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Klub Rape - Vol. 6 - Harm's Universe ©
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(**DISCLAIMER**  - This is fiction. Don't do anything like this in real life; reality has laws against this type of behavior for a good reason. If this story fuels a disconnect with reality in you so deep that you can't stop yourself from acting it out on unwilling participants, then that shit's in you, it's straight-up Gatorade!  And I'd appreciate it if you got some help and didn't continue to read my stories!)

The Fraternal Order of Kappa Rho

The boys of KR were part of a longstanding tradition at Langston Prep. Kappa Rho was a tradition that had been passed down for generations, no one quite knows how it began as its founding members have held that secret close to the chest, but the tradition lives on. Each year two new inductees are added to the existing 6 members. These 8 boys carry on the proud tradition of formally introducing young girls to their worst fears.  Kappa Rho, when discussed amongst mixed company, but to the boys it was, is and always will be Klub Rape!

Victor Banks-
African American, Senior, President, The Planner, Son of African Prince
Eli Rothenberg- Jewish, Senior, VP, Mother owns 12% of all diamonds sold domestically
KGB- Junior, Real Name Unknown, Russian, Master at Arms, Muscle, Father ex-KGB
Rafi Hershey- Sophomore, American, Kappa Rho dynasty, father was KR Class of 75, founding member.
Oliver “Bear” Johns – Sophomore, Caucasian, Son of a wealthy entrepreneur and engineer, star athlete, junior national powerlifting
Roy “Hammer” Hamm – British Exchange student, connections to a less than savory overseas drug lord, Mother was a former spy for MI-6, tech savant
Jason McAvoy – Father was a founding member, Old Oil Money from Texas, Reckless & boisterous, usually known to be a hothead, invited out of tradition.
Omar Abdul – Old Money from the Middle East, parents unknown. Brilliant, chemical engineering prodigy, Quiet and contemplative.

_________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ ______________________________

Chapter 6: ...and the Emmie goes to...

“You’re late” Valerie hated being kept waiting.  Especially by students.

“Yea, blame this one,” Victor says pointing behind him at Jason who wears a disconcerted look on his face; his mind still wrestling with his treatment of Quinn.

“Well, I mean – I- ” He stammers to defend himself unsure what, if anything he should say about their recent activities.

“I don’t give a fuck,” Val chimes in cutting him off as she walks to Victor.  “You know I’ve got more important things to do than just wait around for you fucking idiots.”

“Of course you do,” Victor says with a smile, “after all, little Asian girls aren’t going to rape themselves,” he says lowering his voice so only Val can hear him as he approaches.

Her eyes narrow, she’d suspected for some time that Victor had been picking up on her activities, and like any other eventuality, she was prepared as she extends her hand, giving him a firm handshake, “and from what I hear neither are a senator’s daughters.”

Victor simply smiled, which was more of a reaction than Val thought she’d get from him.  Their meetings were always a fun reminder of the mutually assured destruction both parties would sustain, should either side choose to interfere with the other. 

“Bear.” Victor says holding his hand behind him. Jason watches in quiet confusion as everyone seems to have a rough idea of why they are here except him. 

“So you found it?” Val asks as the thick manilla envelope exchanges hands from Bear to Victor to her.

“Was there ever any doubt?” Victor says with his standard overconfident smile.

Hamm quickly chimes in from the passenger seat of the van, “Yea mate, as the one who did most of the leg work on this one, I’d say there was some real doubt there for a while.”

“Excuse me, what is this about?” Jason asks drawing a scowl from Victor and Val. Eli promptly grips his arm at the elbow pulling him back from the adult’s table.

“Shut the fuck up idiot.” He growls under his breath.

“So you’re still keeping him around, huh?”

“You know how it is when they don’t understand,” Victor says, stepping closer to Val. “Mushroom management.”

She smiles back, “Feed em shit?”

Victor concludes her thought, “and keep em in the dark.”

Val thumbs through the documents in the folder, a small smile appearing on her lips, “I think this will do nicely.”

“Good,” Victor chimes stepping back, “and about our party favors?” he adds.

Val whistles and headlights from a car about half a block away flicker on.  She motions with her hand and the car begin to pull forward. 

“How clandestine,” Victor says as the car in the distance backs up and pops the trunk.  A small wooden box appears, and the boys waste no time lifting it from the car and placing it in the back of the van. 

With their business being concluded Val turns, making her way toward the car. Perhaps you should come to our party, after all, you did provide the entertainment.

“I’m the headmistress at a world class prep school, I wont be attending a student party.”  She sneers.  As the boys finish loading the box into the van, Victor rushes around the car opening the door for Val.  His overt efforts to impress not withstanding she couldn’t pretend he was not an impressive specimen, and as he seemed to know what he was getting into. 

Vic closes the car door and turns to leave only for Val to roll down the window just a bit.  Her steely gray eyes peering up at him, “however, if you bore of your games, I believe I could arrange some private entertainment for you as well, unless you’re too busy playing with the boys.”

“I’m sure I can squeeze you in,” Vic says with a smile.

Val’s eyes look him up and down, “I’m sure you could,” she says practically salivating at the thought.  “Don’t be late,” Val says handing him a card with her address and pass code to the front gate.

He slides it into his pocket, “I’ll come early.”

“I certainly hope not,” Val says rolling the window back up as the car pulls away.

“What’s in the box?” Jason asks, as he walks up to Vic whose eyes follow Val’s taillights.

“Party favors.”



Jason's eyes watch as the digital clock on the wall next to him flashes, his thumb pressing the red button on the wall.


The 3 minute timer signals.

BLLLUUUGGGHHHH! The svelte brunette falls back into the center of the room her hands around her neck as she gasps for air. The cute 20-something who struggled to catch her breath was Aimee Haskins and had been a favorite toy to serve the boys during their Friday meetings. She struggles to catch regain her composure as Victor's foot nudges her toward Hamm who motions with a smile.  However, this wasn’t her first rodeo, in fact, she’d been serving the boys every Friday at noon for nearly two years. Some time ago she’d had the fight beaten and fucked out of her.

Their study was a truly remarkable place.  The walls were lined with a number of first editions and signed copies of some truly rare books. In the center of the room, three arced couches created a circle where the boys sat and worked.  Well, all except Jason who had been relegated to clock management, he didn't complain however. He was quickly losing his desire to participate in the increasingly henious acts.  He'd spent the last few weeks working with someone he'd met online, trying to extracate his sister somewhere Kappa Rho wouldn't be able to find her, and thus extracate himself from their control.

Aimee knew there was supposed to be little time between serving the boys once the buzzer sounds, so, like she’d done so many times today; she gathered her breath, wiped her eyes and chin of tears which had no effect on the present company, and crawled to the next hard dick to her right.

Hamm never acknowledging or addressing the broken girl who places her face between his knees, he simply places his hands around the back of her neck and head, guiding her toward his cock.  She places her hands behind her body, fingers interlocking, knowing better than to try to prevent the impending face fucking. “So, are we close?” KGB asks as many of the boys are in various stages of planning or reading.

“Yea, we’re close,” Bear grunts as he thrusts his cock into the mouth of Holly Summers. She was hardly as seasoned as Aimee, she squirmed and wriggled as Bear refused to release her from his clutches despite carrying on a conversation.  As the school semester was coming to a close it was customary to have an end of the year bash, something to cap off another year of debauchery at Kappa Rho.  “We’ve still got a lot of work to get the rooms ready though,” he said as his hips move following the floundering ginger as she whines, her lips stretched to the limit with Bear poking the back of her throat.  Holly knew better that to place her hands on any of the boys but instinct took over as she pressed wildly trying to escape the harrowing experience.

The party in question was no ordinary party; each year invitations went out to alumni of their fraternal order who were all invited to attend.  I was like the Superbowl, the Oscars and a Hall of Fame induction ceremony all in one.  The current member sharing their experiences and pictures of a year in the life, versus the stories of previous Kappa Rho members that usually started with, 'let me tell you about the time...'


Bear finally releases the desperate girl as she collapses on the floor at his feet. Her shoulder-length curly hair orange was drenched in sweat and tears from the intense struggle she’d been making with each cock that had penetrated her today. “Move,” Bear says the toe of his boot urging her to progress around the circle as Aimee had already done.

Holly’s entire body hurt, the boys had been passing the two girls around for nearly two hours as they continued on their casual discussion, and she wasn’t sure how much more she could take. “I can’t,” she says shaking her head unable to look up. “Please, I- I just want to go home.”

Soft laughter filled the room, she had so much to learn.

Both of the girls were from Red Briar Community College.  Aimee's time serving the boys began when she was just a freshman.  Overwhelmed by her courseload she found herself between a cheating scandal that would have cost her a scholarship and the boys of Kappa Rho.  Making sure scandals disappear was no small feat, but Victor had connections. However, as a junior who had spent the next two years as the personal fucktoy of this group, she quickly came to realize the price she was paying was far too high.  Yet each week, she showed up, knowing what would happen to her, and worse knowing that the two years of abuse would all be for nothing if she quit now.  Aimee glances over at Holly, a freshman as wide-eyed and innocent as she was two years ago.  It was no secret that Holly had a crush on Aimee and while Aimee did all she could to dissuade Holly to pursue her, she hadn't done enough to keep her from following Aimee to Kappa Rho's house three weeks ago. As Holly peered into the windows of the Kappa Rho house, she was aghast to see Aimee being treated so roughly at the hands of so many boys.  However, when Omar noticed her, Holly's fortunes went from bad to worse.

Holly's affections for Aimee turned out to be the biggest mistake of her life.  As the duties of Aimme were now shared by the two girls.  Each week, the boys tormented her, only demanding her mouth for service but constantly reminding her that more could be demanded. She became increasingly depressed over the next three weeks as she was obliged to engage in more and more debauched acts.

“MOVE!” Bear roars, leaning forward inches from the terrified girl’s face. She finally breaks. As the tears roll down her face uncontrollably. The group of kids that had turned her life upside down were relentless and were still demanding more. Bear, exasperated by what he deemed a piss poor effort of their new pet motioned to Jason who sighed and handed Bear the cattle prod that was used to improve morale and increase motivation.

“She’s trying,” Jason says from the corner as Bear snatches the prod from him turning it around and pressing it to Jason’s throat.

“What was that?” Bear asked, his finger hovering over the button. Jason just shakes his head and backs away. “That’s what I thought.” He says turning the prod around,
placing it on Holly’s back.  “Last chance, move!” He growls.

Aimee watches from her peripheral vision from across the room, feeling Eli's locktight grip around her hips.  She exhales as Eli pulls her down. Her face twists as h hadn't even applied lube before stuffing her little pussy full. She winces for a moment in pain as her body adjusts. "C'mon Holly," she quietly mumbles hoping that she moves but is quickly disheartened as she sees the young girl’s body go rigid as Bear presses the button sending 4000 volts into the small girl.  She convulses as she screams, her body twitching wildly. As Bear pulls back, he watches the little girl pull herself into a ball. 

Aimee couldn't help but feel responsible for all of this but her ability to focus on her empathy was quickly cut short as Eli picked up the pace ramming her cervix repeatedly as she straddled him.  She could hear him chuckle, knowing that he'd forced her to refocus on the task at hand.

Bear sighs, and leans down whispering in Holly's ear, “if you want to keep that cherry, I suggest you move. Now.” Slowly he watches Holly drag herself toward Rafi who was still working on the details of the party and had various documents around him that he quickly slid aside to accomodate the battered girl moving toward him.

As attention in the room shifted back towards preparations, it became clear to Jason, that this particular party came with the highest of expectations from the men in attendance.  An expectation to see that the proud traditions started more than 60 years ago were not only continuing but thriving. Major preparations had been underway for weeks, and as the success of this party widely hinged on somewhat of a ‘wow factor’, Victor and Eli spared no expense in choosing and prepping their party favors. Jason watched and quietly occasionally glancing down at his cell phone, he'd been texting with someone he'd found with a history of smuggling nearly anything.  With unlimited access to his father's funds, it was easy to pay this man he'd found online.  He wasn't sure is this was his actual name or a code name but this Solzhenitsyn, said he could do what Jason needed. Getting Emmie to a different country, far from Kappa Rho's reach.

Over the year most of the girls they’d raped lived in near-constant fear that the boys would show up for seconds (or thirds, or fourths).  This fear was crucial to maintain and nourish to produce appropriate party favors.  For these girls, the party was their golden ticket.  The way home if you will, Eli explained to each girl that providing excellent service during this party would not only ensure that they would never again have late night calls from Kappa Rho, but that they would then be put under the protection of the boys, making them nearly untouchable.  Each of the lept at the chance, having been so thoroughly demoralized by the series of gang rapes they’d suffered that they never imagined they’d be offered a way out.  One last night of their bodies being subjected to every debased want of the men present and then they'd be free.

However, Victor was sure to mention that failure to provide quality service to any of the guests, for any reason would result in punishments far more stringent than anything they’d ever experienced before.  The weight of his message was well received as the fear of god was placed in each girl accordingly.

“It looks like we got 63 RSVP’s, do we have enough party favors to go around?” Rafi asks his eyes on the notes in their ledger, his hips occasionally bucking forcing more of himself into the quivering girl on her knees. He transitions controlling Holly's head to his left hand freeing up his right to take notes.  He smirks as he pulls the back of Holly’s head down moaning softly as he fills her mouth with 3 spurts of cum. “Don’t you get any on this couch you bitch,” he growls as he awaits an answer to his question.


Amiee groans as she stands up, her ass cheeks clenched tightly to hold the cum KGB shot deep into her rectum. Her teeth grit as her throbbing little hole struggled to cope with his girth. “W-what am I supposed to do?” She asks, knowing that a great deal of pain awaits those who get cum on the floor of this room. 

“Swallow,” KGB says coldly, failing to even look in her direction as he grabs his cell phone from the couch.

“How?” she quietly protests, “it- its in my ass.” she explains, doing her best not to be disrespectful to one of the scarier members of this group.

“I not say you have to swallow,” KGB says looking up at Holly.  Aimee turns to see her once innocent friend who is doing her best to survive as Omar wildly rams her tonsils with his turgid cockhead.

Aimee turns back to protest just in time to see Jason hand KGB the cattle prod. She quickly backs away, making her way toward Omar who smiles and pulls Holly off of his cock and presses her to the floor.  She’d thus far been unable to keep up with the conversation that’s happening around her and is confused as she’s laid on her back for a moment beliving that one of their group had found an ounce of compassion within himself.

“Open up,” Omar says with a sadistic smile.

KGB rises, following Aimee across the room to make sure the deed is completed.  Holly quickly understands what is expected of her as her friend squats over her grabbing and spreading her ass cheeks.  Just as Holly is about to protest she feels the tip of the cattle prod at her pussy lips.

“Ah, ah!” KGB says. “I love this rug, so don’t make mess,” he states.

Holly’s heart races having no desire and no doubt that KGB would press that button. She presses her lips to reluctantly to Aimee’s little hole and nearly pukes as the thick viscous globs fall from her friend's sphincter, onto her tongue, and down her throat.  Holly is disgusted with herself but sighs as she feels the cattle prod leave her delicate little lips.

"See you learn like good slut." KGB says heading back to his seat.


As the conversation continues, the girls solemnly progress onto the next cock they are to service. Rafi smiles as he sees the cute ginger get back to her knees and pickup where she left off.  “So how many do we have?” he asks watching her take him between her lips.

“There’s Quinn, the twins, that ummm Parker girl, what was her name?” Bear inquires.

“You’ve been fucking her for weeks and you don’t even know her name?” Jason chimes in from across the room. He rarely spoke, but he found it increasingly reprehensible that many of his new "friends" didn't even take the time to learn the names of the girls whose lives they were ruining.

Bear quickly rises from his seat, Jason receiving his full attention.  “That sounds awfully judgmental from a guy who we caught calling his ex-girlfriend who cheated on him, crying and whining like a little bitch. I swear if Vic let me I’d have beat the shit out of you the second I heard that shit.”

The response seemed a little disproportionate to the crime but Jason was in no space to press the issue and certainly didn’t want things with Bear to escalate to any sort of physical altercation. Jason’s eyes dart around the room looking for anyone sympathetic to his point of view. The returned glances were a mix of derision or pity, he opened his mouth to say something but no words came out, so he simply returned to his assigned tasks.


“That’s what the fuck I thought.” Bear says returning to his chair in time to receive Aimee who sighed as she looked down at his menacng cock, knowing that his poor mood would be taken out on her.

“Maddy.” Jason chimes in, his eyes never leaving the clock next to him.

“What?!” Bear nearly shouts, clearly ready to escalate the situation at a moment’s notice.

“Her name is Maddy Parker.” Jason softly retorts.

“Huh, looks like you are good for something,” Bear sneers as he grips Aimee’s hips, he spits on his cock and guides himself right between her thick thighs making
unbroken eye contact with Jason.

Rafi sighs, growing exasperated by the exchange, “can we focus, Quinn, Maddy, the twins, Dr. Righter-”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa?” Eli says halting conversation, as he bounces Holly’s head up and down with no regard for her throat.  “Doctor?”

“Yea, she just finished her doctoral program,” Rafi explains.

“Well good for her,” Eli says cheerily, glancing down bucking his hips causing the most delicious sloshing sounds to echo in the room.  He continued his thought as though he wasn’t choking the poor girl under his control. “I don’t think I’ve ever fucked a doctor. Yeah, definitely make sure she’s on the list,” he replies as laughter fills the room.

“Focus!” Vic chimes in bringing everyone back to the task at hand.

Rafi starts his count over, “Quinn, Maddy, the twins, Dr. Righter, Marisol, and the box.”

“I may need a plus one, probably a black box situation” Vic chimes in.

“Black box huh?” Eli asks having not been informed of the extra addition.

“Yea, I’ve got something in the works.” He says as he continues texting on his phone.

“Okay, and the plus one makes eight.” Rafi counts on his fingers just to make sure. “Is eight gonna be enough?” No one answers, returning only vague looks of uncertainty. “Think we need one more? Yea, let’s get one more.”


“Jason, get one more,” Eli grunt giving Holly her 5th load of cum to swallow for the afternoon and watching to ensure she didn’t waste a drop before pressing her away so he could get back to the work at hand.

Both of the girls collapse on the floor recognizing the three buzzes as the end of their service times. Aimee crawls across the floor scooping Holly into her arms trying to comfort her as though there were anything she could say to make their respective lots in life any better.  Jason looks up from his cell phone, shocked that he'd been given anything of consequence to do.

Vic checks his phone, scrolling through his calendar, “We will see you girls in a week, you clothes are at the door.” With a great deal of urgency, Aimee pulls Holly to her
feet and helps her to the door, disappearing from the view of the boys as quick as possible.

“You want him to do this?”  Rafi asks Vic.

Bear chimes in before Vic has a chance to respond, “yea, it feels like a guaranteed fail,” he states before turning to Jason. “Offense intended.”

Jason scowls but he can only reiterate the concerns of Rafi and Bear when he asks, “Really, me?” 

“Yea, start pulling your weight, give us a reason to keep you around.” Vic holds his hand up stopping any other protests from the group before they can really get started.

“Don’t let us down,” Eli says never really looking up to see the look of dismay on Jason’s face as if he'd given up before he'd ever really started.

As the business of the day concludes and the guys get back to each of their respective tasks to preparing for the party now only two days away. As the room empties, Vic leans back in his chair to close the distance between him and Eli, “Hey, just so you know I won’t-”

“-be here for the party, I know,” Eli says finishing Vic’s thought.  Vic smiles, having Eli as his number 2 always took a load off his shoulders. “Just ya know, make it worth our time, Rose is a fucking handful.”

“You have no idea,” Vic replies with a smile.


“This is fucking brilliant.” Hamm states opening the door and revealing their hard work from the last two days to Vic.

The boys and various construction teams had worked nearly non-stop, constructing, painting, and prepping the basement, the work was grueling, but it was ready. The basement had been converted to an makeshift brothel. The concrete floor had been replaced with maple hardwood, the walls paneled with hardwood and new lights in the ceiling gave the room a neon red and purple aesthetic.

“Nice job boys,” Eli says having played foreman for the entire process. “Let’s get a look at our party favors, eh?”

“What you want the tour?” Rafi says stepping aside to allow Omar to move to the front.

“Would be my pleasure.” Omar states, “To begin, there are seven private rooms, at the back of each room is a two-way mirror for our guests who enjoy watching. The rooms are furnished with, a bed, a walk-in shower, mini-fridge with water and a variety of tools for our girls to enjoy. The usual, whips, chains, crops, dildos...whatever they could want really.” Making his way to the back of the main room he continues, “of course we also constructed a bar at the back” he says pointing to the recently finished marble top bar. “The bar has a variety of snacks, beer, wine, spirits, coke, ecstasy, weed and enough Viagra for a small platoon.”

“And the girls?” Bear says anxiously, rubbing his hands together moving toward one of the rooms.

“Allow me,” Omar says, pulling a small device from his pocket.  His finger swipes across the screen and the red lights above each room turn white and then green. Each of the locks whirl and release as the doors open, each of the girls step out quietly.  The rooms have clearly assigned numbers just above the doors, as the boys move toward the #1. 

“Room one, miss Marisol Diaz,[Who Is Marisol?] who just turned 16.” Omar says as they stop in front of her room, “Happy birthday sweetie," Omar says planting a little kiss on her cheek before he got back to his introduction.  "This spicy little Mexicana is excited to please and she’s will be stopping all comers at the border in her sexy border patrol costume.

I took the liberty of getting rid of the handcuffs and baton, she won’t need them.” Omar slaps her ass and spins his finger around indicating what he wants. The low-cut top was far more revealing than Marisol would ever has chosen for herself.  The teen slowly spins, the micro skirt that barely covers her ass cheeks works its way up her little cheeks just a bit. As she reaches to pull the skirt back down and maintain some modesty, Omar slaps at her hands which quickly find her sides again. She sighs as the group moves onto the next room.

“Next, we have Dr. Karen Righter in room two, and who isn’t hot for teacher in this little number, [Who Is Dr. Righter?]” Omar says as she spins around without even needing to be told. "36, a little old for my taste but fucking look at the fucking tits on this cow! I mean they belong on someone half her age, am I right?!" Omar grips two handfulls, jostling her massive breasts as she looks away, wishing she were almost anywhere else. Omar had dressed her in the same uniforms the girls at school were required to wear, however, it just so happened that he could only find small shirts meaning her D cups were nearly bursting the buttons of the blouse. Her nipples pressed into the fabric making themselves known in the cool basement.

Omar smiles as he straightens her top which was now slightly askew before his hands yank in opposite directions causing the top button to pop revealing even more of her milky breasts. “Oops,” he says with a sly smile.

“Now in room three we have miss Maddy Parker,” [Who Is Maddy?] Omar says moving on to the towering girl who was taking her cue from those who came before her by spinning before the boys even arrive.  “She decided to wear her volleyball uniform, but I made a few adjustments of course.” Maddy rolls her eyes as she in no way wanted to participate or got any say in her current clothing.  Her spin was slow and cautious as the timid girl looked unsure of herself in the 5” high heels placing her at nearly 6’7” tall. She stands holding her volleyball in front of the tiny spandex shorts that were stretched to the limit over her thick thighs and ass. "Sure she's a sophmore but this ass screams senior to me!" He says with a smile as as his hands grip the sides of her shorts giving them a firm tug, forcing the fabric between her little lips.

Eli leans in reading the writing across the center of her chest where her number would be, “Snap for access?”. He looks back at Omar who just smiles. Eli shrugs and snaps and as if conditioned she turns around placing her hands on the door behind her and spreading her legs to reveal the spandex had two holes precut to allow easy access without having to bother with disrobing her. “Clever,” Eli says with a smile.  Omar gives her ass a firm pop before heading to the next room.

“And in room four we have the Watson twins, or as I call them, cumslut Barbies,” [Who Are The Twins?] he says as he motions to the two who glance at each other solemnly as the spin slowly, “Because sometimes one senator’s daughter just won’t do and you just have to fuck both of these tight little cunts,” he says grabbing handfuls of their bare ass cheeks. “I decided with bodies this nice, why disrespect clothing,” he says reaching behind Jane spreading her ass cheeks wide, revealing that the pink micro dresses were actually just painted on.

"Also, as a token of his gratitude, Senator Watson donated the two BMW's he has planned on giving these two worthless cunts for their 16th birthday party next week to Kappa Rho," Omar smirks pulling the key fobs from his pocket and placing one in each of the girl's mouths.  "Stay," he commands as he moves to the next room.

“Moving on to room five, something that may be a bit of a change of pace, and this cunt truly needs no introduction to us, Quinn Bannister,” [Who Is Quinn?]Omar says not indicating that Quinn needs to spin.

“What did you do?” Jason chimes in from the back of the group. He is aghast at the state of his ex.  Her long blonde hair was gone, replaced with a dyed black cut that had been half shaved off, her makeup was quite overdone and she had lost that wonderful sunkissed tan that she regularly sported.

“The fuck is with the trench coat?” Hamm inquires.

“I’m glad you asked,” Omar states motioning for Quinn to come closer, her eyes skim the floor as she steps forward, “I present the new and improved Quinn,” he says pulling down her trench coat.

“Very nice!” KGB replies.

“I loved the tattoo we gave her so much that well, I thought in for a penny,” he states taking the girls hand twirling her around revealing that nearly every inch of her body from neck to knees had been covered in tattoos, most of which were less than flattering and on par with her first tat. As she’s paraded around a tear trails down her cheek.

“Why?” Jason whispers softly as he stands shocked, the sweet girl that he once knew is a shell of herself.

“Boys, I can promise, this one is a livewire and she is ready to go tonight.” Omar says pulling a small baggie of coke from his pocket extending it to her. She takes it quickly looking back down, “I took the liberties of tasting the goods, and as long as she’s wired, she’s good to go," he says kicking her legs apart and sliding a finger into her little slit.

Jason’s blood was boiling, this wasn’t what he wanted, he thought getting back at her would entail spray painting her dorm or something far less heinous than getting her hooked-on coke and forcibly tattooing half of her body.  She refused to look up at him even as the group moved on to the next room and he stood, motionless, looking at her, but unsure what he could say that would make up for her current condition.

“…and in six, the headmistress saw fit to grace us with her personal plaything, I’m sorry what was your name again,” Candace could only manage muffled responses and pleas as the ball gag that had been firmly secured in her mouth was quite restricting. “I’m just kidding we don’t give a fuck!” Omar says slapping her tits.  She lets out a shriek of pain, “Oh, right, and if you look closely, I took the liberty of accessorizing this one he says tugging on the small metal chain that ran through the rings in her recently pierced nipples. Candance winces for a moment shifting her weight as she tries to ignore the pain from her tits. [Who Is Candace?] [How Did Candace Get Here?]

“I know some prefer their girls with a bit of kink and Headmistress Rose assured me, she can take whatever they can dish out.” Omar says shifting his attention to Candace who looks back with fearful eyes.  She’d managed to get herself into this mess by no small order of betrayal toward the headmistress and despite being shipped to this group of sadists like a dog in a crate, she still longed to just make it back in the good graces of headmistress Rose. The leash around her neck went nicely with the PVC leather corset pushing her tits up for display.  However, neither the nipple rings, PVC or the uncomfortable high heels compared to the dull throb of the XL dildo that had been forcibly inserted into her ass and kept in place by the very small denim shorts.

The entire group seemed quite impressed by the bevy of fuckdolls before them, but there was still one room left. “And yea, that’s all I got,” Omar says still unsure of how his offering will be received.

“Well done, not bad for a rookie.” Vic chimes in, turning his attention to Jason. “You’re up.” Jason’s attention, still divided by the state of Quinn, he hardly registers that the attention in the room has shifted his way.  “Jason?” Vic demand.  “JASON!” he calls out again unable to break through his morose state.

Omar balls his hand into a fist and cocks back before delivering a right hook that sends Jason careening across the floor. “Get your fucking head on straight!” He screams.
Jason is brought quickly back to reality as he crashes to the floor holding his face.  “I – I couldn’t find anyone.”

“Couldn’t?!” Omar roars, his patience with Jason officially coming to an end.

“Fine, okay?! I didn’t - I didn’t want another girl to end up like her,” He says pointing at Quinn as he recovers and makes his way back to his feet.

The room is quiet, as the attention shifts from Jason to Vic who nods quietly for a moment.  “Okay, okay, everyone relax!” Vic says calming rising tensions. “Jason c’mon,”
he says beckoning him toward room seven, as he simultaneously shoos the other members away "I need the room for a moment" he states as the others adjourn to the bar.  “Listen, I get it.” Jason is still seething, his eyes zeroed in on Omar. “I get that this isn’t your life, you don’t want to be here. And I haven’t really been entirely honest with you. You’re not here for yourself, you’re here for your father.  You see, he betrayed the brotherhood years ago, he turned on one of us and that has consequences.  Now, I know none of this had anything to do with you but, I told you months ago, if you step out of line, Emmie would pay the cost-”

Vic pulls his phone from his pocket opening a messenger app.  “What surprises me more than anything is that you thought I didn’t have people watching her 24/7, the kind of people that would notice some random guy snooping around, or notice when you tried to put her on a plane to a different country.” Jason’s stomach sinks to the floor, as he sees his little sister sitting between two very large men in a fairly nondescript van.  “You didn’t think I was going to find out, but I did, and now she’s in a van, 5 hours away and they're coming here.”

“I can explain,” Jason interjects in a panic trying to avert what he is sure is Vic’s building rage.

“Not necessary,” Vic retorts calmly.  “Now, I want you to know, everything that happens to her tonight is entirely your fault. It could have been avoided. But I want to offer you something, one last chance to save her, one LAST chance." He says having Jason's undivided attention. "But it will take sacrifice. Specifically, the girl Omar found in room seven will be sacrificed to save Emmie."

"I don't understand?" Jason says glancing at room seven. "You already had someone?"

"No, but just in case, I had Omar get one extra," Vic explains.   "Now, here is how this is going to work.  You are going to go in there and you're going to do your fucking worse.  And if we think for one second you are taking it easy, or being too gentle or sweet or whatever else you call it...well,” Vic sighs, looking back down at his phone and the video of Emmie nervously fidgeting between the two men, "when she gets here we are going to do everything you've done to that girl in there, and then so much more. We will fuck this sweet girl into a fucking coma." Vic's words were concise and Jason knew by the tone that he meant all of it.

The color runs from Jason’s face as he nods, “I get it,” he says. Vic smiles patting his face.

“I knew you’d understand,” Vic says smiling back at Jason as he looks at his watch. “You better get started, and remember we’re watching,” Vic says as he opens the door to room seven.  Unlike the other rooms, this room only had a bed. No lights, no amenities, just one bed, and one terrified little girl. The room was dark and the only sounds were those of gagged and whimpering teen unsure of what was about to happen.

"This is for Emmie, this is for Emmie, this is for Emmie," Jason mumbles to himself over and over as he steps inside the darkened room. 

"Oh and you may want these," Vic says tossing a small pill bottle to Jason before he closes the door.  Jason had been with Kappa Rho long enough to recognize the special blend of viagra the guys used for their marathon nights. The pills rattled in the plastic as his hands shook with nervousness.  The soft whimpers of an innocents girl on the bed next to him.  Closing his eyes he forced all of this empathy from himself popping two of the blue diamonds and swallowing them as his eyes shift to the small girl bound and squirming on the bed.
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Re: Klub Rape - Vol. 6 - Harm's Universe ©
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As intense and depraved as ever. Great addition to this story. I wonder who is in that room and what Jason will do.
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Re: Klub Rape - Vol. 6 - Harm's Universe ©
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Hot damn.  Gets a merit from me.
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Re: Klub Rape - Vol. 6 - Harm's Universe ©
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Very well done!

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Re: Klub Rape - Vol. 6 - Harm's Universe ©
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As intense and depraved as ever. Great addition to this story. I wonder who is in that room and what Jason will do.

Well thx :) Now to start working on our depraved tale! :)
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Re: Klub Rape - Vol. 6 - Harm's Universe ©
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As intense and depraved as ever. Great addition to this story. I wonder who is in that room and what Jason will do.

Well thx :) Now to start working on our depraved tale! :)

Why do I get the feeling that the girl in that room that Omar grabbed is either A.) someone who looks just like Jason's sister Emmie or B.) someone he knows, like a cousin of his his.  Hell, maybe both just to fuck with him.
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Re: Klub Rape - Vol. 6 - Harm's Universe ©
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Great work.  As intended I am looking forward to door 7.
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Re: Klub Rape - Vol. 6 - Harm's Universe ©
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As always up to your high standards Bubbles!
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Re: Klub Rape - Vol. 6 - Harm's Universe ©
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New chapter posted.
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