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My Sister's Keeper - Chapter Five: One Above/One Below
« on: August 26, 2020, 01:35:09 PM »
Following the demoralization of Mickie and the destruction of Ori’s psyche, Eddie finds himself quite captivated by the obscene amount of control he has over his two pets.  He’d been kidnapping girls like this for years but it had never occurred to him to sample the goods.  He simply had an ability and capitalized on that particular set of skills to become reasonably wealthy. 


His trip back upstairs was reflective, he certainly felt satiated, in fact, this was possibly the most sated he’d ever felt sexually.  However, he desired something more, as sexual fulfillment only fueled what was turning out to be a deeper desire to control. He began to get hard again at the mere thought of ordering Ori and Mickie around. It made him wonder what more his little pets could become.

That’s when it hit him. A moment of inspiration.  It was as if his mind expanded taking in a world of future possibilities.
When he “borrowed” his two new pets from that hotel he didn’t have a plan, which was quite atypical for Eddie.  Years as a marine had instilled him with not only a sense of discipline and structure but a deep respect for a well-executed plan; and at this moment, his synapses fired and rising from the cacophonous post-orgasm glow was his perfect plan.

He stood, frozen in thought on the poorly lit stairwell halfway between the basement and his otherwise normal life. He smiled, wider and wider as it all came into focus. Realizing in that exact moment, that he couldn’t waste any more time. Every day was valuable.

DAY 0007

“WAKE UP!” Eddie screams dumping a bucket of ice-cold water on Ori who seconds before was finally sleeping peacefully.

Ori screams as she kicked herself awake, her eyes widen as she gasps trying to understand what is going on, her hell washes over her large expressive eyes transform from surprise, to fear, to anxiety, and finally resignation as her vision averts from the large black man at the entrance of the room.  Her butt cheeks inadvertently clinch as Eddie takes a step toward her.

“You smell, dummy,” he says dropping a bar of soap next to Ori. He pays her no other attention making his way to Mickey who is now sitting up, awakened by her sister's screams. “I am going to facefuck you now, and if I’m satisfied with your level of enthusiasm, I may give Dummy’s ass a break,” he says not really talking to her, but more talking at her.  “If not, well,” he trails off, his eyes on Ori as she is grateful to simply have soap in her presence.  She’d been feeling excessively filthy since this terrible man had done all of these things to her.  “Present for inspection,” Eddie says, as his pants drop to the floor.

He didn’t let up.  Starting out each of Mickey’s morning with the extra hydration that only he could supply. Finishing each day by fucking Ori in the ass while Micky watches.  Throughout each day he would randomly drop by to make his pets present for inspection and to cite the rules. 

It never mattered who messed up, Eddie took pleasure in adding more “training” to Ori’s plat, and it was beginning to have its effect.   By day 10 she’d nearly stopped speaking altogether, which was fine by Eddie, he didn’t have much use for her opinion anyway. 

Mickie however still refused to break.  She knew he was trying to break her and she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. 

Eddie would regularly review the video and see her attempting to break the chain that connected the cast metal around her neck to the poured concrete floor.  He knew she could work at it for years and make little to no progress.  But it was the principal. It was obvious that breaking Mickie would be substantially harder than breaking Ori who was always showing signs of regressing into herself.  Mickie was one of those he’d heard about from his contacts, an uncanny level of resolve, that could stand abuse for years and never break.  To get through to these types something special would be required.



There it was, that sweet spot at the back of Mickie’s throat that drew tears every time. She squirmed on the floor but with two handfuls of her bright blonde hair, she was going nowhere. Tears streamed down her cheeks as her stomach and throat convulsed in sequence trying to fight back against Eddie’s assault.  He never relented, driving himself as deep into her throat as he could get, intentionally pacing himself to prevent her from catching her breath.  He could feel her fight drifting as the lack of oxygen was making it exceedingly difficult to fight back.  Her wild bucking slowly subsided and eventually was only soft convulsions as he continued to suffocate her. He looked down at her brown doe eyes begging for air just before they begin to roll back.  He pushes her away content to watch her gasp for air on the cool concrete.  “I didn’t even cum, do better or Dummy is gonna pay the price. 

These were their mornings.

DAY 0012

For the first week he made sure that he raped them at nearly an equal rate, making sure to establish a clear pattern and instill in them the simplest idea. Their bodies belong to him.  Anal torment for Ori and vigorous facefucking for Mickey. Nearly everyday Mickey got to taste her little sister’s ass as a way of life.

The second week Eddie began to show clear favor, still spending nearly every day that week raping Ori, but occasionally starting Mickie’s days out with a bottle of water. 

A simple peace offering to chip away at her resistant nature.

Ori was beginning learning to accept her role in life, she’d learned that trying to squeeze or expel Eddie from her ass only served 2 purposes, the first was to make it more enjoyable for Eddie and the second was to cause herself more pain.  However, she was quickly realizing that if she didn’t squeeze, Eddie would take his sweet time drawing the entire process out longer to significantly more painful results.  She’d resigned herself to the torment, as Eddies hands wrapped around her little body, she grit her teeth and clenched her abused little hole, it was painful and humiliating but it prevented a 50-minute long sodomy.

Eddie’s treatment of Mickie had drastically changed by the second week, instead of the painfully aggressive throat fucking she had been receiving daily, Eddie was allowing her to complete her job without his assistance.  Sure, it took longer but she didn’t finish with the back of her throat raw every night and she avoided asphyxiation by cock.   And while she would prefer not to end her days swallowing cum, she knew refusal to participate would only lead to Eddie returning to the more violent option. It was a reasonable reprieve that she eagerly accepted.

The kind of reprieve that she silently wished Eddie would give Ori.  Instead, she just watched quietly, as Eddie thrusts savagely into her little sister who blankly stared at the wall. He’d only recently found out how flexible she was as and took liberties stretching her body into increasingly painful and humiliating positions. Today Mickie watched as Ori was spread eagle, face down, tied to a bench.  Her legs straddled the sides and were tied to the center bar.  Her little cheeks were red from a nearly 15-minute beating with one of Eddie’s many floggers, her little hole began to bleed nearly instantly as Eddie insisted on not using lubrication.  Eddie’s muscles flexed as he dropped all of his weight onto the bench sending his cock deep inside Ori.  Her ass had been suffering this abuse for going on 20 minutes, but she no longer cried as he pierced her bowels.  She didn’t have any tears left, she only stared off into space, her face twisting as he forced his entire length inside.

“That’s my good girl, yesssss,” Eddie hissed as he fucked with the intent to maim, causing as much damage as he could with each ferocious thrust into Ori.  Finally, he came.  Mickey watched from across the room as he left her sister’s ass a bloody mess with small spurts of his cum dripping from her ravaged hole.  He demanded so much of her, constantly insisting that her frail body meet his increasing demands.  Mickie had made no qualms about the demands being placed on herself slowly dissipating as those of Ori seemed to rise exponentially every day.  As Eddie walked by, he pats her on the head, “Girl,” he called her; “be ready to please me in the morning.”

She wanted to protest, to request that Eddie not leave Mickie tied in such a painful position overnight but the last time she requested mercy for her, he increased her punishment threefold. So, she simply nodded as he passed her content to not cause Ori any further damage.

Day 0026

The third and fourth weeks were a blur for Ori.  As Eddie doubled her duties, demanding her ass in the morning and her mouth in the evenings.  This had the desired demoralizing effects.  Her body language said it all, in his presence, she was quiet, submissive totally obedient.  Whatever will and fight she had in her simply withered away under the barrage of repeated rapes.  This increase in demand from Ori was supplemented with hardly a marked decrease in demand from Mickie.  As her training was taking a different path.  Over the last two weeks, he’d slowly reintroduced a small bit of civility back into her life. 
Mickie was given clothes, revealing and lewd though they may have been it was a measure far greater than Ori’s constant nudity.  Eddie had allowed her to wear a T-shirt that he’d cut off to reveal a fair amount of underboob, and thong panties that were barely there but were better than nothing.  It did very little to ease the daily psychological torment but it did give her a small piece of her humanity back.

Eddie had even officially allowed her to speak without being directly asked a question and given her the name ‘girl.’ It was obviously nothing special, he didn’t want her special treatment to go to her head (yet), but it was certainly enough to differentiate her from Ori’s moniker of ‘dummy.’  Even Mickie’s breakfast got an upgrade, as each morning she received a single slice of toast with one egg and a glass of water.  She never complained especially as she had noticed that Ori still only received a bowl filled with dog food. 

A few days ago Mickie, feeling incapable of defending her sister waited until Eddie had left and offered her toast to Ori.  Eagerly Ori extended her arms, as Mickie tossed her the food, she practically inhaled it as it was the only human food she’d been offered in weeks.  Later that day as Eddie reviewed the video and saw the violation, he quickly sought the remedy such behavior. 

With Mickie watching, Eddie strung up Ori’s frail little body and graced her with 50 violent lashes from his flogger across her ass, back, and chest.  Any sane person would have considered that to be enough but Eddie really sought to make his point in demanding his food back.  He pried her little mouth open and shoved in an O-ring, forcing her jaw into a rather uncomfortable position.  He then quickly hooked restraints to her feet and with a few labored tugs on the end of a rope had suspended her upside down in the center of the room.  Her wails of discomfort did nothing to help the dull ache in her ankles.  As her cries served no greater purpose, Eddie sought to cease them, as he rammed his dick to the back of her throat.

While normally Eddie would be appreciating how quickly Ori has taken to being an amateur cocksucker, this was less about pleasure and more about punishment.  His fingers interlock at the back of her head as he pumps himself in and out of her violently.  Unable to recoil or close her lips it only takes a couple of seconds before her gag reflex is overwhelmed and purges her stomach onto the concrete.  He leaves his cock in for good measure feeling her little body fighting for air.  Eddie looks over to Mickie, “girl, never again presume to give what is not yours. Understand.” Mickie stares on terrified as she watches abound and inverted Ori struggle helplessly.  She nods quickly, Eddie pauses enjoying the back of her throat her a second longer before pulling himself out. 

The remains of the toast spill onto the floor as Ori gasps.  Eddie marches over to the rope loosening the know and lowering Ori to the floor in her own filth.  Still gagged and bound he leaves her there all night to consider her actions. Upon reviewing the video the following few days, Eddie was almost sure that Mickie finally understood defending or assisting Ori in any way simply ended in more torment for Ori.

Day 0034

It had been two hours. 

Two hours since Eddie had left their cage, Mickie had been mostly left to her devices while he was there but Ori however suffered another brutal beating and ass fucking.  By this point, she was in near-constant pain.  Each day Eddie found a new way to hurt her and she was having trouble coping. Thus, two hours into the evening she was still a sobbing mess in the corner.

Mickie had learned her lesson and veered away from consoling Ori as any attempt to decrease her suffering only caused Eddie to make her suffer more.  However, as the
day grew later, Mickie couldn’t help but grow annoyed by Ori’s incessant crying and whimpering. 

Eddie poured over investment reports as the footage from the basement played on the monitors in his office.  Ori’s displeasure often became the background soundtrack to his work.  He’d taken the liberty of surveilling every inch of the basement was covered by not only video cameras but recording devices as well, so, after the third hour of Ori’s sobbing when Mickie finally mumbled, “just shut up.” Eddie couldn’t help but smile. 

Day 0052

The mornings were nothing if not consistent.  Each morning at 7 am Eddie appeared outside of the cage, naked holding Mickie’s plate of food and Ori’s dog bowl. He would enter the cage setting both the bowl and plate out of their respective.  Walking over to Ori, who had been through enough mornings to know how this would go, she would already be on her knees, mouth open and ready to receive her morning load.  She woke every morning with the anticipation that she would be violently throat fucked and fell asleep nearly every night to the throbbing pains of violent anal rape.

And so she sat, 6:57 am, both knees on the cold concrete, spread wide, her bruised and frail body doing its best to be held together with the vague notion of hope. As
the mechanical lock whirled, she knew her day was to begin, her throat still ached from the day prior, but that was hardly an excuse to perform to her captor’s expectations.  The sounds of his footsteps stopped, both Ori and Mickie look up to see no Eddie fully clothed.  He hardly acknowledged the two girls as he dug into his pocket for the key to the cage. He hummed a soft tune from an infomercial that had been stuck in his head all day as he opened the cage door.  Walking into the cage he didn’t seem to have the same contentious aura of anger that usually surrounds him.  He seems almost pleasant.  Mickie fights the urge to recoil as his hands reach for her.  She shudders as Eddie grips the thick metal collar that has been ever-present around her neck since this ordeal began.  She gasped in sheer shock as he quickly unlocked the bolt at the back holding it in place.  The chain and collar fell heavy to the floor.  Eddie extended his hand helping her to her feet. “Follow me girl,” he says sternly. Making his way toward the exit of the cage.

So many questions flooded her mind.

   Had someone come to rescue them?

   Had Eddie simply changed his mind or grew a heart?
        Or was this something worse?

For all of the questions that pushed for room in her consciousness, only one made it from her lips, “w-what about Ori.” Eddie paused. Mickie never seemed to learn.  With no warning Eddie changed course, drawing his hand back as he made a beeline for Ori, putting as much weight as he could behind it he swings his hand at her face slapping her hard enough to send her crashing to the floor. 

Immediately he turns around stomping toward Mickie, and his hand grips her throat lifting her off the concrete as he shouts, “WHAT OF HER!?”

Mickie’s eyes were wide and the message resonated, just follow orders.  Her toes struggled to grip the concrete as Eddie’s sudden rage saw her lifted from the floor, and now eye to eye with her captor she dares not speak another word.  His massive paw squeezing mightily as he stared into her soul.

With no warning he releases her and while she crumples to the floor quickly, Eddie’s brief command, ‘up,” saw her overcome whatever pain and confusion she was wrestling with and make it to her feet.  She exited behind Eddie quickly and quietly this time as he closed the cage behind them.

As he pulled the key once more from his pocket, Ori and Mickie exchange glances, not wanting to separate but not knowing how to prevent it from happening.  “Come,” Eddie says, just his words break their glance, as he leaves cutting the lights out behind them.  Ori was in no way happy about being separated from Mickie but this was the first time in 52 days that her morning hadn’t started out with violent rape and for that, she was grateful. 


The sunlight nearly blinded her.  As Eddie opened the door at the top of the stairs Mickie’s hand had to cover her eyes.  “NO!” Eddie insisted, “if you are in my presence your arms stay down at all times unless told otherwise, do you understand?”

“y-yes” Mickie responds in a raspy voice, eyes squinting trying cope with the sudden bright environment. 

“Your breakfast,” he says as he motions toward the bar in the kitchen.  Mickie had to squint to see it but recognized the standard toast and egg breakfast she’d been receiving for almost a month now. 

“Sit,” Eddie says as he makes his way to the bar pulling out the chair. 
The look of utter shock on her face told the story.  As she had lost count of the days since she’d experienced something as normal as sitting in a chair or not eating off the floor like an animal.  She did not hesitate and quickly made her way to the bar and climbed up on the chair waiting patiently for her next instructions but secretly wanting nothing more than to eat what is in front of her.

Her eyes are finally adjusting and having grown up around a fair amount of wealth she recognized the high level of craftsmanship in the kitchen and the connecting rooms.  Eddie wasn’t some poor crazy man who was keeping them in a basement because it was all he had.  He’d been living in luxury as her and Ori suffered in the basement.  Eddie makes his way around the bar, to the coffee pot that is on as he reaches into a cupboard grabbing himself his favorite #1 uncle mug.  Mickie’s eyes follow him and as they do she cannot help but notice the landline phone in the corner of the kitchen. 

Up until this point their entire situation had been fairly hopeless, but there it was, a lifeline, a way out.  Hope.

“Eat,” he states snapping her back from delusions off escape.  “I brought you up here because you have been doing well, so well in fact that I think it’s time you got rewarded.” He sips from his coffee as he watches Mickie devour the food in front of her.  “Hey,” he protests watching the feral girl paw at her food.  “The silverware is right there.”  Mickie only returns a bewildered look, was this some kind of trick. Timidly she picks up the fork and knife, her hands fumbling for a moment as the fine motor skills began to come back to her. Slowly she cut her toast and brought the fork to her mouth. “Good girl,” he commends her.

As she concludes her breakfast she waits for further instructions.  Her eyes darting around the luxurious amenities in the kitchen as Eddie sips the last of his coffee.  He sets the mug in the sink and reaches into the cabinet near him, he pulls out a glass and a pill bottle. As he fills the glass up with water he slides the pill to Mickie, “this will help with the pain,” he says setting the water in front of her.

He doesn’t even pause to see if she takes it, knowing that she wouldn’t dare risk punishment of disobedience of such a benign order. “Come girl,” he says sternly. Not waiting for her he makes his way down the hall.  Mickey pops the little green pill into her mouth and swallows a mouthful of water as she hops down from the chair and shuffles behind him through the corridor and a maze of closed doors.  The home was much larger than she imagined it being from the basement below. 

As Eddie comes to an abrupt stop Mickie nearly walks into him, she staggers back a couple of steps as he opens the door.  The bathroom was magnificent. The bathtub looked like it was big enough for 4 people, marble countertops and crown molding.  She gasped, wanting nothing more than to rush to the walk int shower or dive headfirst into the tub. Eddie entered and turned on the shower.  Snapping his fingers and pointing to the spot on the floor where he expected Mickie, she did not hesitate, scampering into the bathroom standing before him. His hands gripped her shirt lifting it over her shoulders.  It was remarkable how comfortable she’d become being naked around him, so much that she didn’t even resist as he stripped her down.  “Your responsibilities are evolving, I expect that you will evolve with them,” he says taking in the timid girl.

Mickie’s eyes darted around, still unable to look Eddie in the eye for fear of reprisal, and that’s when she saw it.  The ovular mirror hanging on the wall.  She hadn’t actually seen herself in some time.  Her body had a thin layer of grime on it from a month being chained to the unfinished basement floor.  Bruises punctuate her porcelain skin as poignant reminders of her failure to meet expectations. Her once bright blonde hair was a matted rats nest, clumps stuck together by the dried cum and other bodily fluids Eddie had left on her.  She didn’t even recognize herself.

“In,” Eddie says breaking her gaze from the mirror.  She’d been so captivated with her current state that she hadn’t even noticed Eddie getting undressed.  But as his massive cock hung menacingly between his legs only inches from her, she quickly realized that this was no vacation. 

She walked into the shower, sucking air in through her teeth as the water was much hotter than she liked but as Eddie quickly followed behind her, she had no way of avoiding it.  “Girl,” he said, as his hands found her hips. “Spread your legs,” his commands came with no ambivalence but somehow seemed a touch gentler than she was used to hearing.  Mickie spread her legs a little more than shoulder-width apart. “Place your hands on the wall.” Eddie says as she exposes herself to him. Her little slender arms extend as her palms find the subway tile lining the shower as her heart began to race.  For a month she’d watched Ori get sodomized brutally by 8 thick inches of black cock and deftly managed to avoid the same fate.  Though Eddie had threatened it, ultimately it was always Ori’s ass that suffered, but as he stepped behind her she feared her luck may have run out.

“C-can I suck you,” her voice was so timid he barely heard it but chuckled as he responded, “we will get to that too.” Mickie’s heart sank, as it seemed there was no way to avoid what was coming.

“AHHHH!” she nearly jumped out of her skin as much to her surprise that intense vibration found her little clit. She shifts to her toes, gasping as it felt like a sudden jolt of electricity between her legs.  Her little button being stimulated for the first time was shocking and disorienting. “OHOHHHHhhhh” she cooed as she tried to acclimate to the strange new feeling. Her hands leave the wall to push away the little vibrator that was quickly sending sensations she was unaccustomed to through her body.
“HANDS ON WALL,” Eddie screams instantly putting Mickie on edge but sending her hands back to the tile.  Eddie’s demeanor seemed to shift on a dime as he leaned down, his free hand cupping her budding little breast, gently twisting the nipple between his thumb and index finger. 

Mickie was confused. Conflicted. Scared. Ashamed. But even with the range of juxtaposing emotions, she was most of all surprised.  Not surprised at the treatment, but surprised by how turned on she suddenly was.  The vibrations from the toy in Eddie’s hand sent reverberations through her body as her knees buckled.  It was like nothing she’d ever felt.  For a month, having only known pain the pleasure that she was suddenly experiencing was almost too much to take in.

Her fingers curl as Eddie leans over her his lips kissing her neck, his free hand finding her other nipple, teasing her little bud until it responded.  The warm water washing over her body, it was something otherworldly.  She knew she shouldn’t be enjoying herself. Eddie had spent a month raping her and her little sister, he was a monster but her body didn’t care.  Her face twisted as she fought the overwhelming erotic feelings.

Eddie chuckles softly as he pulls on her nipple once again and cups her little mound, the pill he’d given her was a carefully concocted mix of designer club drugs used exclusively to lower inhibition, increase blood flow, and increase sensations where it mattered most.  She was practically helpless.  Mickie squeals as the vibrator runs circles around her little clit, and moans as Eddie slides a finger into her virgin hole. 

Her inner monologue a rush of differing sensations…

I have to tell him to stop

Can I tell him to stop

I don’t want him to stop




Yes. MORE!

Her back arches as his finger curls inside her, her eyes roll back in her head as her little hole squeezes his finger. Her mouth is open as water rolls around her lips, gasping for air as she feet shimmy wider. Her heart is beating in her throat as she tries to understand the feelings that are happening. Mickie’s first orgasm leaves her clutching the shower head just to remain standing as her knees totally buckle and she’s only held up by Eddie’s fingers which as diligently teasing her swollen clit and hole.  The vibrator extends the feeling as her thighs clamp together trapping the vibrator in place on her labia.

“OHHHHHHH” *GAPS* “OHHHH” “AH” “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Eddie had pleasured enough women to know what was happening without her saying it, she practically melts in his hand as the warm gooey feelings fill her body.  Eddie releases her from his clutches pulling his finger out and allowing her to slide to the shower floor. Her hands between her legs trying to understand what just happened.

Eddie licks his finger, she tasted sweet. He continues the rest of his shower as Mickie basks in the warm afterglow of her first orgasm.  As the water stopped Eddie reaches just outside the shower, grabbing a towel. Wrapping it around himself as he exits, “out,” he says sternly as he steps onto the bath mat drying his feet.  He never pauses or looks back as he makes his way to the door, opening it with the expectation that an obedient Mickie would be right behind him.  Much to his dismay, she was still in the shower.

Letting out a heavy sigh he doubles back “I SAID GET-” as he storms into the shower, he sees her passed out in the corner, curled into a ball. It was the first real rest that she’d gotten in weeks. Eddie scoops her into his arms and exits the bathroom. 


Ori waited quietly.  She felt something akin to relief, taking solace in her ability to commiserate her fate alone.  Mickie had become less patient with the constant crying over the last few days and though it was Ori suffering the brunt of the abuse, she was beginning to feel like a burden.  Those small changes in her thought process were
the exact effect Eddie was hoping to have.

The lock whirled startling Ori from her thoughts. On her hands and knees, she scrambles to the chalk outlined circle Eddie had drawn where she was to present herself whenever he was present. She made it to her spot just in time and Eddie was happy to see she was prepared as he entered.  There was nothing like having a perfect little fuck toy on her knees, chest pressed forward, and mouth open ready to accept whatever mistreatments his mind could dream up. 

Ori hardly noticed the pain in her knees anymore as they’d been severely scared from kneeling on concrete. She was no longer bashful about presenting her bare pussy for Eddie’s prodding fingers as she had little in the way of self-respect left.  She watched as the door opened and was surprised to see Eddie holding a television in his hands. He never addressed her as he set the TV down just outside the cage, disappearing for only a moment to pull the extension cord from the adjacent room.  As the TV powered on a multiple split-screen display, showing a number of rooms Ori had never seen.  But her eyes did recognize one thing.  Mickie, asleep in what looked to be a king-sized bed. 

“I thought you could use some entertainment with girl being gone now.” Ori looked up confused as Eddie opened the gate and entered.  A number of questions flooded her mind but she knew better than to speak without being spoken to first, she’d learned that rule fairly early on.  As Eddie entered, he unbuckled his belt, a sound that immediately made Ori’s asshole pucker.  “I’d thought to give you the morning off,” he begins as he looks over at the TV, “but I gave girl a command which she ignored.”
Eddie explains as he pulls his shirt of hanging it between the bars.  Ori knew the consequences of Mickie’s disobedience.  She’d been hardened in the last month, developing a pain tolerance usually reserved for combat veterans or extreme masochists, but the burning in her chest wasn’t pain related.  It was something else that burned inside her as she looked at the screen seeing Mickie sleeping so peacefully.  Eddie approached already hard and licking his lips at the thought of what was to come.

“Present your holes dummy,” he says softly, watching as the terrified girl shifts her face down to the filthy floor, her cheek pressing against the concrete as her hands reach back parting her ass cheeks.  Her eyes never left the TV as she felt Eddie position himself at her little rosebud, she wrestled with a feeling that she couldn’t describe, it was more intense than anything she’d experienced in her young life and so foreign she didn’t have a name for it.

Eddie watched her eyes go vacant as he applied ever increasing force, stretching her little hole to accommodate his girth.  He reveled in how she winced in pain as he tunneled himself deeper and deeper in her.  He could see the brilliant array of emotions as she stared mindlessly at the screen, he could tell she was experiencing it. That deep burning she couldn’t name.  It was igniting inside of her as he forced the last inch into her rectum, it was betrayal. 

She closed her eyes, trying to block out the searing pain as Eddie began his assault, his massive hand pressing her head into the ground as he fucked her with abandon.  His cock never stopping for more than a second as he bottomed out inside Ori who collapsed under the force of his assault.  His hands spread her little cheeks allowing him to burrow deeper with each thrust as she lay prone accepting each thrust with soft moans of discomfort.

“UGH!” “HUNNNG!” “UGHHHHH!” Eddie grunts, his disposition becoming more violent as he neared climax. Ori’s tears pool near her cheek, caused by his unyielding battering of her little hole. He fucked like a man possessed, his mouth wide as he gasps for air, saliva dripping onto Ori’s face as he builds speed, working his way towards another mind-blowing orgasm.  “YESSSSSSS!” he howled driving himself deep into her, his balls painting her insides as they pump multiple loads into her ass. Ori had come a long way, a month ago an ass fucking like that would have left her screaming in pain, today she quietly whimpers as she tries to relax her ravaged hole.

As Eddie lay atop her, she again opens her eyes as the searing pain of his cock jabbing her is reduced to a dull throbbing.  The soft glow of the TV greets her, providing the only light in the room. Her asshole spasms trying to exorcize Eddie who is exhausted and panting provides a metronomic beat to her dismay. He was nearly crushing her under his weight but even that was at the back of her mind as she fixated on the TV and Mickie’s peaceful expression.
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Re: My Sister's Keeper - Chapter Five: One Above/One Below
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2020, 05:42:20 PM »
Your story is amazing! I've read all five parts one at a time and can't wait to see what's next.
I love these kind of kidnapping story, rape and torture, the harsh treatment. And I love how you manipulate the girls psychologically.
A real treat, I'm really jealous of this guy  ^-^  :emot_thedrool.gif:  ;D

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Re: My Sister's Keeper - Chapter Five: One Above/One Below
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Your story is amazing! I've read all five parts one at a time and can't wait to see what's next.
I love these kind of kidnapping story, rape and torture, the harsh treatment. And I love how you manipulate the girls psychologically.
A real treat, I'm really jealous of this guy  ^-^  :emot_thedrool.gif:  ;D

Thank you, I've enjoyed writing it, I'm gonna start working on the next chapter tomorrow
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Re: My Sister's Keeper - Chapter Five: One Above/One Below
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Such a terrific story; thrilled to see that more is coming.

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  • ...and you will know me by the trail of the Ravish
    • ...And you will know me by the trail of the Ravished...
Re: My Sister's Keeper - Chapter Five: One Above/One Below
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Thanks I think I'm gonna get back to working on this one soon :)
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