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The author of this story does not condone rape, racism as presented in the following. The terminology came from the time frame of the story not the author's opinion!


Saturday, August 11th 1973

In Waterfront Park a local four piece band was up on the makeshift stage covering Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Down On The Corner” Heard the song so many times since I got back that I started to change the lyrics to suit the time I heard it. Currently I’ve changed them to”:
“Down on the corner,
the park off the street
Billy and the Bros were bringing pussy to their feet!”

It was a lively little rally to protest the remaining forces in Vietnam and to integrate a Gook family to America. Don’t get me wrong the gooks had a right to live but not here in my neighborhood. No Siree, I didn’t do two tours of Vietnam so Charlie could walk free here like he was just as good as me!

Up on the stage a red headed Irish girl was spouting off about how it was wrong for us to kill the Vietnamese in the name of democracy. Even from this distance I could tell that she didn’t have a clue what it was like over there in Riceville, all she was doing was spouting the rhetoric that others spouted. But I will admit she had a good body highlighted by a peace symbol tie-dyed shirt, cutoff shorts and flip flops.

Still I think once she found out what those slants were really like she would be whistling a different tune. Still when a pair of guys passed me in the crowd I couldn’t help but overhear that they needed a volunteer to drive the gooks to their new home, a couple of blocks over from here. Now was my chance to show the gooks just why they didn’t want to live anywhere near me!

I found a volunteer who was helping to put this on and offered my services. Of course they accepted once they found out that I had a ‘73 Ford Econoline van that had a series of seats like a school bus. I could easily take all four of them and their meager possessions. So as the rally continued I went back home and got my van and put my plan to take the gooks to the warehouse on the pier and show them the errors of their ways.

I parked in the parking lot across from the waterfront and waited for the organizers to bring the gooks to me. I watched then come out, the tie-dyed chick with four others dressed in that typical black pajama like dress the gooks constantly wore back in Riceville. The four were piled into the back of the van, leaving two full empty seats between me and them. All four had those wide brimmed hats that were popular to wear in the rice paddies back home but were totally only used here to disguise themselves from people who felt the same as I did.

I didn’t say anything to them, just turning the radio on to a rock station who was playing Brownsville Station, nor did I look at them in the rearview mirror. Just drove them to the brownstone apartment that was going to be their new home.

“Alright we’re here, time to haul ass out of my van!”

At first none of the four moved then a singsong voice shattered the inside van air “Thank you Mẽo!”, then the side sliding door is opened and three of the gooks climbed out, leaving the speaker still inside with me. I don’t know why but the speaker removed her hat and what I saw facially in the rearview mirror stole my heart in an instant. A found face framed by jet black straight hair, shallow brown eyes, a semi wide nose and a pair of lips that I so badly wanted to taste.

Okay I wanted to rough the four up when I first volunteered to drive them here but now all I wanted was for this goddess to simply say my name. “I am An-Linh Tran and I would like to know the name of the man who helped my family to our new home!”

“Joe, Joseph Brandt, Miss Tran!”

“You are good man Joe, I hope I meet more like you here!”

Oh fuck, how could I justify that was running through my mind towards her fellow gooks when the only thing I want form this one is to protect and cherish her. Christ I didn’t even know how to respond to her right now! As if she could read my inner turmoil, all she did was leave the van and joined the three others and somebody that I took to believe came from the brownstone.


That was over a week ago and since then mostly all I do is sit around drinking a brew and thinking of An-Linh. Occasionally I would go out on foot and make my way to the brownstone, just hoping to catch a glimpse of An-Linh. Much like usual, there was no sign that anyone beside American families lived there. Much like usual I would hang around, until I was bored and started the long quiet walk back home.

I was pretty much like that for the next three weeks, until the night when things changed. Once more I walked my way to the brownstone, much like usual, nothing could be seen from the front of the building. That was when I decided to go around the back of the brownstone and that was where I found An-Linh and her younger brother igniting something in a baby food jar.

The pair spotted me just before the stuff in the jar smoked and shattered the glass jar.  As soon as their eyes adjusted, the pair bolted towards the back door, the brother making it and pulling the door closed just as I ran after them.  Just as i got to the door that was when my angel turned on me “Fuck you Joe!” With her back against the door An-Linh lashed out, her fingers curled like a cat’s claw, her fingernails, coming to a point. “You American’s are weak and deserve what you get!

It was that that turned my vision from stared corners of her framed face to a red mist of hatred that I originally had when I first got back from Vietnam.  An-Linh lashed out but thanks to Uncle Sam, I had both the knowledge and the reflexes to avoid her fingers. Hooking her hands to prevent any further lashing out, I spun An-Linh around hard, slamming her into the brick wall, making her crumple onto the tarred surface.

Through the red mist, I saw that An-Linh was really no better than the other gooks I would shot in ‘Nam, nor did she deserve any sort of respect from me here and now.  An-Linh came too and let me know how she felt about what was happening here and now. “Mẹ kiếp bạn joe!”

My Gook was never that good that I would be confused as a translator but I heard similar phrases back in “Nam that I knew what she was saying. Now the red mist took on a solid red colour of rage. Reaching out I grabbed An-Linh by the collar of her black pajama top and hauled her up until the strain on the fabric started to tear apart. As it parted down her torso, the tanned flesh of her chest appeared. Flat round brown areolas topped a finger width breast. That was when I turned from infatuated to rapists.

Dropping my pants and in a heartbeat I was on An-Linh, mashing my lips hard onto hers. My right hand around the curve of her throat, my left hand worming it’s way into her pajama like pants she wore. Oh she fought like a wild cat, trying to bite my lips. To try to gouge my eyes but a solid right hook to the point of her jaw snapped her head to the left, leaving her dazed and semi limp under me.

With that advantage I moved off An-Linh and tore her pants down her legs. I heard movement of the back door and got up and launched a side kick that forced whoever was coming out quickly, let it close with a solid slam and never tried to come out again. Looking down at the semi naked An-Linh, my cock started hardening  “Fucking bitch the only thing your kind is good for is fucking!” Launching a kick to the side of her head. If she was faking being out, then the toe of my combat boot took her to full reality!

No movement, just an even breathing pattern, I dropped back onto An-Linh and aligned my cock to her slit. One fast and deep thrust and I was buried up to the base of the hair on my mons, inside An-Linh. I didn’t care if this ripped her open. Little bitch could get used to how we American were meant to treat her slanty eyed bitch.

Over and over I rammed in and out of her slapping An-Linh across the face multiple times. I loved her round tan features, started to pinken and flatten out. I loved how the friction my cock was causing her cunt to moisten as if she lived for just such abuse. Before long I blew my load deep into An-Linh, who was crying from either the rape or the hand shots!

I was done with the little bitch, pulling my pants back up, when the back door opened and I was facing a fellow New Yorker who appeared to be in agreeance with me about the gooks. “God damn slant doesn’t deserve the freedom of America!”

Getting ready to walk away “Hey you want her to know how you feel about them, go right ahead. Walking away without looking back, not really giving a damn what happened to her or the rest of her slanty eyed family. And if the newspaper report in the New York Post was right a hell of a lot happened to them. The father and brother were found in the living room hung by hemp rope from an overhead beam.  The mother was in the first bedroom. Tied spread-eagle with burns and stains all over her tanned body. Nothing was said of the fate of An-Linh, nor did I give a damn.

There was a paragraph dedicated to the comments of the dyed t-shirt Irish girl that claimed that this was nothing more than a hate crime and that she was both appalled and ashamed of her fellow American for their actions towards the Tran family. Fuck maybe I should pay a little visit to her and teacher the reality of two tours of Vietnam was rally all about. But that was for another day, I was getting ready to go out and get more beer.

As I stepped out of my building, made my way to the street corner, I was stopped by a nigger with a  fur-lined cape around his shoulders. A white wife beater t-shirt under it “Care for a piece of gook pussy!” Pointing at the back seat of a long New York Town Car. “Fresh off the boat this month!”

I looked and recognized An-Linh, “No thanks no telling what crawled up there and died in her before she got here!” Quickly walking away from the nigger, I waited until I was half a block away before plastering a shit eating grin on my face and started whistling “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” by that English singer!

                                                                                                                 The End
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Re: Not In My Neighbourhood (May's Contest of The month Entry)
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Very powerful and realistic story set in a difficult time in America’s past
I can imagine so many thinking that way and especially after seeing the horrors of “Nam”
Excellent work and I wonder if he gets to take out his rage on the Irish girl too.
Good work and we really delve into the mindset of a racist Rapist but with his cause and constitution
Merit and best of luck in the contest xx

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Re: Not In My Neighbourhood (May's Contest of The month Entry)
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Very good work. I hope this gets  the prize for the best story.  Got my vote.

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Re: Not In My Neighbourhood (May's Contest of The month Entry)
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cums on this

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Re: Not In My Neighbourhood (May's Contest of The month Entry)
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A wonderful addition to the contest, good luck  ::):

Only one little thing:
In the car, An-Linh calls Joe by his name when thanking him, then asks for his name.

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Re: Not In My Neighbourhood (May's Contest of The month Entry)
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A wonderful addition to the contest, good luck  ::):

Only one little thing:
In the car, An-Linh calls Joe by his name when thanking him, then asks for his name.

Error corrected!

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Re: Not In My Neighbourhood (May's Contest of The month Entry)
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Well done, Graham and an accurate portrayal of the mindsets of that time period. Hope this story does well in the contest.
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Re: Not In My Neighbourhood (May's Contest of The month Entry)
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This Story gets My vote for sure!!!

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Re: Not In My Neighbourhood (May's Contest of The month Entry)
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I like the raceplay elements of this.
picture isn't me