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Something to cry about
« on: March 29, 2021, 10:23:04 AM »
Something to Cry About

London Avery’s shoulders ached; the restraints she had been left in were unyielding.  Duct tape, wrapped from wrist to elbow presses her arms behind her back forcing her chest forward. She wriggled again trying to find any position that was not excruciating. The cool air swept from under the door chilling her bare feet.  She sniffled, her broken nose was still occasionally bleeding, and had made it hard to catch her breath.  She moaned and shifted again as her continual discomfort dragged on inside of the utility closet in the Teacher’s Lounge of the rural high school.  The strong smell of ammonia penetrated her nose, as she softly wept.  She was a good kid, an energetic 15-year-old with too much charisma, a straight A student, co-captain of the cross-country team, and an active member of the honor’s society.  But, right now, none of that mattered as she sat, bound and gagged, effectively helpless to change her fate; quietly terrified that she’d die here.

Her tongue was dry and the gag that had been shoved in her mouth wasn’t helping, the cotton from the panties was soggy.  The gag had been removed and replaces so much she wasn’t even sure the panties that had been stuffed in her mouth were hers. Whosever they belonged to, they served the purpose her captors intended when the forced her mouth open, and forced them between her lips, she whined as they wrapped her mouth with a roll of duck tape holding them in place. The blindfold that occluded her vision was the remains of what was once her favorite T-shirt.  Although valuing something so irrelevant in a moment like this seemed silly, it still broke her heart on a small scale.  Her head pressed against an old mop, as she again shifted trying to relieve the pressure from the position she was sitting in, though her options were limited. She wasn’t entirely sure how many days it had been since this had started but she prayed constantly that the police, or anyone for that matter, would show up.

She couldn’t move, she couldn’t see, she couldn’t speak, but she could hear.

The TV in the teacher’s lounge illuminated the otherwise dimly lit room, and was just loud enough for London to hear.  The blue light from the broadcast flickered against the closed binds in the room.  “Continuing coverage from the Blue Ridge High School hostage crisis.”  London was very familiar with Blue Ridge’s local anchor Karen Rothrock’s, she’d previously found it annoying, but now as the only thing familiar in her world she found it oddly comforting.  It was quite surreal to listen to reporting about a situation that was happening around her.  “Authorities have confirmed that two of five the individuals responsible for the siege on Blue Ridge High, Kenny Hayward and Rodger Barnes, were killed in yesterday’s raid attempts along with a number of the hostages.  Since that time authorities state that the remaining kidnappers have cut off all communication.  It is believed that the remaining kidnappers are Roy Patterson, Kevin Hoyer, and David Hoyer.  It is unclear how many hostages remain inside the high school.  While the governor has not lableed these men domestic terrorists, posts from their social media have linked them with local InCel groups that list a variety of outlandish-“

“We’re down to two.” She could recognize that it was one of the twins but wasn’t sure which one. Each time she heard footsteps enter the room she held her breath, always holding out hope that maybe they would just forget she was there.  “The negotiator said if we just-”

“We aren’t getting out of here.” Roy states.  It was matter of fact, dispassionate, he almost sounded apathetic about it.  Kevin and David solemnly nodded, seeming to easily accept the status of their situations. London’s heart raced, fearing that the boys resigning to their fate would not bode well for her.  She’d grown intimately familiar with Roy’s voice, as well as other aspects of him in the last four days.  He always, spoke first, acted first, told the others what to do.  It was clear this was his plan, if for no other reason because of its awful design and even worse execution. 

“Two hostages left,” another voice chimed in, London was fairly certain it was David but it was hard to be sure, which, in the grander scheme of things, was the least disconcerting thing about the twins given their love of the sadistic. “Fuckin’ tell you what, they come in here, I say we hold court right here in the halls.” David never had any doubts about what they would be doing here or how it would end.  David and Roy glance over at Kevin, whose face belies his fear. Kevin, an opportunistic sadist, eager kidnapper, and reluctant rapist of the bunch; but one thing could always be counted on.  He would always stick with his brother.  And while four days ago he may have been squeamish at the thought of raping her, four days later he was quickly developing a taste for it.

“So what are we, gonna do?” Kevin’s voice hardens as if already accepting his fate.  The question lingers in the air, the answer need not
be spoken.

David wasted no time interjecting, “I’m gonna go another round!” He shouts in the direction of the janitor’s closet.  London’s heart sank. “What do you say London that little pussy ready for another beating?” She prayed that they would stop, but nearly half way through the fourth day it appeared they had no intention of ceasing their torment.  If the past was any indicator, each of the boys would again take their turns with her throughout the day…and night.  She hardly got any sleep as she’d spent nearly a week servicing 5 of her classmates, and as the number of hostages continued to dwindle, they became angrier, and more demanding of her body.  The lock on the door clicks as she tries to mentally prepare herself, turning off all emotion, literally shutting off parts of her brain in an attempt to steel herself for her 13th rape this week. 

The hammer on the pistol in David’s hand clicked back, and as the door opened, she felt the barrel of the gun press to her left temple.  Her mind’s eye knew exactly what it looked like, how it sounded when it discharged.  She knew all of this because she watched as Roy, three days ago, put one of the other girls in her class on her knees.  He gave her an option, participate in her rape again or take the bullet. 

London wrestled with why Amy chose the bullet, maybe because she was unafraid or maybe it was simply a fate better than suffering another rape, or maybe she just didn’t think Roy would do it.  Whatever her reasoning, it really didn’t matter.  With no hesitation London watched as Roy sent her teammates brains across the room, she remembered the feeling someone else’s blood splash across her face, the sight of her friend’s body falling lifeless to the floor. David tapped the gun against her head again, bringing her back to reality. “What’s it going to be, the couch?” he asked, his free hand pulling the duct tape from across her face. “Or this?” putting the barrel between her tear-soaked eyes.

She nodded yes, before spitting the panties from her mouth.  Blue thong. Definitely not hers. “Couch,” she softly replied wasting no time in answering.  She had been offered this choice 12 times before.  Be complicit in her own rape or take a bullet to the head.  Each time she wanted to tell them to go fuck themselves.  But instead, as the reality of the situation coalesced around her, she assented. Believing that she’d be rescued any moment, or that this would be the last time they would force themselves on her.

“That’s what I thought.” David chimes in, as he reaches into the closet, his hand quickly closing around her throat, pulling her from the janitor’s closet.  London’ is unable to keep up as she is dragged across the room.  Her legs still partially asleep from being forced into the cramped space.  She’s stood up as she hears the click of Roy’s pocket knife, it nicks her cheek as he pulls it against her blindfold.  The fabric gives away as London can’t help but squint as light is let in for the first time in days.

“He wants you to watch again,” David says. Finally, her pupils adjust to the light, Roy has pulled a TV into the room.  The camcorder in the corner was streaming, setup to not only display everything live but to stream it on a number of different porn sites.
London instinctively turned her head away, despite this being the sixth time she will have had to suffer this particular brand of humiliation. 
She still fought to maintain her dignity. David quickly corrected her, “ah, ah! Your fans want to see that pretty face.” He says kissing her cheek and pulling her face back toward the camera.  She didn’t even recognize the face of the girl on the TV screen, she was a sad, blood-splattered, broken, ghost of the girl who showed up at school four days ago. 

Her bright blonde hair had become matted, the natural curls that once were, are now just a frizzy mess.  Bruises dotting her body were various shades of blue, purple and yellow.  Only recently her mother had allowed her to wear makeup to school.  A regrettable choice four days ago led to matching streaks of black smudge tracing down her cheeks. Her face and chest were speckled with blood splatter, her bright pink nipples stood erect in the cool room.  Her bare chest on display for the camera and the boys as David took liberties, squeezing one of her tits roughly.

After the news released their names, they figured there was no need to hide their faces and did away with the ski masks. David stalked around her like a lion looking at a wounded gazelle.  Looking into the camera David smiled, asking “are we live?”  Kevin nods as the red light illuminates on the camera.  “Welcome ladies and gentlemen to how to train your dyke. Today is London’s sixth lesson, let’s see what she’s learned shall we?” He cackles into the camera as his hands continue exploring her body.

David counted each bruise as a lesson, the from rough hands that spent hours handling her with no delicacy had left her body covered in ‘lessons’. She was pretty sure one of her ribs was cracked, as Roy had taken none too kindly to being spit at during her third streamed gang rape two days ago.  He stood her up, apologized for her horrid behavior and then with all the force he could muster drove his fist into her right side.  She’d crumpled to the floor in excruciating pain, since then it had been hard to breathe and London hadn’t dared shown any outward signs of aggression, aside from the occasional daggers from her eyes.

“Down,” David barked as he pushed the center of her back, sending her stumbling forward over the back of the couch. Her face hit the cushion, as her hips braced against the back of the ragged couch that the school board swore, they would replace every year.  It smelled of coffee and cigarettes from burned-out teachers who simply needed a way to cope.  And that was the smell she’d never forget, that was the smell that filled her nose as her feet dangled inches from the floor.  This scent would forever be associated with losing her virginity in a horrendous and public way.  She fights back tears as she hears the all too familiar sound of David’s zipper being pulled down. She’d spent a lot of time in this position but with a cracked rib, it simply added injury to injury.

“UGHHHH!” she moaned through gritted teeth as David wasted no time, applied no lube and forcefully pressed his way into her puckered ass hole. She knew it was coming and she still wasn’t ready for it.    Roy had allowed the twins and a few of the others to rape her, but he’s explicitly told them ‘her pussy is mine.’ So, each of the boys took turns violating her throat and ass as frequently as possible.  They spared no expense using not only their dicks but whatever remotely phallic object they could find to torment her. 

“Still tight,” he chuckled, “I’m almost impressed,” he snarls as his hands found her hips.  Her hands press backward, resisting the restraints and the limits of her own body trying desperately to remove David’s cock from her ass but the duct tape wrapped from her wrist to her elbows made what little resistance she may have been able to offer even more ineffective. 

“Head up!” Roy demanded, from across the room, “I said head up,” London didn’t have the energy or the will to obey, Roy snaps, pointing to David who quickly grabs a handful of her hair and pulls.  Her back and neck arch, as she grunts in pain, her developing breasts jiggling as her body is lifted. “That’s better. GAH! Look at those perfect tits!” Roy exclaimed.  He seemed to always get what he wanted, and it was that conundrum that led London here.  She looked at him, as David pushed, driving his 7” into her until his balls rested gently against her little pussy.  Anguish played across her face as her toes curled and then extended trying desperately to reach for the floor but could never get enough purchase to maneuverer away from her tormentor.  “You know,” Roy says standing up from behind the camera, his thumbs looping under his trousers, pressing them down.  “Had you just gone to prom with me,” His cock springs up as he returns to standing, “you might have actually enjoyed your first time.” He began to stroke himself, smiling sinisterly, London knew where he planned to insert himself into this situation.

She scowls, but it only lasts for a moment as David begins to pick up speed sending waves of pain through her body. A small part of her wishes that she would have just said yes, a year ago.  She was only a freshman then, and he was a senior, most of the girls in her position would have been thrilled to have a senior ask them to prom.  However, there were extenuating circumstances, since the 3rd grade London knew she had no interest in boys, and being in a small conservative town, with her father the county sheriff, she knew there was no right time to drop the “I’m a lesbian bomb.”  This created more than one awkward encounter as London was under no misconceptions that she was at least moderately attractive.  As since the 7th grade she had to find reasons that she couldn’t go on dates. On occasion she’d even caught a couple of the teacher’s eyes following her ass as she walked by. But even with all this she couldn’t help but think, maybe she should have just said yes.


“Roy you can’t be in here!” London states firmly opening the locker she was standing next to shielding her body from his view.

“Relax, you don’t have anything I haven’t seen,” the locker room was empty after the meet and London, always stayed a little later to stretch after games was alone with only the open locker between her and Roy.  He sits down straddling the bench, his eye devouring her. She’d ran well today, most freshman never sniff the varsity team, and here she was co-captain by only their third meet.  It was pretty impressive, and she was quite a sight bright curly blonde hair pulled into a ponytail.  Toned muscular legs peeked from behind the opened locker, her body still damp from the shower she just left.  She did her best to hide herself, but there was little she could do.  The towel she held up in front of her covered her B cups, but it was clear by the rounded hips peeking out from behind her figure was going to be more than ample in the future. “So, prom is in a month, I figured we could go to Les Prim with a few of my friends before, maybe a little pregaming and then I’ll get us a hotel.”

He phrased it more as a statement than a question, even more it was a statement loaded with expectation.  London nearly said yes just to get him to leave, however the fact that her father wasn’t going to let her date till she was 16, she barely knew him and she was a card carrying lesbian, gave her  more than a few reasons to say no.  They’d only spoken a handful of times and most of those were Roy asking for the answers to homework.  “I-I cant go to prom with you,” she said softly but firmly. She stood on the balls of her feet, something she did when she was nervous, her heart racing. No boy had ever seen her like this, she felt exposed, vulnerable. Roy leaned to the side getting a slightly better view, her bikini cut panties fit her nicely, her flat stomach was perfect and he could tell her breasts were pert and round despite being partially covered by the towel she was holding up.  Freckles traced up her shoulder and became more prominent around her neckline and face.  He was so focused on taking in as much of body as possible, that he hardly heard her answer. When it finally hit him, he simply stared ahead for a moment before standing. Stepping over the bench that runs the length of the locker room it only takes Roy four steps to cover the distance between the two.

London suddenly became acutely aware of the size difference between her and Roy, standing nearly a foot taller than her at 6’2” made his presence very poignant. “R-roy, You c-cant be in here,” London again parrots feeling trapped, the resolve from her voice beginning to waiver.  She was frozen, wanting to move from behind the locker that was only half shielding her to begin with but certainly not wanting to take her eyes off of the imminent threat in front of her.

He smiles, and removes a stray hair from her face before leaning over allowing himself to tower over her, “You’re cute,” He says, his massive hand brushing her cheek, and then abruptly taking her face between his thumb and index finger, squishing her cheeks and forcing her lips to purse.  Her lips were full, he couldn’t help but think what his dick would look like between those pouty lips.  “I’ll let you think about it, you can tell me yes tomorrow,” he says softly, releasing her face, letting his hand wander down, cupping her ass. His hand lingered gripping her cheek firmly and giving it a proper shake. “Good girl,” he says with a smile before London had finally reached her breaking point, dropping the towel that she had been using to shield herself and pushing Roy as hard as he could.  He barely takes a step back, laughing at her feeble attempt to move him. Roy takes his leave, chuckling “You’ve got a little fire in you London,” he turns to leave,

“Think about it will you!” He shouts back as he leaves her trembling and afraid.

She was furious, her face a bright red as she fought back tears. She quickly picked up her towel wrapping it around herself wishing she’d have done more, hating that her fear had gotten the best of her.   

That night she wasted no time in telling her parents, coaches, the principal; she even took the extra step to file a restraining order.  However, that was never really necessary because video evidence from the school’s new CC cameras showed Roy clearly entering the women’s locker room.  He was expelled the next day and the rumor mill that is a high school quickly got out of control.  Roy’s reputation in their small town was never great, but his father being one of the wealthiest people in the town went a long way.  He never expected the consequences to cost him graduation, or his job or his college scholarship to Duke, but ultimately that was the price he paid.  Aside from the whispers in the hallway, the rest of the year carried on relatively without incident.  Until 5 days ago, London hadn’t given much thought to Roy. 

However, he’d spent a fair amount of time thinking exactly what he’d do to her if he ever saw her again.  This compulsion led him down a dark path, he began following her, trailing her as she walked to and from school. He paid one of the administrators handsomely to give him access to the school’s email system, he neglected to say what he would be using it for.  He tracked her emails, for months until he noticed a pattern.  Every Wednesday after school, she’d catch a bus to Cicero, the next town over, and get a ticket to see a movie.  This went on for months before he worked up the never to follow her there as well.  He drove into Cicero before school let out and watched.  Sure enough, 4:15pm she stepped off the bus and quickly scampered across the street toward the theater.  He checked his watch, there was only one movie playing around this time, after she purchases a ticket Roy followed, doing the same.  He stood outside for a moment a slowly entered.  For all of his planning, it didn’t matter.

When he walked in he froze, she should have had him dead to rights. She was only four rows back and, in the seat, closest to the aisle.  His emotions ping pong from relief, to disbelief to rage. He watches as her hands move up and down someone else, and not just anyone else, Grace Pak.  He quickly moved past the two lovebirds taking a seat at the back of the theatre.  He watched in silent fury as the realization the he had been rebuffed for some chink whore burned inside of him.
It wasn’t long after that he met the twins who had their own axe to grind against the school, a few teachers and a number of girls who’d refused their advances, Grace Pak among them. The entire situation came to a head when the twins and Roy found out their potential interests were far more interested in each other than any of them, setting in motions the week’s events.
Grace Pak was hardly the knockout that London was, but her more than ample D-cups made up for what the twins felt she lacked in other areas.  This of course was inconsequential when cast against the backdrop of teaching some uppity bitch and mouthy chink a lesson.

It was all she could do as Roy walked in front of her “Open your mouth unless you want to start losing teeth.” He snarled.  His face filled with disdain, as he looked down at her. 

She knew this was no idle threat, as the first time she refused to open her mouth Roy drew back his fist and left her with a series of colorful bruises around her eye and a broken nose.  Tears ran around her nose, as her lips trembled, and proceeded to part.  Roy took the handfuls of hair that David had been holding between his fingers, wrapping her golden locks around his fist offering him full control of her head before sliding himself into her mouth. 

He moaned as her wet little hole greeted him and watched her eyes bulge as he never hesitated and continued to press forward despite the panic showing on her face.  He reveled in the wonderful noises she made as he forced her to gag on his length, and watched the saliva run down her chin as she struggled to breathe. He loved watching her squirmed and enjoyed the confirmation that her lips did in fact look perfect stretched around his cock.

Her mind went blank, her eyes staring off into space as the two boys used her body for their own pleasure.  This carried on for nearly an hour with the twins and Roy exchanging positions at their leisure.  Her throat and asshole were growing increasingly sore and raw from the abuse.  She lost track of how many times each of them had cum inside of her, it hardly seemed relevant to keep track at this point. Roy’s cum was currently drying on her face as David’s dried on her back, she hated the stiff sticky feeling that coated her body from the various times the boys expressed their dominance by climaxing either in or on her.  Worst of all was the taste, the salty spunk tainted her tongue unless one of them was feeling extra aggressive and forced their entire length down her throat, shooting their seed directly into her stomach.

Her mind was ever broken from its trance when one of them climaxed.  As Kevin grunted, emptying himself for a second time in her rectum, David quickly stepped in to replace him.  He slid into her gaping hole and immediately began pounding away like an animal, his sweat dripping from his chin onto London’s back.  “Yes! YES! FUCKING FUCK YESSSS! Gimmie that ass you fucking slut” he moaned as he gripped her hips making sure he got full thrusts each time.  Another 10 minutes passed before he finally deposited another load into her, pushing her to the floor he laughs as she collapses in a heap, “it’s a shame Roy won’t let us fuck that tight little pussy.” He watched the pathetic whimpering girl in front of him softly on the floor, he tilts his head back, hacking loudly as he looks back down spitting on her face.  He chuckles softly as he walks away.

London lay quietly, wanting to draw as little attention to her suffering as possible. Each of the 5 boys who started shooting in the halls 5 days ago had a girl that they kidnapped when this all started. London assumed the stories were all the same, they all somehow felt wronged or aggrieved and this was their payback.  The first two girls Marie and Julie refused to participate. Roy shot them both in front of the others to make an example, and it worked.  For the next two days London watched as her, Amy and Grace were treated like the boy’s personal sex toys.  After a number of attempts to escape the twins executed Amy for refusing her ‘lessons. Grace and London tried to escape the night prior but failed miserably and were punished commensurately.  Since then, the boys decided it would be best to keep them apart, and based on the sounds she heard, when the boys weren’t raping her, they were raping Grace allowing just a small amount of time between their respective torment. Her mind replayed their loving and sweet moments together, providing an small escape from the horrors of the real world and just enough to allow her to quietly drift off to sleep.

40 minutes later Kevin’s steel toe boot smashes into her already damaged ribs, “UP CUNT!” he roars. “She’s ready for ya Roy,” Kevin shouts back as she can hear Roy nearing the room. London’s eyes are wide as new pain pulls her from her docile state.
London prayers that they would let her sleep all the way through one night was just too good to be true.  She watched as Kevin exited and Roy entered, she could see David across the hall, he was again watching the news. It was like they got off on knowing just how horrible the media spoke of them. “Please don’t,” she says looking up as Kevin walks away.

“Don’t what?” he says with a smile.  He feigns ignorance for a moment, before pretending the answer just hit him, “Oh you mean don’t go rape your little girlfriend?” He laughs hardly paying her attention as he makes his way toward the exit.  “But she just misses you so much, and you seem busy at the moment.  So, I guess I’ll just have to give her a little taste of you,” he laughs at himself, “ha, get it, a taste of London,” he says grabbing his dick before exiting the room.

Roy had nothing to say as he walked behind London her tear filled eyes watching as her Kevin leaves to torment Grace.  Looking down at her gaped asshole he smiled, he’d already emptied himself onto her cute little freckled face once today, but this time he wanted what was rightfully his.  London’s face confirmed that whatever fight she had in her at the beginning of the day was gone as Roy hardly drew a reaction as he unceremoniously walked behind her, pulling his pants down just enough to get his dick out and rammed himself deep into her. Only a soft, “ugh” escaped her lips.  He wasted no time, fucking her at a breakneck pace simply to make it hurt.   Her initial tepid reaction wasn’t enough for him, she needed to feel it.  After nearly 5 minutes of brutal thrusts, he got what he was after. The pain between her legs was again something that she couldn’t ignore as he abused her cervix over and over hitting the same spot with vigor until she was in tears.

“AHHHH!” She cried as he pulled back, repositioning his feet, pressing down to angle her at just the right spot. “UGGGGGGGG” She moaned as he buried himself in her again.  “AGGGHH” Each thrust drawing new pains and sounds from London and only serving to motivate Roy more as he works double duty pulling her toned body backwards while driving his hips forward.

David however, had become increasingly frustrated with the excessive noise.  “HEY! THINK YOU CAN KEEP IT DOWN IN THERE!”

Roy chuckles “You hear that? You’re being rude.” He says keeping his pace steady.  “That’s not very nice of you” he jokes. Roy leans over, grabbing the duct tape with his free hand. His torment momentarily stops as he leans grabs the panties that were removed from London’s mouth so the twins could continue her abuse.  “Open,” he demands with the tape at the ready, “don’t make me get the gun,” he says dissatisfied that her response wasn’t immediate. Her eyes move to the pistol that lays on the couch next to her. Her lips again part as Roy stuffs the soggy panties back into her mouth, then taking the roll of tape and pulling it around her head twice.  He pats it down to make sure the seal will hold before returning to his building orgasm.

“How’s that?!” He shouts back at David from across the hall.

He holds up a thumbs-up, “Much better I’m trying to watch-“


A blinding white light from a flashbang disorients him before he can conclude his thought.   His eyes see only white, overwhelmed, and unable to adjust, his head is ringing as he falls from his chair. Smoke fills the hallway between the two rooms. Laser sights pierce the smoke, scanning slowly from left to right.  Dizzied, David fumbles blindly around until his hands finally reach the rifle he’d been carrying around for days.  Still dazed, David crawls from the smoke-filled room, his head still ringing, he stands, his hands gripping the AR-15 placing a magazine in before chambering a round. **BANG** A shot rings out from down the long corridor, just as quickly as he made his way to his feet, he’s put back down. 

London and Roy can’t see the exchange but they can hear it as Kevin was alerted by the sound of the flashbang.  He arrives, assault rifle in hand, aimed down the hall toward a number of SWAT officers in an attempt to avenge his brother.  For good measure, he holds Grace in front of him as he returns fire.  He sends a hail of bullets down the hall, holding their progress as he barricades himself in the room at the end of the hall, occasionally sending a few shots down range to slow their advance.

Roy smiles, he has just enough time. His focus intensifies his focus on London’s ravaged little hole taking long and powerful strokes.  “Don’t worry,” he says pulling her hair from her face once again.  “I’ve got you,” he can feel himself building toward a climax as the gun fire pauses momentarily.  He savors each inch of her as he slows down taking it all in.  At the end of the hall, Kevin exchanges magazines before chambering another round and resuming his rage-fueled vendetta.  Roy grips London’s hips putting his entire weight behind his strokes as his balls begin to spasm.

“HERE IT COMES BABY,” He moans gripping London’s tits tightly and twisting.  Her face grimaces “I’m gonna fill you up London baby!” He exclaims smiling as he torments her.  “ONE LAST TIME!” He grunts “Then I’m going to send you on your way!” He snarls from behind her. “FUUCCCCKKKKK!” He moans his cock twitching as he delivers the last few powerful strokes, his balls emptying inside the whimpering girl in front of him.  She feels his warm seed flooding her little hole.  Pain and fear fill her mind as he pauses just for a moment before reaching for the pistol.  He leans forward, not wanting to waste another second, London begins to squirm in fear shaking her head ‘no’ repeatedly. 

This is it; she thinks to herself, the sound of a round chambering sends a chill down her spine.  As the barrel of the gun touches the back of her head she screams into her gag, pleading intelligibly for mercy. “You’re lucky,” Roy states callously as his cock still twitches inside of her. Despite the chaos all around them Roy is calm as he whispers to her, “you get to go out with a bang.”

London closes her eyes. As the pistol discharges, she clinches her teeth so hard she thinks they might break.  Her heart stops for a moment and a deeper fear and disgust is realized as Roy’s lifeless body collapses on top of her.

The blood from the fresh exit wound at the side of his head covers London’s face as cum from his cock begins to roll down her leg.  The gunfire still rains in the hall just outside the room, it’s highly unlikely that anyone heard the solo gunshot amidst the chaos. Roy’s massive and lifeless body is pressed down on London who was effectively trapped, and struggling to breathe under her assailant’s weight feeling as if she was suffocating every single second.

Squirming and bucking herself, London tries desperately to get free of Roy as she can still feel his manhood inside of her twitching as if even in death she couldn’t escape his lessons. However, with her arms still bound, her feet unable to reach the floor and her gag firmly secured there is little she can do to free herself of this situation. The gunfire continues for another 5 minutes as Kevin does his best to hold off SWAT closing in on his position.  However, his attempts end fatally as his body slums against a teacher’s desk they moved into the halls having planned on a shootout.  Grace’s body had caught a round intended for him, he chuckled to himself, as she lay bleeding, grabbing her perfect tits one last time.  “See you soon,” he says as he expires, looking in the panic stricken eyes of Grace.
It took the SWAT team another 8 minutes to move room to room and notice that there was a sole survivor of this tragedy.  But, by the time they cleared the teacher’s lounge and removed Roy from on top of and in inside of London, she was catatonic.

“Miss, what is your name?” A man asked, “Do you know where you are?” she could only stare off in to the void unable to respond, the traumatic events finally breaking her.

“We have one alive, extracting now.” She heard the words but processed very little of it.  As someone draped a blanket around her blood and cum covered naked body, she was relieved of her restraints and escorted out of the room by two men in tactical gear.  As they entered the hall the familiar voice Karen Rothrock, the news anchor she’d spent days listening to from inside the closet, penetrated London’s manic state.

“We are getting reports now that the carnage is over,” she said as London’s bare feet trudged through the shell casings in the hallway.  Past her kidnappers’ dead bodies. “I’m being told there is a sole survivor. London Avery, age 15, has miraculously survived” She states as they make their way toward the exit.  “This tragedy, is thankfully over.”
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Re: Something to cry about
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2021, 04:48:10 PM »
Great story I loved it!

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Re: Something to cry about
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Great story I loved it!

Does it need a sequel?
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Re: Something to cry about
« Reply #3 on: March 30, 2021, 05:44:14 AM »
Of course ! I'm pretty sure that some of the audience want to see more...

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Re: Something to cry about
« Reply #4 on: March 30, 2021, 05:51:29 AM »
I know that I, for one, would enjoy a continuation if you have something in mind?  8)
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Re: Something to cry about
« Reply #5 on: March 30, 2021, 08:09:27 AM »
I know that I, for one, would enjoy a continuation if you have something in mind?  8)

Oh I do, I've been toying with a concept for a while and this seems like a great place to interject it
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Re: Something to cry about
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A merit from me for a great story Bubbles!
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Re: Something to cry about
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Hot story and love imagining what my end would of been if I attended the school with my friends
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