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Badsammie's Basement - My stories sorted and catagorized
« on: September 04, 2022, 01:10:59 PM »

One on One
The worst betrayal is your own (rape, anal, forced orgasm, humiliation) -
The danger of talking big (drugged, rape, slapped, large cock, painal, broken) -
Just Relax - Revised (M/F, incest, creeper, molestation, impregnation) -
It wasn't supposed to be like that (M/F, rape) -
When they sober up (M/F, nc, drunk, drug use, drugged sex, groped, filmed, anal) -
And so, the spiral started (online, self abuse, gaslighting, rape, anal, oral) -
A late night Uber - Revised (M/F, drunk, rape, puke, prostitution) -
She laid there, waiting (online, masturbation, virgin, anal, kidnap, drugged) -
Dangerous (consensual abuse, gaslighting, rape, oral, period sex, anal) -
Forever gone (Slave, dehumanized, sexual abuse, mental abuse, pregnant) -
Broken (impact play, dehumanization, oral, anal, piss play, kidnapped, choking) -
Preparing for her future (ass eating, first, abuse, shared, whored, anal, scat) -
When they give up (M/F, kidnapping, mind break, anal, scat, broken) -
Never look back (Prostitution, rape, drug abuse) -
Picked up (Prostitution, pregnant, forced anal, choked, piss drinking, oral) -
The bus - Revised (groped, reluctant, masturbation, violent sex, anal) -
Her first time -
She couldn't understand - Revised (rape, gaslighting, manipulated, abused) -
Stepdads are the worst (M/f, rape, drugged, incest, reluctant, cum in panties) -
Vacancy -
Into the alley -
To feel alive -
There and back again -

Gang Rape
Maybe one day I'll forgive you (gang rape, cheating, public, anal, oral, ruined) -
The belly doesn't lie (gang rape, drugged, anal, piss play, incest, pregnant) -
Never clean again (M+/F, gang rape, drugged, anal, scat, filmed, best, broken) -
Fantasy and Reality (Rape kink, rape bait, gang rape, violence, robbed) -
She gave up (M+/F, filmed, past abuse, masturbation, drugs, drunk, anal, rape) -
The plague (post-apocalyptic, rape, gang rape) -
On the hunt (drugs, public, groped, masturbation, drunk, rape, rape bait) -
The party wouldn't end (drinking, drugged, groping, gang rape, anal, piss play) -
A gift for Angela (M+/F rape, anal, oral, little, piss play, drugged, kidnapped) -
She needed this (gangbang, gloryhole, masturbation, anal, rape, A2M, reluctant) -
A stupid bet (blackmail, M+/F, anal, drugged, reluctant, oral) -
Her first concert (M+/F, drug, nc, drugged, abuse, conditioned, puke, incest) -
She deserved it -
Anything for you -
She's drugged and tied -
So you want to know why I'm like this? (Slave, impact play, cnc, freeuse, rape) -
She let them -
To fill the emptiness -
Always the victim -
A trip to the bar -
Smile for the camera -
Library Abuse -
My choices never really mattered -
Damaged goods -
She had too much - Revised (Drugged, rape, gangrape, piss, violent, robbed) -
Alternative History 101 -

Extreme Stories
More than she bargained for (rape baiting, gang rape, beaten, peed on) -
She understood it was time (kidnap, broken, beaten, dehumanization, snuff) -
HOME - Revised (M/F, dehumination, mental reduction, kidnap, nc, groomed) -
In the trash - Revised (M/F, nc, rough, extreme violence, suicide) -
No one (M+/f, drunk, drugged, gang rape, groped, violent, kidnap, implied snuff) -
Daddy's Fist - Revised (M/F, violent, molestation, nc, incest, anal, piss) -
Escape (M/F, M+/F, consensual abuse, puke, messy) -
Changing myself for him (M+/F, manipulation, consensual abuse, beaten, snuff) -
You're Next -
If only for some -
A flip of a coin -
He set her free -
The case of the wannabe Dom -
Into the woods -
The light of day -
What she wanted - a violent story of what I crave -
She shouldn't have done that -
Cunt, not Angela -
Anything to escape the gray -
Lost, but found -
She loved him -
At the end -
She just wanted to go home -
She couldn't turn away -
Lost in the basement -
My destruction -
Spiraling -

Consensual and Sensual Erotica
Blank (drugs, bimbofication, prostitution, mental reduction) -
Conditioning (conditioned, masturbation, piss play, piss drinking, anal, a2m) -
Groomed to be good (M/F, grooming, drugged, masturbation, oral, first, preg) -
Corrected (M/F, impact play, consensual abuse, slave, broken) -
The Christmas Present (M+/F, bound, toys, impact play, rough, oral) -
Happy (online, cam, groom, manipulation, edging, dehumanization, pet play) -
On my knees (M/F, dom/sub, oral, piss, spanked, impact play, choked out) -
Watching -
My greatest pain ever and a verse from Ezekiel -
The line moved on -
Never alone again -
Training day (F/F, best) -
The broken doll -
When he comes home -
Being his "Little" whore -

BDSM Stories
Broken, ruined, and desperate (M/F, Impact Play, BJ, puke, rough, anal, choke) -
Nothing -

Reduced -
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Re: Badsammie's Basement - My stories sorted and catagorized
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2022, 03:36:47 PM »
A giant thank you from this perverted soul for this makes it so much easier to find stories when In the mood to read something from you! Merit From me when allowed!
When I get around to it, I'll write