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The Red Rose Rapist
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Chapter List

Story Information

Chapter 1
Roses are Red

Chapter 2
Violets are Blue

Chapter 3
Sugar is Sweet

Chapter 4
The Rapist is You?!


Story Information:

The Kidnapping Chronicles

The Red Rose Rapist - prequel <---You are here
The Hunter - Part 1
Huntress - Part 2
LK - Part 3
The Masked Marauder - Part 4
Melinda's Tale - Part 5
The Masked Marauder II - Allen's Revenge - Part 6

A long time ago on a different board someone approached me with a story idea they wanted me to write. The original RRR story was broken apart into 4 short stories and not intended to connect with my other stories. I've been meaning to rewrite The Hunter (and Kidnapping Chronicles) for a long time and just haven't gotten there due to lack of interest on my part. One night my stories popped into my head and I thought to myself "I could connect the RRR to my other stories by doing this..." So, this story is a prequel to The Hunter. Instead of splitting it into 4 stories like I did on another forum, I'm giving the revised edition with 4 chapters. It will still work the same. I'm actually pretty proud of the story (now chapter) titles I came up with and how I connected it within the story.

The setting is in London about 1980's.  Reports made to Scotland Yard describe what they believe to be a serial rapist (male raping different females) who chloroforms his victims after he is done with them and leaves behind a single red rose in their crossed arms. Accidental death is present one time in this story, but it is not graphic or detailed.

And now, I give you the revised edition of The Red Rose Rapist.

Chapter 1
Roses Are Red

     She walked alone in the unusually cold night with the sense that she was being followed.  The woman had felt that way ever since she left her boyfriend’s house after they had fought.  Now she wished she had called someone to pick her up.  Her attire was not meant for staying outside.  She wore a long red dress that showed just enough cleavage to where any guy would want to look at her twice.  The jacket she had was only used for covering the cleavage during dinner or when someone stared uncomfortably at her rather than keeping her warm.   She had forgotten the jacket at her boyfriend’s house and wished she had it with her now. There was a chill in the air, making her nipples hurt. She knew they were hard and really wished she could put on that jacket. She wondered why her boyfriend didn’t come after her.

     A few cars passed by. The headlights made the shadows dance around her.  It was as if the shadows were mocking her predicament.  She still had a block left before arriving home. A warm shower was calling her name and would be a welcome relief from the cold.  A shiver raced down her spine as she tried to warm her hands with her breath.  Her feet were frozen in her sexy high healed black shoes and she felt the pain in each step she took. Her nipples rubbed against the bra she wore. It was the wrong bra to wear on a cold night like this, she reflected.

     Suddenly a sound reached her cold ears.  She was being followed!  Her pace quickened, but she still moved like a turtle in her heals.  Taking her heals off would have frozen her feet even more, she realized.  Even if she ran, she doubted that she would make it to her home before the stranger caught up with her.   The effort was making her completely exhausted. She had to stop under a streetlamp to catch her breath.  The pale light illuminated her, but she couldn’t see outside the light. Maybe she was imagining things? She was nearly home now and hoped she could make it.

     Her hopes were crushed when she felt something cold and sharp against her neck along with hairy flesh against her cleavage.  She saw a gloved finger pointing into a dark alley just next to her home and away from the light of the streetlamp.

     “Wh…what do you want,” she whimpered.   Her captor made no audible reply.  She saw the finger gesture again to the alley.

     “Please…please don’t hurt me,” she whimpered feeling the blade of the knife lightly kiss the skin of the top of her bosom. He pointed at the alley again and gave a light push on her ass. Franticly her eyes looked around but couldn’t see a single soul around aside from him and her. Her breath rasped out as she whimpered in fear. The man pushed her on the ass again, harder this time. “No, please no” she cried as her feet began to move toward the alley whenever he pushed her ass. After what seemed like an eternity they were in the dark alley. The gloved hand came right up to her face. She could barely see the finger pointing down to the ground.

     “Wha…what do you want? What are you going to do to me,” she asked. The knife slowly moved from the top of her exposed cleavage towards her neck, and then disappeared. She felt hands push down on her shoulders. “No, pp please don’t hurt me please!” Suddenly the knife was back on her throat.  She couldn’t see how big the knife was in the black night, but every now and then a gleam would enter her eyes telling her that her captor was not afraid to use it. Sobbing, she lowered herself to the ground. Suddenly she felt her captor on top of her and the knife against her flesh.  “Please, please don’t hurt me!” she cried as the cold knife sliced through her dress.  Horror filled her mind as she lay there on the cold cement sidewalk.  She knew what was going to happen, and she knew she was powerless to stop it.

     She started struggling anyway as the cold knife pressed against her bra and quickly ripped it off her bosom.  Her nipples, already hard with the cold, became even harder now that they were fully exposed to it.  The knife nicked her skin as she struggled.  Fear overwhelmed her pain as she screamed.  Her assailant didn’t bother to quiet her cries as he used the cold, sharp knife to completely take off her now ruined dress.  The knife bit at her crotch and she screamed, tears flooding her eyes from fear and pain.  She felt her panties being ripped away from her skin and she shivered there on the ground, completely naked and exposed.  She felt two hands touching her body, groping her.  She started struggling with more intensity now that she knew the knife was no longer in his hand.  Her resistance made no difference.

     Lips formed around her nipple and then teeth.  She cried in fear and pain as she felt his now ungloved cold, bare finger invading her.  Another scream escaped her lips as she pointlessly pushed against the man’s chest in a desperate escape attempt.  Suddenly she felt shame as a wave of pleasure began to build up in her pussy, making it sopping wet.  Another scream as she felt the now warm finger inside her being replaced by a bigger appendage.

     His cock felt too big for her.  Louder she screamed as he slowly, painfully entered her cunt.

     “No! No! No! AAaaaaah no! No! NO! NO! AAAAAH PLEASE NO!” was all she could manage to say as he slowly worked his member in and out of her.  She pushed again at his chest, and this time he pinned her wrists above her head to the cold, hard ground.  He was moving a little faster now; each thrust produced a moan of pain from her.  Harder he thrust now, producing more moans.  She couldn’t even form the word ‘no’ anymore.

    A fire began to quickly burn inside of her, and it became harder and harder for her to breathe.  Her screams became screams of pleasure as the fire continued to grow.  For a moment she forgot about the cold ground, forgot why she was out here, and forgot any moment except the pleasure.  She could hear him moaning in unison with her as he continued to thrust faster and faster and harder and harder.  Her body twitched violently as a humongous orgasm rippled through her.

     Suddenly the pleasure was gone, and the pain was back.  She found her voice again.


     The tears in her eyes were back too.  Each deep, hard thrust made her twitch in pain.  She felt like her body had no more energy to take any more.  Pleading screams continued to escape her lips as the man continued to violate her.  The fire came back, more quickly this time and she experienced another orgasm as the hard, thick cock continued to pound her juicy, wet flesh.

     She no longer had the energy to struggle and simply lay there unable to form words.  He let go of her wrists and resumed groping her body, abusing her breast as he continued to fuck her mercilessly.   He was moaning louder than her now.  Even after the third and fourth orgasm, he was not done with her.  Harder and faster, he fucked her pussy raw.  As he felt her approaching a fifth orgasm, his cock quivered.  Warm, sticky sperm filled her raw, painful cunt.  Her rapist collapsed on top of her body, continuing to violate and grope her.  She lay there in shame, pain, and sadness.  Suddenly she felt a wet cloth covering her nose and mouth.  She found the energy to struggle then, but to no avail as the chloroform knocked her unconscious.

     Her rapist positioned her body as if she were in a coffin.  Quickly he reached into his pocket and pulled out a slightly damaged rose.  He placed it in her crossed arms and quickly escaped into the night.


"The Red Rose Rapist strikes again!  This time in an alley nowhere near his other victims have been."

     Inspector Rose Garza breathed heavy sigh, "That's the third time in two weeks. This wasn’t just any alley either, it was in a nice neighborhood!  He's getting bolder.  Ok, victim's name?"

     "Rose Red."

     "Hm, like in the poem roses are red?"

     "Oh, no sorry read it wrong.  Reid is how you say it.  How funny you share a first name huh?"

     "No, that's just creepy.  I assume she's at the hospital being examined?"

     "Yes, but she's groggy from..."

     "Chloroform" they both said together.

     Rose sighed another long, painful sigh.  "She'll be knocked out until morning."

     "If only we can find something in common with all the victims!  Maybe we'd be able to figure out where he's gonna go next!"

     "Well, whatever they have in common we're sure not finding it.  Perhaps we should try asking the citizens if they can report people missing for strange periods of at night when all the rapes occur."

     "Rose, we've been over this.  The best thing to do is let other people come to us.  If we go to the people, we'll get tons of bogus reports and we can't chase all of em."

     "And we don't have any suspects.  Sure, it was a great idea to check DNA against all known sex offenders, but none matched!"

     "You seem tense and frustrated.  This case is starting to wear you down a bit too much.  Go home early.  Relax.  You and Bentley will go and interview Miss Rose tomorrow morning."

     "Thanks Boss," Rose said with a smile.

    As she drove home her mind attempted to form connections, anything, to the series of rapes that continued to leave Scotland Yard stumped.  As usual, her mind came up blank.  Her boss was right, she was focusing too hard.  But how can you help it when it's so close to home?  Rose forced herself to start thinking about other things.  She was saddened about the onset of her period this week.  A baby is one of the things Rose wanted more than anything in the world.  It didn't matter if her boyfriend Jim would be in or out of the baby's life, she just wanted a kid badly but didn't want marriage to tie her down.  Married life scared her more than raising a kid by herself.

     She was home now.  A simple two-bedroom apartment on the ground floor of a moderately good neighborhood not unlike the one Miss Reid was assaulted in. She shivered, why did she have to think about that now?  Her hands reached for the keys inside her purse.  She unlocked and opened the door.  With a flick of a switch light illuminated the living room.  Her eyes grew as big as saucers when she saw a single red rose lying on the living room table.

"Jim" Rose called out, "Jim please no more roses!"

     Jim emerged from one of the bedrooms with a confused look on his face, "I thought you loved roses.  I stopped by the flower shop just before it closed to get you a surprise!"

     "Thank you, Jim, I just can't deal with them because..."

     "...of that creepy case you're dealing with, I see.  I'm glad I got..." he disappeared into the bedroom "...these as well" he said, emerging with a beautiful bouquet of violets.

     "They're beautiful!  Thank you, Jim!"

     "Now let me get rid of this rose..."

     "No, I'll do it.  I want to find a creative way to get rid of...oh...oh my!"


     "I can't explain, but I need to get back to work as soon as possible."

     "A break in the case then?"


     "Ok honey be careful."

     "I will."

     Rose was excited and amazed that no one had caught an obvious clue that was right under their noses.  A certain florist liked to have a small sticker, barely visible, promoting the flower shop he owned.  It said, "Harry's Flowers" and underneath had a small picture of a rose.  Since the sticker was so small, it was easy to overlook.



     "Rose?  I thought you went home.  What are you still doing here?"

     "All of the roses that the Red Rose Rapist used came from the same flower shop!"

     "I... what?"

     "The roses, all the roses came from the same flower shop.  Here, look, this sticker is on every single rose!"

     "Why didn't we see this before?"

     "I don't know sir, but Bently and I will interview the florist first thing tomorrow.  Maybe he could answer some of our questions or give us a suspect."

     The florist did indeed give the police someone to suspect, himself!  Harry was the first break the police had in the case, but not an extremely helpful break.  He could not reveal his whereabouts during any of the rapes.  At first, he told the police he was with his wife, but his wife told them he was not at home.  Other excuses included him being "out of town for the night" or "I can't recall where I was."  With no alibi he was practically wearing a sign saying, "I'm the rapist!!!!!"

     Of course, it's innocent until proven guilty.  The only evidence the police could collect was out of their reach because they had no hard evidence to collect it.  Since Harry did not have any previous sex offender charges, or any criminal charges for that matter, his lawyer argued that there was not enough evidence to obtain Harry's DNA.   The police knew the lawyer was least for now...


     Harry smiled to himself as he drove to a beaten run-down part of town.  He got out of the car and drove to an ancient looking motel.  There, he quietly waited in the shadows.  He saw a woman walking towards him, and his smile grew even wider.  His cock pricked with excitement at what was about to happen...

...The Red Rose Rapist waited silently in the flickering shadows.  A loud noise startled him, and he ducked further into the shadows.  That was close!  A couple almost saw him in the flickering light of the dingy hotel sign.  He smiled as the couple went inside the hotel.  Perfect, no witnesses!

     The beautiful slut came towards him now.  She wasn’t as well dressed as the last victim, but she still looked fine!  Her breasts looked like they were D size and perky.  She had a little fat on her body, but it was the kind of fat that makes a woman look more appetizing; like you want the fat there so that you can have more body to use and abuse.  He loved her short wavy blond hair as it lazily moved with a soft wind.  Closer and closer she came.   The Red Rose Rapist was ready, his cock itched with excitement.  She was in range now.  He grabbed the bitch the same as all the others, by taking her by surprise with a knife at her throat.  He dragged the whimpering slut into the shadows.
    “No! No please don’t hurt me! Please don’t hurt me!”

     As always, the Red Rose Rapist did not respond with words.  He forced her to the ground and slowly cut her shirt open.  The woman sobbed, realizing what was about to come.

     “No, no I’ll do anything please!  No oo o oo o!”

     The bra was next to meet his knife.  He had guessed right, the slut’s breasts were big, luscious, and beautiful.  She pled and sobbed as he started to abuse her body.  His hands squeezed her melons and she continued to plead with him, hoping that maybe someone would come and rescue her.   Slowly his hands rubbed her nipples as if she were his lover, silently mocking her as her nipples hardened.  His lips pressed against her neck and began to suck hard.  He intended to have this victim be marked so that she could feel even more shame in the coming days.

     “Ah ha ha ha! No! No! No! No!  Please no!” she pled as his knife slowly pressed against her waist, cutting her skirt off.  “I’ll do anything, please don’t!” she uselessly said as the knife easily sliced through her underwear, exposing her shaved womanhood.

     He wasted no time and took off his clothes quickly.  She attempted to roll away but was not fast enough.  On her stomach, he had an easier advantage over her.   His huge pulsating cock penetrated her asshole, something which he had never done before and immediately enjoyed.  His victim on the other hand…

     “No! No! Aaaah! No! Please no! Aaaah! AAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAH!   It hurts!  It huur hur hurrts!”

     He pulled out of her as he did not want to cum before she did.  Blood slowly pooled out of her ass and onto the pavement as he turned her over.  His bloody cock rubbed against the entrance of her pussy.  Tears fell from her eyes.  He thrust inside her and groped her sexy body.  The Red Rose Rapist could tell this victim found more pleasure in his manhood than she could take.  She was unable to form the words to protest his pulsating, quivering member roughly sliding in and out of her now wet pussy.

     “Naaa!  Aaaaah!  Oooooh!  Oooooh!  Nnnnaaaaauuuuh!” she cried with each grueling thrust.  She started moving her hips from side to side; slow at first then violently in a desperate attempt to force him out of her.  It backfired on her, only making the pleasure more intense as he ravaged her.  His hands continued to rub her now extremely hard nipples throughout the ordeal.  Now it was time for teeth.  He bit and sucked her so hard she screamed bloody murder in rhythm to his now harder and faster thrusts.

     She was a mother, that’s why she was a little on the chubby side.  He knew this when milk started seeping from her breast and into his mouth.  It didn’t taste the best, but he enjoyed her humiliation more as he continued to suck milk from her as if he were her child.

     Her moans became more and more ragged with heavier and heavier breathing.  She was close to an orgasm now.  He moved harder and faster, allowing her body to experience the pleasure it wanted.  Throughout the orgasm, she bellowed inhuman moans of pleasure, unable to express her brain’s discontent with her situation.   He listened as she suddenly found her pleading voice back.

     “Aaaa!  Aaaaa!  No!  It hurts now!  Aaaaaah no!  No!  Please no more it hurts!”

     She begged and pleaded as her body convulsed in now more pain than pleasure with each thrust.   After a while, the convulsions happened less and less.  Her voice reverted to moaning, but this time it was both moans of pleasure and discontent.  He moved slower, hitting her exactly right to force another orgasm onto her.  She moaned like a prostitute whore, and he fucked her harder and faster.   Soon the inhuman moans were back as he felt his cock become more and more juicy with her fluids.

     Her body twitched again, and she was unable to find her voice.  He felt himself get close to an orgasm as his cock went deeper and deeper inside of her.  The added orgasm juices felt wild against his prick, and he felt the pleasure growing greater and greater.  His moans of pleasure joined her now weak moans of exhaustion.  Fire spread in his chest, making it harder for him to breathe.  He knew he could make this slut orgasm one more time before he unleashed his load.

     Faster and harder than ever, she became inhuman again.  This time another set of inhuman moans matched hers as the fire spread through both.  In and out, faster, harder, nothing else existing but their essence.  Wilder moans, bodies begging to release what has been building up inside, ecstasy.

     Their bodies twitched as she got hers and he unleashed his warm sticky sperm into her sopping wet vagina.  The moans continued and slowly died down as he collapsed on top of his energy-less victim, mocking her as if he were her lover.  A few minutes went as he gained his strength, continuing to slowly grope the slut mother until he was able to find the energy to get up.

     Energy found, he quickly rose and reached inside his pocket.  She didn’t even give a whimper as he covered her mouth and nose with the handkerchief.  He quickly got dressed and looked at the time.  Wow, time flies when you’re having fun!  After making sure a red rose was perfectly placed in her naked, crossed arms he quickly walked to where he had parked his car about a block away and began to drive home.
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Re: The Red Rose Rapist
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Chapter 2
Violets Are Blue

     Rapes were now becoming every other day occurrence.  Rose and the rest of the police were so swamped with damage control that no one caught Inspector Violet's absences, or strange comings and goings around the police station.  In fact, it was unusual for someone investigating the rapist case to be in the police station at all.

     Rose was just that kind of unusual.  Following the thoughts that she gave to her boss, she started to pay more attention to the people around her for strange or unusual behavior.  John Violet was the first person to hit her radar.  Rose was in the police station tonight searching through some files in order to dismiss or further research a hunch.  Her hunch was that John Violet was unaccounted for during all the Red Rose Rapist rapes.  A simple look back at shift records would give her more suspicion about him.

     "Violet, I need to talk to you."

     "Rose, right now I really have to go.  This cannot wait and I don't have time to chat."

     Violet walked in a brisk pace, as if he were in a hurry towards the door.  As he left, she heard him call "And it's pronounced Violeigh!"

     Rose shook her head.  Violet always corrected people about the name, even though people preferred to say it like the flower.  When will he give up?  Or better yet change his name.  Rose laughed at the thought, then kicked herself for letting her mind wonder.  She had something to do, and it couldn't wait.


     "Ok Bentley, just keep a close eye on his car.  Don't make it look like we're following him, and don't get close enough to where he can tell it's us."

     "This is all for the sake of quelling a hunch, right?  I mean Violet doing something suspicious?  He's a great officer and has helped many people in London.  I honestly can't see him doing anything wrong unless he's got a Mr. Hyde inside of him running around."

     "Look, just follow him, ok?  According to the most recent pattern of rapes the Red Rose Rapist is going to strike somewhere in London tonight before our shift is over.  If it is Violet, then we can stop this before it gets worse..."

     "And if it isn't Violet?"


     "Rose, the only reason I'm doing this is because your instincts have never failed you before.  I'm thinking there's a first time for everything though.  Either way if he is the rapist or not, it beats driving around and attempting to look through every dark alley."

     "Look, he parked his car.  I don't think that's his house..."

     "Come to think of it I haven't seen where he lives, but a cop living out here in the bad part of town on our salary?  Now I'm interested.  I'll park a distance away and we'll keep a close eye on him."


     Inspector Violet knew he was being followed, and that very fact frustrated him.  He was now about a block or two away from his car and he looked over his shoulder for the umpteenth time.  Finally, they weren't visible.  He must have given them the slip.  Violet ducked into a dark dank alley and hid behind a dumpster.  She should be arriving soon, and when she does...Violet's body quivered with excitement as to what was about to happen…

…The Red Rose Rapist smiled as he saw his next victim.  He had been stalking her for weeks, planning to take the bitch.  And if all went according to plan...heh heh heh....

     ...Amy was an intelligent hard-working woman who lived close to her job, so she didn’t bother driving to work.  The rape craze was making everyone paranoid.  She thought that the rapist was taking prostitutes and women who were out on the street who should have been home.  Surely the Red Rose Rapist wouldn’t get her, especially since she lived only a block away from where she worked.  Amy wasn’t a fool though; she always kept a knife with her to defend herself.

     A sound drove Amy’s attention away from her thoughts.  Someone was following her.  Anxiety filled her body.  She decided to take a shortcut through an alley she knew so well.  What she didn’t know was that her pursuer knew exactly where she planned to go.
 A dark figure appeared out of nowhere, frightening her.  She could not get a good look at the person, but it appeared he was as surprised as she was.

     “Terribly sorry to have snuck up on you like that.”
    “No problem” she hesitantly replied.  Slowly she withdrew her knife from her pocket.  The way that man sounded...almost as if he were extremely horny.

     An arm grabbed her around the stomach.  Ah ha!  She knew he was up to no good!  Excitement flooded through her veins as she made a wild stab behind her.  It quickly disintegrated into fear when she realized that she didn’t know if the knife made contact or not, thus blowing up her element of surprise.  Her captor grabbed her wrist with the knife and squeezed her hard.  She screamed in pain.

     “AAAAh!  Let go please!  Let go!  Ok, ok I’m dropping the knife!  There, let go!”

     The pressure released from her wrist, and suddenly she felt a knife to her throat.  Oh no!  No!  She was going to get raped!

    Suddenly she was off balance and found herself on the ground, bruised and hurting where he had made her fall.  She turned over onto her back, and felt the rapist rip her clothes off with the knife quickly.  Amy struggled and screamed for her life.  He first tore through her top, exposing the yummy melons underneath.  She covered herself quickly, not wanting him to see her private areas.  He didn’t seem to care as the knife slashed near her pussy, exposing that too.

     Fear was all Amy knew at this point.  She had heard stories from the others.  The rapist always took his time on them, that’s why she figured she could escape.  This time...this time he seemed like he was in a hurry.  He didn’t bother ripping her clothes all the way off like the other victims.

     “Please, please no don’t do this!  HELP!  HELP!  SOMEBODY!  AAAAAAH!  NO GET OUT OF ME OOOOOWWW IT HURTS!  IT HURTS!”

     As she was screaming, she felt his meaty member force itself into her dry pussy, causing her tremendous pain.  She screamed as he thrust inside of her hard, her hands beat against his chest in a futile attempt to save herself.

     A hand closed around both of her wrists and painfully pinned them above her head.  All his weight was balanced there, and she screamed with ever growing pain as he violated her still dry pussy.  She felt another hand squeezing her breast.  This wasn’t a sexual squeeze at all, but a painful death grip squeeze that caused her to scream in agony.  But her pussy hurt the worst.

     Slowly, ever so slowly, her pussy became wetter and wetter.  And just as slowly, pleasure started to build up inside of her.  Amy struggled valiantly now, not wanting her body to enjoy the abuse she was receiving.  She twisted and squirmed all she could as his meat pounded inside of her.  Her screams turned into moans as the pleasure continued to build and build.  Suddenly she got a wrist free and made a wild jab.  It felt like she hit something, but she her brain couldn’t register what it was.  It didn’t make any difference, however.

     Both hands were on her wrists now and her pussy felt more pleasure as her captor continued to pound his meat into her.  She felt it grow harder as teeth closed around one of her nipples.  Amy screamed with pleasure as the mouth sucked her nipple hard, as if he were giving her nipple a hicky.  She felt him suck harder and harder.  His cock continued to ravage her now dripping wet pussy.  Amy no longer had the breath to form words, instead every breath she took ended in a scream of pleasure as he fucked her harder and faster.

     She felt the fire then, a small part of her brain that was still sane told her to struggle, to try and see if she could get away before he made her orgasm.  Her screams ripped through the night like a knife through a fog.  They became animal moans as the fire spread from her pussy to her whole body.  She heard him moan in unison with her, his cock going faster and harder than ever.

     Her body twitched and she felt his twitch too.  Warm fluids filled her cunt as she had a hard orgasm.  Tears began to fill her eyes, and a final scream penetrated the night when she felt a cloth cover her face.  Her vision blurred and her hearing became dim.  She felt him place a rose in her immobile arms.  Suddenly a white light flooded her vision.  She could dimly hear a voice in what seemed like a far distance.

     “Police!  Freeze!”

     Then everything went black...


“We’ve lost him.  Let’s just go back to the car and…”

     “Bentley, shhh!”



     Bentley strained his ears.  He couldn’t hear anything out of the ordinary and was about to speak again until he heard it too.

     “A scream.”

     Without wasting time, Rose bolted towards the faint sound.  She ran blindly, her ears guiding her to the ever so slowly raising sound.  Suddenly the sound stopped.

     “Damn it!  We’re too late!”

     “It’s close by though, I’ll radio our position.  Perhaps he is still…”

     Another loud scream cut Bentley off.  It was close, just in the next alley within sight distance.  She saw a silhouette on the ground with a figure above her covered in the shadows.  Yes!  It was him!  She had found the Red Rose Rapist!  Full of energy, she ran over and cast her flashlight over the pair.

     “Police!  Freeze!

     There was Violet standing over a woman whose breast and pussy were exposed with a red rose in her crossed arms.

     Suddenly several squad cars showed up, illuminating the no longer dark alley with their flashing blue and red lights.  A news van was in the mix too.  How had backup arrived so fast?  And what was the news doing here in such a short time?  She didn’t let that worry her and placed Violet under arrest.  As the police were taping off the crime scene, she heard a cry over the crowd.

     “Rose!  Rose!  Oh no Rose where are you?  Let me through I must see if it’s her!  Rose!”

     “Jim, Jim what are you doing here?  And what the hell happened to your eye?”

     “He...he called me...that rapist called me and said you were going to be his next victim!  He said he would do it over here, oh fuck I was so worried!”


     “It’s true.  Jim called us and told us of a general location about two or three hours ago.  We told him we would do whatever we could, but it was probably a crank call, and then Bentley called in his position.  The radio transmission was fading in and out.  We got the position, but it sounded like you were the victim.  We feared the worst and sent the closest people your way.”

     “I’m glad you’re ok Rose.  Oh, and as for my eye, I was attempting to stop a fight between a friend and a stranger.  I got in the way and got hit.  The stranger had a knife but luckily it only grazed my side.  I didn’t even bleed.”

     Rose shook her head.  Too much was going on at once.  She looked forward to getting a good long night’s rest.

     “I’m just glad this whole rape business is over” she said.

     “No, no it’s not over” Violet shouted.  “I’m not the Red Rose Rapist!  Jim is!”


     “This is bullshit.

     “Look Rose we had to bring him in even if it were not a cop who accused him.  You know how tight things are.”

     “I understand that, but someone should at least take into consideration that Violet had just been caught red handed and was looking for someone to blame.”

     “Maybe, but maybe not.  Ok, I’ll interrogate your boyfriend.  You do Violet.”

     Rose’s interrogation of Violet made her even surer that he was the Red Rose Rapist.  Violet refused to give any sample of DNA.  His excuse for being there at that moment in time was that he had gotten an anonymous tip that a man was spying on women in the shadows around the area and that a rape would likely occur around that exact spot.  When asked why he didn’t attempt to call anyone, he simply said that his radio didn’t work.  Violet also admitted that it was possible he had mistakenly identified Jim as the Red Rose Rapist because he didn’t get a good enough look at the rapist.

     Bentley’s interrogation of Jim was not long.  After he had called the police, Jim simply drove around the area in a heightened state of emotion looking for Rose.  When he almost got into an accident, he had decided to park the car and continue the search on foot.  He was not familiar with the side of town or the area that the Red Rose Rapist said he was going to rape her, so it took him a long time to work out the location.  Bentley noted that like Violet, Jim too was unseen by anyone else during the rape.  Jim was also like Violet in that he refused to take a DNA test.

     Bentley had time to look at some records as Rose was interrogating Violet.  He like Rose wanted to see if a relationship existed.  He breathed a heavy sigh as he printed out the results.

     “First suspect Harry Red, second suspect John Violet, and third suspect Jim Blue.  Neither will submit to a simple DNA test.  Why?  What’s the story with Harry?  What’s he doing away from home so often?  What about Violet?  Why is he always absent or somehow not here when the rapes occur?  Jim is strange too.  Why is it that when Rose gets a new boyfriend all the rapes strangely happen only when she is at work?  Circumstantial evidence…Not enough evidence to convict anyone…can’t really arrest when you don’t know for sure.”

      “Talking to yourself again?”

     “Yeah Boss.  We have to let both go right?”


     “Thought so.  Keep an eye on both though, right?”


     “Good, I think both of them have something suspicious in their asses.”

     Jim was angry, incredibly angry.  Horny too.  He was upset about being accused as being the Red Rose Rapist.  He stood in the darkness, waiting for his anger to die down.  It didn’t work.  Perhaps he should take out his anger in a different way then.  Jim smiled as at that moment a woman headed out the back entrance of the library...

     ...The Red Rose Rapist slicked and slithered through the shadows like a snake.  A loud bang came from the direction of the library.  He paused to look towards the sound.  It was merely the back door of the library closing loudly.  He turned his attention back to his next victim.

     Though the Red Rose Rapist would have preferred this victim conscious, he knew that he was taking a great risk by having two victims in one night.  Therefore, he slowly strolled through the shadows with the stinky chloroform soaked cloth in his hand.  Quickly he covered her mouth and nose.

     She was a fighter and a moaner.  The woman made a grab for the cloth, attempting to pull it off her in vain.  She struggled hard and attempted to scream through the cloth.  No one came to her aid as her struggles slowly came to an end.  The Red Rose Rapist drug her further into the alley.

     He didn't waste time and quickly pulled all her clothes off as she slept.  Moving slowly and deliberately he kissed the slut's lips and found them tantalizing.  His hands slowly slid across her beautiful body.  From her long sexy legs his hands slowly moved up to grope her womanhood.  There his middle finger violated her as the other hand slowly moved up her stomach, reaching for her breasts.  He lightly rubbed each nipple, making sure both were hard.  His finger in her pussy slowly became wet as he fingered her.

     Her nipples were hard as hell now.  The rapist started sucking on one as one hand continued to grope and rub the other breast while the other violated her pussy.  For a few hours, the Red Rose Rapist continued to molest her, waiting for her to stir out of her slumber.

     "Uuuh, wh...wha?"

     She had woken up.  The Red Rose Rapist wasted no time now and kissed the slut's lips to keep her quiet.  Her eyes still showed signs of sleepiness, but she knew what was going on!  His hands moved from their areas to her arms, pinning her to the ground.  Slowly and menacingly, he moved his cock to her sopping wet pussy.  She didn't have the energy to struggle, but pleading moans escaped her lips.  As his cock entered her pussy, she gave a loud gasp from the pleasure.

     This slut was tight, very tight.  His cock felt squeezed inside of her, and he felt her juices.  The woman continued to moan in protest as he started to thrust.  Her breasts bounced softly, and each thrust ended with an ever increasing lustful moan from her.  The bitch's body was enjoying the pleasure!  Harder now and faster, her breasts were flapping up and down with each thrust, making the Red Rose Rapist hornier.  Moans continued to escape through her throat.

     He released her arms so he could rub her beautiful bouncing breasts under him. The woman attempted to hit the Red Rose Rapist but was too weak to do any damage to him.  As he violated her harder and faster, his mouth left hers and attacked her nipple. It had softened up a little from the lack of attention.  It soon grew fully erect in his mouth.  Then, animal moans came from her like all the previous victims.  She was close to getting hers.  He mercilessly fucked her deeper, harder and faster.  His teeth roughly bit her nipple, and his hands groped her sexy body.  Her breathing became faster with each thrust.

     Suddenly she moaned painfully and started begging him to stop.  Her voice was weak, still affected by the chloroform.  He didn't listen and continued to thrust deep inside of her.  The moans of pain and displeasure didn't last long, this slut had experience!   As the moans changed, he fucked her even harder and faster.  He felt the fire now and could hear through her moans she was close again.  The Red Rose Rapist moaned now as the pleasure spread through him.  His chest felt light, and it became hard to breathe.  Panting and moaning with ecstasy, the fire spread throughout his whole body.  She gave one last animal moan before he spread his sticky seed inside of her.  His cock was hard enough to give her another orgasm before he collapsed on top of her.

     The Red Rose Rapist lay there for a few moments, gaining his strength back.  Quickly he knocked his victim out again.  After leaving his trademark in her crossed arms, he slowly strolled to his car.  He found the car right where he left it and drove home for a good, long sleep.

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Re: The Red Rose Rapist
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Chapter 3
Sugar Is Sweet

    “Hello, Dr. Sugar”

     “Hi, how are you today Maggie?”

     “Just fine and yourself?”

     “Couldn’t be better!”

     Dr. Sugar hummed a happy song as he entered the hospital ready for work.  The fact that Dr. Sugar was coming to work at that hour was strange.  He should have already been at work!  In fact, Dr. Sugar has been coming into work after each rape happens.  It was for this reason that one of his coworkers called the police and told them of their suspicions.  Now Dr. Sugar wasn’t just any ordinary doctor, he was special.  You see, Dr. Sugar was the one and only doctor who examined the victims of the Red Rose Rapist.  Additionally, he was the only doctor in the city qualified enough to examine rape victims…or so he claimed. No one thought anything of it until the coworker noticed his odd work hours and tipped the police.

     Under normal circumstances, people would dismiss any ill thinking of Dr. Sugar as paranoia.  Dr. Sugar lived up to his name and was considered an overly sweet, kind person to everyone.  However, circumstances were not normal.  He would always examine the victims alone for a long period of time, much longer than it seemed necessary.  It was this red flag that attracted the most attention.

     Of course, Dr. Sugar was interrogated by police very shortly after the call.  Like all suspects before him, he didn’t have an alibi.  When asked about the length of time it took to examine the victims, he simply stated that he wanted to examine the women right away and after the effects of the chloroform had begun to wear off as part of a research project.  He wouldn’t give out any details of this project, saying that it was still in the process of being formulated.

     “Dr. Sugar, is that all you have to say?”

     “Yes, can I go now?  There are patients waiting for my care.”

     “Yes, you can go.  If you think of anything that could help you know what to do.”

     “I’ll be sure to do that miss.”


     Dr. Sugar drove away from the police station, happy to be out of there.  It was almost time for his shift to start, he noticed.  Instead of driving straight to the hospital, he drove in the opposite direction.  After a few minutes of driving, he wound up in the side of town that was the hotspot for the Red Rose Rapist rapes.  He parked his car in a parking garage and started walking with his head down, as if he didn’t want anyone to recognize him over here.  The doctor suddenly ducked into an alleyway and looked over his shoulder to make sure no one was following him.  Good, no one was.  His cock hardened with excitement as he walked towards a storage warehouse encased in darkness, eager to enjoy what was about to happen...

     ...Jenny was bored.

     It was pretty easy to see why. She was the only one working at the storage warehouse this late at night. And even though she worked in the most dangerous part of town due to the recent rape rampage, she never had any trouble because she always got off work after the rapes had occurred. She didn't understand why the warehouse was open so late. Those who have access to storage areas don't need her to open the door for them since they have a key. Only new customers need her or if a problem happened to occur. Yet problems were few as well as new customers due to the location.

     Jenny sighed. Her life was completely predictable from the moment she woke up to the moment one of the last routine customers of the night opens their storage unit with a loud bang to the moment she fell asleep. Jenny was so bored she never heard the door open. Her heart skipped a beat when she suddenly saw the man in a dark coat at the counter. This is new. Eerily new.

     She was about to ask what he needed when he started to walk around the counter towards her.

     "What...what are you doing."

     He didn't reply. Jenny was getting a horrible feeling. A really bad horrible feeling. Her eyes met with something sticking out of his coat pocket. A sliver of red...

     "Oh...oh god no not me please not me. I'll do anything please not me!"

     Jenny knew at this hour it was useless to try and scream. No one would hear her. Her fear of the man had backed her into a corner. Her eyes darted wildly to see if there was anything she could defend herself with. Finding nothing, she desperately tried to get out of the corner and get away.

     Yet it was too late. She was suddenly face to face with him. He roughly pinned her to the wall with his body

     "Please..." she begged "not me please not me!"

     He pointed down to the ground.

     "No, no God no. Please don't do this I'll do anything please don't do this!"

     Slowly he reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife. Jenny gulped. Her body shook with fear. The knife was pointed towards her stomach. Jenny shook her head "D...D...Don't hurt me please!"

     He pointed to the ground again. Jenny had no choice. She slowly slid down the wall into a seating position. He pointed to the floor again. Jenny whimpered but complied with the Red Rose Rapist's wish to lay down on the ground. Suddenly the knife was pressed on her stomach.

     "No...don..don't hurt me I did what you wanted!"

     She felt the knife cut through her blouse, barely touching her skin. She felt her bra slowly lifted away from her chest. Then she felt the knife tear at her skirt. Soon she was completely naked at the mercy of the Red Rose Rapist.

     " don't have to do this, please I'll do anything, just please don't do this!"

     He ignored her pleas and took off his pants. Her eyes widened at his pulsating member. "Please don't do this, please!" She felt him get on top of her. Suddenly the fear she had gave her strength. Jenny started to wiggle her body, trying to get away from him. Rough hands violated her breasts. She twisted toward her left, trying to stop him from violating her body. He twisted her back on her back. Jenny tried to twist right, but he held her firmly down with his body. Suddenly her womanhood felt it brush against her.

      "NO! PLEASE GOD NO!" Her tiny whimpering pleas turned into screams of desperation. "SOMEONE HELLLAAAAAAAH!" she screamed as the huge quivering member violated her. She felt him push it deep inside her. Jenny screamed in pain, unable to form words. It was moving inside her, his lips closed around part of her neck.

     Slowly the pain turned to pleasure. Jenny started to feel hot. Moans of pain were soon replaced with moans of shameful pleasure.

     "Plaaa plaaaa sssttoooo stttooooo aaaaah sstooooo!" She attempted to beg him to stop but could not form the words. She felt him sucking on her neck as his thrusts got faster and harder. Jenny attempted to move her hips from side to side in a hopeless attempt to dislodge him.

     "nnn nnnn nnnnoo noooaaaaah aaaaaah AAAAAAAAAAAH NNNNAAAAAAH!" She screamed. She felt hot tears rolling down her cheeks. Suddenly a burning sensation was felt down there. Her moans of shameful pleasure became louder with more lust. She tried to push him off of her, not wanting the Red Rose Rapist to have the pleasure of giving her an orgasm. Jenny felt his hands grab her wrists and pin them above her head.

     "AAAAH AAAA UUUUAAAAH AAAAAH AAAAAAAH" she screamed. The pleasure intensified. She felt her breasts bounce with each thrust. The fire spread throughout her whole body and it jerked violently as the orgasm hit. Then suddenly she felt tremendous pain!


     She felt him thrust harder and faster and harder and faster. Her breasts were bouncing all over her chest. She tried to move her body away, but had no luck. Jenny was trapped under him.

     Soon the pain slowly went away and was replaced by pleasure even more intense than the first. Her moans became more lust filled. Her brain was overwhelmed by the pleasure and she forgot all about trying to get away. Her body wanted it, needed it, craved it. Jenny lay there in a stunned pleasure as he continued to mercilessly violate her. She moaned louder and louder as the orgasm built up inside her again. A scream escaped her lips as the fire spread throughout her whole body once more.

     The pain was back, but Jenny was too numb from the orgasm to protest. Silently her mind screamed for this to end. She felt her wrists being released and hands groping her body all over as he continued to fuck her. Jenny no longer had the energy to physically struggle. Her mouth uttered out moans while her mind continued to beg and plead for this nightmare to end. Yet he continued ravaging her harder and faster and harder and faster. The fire spread through her again. She heard moans escape his mouth and knew what was coming. Her mind screamed no as her body lay there unable to obtain the energy to struggle.

     She felt the fire spread and heard his moans sound more animal like. She matched his moans as the unwanted pleasure continued to build and build and build. Finally her body jerked uncontrollably as the floodgates opened for his member. She felt her pussy fill up with warm, sticky sperm then the weight of his body as he collapsed on top of her.

     Tears continued to escape Jenny's eyes. She felt shame and humiliation for her body enjoying the torment. As the stinky cloth covered her face, her mind and body lay there in shameful defeat.

     The Red Rose Rapist dragged the unconscious woman outside the office towards the road where he knew someone would find her before she woke up from nap time. He strolled away back into the shadows after leaving a single red rose in the woman's crossed arms.



     "Hey Sweet, how are you doing?"
     "Oh pretty well thank you."

     Danny Sweet enjoyed his job. As a security guard at a hospital there was less of a danger at getting harmed by an assailant than other security guard jobs where you are all alone. Yet even though Sweet enjoyed his job, he was acting very strangely. For one thing he had suddenly changed his availability to where he could only work in the morning. He was hardly ever scheduled for nights yet there were times he would be found in the hospital at night. In fact, he usually came to the hospital at night around the same time Dr. Sugar did. His behavior was highly suspicious, especially since the last rape was late into the night and Sweet suddenly showed up from out of nowhere soon after.

     "We need you to come downtown with us. We'd like to ask you a few questions."

     "Sure no problem!"

     The interrogation of Sweet was as uneventful as the other interrogations. Sweet explained to Rose that the security cameras are unreliable in the hospital. They tend to loose the feed frequently. Sweet told Rose and Bentley he was either in the room or right outside when Dr. Sugar conducted his examination of the victims. Sweet explained that Dr. Sugar wanted to be sure someone he could trust would back him up if there happened to be an outcry of abuse by a patient after rape. If the security cameras weren't so unreliable then Dr. Sugar wouldn't need Sweet there.

     "One thing doesn't fit. Where are you whenever the rapes take place?"

     "At home."

     "Can anyone verify that?"

     "Not that I know of. My neighbors don't know me very well nor I do them. If you asked me a question about someone living beside me I couldn't answer. I don't even know what some of them look like."

     Rose was frustrated. Very frustrated. Five people have been accused of being the Red Rose Rapist yet the case was still going nowhere.

     "What do you think?"

     "He's hiding something. I can feel it."

     "Can you prove it?"

     Rose sighed "No. His alibi is weak yet strong enough for his attorney to give us hell about acquiring a DNA sample. What is it about DNA that people are so upset about?"

     "Well it's somewhat new. I could understand reluctance to give a sample worried about mistakes happening. Yet in a case like this..."
"...I know. We have to let him go don't we boss?"

     "Yes. Though I'm starting to get fed up with all this nonsense. I've been trying to obtain a court order to temporarily detain all of those accused here for at least a couple of days just to see if any rapes occur during that time. Progress has been slow however. Maybe that's all the proof we will need to get a DNA sample..."

     "Does that include Jim?"

     "Yes Rose, he was accused. Hell at this point in the game I would voluntarily lock myself in one of these cells if I was accused of being the Red Rose Rapist. It's the only sure fire way to clear someone's name since there is always someone present in the station."

     "I just wish we could follow everyone accused 24/7. It just seems to get so busy for us late at night that we suddenly don't have enough people to follow our suspects."

     Rose's boss nodded and motioned towards the door. She sighed and walked back into the interrogation room.

     "Thank you for answering our questions. You are a suspect in the case so do not leave town. You are free to go for now."

     Danny Sweet drove away from the police station. His body was damp from sweat. After parking his car at his house, he walked the streets towards the hospital not happy at all that he had become a suspect. About a block from the hospital he ducked into a dark alley and waited as a woman came closer and closer to the dark alley...

     ...As he had done plenty of times before, the Red Rose Rapist concealed himself in the shadows awaiting his prey. This prey was different than the rest. She was a criminal, though only a select few along with the Red Rose Rapist knew what she was doing. To the rest of the world, she was an ordinary nurse at the hospital where his victims ended up.

     He had to be careful and remain unseen in the dark alley and was taking a great risk. The select few who bought the drugs she sold them were always in the alley waiting for her. Waiting for their fix. Once they have taken the drugs, he knew they would clumsily walk away from the alley to whatever they wanted to do next. Or some would be incapacitated for quite some time inside the alley. He had watched all of them from the darkest shadows and knew that once the last man partook in the drugs the woman would be all his whether anyone remained in the alley or not.

     Finally, the last person of the night came. He slithered in the darkness and slowly crept up behind her. He never understood why she wore her nursing uniform when selling drugs but didn't complain about it since it made her more appealing. His hands wrapped around her wrists, surprising her.

     "Hey! You've gotten all I have tonight and that's plenty for you!"

     He chuckled to himself. She thought he was a customer. He definitely wanted something from this woman, but not drugs!
The Red Rose Rapist pulled her closer and tightened his grip. Fishing in his pocket for a knife, he located it and whipped it out in front of her eyes.

     "What...what are you doing? I told you that's all I have left."

     The Red Rose Rapist pointed down to the ground, moving the knife closer to her neck. Suddenly he heard a click. She had a knife too and managed to wiggle her way to it! Yet she did not use the element of surprise to her advantage. It's likely she never dreamed of having to defend herself. He grabbed her wrist with the knife firmly and hard

     "Ow ow ow please let go please! Ok, ok I've dropped the knife. I have more drugs I lied just let me get it from my..."

     The Red Rose Rapist silenced her chatter by moving the knife to her neck once again. He kicked the naughty nurse's knife away into the shadows. Once again he pointed down to the ground.

     "Please...I have what you want. I have money and drugs. You can have them please just leave me alone!"

     The Red Rose Rapist shoved her body down towards the ground, impatient with her protesting. His strength was indicative of something far worse than a druggie that wanted more.


     The Red Rose Rapist fished out a dirty cloth. With knife in hand as a weapon of fear, he forced the dirty cloth into her mouth. He loved to hear his victims scream, but continued screams from here would draw someone into investigating the noise. He could not allow that to happen.
His knife grazed against her uniform. The naughty nurse shook her head and carefully unbuttoned her shirt. Her hands were trembling. The Red Rose Rapist was somewhat surprised someone was willingly shedding their clothes. He watched, not trusting her, as she slowly and carefully removed her shirt of the uniform revealing her simple white bra. Slowly, she slid off her skirt. The nurse started to sob quietly through the gag. She revealed her white panties to the eyes of the Red Rose Rapist. Suddenly her hands snatched the cloth from her mouth.


     The Red Rose Rapist was quick, his eyes on her the whole time. As soon as she yelled he covered her mouth with his hand and pressed the knife against her bare stomach. He could feel the body under him quiver in fear. Before she can react, the Red Rose Rapist snatches the cloth from her hand and sticks it back into her mouth. He then used his knife to brush against the skin of her stomach, going up to the bra line. A quick flick of the wrist was all it took to snap the bra apart, revealing her luscious plump breasts. The nurse whimpered and groaned in protest.
Snap went her panties as the knife easily cut through them revealing her perfectly shaved pussy. The Red Rose Rapist kept the knife in her eyesight as he revealed to her his large quivering meat. Her eyes grew wide and she gave more moans of protest.

     The Red Rose Rapist took her own panties and tied them around her mouth quickly so the cloth already inside wouldn’t come out. He couldn’t risk someone finding her here before he was done. He was glad the nurse was too afraid to make a move against him. Fear is a powerful ally.
The nurse suddenly started struggling and moaning in protest. The Red Rose Rapist pinned her wrists above her and slowly moved his meat to her. It brushed against her, teasing her womanhood. She shook her head vigorously and moved her hips from side to side in an effort to stop him from entering her. He had to release her wrists in order to be able to enter her smooth pussy. The moans were louder now. He felt her hands clawing at his chest in a futile effort to push him away.

     He grabbed her hands and pinned them above her head once more. His hard cock oozed in and out of her. The nurse continued to struggle more valiantly. He felt her wiggle underneath him, making him hornier and his member even harder. The nurse’s moans slowly became less of protest and more of pleasure. He looked into her eyes and continued to violate her as they slowly lost focus to the pleasure. Moans erupted from the gag. Moans of the inner basic instinct that wanted the pleasure, craved the pleasure. His body pressed against hers as he continued to violate her faster and harder. Her body started to go with the rhythm rather than struggle against it.

     Suddenly her body jerked underneath him. He felt warm wet liquid ooze inside of her, making her even more wetter and him hornier. The moans of pleasure turned into moans of pain racing through his eardrums. The nurse had found her resistance again and he could feel her desperately trying to dislodge him.  Shrieks of pain muffled by the makeshift gag continued to fill his ears. He loved making them hurt as much as he loved making them orgasm. The Red Rose Rapist continued to violate her mercilessly.

     The shrieks slowly started to become moans again. Her body really wanted the pleasure to come this time. He could tell the nurse was trying so hard to hide it. He knew she didn’t want it and didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of gaining pleasure from her violation. Her body was against her however and he could hear moans even more craving as the last ones. In and out and harder and faster he raped her. She was close again, he could feel her body start to tense up. He began to feel the pleasure himself and started moaning along with her. His moans caused her body to betray her once again and jerk her into another massive orgasm.

     He released her wrists, knowing her body would be too overwhelmed by pleasure and pain to do anything for her. She laid under him, moaning with utter pain as he continued to violate her, his pleasure ever growing inside of him. The fire slowly spread within him. He was getting close to releasing his fluids into her.

     He watched as her breasts bounced everywhere with every relentless thrust. Her moans began to match his as the pain was quickly replaced with pleasure. He raped her as fast and as hard as he could, moaning louder and louder with each thrust. Their moans were now in synch with each other. Her body was cooperating with him against her will. He felt her body tense. The fire spread through both of them as each moaned like animals and as he released his warm sticky fluids inside of her.

     The Red Rose Rapist collapsed onto the nurse, her body too stunned from the pleasure to move. He lay there until regaining his strength then acquired the chloroform. After knocking her out the Red Rose Rapist he placed her body in the alley where it could easily be seen by a passer-by. After carefully placing a single red rose in her crossed arms he walked away from the street back into the dark abyss from whence he came.
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Re: The Red Rose Rapist
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Chapter 4
The Rapist Is You?!

     The Red Rose Rapist has been unleashing havoc in London for several months. Suspects in the case were:

     Harry Red - the florist. All the roses the Red Rose Rapist used came from his flower shop. He is nowhere to be found when the rapes take place.

     John Violet - a veteran officer on the force and was found next to a recently raped victim. He is nowhere to be found when the rapes take place.

     Jim Blue - boyfriend of the primary investigator assigned to the case Rose Garza. Violet accused him of being the Red Rose Rapist after being found next to the rape victim. Location unknown when the rapes take place.

     Dr. Sugar - the doctor who examines the victims after they are raped.  He is nowhere to be found when the rapes take place and is quite frequently late for work.

     Danny Sweet - A security guard at the hospital where the Red Rose Rapist victims end up. He comes in after the rapes occur – even if he is not scheduled to work at that hour. He is nowhere to be found when the rapes take place.

     It was impossible to keep track of just one of the suspects let alone all 5. There just wasn’t enough manpower for Scotland Yard to watch them as close as they would have liked to. With the lack of evidence, lawyers of the accused butting in, and refusal of the suspects to submit to a new form of test, DNA sampling, the case was at a standstill.

     Soon the case will be taking a dramatic turn when the police finally get a court order to detain all the suspects all because the Red Rose Rapist will pick a different kind of victim, causing his downfall…

     Allie lived by herself and kept to herself. She was a beautiful woman. Blonde, slightly large natural breasts, and could probably have gotten any guy she wanted in high school.

     Yet all Allie got now were people trying to avoid staring at her too long. It wasn't because she was ugly. People seemed to get the vibe that she didn't like people talking about it much less have the pitiful look in others eyes. The kind of look that says "poor girl" when she knew damn well they slept peacefully at night not bothered about her condition at all. Allie was from the United States, but was unable to return to her homeland. She had been in a car accident that paralyzed her from the waist down. Her prognosis was good however. The doctors in London told her with hard work she would be able to walk again.

     Allie was doing the work, determined to be able to walk again and return to her American home. The doctors had told her it would take a few more months for her body to heal to make a return trip. She was progressing well with physical therapy and could move her toes. It wasn’t a huge improvement, but it gave her hope for the future.

     Tonight was one of those nights that got dark early. Part of it was the time of year and the other part was the gloomy overcast sky that blotted out any visible starlight. She rolled herself in her wheelchair away from the library, where she had been researching spinal injury recovery. Allie wasn’t happy. She had lost track of time and now she was out in the deserted streets alone.

      Allie wasn’t afraid of anyone trying to rob her. All of her valuables were at the apartment she was living in. Even though she hated human interaction, a quiet empty street of a city paralyzed in fear was far worse. She felt the fear now and realized she should have gone back and asked a librarian for assistance home instead of being lost in thought.

     The expression “so quiet you could hear a pin drop” echoed in her mind. If only a pin would drop it would shatter the chilling silence. The air was cold, but no wind accompanied it. She could only hear the sound of her wheels clacking against the cracks in the sidewalk. The silence around her was enhanced by the sound. Each time she stopped to rest her arms the silence and utter stillness greeted her. She didn’t like what she was feeling.

     Clack clack clack went her wheels against the cracks in the sidewalk. Then Allie thought she heard something. She stopped and only heard the silence once more. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up as she continued to wheel herself to her apartment. There it was again! Footsteps! She was being followed...

     Allie turned around, which was no easy or quick task in a wheelchair, only to stare at a dark alley beside her and an empty street ahead of her. She sighed “Almost home” and started to turn around again. Suddenly she was pulled backwards by her wheelchair into the dark alley. With someone stronger than her controlling the wheelchair, she was powerless to stop herself from going into the alley.


     Allie screamed for help but she could hear no one coming to her rescue. Suddenly she felt a hand move for her coat.

     “No! What are you doing no! Please no!”

     The hand reached under her coat and gripped the shirt underneath. Allie tried to push the hand away, but the hand was stronger. She felt her coat and shirt start to pull up off her body all at once.


     Allie continued to cry in vain. She tried to press her back to the chair, but another hand pushed her forward causing the first hand to completely take off her shirt and coat. She flailed her arms wildly, trying to stop her assailant from assaulting her. Suddenly she heard a click and saw the blade of a knife.

     “Please…please don’t hurt me, please…don’t hurt me” she cried.

     She felt the knife press against her breastbone. Allie sobbed “please…” Suddenly with a flick she heard a ripping noise. Her bra fell behind her with her breasts exposed. She felt the hands wrap around her body and knew what he was about to do.

     “Please…please don’t do this I’ll do anything you ask, please don’t hurt me I’ll do anything.” Her pleas went unheard as he slowly lifted her out of her wheelchair and onto the ground on her back. She was too afraid she would get hurt if she struggled and didn’t want him to drop her causing more damage to her spine. Tears rolled down Allie’s face as her nipples became hard from the cold.

     Suddenly hands tugged at her pants “Stop, don’t do this to me please” she cried. She smacked his hands and arms again and again but to no avail. Once she could no longer reach his hands her pants were off quickly. The pavement felt cold against her legs. She sobbed further and vainly tried to prevent him from fully undressing her. It didn’t work and before her eyes he unearthed his massive member.

     “Please…please don’t do this I’ll do anything, no please not that please don’t do that please no!”

     Allie felt his lips close around her nipple, teasing her. She felt herself start to get wet down there and knew that’s what he wanted. She smacked his head hard then screamed a bloodcurdling scream as he bit down on her nipple hard. A hand forced her arms above her head, pinning her wrists together. Allie was completely helpless. She hoped she could move her legs to kick him, but all she could manage was wiggling her toes.

     “No, don’t touch me there, please…ple…please…oh! Please stop, oh please uh ple…please. Do..don’t to..touch me.” Allie started stammering as pleasure filled her body. She felt a finger inside her, violating her and making her wetter. Suddenly his finger withdrew. Allie experienced a moment of relief until she felt something else brush against the entrance.

     “HELP ME, PLEASE NO! SOMEONE HEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” cried Allie as she felt the hard, pulsating member invade her womanhood. “PLEAAAAH PLEEAAAAAH STAAAA STAAAA STAAAA” Allie couldn’t form words. His cock roughly invaded her wet pussy going fast and hard. With all her strength she pushed her wrists against his hand, but he was stronger. He continued to violate her, showing Allie no mercy.

     Soon Allie’s mixed pleas with moans became more filled with lust. Her body was betraying her. She felt herself go with the rhythm of his increasingly fast thrusts. She looked into his eyes, pleading for him to stop but only found darkness in his. Fire spread throughout her womanhood. She felt herself craving for it. Her mind screamed “NO!” while her body screamed “YES!” The pleasure quickly spread throughout her entire body as his cock roughly violated her. Allie felt her body lurch into an orgasm. Her moans were filled with pleasure as her primal instincts overtook her. Then suddenly she felt pain, not just in her womanhood but in her previously injured spine.


     But his cock continued to ravage her now moist, wet hole. Allie screamed in agony and tried to twist her upper body in a futile effort to escape. Her back felt like it was being stabbed by searing hot knives. Each thrust that continued to be faster and harder felt like his cock was tearing her insides to shreds.  Allie screamed in pain, begging him to stop. Eventually the pain got so bad that she could no longer form words. Like the prior moaning, her body forgot she was human. All it knew was pain.

     Suddenly Allie felt pleasure down there again. Her body still did not want to cooperate with her mind and continued to exhibit its primal instincts. Allie felt her body crave the pleasure again and she screamed louder than she had ever screamed before. Her eyes were not against her. Her eyes shed tears and continued to look into his, pleading with him to stop this nightmare.

     He didn’t stop and kept ravaging her body. She felt the fire start down there again and was disgusted and full of shame for getting another orgasm so quickly. Slowly the feelings were overpowered by the fire inside her. Primal moans escaped her lips. The pain in her back was enhancing the orgasm somehow. Pleasure and pain became intertwined as his cock continued in and out, faster and harder. The pleasure exploded inside her as she felt the orgasm shoot through her body like a rocket. Screams of pure pleasure erupted from her mouth.

     The pain was back and more intense than ever. It was as if someone shoved a porcupine in her pussy. Soon her entire body felt pain. She felt his hands release hers as he brutally thrust in and out faster and harder. Allie lay there with her body unable to move from the pain. The pleasure was coming back again. Her thoughts were no longer under her control. She was overwhelmed. It was as if all she had known was pleasure from the cock fucking her nonstop and the pain. She became detached from the real world and was in the world of pleasure as he began to moan along with her.

     She felt the warm sticky fluid fill her insides and let out one last huge moan as the fire inside her passed through for the last time, giving her the biggest orgasm yet. She could hardly breathe as he collapsed onto her. Slowly Allie regained control of her mind. She felt overwhelming shame for her body betraying her. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she sobbed uncontrollably. Suddenly her face was covered with a stinky cloth. She gave a few muffled, sobbed screams then everything went black…

The Red Rose Rapist was very bad and naughty. Yet he made one crucial mistake with Allie. Since Allie had spinal trauma that was still healing, rape on the ground created more trauma. Combine that with a drug that suppresses consciousness and other bodily functions and Allie’s body just could not take the stress. With the rose in her crossed arms lying near the street she was not discovered until it was too late. It was the loss of life, and the idea the Red Rose Rapist could become as ruthless and unstoppable as Jack the Ripper, that prompted one judge to sign a court order that gave Scotland Yard a major break in the case. This was the beginning of the end for the Red Rose Rapist…

     “Dr. Sugar.”


     “I have a court order that authorizes me to detain you at the station. You are not under arrest for now, just being detained. I will fill you in once we get to the station.”

     “But I need to examine the newest rape victim!”

     Rose narrowed her eyes at Dr. Sugar, “There is someone else examining the victim.”

     “But…I’ve examined all of them, even the one that was deceased. I’m the only doctor who can…”

     “No. You’re not. Look Dr. Sugar you have two choices. You either come with me cooperatively to the station or I arrest you for violating the court order.”

     And so Dr. Sugar along with the florist Harry Red, Officer John Violet, Rose’s boyfriend Jim Blue, and the security guard Danny Sweet  were brought to the station and put in separate holding cells.

      “Ok this is what’s going to happen. You are all accused of being the Red Rose Rapist. Since the rapist has started to commit the act every day you will be held here for…how long boss…three days. If no rapes occur in three days then we will request a DNA sample from all of you and await the results. Once the results are in if your DNA is not a match then you are free to go. If you refuse to give us a sample of DNA you will be held here until the case is officially closed or another rape is committed.”

     “Ok how long is this going to take? I have a shop to run.”

     “Hey I didn’t get a chance to do my job and examine the newest victim. Your wife can run the shop just fine, but no one else can examine the victims correctly.”

     “Oh what does it take to examine a victim? I bet you’re the rapist and you rape them again in the hospital!”

     “Shut up Jim. You’re probably…”

     “ENOUGH!” shouted Rose. “I don’t want to hear any fighting. This case is a nightmare enough as it is.”

     Two days pass and much to the delight of London no rapes occur. A peaceful calm has drifted over the city of London, yet the case is far from over.

     “Alright, we need DNA samples from all of you. The best way to do this is by having a sperm sample.”

     “…you’re kidding right? You can’t use saliva or hair?”

     “No, there can be no mistakes. You will each be given magazines. Fill your cup in the bathroom as much you can and then we can get on with the testing.”

     The Red Rose Rapist knew there was no way out of it. An officer stood in the doorway as the Red Rose Rapist got lost in his own world where he fantasized about raping one of the police officers while pretending to enjoy the dirty magazine given to him.

     One of the officers had caught his eye. A woman of short stature with plenty of goods to make up for it. The Red Rose Rapist dove into his imagination, thinking of how it would be to hear the scream come from her lips. How her brown hair would get tangled as she shook her head from side to side. He would take her in a dark alley right next to the police station as a symbol of who was really under control. He'd surprise her from behind, snapping his own handcuffs behind her back. She wouldn't just take it, no she would give him a good struggle after the knife tore her uniform away.

     "Someone HELP ME" she would scream. He would then gag her with her own clothes. He couldn't risk being heard so close to the police station. What would her eyes be like? Hatred, yes. Her eyes would be filled with hatred and resentment but also plead with him to stop the violation. He would grope her, causing her to moan and get wet down there. He loved making their body betray them. She would scream as he bit down hard on her nipple, but eventually enjoy the sensation. Her eyes would grow wide when he unearthed his massive member. He imagined it all, how her large breasts would bounce wildly everywhere with each thrust. How it would feel to penetrate her womanhood. The struggle of her as she tried to get away. Moving her hips around in a vain effort to dislodge him.

     He imagined her moaning. By now her body would betray her more, wanting the orgasm to come. Moaning, groaning, eyes pleading at him, he continued to fantasize while vigorously rubbing his shaft up and down. Suddenly the fire came and he rubbed himself even harder and faster. His breath quickened and beads of sweat formed all over his body. The Red Rose Rapist pointed his cock at the cup, imagining he was filling the inside of the cop's pussy. With one last, long moan the Red Rose Rapist filled the cup, breathed a heavy sigh, and handed it to Bentley who had been watching the entire time.


     And so one by one all of the other suspects ejaculate in a cup. The hours soon turn into days. Anxiety fills the air as everyone waits for the results to come in.

     “So what do you think? Sweet is starting to look really sweaty. He looks and is acting rather peculiar. I think the pressure is getting to him. He’ll probably be the one who has been doing all of this. I bet he’s paying off Dr. Sugar so that the evidence wouldn’t implicate him.”

     “I don’t think so Bentley. I still say Violet did it. He was right there caught red handed when we found him with a victim. Sweet looks like he is legitimately sick. If he gets any worse he might have to be detained in the hospital.”

     “I don’t think Violet did it. I don’t see him breaking the law and he could have legitimately arrived to the scene right before you did,” mused Park, Violet’s former partner.  “I’ve been working with Violet for a long time and he does exhibit strange behavior from time to time but does the job well. I think the rapist is Blue. Parts of his story don’t add up. How did the Red Rose Rapist get your number Rose? Why talk to Blue when all of the victims, save one, said that he never said a word to them? And he was hurt after a victim told us she thought she hurt the Red Rose Rapist!”

     “My number has always been listed in the phone book and it’s no secret that I’m the lead detective. Jim couldn’t have done this. He just couldn’t have. I think Violet was trying to set Jim up to throw me off of his trail. His mistake was sending Jim to a part of town he wasn’t familiar with. We already checked Jim’s story with his friends at the bar. They don’t remember Jim getting hurt that bad but do acknowledge he was in a fight. They told us that they were so far under the influence it’s possible that they didn’t realize he was hurt. Also the victim never saw that the Red Rose Rapist was hurt. I don't even think he was because that very night he raped two victims for the first time. Whose DNA do you think will match Simon?”

     Simon, an officer who joined the force shortly before the rapes took place, replied “The Red Rose Rapist is cunning. He has raped women in the most daring places and not once been caught. Not one woman is able to describe who this guy is beyond a very limited description. Violet and Blue are diversions. He wanted at least one of them to get caught by the victim. He wanted to have Violet and Blue accused to throw people off the trail. That’s why he chose to call Blue and make the threat. Blue took the bait and fell into the trap. I don’t think Blue is the rapist. I’m betting the tip Violet got somehow came from the Red Rose Rapist as well. Even though Violet hasn’t produced where the tip came from, I still don’t think he did it. It has to be the doctor. He is never around when the rapes occur and always insists on being the one to examine them after.  He probably tampered with the evidence so he wouldn’t be implicated. That’s why it takes him so long to examine the victims! I bet he takes advantage of them again while they are at the hospital!”

     “It has to be Red, the florist,” said the supervisor, “all of the flowers are coming from his shop. He has no record of any individual buying the amount needed that the Red Rose Rapist has used.”

     “Wait…individual…doesn’t he sell his flowers to hotels, bars, and restaurants?”

     “Yes he does Park. We’ve already gone over that,” answered Rose. “There aren’t any leads anywhere. No one from any of those places remembers anyone in particular who has acquired that many roses from their establishment.”

     “He’s probably stealing them. I mean they just throw them away after a few days if they start to die on the table right?”

     “You’re right Park. Since the florist sells the flowers cheaper in bulk the hotels, bars, and other public establishments don’t pay enough attention to the flowers. Bentley and I looked into this and it’s just a frustrating dead end with owners who have no idea if the flowers they use wind up with a victim. All of our suspects go to bars or restaurants enough to get plenty of those flowers should they want to. That is also a dead end. It would be so much easier if the owners kept a tighter eye on their flowers or if just one suspect was at one of these establishments.”

     “So it’s been stuck for a long time.”

     “Yes. Until the results come we can only sit and wonder who it is. No one will confess to anything. I’m betting everyone has a secret they don’t want to tell us,” said Rose.


     “The results are in!”

     “It’s about time. I just want this nightmare of a case to end.”

     “Rose. Would you like to do the honors?”

     “Yes, I’d love to. Ok everyone here it is…the Red Rose Rapist is…oh my!”


     “Dr. Sugar…”

     “…I thought it would have been him,” said Simon. “So that’s it then case closed, right Rose?”

     “No. You didn’t let me finish.”

     “Wait, what?”

     “Dr. Sugar is not the Red Rose Rapist. His DNA matches to all the victims except the last victim.”

     “How is that possible?”

     “Dr. Sugar always took two samples of DNA but only sent one to the lab. Everyone thought that the two samples were identical, but apparently Dr. Sugar collected his own DNA after he was done violating the women. Ingenious, all this time the duplicate samples were his own sperm.” The other officers looked at each other in stunned silence.

     “Well,” mused Simon “I got part of it right he did rape women at the hospital. I bet the samples of his DNA were sent to the lab since Dr. Sugar wasn’t around to tell anyone not to do it. And since he never had the chance to ‘examine’ the last victim his DNA wasn’t on her!”

     “So if it isn’t Dr. Sugar then who is it,” asked Bentley.

     Rose quickly turned to the second page of the report and froze. She didn’t reply to the question posed to her. She couldn’t. For a long time she just stood there frozen in place. The officers waited for her to speak in silence. Finally, Rose set the results down and walked out of the conference room to the holding cells. She heard one of the officers pick up the results and gasp. Rose continued walking, ignoring her colleagues. Dr. Sugar caught her eye, but she was not concerned about him. A buzz was coming from the conference room, voices of the officers that she was no longer paying attention to. Her feet had a mind of their own as they walked towards the Red Rose Rapist.

     She looked into his eyes and she could see it more clearly now than ever. The eyes were cold, dark, menacing and lacked warmth. The darkness in his eyes was always there, haunting her, teasing her.  Rose turned pale. She hadn’t believed the results. She didn’t want them to be true, but when looking into the dark portals of his eyes showing the depths of his corrupted soul she couldn’t dismiss it. Her eyes filled with tears and her heart crumbled into pieces as she looked upon the eyes of her now former lover Jim. Jim, the Red Rose Rapist.

     “You…the rapist is you!”
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Re: The Red Rose Rapist
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Harry Red

     Harry Red's dirty little secret was an affair. While he knew it wasn't illegal to have an affair, he didn't trust DNA testing and worried about a false match. He was able to keep his affair a secret for a time, but like all secrets they do come out eventually.

Officer Violet

     Officer Violet was involved with prostitutes. They paid him so he wouldn’t take them in and sometimes partook in their services. Before the Red Rose Rapist unleashed havoc, a prostitute was found unconscious in the street. She was thought to have been raped but in reality Violet had sex with her until she passed out from drunken inebriation. DNA was taken from that case and stored in the database. That’s why Violet didn’t want his DNA taken. Shortly after The Red Rose Rapist was caught someone noticed the connection that had been missed. Violet was fired and thrown in jail.

Danny Sweet

     Dr. Sugar and Danny Sweet’s stories both go hand in hand. Sweet was addicted to drugs the naughty nurse was selling. Dr. Sugar knew of his problem and bribed him for it. All Sweet had to do was give Dr. Sugar a video camera (since the security was “unreliable”) and ensure no one disturbed him while “examining” the patients. Sweet didn’t want to take a DNA sample because he was worried about the drugs coming up in the test. And of course Dr. Sugar didn’t want to submit to a DNA test because of the possibility of someone deciding to test his “duplicate” samples. He did a good job at preventing that from happening, but he wanted to be extra cautious just in case. Also Dr. Sugar reviewed video of his "examinations" in that storage area.

     The “unreliable” security at this time was due to the naughty nurse giving some of the drugs to the person in charge of viewing the monitors. Dr. Sugar specifically told her to do this or else her secret would be exposed. Under the influence of drugs, the guard would be too messed up to notice what Dr. Sugar was doing. It wasn’t easy to continue hiding the lack of security cameras in the room without notice, but people were generally duped by the explanations given to them. There were a few more people bribed however and the corruption does go a bit deeper, but that’s not relevant to the end of this particular story.


9 Months Later: Galveston, Texas

     “And almost there, push…push…one more big push and we’ve got it! It’s a girl!”

     Rose smiled weakly “She’s beautiful!”

     “Is this the father of the baby?”

     “No,” the man by Rose’s bedside said.

     “He died shortly after I arrived at America,” Rose lied in a softer voice. No one noticed her voice was one of fear instead of exhaustion. She couldn’t tell anyone the truth. No one needed to know the dark origins of this child. Not even her husband of three months with a small child of his own. She laughed to herself at how she used to be afraid of marriage when there are things so much worse to be afraid of.

     “So, have you decided on a name?”

     “Yes,” Rose said. “Melinda Warren.”

And that is the end of the RRR short story, prequel to The Kidnapping Chronicles. Here is the next story: The Hunter

One final note: There were clues throughout the story of the identity of the RRR as I'm sure some of you might have noticed. One of the more subtle clues is the poem itself.

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Sugar is Sweet, The Rapist is You?. Blue and You rhyme so that was a subtle way of telling you who it was from the beginning.
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