tanning bed nude or sunbathed nude. Super sexy. I cuffed her hands above her head to the headboard of the bed. Mmmm, such a perfect body. I just had to have it! I quickly undressed and kissed all over that sexy tan body of hers. Rubbed my hands all over her body. Her perky tits were just begging me to play with them. A moan escaped her lips. Perfect timing! She slowly woke up as my lips closed around her nipple.

     "Whaa, wh who wha no what are you doing!"

     "I'm lusting for Leila"

     "Please, please don't do this you don't have to do this. I can get you anything just don't hurt me!"

     "Shhh, it's ok Leila. Your body is mine now to use. Your juicy boobs"

     "Ow, no please stop touching me there please!"

     "And of course we can't forget my cock in your pussy."

     "No, no please I'll do anything please don't do that! NO! OH GOD NO PLEASE!"

     "Leila, you know you want this. Your pussy is already dripping wet."


     "Mmm, such a nice tight pussy you have."


     My cock invaded deep into her tight, dripping wet pussy. Her screams of protest were intoxicating. She tried desperately to prevent moans of pleasure from escaping her lips. I knew her body wanted this. Harder and faster I ravaged lovely Leila. Her screams begging me to stop made it so much more enjoyable. Fuck she was so desperate to stop moans of pleasure from escaping. Her resistance was fanning the flames inside my body.


     Holy fuck her defiance was hot. She'd rather be dead than have to endure such torment. Moaning to the pleasure, I pressed my body onto her and showed no mercy, roughly fucking her just to hear her screams. She continued to beg me to kill her, beg me to stop raping her. The moans of pleasure she so desperately tried to hide were escaping her lips. Harder and faster, she couldn't form words anymore. Every time her mouth opened a primal moan escaped. We moaned in unison. My cock throbbed inside her and released my seed. Fuck this whore was so hot.

     "Please, please just let me go. I won't tell anyone who you are, I swear."

     "Shhhh, you're tan body is so delicious. I can't just let you go. It needs to be used to pleasure me."

     "Please....just kill me if you're going to do it and get it over with..."

     "Oh my lovely Leila, I'm not going to kill you. Just play with you whenever I want!"

     She made no reply other than sobs escaping her lips and tears escaping her eyes. Mmm, fuck she was making me horny again.

     "And I want to play with you again. Now."

     " had your fun please no more. Please just kill me or let me go."

     "Now, now. I had fun in one of your holes. Let's have fun in another."

     "What...what do you mean? No, no put my legs down what are you doing? No not there NOT THERE PLEASE NOT THERE!"

     "But my hard, thick cock wants to meet your tight little ass. Don't you think we should introduce them to each other?"


     "Mmmmmm, FUCK! That ass is so tight oh yeah!"


     Fuck that ass was so tight. Her cries were all pain. She was crying and screaming at the same time. Each thrust went deep into her ass. My cock throbbed again. I pulled out of her ass just in time to spray my cum all over her sexy tits. She was bawling, crying uncontrollably now in shame and disgust. I left her in the room, sobbing and broken to get some sleep in the other bedroom. I knew what I was going to do first thing tomorrow morning!

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Re: The Hunter (Revised)
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Epilogue: The Lost Chapters

     Paul Hunter was a disturbed serial rapist who scourged the state of Texas for a period of 5 years. Texans were terrified of The Hunter. It didn't help that other people copied The Hunter based upon the first victim Miss Smith. DNA evidence from the first victim helped police sort out the copycat crimes, but to the average person if The Hunter was mentioned all rationality went out the window. The copycat killers were eventually caught. Paul's journal would have been a gold mine for police investigating the serial kidnapper and rapist. Unfortunately, someone ripped most of the pages out. What you have just read is all that remains of the original journal. Many chapters of his journal were lost.

     No one knew The Hunter's first victim was an accidental death. It was Paul's greatest advantage to loom the threat of death over his victims. It was also his greatest weakness that led to his downfall. The police never caught him. Instead, he was killed by someone he underestimated. Me. I'm getting ahead of myself here. I'm sure you would like to know where it all began...

The story continues with Huntress, part 2 of The Kidnapping Chronicles!
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