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Hung Out to Freeze
« on: September 11, 2020, 12:30:42 AM »
His Story

He didn’t even try to hide her. Ed was dating Tina, my neighbor next door and single mom with her girl, Katie. He didn’t like Katie. Ed liked pussy and loose women, not their unavailable teenaged offspring, especially when they stayed unavailable after he moved in. So when Tina went out of town one day in February, it took only a couple hours for Katie to get into real trouble. I could hear the shouting and screaming and breaking things from inside my own house, despite no open doors or windows.

And then there he was, dragging naked Katie out into the backyard. She was hogtied, and he looped her bound hands and feet up over a sturdy branch in the yard and left her there to dangle while the snow and wind picked up for the incoming blizzard. “There, you little bitch! If you don’t like it, you can just stay here and think about it!” Ed went inside. No one could see Katie from the road. Only I could see her crying as she hung there, back bent. In agony. Utterly degraded by a loutish alcoholic jerkoff.

I’d fucked Tina a few times. She was okay as a lay, nothing special but she deserved better than Ed. And Katie deserved infinitely better. If he didn’t return for her he was going to kill her. Dead. Frozen and dead, and for nothing. I peered through the binoculars into their living room. Ed was watching football and rapidly tossing back beers. He couldn’t even see her from his spot. Well, enough. I went outside and up to Katie.

“P-please, Mr. Garlack, get me off here!” she stammered, shivering badly. I lifted her off the branch and carried her as gently as I could back to my house. Getting her inside fast was the most important thing, even more than untying her. Once inside, I locked the doors and put Katie down on the sofa. She was soaking wet from all the snow and ice on her body, collected in just the past few minutes. The blizzard was going to be a real whopper. I wiped her off and turned on the gas fireplace.

Katie began to cry. And cry and cry. “I hate him! I hate him so much!” she cried.

“He’s not going to hurt you here,” I told her. “You’re staying here until your mom returns.”

“But that’s in five days! I can’t stay that long! Mom won’t allow it.”

“She will if she doesn’t know,” I said. “You would be dying now if I left you out there. It’s already,” I glanced at the weather station, “Fifteen degrees out.”

“Yeah,” she sniffled, trying to recover.

“So, no argument. You’re staying here.”

“Okay,” she said. “Thank you.”

“It’s my pleasure, Katie.”

“Hey, Mr. Garlack?”


“Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, Katie. What is it you’d like to know?”

“I was wondering.”


“Do you think that maybe, if you have the time…”


“You might untie me?”

I grinned. Caught. “I think I can manage that,” I told her before untying the knots. She sat up, rubbing her wrists and ankles. Now, this is where it gets interesting. I’d seen Katie naked a lot of times over the years. Usually in summer. She would sit outside naked and sunning her body. It had started back long before there was anything worth seeing, and I hadn’t really liked or disliked it. Just a child frolicking around. But now she was in my living room, starkers, recently crying, and overflowing with gratitude.

“So, Katie, I’m sorry but I don’t have any clothes to fit a girl your age.”

“Oh, okay. I don’t mind, really. I’ll get by naked. Just keep the heat up, okay?”

“Sure thing, Katie. So, let’s talk about your mom. I can call her and get her home sooner than five days.”

“She left her number, but I don’t know it. Ed has it. She’s visiting her cousin Nancy in Tennessee. I’ve never met her before, but they made contact after some kind of angry time together.”

“Okay. Nancy,” I said.

“In Tennessee,” Katie finished.

“Alright, we’ll wait. We’ll see how Ed reacts if he ever remembers you. But you are not going back with him. I won’t allow it.”

“Thanks, Mr. Garlack,” she replied. Then she looked worried. “But won’t he come over here? Looking?”

“There’s lots of houses around here.”

“But, you left tracks in the snow!”

“Katie, those tracks are already covered over by the snow and wind.” I guided the naked girl over to the sliding glass door in back to look out at the howling winds and blasting snow. We could hardly even see where she’d hung. “He’s got nothing to suggest this house. He’s got five neighbors just on this side of the street. As long as he doesn’t see you, we’re good.”

“Okay. But I’m scared. You’ll protect me, won’t you?”

“Don’t you worry.”

We didn’t have to worry. Three hours later, as the afternoon sun was fading behind lots of cloud cover, making the last daylight go away, we both heard shouting over the howling winds. We’d been watching a movie and eating pizza when we heard it. So we headed to the back and looked out and over to the yard. By the tree. And there was Ed, freaking out, looking around in a panic. No coat. No hat. No gloves. Swaying. He’d woken out of a drunken stupor and finally remembered the naked girl he tied up and left out there.

“I’d be dead if it were up to him,” Katie said. It was about zero out, with gusts up to sixty. “But he’s going to know I didn’t die. I’m not out there hanging.”

“He’s going to freak,” I said. “He’s going to worry your body will show up somewhere down the road. Best case scenario for him is that someone saw you and independently kidnapped you.”

Katie stood back from the window, shaking with what I thought at first was fear. “That fucking asshole! I hate him! I hate him so much! I want to make him pay! He tried to kill me and he’s too drunk and fucking retarded to even know it!”

“I’m sure Tina will cut him a new one when she gets back and you’re gone.”

Katie just snorted. “Mom? Please. She’s just as much at fault.” She turned to me, pleading. “Can I stay here longer? Like, after Mom gets back. I want to make her suffer too.”

I wasn’t sure about that and I told her so. “Katie, once the cops start poking around, I could be in trouble if I don’t produce you. It’s one thing with just Ed, but with your mom, the authorities are going to want you returned.”

She stared at me now with pleading, hangdog eyes. It was a total guilt trip, like only a naked teen girl can do. “Please! I can’t just let this go!”

“We’ll think of something, then. I don’t know what, but something. After Tina gets back, not before.”

“Oh thank you, thank you!” she cried, hugging me and squeezing.

“Alright, alright. Come on. We’ve got frozen aliens waiting to be un-paused,” I told her, and we returned to the movie.

Later that evening I took a shower. After drying off and putting on a robe, I returned to my naked houseguest in the living room. “Could I shower too?” Katie asked me. “I promise I won’t cover my body after drying off.”

“You don’t need to phrase it that way, Katie. I just don’t have clothes to fit you.”

“Yeah, um, Mr. Garlack, sir, all your stuff would fit over me. My clothes can’t fit you. Your clothes just look bulky on me. I could also wear a towel. Or a jacket. A bathrobe.” She paused. Clever girl. She even laughed. “It’s okay. I’m just not that dumb. You saved my life and gave me sanctuary. If being naked around you for five days makes it worth it to you, then it does for me too. It’s kind of, um, well, it’s fine.”

“What was that last part? Before you changed it.”

“It’s kind of fun?” she replied sheepishly.

“Alright, you little Lolita. Go take a shower. And stay naked after.”

“I won’t be long!” she called back, already bounding up the stairs. I sat down on the couch to watch some TV. Won’t be long, ha! She was all of twelve to fourteen. She could outlast the water department. I ended up crashing and falling asleep waiting for her.

Yeah, I ended up dreaming about her as I dozed on the couch. Katie, being sexual. Coming on to me. Begging me to touch her, and her touching me with awe. It was getting pretty hot as dreams go. So imagine my surprise when I opened my eyes and awoke to find Katie straddling me. My robe was open, my cock fully alive, and Katie had it pushed up her little slick pussy. She was riding me, up and down, sliding over and over my cock.

“What the…” I said, cleverly.

“This is what you want, isn’t it, sir?” she asked.

“To be raped by a pre-teen?” I replied.

“Wow! That’s a funny way to put it! Me, raping you, a grown man.”

“I, uh, wait. You’re not…” I stammered but she was working me good. How did she get so skilled? I didn’t want to know.

“Ooh, you’re just about there,” she said. “Good. My legs are getting tired. Ooh! Oh god! I like your cock, Mr. Garlack! Make it spew in meeeeee!”

She cried out, cumming, just as she milked my cock to bursting. I blew my wad all up and in this little girl’s belly. God she felt good as her pussy drained my balls. She climbed off and slumped down beside me, sweaty and smiling.

“Whew, I think I need to shower again,” she said. She started to get up but knelt instead and began licking my cock.

“Oh, honey, that’s not going to work again so fast,” I told her. “You see, men…”

“I’m cleaning you off, silly,” she said, a bit muffled with my softening prick filling her mouth. Sure enough, she licked off her juices and some of my residual cum before withdrawing and heading back to shower again. I heard the water running, but stayed awake this time. She was back in five minutes, and snuggled in next to me.

We left the TV on but fell asleep sometime during the night. I wasn’t going to take advantage of the little girl, so when I woke up during the night, I tucked her in under some blankets and then made my way to bed. All was good. We still had four more days and nights. We would both enjoy them to the fullest. I was going to help the girl, to live, to love, to experience life to the fullest. That was my promise.
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Re: Hung Out to Freeze
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2020, 12:31:59 AM »
Her Story

I couldn’t believe it was happening to me, again. He didn’t try to hide me. Mom was gone, off to visit some cousin. Me and Ed. Mom’s guy. He hated me. I’d never feared for my life before he came along, and now he was going to kill me! It was something stupid that set him off. I don’t know what. Spilled beer? I cowered in my room, behind the bed. Maybe he wouldn’t look for me. But who else was he shouting directly at. The door burst inward and I almost peed myself. “Katie! There you are! Trying to hide, huh?”

“Please!” I squeaked. It was a squeak. It was all I could manage. He leaned over and grabbed at me, ripping my shirt. I cried out. I tried to cover my chest. Oh, bad. That was bad. He slapped me several times, hard. I cried out. I tried to fight as he stripped me. Here is was. Again. I tried to go to my numb place. But that wasn’t quite happening. I didn’t end up on my back on the bed. Not that day. I was naked, but he was dragging me out. In the garage he found rope and began to tie me. I really lost it, crying. He’d never tied me before. Why? He was huge? I was, not. But he hogtied me and then took me outside. I cried out. I begged. I pleaded. It was winter. There were blizzard warnings! The icy wind hit me like a million needles. But he just carried me into the backyard and hung me over a tree branch. I dangled there, my back was bent. I screamed a bit more. “There, you little bitch! If you don’t like it, you can just stay here and think about it!”

“Think about what?” I cried. He wasn’t listening. Or he didn’t care. Or he didn’t hear! He just went back inside, leaving me there. It was so freezing! My teeth were chattering. I couldn’t believe I was going to die like this! Several minutes passed, but then I saw movement. From next door. I had hope! Not wonderful hope. It was Mr. Garlack, Tim, the neighbor. He’d done my mom a few times. Back before Ed. He was better than Ed, but, not that much better. He probably wouldn’t kill me, though.

“P-please, Mr. Garlack, get me off here!” I begged, shivering so much I could hardly talk. That was his plan. He lifted me off and carried me back to his house. He didn’t even untie me, but, it was pretty damn cold. I was losing feeling in my toes. We ended up inside his place. It was new to me, but looked like my friend Shauna’s place a couple streets over. Same floorplan. He set me down and wiped me off, with his hands. Wiping snow and ice off my body. Slowly. But he did also light the gas fireplace.

I just lost it. I was so scared, of everything. But Ed most of all. “I hate him! I hate him so much!” I screamed.

“He’s not going to hurt you here. You’re staying here. With me. Until your mom returns.”

The words should have comforted me. But, no. “That’s in five days! I can’t stay here for five days! It’s just, no, I can’t. Please.”

“Your mom won’t care if she doesn’t know where you are,” he told me. “Besides, you have to trust me. You’d be dying now if I left you out there. It’s fifteen degrees out there. You’ll have to trust me. And I think I’ve earned that trust. Haven’t I?”

“Yeah,” I said. He was right, sort of. But, it wasn’t good, me being there. Compared to Ed, though…

“So, no argument. You’re staying here. It will be my pleasure to have you.”

“Okay,” I said. “Um, Mr. Garlack. Um, could you…” I didn’t know how to ask! It should have been obvious. Untie the girl you rescued! But he wasn’t doing it. “Could you, um…”


“Untie me? Please?”

“Oh, right,” he said. Yeah right. He was looking me over. I could feel his eyes. I just could. It wasn’t an issue when I was really little and mom had me playing naked in the grass for hours. I never noticed him then. Probably there was nothing to notice. But he was noticing me now. Obvious as hell. I couldn’t stop him, though. What could I say? I tried not to cry so much, to keep it together. To look stronger than I felt.

“So, Katie, I’m so sorry but I don’t have any clothes for you. Nothing that would fit a slim little girl your age.”

“Oh. Okay,” I said. He was pouring it on pretty thick. Like I needed to be a fashion plate! Didn’t he even have a towel? I realized without a doubt that I was not in a good position there. Better than with Ed. Better than with the storm. But I was in real trouble. Maybe I’d go to my numb place after all. “I guess it’s warm enough inside,” I added, to keep him happy.

“Count on it, Katie. So, let’s talk about your mom. I can call her and get her home sooner than five days. Where is she?”

Yeah. Maybe that was the truth. Maybe he wasn’t risking a jail term. But now I’d fucked up. “She left a number,” I said. “I don’t know it. Ed has it. She’s with this cousin, Nancy. I’ve never met her before. They had some falling out. She’s in Tennessee!” I blurted it out. The truth. I didn’t know how to contact my mom. She hadn’t replaced her busted cell phone. I was cut off. Why hadn’t I memorized that number!

“Okay. Nancy,” he said.

“In, um Tennessee,” I sort of mumbled.

“Right. Alright, we’ll wait. We’ll see how Ed reacts if he ever happens to remember you. But you’re staying with me, not him. I insist. I won’t let you leave here to go back home.”

“Thank, Mr. Garlack,” I said, sort of meaning it. Not really. He was creeping me out the way he talked. He hadn’t dared blink or turn his eyes from my body. “But wait, won’t Ed come looking for me? He’s bound to remember me sometime. And I won’t be where he left me. He’s going to realize something’s happened!”

“There’s lots of houses around here,” he said.

“You left tracks in the snow!”

He kind of rolled his eyes. So that’s what it took for him to not stare at my naked body. “Katie, those tracks are covered up already!” he grabbed my shoulders and guided me up and over to the back door. I was afraid for a moment he would throw me out but we stopped at the door. It was really snowing hard and windy out. “He’s got nothing to suggest this house. He’s got five neighbors just around your house. He’ll assume you fled. Just stay out of sight here.” He put his arms around me from behind, almost tenderly. “Don’t be scared.”

“I’ll try not to be scared. You’ll protect me, right? Won’t you?” I was desperate, but he rose to the bait, playing knight to some helpless damsel, even if he was keeping me helpless.

“Don’t you worry,” he said. I somewhat believed him. In that if Ed came over, I do believe Mr. Garlack would have killed him.

The afternoon went on okay from there. We ended up watching some movie and eating pizza on the couch. He wasn’t touching me. Hell, he even watched the film a bit. But then we heard the shouting. Ed’s shouting. I stayed out of sight behind the window as we both went to take a look. And there he was, outside in the snow, swearing. Swaying drunkenly. He must have really tossed them back after leaving me. Hours ago!

“I’d be dead if it were up to him,” I said. It was colder and windier than ever. I saw Mr. Garlack looking at me again. Grinning. But he probably wouldn’t kill me. “But he’s going to see I’m not out there hanging.”

“Let him freak out. He probably thinks you ran off and now he thinks your body will show up somewhere down the street. If he’s sober enough, he’s hoping someone else kidnapped you so long as you stay gone.”

He was right. That was Ed’s best out. “I hate that fucking asshole! I really hate him! I’d be dead for him and he’s too dumb to know it! I hate him!”

“I’m sure Tina will cut him a new one when she gets back and you’re gone.”

“Mom! Like she’s not at fault too!” I blurted out.

“Well, maybe there are other options,” he said with a suppressed grin, and I felt cold again.

“Like, me staying here? Longer? Not telling her?” I asked slowly, trying to read him. Why couldn’t I have a normal neighbor? A housewife with four kids. What was Mr. Garlack trying to pull here?

“Of course, once the cops start poking around, I would be in trouble if I didn’t produce you and they found out later,” he said. “Ed’s one thing. If I didn’t hand you over, I’d have to keep you forever, wouldn’t I? Hmm. So it’s back to your mom when she gets back. You’ll have to deal with her, and with Ed. You’ll just have to let it go. But after Tina gets back, not before. I won’t return you to him alone.”

“Thank you,” I said. It seemed right enough. I even gave him a hug. He hugged me back. A little too long. Hands down too close to my butt.

“Alright, come on. We’ve got frozen aliens wating to be un-paused,” he said, breaking it off after I started to squirm just a little. And it wasn’t even a bad movie.

He showered after that. I was expecting him to invite me along, but he wasn’t that blatant. Not quite. But he came back in with a robe on, barely fastened. I could see his chest all the way down. And the fabric over his waist only barely touched. I’d seen Ed’s cock. And others before him. All that was different was mom wasn’t pretending nothing was happening from the next room.

“Could I shower?” I asked him.

“Don’t get the couch all wet when you come back,” he said with a grin.

“I’ll towel off!” I said with a joking tone. He just couldn’t leave it alone, his contrived reasons to keep me naked. “I know I don’t have clothes here. I’ll be dry, though. And, naked.”

“Sorry, I just don’t have clothes around for a girl of your size,” he said with a grin. “I would loan them if I had them.”

“Maybe something larger,” I muttered. Maybe it was dumb. His smile vanished. “I mean, my clothes don’t fit you at all, but yours are just big on me.” He continued to stare at me, unsmiling. All mirth was gone. “But hey, I’m just saying I’m not dumb, Mr. Garlack. You saved my life and gave me sanctuary. If being naked around you for five days makes it worth it to you, then it does for me too. It’s kind of, um, fine,” I said, cringing as I crawled back into that pervert’s good graces. He wasn’t Ed, but I wasn’t getting through his hospitality untouched. That much was clear.

“Fine? What were you going to say?”

“Fun. It’s kind of fun, being naked for you.” I picked the right time to blush. I think he actually believed it.

“Alright, you little Lolita. Go take your shower and keep that little body naked after, since it’s such fun.”

“I won’t be long,” I said. I got under the hot water. It wasn’t hot enough to make me feel clean again. I cried. I had to cry and I couldn’t let him see it. Not Mr. Garlack. He had his Lolita fantasy. He was going to fuck me and I had to like it. If I ever broke that notion… I didn’t want to think about it. He wasn’t Ed, yet.

I returned. He’d actually fallen half asleep. His cock was out, still semi-hard from his stroking it thinking of me. Maybe this was it. For the best. There were no outs for me. No rescues. It wasn’t my first time. That was lost to the memories of time. I stroked him lightly. He got hard again in a hurry. I straddled him. Just like they always wanted. Pretend it was my idea even! Make it my fault! I slid him down over me. And I started it, the process, all over. I touched what needed touching. I made the sounds. “You want this, don’t you?” I cooed to him when he woke up. This way he didn’t crush me with his weight.

“That’s so, good! How?” he muttered but didn’t wait for an answer. I just kept it up, sliding, feeding him the words that made him feel like a king while I died a little inside! “I like your cock. Make it spew in meeee!” Which it did. Hell, I even had some of that oh-so wonderful orgasm myself. Bodies are funny things.

I slumped down beside him. Already it was getting awkward. Ed just spurted a little. Mr. Garlack really did fill me. I’m sure he felt like a king over it. But I had to get back in the shower fast or the king would go bonkers over the stain on his royal couch. I started up but he grabbed my arm.

“Clean me off,” he said. No pretense. He was still too giddy at fucking a little girl to play games. I gave it to him. I used my mouth. He smiled and nodded. What was going through his mind? He almost seemed to be laughing.

I cleaned up well and went back downstairs. Mr. Garlack was sated. I could calm down. We watched more TV. We fell asleep. Both of us. He got up eventually, and though I expected the worst, he just adjusted the blankets over me and left me on the couch while he returned to his bedroom. I laid there in the dark, listening to the storm. Thinking. I had four more days of this. Four full days to convince the world’s not-worst pervert that I was his, his, whatever. He wanted something from me. I gave him something. And as long as I could maintain his delusion, I might just survive long enough to meet Mom’s next molester boyfriend, and the one after that, and the one after that, and…
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Re: Hung Out to Freeze
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Wow, that was an amazing story. The unreliable narrator and the view from both sides made it super interesting

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Re: Hung Out to Freeze
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Mr. SoftGameHunter, this was a great story. Love Lolita stories, even the Lolita isn't crazy about being one. Love the two first person narratives of the story as well. :)

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Re: Hung Out to Freeze
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Excellent work yet again.  Thank you!
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