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Harm's Way Vol. 11 ©
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Volume 11

The thick rubber soles of two leather boots quietly stop at the entrance to the living room. Their occupants watching the scene unfold obscured in the shadows of the century-old Victorian home.

Val’s eyes widened as she watched a hard 9”, glistening with Roxy’s juices disappear inside the squirming tween. The soft moans of discomfort competing over a stock review on CNBC. Val’s pace was steady and consistent, as she felt that familiar feeling of Roxy’s cervix pushing back against her insistent cock.  Bright pink lips wrapped around her was exactly what she needed to unwind from a fairly hectic day.

Val leaned her head back on the designer couch letting out a soft moan as she relished in that space just beyond Roxy’s tongue.  Her eyes traced the design of the latticed ceiling she’d had installed in her living room. It was coming in handy, as was the decision to advise the contractors to add additional reinforcement to the whole structure. After all, it needed to be strong enough to bare the weight of a struggling 12-year-old. Her shibari skills were in dire need of attention but there was nothing worse than being secluded from the world in the basement (she didn’t even get cell service down there) or forced to suffer the pink pastel paradise that was Roxy’s room.  So, what was a headmistress to do? Call a professional rigger to come to outfit her living room with inconspicuous BDSM furniture of course.  The new lattice ceiling provided excellent suspension bondage support, the ottomans doubled as storage for rope, handcuffs, and impact toys, the floor now had a number of places from which Roxy could be secured to hold her in place for whatever activities Val had in mind, and best of all the metal barstools were made specifically to hold the dildos Val had made for electrical play. Everything was just perfect.

Even though Val had been fucking her for some time, this was a nice change of pace to keep things interesting, the deep burgundy colored rope looked simply wonderful on Roxy’s honey-colored skin. The blindfold around her eyes and the plugs in her ears were all part of the sensory deprivation as a punishment for losing focus during their last oral training session.  With nothing to look at or hear, Val made sure she had her pet’s undivided attention.  Roxy’s little hands clenched into tiny balls and then quickly expanded as if she was trying to push back against Val's persistent deep fucking, “Ugh, uuggghuh, huuuu, ugh!” Roxy tried not to think about how much time had passed, as she knew her momma enjoyed these extended sessions, and no matter how much she whined, she wouldn’t be let down until momma was done and Val’s cream was making its way down her throat.

Val’s mind wandered, lost in the glow of Roxy’s oral skills, her eyes critiqued her craftsmanship and rope prowess as a glob of saliva rolled down her balls.  Separate ropes bound Roxy’s ankles to her thighs, then ran along svelte little her hips and around her chest and back down to her legs. Her developing tits were squeezed between the woven hemp and pinched her skin slightly.  The grand result left her nearly inverted, legs splayed wide for easy access and suspended over Val’s cock like a perfect little fuck toy.

Roxy practically impaled herself on Val's cock, sucking with all her might as she felt spit rolling down her chin. Focused on preventing any runaway spit from touching the new couch.  Normally, Val would have been totally behind a messy facefucking but having just gotten this piece delivered from Germany she didn’t want to risk it. Val quickly checks Roxy’s work then goes back to admiring her own, having even taken the extra step of intertwining Roxy’s braid into the rope to keep her head up for fully controlled throat fucking.  This was far from Roxy’s favorite activity,  but given that Val had spent the previous 40 minutes pounding her little ass raw, (and the fact that she was completely restrained) she was more than willing to accept any change in her sexual status that gave her gaped little hole a reprieve.

Thrust after glorious thrust Val could feel herself working toward that perfect moment, but not like this.  With two quick pats on her hear, Val signals Roxy to stop and pulls herself from the whimpering girl, grabbing the towel on the couch and the remote next to it she sighed sitting back and wiping herself down.  This was probably the best part of the new living room setup, as she pressed the unmarked button under the volume logo on the remote the lattice lowered.  She leaned forward pressing her hand against Roxy’s leg sending the restrained nymph into a lateral spin. The hydraulic lift hidden behind the lattice whirled as she became more inverted until she at about a 75° angle, the slow rotation continued until Roxy’s simpering face was right back where it started, albeit at a much different angle.  She’d been in such a hurry to get inside of her little pet she hadn’t stopped to actually take her pants off, simply tying, hoisting and fucking was all that had been on her mind since classes started this morning.  Val gave Roxy’s face two crisp slaps to bring her back to the moment. “Open,” was all Val said and watched as without hesitation Roxy welcomed Val’s girth into her mouth. “Good girl,” she moaned as she slipped inside Roxy’s eager mouth. This position provided even less room for Roxy’s neck to maneuver away from the impending face fucking, it also had the added benefit of constricting her the muscles in her neck making her already tight little throat the perfect place to dump loads of cum.
Val’s hips picked up where they’d left off, rhythmically finding the back of Roxy’s throat. Soon the familiar sounds of Roxy gagging and gurgling as she tried to keep up were the only thing competing with the volume of the TV.  The pained gags and whimpers were becoming so common it was almost background noise, the perfect soundtrack for Val’s life.

“Hope I’m not interrupting.”

“-the FUCK!”  Val howls, the bassy voice behind her sends a jolt through her spine midstroke forcing her cock which was already fairly deep even further down Roxy’s throat and far past her gag limit.

Roxy’s body strains against the ropes as her despite her best efforts her gag reflex is triggered by the forceful presence of Val’s cock being lodged at the back of her throat. The tomato soup she had for lunch quickly found its way from her stomach and spewed across Val’s cock, balls, hips and her $8,000 sheepskin couch. Roxy coughs and sputters as the unexpected moment took them both by surprise.  As the realization of what has happened settles in, a look of horror  is pasted on Roxy’s face despite the blindfold she could imagine how angry Val must have been. The blood drains from her cheeks as she is certain the punishment is coming. However, the intensity of her fear was nothing compared to the fuming rage on shown by Val’s expression.  Her head whips around to see Victor standing in the archway between her living room and kitchen.

“What the FUCK are you doing here! Who THE HELL do you think you are?!” Val’s rage was equally matched by her volume and intensity, while Roxy, eager to make up for what she was sure would get her beaten to within an inch of her life continues suckling away at Val’s cock despite only the tip remaining between her lips.

“You said don’t be late.” [She did say that...]He calmly responds walking behind the couch, the lens on the front of his phone capturing the entire scene as his eyes taking in the luxuriously decorated room as Val’s head swings from side to side in an attempt to get a clear view of Victor. Val’s head whips back around to the clock over the TV, she’d completely lost track of time.

As she turns to admonish him further her heart sinks for a moment, “Are you- are you FILMING ME?” her hands push Roxy away, as the vacuum created by the sudden removal of Val’s cock makes a quiet popping sound.   She slides her hips trying to get to her feet without sending a knee into Roxy’s face as her frustrations overtake her. She spins around to confirm Victor’s phone in his hand capturing the entire scene.  “How long?”

He smirks looking down and then back up at Val, “about 10 inches, but you’re pretty impressive too.” He replies, but the scowl on Val’s face does not return the blithely nature of Victor’s disposition. 

“How long have you been filming me.” She asks as she stands with the remnants of Roxy’s lunch dripping from her cock.
“Long enough,” he replies as he pulls his phone down and begins typing, his thumbs flittering across the screen.  His attention hardly on the lewd display in front of him as he adds.  “Do the parents know this is what their tuition is going to?” He says with a chuckle turning the cameraphone in Val’s direction as Roxy head continues to its search for Val’s cock. “You, facefucking some chink tart on a leather couch?”

“It’s sheepskin asshole,” she corrects him as though it even mattered at this point.

“Ohhh pardon me, how fancy” he replies twirling his phone in his hand, “so…we really need to talk.”

It was rare that Val was legitimately speechless. Sure, there may have been times she’d chosen not to respond to particular instances, but to genuinely be lacking any sort or retort was nearly unheard of. She couldn’t believe the cavalier nature with which he was approaching this situation with. “Yea, I’d say so, let’s talk about expelling you a week before graduation, or talk about calling the cops for breaking and entering.” She responds, in anger as she shifts her hips to get up.

“AH!” Victor scolds pointing to the couch, “you stay right there, or I send this out wide,” he smirks, his thumb hovering over the screen. “Then every parent, teacher, and student on the east coast gets to watch the little show you just put on.” The threat freezes Val in place. “And you,” he says, his eyes finally shifting up to Roxy as he grabs a handful of her firm little ass, before running his hand up her back and behind her head.  He pulls at the knot holding the blindfold in place “-you keep sucking you little angel. If I see her lips leave your dick this goes wide. Do I make myself clear?”  The discontent groan that escapes Val’s lips was involuntary, but what could she really do?  Roxy’s large doe eyes bouncing from Val to Victor, and back to Val. 

Val clinched her teeth so hard she thought they might break, the scowl on her face normally ended most people but Victor simply returned a calm and resolved smirk. “Well?” Victor adds as he watches Val’s hand slide behind Roxy’s head pulling her down further onto her cock.  Roxy, having been conditioned to know exactly what to do continues her work as she always would letting her jaw hang wide to take her momma as deep as she can only to drag her tongue on the underside of the cock she’s been sucking for nearly a year now. “She looks like she’s good at that, how is it?”

Promptly ignoring him Val retorts, “So, you have my attention,” she says trying to focus on the conversation and almost regretting how well she’d taught her little toy to suck cock as her little tongue was quickly working towards what Val has told Roxy is it’s only purpose, a mouthful of cum.

In his left-hand Victor carries a large envelope pinched between his pinky and ring finger, while cradling a glass of what appeared to be scotch as he makes his way further into the room.  Val recognized the glass as one of the Swarovski crystal glasses gifted to her by the parents of one of her students last year. He’d clearly been in her home for some time without her knowing.  Vic sits down in the chair adjacent the torrid scene, setting his glass on the end table as he switches from video to stills, snapping a few pictures as he spoke, “I need a job.” He says with an almost lamentful sigh. As his thumbs danced across the screen. Val opened her mouth to protest. “Shup up!” He said cutting her off before she could get a word out, “I’m checking on the party not ruining your career.” He says concluding his business and setting his phone on the arm of the chair. “So…about that job,” he continues.

“Have you tried LinkedIn?” Val torts wincing for a second as the back of Roxy’s throat squeezes her cock head. The mental fortitude it took not to paint her throat white was gargantuan, she was practically seeing stars. Her life was built around literally being able to cum whenever she so desired.  2am and she can’t sleep with a raging boner, minutes later she’d be fucking Roxy’s ass raw and quickly passing out with a semi-hard 9” deep in Roxy’s rectum. Or 2pm in a day that’s dragging on, one school wide page from the PA system ‘Roxanne Cho to the administration office, Roxanne Cho to the administration office.’ Then, a few minutes later Roxy would be gagging under the solid redwood desk, confined to her hands and knees until the job was done and sent back to class bleary eyed with a sore throat.  However, this wasn’t that. She sat nearly on the verge of filling Roxy’s mouth but the desire to not give Victor the satisfaction was just strong enough to hold her back.

“LinkedIn, oh that’s cute,” Victor laughs watching the ever increasingly lewd stress test. “No, I thought you’d hire me.” He says more as a statement than a question.

Val scoffs then quickly replies, “That’s not happening.”

“Of course it is, you’re going to hire me, full benefits, all the bells and whistles, or you’re going to become a federal case for sex trafficking. The headlines read: Tranny freak headmaster arrested for forcing kidnapped Asian slut to choke on her freak dick!”  He watched her blood rise as Val inhales fighting back every urge to lunge and beat the shit out of him.  Content with himself, he sits back placing his Doc Martens up on Val’s coffee table, before grabbing his drink and taking a small sip. “Who do you think is gonna play you in the lifetime movie? I bet Tara Reid would look good with a prosthetic, or maybe Jennifer Aniston she’s like old as fuck now!”

“Nice try, fuckstick, she’s my ward,” Val states motioning toward Roxy whose head bobs up and down disappearing her cock repeatedly, as if that were some sort of explanation for the tawdry display of oral skills from a tween.

Victor smirks, “Yes, she is, and Candace was too, until you sold her to Jason, and who was before her hmm? Gemma, Lacy, Colleen. How many girls have you ruined?” Reaching across the space between them and opening the manilla envelope and sliding a number of pictures across the coffee table.  “Don’t answer, its rhetorical.” Val immediately recognized the scene.  Her standing in parking lot, late at night.  Followed by pictures of her dropping off some sort of storage case, followed by the revealed contents of that case being Candace.

Val grimaces, her unfocussed rage bringing her closer to providing Roxy with that mouthful of cream she’s been working so hard for. “So what do you want,” she mutters through gritted teeth.

“Finally,” Victor says with a smile, “it took ya long enough to get there.” He removes the remaining papers from the envelope, handing them to Val. “You are going to reinstate the school’s non-profit initiative, and it’s going to focus on mental health and rehabilitation for victims of sexual assault.  Surely, you of all people can recognize the need for such programs.” He adds, his eyes shifting to Roxy who has settled into a nice rhythm.

Val skims over the paperwork in front of her. Thumbing through the paperwork, her face contorts. “You’ve already-“
“Yea, we started construction weeks ago, didn’t want to wait around for you to approve it, and you weren’t exactly using the space anymore, what with this one out of her pin and sleeping in her big girl bed.” Victor says tilting his head and admiring the persistence of Roxy who after 10 straight minutes hasn’t missed a beat in providing what he can only imagine is stellar head.
“You are really making a habit of overstepping.” Val states, her mind clearly focused on going through the copious amounts of information that Victor had provided.  She was surprised at how much work they’d already gotten done on the DeWall building [Why the DeWall Building], even more shocked that they’d completed this all under her nose. “Besides, where did you even get the money for all of this?” She asks as her face twitches, and some of the color drains, the sheer willpower required to prevent a mind-numbing orgasm finally begins to crack her impenetrable façade.
“My father is very interested in philanthropic work and when I showed him the plans, he couldn’t have be prouder.” Victor explains as Val quietly flips through the remaining pages.

“Yes, I’m sure he’s thrilled to find out his son is blowing his money to create a harem of psych patients.” Val snidely remarks as she sets continues through the papers in her hand.

“Indeed, he’d probably be equally thrilled to find out that the headmaster at the school he donated 250 thousand dollars a year is ran by a sociopath rapist.” Victor responds in kind leaving Val again speechless.

“A dorm, you’re want to put dorms in-”

“Yes,” Victor adds, exasperated at the consistent questioning of his plan and determined to avoid giving her questions air.
They lock eyes exchanging disdainful glares for nearly a minute as Roxy’s continual slurping has left Val’s balls glistening with her saliva and an ever increasing wet spot beneath her, further staining the sheepskin which was now painted a strange hue of orange from the tomato soup.  It seemed silly to hold out hope it could be salvaged but somewhere in the back of Val’s mind, she was processing how much restoration would cost.   Finally, Val breaks, “so I give this project the stamp of approval, and then what?” She asks as she comes to grips with the fact that Victor always has plans beyond the obvious.

“That’s it, you leave me in charge of finishing the construction, the staff will be handpicked by myself; don’t worry about the details and we’ll be sure to invite you and give you some kind of award, we know you love the publicity.” Victor continues to eye Val’s waning self-control, she was ready.

“And who is we?” Val inquires.

“What did I just say about details?” Vic says as if he were correcting a child.
Victor rises from his seat, taking a quick stride over to Val before she can make an honest response, his hand finds the remote and presses the button controlling the lift Roxy is attached to. Long thick trails of saliva and precum trail from the tween’s lips to Val’s throbbing cock.

The gasp of relief is clearly audible as Roxy’s head even continues to bob up and down for a moment before realizing there is no cock between her lips to be serviced. Her eyes flutter for a moment as if coming out of a trance. Victor reaches into his boot removing pocketknife, first he cuts the ropes holding Roxy’s hips.  Her legs instantly drop, having fallen asleep due to a lack of blood flow.  She groans as the ropes that held her arms behind her back and her upper body in place force her into a painful position.  Vic makes quick work of those as well, sending her crashing to the floor with a painful thud.

Victor kneels, placing the knife back his boot and reaching into his pocket.  Val, never one to miss a prime opportunity sees Victor's phone that he fortuitously left resting on the arm of the bucket chair he was just in. As he is busy helping a dazed and disoriented Roxy to her feet she deftly leans over, grabbing the phone. “I gotta piss,” she announces as she stands up pressing the phone between her body and bicep to keep her hands free.  It was rare that Val ever stood eye level with anyone but as Victor rises from the floor they lock eyes, his grin was overconfident as always.  “Well, can I go,” Val asks annoyed that she would even need to inquire.  Victor eyes her from head to toe, she was quite the sight. 6’3” in black pumps, slacks around her ankles, her v-neck shirt revealing perfectly perky tits, and a cock still throbbing from Roxy’s tongue-lashing hanging between her thighs as she snipped again, “I’m going,” she says moving past Victor allowing the phone to fall from against her body and into her hand to ensure it remains occluded from view.

“Nice ass,” Vic chimes as she disappears down the hallway, stepping out of her slacks, her heels clicking on the stone floor. With as much expediency as she can muster, she opens Vic’s phone which was surprisingly not password protected. Scrolling down to the most recent videos and photos.  He’d been through the entire house there were pictures of their rooms, the basement and offices.  The shots of her bedroom showed personal items in her closet and the video of Roxy’s room showed several sex toys on her bed.  Then of course there was the video of Roxy being suspended and facefucked within an inch of her life.  Her freshly manicured nails clicked at the screen until she was certain that all the evidence was gone. After a thorough double check she heads to the sink washing her hands to ensure the ruse was believable. 

As Val exited, her heels announced her entrance back to the living room but she gasps in disbelief what Vic was waiting on.  As she enters seeing Roxy on her knees picking up with Victor where she’d left off with Val. Silently she was miserable as the muscles in her jaw were killing her but as she was unsure what Victor’s wrath might bring she thought it best to just please him.  He’d gone through the trouble of lowering the apparatus she was she’d been suspended from and was calmly inspecting it while Roxy repeatedly took him deep into her throat.  His girth was much more substantial than Val’s and though the lengths of the cocks she’d had to swallow tonight weren’t much of a challenge she found herself feeling as though she may have to unhinge her jaw to see this task to completion.

“Are you fucking kidding me? Go ahead make yourself at home!”  Val exclaims marching over to Roxy, gripping her by the arm and yanking her to her feet. 

“Well you made it look so fun I just had to try and to be honest…she didn’t disappoint.  But ummm what’s that?” Victor asks, as in her rage she’d forgotten that she still had his phone. Looking down she lets out a frustrated sigh as the night has not gone at all how she’d envisioned it. Before Val can even begin to explain why she’d taken his phone he holds his hands up, to defuse the situation.  His thick 10” hanging from his jeans, bouncing as he chuckles.  “You know, there’s really no reason for all the secrecy. I feel like we’re really reaching an understanding, you’re going to back the project, I don’t even need the pictures anymore.  Truce?” He says seeming entirely disinterested in his phone as he extends his right hand seeking resolution. 
Val’s arm slides Roxy behind her as she steps forward, “I’ll back the project, and I never want to see you again,” she says taking Vic’s hand.

They shake firmly, as he adds “after tonight you won’t have to see me again.” *CLICK-CLACK* The cold steel of the handcuffs that were in Vic’s back pocket close around Val’s wrist. “But I’m not done with you tonight. Not just yet.” He releases his grip balling his hand into a fist and planting it just under Val’s ribs. Not to maim, simply to neutralize.   Val gasps for breath as she is dropped to one knee her free hand momentarily pressing on the very spot that Victor hit her only to be yanked away and feel the hard restraint closed around it.  He runs the same rope that Roxy had been suspended from through the cuffs as he verifies both are locked tight around her wrists. His knot isn’t the work of art that had Roxy hanging from the ceiling, it was much more crude, but just as effective.  The gentle hum of the lift fills the room as Val’s arms are yanked into the air.

“AGHHHH,” She groans as she is again brought eye level with Victor as his thumb releases the button bringing her to a stop.  He slides the remote into her pocket. “Now…where were we?” He asks as he grabs two handfuls of Val’s perfectly perk C-cups.  “You know I’ve always wondered if these were real.” He smirks, “and now I know.” With one firm tug he rips her shirt apart leaving it in tatters on either side of her body.  Assuming that she’d be home alone for the night there was no reason for a bra, a decision she was currently regretting as Victor’s hands massaged her tits. 

“I’m going to kill you,” Val says, her tongue dripping venom and her eyes burning with fury.

“Maybe,” Victor says removing a gag from his pocket. She recognized it as one from her collection, he must have been gone through her collection while she was in the bathroom. “But for now, right now, you’re mine to do what I will with. Now open up.”
“Go fuck yourself,” Val mumbles through gritted teeth refusing to participate in any way.

“Have it your way.” Vic says snapping his fingers and pointing to the spot in front of him, Roxy was warned this moment was coming by Victor while Val was in the bathroom, though admittedly she hadn’t believed him.  But knowing what was expected of her she quickly moved in front of Victor and got to her knees, picking up where she left off.  Victor’s cock had already began getting flaccid, but that didn’t last long.  He didn’t hesitate as he stepped from his jeans and put his leg up on the couch. Both of Roxy’s hands wrangled the thick monster as she places her face between his legs, her little tongue finding the back of his balls.

“Mmmmmmm,” Victor moans as he feels her little tongue wander around his balls, making unbroken eye contact with Val. He feels her brush his taint while her little hands jerk at him with purpose.  “Down,” he commands and she spreads her legs, getting lower as Victor demanded that he feel her tongue in his asshole.  “Almost there little slut,” he moans as he catches Val’s nipples between his thumb and index fingers.  He gives her tits a rough tug watching the rage in her eyes grow. He continues to add pressure to her tender little buds until he gets the response he’s looking for.  Their eyes lock as their wills come into direct contradiction until Val finally cracks letting out a howl as her face contorts. “AGHHHHHHHH”   Ceasing on the opportunity, Victor jams the rubber ball into her mouth and quickly closes the clasp behind her head. “That’s better.” Victor says with a smile as Val’s muffled moans echo through the halls.  “Now for you,” he says looking down at Roxy, “let’s properly set you to task.” He says stepping over Roxy and presenting his ass with cheeks spread wide. “Let’s feel it, taint to asshole,” he says resuming his hateful glare at Val.

Roxy never hesitates as she runs her tongue from his balls, past his taint and into his little hole. She’d done this for Val plenty of times and while it was decidedly her least favorite act to participate in it was preferable to the beatings she’d have to endure for failure to execute with appropriate enthusiasm, so she learned to at least pretend to love it. “I see why you like this one so much,” he says lifting his leg before kicking Roxy back as she falls to the floor.

“T-thank you,” she says as she scrambles to make her way back to her feet as though violence was such a standard part of her life that being kicked over was as normal to her as being bumped into on the street.

Victor wastes no time on the insignificant, pulling off his shirt relieving himself of everything but his boots, “Now, for the main event.” Kneeling down he hits the button causing Val to be pulled even higher into the air.  Whereas she previously maintained just enough purchase to prevent herself from spinning she was now pulled helplessly by her wrists, the 5” pumps that were doing so much to create her unapproachable demeanor being rendered useless.  “You go ahead and make as much noise as you need to,” Victor says stepping his boots onto the couch. His hands spinning Val around as she grits and growls against the pain emanating from her wrists. She flails wildly as if she could break the bonds with sheer force of will.

Suddenly she feels something she hadn’t felt in 15 years; a cock between her ass cheeks.  She knew better than to clinch up, it was a lesson she had repeatedly drilled into Roxy by drilling her ass repeatedly for months. But no matter how well she knew that lesson her body refused to cooperate as her toned cheeks squeeze together.  “That’s it you fucking whore,” Victor says gripping his cock strongly stroking it to keep himself ready. “Fight it, fight it all night because we aren’t stopping until I say we’re done.” His fingers reach behind her cheeks prying them apart. Val remains clenched tight squirming for all she’s worth. Repeatedly Vic loses his grip forcing him to begin trying to pry her cheeks open all over again.  “Fine we’ll do it the hard way,” Vic says snaking is arm around her neck. Their bodies press together as she can feel his thick cock against her.  The squirming that was annoying and resistant at first instantly becomes desperate as her airway becomes restricted as Vic flexes his arm closing off the blood flow to her head.

Roxy watches in astonishment as the woman who’s been responsible for her torment for more than a year is slowly choked out. “Stop it, you’re hurting her,” Roxy whines.  Even she didn’t entirely understand why she was defending Val but she didn’t know what else to do.

Val’s movements were wild and flailing at first, but as her hands grip around the chain links between the cuffs, the fight slowly begins to fade. The muscles in her arms and shoulder flex trying to lift herself out of the situation but Victor’s 190lbs of mass only requires one firm tug to break her grip sending pain shooting through her wrists from the cuffs that dig into her skin. He can feel the oxygen deprivation begin to catch up with her. As the tense nature of her body releases, “PLEASE STOP!” Roxy screams terrified that Victor is going too far.

He releases her sending the blood rushing back to Val’s head as she gasps, her vision comes back but so does that familiar feeling that she’s now too disoriented to fight. The hands at her hips only aid in his cause as Victor grunts forcing his head between her cheeks. White-hot pain shoots through her body which goes rigid as if it trying to prevent what has already happened. Val’s cock limply dangles as Victor sures up his grip on her toned body.  “That’s better,” he groans in her ear, “now let's see how tough you really are Miss Rose.” He says as the room fills with a cry Roxy was incredibly familiar with.
It was the baneful sounds made when a large hard object being forced into a small unlubricated hole.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII” Val howled as inch after painful inch was buried inside of her.
She hadn’t felt like this in years. Terrified, humiliated, ashamed. Hot tears well in her eyes as she gasps for air. Vic refused to let up, grinning with sick satisfaction as his cock continued drilling deeper and deeper inside until he felt himself throbbing and engulfed by Val’s tight little asshole. It was the second most painful experience of her life.

Val’s teeth dug into the gag leaving deep impressions on the black rubber ball in her mouth, her slender body fought against the restraints trying to pull herself away from the agonizing pain.

Victor had no preconceived notions of starting out slow. Once he got a few inches in, he stationed his feet wide and dug his fingers into her hips. Thrusting forward getting a solid 7” inside of her as she squirmed in his hands. “You!” Victor says looking around Val at Roxy who stared in shock. “Make Miss Rose more comfortable.” 

She knew what that meant. Victor had been very explicit about his expectations for the night and though she knew that Val may punish her later, she was somewhat content in the fact that she’d earned Val’s affections in a way Candace never had.  That hope combined with a genuine fear that Victor might hurt them both beyond repair was enough to ensure compliance.
With Val having been lifted so high in the air, Roxy didn’t need to get to her knees, having only grown two inches since last year, and standing only 4’6” tall she simply leaned over taking her momma’s flaccid cock between her lips. Trying to time her movements with Victor’s thrusts. Roxy eventually found an equilibrium, which became important because her talented tongue was quickly bringing Val’s limp dick to life.

Tears streamed down Val’s face, it was as painful as it was humiliating.  Each violent thrust from Victor was a minor blessing and a horrible curse.  The impact and force providing the slightest bit of relief in her wrists which were quickly turning various shades of blue and purple, while instantaneously sending pain shooting through her rectum that she could feel in her stomach. Once deep inside, Victor took a moment to linger letting her feel the full extent of his displeasure with the tone she’d so commonly struck with him. Each time he pulled out her full body weight was again centered on the steel cuffs around her wrists, there was no respite.  All of this was mixed with the strange but familiar feeling of the back of Roxy’s throat softly gripping her cockhead, squeezing and pulling at it demanding she fills the young girl full of her juices.

The sensations were truly dizzying for nearly all parties involved. Val was a collection of disbelief mixed with pain and anger. Victor, overcome with accomplishment, he’d wanted this since his freshman year, hell even before that.  Back in the 6th grade, long before Kappa Rho became a driving force in his life. Val had taken the liberty to demonstrate the effectiveness of corporal punishment of young boys who like to play pranks, and Victor’s knack for practical jokes landed him in her crosshairs more than once. She probably got her jollies at his expense for a time, but since the first time she brought the paddle to his ass, he began plotting his revenge, and eventually, it consumed him.

And now… here we were. 10” buried in the private school’s association’s educator of the year.

Roxy, for her part, felt something that she’d never felt before. There was a small sense of pride, for once she was not just a means to an end.  Not an empty husk for Val to dump her rage, anger, frustration or whatever emotion the day forced on her. She was the only bright spot in what was otherwise a horrible day. She moved with purpose, not because Victor said to or because Val was actively forcing cock down her throat but because she was helping (or at least that’s how she saw it).

“KEEP UP!” Victor barks as sweat beads on his chin and neck. Val’s little hole fighting him every inch of the way, but he refuses to be denied.  Victor grunts widening his stance again as he bucks his hips harder into Val who is now sobbing uncontrollably.  The thick mascara she’d layered on earlier in the day left long dark trails down her cheeks and chin.  Now Val was accustomed to pain, but the added elements of emasculation and humiliation were proving simply too much. She wriggled like a fish out of water. “ooooopppppfffff” she moaned through her gag. But her moans of suffering fell on deaf ears, and she was otherwise helpless.

With Vic barking at her any time she fell slightly out of sync, Roxy was doing her level best to keep pace with ferocious thrusts from Vic and Val’s own pain-induced wiggling. Her lips were doing a masterful job, Val’s cock was throbbing, and even the stabbing pain in her ass couldn’t prevent Roxy’s throat from bringing her to the edge. Saliva rolled down Roxy’s chin, coating her neck. Being unsure if she was allowed to touch Val without permission in such a situation there was no way to control how much slobber spilled from her lips.  The result was that her only option was to keep her mouth gaped open and her head constantly bobbing to find her moving target.  It was only her inability to keep pace with the erratic movements of the group that kept Val edging for what seemed like hours.

Finally, as exhaustion set in, and a desperate refusal not to leave without what he came for Vic releases Val’s hips, looping his long arms around and clamping them on either side of Roxy’s head like a vice. “There we go.” He snarls in Val’s ear. “All together now.” Roxy didn’t have time to even react as Vic’s thrusts were now perfectly timed with Val hitting the back of Roxy’s throat. All her training had paid off as Val’s cock stabbed the back of her throat, her eyes slam shut as she fights against Vic’s grip but it is absolute. Over and over Vic grunts filling Val’s ass with cock while sending Val’s throbbing cock past Roxy’s tonsils. Tears stream down Roxy’s face as that precious feeling of being useful, almost making her feel like a person again was ripped away amidst the onslaught.  Feeling Roxy’s little maw convulse around the head of her cock was more than Val’s willpower could overcome.  Tearfully she howls, in a deep and guttural groan, “HUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHHHHFFFf.” Her body convulses, her little hole constricting around the bulbous monster invading her bowels as her cock twitches and explodes coating Roxy’s throat further ensuring her difficulty breathing. 

Victor, not wanting to be left out redoubles his efforts, using Roxy’s head as an anchor point, he thrusts forward. More and more being right on the edge, with no regard for the fact that Roxy hadn’t taken a breath in nearly 45 seconds, he can feel both his little fuck toys squirming trying to breathe and escape the anal torment (respectively).  He didn’t make them wait any longer. His balls clinch sending 3 thick, hot loads deep inside Val’s ass. “There you go Miss Rose,” he hisses, “something to remember me by.” He says releasing Roxy’s head. She falls back, taking massive deep breaths only to choke on a throatful of cum. She hacks loudly as she doubles over on her hands and knees sending cum spewing onto the floor. Given the amount of abuse she regularly receives, she knew exactly how to breathe to gather herself. Victor watches, amazed as aside from the flushed face, she otherwise recovers fairly quickly.

She almost chuckled to herself, there was a time when such abuse would have sent her into an emotional spiral of despair.  Now, however, it hardly even registered, as it was commonplace for Val to leave her more than 90 seconds chocking on cock and cum before earning the right to breathe again.  Comparatively, Vic’s treatment was par for the course.

As Victor steps down from the now ruined couch, he steps back to gaze upon his masterpiece.  His cock still dripping with a bit of cum, the rest leaking from Val’s gaped ass and onto the couch.  Grinning he kneels down grabbing his phone, stepping back further to get Roxy in the shot. The confused and naked beauty sitting on the floor under a bound and gagged Val with cum leaking from her two worthless holes. The flash goes off and Val doesn’t even try to hide her identity.

“Now, I suspect I won’t have any trouble with our project moving forward?” Victor asks walking around to see the mascara-stained face he caused. Val shakes her head no without hesitation as she hangs docilely from the ceiling. Roxy immediately recognized that lifeless spin from an abused body.  She’d been privy to the receiving end of such abuse and been left helplessly spinning in a cold basement as the result. “Good, I hate having to repeat myself.” He says nudging her body with his toes, applying just enough pressure to send Val into a slow spin.

“Let her down,” the little voice interrupts Victor’s next thought, as he directs his attention to her Roxy who seems to have taken the misuse of her throat surprisingly well.  “Please,” she adds realizing that she may have spoken a bit out of turn.  Victor smiles, he couldn’t fault her loyalty, she was devout if nothing else. Leaning down, Vic scoops up the remote holding it in his hand as he closes the distance between himself and Val. He tosses the remote to Roxy who looks relieved but Vic quickly chimes in, “not yet.”

“Now Val,” he begins, “when I let you down, you’re gonna be fairly pissed.” Her eyes narrow focusing all of her hatred onto him. “Okay furious,” he concedes.  “And I know you think you’re going to want revenge. But please hear me when I say this. It won’t work, don’t do it.” he puts his phone back in his pocket giving her his undivided attention.  “I’m sure you’re thinking, about it now, all the things you think you can do to hurt me, and I’m telling you, it’ll just make things worse.” He motions toward Roxy, “you’ve got a good thing going here, you’re making bank, you’ve got this sweet house and a nice little chink pussy to fuck whenever you want.  This is as good as it gets, just enjoy it and chalk this up to one really bad night. Okay?”

A long drawn-out silence fills the room, Victor’s somber tone clashing against Val’s unwavering rage and contempt. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Vic says with a heavy sigh Victor as he gives Roxy the green light to lower the humbled headmistress back to the ground. She presses a few buttons and hears the mechanism in the ceiling whirl as Val is slowly lowered back to her feet.

A painful groan is heard as she can finally again put weight on her feet. She lowers her hands which were a deep shade of purple and bruised all the way around the wrist. Roxy, knowing exactly where the keys are kept rushes to the ottoman that holds all of mommy’s ‘toys.’  Val rubs her wrists gingerly before addressing Vic, “I’m gonna fucking-“

There was nothing more to be said, Victor had gathered his things and disappeared just as quickly as he appeared. All that was left of his presence were the documents and blueprints for his plans regarding the DeWall Building, and an intense searing pain in her rectum. Relieved that Val’s pain has stopped Roxy rushes to her side, keys in hand, and for the first time in as long as she could remember, her presence was greeted warmly as Val wraps her in a hug.  Both of them, reveling in the momentary comfort the other provided. “A-are you okay?” She asks her face buried in Val’s chest.

“I’m fine,” she mumbles, taking the key and undoing the cuffs. Roxy didn’t press the issue and simply let the lie stand. “Let’s go to bed,” she grumbles rubbing her wrists as she ushers Roxy away.  She makes her way toward the bedroom, her hand hovering over the light switch before looking back at her now ruined couch, “I’m gonna fucking kill him.” She says as the room goes dark.

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