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Preventing Contact (Complete)
« on: November 16, 2020, 04:55:21 PM »
What follows is all crimes against the Laws of modern society. learn that now or the legal establishment will teach you the hard way after taking your freedom and exchanging it for a place to live!

The following is my entry into November's Story Contest

                                                                                               Preventing Contact

I’ve been so afraid of going anywhere near her for the last six months that I’ve been hunting the club. This was so unlike me since I have been a notorious abductor of the pretties who caught my eyes! But there was something different about her, hell I couldn’t take my eyes off her, but at the same time, I couldn’t bring myself up to talking to her, not even to get her name! Something had to break, inside I was feeling so confused with her very existence!

The voice inside who helped me to carry out my reign of terror, would whisper into my ears at night that  it was either her or him. Apparently I couldn’t have both, even now I had no idea who I wanted more? All I knew was that before this night was over I would be in possession of one of them. 


Our eyes met across the expanse of the nightclub like they have so many times in the past few months. My heart started racing just thinking of the screams he would issue from his pain induced mind. The mental image of his body twisting as I made him dread coming to my attention. Even the voice in my head told me that tonight was the night to add him to my menagerie.

“Karen you know that he is so wrong for our lifestyle?” Christ like she would ever let me decide what was best for me. I started to rise hoping that the voice would quiet down. He’s not looking my way as I cross the floor. The distance closed in strides sixty feet, then fifty-one feet. A couple dances into my immediate view  but it doesn’t stop my progress towards him. My heart starts to grow faster, my hand beads from sweat at the thought of my lips tasting his before the blindfold takes his vision away! Christ I was already wet below even before I managed to touch any skin on him!


I spotted the pair of them and called in with my Bluetooth headset. Tonight one of their reign of terror would come to a close and I would be covered in the glory of knowing that both would ultimately be taken off the street. Months of undercover work would culminate in the arrest in either or both of them and I for one couldn’t wait for the press to see their fall!

Damn she is making her move  and I don’t have backup yet! Christ I know she is responsible for at least five deaths of scumbags but he is responsible for the mutilation of at least six females and to me he was the key to this puzzle! Oh sure getting her would add to the praise on my but he is the one killing innocents! No he was going to be my prize tonight.

Up I get and make my way around the dance floor, praying to the skies that back up got her quick! Damn she was held up by a pair of dancing romantic fools, just maybe I could get both of them and really go out in glory!


Christ I couldn’t believe my luck, my goddess was making her way towards me. Well not exactly towards me but in my general direction , at least the voice deep down told me that “Like someone like that would even notice a person like you?” I don’t know why but I answered out loud .

“I have lots to satisfy someone like here!” At least I told the voice and myself that as I continued watching her approach me. My cock did the unexpected the nearer she got, ejaculating a small stream of cum into my underwear. Hopefully my black jeans would hide the tell tale wet spot in my pants.  The closer she got the more sweaty my palms got but the little surprise I had in my pocket seemed to become active as it tried to get out of my right pocket. Oh trust me little blindfold you would see action I promise you!


He was just standing there acting strange but I knew tonight he was going to change everything for me.  The closer I got to him the more wet I became, the more desirous I became inside. Even she shut up and let me handle this like I was finally in charge. Only one other person it seemed was moving in the club, as if everyone else were just as entranced with him as I was.

In my pocket my left hand was curled around with the syringe to make him mine. All I needed was the right time to stick the needle into his creamy flesh and walk away with him to my destiny. No one, not even him would ruin this night for me.


The way the pair was acting towards each other I knew that it was now or never . Where was that fucking team I called, hell the station was only two blocks from here! Now she was the closest I had ever saw them before in all my time of surveillancing the pair. Damn just noticed her left hand was hidden from view, something new even for her!

My god the pair of them have managed to make eye contact after she looked directly at me. Still the distance between them closed Now was the time I fondled the ties I had in my pockets, backup be damned, I had to get them now or there would be hell to pay!


There she was my perfect angel right in front of me. The light of the club making her hair appear to glow, I couldn’t look away from her as I tried my best to make my voice understood. I feel my mouth open and yet the words that came out made no sense to anyone who knew the English language.

It only got worse as I tried to get the blindfold out. “Wi ou our is ld?” Oh god what she must have been thinking of me. I swear I could feel pore open up and eject every ounce of water from me. She reaches out with her right hand accepting my offering, twisting it in her right hand before raising it up to her head and trying to slide it over that mass of glow surrounding her head.

From the corner of my right eye I spotted a guy making a beeline towards us, dressed in a wrinkled blue suit, fumbling in his pocket for something. My angel apparently doesn’t spot him and her hand comes up from her leg, something in her palm, my blindfold now around her left eye like a pirate wears.  The guy managed to get a hand out as he nears and suddenly he’s flopping on the floor like a bloated fish!

My angel pulls back, then jabs at me with whatever was still in her hand. Suddenly my legs go wobbly and I reach out pulling the blindfold down her face like a medical mask and soon she is down also!


I finally have him right there in front of me. The perfect lines of his face captures my imagination as he’s fumbling for something in his pocket. In mine I can feel the solid syringe of just dying to be free as strange words come to my ears, “Wi ou our is ld?” A piece of fabric is handed to me and I’m mesmerized that a blindfold is in my hands. With my left hand I manage to get the blindfold over my hair and down onto my eye.

No sooner am I looking at him with my one uncovered eye than I manage to free the syringe out of my pocket and start on it’s arc when a thick individual blocks me hand, sinking the needle into his flesh. Almost immediately the man’s legs turn to rubber as I get the needle free from his flesh. My man in front reaches out and manifesto get the blindfold down over my nose As I get the needle with the remaining concoction buried into my man’s flesh he joins the other guy on the floor.

Wait something was making me lightheaded, Dropping the syringe, I try to get the blindfold off my nose. As I begin to lift it I see the floor coming closer to me then Mister Thick was acting as my pillow as things went black!


Closer I got when it seemed that time began to slow down. The guy was acting like this was his first time with a female before and she wasn’t much better. No I’m only a few feet away from then when the female made her move. He gives her something which she gets over her head and onto her face, covering an eye.

Then her arms arcs from her leg and suddenly I manage to reach out to block her aim. A sudden prick followed by a small sharp pain and I see through blurred eyes that he managed to get the thing down over her face. Everything goes black for me and as I’m down on the ground I feel something sink onto me before all sensation is over!


Ten minutes pass before me and my partner roll up in our cruiser. There seems to be some sort of commotion as we enter the club. Outside a van and a supervisor were just pulling off the street to park. Guy and myself enter not knowing what to expect, only to be halted by a muscled bound guy in jeans and a t-shirt. Any which way we can we planned to get to the bottom of what was going on!

Muscle boy just looks at us as we check over the scene before us. Guy noticing that one bears an amazing resemblance to Detective Hunter, laughing we both comment that the old man must have tried to hit on the guy’s girlfriend.  A quick pulse check and we figure all were out for at least an hour or more. Guy gets on the horn and calls for an ambulance as the Superintendent Vitolli came in to take control of the situation

“Damn looks like Hunter had it right the one’s kidnapping victims the last month or so were working out of here!”  Spotting the syringe on the floor, using a pair or pens like chopsticks to pick it up and placing it in a baggie! “You two get the names of people here  and I’ll see these two get taken into custody.

Of course he would, the glory pig! Guy and me didn’t argue, just got about doing our duty as the siren of the ambulance came through the air. A good month later Hunter was once more fit for duty even if he did have a slight slur to his words!

                                                                                                                       The End

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Re: Preventing Contact (Complete)
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2020, 02:30:32 PM »
Nice work Graham, interesting premise with the three points of view.
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Re: Preventing Contact (Complete)
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2020, 12:20:39 PM »
Well done. Creative slant. Intense tempo of thoughts. Good luck with the competition. I'd have loved to have heard what the two had done before.
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Re: Preventing Contact (Complete)
« Reply #3 on: November 24, 2020, 08:41:07 AM »
Excellent work Graham and loved the different points of view. Always adds to a story I think
Loved the imagery too of her hair glowing in the nightclub and the feeling of the pricking of the syringe
A out and out story teller and best of luck in the contest this is an amazing entry.
Merit earned xx

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Re: Preventing Contact (Complete)
« Reply #4 on: November 28, 2020, 08:18:16 PM »
I also enjoyed your fast character cuts and reading about the situation from different angles. How you wrote and how all 3 characters were 'hunting' each other reminded me of how Steven Erikson's books usually end - another Canadian author but not really well known. Lol @  ".... only got worse as I tried to get the blindfold out. “Wi ou our is ld?” Oh god what she must have been thinking of me. I swear I could feel pore open up and eject every ounce of water from me". EDIT - another humble merit from me.
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