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Disclaimer: the characters and events depicted in this work are fictional. The author does not condone or promote any unlawful activity such as is depicted in the story. By continuing to read this work you acknowledge that you are an adult who wishes to read works of fantasy and fiction for the purpose only of fantasy.

Chapter One

When I moved to Chicago to take up a teaching job at Lakeview High I rented an apartment close to the school and a large park.  It was only later that I found out that the park had a bad reputation for sex offences, but I put that out of my mind.  I am young, fit and strong and I figure I can take care of myself.

I was teaching  a class of teen boys various subjects including computer studies.  I remember one day I had given them an internet research project and I walked between the desks and saw several boys looking at a screen together. They were obviously more adept at internet access than me as they had somehow gained access to the dark web and were looking at a free porn site displaying images of rape. The particular image I saw was of a preteen girl being gang raped by a group of teen boys. I was startled but I also felt a tingle in my pussy. I reached over and closed the image, tousling the hair of the boy who had had the image on his screen.  "Now boys" I said sweetly, "Lets get back on topic shall we?  You can look at those sort of images on your own time!" In a low voice I added "I am meant to report students accessing pornography but I won't. It was a really hot image and I can see why it turned you boys on.  But not in class OK?"  I had my own porn collection in my apartment including rape movies so I was sympathetic to the boys and smiled reassuringly at them as I returned to my desk.

I had cause to remember the incident several days later when I went for a jog in the park near my apartment.  It was dark and the park was deserted. Most people were afraid to go into the park when it was dark because of the drug dealers and rapists who frequented it.  But I am not most people. I jogged along for some time until I heard the sound of distant screams.  I stopped, listened and followed the sound.  It was coming from a thickly wooded area of the park near an ornamental lake.  As I got closer I crawled into some brush so I could see what was happening without revealing my presence. What I saw amazed me.  Four teen boys were struggling with a preteen girl who was screaming her lungs out and trying to fight them off.  This was clearly a sex assault and I crawled as close as I could without being seen. I was turned on as I watched and my pussy was immediately wet.  My left hand went down my lycra jogging pants and went to work on my clit as I watched the boys manhandling the girl and attempting to strip her.  She lashed out with her feet and fists and it was clear that the boys were having trouble controlling her.  There was also a risk that the cops might hear the screams and come to investigate the noise.

Suddenly the girl broke free and ran straight in my direction.  I instinctively jumped to my feet and grabbed her, placing a hand over her mouth to silence her screams.  I am a strong woman and dragged the still struggling girl out into the clearing where The boys stood like rabbits in a car headlights.  They made to run off but I called on them to stop, recognising them as the four boys from my class who had been looking at the rape image in class. I called to them "don't run! Its me your teacher for Christ's sake.  Stand still!" The boys stood rooted to the spot, shocked.  I had to explain that I would never report them and that I wanted to help them.  In fact this was a dream come true for me.  Four horny teen boys gang raping a tween girl. This had to happen and I had to make it happen!

Once I had calmed and reassured the boys things got much better.  I held the girl with my hand over her mouth and her hands pinned behind her back.  I instructed the boys to strip her, which they did enthusiastically. Once we had her naked I got one of he boys to stuff the girl's panties into her mouth.  Fortunately the boys had had the foresight to bring some rape gear with them and they bound gaffer tape round her head and over her mouth to effectively gag her.

The girl was perfect for raping.  .  She whimpered as I held her arms and the boys explored her body with their hands, their eyes bright with lust. The boys had brought rope with them and some stakes.  Obviously they had been planning this gang rape, no doubt having researched the subject on the dark web.  I was proud of them and got more and more aroused. They tied ropes to the girl's wrists and ankles and I threw her on the ground.  We spread eagled her on the ground with her arms and legs spread wide and tied to stakes which the boys drove deeply into the earth. What a pretty picture she made: naked, spread eagled in the dirt and gagged!

Now it was time for the boys to get naked. They stripped off their clothes eagerly and were soon naked, their hard cocks twitching in anticipation. I stripped off as well as I wanted the boys to admire my perfect athletic body and I wanted to be free to masturbate during the rape.  The boys drew lots to see who would go first.  Joshua, a well built boy for his age went first, crawling between the girl’s legs and placing his cock at the entrance to her cunt. He looked at me for approval.  I smiled and said : "do it Joshua. Spit on your cock for lubrication and then ram it in hard to tear through the  bitch's hymen.  After that it will be much easier."  Joshua did as he was bid.  With a grunt he rammed his hard boy cock into the girl’s cunt, making her scream in a muffled way into her gag.  She thrashed ineffectually in her bonds.  Joshua thrust forward with three or four savage thrusts and her hymen gave way, a trickle of blood proving that her cherry had been taken. With her cunt now lubricated Joshua could now plough her cunt more easily and he rammed into the girl joyously, laughing in glee as he did so.  I stood at her head masturbating for my own pleasure and to give the boys visual stimulation during the rape.  After several minutes I came in a moaning rush, my body shaking as waves of pleasure washed over me.  The boys watching cheered and Joshua pulled out suddenly, jerking off over the girl’s body and covering her chest and stomach in lines of hot, plentiful boy cum.

Each boy then took his turn raping the girl.  I stood at her head masturbating to each rape and encouraging the boys to harder and more brutal thrusts: "that's it honey, just like that! Good boy! Good Job! Great! You're going great! Make her suffer! YES YES YES RAPE HER RAPE HER RAPE HER!!!!YYYYYYEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!" I masturbated myself to orgasm four times as each boy climaxed in triumph and each in turn covered the girl in his cum. My darling boys had certainly come of age this night!

There was some clean up to do afterwards.  The girl was not known to me or the boys and should not be able to identify anyone.  DNA evidence was a risk but with a good alibi the boys would never be tested. I gave them that alibi.  If anyone asked our story was that they were all at my place doing some private tuition with me and as it got late they spent the night. It was at least partially true.  I did take the boys back to my place where we watched some of my rape porn and made out in front of the screen on the carpet.  It was a special joy for me to be fucked in all my holes by four teen boys and we continued sucking and fucking for the rest of the night.  I was confident that these would be my best and favourite students from now on.

Chapter Two

The boys and I had a hot night sucking and fucking and watching rape porn.  I suggested that they should come back weekly for some tutoring, which of course they heartily agreed to.

They were a little unruly in class afterwards.  I had a quiet word to them that they needed to show respect for me in class and in return I would ensure that they got access to all of the porn that they could handle and that I would help them gang rape more girls.  They got the picture.  I let them access the dark web in class so long as they were discreet.  I would check on their work, my hand resting on the bare thigh of one of the boys as I checked what he was doing online.  I would stroke his leg as I watched with him the depraved rape porn he was accessing and comment approvingly of his work.  All of these boys were getting an “A” in my class that was for sure.

It was several weeks later that the boys were at my place for their weekly tutoring.  I had a gang rape dvd on I was sucking the cock of one of the boys while another rammed me from behind.  The boy whose cock I was sucking had his hands on the back of my head, forcing it down on his cock.  The screams of the pre teen in the dvd getting gang raped formed a delightful counterpoint to the action in my apartment.  They were all drilling me and cumming over me.  How delightful to be covered in teen boy cum! When they were all done we discussed the next stage of their education.  They told me clearly that they wanted to rape another girl together and with my help.  They had their eye on a young cheer leader from the eighth grade; a preacher’s daughter.  She was pretty and innocent and they boys badly wanted to defile her.  I agreed to help them of course.  I explained that we needed to plan the girl's rape so that there would be no repercussions.  There had been virtually no publicity of the other girl’s rape and the risk was that that would make to boys over confident.  I reminded them of the penalties for aggravated rape.  They grew serious and we started serious planning.  We agreed that I should abduct the girl and bring her to my apartment.  The boys would come for their regular tutorial and rape her here.  I would organise her disposal afterwards.

I checked on the girl back at school.  Rachel Evans, a cute brunette.  She always took the same route home from school.  At one point the path went through a copse of trees.  That would be my opportunity.  I could snatch her there without being observed and spirit her away.  The disposal at the other end presented no great problem.  I knew guys in the underage sex trade who would galdly take the girl off my hands when my darling boys were done with her.  I called them and as I expected they were only too happy to commit to a transfer from my place whenever I was ready.

Five days later I was in my car parked at the abduction spot.  I saw Rachel walking alone, carrying her books.  I checked quickly.  There was nobody around.  As Rachel approached  I got out of my car and walked towards her.  She recognised me and raised her hand in greeting.  I smiled and waved back:

“Hello Rachel!”

“Hello Ms MacDonald!”

“I seem to have had a problem with my car but its fixed now I think.  Would you like a ride home?”

“Oh thank you Ms MacDonald”

I opened the passenger door for the girl.  Then I took the drivers seat and reached behind me.  My hand closed on the rag doused in chloroform.  Quick as a flash I had it on the girl’s mouth and in a few seconds she slumped unconscious in the seat. I quickly bound her hands and feet and gagged her, and then manhandled her body into the trunk of my car before driving back to my apartment.

Once I was in the car park I went up to my apartment and collected a large suitcase on wheels, which I brought down to the car.  Checking that nobody was around I moved the girl from the trunk of my car into the wheeled suitcase and wheeled it up to my apartment.  Then, once inside I took her out and dumped her bound and gagged on my bed.  Now I only had to wait for the boys to arrive for their tutorial.  I passed the time watching a movie about a girl Rachel’s age getting gang raped by bikers.  That got me in the mood for when the boys arrived about an hour later.

I greeted the boys at the door and closed it quickly.  They looked expectant.  “I have her!” I said excitedly.  They beamed back.  Together we walked into my bedroom and confronted Rachel, now conscious but still bound and gagged.  She stared at me and the boys uncomprehending.

I began: “Rachel dear, I think you know Todd, Micheal, Jody and Steven.  They are going to gang rape you dear.  What do you think about that?”

She wailed into the gag.  The boys all laughed.  I suggested that the boys strip off while I got a knife to cut off Rachel’s clothes.

When I returned with the knife the boys were all naked.  I smiled and caressed their teen cocks, which were already hard and ready for action.  I gave the knife to Todd and he set to work, tearing through the young teen girl’s clothes, ripping them to shreds.  I encouraged him, praising his work. Rachel was still gagged.  She moaned and shrieked into the gag but it muffled her cries.  Just as well I thought as I did not want to alert the neighbours to our activities.

When Rachel was naked we could all admire her pubsecent body, her budding little breasts, her lightly haired snatch and her androgynous figure. I hauled her off the bed and forced her to her knees. The boys crowded round and began slapping her across the face with their cocks.  “Good boys!” I cried, “thats the way! Degrade her!”   I passed her to Michael and went to fetch a mouth guard so that we could remove the gag and ready her for face raping.  I found it soon enough and fastened the device around Rachel’s head before removing the gag.  The mouth gag worked just as well in muffling her screams and allowed full passage to her mouth and throat.  Michael held her steady as Jody wiped his rock hard teen cock over her face and then forced his cock through the mouth guard and into her mouth, his hands forcing the girl’s face onto his throbbing cock.  I grew wet watching.  These boys had really learned their craft well with my help.

When Jody had cum down the little whore’s throat I suggested that we haul her onto the bed ready to rape her pussy.  She was small and easy to handle. I untied her arms and legs and the boys spread eagled her for me as I retied her to the four corners of the bed.  She thrashed and moaned and presented a very pretty picture.  Her pink cunny was exposed for us all to see.

Todd went first.  He slowly forced his cock into Rachel’s virgin cunt, spreading her pussy lips wide with his fingers and grinding forward like a true professional.  I placed my hand on his back and brought my head in close to his, whispering encouragement to him; telling him how good he was doing.  His cock tore through Rachel’s hymen as she screamed into the mouth guard and the other boys cheered in support of their buddy.  Their faces were alive with excitement.  I confess I was excited too.  Excited for them as they took a giant leap in becoming accomplished rapists.

Todd ripped into the girl more fiecely now, ramming into her with more power and speed. Her body shuddered under the impact of his thrusts and she moaned into the mouth guard.  Todd looked up at me grinning, his face showing his lust and animal arousal.  I leant forward and kissed him, suddenly overcome with desire.  I beckoned Jody over and began sucking greedily on his cock as I masturbated, urgently needing to cum.  I did so, at more or less the same time that Todd came, shooting his load into the girl’s cervix.  He bucked as he came, the sensations coursing through his body as his climax gripped him.

Michael followed, taking advantage of the sloppy seconds that Todd had left him.  He was a brutal boy, delighting in causing Rachel pain as he raped her.  He slapped and punched the girl, and pinched her nippes and clit as he pounded his cock into her with all of his force.  The other boys and I looked on with wonder and admiration.

After the two boys had raped the young teen’s cunt I untied her and we turned her over, before retying her spreadeagled once again only face down this time.  I slipped a pillow under her to raise up her ass and I pulled apart her ass cheeks for Steven to take her anus.  He had the biggest cock of all four boys and though he was quiet by nature he was like an animal as he ground his cock into the screaming girl’s ass hole, forcing her face down into the bed as he did so.  When he came, he pulled out and shot spurts of teen cum all over the girl’s back.

Jody was hard again by this stage and enjoyed a second orgasm, raping Rachel’s ass after Steven.

I was so proud of my boys and told them so afterwards.  We went to my bathroom to take a bath in my spa bath. I played with their cocks and sucked them as we plotted the next gang rape they would undertake.  We had all night with Rachel of course and the boys  raped her several times more before I sent them home and called my biker friends for the pick up.

I masturbated late into the night as I recalled the boys gang raping Rachel.

Chapter Three

Rachel was sold to an underage brothel after the boys and I were finished with her. Men from all around the district paid top dollar to rape cute young preteen girls. It pleased me that I was paid well for her and that I was assured that she would be made to suffer as her body was used by hundreds of men for an indefinite period.

The delicious part was that one of those men turned out to be her father, the preacher. The old hypocrite enjoyed his sinful pleasures at the same time as he railed against carnal sin in his sermons. He was a regular visitor to the brothel where he could rape young girls and imagine that she was his daughter.  It was reported to me in lurid detail. He had checked into the brothel one night and selected his girl, not knowing that it was in fact, Rachel, his daughter.  He had her tied to a bed and was mauling her body when she recognised him and called out: “daddy! Daddy! Help me, rescue me!”

The old man looked at his helpless, degraded daughter for a moment, conflicted between his parental protective instinct, his religious beliefs and his lust. His lust won.

He slapped Rachel’s face and drove his cock into her cunt as Rachel screamed  and thrashed on the bed. Rachel cried out and begged her father to stop as he called her filthy names and pounded into her, ripping her open with his rampaging cock. It was so satisfying. I must confess that I masturbated myself to several delightful orgasms as I was told the full story. It was so wonderful for a religious girl to be raped by her preacher father.

I told the boys about it later the next time they were visiting my apartment for a rape sex tutorial. They thought it was a great joke. I had the boys watching a child rape movie as they pounded all my holes. I had cocks in my mouth, my cunt my asshole and my hand. I do enjoy hands on education and I was dedicating myself to the education of these boys. They were coming along just fine. Their hot teen cocks felt great in me as they rammed into me hard as they watched the rape porn on my tv.

Later I had Todd, Michael, Jody and Steven sit side by side on my couch naked as I played one of my most violent and sadistic teen rape movies for them. The pubescent girl was hunted, chased down and gang raped by two dozen men in a disused factory. I had the boys slowly stroke their cocks as I sucked each one off in turn. My aim was to imprint on their brains the association between extreme sexual pleasure and violent rape. I don’t think that they needed too much tutoring in that department. After the rapes that they had already committed and all the porn they had been exposed to they were pretty well trained.

I judged that the boys were ready to be taken to the next level. The grade school down the road was in for a special treat!

I arranged for the boys to stake out the grade school.  Four boys were put on point duty and fixed on a seven year old beauty called Tina to be their next victim.  Tina always took the same route home from school and, although she always walked with her mom Carrie, a cute red head in her early thirties, they figured that with my help we could take care of the mom as well.

On the day of the hit I parked my car just after the alley that Tina and Carrie always walked down.  I had the trunk unlatched. The child and her mom appeared with four boys walking close behind. As they came close to my car one boy clamped a chloroform soaked cloth over the child's face and another did the same with the mother. Their unconscious bodies were unceremoniously dumped into the truck which was slammed shut.  The boys piled into my car. We were off.

We did not go to to my place this time.  We drove to an abandoned warehouse down by the docks.  The place was used by an underworld gang whose leader I happened to know.  They made under age porn here and it was the perfect place for my boys to work on little Tina while Carrie would be forced to watch.  In due course, after the mom had been softened up, the boys would rape her as well.

Some members of the gang were in the place when we arrived.  They welcomed us and helped us bring mother and daughter inside.  They were tied and gagged.  I passed around beers for the boys and suggested that we watch some child porn together while one of the boys called the rest of the class over to participate.  There were twenty boys now who were all too eager to rape tight young pre teen pussy and they all wanted to be in on the act.  I saw it as my mission to make sure that each boy got his fill of whatever he wanted.  We settled down on a couch to watch a grade school girl getting gang raped in the gang's latest production as they boys laughed and joked together, downing their beers.  I was filled with love for them and my role as their guide and teacher, leading them down the path of sexual exploration.  With a boy sitting either side of me I pulled down their zippers and reached in to caress their cocks.  On screen a teenage pair of boys had a grade school girl tied over her desk naked and were ramming into her throat and cunt.  The rest of the class watched while their female teacher pointed out the finer points of gang rape.  The class watched enthusiastically.  I stroked the two boys' cocks as we watched and waited for the rest of the boys to arrive.

The gang rape of Tina and Carrie was the climax of my career so far.  Once the boys had all arrived and were all in place in the warehouse, I had mother and daughter brought up front.  I kept the rape porn movie playing and had the boys tie the mother Carrie to a wooden beam above her heard.  They roped her arms to the beam and then began tearing at her clothes, tearing them to shreds.  I urged on the boys, giving them encouragement for their efforts.  Carrie twisted and turned, trying to escape  the boys' searching hands, but there was no escape.  Pretty soon Carrie was naked and held about six feet from the screen where the gang rape still played.  A low table was placed in front of the screen  and Tina was brought to it.  She too was stripped and pushed down onto the table, face up, while the boys tied her arms and legs to the legs of the table.  The girl wailed piteously while her mother pleaded for her release, offering herself in her stead.  I hissed into her ear that she would indeed be gang raped by my boys, but only after her daughter had been gang raped senseless, and she had been forced to cum as she watched.

I chose the youngest boy to begin the rape of Tina.  Charles had only had his first orgasm a month ago and I had been masturbating him daily since then, while showing him extreme porn, so that he had imprinted on his brain the association of sexual violence and pleasure.  I hugged and kissed the boy as I undressed him and then led him by the hand between Tina's wide bound legs.  I stroked Charles' cock as I applied a lubricant to his shaft and then lined up his cock with Tina's immature bald puffy pink pussy.  Kneeling next to the boy I guided his cock into Tina's pussy with both my hands, speaking quietly to him to give him confidence and to increase his arousal.  Slowly his cock drove inside the girl's impossibly tight vagina as she screamed and thrashed and the watching boys cheered, stroking their own cocks as they watched.  Once Charles had torn through Tina's hymen I stood and raised my arms in triumph!


Charles responded with long hard strokes of his cock.  He would never forget this first rape of his life, but it would be the first of many, I was sure of that!  I directed another boy to start raping Tina's throat as I selected a vibrator and gave it to one of the older boys.  He grinned when I gave him his instructions.  He was to use it on Carrie to make her cum as she was forced to watch her daughter being gang raped.  The boy went to work enthusiastically, rubbing the vibrator over the mother's clit and cunt lips and inside her cunt.  Pretty soon her screaming turned to moaning and she began to move in synch with the vibrator.  Her breathing became labored as she watch Charles cum inside Tina in a frenzy of rapid fire thrusts.  He was replaced by another boy and then another and another.  Likewise Tina's throat was taken by multiple boys. When the boys started masturbating over the bound body of the girl and covering her with their cum her mother gasped as her own orgasm overtook her.  Her body shook and shuddered as the vibrator completed its work.  I judged her ready now and organised the boys take their turns to rape her one by one from behind, making her continue to watch the gang rape of her daughter and the rapes on screen as well.  Carrie ended up cumming multiple times, and was eventually begging to be fucked by the boys.  They untied her at my direction and lay her on a mattress on the floor.  With a boy holding her spreadeagled three boys at a time fucked her in all of her holes repeatedly.  The slut ended up loving it!  Her hair became matted with sweat and young boy semen.  Not so Tina. She continued to struggle and thrash, which only drove the boys to a more excited state.  They fucked her brutally in her cunt, her mouth and her asshole.  When they got tired of fucking her I handed out canes for the boys to whip her with.  They went at it enthusiastically, bringing up big welts on her belly, chest and thighs.  Then when they were done whipping the girl they started on raping her again.  This went on for hours.  The child ended up being a cum covered mess and her mom was little better.  We called it quits.  The gang members hauled Carrie and Tina away to be cleaned up.  I called all the boys around me for a group hug, to congratulate them and praise their efforts.  Their naked bodies pressed into mine.  Bright faces looked at mine, their eyes shining.

"Did you have fun boys?" I asked.

"OH YES MS AMANDA" came the unanimous reply.

"Would you like to do this some more with Tina and Carrie?"


"And other little girls as well......?"


I could tell they were hooked.  I had my army of teen rapists assembled and from here on there would be no limits and no restraints!
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