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Red Briar
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Red Briar

Chapter One
By: [Bubbles] & Seeker

“Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap,” the sunlight shown brightly through the blinds waking Bailey from her deep sleep. More than two hours late for her favorite day of the year.   Her alarm clocked flashed a repeated 12:00 AM, they must have lost power again that storm last night was pretty intense.  She rolls over, feeling her cell phone under her, she must have fell asleep texting again.  Pressing the power icon further explained why the alarm she set didn’t go off. “Dead, freaking great!” She says as she kicks the covers from the bed scrambling to the floor. 

“Mom is going to kill me,” She could hear the horn from her mother’s truck outside. “I’m coming, I’m bloody coming!” Bailey laments as she hops on one leg trying to get her leggings to cooperate. Her thick thighs made getting the fabric around them an act of will.  She lets out a mighty sigh as her ample rear hangs from the back of the leggings, “allllllmost,” she groans as she flops onto the bed finally wiggling her full cheeks inside the tight fabric.  Rolling onto the floor she lifts a number of bras to her nose, “no, nope, ew!” she tosses each of her old sports bras in her dirty laundry. She manages one clean sports bra from her pile and quickly whips off her oversized T-Shirt, the sunlight casts shadows just under her developing breasts.  The summer prior puberty had hit her like a ton of bricks, and while they were only B-cups, it was more than enough to garner attention from every boy in her 7th-grade class and even a few 8th graders.  She pulls the neon yellow sports bra down and grabs her volleyball jersey from the back of her desk chair as well as her weekend bag from her closet as she makes her way downstairs.  She kicks her shoes down the stairs ahead of her pulling down the black crop top that she had to beg her dad to let her buy. 

“Hi dad, bye dad,” she says grabbing her shoes before shifting to her tiptoes to plant a kiss on his cheek while he eats his breakfast.

“Hey, whoa, whooaaaaa, where are you running off to?” He asks swallowing his bit of toast beckoning his daughter back to the kitchen table.

“Dad, c’mon you know it’s mom’s weekend,” she says shrugging pulling her platinum blonde strands from her face and into a messy top knot. “She’s been honking out there for like 20 minutes.”

“Miranda can wait another ten so my daughter can have a hot breakfast.” He says motioning to the chair beside him.  “Liv’s been working all morning, I mean look at this spread,” he said extending his hand across a full table consisting of pancakes, eggs, bacon, fresh fruit and OJ. 

“Dad, mom’s weekend starts at 8,” She says giving him the smile that has always made his heart melt. “I’m already like super late.”

Charlie can’t help but to succumb to her adorable powers. “Alright, fine but at least try a bite, Olivia got up early for this.”

Olivia and Bailey glare at each other for a moment neither wanting to make the first move.  There was no love lost between the two, especially with Olivia only being 8 years older than Bailey at 22.  Bailey glances coldly back at her father never wanting to disappoint him but having nothing but pure disdain for his recently acquired taste in women.  Her eyes find the least objectionable item laid out before her, smiling as her eyes find the one thing Olivia didn’t cook.  Bailey grabs an apple taking a bite from it, planting another kiss on her father’s cheek as she scampers by.

He smiles not identifying Bailey’s passive aggressive dig. Olivia’s stare follows Bailey to the backdoor, “you know I bought those apples,” she shouts as Bailey exits. Bailey pauses at the front door as Olivia’s words reach her.  Before continuing her stride towards her mother’s car, she spits the apple onto the sidewalk, glaring back over her shoulder.

“What was that about?” her mother asks as she climbs into the car.

“Bad apple,” Bailey says without addressing the matter much further, “I’m starving can we get breakfast.”

“Absolutely B.B.” Her mother says backing out of the driveway, “Waffles?”

“Waffles!” Bailey replies with a wide smile.

“She hates me you know,” Olivia curtly says as she trashes the scrambled eggs she needlessly made. “And not like, oh she’s a teenager, and is just being super moody so she’ll eventually get over it.” She continues as she loudly throws the pan into the sink.  “This is, carry it with her for the rest of her life, never bring her kids to Thanksgiving, evil step-mother kinda hate,” she says turning to Charlie who was only half paying attention.

His mind quickly catches up to the topic at hand knowing that it’s a minefield of a conversation either way.  “Wow, jumped all the way to hypothetical kids and turkey day snubs, quite a leap,” he says chuckling softly.  “She doesn’t hate you,” he replies making sure she knows he isn’t taking the situation too lightly.  “She’s just…” he searches for the right words, “she can be kind of…” no that wasn’t it either.   “Just give her some time,” was the best he could conjure.

“Time?” Olivia laments, “It’s been almost a year, and she’s still like this.” Olivia’s frustration forcing her to turn away from Charlie.

He sighs, getting out of his seat, taking the last sip of coffee from his cup as he walks behind her setting the cup in the sink.  “A year feels like nothing to her,” he says wrapping his arms around Olivia who softly sighed at his touch.  “She’ll come around I promise,” he says as his hands move from around her waist to under her skirt.  His lips grazing her neck, before whispering in her ear, “in the mean time I’ll just have to make sure you are,” he continues as one hand cups her pert breast and the other slides between her legs, “happy.” 
“Oh yea?” she asks as she rocks her hips backwards pressing into Charlie’s, feeling him begin to swell. “And how are you going to make me happy?” she asks as if she didn’t already know the answer, feeling herself getting wet at the thought of what’s to come.

His fingers pinch at her nipple, “I think I can figure something out,” he says drawing a soft moan from her, his other hand sliding her lace thong to one side running his fingers up and down her little slit.

“I dunno,” she says as breathily as her hands grip the sides of the porcelain sink.  “I’m umm- pretty---” she lets out a heavy sigh feeling her knees tremble as he teases her little clit, “Yea I’m pretty shaken up about this,” she says her 5” heels clicking on the floor as she steps wider.

“I can tell, let me see what I can do about that.” He replies with a smile his left hand quickly unzipping his jeans and pulling out a hard 8 inches before lifting up her skirt.  He grips himself firmly, running his cock along her little slit, “let me know if this helps.” He says with a smile before sliding himself into her.

“OOOOHHhhhhh,” she moans as she practically melts as he enters her.  Her arm reaches back pulling him in until she can feel him bottom out inside of her. 

“Is that a yes?” he asks grinding his hips into her.

Olivia nods adamantly “Yea, I feel better,” she mutters.

“Good,” he says gripping her hips, he takes slow but powerful strokes into her, rocking his hips forward at the very end to hit that spot that she loved.

“Fuck!” she moans as her weight shifts to her toes arching her back encouraging Charlie to continue. He takes great care to pull himself out slowly, letting her feel his girth disappear from her.  He reaches around teasing her clit as he continually moves inside of her. 

Charlie hips respond to Olivia’s moans as his pace increases feeling her body respond each time he vanishes inside of her. His free hand twisting her nipple as has hands brace against the backsplash forcing herself backwards to greet his thrusting hips. Practically begging to be fucked harder. With a smile Charlie gladly obliges.  He watches her perfect tits bounce in the windows reflection as his restraint begins to wash away. 

Her tight little pussy gripping him with every little move. Olivia’s eyes open wide before rolling back in her head, pressing harder and harder against the sink each impact drawing her closer and closer until with the slightest change in hip position Charlie finds her G-spot. He smiles as her body goes rigid sending her onto her toes and a stream of squirt flows to the floor. Feeling her legs begin to give out, he hooks his arms under hers to prevent her from falling.  She can’t form words, just unintelligible mumblings fall from her lips as her pussy convulses, Charlie teases her clit more with his free hand, priming her for the next orgasm before letting his free hand guide his cock back inside her.

“Oh, you’re not finished yet,” he moans as he resumes his piston like motions each time finding that same spot deep inside her that keeps her knees weak.  Two more orgasms later they stand in small pool of Olivia’s good time.  “Now, its my turn,” he whispers to her, though after the climatic rush of three orgasms her response is mostly intelligible mumbling. Charlie’s arms wrap around her, spinning her 180 degrees and bending her at the hips over the breakfast table.  Neither of them particularly concerned with the plates or cups damaged in the process as Charlie forgoes the tender gentle strokes savagely grips her hair with one hand and her hip with the other.

No words were exchanged, only the sound of the table being forced a few inches from its previous spot each time Charlie violently propelled himself forward. It was all Olivia could to do lay still as she was sent into near ecstasy at the carnal fucking she was receiving.  He grunted repeatedly, releasing her hair in favor of controlling both hips, occasionally stepping forward to catch up to the table that was being fucked across the room.  Nearly 3 feet later the table had reached the opposing wall and Charlie could really let loose, gripping tightly and pulling her little body back as plunged himself into her.  His balls tightening over and over as he pumped her little pussy full of himself. 

He collapsed on her for a moment, catching his breath before stepping back to admire his work.  He watched in near artistic appreciation as her legs dangled from the table, her toes barely reaching the floor, cum dripping from her perfect little slit.


The recording paused.  Clint’s hands quickly flitted over his keyboard cataloging the today’s footage, his eyes occasionally peering up from his computer screen to verify that no one was approaching his office. He used to hate getting called in on the weekend, but lately it afforded him the privacy to dive deeper into his obsession.

It had all started about six months before, when his IT company had bought out Red Briar Home Security. He’d found a number of exploits to their shoddy security and surveillance code, which had earned him a promotion and the need to recruit and manage five new coders.
The long hours and tedious office politics made him increasingly grumpy and opened the fissures in his relationship with Trish.  He’d never been one for invading the privacy of others, but the distraction and then the allure of watching other people’s mundane lives was simply too great a temptation.
At first it was simple and relatively innocuous, with him just cracking electronic doorbells to watch clients’ comings and goings, then another exploit for outdoor security footage.  Enjoying the occasional bored housewife sunbathing or skinny dipping. Relishing knowing about the illicit trysts while a spouse was away at work.  Perving at teenagers making out on the front porch while the parents were sitting oblivious only a few feet inside.
His brain kept telling him it was harmless, really a victimless crime since they didn’t even know they were being watched. And no one would ever know. Even though at first, he couldn’t shake the doubt and anxiety of being caught. Like he had almost been caught as a young teenage hacker, when he’d achieved a series of hacks culminating in breaking into a major Bank.  The FBI had traced the culprit to his college and had even questioned him but had not found adequate evidence to convict him. The terror of being caught had never left him and ensured he’d stayed on the right side of the law ever since.
But of course, temptation begets escalation.  When he discovered an exploit to the Red Briar system for home internal security cameras, his fascination grew. Watching people in their own homes was addictive, particularly when irritated with his work colleagues and the dullness of managing the team.

And Clint had an addictive personality. Originally the power of hacking was his drug, which shifted into alcohol abuse during his twenties. He was now three years dry, having nearly poisoned himself on a particularly wild binge. This voyeurism that his job enabled had become his new addiction and he wallowed in it whenever he could. Not that it affected his work, or so he told himself. . .
He was disappointed that home cameras tended to be in common spaces, rather than bedrooms and bathrooms, but he still enjoyed the voyeuristic excitement of watching people fight or fuck in supposed privacy.
But his curiosity and fascination only grew into obsession when he came across Bailey.

The first day he saw her, he couldn’t think about anything else for the rest of the day. Perhaps it was her strong facial features, piercing green eyes and high cheek bones, with the cutest little button nose.  Or maybe it was her athleticism and firm body with her muscular backside and thighs. Subsequently, he’d watched a few live streams volleyball games from her middle school, where he liked how talented she seemed.
It could have been either of those things. But most probably it was because their housekeeper forgot to put towels in the bathroom the first time that he saw her.  She was casually strolling through the kitchen in unbridled nude glory on the way to the laundry, thinking she was home alone.  Ogling her budding tits jiggling with each step with her muscular ass swaying back and forth, and he was hooked. Like with any good drug, he realized he would need another hit…soon.
For about two weeks his work suffered, as he spent nearly all his time watching Bailey, tracking her from screen to screen, as she lived her life blissfully unaware of the loss of privacy.  He was entranced, she moved with a soft grace, and yet was still so captivating.

Every time he logged on thereafter, he hoped to see her naked again. But that didn’t happen. The best he saw was her in a tiny yellow bikini lounging by the pool. Which just made him eager for more.
Over time he realized she reminded him of the first time he had become obsessed with a girl as an older teen.  Jenny had been four years younger than him, a high school freshman when he was in college. He’d met her at an athletic meet and started stalking her. From a distance at first, but then increasingly trying to talk to her. Wanting, no needing to be with her. So that he couldn’t think of anything else.
At first, she felt flattered by the attention, but soon became creeped out by his weirdness. Pestering her, despite her resistance. She tried to ignore him, but that did not deter him.  Writing endless letters declaring his undying love.
After a couple of months, her father found out and accosted him. Threatening him with arrest if he continued. And then they moved away. His unfulfilled desire frustrating him and warping his views on relationships. Always wanting to be in control, thereafter. Not prepared to be vulnerable.
His relationship with his girlfriend Trish deteriorated as his obsession with Bailey increased. She couldn’t match the bubbly toned teenager in looks or personality, or at least to his idealization of Bailey.  Their fights became more frequent and progressively more acrimonious as he spent more time at the office and on his computer, mostly stalking the young teen.
Most nights, he’d lain awake in bed next to his increasingly frustrated and alienated girlfriend.  Having spent the entire day watching the goings on of his new obsession, he couldn’t help but wonder if she was awake.  His mind reeled with all the things she might be doing; the idea bored into his head until the solution to his acute bout of insomnia became obvious.
He wouldn’t let her get away, not again. Neither would anyone else get in the way of him actualising his desire.
Clint had seen her sneaking out of the house one night, after she’d supposedly gone to bed. He couldn’t see who she was meeting, which caused a flash of jealousy. That was until the second time she snuck out, he watched her through the porch video as she secretively hugged another young girl on the sidewalk and the two of them walk off down the street.
Wanting to know what that was all about led him further into the dark side. He’d cracked their wi-fi network thanks to the information Red Briar had as part of their home security setup. And then it was simple to own their smart locks, thermostat, cameras, speakers and lights; hell, for good measure he even hacked their fridge.

It had been relatively simple to hack her laptop camera which was strategically always open on her desk, providing a perfect view of her room and bed.
He’d enjoyed switching up the temperature in their home when she was there alone one winter afternoon. Loved watching her strip down to her plain girly underwear while doing her homework, beads of sweat rising on her pert breasts and the small of her back as the heat increased. Making her bra and panties slightly translucent so he could see her dark raised nipples and the sparce blond tuft on her pubic mound.

He also loved the moments when he caught her dressing, or more precisely undressing. Casually removing her clothing as if in an unwitting strip tease. Often when she removed her bra, she would cup her breasts and pout pensively in the mirror, but he liked to think that she was presenting them for his enjoyment. Her milky skin, untouched by the sun, contrasting beautifully with her tanned torso.

But the climax was when she removed her plain pink girly panties and revealed the treasure between her legs. The pubic mound with her little slit and its love hood peeking out in the V between her thighs making him dream of the touch of those silky lips and taste of her sweet nectar.

He loved the way her generous ass with their pronounced tan lines wiggled as she flounced across to the dresser, occasionally looking over her shoulder at herself in the mirror with an innocently provocative smile. At those moments, he would imagine her twerking for him, those gorgeous globes jiggling enticingly before him.
All of that was great but the gold mine was her phone. He cursed the coders who made iPhones, as they’d done far too well at encoding data for even some of the best hackers to crack.  Luckily, the phone was only ever as secure as the network she was on. So, it took a little bit of doing; randomly spamming her inbox with beauty tips, sending the occasionally pirated links about volleyball camps or concerts.  Two weeks’ worth of work sunk into getting access, but it was worth it.
He’d done this before, breaking phones for his friends, or hacking in remotely onto servers to help companies with IT issues. But he’d never done it without someone’s permission. His mind again repeating the constant refrain, ‘if she doesn’t know it won’t hurt her.’

For the past week he’d been scrolling through her phone’s details, reading text and emails, investigating apps, and of course downloading nearly every selfie she’d ever taken.  His heart quickened as he did, her cute face smiling just for him.  It was like scratching an itch, having this kind of access, and getting it was easy. So easy that it made him wonder what else he could access.
And then he hit the jackpot. He found the texts to her friend. Or more accurately her girlfriend, planning to meet, declaring undying love, exploring her belief that she was pan-sexual. The meeting made sense as did her browser history exposing her interest in alternative sexuality and gender fluidity.
The kernels of a plan started growing in his devious mind. There may be a way to have her after all. For him alone, to quench his obsession. He wouldn’t let her get away. Not this time.

Clint spent the rest of the day trying to finish his work so he could get home, but continually being distracted by Bailey. Or rather his tracking of her. Checking if she had arrived at her mother’s house. Reviewing her social media posts that he had browsed a dozen times. Watching her undress in slow motion using the montage he’d made of her from the best clips captured over the previous couple of weeks.

By the time he did get home he was incredibly horny, not for his girlfriend, but for this tempting little teen that had wormed her way into his life. And that just made his frustration even greater.


Hours later, Clint was nailing his girlfriend just as hard as Charlie had fucked Olivia.  She too was bent over, but on his bed, his hand in her hair, mashing the side of her face into the sheets.  '

However, this wasn't tender or loving.  In fact, it was a rare day that Clint's girlfriend even enjoyed sex, rather than enjoying the sex, she was usually in pain. Gritting her teeth, and whining with every painful stroke.
“Stop it.. <Ugh>.. Clint.. <Ugh>.. You’re.. <Ugh>.. hurting me.” He continued almost as if he didn't hear her.
This wasn’t love.

It had started as attempted make up sex after yet another fight. Trish nagging about him spending so much time on his computer, dismissively referring to it as ‘working or whatever he did’. As usual, he lost his temper, yelling at her, the exact phrase having something to do with her ' being such a needy bitch’.
Half an hour later she’d come to him with a mug of hot tea, to try and bridge the gap that had been increasingly widening between them over the previous month. Kissing him and telling her she adored him and just wanted to spend more time with him.  She even ended up apologizing to him for being so needy, even if she didn't think she was, it was more about keeping the peace.
He knew what it was, her regular 'I'm sorry blowjob.'  He'd had enough of that, she needed to learn. He’d initially responded, fingering her moistening slit, hand thrust into her tiny panties.  She’d tried valiantly to coax his half-limp dick to life. Taking him into her mouth trying feebly to seduce him.
He couldn’t shake his irritation with her, or that he was tiring of her presence. After three years it felt stale, the excitement dwindling with each passing day.  But there was something that could excite him. He stood up, his dick dangling, his hands quickly on Trish's shoulders guiding her to the bed.  She wasn't in the mood for sex, but his force made it clear, he wasn't asking.  She was quickly laid on the bed, looking up at him timidly smiling. He pulls her panties aside as he’d tried to get his semi-erection into her, hoping that the tight silken glove between her meaty thighs would do the trick.
“OOOOhhhhh. . . Yes babe. . . Like that.” She cooed encouragingly. Knowing that if he couldn't get hard it was somewhat of an indictment of her. At least in his eyes it would be.  Her eyes sparking in arousal as the tip slipped up and down her slick labia as she forced herself to be aroused, remembering how sweetly he used to make love to her. Hoping that he’d get it up for her and it’d be like it was at the beginning. Fireworks and mind-shattering sex.
Clint looked down at her soft body, generous breasts flopping out of her flimsy tank top, his cock trying to penetrate her sopping gash. She wasn’t doing it for him, even though he loved short women with large butts and thick thighs. He didn’t like the slight flabbiness on her stomach, never acknowledging the irony of judging her for her weight while he had his own pudgy gut to think about. 

The thing was, she wasn’t athletic like Bailey, and that had started to piss him off. Instead of bright round green eyes Clint found himself staring at Trish’s tepid brown eyes.

“Fuck it. Turn over.” He growled, pulling on her hip to spin her and get her ass up on her knees. At first, she was on all fours, kneeling in front of him, her plentiful backside quivering in anticipation, her wet pussy pleading to be plundered. That was better. He didn’t have to look at her face. He could visualize that young tight body waiting for his attention.
A hard slap to her ass cheek left a red mark. Her squeal, the loud crack and the warm impact got him hard. Or hard enough to slip into her, one hand around the base of his cock to guide it in, while the other gripped her hip, pulling her back onto him as he thrust forward. Not caring to take it slow.
“Fuuuuck!” The groan as her tight passage opened suddenly, the muscled walls accommodating him in an instant, natural juices easing his way, engulfing him. Sudden discomfort blending with filled pleasure, his rod seated deep within her throbbing quim. He'd made his way between her lips but his mind couldn't help but wonder if Bailey's little hole was this welcoming.
Clint didn’t respond or wait, he started pounding like a man possessed as just the slightest conjuring of Bailey in his mind suddenly ramped up his libido.  Imagining that young girl kneeling before him, submissively taking what he wanted to give her.  She had a butt this round tapering to a much more narrow waist and torso. Something he could easily wrap his hands around.  A tight little slit that he could pound and a tight ass that he could slap mercilessly.  As his mind created his world, Trish’s backside paid the price of continual abuse.
“Don’t slap so hard. . .” Trish looking over her shoulder imploring him, the pain of the beating distracting from the delicious feelings in her pussy. She didn’t mind it rough and knew Clint liked to be dominant, but she had her limits.
“Shut up.” Clint was a man possessed and didn’t need her whining voice to distract from his fantasy.  He grabbed her hair and leant all his weight to push her down into the mattress, face first. She couldn’t breathe and felt like her nose was about to break. Managing to twist her face sideward she gasped and pleaded.
“Pleeeee. . .” But her words were cut short by a vicious tug on her hair, a brutal deep thrust that bruised her cervix and a particularly hard slap on her ass.
“Take it bitch.” Clint hammered away at her tight hole, delighting in the control and the thought of Bailey submitting to his every depraved desire.  She squirmed uncontrollably trying to avoid increasingly violent jabs of his cock.  He face twists as she tries to avoid his onslaught, shifting to her toes, pulling at the covers trying to get away.  Clint noticed her feeble attempts, but just didn't care, he no longer saw Trish, although he relished her pitiful moans as he pummelled her. She was just a tight warm wet fleshlight for his masturbatory fantasy.
Feeling his nuts tighten with the rush he got just before climax, Clint buried himself deep in his girlfriend. Releasing a pleasurable load of baby batter into her womb, pulsating spasms taking over his loins and shooting up his shaft. His whole body became tense as he spasms into her, his body weight pressing her into the bed, his hand pressing her face down to keep her quiet, as not to ruin the illusion that it was Bailey he was cumming into.
As quickly as the climactic high arrived, it concluded and he was almost disgusted looking down at Trish. He pulled out of the miserable woman who’d collapsed onto the bed, casually wiped the excess spunk and juices off on her thigh, and left the bedroom without another word or thought. She casually pulled herself onto the bed as he exited, "I love y-" the door closed before he could receive the message.

It was time to see what Bailey was up to.
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Re: Red Briar
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I think I see where this is going. Either way, it's artfully told and you lead the reader along so it's almost like we are Clint with the camera.
A Merit for the ultra sexy Bubbles

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Re: Red Briar
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I think I see where this is going. Either way, it's artfully told and you lead the reader along so it's almost like we are Clint with the camera.
A Merit for the ultra sexy Bubbles

Thank you, and seeker has been an AMAZING writing partner, I love having his insight when writing :)
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Re: Red Briar
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Another Bubbles Spectacular is upon us with a obsessing daddy towards his daughter. Love how Bailey is total oblivious (or is she? ;) ) Can't wait to read how this unfolds from your creative mind! merit earned from me!

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Re: Red Briar
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You found an excellent partner in Seeker! I look forward to more of this story!
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Re: Red Briar
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Amazing story.  First chapter and I'm hooked.
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Re: Red Briar
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Your writing is wonderful!  Merit from me!
Ssshhhhhh...  Hush....  You're in good hands now, angel.

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Re: Red Briar
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Just to be clear, this story is a 50/50 effort from me and seeker so make sure you're throwing merits his way as well!
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Re: Red Briar
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Thank you for the positive response. It's been awesome collaborating with Bubbles to create this fascinating tale from her original concept. Our writing styles compliment so well and I've learned so much about writing fresh engrossing text that just draws the reader in. We hope you enjoy the continuation.
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Re: Red Briar
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Isn't it standard that a gorgeous lady gets more admiration than a male? Not going to lie i didn't see Seeker's name, just [Bubbles]. Of course I'll merit Seeker

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Red Briar Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

Bailey couldn’t turn off her smile.  Each time her phone illuminated alerting her to a new message from Charlotte she excitedly responded.

Bailey rolled onto her back as she read the latest correspondence from Charlotte, her cheeks turned a bright hot red.  Her blonde hair flows over the edge as she debated how exactly to respond.  Her face lit up as she rolled back over, her thumbs furiously penning her response.  The running shorts that were her favorites to sleep in clung to her ample rear as her tanned and toned legs kicked behind her.  She flirted with the idea of sending Charlotte a picture but just hadn’t quite learned how to be comfortable with her own sexuality yet.

Unknown to Bailey, Clint had no such compunction and was filming her tight ass. His eyes widen enjoying the way the flimsy material had crept up between her legs giving her a slight cameltoe. He’d managed to hack Miranda’s house as well with relative ease, mostly thanks to Charlie’s dual contract for both homes. He was really proud of having been able to hack the smart TV in Bailey’s room, through which he enjoyed watching the young girl’s antics. His hands rolled upward on the trackpad zooming in on the small gap between her legs.

“Bailey Bean! Lights out,” her mother says knocking on the door to her room. She stands outside the door momentarily awaiting a response. 

“Okay!” she mumbled, swinging her legs around and hopping down from the bed.  Like most teens with phones in their hands, she navigated via some kind of sonar or telepathy as she weaved through the length of her room without looking up from her phone. She was on pin and needles as she anxiously awaits a response. As she opened the door she hid her phone behing her back.  “I’m gonna go brush my teeth, then lights out I swear.”

Miranda glanced at her skeptically, as this is the third time tonight that the lights out reminder has been issued. “Go!” she says with a smile as she continues on with the armful of laundry she was doing.  Miranda heads down the hall to the laundry room, just out of sight of the security cameras that she was certain Charlie had installed to spy on her.  Although he said it was so Bailey would be safe while at her home, Miranda didn’t have much reason to trust him. She places the laundry down and sticks her head into the hallway momentarily, the bathroom door was shut and she could hear water running.  Miranda quickly closes the door and reaches to the top of the washer/dryer combo and pulls down an old box of fabric softeners. She quickly pops the box open and removes a joint, lights it up and takes a long drag.  As she exhales she turns on the small fan pointed at an open window.

Clint impatiently scanned the video feeds, frustrated that he could see neither Bailey nor her sexy mother. His thoughts idly flipped from the innocent but suggestive texting between the two teens to the mother. Miranda really was a milf, it was clear where Bailey got her figure from.  If he wasn’t so obsessed with Bailey, he would definitely spend a great deal of time invading Miranda’s privacy. Or maybe mother and daughter – his wildest fantasies run away with him for a moment.  Picturing both of them on their knees in front of him. The very first night the cameras went live he was almost certain he caught her exiting the bathroom with a rather large dildo and anytime she was out of visual range his mind couldn't help but wonder what had become of her ample toy.

Blonde and petite like her daughter with a sunny smile, Miranda seldom gets irritated except when talking about her ex.  Clint couldn’t see how this carefree hippyish woman could have fallen for Bailey’s conservative father. Still not seeing her come out of the laundry, he wondered what she was doing in here for so long. Surely it didn’t take ten minutes to load the washing machine.

Bailey halfheartedly brushes her teeth as her right hand navigates back to her messages.

Bailey rarely found herself speechless but Charlotte just had a way of making her blush, and feel excited all at the same time. So many things were racing through her mind, her face suddenly felt warm and a slight tingle between her thighs made it suddenly hard to focus.  It was all she could do to just reply with an emoji.

Bailey was all smiles as she concluded her nightly rituals which consisted of a number of overpriced beauty products, brushing her teeth, and grabbing an extra hair tie just in case her hair became a nuisance during the night. Miranda was waiting for her as she exited the bathroom.  She holds her hands up in agreed resignation, “I know, lights out, I’m going!” 

Bailey makes her way back to her bed, throwing back the sheets, she reveled in being at her mom’s place for the weekend.  Miranda always kept the house cooler, lately her dad had been keeping the place a little toasty forcing Bailey to go without covers most nights.  She climbed into the bed and shimmed under the covers.

In front of his computer, Clint watched her turn off the light thinking to himself that watching a girls’ volleyball match the next day may be just what he needed. He loved the little innocent blush he’d noticed when Charlotte mentioned her tight shorts. For a split second, he felt something akin to remorse, knowing that he might eventually be standing between Bailey and Charlotte.

His eyes panned to another camera feed in the hallway and his momentary moral dilemma was forced out as Miranda sauntered from the bathroom, tits swaying, in her hand a black dildo. He watches as she disappeared into her room, one of the few places with no cameras.  He felt a stirring in his loins as his mind wondered if maybe Bailey was doing the same under her covers.  Doubtful he concluded as she was always so reserved, the slightest mention of sex made her blush. 

“Please come to bed, Clint.” Trish’s voice broke his concentration as she stood timidly at the door. “I’m sorry for nagging. I just want to cuddle.”

Clint glanced at his girlfriend and then looked back at the screen, showing a picture of Bailey smiling in her tight little volleyball uniform, he dismissively replied. “Yeah, okay. I’ll come in a minute.”  His last thought as he switched off the computer was how he’d much rather cum on that innocent smiling face staring back at him. But he made his way to the bedroom intending to settle for Trish in the meantime.


He arrived early that morning at Bailey’s game, after another argument with Trish who wanted to know where he was going so early on a Sunday morning. She didn’t believe him when he said “For a walk. I need to clear my head.” But that didn’t bother him either way.

A year into their relationship, Trish had moved in with Clint and a while thereafter lost her regular waitressing job. She still managed to occasional part-time work, but not enough to be financially secure, so she’d become more and more dependent on Clint. That suited him, because no matter what happened, he was in charge and could treat her however he wanted. The threat of kicking her out onto the street ensuring that she took it, even if she grumbled a bit.

That morning he’d exercised that control over her, before he’d left the house. Bending her over the dining room table he’d ripped her flimsy sleeping shorts down to expose her ass crack. Irritation and arousal were a toxic combination for Clint and usually resulted in Trish’s abuse. This was no exception and with only a glob of spit on her tight anal rosebud, he pressed his way inside.

Pleading for him to be gentle had no impact on Clint as he pounded her tight hole as if he were intentionally trying to tear it up. Fortunately for Trish, this was not the first time he’d enjoyed her that way and she concentrated on relaxing as he had his way. But that didn’t stop the grunted sobs of pain and distress that just made Clint harder and more brutal.  Some days she wondered if she could do better, her mind ofter had that internal dialogue when Clint was savagely thrusting into her.  It served two purposes, an escape from the pain and a chance to evaluate their relationship.  Though it was fairly hard to think with the searing pain of his cock in her bowels.  He didn’t last long and unleashed a torrent of pent up frustration deep in her bowels, before extracting himself from the red wound he’d left between her cheeks and wiping himself on the delicate material that was still stretched tight between her spread thighs.

He was relishing the sated feeling in his balls when he got to the match, but that didn’t prevent his cock twitching at the sight in front of him. The girls’ warmup routine was delightful, all those taught bodies stretching and bending over. Their snug uniforms hugging their blossoming contours and round asses.

He was always amazed that the guys were allowed to play in regular gym shorts, but the women played in skin-tight spandex.  Clint had managed to get some good clandestine footage with his phone camera, zooming in on Bailey as she bent double to touch her toes in a hamstring stretch, toned legs straining and quivering with the tension. And then her splayed crotch as she spread eagle trying to find extra mobility that she might need during the game.  The thin material of her shorts pulled tight against her pussy giving Clint a wonderful display as she did multiple lunges.

As the match started, he made his way to sit in the stands behind Charlotte, who was caretaking Bailey’s unzipped gym bag. The gym was surprisingly packed for an early morning volleyball match, however, it allowed Clint to blend into the crowd easily.  He managed to continue filming the action, shouting general encouragement as if he were a proud father enjoying the game, rather than the perv taking footage of Bailey’s glistening breasts jiggling alluringly each time she moved.  Her shorts were soaked with sweat after a few moments, which sent Clint’s cock into attention when he realized she was not wearing any panties.

Most would assume Bailey was undersized for volleyball, but having won the defensive specialist position over a 9th grader she proved size wasn’t everything.  Her mother had begged her to go into a less violent or perhaps more feminine sport, cheer or gymnastics, even golf.  But none of those excited her as much as volleyball, she’d gained a reputation for being scrappy despite being under 5’ tall. Clint watched in quiet amazement as Bailey performed for him, he found himself having to refrain from cheering for her by name. 

He grew frustrated whenever they lost a point and elated whenever one of Bailey’s passes led to a score.  However, the excitement graduated to lust as just before the half she stepped backward off the court, play had paused when the other team called a timeout.  Clint watched in amazement as her round ass grew when she bent over to tie her shoe.  It was perfection, perfectly plump spheres, unbelievably tight, and forcing the spandex to work overtime. All Clint could do was stare.  Her red shorts were veering toward translucent from the sweat and had ridden up well past modesty multiple times, causing Bailey to constantly tug at them. Each muscle in her exhausted little legs was strained as she stood back up Clint exhaled, realizing he’d been holding his breath the whole time.  He quickly glanced around, unsure if anyone had seen his mindless gawking or exactly how much time he had spent publicly staring at a young girl’s ass.  Somehow in his stupor, he managed to snap a quick picture just before play began.  Covering his phone with one hand he checked praying he got a nice quality picture.

“Go Grandview!” He bellowed needing to verbally express his excitement as his dick sprang up.  The teams switched sides before the third game.  His heart was pounding in his chest, as many around him got up to refill their drinks or find the nearest restroom, Clint’s cock was at half-mast, leaving him in no position to go anywhere.  He watched as Charlotte made her way to the toilet, the second she was out of visual range his eyes dove into Bailey’s bag.  Most of it was standard, some extra pads, makeup, and a change of clothes casually shoved in, along with her phone and toiletries. A typical girl’s sport bag, but what had caught his attention was the pair of dainty pink panties lying invitingly, peeking out from under a shirt.

The temptation was too much with Charlotte out the way and no one around paying him any attention this felt like the perfect opportunity. He pretended to fumble his phone to land on the bag, providing him the opportunity to grab the flimsy underwear. He now saw that they had adorable small hearts dotted on the pink and a cute white bow on the waistband.  No one saw him palm the treasure and slip them into his jacket pocket for later inspection.

As play resumed Clint enjoyed the hidden treasure in his pocket, continually running his fingers around it surreptitiously as he watched her play. Bailey’s play continued to impress as she regularly saved the balls that no one else could get to.  “Great dig!” Charlotte shouted as Bailey again was sent crashing to the floor to prevent a score. Clint made mental notes of all the volleyball lingo he could pick up while watching Baileys ass jiggle as she recovered and scrambled back to her feet. He’d become fairly enthralled by the intense match. The final tie-breaking game was win by two and with Bailey’s team up one score they were on the cusp of victory.

“Tiff, break off earlier next time and Bailey don’t drift,” Mackenzie shouted as they regrouped.  Mackenzie (or Mack as the team called her) was older than most the girls, 16 by Clint’s estimation. She clearly earned the captain’s C on her chest. She was also 5’11” making her effectively a giant in Bailey’s world.  Bailey nodded looking over at tiffany who agree, neither of them wanted to be the target of Mack’s ire.

As play resumed Bailey got into her ready stance, plump little ass out, knees bent hands at the ready. Her arms had a number of bruises from diving to the hardwood floors.  Bailey glanced behind her as a Mack sent the serve over the net, the team moved in unison shift in preparation.  However, no one was prepared as a redhead from the opposing team nearly jumped out of the gym and slammed the ball towards their side.  The blockers jumped to greet her but were a step behind. The ball ricochets off of Tiff’s hand and was sent careening towards the stands. Bailey jumped into action and was in full sprint, her eyes locked on the ball’s trajectory and rotation. It was like everything was moving in slow motion as she leaped through the air her closet fist sent the ball back over her should toward fair play. Bailey crashes into the stands just in front of Clint and Charlotte.

The other team had begun to celebrate prematurely, having not expected that level of effort from Bailey and were in no position to defend as Mack sent the ball speeding past them for the final point.   Bailey ecstatically hopped onto the bleachers, her spandex-clad ass only two feet from Clint’s face, her hands raise high above her head in celebration. She squealed with delight before hustling back to the court to celebrate with her team.

For a moment Clint was transported to the future. One where on his instruction Bailey would shake her booty in his face, not accidentally but on instruction. His instruction. . . Hmmm. That thought made him feel fuzzy all over. . .

Mackenzie greeted her halfway embracing her, congratulating her on a spectacular save.   As all the girls huddled around screaming and cheering Bailey’s attention diverts for just a moment scanning the stands, finding Charlotte who had taken the liberty of painting Bailey’s number on her cheek.

Charlotte smiles and winks, sending a chill down Bailey’s spine before her attention is dragged back into the celebration on the court. As the celebration concludes, the teams line up across from each other, shaking hands under the net and the match concludes as many of the girls head back to their respective benches to pack away their things. “You didn’t drift,” Mackenzie says with a smile, as she pulls a towel from her bag.  “That was a one hell of a save,” she says putting the rest of her things away. “I gotta admit I wasn’t sure about you on the team but I get what coach sees in you.”

“Thanks,” Bailey says with a nervous smile and a bit of a blush.

“Yea,” Mack says as she zips up her bag walking back toward the center of the court where the captains exchange jerseys after the game.  “You coming? Co-captain.”

“What?!” Bailey says her eyes widening as the words land.  “You mean? Seriously?!” squeals of joy erupt as Bailey dances around in a circle before recomposing herself. 

“Um, Yea, I’m coming!” she says trying to play it cool as she scampers behind Mackenzie.

As they reach the center of the gym both girls remove their jerseys, revealing sweat-drenched sports bras and Bailey’s developing youth as compared to the other girls.  As Mackenzie took off her jersey and handed it to the other girl Bailey couldn’t help but notice her full breasts bursting from under two sports bras.  Bailey pulls her jersey over her head exchanging it with a member of the other team before folding her arms across her body as not to be compared to Mackenzie.  Luckily the stands were now mostly empty only a few parents and stragglers remained so it’s not like she was on display for the whole world.

Clint was just beginning to get himself together to leave as he saw Bailey begin to make her way to the center of the court.  He stepped down from the stands and was dumbfounded as he watched up pull her shirt from over her head.  Her sweat cooled nipples poking through her drenched sports bra. He quickly removed his cell phone, pulling up the camera app and placing it to his ear. He must have taken 40 pictures.  Unsure what else this morning might bring he found a spot toward the exit of the gym and kept a quiet eye on her movements, wanting as much time with her as possible. He found himself uncontrollably snapping more pictures of her interactions with teammates during his casual loitering.

Bailey returned to her bag digging for a spare t-shirt as her teammates said their goodbyes and headed off to their cars.  “I know you’re in here somewhere,” she says mumbling as she digs through her bag, when suddenly her heart leaps into her throat as she feels a hand firmly grip her rear.  “HEY!” she says spinning around defensively.

Clint smiled as he managed to snap at the perfect time - there was Charlotte grabbing her backside. He took a moment to appreciate the perfection of the picture before getting back to reality. Golden. These would certainly come in handy later. As more fans were leaving Clint turned himself away from approaching crowds to hide the bulge in his trousers caused by thinking about running his own hand along Bailey’s ass. Between her legs.

Charlotte smirked, walking away as she placed a finger to her lips shushing Bailey’s reaction.  Bailey’s eyes dart around to make sure no one else saw that, luckily it seemed no one was paying attention.  Charlotte’s advances made sense, she’d come out to her parents in the 5th grade, and nearly everyone at school knew, for her it was no big deal.  Bailey never really cared that Charlotte was gay but their friendship had begun to evolve into something else.  Over the last year Bailey became tongue-tied around her, and found herself unable to look away when they spent time at the beach.  Bailey’s father was a pretty outspoken conservative and while she never asked him directly, she was pretty sure she knew where he landed when it came to most things’ LGBT.  So, she never let herself consider Charlotte an option, but the feelings (and flirting) was becoming harder to hide.

With all of her things packed into her bag and all of her goodbyes said Bailey made her way out of the gym and into the school’s corridors. Her dry t-shirt hid her assets but not the beauty of her smile and shining green eyes.  She was stunning, carefree and downright angelic in Clint’s eyes. He followed the crowd out prior to Bailey leaving and had found a spot near the exit where she was almost guaranteed to walk past. His calculations were proven correct as she turns the corner walking in his direction, the need to reach out and touch her or even grab that sumptuous peach straining in her snug shorts was almost unbearable. But he managed to resist, settling for undressing her mentally as she walked in front of him. Hiding his ogling eyes behind dark glasses.

As Bailey weaved through the corridors, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being watched she’d been feeling it all game but contributed it to the pressure of playing with girls older than her. But as she continued to feel it again, her stride becomes choppy as her demeanour changes. Her eyes scanned around, coming across an older guy by the exit, not quite old enough to be one of her teammates’ father, but clearly older than high school or college.  He stood by the path looking at his phone not really paying attention to anyone. He had an awkward slightly creepy look about him, was slightly overweight and wore dark shades. His brown hair was thinning on top, so he cut it short with two-day-old stubble on his chin. For an anxious second, she wondered if he had seen what Charlotte did. She blushed inwardly, making her feel even more flustered and confused.

“Great game! Awesome save at the end.” He mumbled as she passed him, his heart beating a million miles an hour like a smitten teenager. 

She smiled uncertainly as she replied “Oh. . . umm thanks.” She said bashfully, looking away. Her nerves retreat as she passes Clint, his kind words disarming her. As she exited the school the amazing feelings of success on the court and stolen acts in the stands returned to both of them.

Gleefully she smiled as she meandered past Clint and through the parking lot, her head in the clouds and her heart still racing from the thought of Charlotte’s hands on her.  The blaring car horn startles her as she nearly walks right past her mother’s truck.

“Hey space cadet! I’m right here,” Miranda shouts getting her daughter’s attention.

“Sorry, I was ummm thinking,” she says as the tosses her gear into the bed of the truck, climbing into the passenger seat.

“That was a great game you played,” Miranda chimes in as Bailey puts on her seatbelt.  Her words hang unacknowledged in the air as Bailey stares off into space.  “Anything you wanna share with the class?” her mother asks giving her the slightest nudge as she pulls out of the parking lot and onto the highway.

Bailey considers letting her mother in, perhaps these feelings about Charlotte were okay, but she thought better of it, the last thing she wanted was another divisive topic that might further separate her parents as she’d secretly been hoping they would reconcile.

Clint double-timed it back to his black Audi and quickly slouched in the front seat of his car. He’d parked only three down from Bailey’s mum.  He’d followed Bailey into the parking area about fifteen yards behind her, surreptitiously watching her spandex covered ass sway enticingly. As he got to his car, he quickly pulled out his phone transitioning from that magnificent ass in real life to the various pictures and videos he’d taken of it while she played.

Sitting there he relived the morning. The first time he’d seen her in the flesh and been close enough to smell her exercised girly scent with a hint of apple blossom in her hair. Satisfied, but wanting more, Clint drove off a little while later, planning the next encounter with his young obsession. He needed more.

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Re: Red Briar
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Excellent job Bubbles and Seeker.  I like where this is heading and how this is building up.

Also, bonus points on this douchenozzle driving an Audi.  Nothing screams "I'm an overcompsenating young douchebag in IT" like a black Audi A4.
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Re: Red Briar
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not sure who wrote what here but this has advanced from a simple love affair to something verging on "Misery" Why do i get the feeling that Clint would love to have both mother and daughter in his house, so dependent on him that he's willing to actually harm them! Wonder how Charlotte will react when Clint strikes? Merit awarded to both!

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Re: Red Briar
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Thank you LtB & CHG. As you said before credit should go to the incredible Bubbles. And more so in this case where she created the amazing tapestry on which I got to put some flourishes. What has been interesting about this collaboration is the integrated manner of the storytelling, with the result almost like a simultaneous roleplay
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Red Briar Chapter 3
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Red Briar

Chapter Three
By: [Bubbles] & Seeker

Over the next two weeks, Clint stalked Bailey three times. Timing his outings so he was waiting for her at the destination. He had enough algorithms recording nearly every conversation that she had, that it became exceedingly easy to work his schedule around hers.


“Dad please, c’mon it’s gonna be a girls’ day.” Bailey objected.

“Did I miss something? Isn’t Olivia,” Charlie started, leaning in and whispering for dramatic effect, “a girl?”

Bailey sighed, sitting back in her father’s passenger seat, arms folded, defeated by her own short-sighted logic. “Mom isn’t going to like this.” Bailey said allowing her words to float in the air between the two for the remainder of the ride to the mall.

As Charlie pulled up the curb near the food court entrance, he was greeted by two stern and dismayed glares from his ex-wife and current girlfriend.  Bailey quickly read the temperature of the situation and scoffed, “you didn’t tell Olivia that mom was gonna be here, did you?”

A long and panicked “uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” rolled from Charlie’s mouth as he came to a stop.   Olivia stood with her hands on her hips, glaring in through the passenger window burning a hole into the side of Charlie’s head.  Olivia who had not stopped tapping her foot for 5 minutes as they waited, had her arms crossed and was too furious to look at Charlie without beating him within an inch of his life.

“If you love me, you won’t make me do this!” Bailey said, knowing she’s about to spend the next 3-4 hours literally between two people who genuinely hate each other. 

“It’s not too late, we could just pretend we never saw them…and move…to Europe? I’ve always wanted to try falafel!” she said knowing that giving up her life in America would be easier than what was about to happen. 

“Falafel is from the middle east” he says as he timidly waves, forcing Olivia to simply glare with greater intensity. “Besides, I think I’ll end up paying for this far more than you will.”

It took Bailey a moment to realize that comment’s overt meaning as a reference to her father’s sex life. “Eeeew. Dad, gross.” She replies, opening the door and climbing out.

“Love you B.B.” he responded 

Bailey returned his sweetness with a glare to match her mother’s.  Charlie rolled down the window, “Liv? Babe see you at home later, I lo-”

As Bailey passed Olivia, she made her feelings even clearer giving Charlie the classic one-finger salute before turning to catch up with Miranda and Bailey.

The text messages had been very clear, so Clint was more than a little surprised when Bailey showed up at the mall with her mother and Olivia.  The watchful gaze of two parental figures would have made stalking the otherwise aloof teenager difficult. However, their combative dynamic proved to work in his advantage and was easy to overcome. 

The food court was bustling with activity on a Saturday afternoon. Clint spent his first hour there just people watching, tweens on dates, families out shopping, high school boys causing trouble, it all felt so normal, and he couldn’t identify with any of it.  He never really understood the appeal of the mall.  The advent of home shopping and Amazon was practically made for the socially awkward to avoid situations like this.

Clint anxiously checked his phone, his eyes occasionally peering up at the entrance that Bailey told her mother she would meet her at.  He’d taken a fair amount of effort to alter his appearance from the last time she’d seen him.  He’d gotten a haircut the day before, shaved his paltry excuse for a beard, threw on a baseball cap, different glasses, and a windbreaker.  As he saw her step out of the car his heart skipped a beat and his cock responded almost instantly.  The leggings she wore were like a second skin, accentuating her bubble butt all the more.  Her legs tested the tensile strength of the fabric with each step as shifted to her tiptoes to hug her mother.  The flimsy little crop top around her shoulders crept up just a bit more revealing some of her midriff.  She wasn’t as toned as the other girls on the team, but Clint couldn't have cared less.  Her body type would have certainly veered toward short and chubby if not for her love of athletics, which instead gave birth to a powerhouse thick thighed teen goddess.

As the three of them passed, Clint utilized all of his will power to not follow Bailey’s ass with his eyes. Her long blonde hair had been braided around the sides and pulled back into a high ponytail. She wore very little makeup, which made her all the more appealing to Clint for her natural beauty. 

Clint had begun to resent Trish more and more for the excessive amounts of time she spent getting ready, especially when the results were…well they were not Bailey. He quickly got up from his chair after they passed disposing of the remainder of his food and followed them all at a safe distance.  Just at a glance, he could see why Charlie had made the decisions he did in his love life.  The respective clothing choices spoke volumes about each woman.  Miranda mirrored Bailey’s athleisure attire, just your prototypical hippy soccer mom with her hair in a top knot and a Starbucks cup in her hand.  Olivia however had clearly gotten a taste for the finer things in life and wasn’t letting them go, or so said her Gucci clutch, with 4” black heels and mid-thigh Fendi skirt accentuating her shapely legs.

Clint chuckled as the wandering eyes of men whom they passed frequently glanced backward to take in what Olivia was putting out.  Miranda drew her fair share of onlookers as well but most of them were clearly older men who were there with their less optically appealing wives.  As they made their way into Lululemon, Bailey bounced around the store gleefully grabbing a few things here and there. Clint's entrance went largely unnoticed by the staff, an overweight 30-something wasn't high on their list of shoppers. His eyes peered from across the store as Bailey pulled a particularly low-cut top from the rack her mother immediately spoke up.

“I don’t think so, put it back,” she said glancing up from her cell phone.

Bailey’s face rankled as her mother motioned for her to place it back, “Actually,” Olivia stated, “I think I like that top a lot, maybe I’ll buy it,” she says moving in to take the top from Bailey with a wink.  “Yea I have the perfect skirt to go with this.”

“I’m sure you do,” Miranda mutters under her breath as she looks at Olivia disgusted that this was what she chose to wear to the mall. Miranda despised Olivia's constant need for attention and what she was willing to do to get it.  Ultimately, it set a bad example for Bailey, which she simply couldn't abide.

Olivia pays her little attention as she lobbies for Bailey’s affection, “what do you think Bay, the white or the blue?”

Panic shown across Bailey’s face as her mother scowled at Olivia, it was beyond obvious what was happening and Bailey wanted no part of it, luckily she was rescued as one of the employees walked up to her,  “Miss, did you need a fitting r-”

“Absolutely,” Bailey says not letting her finish her sentence as she rushed off toward the fitting rooms. 

Clint hung back for a bit, meandering around the men’s section, glancing at all the ridiculously overpriced pants and tops, working his way close enough to Olivia and
Miranda to hear their passive-aggressive fight continue in the corner of the store. He’d picked up a few things he had no intention of purchasing and made his way back to the fitting rooms. 

"Bay?" Miranda snaps, lamenting that Olivia would use her nickname. 

"Fuck off," Olivia promptly replies as she continues shopping.

The names were conveniently written on the doors by the employees as he waited still tooling around until the fitting room next to Bailey opened up.  “I’ll take a room,” he says in a voice that had been altered for no apparent reason.  The young lady in the fitting station happily obliged, taking his items and placing him into the room adjacent Bailey.

“What’s your name sir,” she asked.  Charlie froze, he hadn’t thought this all the way through.  “Umm Burt” he blurted out.  She wrote his name on the boards.  Once inside the changing cubicle, Charlie’s heart began pounding out of his chest, knowing that only inches away was a half-naked Bailey who was blissfully unaware of his presence. A 7” clearing between the floor and the walls connecting their changing rooms gave him a small glimpse into her changing room floor.  Her little toes were painted a bright pink and wiggled as she squirmed her way into a new pair of leggings.

This time Clint had come prepared. He’d installed a micro camera in his jacket pocket, the scope almost invisibly poking out through the material and connecting to his phone. He casually dropped his jacket to the floor, with the spy scope pointed upwards into Bailey’s change room. Flicking on his phone he couldn’t help grinning as an image of Bailey’s wriggling panty-clad butt came into view. She bounced and wiggled, determined to pulled the tights over her muscular thighs.

Over the next five minutes, he enjoyed her firm young body on film, as she stripped and tried on a number of outfits. Throughout the show, he couldn’t believe his luck at being right next to the beautiful teen, while she was changing. He imagined that she was putting on a show, just for him. That he could just reach out and fondle her smooth skin. Her thighs, her stomach and her tits were perfection. His cock was rigidly at attention throughout the spectacle watched and captured on his phone. But that was not all, his heart raced with excitement, the fear of being caught and the tantalizing sight colliding to cause a pounding in his throat so he could almost taste the metallic taste catching with every shallow breath.

At one stage he thought his heart might stop as Bailey removed her bra to try on a green spaghetti strap top, adjusting her boobs to fit into its tight confines. As she stripped it back off and stood there in her almost naked glory, tight white panties the only item of clothing she had on, she looked in the mirror pouted and squeezed her breasts together. His free hand fumbled as he unzipped his pants and freed his rigid cock. He couldn't take much more of her teasing and slowly began to massage himself as he watched her bouncing ass.

Bailey couldn’t help but imagine how much better clothing would fit if she didn’t have such wide hips and tiny tits. She repeatedly spun in an attempt to find an angle that gave her a modicum of confidence about her body.

Seeing her like this, only a couple of feet away was a dream come true. On the spur of the moment, Clint dropped a clothes hanger, intentionally nudging it through the gap.  He got exactly what he wanted as Bailey bent down to push it back, her tits hanging like small cones with small pink tips from her small chest coming towards him, ending with her fresh innocent expression in a close up looking directly but unwittingly into his spy cam.

And then it was on to the next outfit, wriggling, pouting, looking over her shoulder to see how it accentuated her posterior assets. A parade of innocent girlish moves made sultry by his imagination, this was a show, just for him.

“Bailey? what’s taking so long?” Miranda’s voice echoing through the change rooms. “everything okay?”

“Sure, Mum.” Bailey’s hurried response, as she finished a text and put the phone down, dressed only in her t-shirt and panties. “Be there in a minute.”

Clint waited for a little while after Bailey had left her changing room before he exited and made his way from the store, a massive smile on his face despite not having bought anything.  He sat nonchalantly on a bench outside the store, continuing to film as Bailey’s mother paid for everything except the low-cut top Bailey had her eye on.  Olivia, who never missed an opportunity to make in-roads with Bailey quickly purchased the top and handed it to Bailey much to Miranda’s dismay as they were leaving. 

Clint got up to follow them, hoping he might get another close encounter with Bailey putting on a show for him, but then quickly sat back down as the three ladies entered Victoria’s Secret store.

He struggled to catch his breath as he watched.  They each doodled around and picked put panties that speak clearly to each of them.  Miranda grabbed a traditional bikini cut in cotton, Olivia a black lace thong.  Clint struggled to see at first then he repositioned to a different bench.  His jaw nearly hit the floor as even from the hall he could see Bailey hold up a skimpy pair of black lace panties. His brain provided the explicit fantasy of him sliding those same panties aside to penetrate his little angel from behind.

His mouth got dry and his cock jumped, thinking about her wearing the sexy underwear just for him. Then his heart began pounding, he suddenly became hyper-aware of how many people were around him.  Hoping no one had noticed him ogling the young girl, he pulled his baseball cap down feeling oddly exposed.  But he continued to glance occasionally at Bailey who bounced delightedly around the store trying to pick out new lingerie.  Each of them left with a bag from VS and Clint couldn’t wait to pull up each of their cameras tonight to find out exactly what they had bought. He followed them to the exit watching as three of the nicest asses he’s ever seen disappear into the parking lot.

As they all left the mall Clint glanced down at his watch.  “Fuck,” he mumbled to himself as he realized that he’d spent nearly 3 hours trailing Bailey from store to store and was supposed to meet Trish half an hour earlier for lunch. Explaining this one might be difficult.


“Where the fuck’ve you been.” Trish snarled as he slipped into the quiet corner booth she’d chosen for their special lunch. “I’ve bee...”

“Shhhhhhh…” Clint interrupted. “I’m here now!”

“Buuu….” She tried to counter.

“Don’t start.” Clint growled. “I was out choosing this for you.” He slipped a long thin black box tied with a red ribbon. Taking her hand, he placed the box in her upturned palm. “Go on. Open it.”

Trish looked at him, puzzled and then down at the box. “What have you done?” The question accompanied by a beaming smile as she pulled the ribbon and opened the box to reveal a silver necklace with a whale tail pendant. She gasped “I love it. Thank you. . . Thank you. It’ll go so well with my hair.” Jumping up she gave him a huge hug and a sensual kiss, thrusting her tongue into his mouth in her exuberance. Her blonde shoulder-length dirty blond hair falling around her face. When she smiled, her eyes and her sort of pretty face lit up.  Her short denim skirt rode up exposing an expanse of thigh, while her lowcut blouse revealed her milky soft cleavage. Having spent the previous few hours getting hornier and hornier watching Bailey, Clint couldn’t resist and slid his hand up the inside of her thigh until his finger brushed her panty-clad pussy.

“I know how you can thank me.” He smirked, looking her in the eyes as they dilated in panic as she understood his intent.

The waitress chose that moment to come over to take their order, so Clint pulled Trish closer to him in the booth, allowing his hand to weave its way between her legs and stopping over her crotch. Trish blushed crimson as he casually groped her inner thigh while ordering two burgers, fries and beers. The waitress studiously ignored his wandering hand, but she could not overlook the smug expression he made at her or Trish’s awkward downcast eyes. She left in a huff with a shake of her head.

“Please stop, Clint. You’re embarrassing me.” Trish pleaded, although hadn’t tried to move.

“Don't pretend you love it, you little slut.” He pushed his finger into the damp material over her slit. “I can feel it. You’re sopping. Your pussy never lies.” This was a game he played with Trish, and not one she particularly enjoyed. It had become commonplace to force her to engage in sex in public whether she wanted to or not. It had started innocently with him grabbing her ass and then finding that it made her irrepressibly horny. Over time he realized that she became incredibly aroused with very little effort on his part. Her increasing humiliation and fear of exposure simply added to his pleasure.  Of course like everything in his life, Clint pushed it well past the point of safety as it played into his own control fantasies. Making her do things sexually in public that she didn’t want to do, always with the chance that they would be discovered and increasingly more humiliating each time.

“Nooooo. . . please stop Clint.” She panted as he fingers her, his finger having slipped under the gusset of her silky panties.

“Under the table. . . Now.” Clint grabbed her by the back of the neck and pushed her head down until it was at his crotch. Knowing that he would not be deterred, Trish defeatedly slunk onto her knees under the tablecloth. Clint had fished his steel rod from his pants by the time she was kneeling obediently between his legs. His
hand had not left her neck and he mashed her face into his groin until he felt her soft warm mouth envelop the end, tongue flicking the glans just the way he liked.
When they had met a few years before, Clint hadn’t had a girlfriend. Spending his early twenties involuntarily celibate, an awkward man spending his time with his computer rather than live people. Trish had made the first move, finding the slightly gawky geek appealing. The thought of getting laid brought him out of himself and forced him to overcome his inherent self-centeredness. Accommodating someone else in a relationship took its toll, but the sex was worth it at first. And then when he discovered the power he had over Trish, these public humiliations made him feel better about the compromises he felt he had to make for her.

Trish worked hard, bobbing desperately, realizing that the only way to stop this ordeal was to make him cum. She used every trick she knew and her familiarity with his manhood and what he liked to bring him to climax. It didn’t take long for him to finish, but mostly due the image of Bailey under his control and kneeling under a table sucking him off. Her cute face, flushed with shame and arousal, green eyes tearing with his girth thrusting to the back of her throat. At that moment, he subconsciously realized that he would have to have Bailey and would do whatever it took to make that image a reality.

He looked over towards the waitress with a look of complacent triumph as he unloaded into Trish’s hungry mouth, feeling her swallow and suck him clean as he had taught her. Despite her mortification, she allowed a single drop of cum to pool at the corner of her mouth and hang there as a ‘badge of honour’, or so he had called it the first time he’d made her wear her shame for all to see. The waitress frowned back at him and then turned away in disgust as Trish made her way back out from under the table, wiping her mouth on her napkin and trying to straighten her disheveled hair.  Apart from the waitress’ ill-concealed disapproval and Trish’s resulting mortification, the meal was great. Clint paid without leaving a tip, sneering at the waitress as if that was a grand victory.

The show of affection with the necklace and the thorough fucking he gave his hot and bothered girlfriend when they got home, bought him enough goodwill to disappear for a few hours the next day without question. He took that opportunity to spend some time getting in touch with nature at the state botanical gardens.  This was a bit of a surprise for Trish who hadn’t known Clint to care much about nature or the outdoors, but as Bailey and Charlotte had planned a secret date there, he felt compelled to investigate. 

He arrived sometime after them but used Bailey’s cell to pinpoint her location in the massive area. He quickly caught up to them and smirked from a distance, wishing he could somehow get closer.  They were actually quite cute together, chatting in hushed tones, giggling demurely and occasionally holding hands. Hidden behind his dark glasses and cap he felt confident enough to actually speak to her. He continually positioned and repositioned himself near various exits hoping that they would have to walk past him. He fiddled with his phone, filming them throughout the botanical gardens being far too close for just friends, any time he received a suspicious look from the other patrons, he diverted his phone towards the lush greenery around him.

Finally, he saw them making their way to the exit.  They giggled as they finished the desert portion of the gardens.  There was only one exit out and Clint stood like a sentry pretending to be overly infatuated with a cactus display.   “It’s beautiful in here, isn’t it, girls?” he said softly as they passed. They glanced at him, hardly giving him the time of day. Charlotte responded kindly, “Yea its really nice.” Bailey quickly released Charlotte’s hand as attention was brought to them. She nodded bashfully and only added an “mhmm.”  A puzzled look crossed her face, as if trying to place him. Like she’d seen him before but couldn’t remember where.

Charlotte had not missed the quick release of her hand as someone spoke to them.  Her mind began to race wondering if maybe she’d misread the situation.  She thought her interest in Bailey was fairly obvious but maybe she’d been a bit obtuse in her approach.  They continued into the rainforest exhibit quietly.  The joviality now subdued as Bailey tried to place the face that she swore she seen before and Charlotte struggled with understanding exactly what there was between her and Bailey.
They missed half of the exhibit as they both dwelt silently in their own worlds, working through their respective curiosities in their heads.

They strolled leisurely until they reached a waterfall, providing a rare moment of privacy in the massive gardens as the waterfall occludes the view of anyone behind it. Charlotte’s mind was a whirling dervish of possibility and finally she exploded.

“I like you,” the comment bursts from Charlotte like a missile. “And not like I like you as a friend, I mean I do, you’re great but I like you, ya know. Like really like you, I mean I think about you, probably too much, like almost all the time. And I totally get if you don’t like me because I mean I’m weird, ya know, and super awkward, I totally would get it, and you’re like you with the volleyball and student government and the straight A’s.  You’re like perfect at everything which just makes me more nervous because I’m ya know like with the spikey hair and eclectic tastes and the retro camera, like who still has one of these things,” she says holding up the SLR Nikon her father gave her.  “I just would totally get if you don’t feel the same.  I mean how could you, you’re on my mind like all the time, like literally, like when I wake up, and like at class, at home, when I…”  Charlotte finally takes a breath as she looks down at a stunned Bailey.  “Oh God I was rambling, I ramble when I get nervous and you make me very nervous because well, ya know like all the stuff I just said, like about how awesome you are, and you haven’t said anything which should totally be a sign I knew this was a bad idea this is gonna make things like totally weird now and-”

Bailey’s instincts took over as she reached up grabbing Charlotte’s face and pulling her into a deep kiss.  They both inhaled before relaxing for just a second before the sensual nature of the moment took over. Charlotte stood nearly a head above Bailey who was brought to her tiptoes and their tongues twist inside each other’s mouths, Charlottes hands explored a body she’d spent months thinking about touching.  Finally, they pull away both having forgotten to breathe and gasping for air. Feeling like a bolt of lightning was between them. “I like you too,” Bailey says turning a deep red as she’s never allowed herself to say that aloud. “By the way, you say ‘like’ a LOT when you get nervous, it’s like, cute.”

Stationed behind a tree towards one side of the grotto Clint was a chaos of emotions. He had captured the entire scene on his camera, from Charlotte’s earnest declaration to Bailey’s eager response. Starting with jealousy, of this other girl who was kissing his Bailey, right in front of him. At Bailey’s instigation. It was meant to be him that she was kissing, not a girl. But then he realized that it would have been worse if it was a boy, a competitor. Then he felt his cock stir as he watched the two girls make out. And for a second, he wondered what it would be like to have them both, entertaining him with their erotic foreplay before both pleasuring him. Which led to satisfaction as his devious mind realized the evidence he had gained. Possibly enough to manipulate Bailey if not the eclectic little dyke. As his thoughts and fantasies collided a bulge grew in his pants, becoming uncomfortable with its hardness. So much so that he worried that there maybe someone else around and had to stick his hand in his pocket to hide it, as he drifted behind the girls on their way out of the gardens.

As Bailey climbed in her father’s car, they waved goodbye to each other and she sat back with a beaming smile on her face.  “You’re happy,” her father chimed in sweetly.
It wasn’t until she realized that she can’t tell him why, that the magnitude of the event hit her.  They hadn’t really discussed how this would work.  With Charlotte being out and proud and Bailey still very much buried in the closet, and with the added pressure of them both attending a Catholic school that frowned upon “engaging in a degenerate lifestyle” such a relationship would get Bailey removed from all school activities and possibly sent to the reorientation class.  They’d long stopped using that title for it now it was something much more flowery like ‘Sexual purity camp,’ but each year pretty much all the participants were members of the school’s LGBT community.  She sighed as they drove away, all of that was for another day. Today, she felt that she’d finally got to be herself for once.
Clint trailed behind Charlotte once Bailey left, gathering as much information on her as he could glean never knowing when the extra details about Bailey’s crush would be useful.

A few days later, Clint found himself thoroughly preoccupied. He’d been unable to focus all day at work.  Following another unsatisfying night in the bedroom with Trish he couldn’t stop thinking about Bailey.  Most of his day was spent on her Instagram and reading her texts with Charlotte about what they were going to do over the weekend. By lunch he was so distracted that he simply ‘went home sick’. 

As he walked out of the office, he could only think of the one thing that might make him feel better. The thing that he had prepared the night before. Forty minutes later his Audi pulled up at the practice court of Grandview Middle School.  He’d invested in a long zoom lens for his camera, and the heavily tinted windows provided the perfect cover.

On Wednesday the volleyball team did conditioning outside which gave Clint the rare opportunity to enjoy Bailey in public, albeit from about 60 yards away.  He took his time scanning the field for her. Bringing her little physique into focus as she darted about the field with intensity.   Prancing around so innocently and so intently focused on the task at hand, Clint admired her passion as well as the particularly fitted training kit she was in. His afternoon would have been complete there, but as his obsession grew, his need for invading privacy grew as well. 

Waiting until all the girls had showered and left for the day, he got out of the car and walked towards the girls’ locker room.  He used his security training and equipment to pick the lock and let himself in through a utility door. Walking to the showers, he reached up pulling off the cover of a nearby smoke detector and retrieved the high-resolution thumb camera he’d planted the day before.  The fisheye lens he placed on it not only gave him a view into the showers but also pointed at Bailey’s locker.
Now he had motivation to go home.  Glancing at his watch it was only 5:15, Trish had yoga tonight, so he’d have the house to himself for a while.  The drive usually took 30 minutes but he had things to do, so he made it in 20.

He dropped his things by the door and headed to his office popping in the thumb drive, he felt like he’d struck gold. Close ups of Bailey stripping before wrapping herself in a towel to go and shower. As she returned, her naked body displayed in all its high definition glory as she dried herself. Wiping under her pert tits and then rubbing over her hardened nipples as if enjoying the feeling of the rough towel on her sensitive buds.  And then a couple of times between her legs. Clint wasted no time pulling himself from his pants as he watched Bailey dry herself, he slowly began stroking.  His eyes intently locked onto the screen. Watching her slip her clean panties up her firm thighs and slip her sports bra over her head was almost as erotic as the earlier strip. There were other naked girls in the footage, but in Clint’s mind, none held a torch to his girl. He came twice as he kept the video on a loop each time until he’d climaxed.

He laid in bed that night, staring at the ceiling.  He needed more.  This was no longer cutting it.  He needed to be able to have her on his terms.  But how?
Up until this point it had all be fairly innocuous, or at least that’s what he kept telling himself. If she never found out about it all, then she would never feel hurt.  But if her, or anyone for that matter ever discovered his growing fixation with a middle school volleyball player, well, that’s when the talks of jailtime would start.  So, he had to be smart about it. Whatever he did, he’d have to ensure he had both full control and absolute deniability. 

There was only one thing to do.  He arrived at work early the next day and for the first time in weeks spent the entire morning being productive.  He’d gotten through almost 3 days’ work by 3 pm which cleared him up to begin the real work. He’d spent some of his weekend manufacturing a ‘malfunction’ at Charlie’s house and ensured that he was available for the call-out. ‘Fixing’ the problem allowed him to get a more up-close look at Bailey’s life.

His heart raced as he changed into the navy-blue uniforms the tech guys wore in the back of the maintenance van.  Was he really going to do this?  He peered from the back window of the van. Her father was loaded and had spent years managing a hedge fund that was making a killing.  Thus, the expensive clothes and private catholic prep schools. 


As Olivia opened the door Clint smiled and introduced himself.  She was as vapid and air-headed as she appeared on camera.  She’d given up her day job when her and Charlie got serious, instead opting to be a stay-at-home-stepmom.  Which basically included lattes with her friends, country club day drinking and far too much shopping. 

She was on the phone as he entered, “Hi, I’m from Red Briar Security, we got a call about. . .”

She waved him off halfway through the speech he’d been practicing all morning. She walked away towards the kitchen carrying on what sounded like a very important
conversation regarding a pair of heels.

“It literally can’t be this easy.” Clint muttered to himself as he stood alone in the massive foyer. But apparently it was.  He set down his toolkit and began exploring the house. He knew his way around fairly well given that he’d spent so much time viewing it from his computer screen.  However, there were a few dead spots, the bedrooms, bathrooms, and a couple of hallways had blind corners and that just wouldn’t do. 

An hour passed as he weaved in and out of rooms adding their standard home security cameras as well as 6 more hidden cameras in Bailey’s room, bathroom and shower.  He was still installing a few more in their rec room quietly when. . .

“Hey!” Olivia chimed in startling him half to death. He’d almost forgotten she was there.

“Ummm, yea. Yes? Miss?” He stammered.

“I’m going out, here’s the key. Lockup when you’re done and put the key under the mat at the front door.  Clint stared back at her gob smacked.

“You’re leaving?” he asked in near disbelief.

“Yea?” she replied almost petulantly, “I mean, you’re security right? So like no one is gonna break in while you’re here.” Her logic was astounding.

“That’s true,” Clint said, chuckling inside at the absurdity of it all, “I’ll lock up,” he responded.

With that Olivia returned the phone to her ear, dropped the keys on the table next to him and vacated the room.

He didn’t even take a second thought, as he climbed down from the ladder he was working on and ran full speed towards Bailey’s bedroom.  He’d had to be careful previously when installing the hidden equipment.  It would be hard to explain why a security company had installed a camera in the shower of a 13-yr old, although with someone as dumb as Olivia was, he could probably have talked his way out of it.

Now he had free reign. And he was intent to use it. He started with her closet, looking through her clothes and taking pictures of some of the items that caught his eye. Exploring the contents of some of the boxes pushed to the back, full of dolls and girlish toys that no teenage girl would acknowledge. But obviously with enough sentimental value that they hadn’t been thrown away. As well as a lacrosse stick and a plastic recorder, the paraphernalia of sports and music since discontinued. And then on to ‘nirvana’ in the form of Bailey’s chest of drawers, starting with her panties and bras.

He went through every single pair, rubbing them and imagining them molding on Bailey’s firm ass and pulling up snugly into her hairless crotch. Or cupping her pert tits, like his hands would love to do. They were mostly colorful girl underwear, not designed to be sexy but rather pretty and functional, bikini and boyshorts style with stripes, patterns, and cute little bows with simple matching bras not needing to hold up mature breasts. Except for the few pairs at the back, the lacy lingerie she had bought a couple of days earlier, as well as a couple of flimsy thongs that he had not seen before. Smelling them and rubbing them against his face, he realized he wanted another souvenir. The one black pair he’d seen her buy slipped into his pocket, to enjoy later as he enjoyed watching her cavort about on his laptop.     

Just as he was about to leave, he spotted her water bottle, it was brushed metal with the initals B.B. in teal cursive font.  Being a fitness freak, she usually carried it around the house constantly.  His insane desire to leave something behind finally found its place.  He’d spent the last 30 minutes rock hard as he went through her things. With a deviant smirk, he moved to her desk, opening the metal water bottle.  Quickly he reached into his pants pulling his cock free and squirted a blob of her expensive fragrant lotion onto his hand. He sat at her desk, quietly jerking as he ran his hand along with the pictures that were on her desk. He had been edging all day just thinking of her, so it was no surprise that after two minutes he was nearing climax. His toes curled in his work boots as his balls contracted, his free hand gripped the water bottle as he exploded four thick streams of cum into the half-full container.  With a smile, he tucked himself away, reapplied the lid, and gave the bottle a vigorous shake.   A couple of minutes later he was locking the front door, his toolkit on the porch beside him.

“Who are you? What are you doing at my house?” Bailey surprised him as she arrived home early from school. All she could see was the blue overalls and the back of his shaved head.

“Security. Just fixing a glitch.” He mumbled, half turning and looking down to pick up his tools. “You take these. Was supposed to put them under the mat.” Thrusting the keys towards her he glanced at her face briefly, seeing that same puzzled look of vague recognition, before he strode briskly off the porch towards the van. Bailey looked after him, a feeling of disquiet gnawing at her stomach. Had he been to the house before to fix the security, or was it something else?
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