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Re: "Perfect" a collaborative story by Seeker and Brokenwing
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“Hmmm. You’re doing great.” He coached, leaning back on his elbows, legs spread wide for the naked kneeling teenager he could tell she had done this before at least a few times. “Use your tongue more... over the piss hole... under the head... Yes, that’s it. You’re a natural.”
Why did she feel a flash of pride when he complemented her? She was doing a good job, satisfying an older man. Why was she trying so hard? Because he could maybe protect her from the beasts downstairs. She had to try hard to please him. If she did, maybe... So, she listened and tried to follow his instructions as best she could. Summoning up all her experience to make him feel good.

Yes! Love the mental struggles she is being put through, first when she is made to orgasm, and so ashamed that she let herself do it. Then feeling pride that she was being complimented on her oral skills, yet also knowing she was being a bit pragmatic. By doing a good job of servicing Julio, perhaps he would help protect her from the others. But of course at the same time, she is aware she should be disgusted and mortified at what he is forcing her to do!  Brilliant job, Seeker and Brokenwing!
I could rape your pussy, but I'd be in and out in a few minutes. So I choose to rape your mind, and I'll be inside you forever!

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Re: "Perfect" Ch. 9 added - a collaborative story by Seeker and Brokenwing
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Social media post
July 27, Two Years Earlier

What is LOVE?

Is anyone ready for Love
How can you know if it's right
Is it destined to be from above
What happens after you’ve your first fight

How can just the touch of their hand
Feel as though they are touching your heart
It doesn't seem to matter whether you lay, sit or stand
But there is such a powerful absence or emptiness when you're apart

Is it Love when you look at them and the first thing you notice is you can see their eyes
Because they've already been looking at you
Is there a better feeling, even from a drug that would make you feel high
Then you can't help but wonder is their heart beating fast too

Is Love the feeling of intimacy just from holding their hand
Or the warmth of their hands on your hips
Or when they have the strength to lift you off your feet right from where you stand
And slowly lower your mouth to their warm, wet lips.

Or is Love the things you do when the two of you are alone
Feeling one another on top or inside
Touching in ways and places that make you sigh and moan
Leaving you feeling things you know you will struggle so much to hide.

Love has to be a feeling you want and need more
Sharing an intimacy that penetrates so deep
Into your heart, your soul, your very core
No other's arms would you rather be wrapped in while you sleep.

Am I ready for Love
I must believe it will be alright
And that It was destined from above
It has to be when we slept together all night.



Chapter 9

Friday 5:49pm
They remained like that for a few minutes, neither saying anything.  Ruby lying crumpled at his feet at the foot of her bed, her sobs gradually diminishing to pitiful gasps.  The pungent taste and smell of sex and cum so prominent in her mouth and sinuses she didn't believe she would ever be able to forget the flavour and odour.
But worse, it was all over the complexion she had searched so long and hard to perfect, the right combination of products to hide any blemishes but not cause any outbreaks either.  Men had no idea how much time and effort women spent finding the right mix.  Yet as she laid there on the floor at his feet, she could feel the thick salty cum all over her face and knew her make-up had run.
He on the other hand felt an odd sense of satisfaction and irony as their body fluids drained off his cock, onto the pink frilly comforter that was clearly a hangover of her youth.  Once she had settled, he lifted her up as if she were weightless.
“Come Princess. You deserve to rest. For trying so hard.” His tone intentionally warm and comforting.
Somehow, he managed to turn her linens down and gently place her on the cool white percale cotton sheets, limbs splayed in their pale naked glory and her golden hair spread out on the luxurious pillow.  The residue of spittle, cum and tears on her cheeks and chin, wiped clean on the pillows, until she looked almost fresh, except for the red rims of her moist eyes.
She almost felt like a little girl again, being looked after by her father after a terrible accident. She wished that it was him that was her tucking her in, rather than this man who had raped her mouth and made her help him cum.
“Th-thank you" she managed to utter, almost instinctively due to all the drilling by her mother, to always be well-mannered and respectful.  The irony of being polite to the man who she had just been forced to suck off.
He continued stroking her as she lay on her side looking out of the window away from him. Like she had done so many times as a young girl. But now with a strange man in her bedroom rubbing and massaging her back and shoulders, oddly soothing and comforting.  His touch strangely soft and gentle.
She was exhausted and so sore from everything that had happened. Lying there in her childhood bedroom, the blue sky and white fluffy clouds outside the window, like they always had been.
She found herself wondering whether a man was still a stranger if she’d given him head and swallowed his cum. Such an intimate act forced on her. But with her cooperation. Did that make a difference, she no longer thought she knew.
“Hush now. Relax.” His seductive voice belying his lascivious expression as he drank in her youth and beauty.
Then his hand tenderly sliding over her hip and down her leg, making her relax after the trauma of the past couple of hours, giving her goose bumps as his palm and fingers circled and drifted over her skin, but carefully staying away from her private parts. As if maybe, he had just a touch of kindness, letting her regret the thank you just a bit less.
Slowly, she was overwhelmed by the physical and emotional exhaustion and fell into a fitful sleep, her subconscious trying to cope with her suffering and confusion. Little jolts in her arms and legs revealing her inner turmoil. Her breathing gradually slowing down as Julio carried on caressing her, like a pet. His hands drifting to her breasts to gently cup the soft fleshy mounds, then over her stomach towards her groin before veering away to fondle her bottom, all the while relishing the feel of her taut velvety skin. So perfect.

Were she not naked, with fluids of sex on her face he thought she would look much younger.  It still excited him the thought of taking away any remnants of innocence from females like her.  He knew more then she that the young, over protected, daughter who grew up in the suburbs she had been was in the process of seeing the world in a very different light then she had ever imagined. 

Such soft breathing, such smooth soft perfect flesh.  He loved the opportunity to feel her skin before it would be subjected to more use and abuse.
Her only response a deep sigh and maybe the slightest hint of a smile on her resting features, as if she believed he actually cared.
But rather than leave her in peace, he stood and stripped off his cloths, revealing a hard, lean body, toned by various sporting endeavours. And his semi-turgid organ responding to the sight and feel of her nubile body, enabled by the little blue pill he had taken just before she arrived at the house.  It didn’t take much to get him hard, just a few strokes along the shaft and he had recovered.
As he was about to get onto the bed beside her, Joe strolled into the room with a quizzical expression, having heard nothing for the past quarter hour.  They had agreed that Julio would have her to himself for a while, but the others were getting a little agitated and impatient.
Julio showed no embarrassment at his naked tumescent state, but rather smiled sardonically. Then looking meaningfully from Ruby’s comatose form to Joe, he pumped his closed fist in the air in the universal sign for fucking.  He pointedly indicated the small camera with a blinking red light positioned strategically on her bedside table, before he winked and waved his friend and accomplice away.
Settling down behind the sleeping teen, he snuggled into a spooning position behind her. Then a hand under her thigh, he lifted her leg slightly to open a pathway to her sex. He slipped his turgid manhood into that gap and let it rest there for a moment, cradled on her pouting lips, still moist from the earlier stimulation. He slowly started rocking his hips, sliding it along her labia, causing her to sigh more deeply in her sleep and imperceptibly rock her own hips in time to his rhythm.
The fragrant smell of her recently washed hair, blending with her young female scent, filled his head and hardened his cock even more. It also meant he could resist no longer. Placing the glistening head of his throbbing organ at her opening, he pushed forward with a jarring thrust of his hips.
Ruby had been floating in slumber, erotically dreaming of an unknown lover gently seducing her and stroking her. It felt so pleasant as she drifted, enjoying the sensual feelings coursing through her body and down to the core of her femininity.
She was instantly wrenched out of that soft gentle mood by the plundering of her love passage.  Despite her residual dampness, the invasion felt like a club had been thrust up her and scraped her tender insides.  The combination of relative sexual inexperience and having been raped by two men an hour before exacerbated the shock and shooting pain through her loins.
“Aaaaaaeeeeeeiiiiiiooooouuuugh.” Her shriek sailed through all the vowels in the alphabet before ending with a deep guttural grunt as he bottomed out against her womb.
“Shhhhh. It’ll be okay. It’s just that you’re irresistible.”
How did those words even make sense? She was literally being stabbed by his cock because he thought she was hot. Because he couldn’t control himself? Even when she was asleep.
“Please stop... Take it out... It hurts.”  Her voice sounded so desperate, high pitched and pathetic. Even to her own ears. And she really wanted to believe that he would listen, even if he didn’t seem like he would. She’d done what he wanted. She just wanted to rest.
But he had other ideas.  Her hands scrabbled against the linen, messing it up in vain, because with one hand gripping her shoulder for leverage and the other encircling her waist to probe between her legs, she was going nowhere.
“Don’t struggle. You’ll get used to it.” He cooed, even though her writhing massaged his dick so tantalizingly.  And her resistance made his heart pound with lust, so that he could feel the throbbing in his tightly encased member.  Her youthful tightness surprised him a bit and he smiled with satisfaction thinking once again of taking away any innocence left in her.
He began sliding in and out of her snug silken depths, slowly at first, his pelvis cupping her backside on every in-stroke as his fingers pressed her clit, causing her to push back into him.
Without extracting himself, he swivelled onto his knees, pulling her upper leg onto his upright chest, skewering her while smiling down at her. Enjoying the sight of his glistening shaft sliding into her tight hole, pulling her pink inner lips in and out with his repeated thrusting.
She couldn’t believe what was happening, this man who just a little while earlier was caring for her was now raping her. Hard long strokes that drove the air out of her body as his hips hit hers, every stroke sliding her an inch up the bed.
But thankfully, he was not as rough as the others, just firm and powerful. Stretching her leg like a perverse yoga instructor, pummelling her depths. Her foot pointed at the ceiling, flapping helplessly, like her hands weakly pushing against his muscled torso or scrabbling pathetically at the sheets.
“I want to fuck you properly.” He growled, voice husky with arousal.
He pushed her legs apart, hands under her knees, pinned to the bed on either side of her chest, without breaking his stride. Long slow powerful thrusts into her exposed womanhood. His pelvis grinding on her clit as he bottomed out, wiry hairs tickling her mons.
“Nooooo...” she moaned, bewilderment and despair in her eyes.
“Yes!” he hissed down at her, his face contorted in lust.
Her hands on his shoulders, not pushing or pulling, just holding on to survive the onslaught.
She was confused that after the initial agony, it didn’t feel as sore. Just full and deep. Not pleasurable, just new, strange and so very far up inside her.
He was smiling at her as if he cared. Not the lustful leer of those other men, but a more sensual look like a lover might have.
But he wasn’t her lover. He was a man raping her. In her own bed. The bed she had slept in since she was a little girl, with all the sights and sounds of that room. The birds chirping happily outside. Her stuffed animals now scattered onto the floor, except Benjamin. Her oldest softest bear. The toy she’d had since she could remember and had been with her through thick and thin. Now implacably watching over her rape, by this man pretending to be her lover.
It was surreal. In her darkest nightmares she never would have dreamt of something like this happening.  She had to turn her face away from her bear, feeling so incredibly ashamed.
At the same time that her heart and soul filled with shame, with the way he was thrusting so long and deep inside her, instinct had strangely caused her to cross her ankles behind his waist, when he had pulled her legs up by the knees.  She tried to rationalize that strange need by convincing herself that maybe, just maybe she could affect his long deep thrusts.
Her own breathing was forced to exhale on his thrusts and gasp for air as he pulled back, tempo fuelled by the intensity of his lust. 
He could feel her legs wrap around his waist and he couldn't resist kissing her forehead, rewarding her for her participation.
“You feel so good, Princess.”
Her only response the ragged sounds of her moans and grunts, and her breathing which sounded loud in her ears.

She couldn’t believe that she didn’t hate him, well not as much as she hated those other men. Or more like she feared them and what they would do to her. She felt betrayed by him for just having taken her like that, especially after he had comforted her.
But she was confused that she didn’t hate him more. She almost felt that she might have let him fuck her if he had asked nicely. If it would make him protect her from them. Her mind was a bewildering array of contradictory thoughts as her body was used.
“That’s it. Push back. Just like that.” Making her aware of her body’s unconscious response. Causing her to flush prettily.
Her only previous experience of sex was with Jake. Jake was a considerate lover, but often didn’t last very long, getting so excited and pounding away until he came. Yes, he had resilience and would try again, but often with the same conclusion, his satisfaction and her slight frustration. But she’d loved him and accepted that it was just the way it was.
But here was a man with real stamina. Having just cum, he wasn’t going to waste this opportunity, so he was enjoying every sensation of her tight wet pussy along his sensitive love stick. Involuntary tightening and sucking as he withdrew, alternating with the sensual kneading of her wet vaginal walls on his penetration.
“Oh yeah. You’re getting so wet. Horny little girl.”  Taunting her with a smile but telling her the truth about her natural response to the firm but gentle manipulation of her sexual organs.
The steady long deep strokes filling her so far inside her body, an almost strange deep bump over and over. His cock moving so steady inside her, so much friction and sensation.
She felt mortified that she would respond like that for him. Perplexed at the situation and her reaction. But she couldn’t shake the feeling that it felt so powerfully intimate with his cock patiently moving in slow, long and deep strokes. It was still rape and she didn’t want it. Or at least her head didn’t want it. But she hated the intense sensations and 'need' in her body. She was so confused and exhausted, yet she felt muscles deep in her body spasm, needing to tighten and squeeze.
And that made her hate it even more. She could do nothing but accept what he wanted to take from her. On her own bed. Her safe place. Now witness to her abuse.
To make matters worse, he leant forward putting his arms next to her shoulders, his muscled hairy chest squashing her soft tender breasts. And then her kissed her on the lips, his tongue plunging into her mouth, lips smothering hers.  She lay there frozen in shock. Such an intimate act forced upon her. She wouldn’t respond... she couldn’t. It would legitimize everything he was doing to her, so she lay still, unresisting to his onslaught.
“Kiss me properly. Like you mean it. Or else...” The threat growled into her mouth. “Show me how you kiss your boyfriend.”
The threat, his strength, her previous capitulation all playing into her inexperienced brain. She hadn’t even had that many boyfriends. Kissed only a few boys in her life until that moment.
And a girl, Janie. Exploratory kisses rained down by her friend, teaching her how to French kiss. In this very room, just before she had gone to swim camp. It was so taboo and naughty, but exciting and tender. All mixed up, together.
The same Janie that had a much older boyfriend, or sugar daddy as she called him. Swearing Ruby to secrecy about him and the gifts he’d give her, because he wanted her so badly. And Janie loved the attention and adoration, as well as the amazing sex she’d had with her much older experienced lover.
Ruby herself had never even dreamed of kissing a man of Julio’s age and experience. She just stared back into his eyes, only inches away from hers. Suddenly he looked strict, not caring at all. Like her father did when he was really disappointed in something that she’d done wrong.
“NOW!” He snarled with a vicious thrust of his hips to emphasis the instruction.
Her resistance helplessly caved in that moment and she tentatively stuck out her little pink tongue to make a point, to lick his lips and flick his tongue. He held his head back to make her try harder, forcing her to push her head up off the pillow to reach his mouth. Each flick of her tongue like an arrow into her heart, knowing that she was weak and powerless to do anything but obey. Despising herself at that moment. But still, she tried to please him, to debase herself for his gratification. Because he could. And she must!

This felt so different.  Not like the quickly over sex with her first lover Jake and not like that cruel brute, Joe she was pretty sure his name was, who used her body so hard and forcefully like nothing she ever could have imagine.  This wasn't like this Hispanic guy who forced inside her while the black man raped her mouth and throat.

This was so different, such long, deep full strokes.  So many, more then she could count.  And for a bit, an amount of time she had no way to measure, she didn't think of Jake, or the men who had raped her earlier.  She didn't think of her parents, or her bear, or her best friend Janie.  She didn't think of anything except the long, deep, thrust in and out, over and over.  Without knowing anything about him she knew he was experienced. 

She heard him breathing, she heard herself breathing.  She heard her bed creaking and left her legs stretching and holding onto him, to slow him she convinced herself.  But what she did longer and more then anything was feel him massage deep inside her body where she didn't know someone could touch.  She was still sore and the steady friction definitely hurt but that didn't change the fact that he touched and rubbed her in a way she had never experienced.  And she didn't regret each additional time he touched her there again, again and again. 

“That’s better. Princess.” He gloated as he smothered her mouth with his, literally raping her with his tongue and sucking the air from her lungs.  Even the sound of his voice, deep and perverse. So adult, even fatherly, instructing her what to do. 
His slow relentless thrusts resumed. His stamina was ridiculous, with age, experience and his earlier release. He carried on pounding her until she felt bruised, rubbed raw inside. Not like the hard brutal rape of earlier, nor the quick thrusts of her boyfriend. But powerful strokes of an experienced lover.
Taking her in her own bed, where she should only have to willing share her body with someone she cared for. Not an unknown man forcing her to please him with her body.  A body responding on autopilot, mostly moving by physical reaction.
“Squeeze me with your pussy, Princess.”
She felt him increase his pace and hoped he would be finished soon. She even started rolling her hips in time with his. Timidly she squeezed him like he told her to. His face above hers glistening with exertion, but not slowing down. Drops of his sweat dripping onto her face and breasts. Making her feel dirty and used, but her fear of the consequences preventing her from stopping her attempts to satisfy his need.
“Fucking way to go.”
“Whoa J. You the man!”
“Finish up, Julio. It’s our turn.”
Voices penetrating her concentration, her overwhelming misery and unwanted sensations. She hadn’t seen the other men come into the room, but now she felt them around the bed. Clapping and jeering and encouraging her abuse. Which was now a spectacle. Entertainment for depraved rapists.
And like a performer, Julio began banging her hard and fast. Jackhammering into her pelvis like a man possessed. Not the gentle screwing she had endured. But a serious fucking with little consideration for her feelings.
“Do like I told you, Princess.” His lust-filled eyes glaring down at her, daring her to disobey.
So, despite his disregard and the crude spectators, she tried to do what he had taught her. Rolling her hips and clenching her pussy in time with his thrusts. Hoping to make it end. Or would that just be the start of her next ordeal. She couldn’t think about that. She just had to survive, like a helpless ragdoll. 
She closed her eyes, the audience unbearable, trying to pretend they weren't there.  She hadn't seen much porn, mostly when joking around with friends but she never thought she'd feel so much like a porn star as she did then. And it sickened her stomach.  How much more could she take?  She didn't know and was terrified to think about the possibility it could get even worse.
And then with a bellow he held himself deep in her, releasing the torrent that he had been holding back for ever. The third stranger to cum deep inside her body like Jake, the guy she loved with whom she'd had unprotected sex.  It seemed like for them protection didn't exist, didn’t matter. And she felt like a sperm depository.
He gave her a tender peck on the lips and said.
“You’re a good shag, Princess.”
Just a moment to post a reply to an authors story makes it worth the hours of writing and editing the story.

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Re: "Perfect" Ch 9 added - a collaborative story by Seeker and Brokenwing
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Wonder how soon after her ordeal is over will she demand a new bed and bedroom! Love how she couldn't figure out someone new had entered her! Can't wait until they plan a completely entry for all her orifices! Merit goes to both writers!
Real rape is wrong fictional rape can be fun!

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Re: "Perfect" Ch 9 added - a collaborative story by Seeker and Brokenwing
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Wonder how soon after her ordeal is over will she demand a new bed and bedroom! Love how she couldn't figure out someone new had entered her! Can't wait until they plan a completely entry for all her orifices! Merit goes to both writers!

The thought of ever sleeping in that room, let alone bed ever again is intense.  It's why being raped in your own home is the worst.  How can she ever feel safe again?

As always thank you for reading and especially for the commemts. 

You'll have to wait to see if they enter all her holes. Hehe ;)
Just a moment to post a reply to an authors story makes it worth the hours of writing and editing the story.

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Social media post
Aug 3, Two Years Earlier

My dear BFFs

Sorry it's been a bit since my last post.

I am a mix of emotions like a peanut butter cup.

I think both SeaSnake and I seemed to start to feel that we needed to be more careful with our public displays of affection because he stopped stretching me out as much.  And I'm really struggling watching him with other female members of the camp because he's such a natural flirt.

But our time alone has my mind spinning with happiness and bliss.  After having lost multiple roommates I felt frustrated and a bit lonely, but couldn't be happier now, wink.

Normally after a full day of swim practice it feels like we have exhausted every ounce of energy.  But somehow almost every day after dinner Jake and I have found ways to be alone and when we are, we held one another and talked about so many things.

I was learning more and more how amazing he was as a person.  He loved and cared so much about the environment and especially the ocean.  I had no idea how bad plastics, plastic bottles and straws were to the Oceans and sea life.  But he shared stories about his volunteering walking and cleaning miles of beach line.  He even snorkeled and scuba dived with a group collecting trash from the Ocean.

I felt like I had done so little compared to him but shared the fundraising efforts I had participated in for breast cancer assistance at school.  But he made me feel like he was sure that as pretty as I was people donated more money or bought more T-Shirts that we sold because of me.

Our time alone was amazing and even at the end of a full day of swimming he still found the energy for us to have fun.

I grew to really look forward to Sunday's, some we spent with a small group going out and others were just the two of us.  Jake did still keep me focussed on staying in swim shape and was my conscience when we ate in restaurants.

I had what I called a boyfriend before but that was just a guy who I hung out with in school, held hands and exchanged occasional kiss pecks.

But Jake was the first guy who made my heart beat faster and the first guy I ever felt like I really liked.

And I know that it's only been a month but for the first time I said the other "L" word to someone and he said it to me too. 



Chapter 10

Friday 6:26pm
Like many young women, Ruby sometimes had fantasies of being forced into sex. Lying in her bed at night, her hand between her legs imagining being captured by a tall dark handsome pirate captain and made to serve him. The fantasy rape was hard, but the captain kept her for himself, despite the men looking at her with undisguised lust. The feelings of arousal would course through her body, pulsing in time with the finger on her sensitive nubbin.
The captain knew how to use a woman’s body, driving her wild with carnal desire despite the things he made her do. In that fantasy, Ruby would orgasm as the pirate captain shot his seed into her, while real Ruby shuddered through her own enjoyable climax, leaving a pleasant but sightly guilty afterglow all over her enflamed skin.
She’d shared these thoughts with Janet, who also had erotic daydreams. But hers were always much rougher. Street gangs cornering her and taking her to their house to turn into a sex slave, beating her and making her obey the foul despicable men in whatever way they
desired. Ruby was always mildly titillated despite being slightly horrified by her friend’s images. And while they giggled and shared their stories, she preferred her own more benign forced acts, not wanting to think about being raped by multiple men at the same time, nor hurt or beaten in any way.
What she’d just experienced again in real life in her own room was nothing like her fantasy. It hurt everywhere, it made her feel worthless, almost inhuman. This wasn’t pleasurable or sexual like her imagining… this was a stronger, bigger man taking what he wanted, because he could, using her, abusing her and leaving her with nothing but his cum and her pain.  And now like Janet’s fantasy, there were others. And it didn’t seem like Julio was going to protect her and keep her for himself.

Julio got off the bed and without a backward glance walked into the bathroom, letting the other three men descend on Ruby like vultures on a carcass. And like a carcass, she felt dead inside, the confusion of the last rape being too much for her to process.

“You’re all warmed up. Just like we wanted.”

Joe pulled her to her wobbly feet, standing naked and uncertainly between him and Jose. The spunk leaking down between her legs, her face still glazed with earlier fluids. Hoping against hope that they wouldn’t be too rough, or maybe just let her be.

“Come on. . . Get your fat ass moving.”

She didn’t have time to think about the insult, because Joe slapped her backside and pushed her towards the door. Jose grabbed her arm and bent it behind her back, with his other hand groping her breast as a means of guiding her direction.

They shuffled her along the passage to her parents’ bedroom, followed by Drake filming her with his phone camera. She blushed as she realised that a trail of spunk was slowly dripping down her inner thighs, making them sticky and slimy. For some reason that embarrassed her more than being naked, even though it really wasn’t her fault.

“What do you want with me. Please, lemme go... No. NO. Please. Not in there.”

They entered the large. sumptuous boudoir that her mother had decorated in beige with burgundy accents and dark wood. Deep pile cream carpeting on the floor and heavy drapes framing the windows with the fading evening light of world outside, a world which remained oblivious to her ordeal.

The centrepiece was the large four poster oversize bed that as a child she had run to so many times for comfort and safety from imaginary monsters. Now three very real monsters pushed her onto the thick down duvet with its fine percale cover, causing her to sprawl limbs akimbo amongst the scattered embroidered cushions.

She shuddered involuntary, thinking what her mother would say if she dirtied the sheets.  Because as she had got older, she saw this room as her parents’ inner sanctum, where she only went when necessary. A place where her father’s judgement and her mother’s expectations seemed to weigh far more on her heart.

But that fear was short-lived as she acknowledged with horror that her mother’s wrath was nothing compared with what she was likely to experience on this bed very soon.  She scrabbled backwards towards the pillows and the imposing headboard, eyes darting between the three predators standing around the bed, smirking.

“Seems your mum’s a bit of a slut, too.”  Joe taunted her, looking up at the tastefully painted nude hanging above the bed.

She remembered when that was painted, her mother was always proud of her figure and wanting to give her husband a portrait with a difference. Reclining on a white upholstered chaise, with a sheet draped strategically to maintain her modesty.  Ruby had initially been shocked at the painting, but then over time this morphed to envy of her mother’s confidence.

Now she herself was splayed on the white sheets, but naked and without any sense of modesty or her mother’s self-confidence.

“She’s not… she’s beautiful.” Wanting, no needing to defend her mother’s character, even though she couldn’t defend herself. But only having the courage to mumble the words, glancing furtively at Joe the leader of this trio.

“True. I’d give her a good shagging.” Drake laughed as he released his manhood from his trousers and began slowly jerked himself off. “But she’s not here. So, you’ll have to do.”

“Please... I don’t want.”

“Don’t matter what you want, cunt. It’s what we want that counts.” Drake’s simple response.

Suddenly, Jose and Drake leant forward over the bed and grabbed an ankle each, before Ruby could react and pull away. She was dragged down the bed until her backside was perched on the edge, lying on the now rumpled bed having pulled the duvet down with one hand and a pillow in the other as she struggled to resist their malicious intent. The only things she had been able to grab with the sudden assault.

“Stop. Damn it. Just leave me alone. You… you bastards.” The vehemence of her response caused by the unrelenting torment, triggering her anger and the use of a curse her mother would not have condoned.

She tried to wriggle free, kicking and pushing at the two men, but having no success against the bigger stronger men.

Joe loomed menacingly over her between her widespread legs snarling “Stop struggling, cunt.”

He whipped his hand down between her legs, spanking her pussy with a resounding blow. It wasn’t his hand that connected with her tender vulva, but rather the tip of his leather belt. Somehow while she was resisting, he’d got it off and now it was an instrument of torture. The pain was excruciating, stabbing and burning at the same time, sending sharp agonising shocks through her torso.

She screeched as she instinctively grabbed her womanhood, tears springing into her eyes.  Holding her private parts to soothe the pain and protect herself from more harm.

“You going to stop your shit and listen?” Joe growled at her, the belt coiled for another strike. Which he executed by slapping her left breast, causing it to deform and wobble back into its pert proud shape, but now with a reddening rectangle blossoming on its side.

“Yes... yes... I will… Please stop… it hurts.” Tears of anguish seeping out of her eyes.

“Good. Drake-man get something to tie her up. I’ve had enough of her drama.” Joe’s words cutting through her snivelling.

“I haven’t done anything to you. Please don’t. Pleeeezzz.” She instinctively needed to beg, to plead for mercy, as if it would make any difference to these heartless men.

Joe’s chuckle sounded evil… cruel and lustful as he said. “Maybe, but you’re sure going to do something. Pretty damn soon.”

He didn’t leave her alone while Drake went into her parents’ adjoining dressing room. Rather, he grabbed her nipples and twisted brutally, shaking them from side to side as he did, the firm flesh jiggling frantically under his ministrations. Ruby felt like he was going to pull them right off, with the amount of pain that they were causing her.

“Aaaiiiieeee… Stop… You can’t… Ooowwww… do that… please… Ouch… it hurt’s… so bad” Words panted through her piteous hurt-filled cries.  She tried to grab his wrists to pull them away from the torture he was inflicting, but he just pinched harder.

“Take your fucking hands off me.” He snarled. “Unless you want me to get a pair of pliers and pull them off.”

“You wouldn’t...” Her brain trying to process his words, not believing her ears. He just nodded, steely faced. “No, please...You couldn’t.”

Despite the suffering of her boobs, she pulled her hands away from his and let them drop onto the sheet beside her, fists clenched in pain and defeat. A clear sign of her surrender. But it earned her no respite as he continued to torment her nipples.

“That’s better. I talk. You listen. Understand?”

“Yes.” Whispered as her tears continued to well from the corner of her eyes in her abject misery.

She stared at him in horror, starting to comprehend the level of cruelty he was prepared to invoke. It seemed that her treatment up to that point had been relatively moderate, in comparison to what this deranged evil monster might do. She saw the coldness in his eyes and realised that he was indifferent to her suffering.  The blood drained from her face as she absorbed the implications of being at the mercy of a cruel psychopath.

“Please… I’ll listen... Please don’t hurt me.” She babbled in her fear.

“Check what I found... Mummy likes it rough.” Drake returned chuckling and holding a few of her father’s neckties. As well as a couple of other items, a six-inch vibrator and a couple of crocodile clamps connected by a fine silver chain.

“Kinky mummy and her sex toys” Joe chuckled. “Let’s see if our slut takes after mummy.”

Ruby had never seen or even dreamed about anything like those things in her life. What? Her mother and sex toys? Really? No, that wasn’t right. Not her perfect mother. But he’d found them in her dressing room, so maybe there was something about her parents that she had never imagined. Didn’t want to imagine. Her parents? Deviant sex games. Eeeeww!

Then she realised what he meant and what her parents did was no longer important to her. Joe effortlessly flipped her over onto her stomach, pulling her hands behind her back so that Drake could efficiently tie her wrists together with her father’s tie.

“No… No... Pleeeeease… I’ll do what you want… I will… Please don’t… You don’t need to.”

“Shut up, bitch. You’ll definitely do what we want. This just makes it more fun.”

He tied a second necktie to the one binding her wrists, slapped her ass and hauled her up by the arm into a kneeling position on the end of the bed, facing the mirror over her mother’s dressing table. The image looking back at her made her heart sink even lower, a petite defenceless blond girl, tear streaked, terror stricken and surrounded by three men. Ready to do unspeakable things to her.

Using her father’s ties to bind her made her feel even more alone and desolate. They had unknowingly selected his favourite tie, given to him by his daughter on his birthday two years before. Just before she’d gone to the swim camp where everything had changed. To be bound by that tie in his room, making her even more defenceless against their abuse, felt inhumane, even diabolical. But they didn’t care about things like that, and probably didn’t even know the effect it had on her. They didn’t seem to care about anything except to enjoy hurting and humiliating her.

Drake pulled up on the loose tie end and tied it off on the cross bar above her head, drawing her arms up and forcing her to bend forward onto her knees. The strappado forcing her head down below her hips, forcing her to present her pussy and asshole for these foul men.

“Aaaaaahhhhh… Please let me down... You’re ripping my arms out... Pleeeeeeeee.”

Her head hung over the end of the bed, dropped downwards so she didn’t have to look at herself, or them. As if in defeat and supplication. Shaking slightly from side to side, a ineffective sign of her denial at what was happening.

“Quit your jabbering. We ain’t even started yet, cunt.” Drake sneered, pulling up on her hair so she was looking straight at his pulsating organ.

“Bitch needs a little decoration. To make her all pretty like.” Jose’s voice snidely commenting from her right side.

He had bent down and was fondling her beautifully hanging orbs, tweaking the nipples and making them stand erect, little eraser points sticking out from her dainty pink areola.  Just right for the clamps he had taken from Drake.

“Hhhhhhuuuuugghh... Take it off... Please take it off.  It hurts!!!!” Ruby’s nipple felt like it was being sliced off as Jose let the clamp’s teeth bite into her rubbery nubs. Several small spikes piercing her tender buds and ensuring they held firm.

“If mama can do it, I’m sure you can too.” He smirked as he clipped the second clamp onto her other breast, repeating the painful stabs through her chest. The silver chain swaying in a gentle arc between the cruel clamps on her wobbling breasts.

Drake was still holding her head up, so she couldn’t even see what Jose was doing, but she felt the agonising tug as he pulled on the chain connecting her tits together.

“Noooooooooooohhhhhhhh...” She screamed at the top of her lungs.

A gymnast would have been proud to achieve the contortions she attempted, arching her back and spreading her legs for balance, while trying to limit the pain in her nipples. But the strain on her shoulders as she tried to avoid pulling her arms out of their sockets was intense and left her panting in agony.

All through this latest torment, Drake’s hard cock had been bobbing in front of her. But now Joe presented the pink dildo to her, trailing the tapered tip over her cheek, nose and mouth.

“Open wide.” He pushed it onto her lips, squashing them against her teeth. “Suck mummy’s dildo, baby. Maybe you’ll be able to taste her on it.”

The thought made her want to retch. She couldn’t imagine doing what he wanted and didn’t want to think of where this thing had been. But Joe’s words left an indelible image in her mind that she couldn’t unsee.

“Mmmhh Mm.” She gritted her teeth, shaking her head with what little movement Drake’s hold on her hair allowed. She glanced out of the side of her eye at Joe with a desperate pleading look.  Hoping that they would understand her not being able to accept such a taboo degradation.

“I told you to listen... Now open your fucking whore-mouth.” Joe snarled into her ear.

If felt like Drake yanked her hair, Jose tugged her nipples and Joe slapped her face simultaneously, causing pain to burst from different parts of her body all at once.

She’d only been slapped once before, by a mean emo girl at school during a particularly acrimonious argument. The girl had been sanctioned and Ruby felt vindicated. But that was unlikely to happen here. There was no principal to step in and the way these men were treating her was ten times worse than that argument.

Her involuntary scream allowed the dildo to slip easily into her mouth, all the way to the back, making it tickle her tonsils.  With relief, Ruby only tasted a clean plastic flavour, not the tang that she knew from her own pussy. It must be clean. That didn’t make it better to have her mother’s sex toy in her mouth, but at least it was not…

Joe pumped the plastic phallus towards her throat a few times more, before saying. “You sure seem to like sucking on mummy’s toy. But a needy slut like you has another hole to fill.”

And with that he pulled it out and went around behind her, where he turned the vibrator up to full power and sunk it into her spunk laden twat.  The sudden penetration and throbbing caught her unprepared as intense sensations coursed through her inexperienced body, mixing with the discomfort and aches that seemed to have overtaken her petite frame, creating a confusing concoction of stimulation.


Her attention was dragged back to her face, where Drake started tapping his hot swollen black cock on her semi parted lips.

“Open and suck. That’s all a whore mouth’s good for. You done it before, so you know what I like.”

This had become worse than Ruby had imagined.  While like most girls she had rape fantasies, being raped on her parent's bed, bound with her father's ties including one she had bought him for her birthday, was not a fantasy she would ever have dreamed up.  She never would have fantasized about being raped by multiple men or imagined them being so cruel.  She wouldn't have imagined this happening in her own home, her parent's room and their bed.  Most of all she never would have imagined her mother using or liking these metal clamps with multiple sharp tiny teeth that bit so cruelly into the sensitive nipple flesh.

She would not have imagined all these men watching her as a large cock shaped sex toy would first be pushed into her mouth and now her sex.  A sex toy that belonged to her mother.  Just that thought alone was disgusting and filled her with shame.  That toy making her feel so full and felt so strange as it vibrated inside her.  She had never inserted anything into her vagina before other than a finger or cock.  And the feelings it created were so intense.  Any movement of her body caused the clamps to bite into her nipples more, sending painful sensations deep into her body. 

Ruby was petrified of what they might do next.  None of this seemed like something a girl from an upper middle class suburban neighborhood like her would ever experience.  Especially not a girl like her.  This certainly was no one's fantasy, this was a horrific nightmare. 
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  • love your muslin chemise
It looks like she's being shagged all over the mansion by her conquerors while totally destruction of any privacy.
I love your detailed description of how her female body is presented and used in various positions.
By letting us share her sometimes trivial thoughts clarifies her confusion.
"Perfect", just as you titled.
Thank you and merits from
your fan
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First her room then her parent's do the men have no consideration for what Ruby will experience in what she considers her home. Really nice touch using mommy's sex toys on her, a shame that they didn't make ruby beg to wear the nipple clamps or to manipulate the dildo in her holes while the filmed it! Both authors are getting a merit from me and really praying that this continues to press all the buttons with the readers!
Real rape is wrong fictional rape can be fun!