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Disclaimer: the characters and events depicted in this work are fictional. The author does not condone or promote any unlawful activity such as is depicted in the story. By continuing to read this work you acknowledge that you are an adult who wishes to read works of fantasy and fiction for the purpose only of fantasy.

The story had been in all of the papers and on tv.  A teacher at a local grade school was wanted for the molestation of numerous girls in his class.  The man, Uwe Schickelgruber, had been on exchange from Dortmund in Germany and had by all accounts been a good teacher, but he was clearly a pedophile who had repeatedly shown his penis to the pre teen girls in his class and encouraged them to touch it and lick it.  He had also shown them pornography in an attempt to corrupt their young impressionable minds. He had gotten away with it for months by making it a big secret with the girls and making them swear never to tell a soul.  But then he went to far.  A poor little third grader he kept back after class was stripped by him and raped.  The child complained to her parents and all hell broke loose. Uwe fled into hiding and the hunt was on.  I was shocked but I confess that I was also rather intrigued about this wicked man.

I guess it was around ten days after the news broke, that I was at home fixing dinner.  I live alone.  I have no family. So here I am in the kitchen making a one pot stew when I hear a noise down in the basement.  I figured that it could be an intruder so I went to my study and retrieved my Smith and Wesson 38 from my desk.  Then I go downstairs to the basement and gingerly open the door, easing myself silently inside.

The basement was pitch black but I could hear movement.  And there was a cool breeze.  Someone had forced open a half window up high near the ceiling and gained entry. I made a mental note to close it again. With my gun ready I reached out to where I knew the light switch to be, and flicked it on.  Suddenly the basement was illuminated in bright light.  My eyes adjusted quickly as I had been in the light upstairs.  But the strange man in front of me blinked, momentarily blinded.  It was him: Uwe.  I recognised him instantly from the “Wanted” posters.  He was dishevelled.  It looked like he had been sleeping rough while on the run.  He stared at the gun, a look of real fear on his face.  He babbled at me in panicky German.

"Shut the Fuck Up!” I shouted at him, levelling my gun at his chest. “Or if you must talk, talk in English”

“I am sorry Madame”, he began “I am a visitor here. I became lost you see.  I am so sorry.  I will go now.”

“You are not going anywhere Uwe Schickelgruber” I sneered in reply.  “I know who you are. You are that child rapist. That fucking depraved child rapist!”

He looked suddenly defeated and downcast.  “Are you going to turn me over to the police?”

I thought quickly for a moment and answered honestly: “No I don’t think so.”

“Why not?”

“Because I plan to punish you in my own way, and have some fun with you at the same time.”

Now Uwe looked apprehensive.  “What are you going to do with me?”

“You will find out Uwe, you will find out pretty soon…”

I glanced to my right where there was a wooden chest, filled with stuff from the local police force from when I worked as a cop.  That was before they let me go.  I chose not to dwell on that but opened the chest and took out  two sets of standard issue hand cuffs.  I gestured Uwe over to a heavy steel pole supporting the ceiling of the basement.  At my command he backed up against it. With my gun still trained on him I ordered Uwe to put his hands behind he back, around the steel pole.  I snapped one pair of hand cuffs around his wrists, securing him to the pole. Only then was I confident enough to kneel in front of him and cuff his ankles to the pole.  Now that he was safely secured I stood back to take a good look at him.  He was a good looking man, around 30, with a good figure and a strong jaw line.  Yes I thought to myself, I could have a lot of fun with this man.  And at the same time I could punish him for his sex crimes in my own special way.  I could give him a bit of his own medicine; his just desserts.

I traced a lazy finger over the outside of his pants, feeling the bulge of his cock beneath the fabric. He looked down at me, somewhat concerned: “what are you going to do to me. Please don’t castrate me!” he begged.  I laughed a full throated laugh: “Oh don’t worry, I won’t do that.  Relax Uwe, you might even enjoy this.” I caressed the bulge in his pants with a full hand and I could see him visibly relax. “That’s a good boy” I said quietly, as I continued to caress his cock through his pants.

I stood up then and went up to my study, fetching my lap top computer.  I returned minutes later and set up the laptop to play on a high stool facing Uwe.  When I was in the police force I worked in the sex crimes unit, and we seized a lot of violent child porn.  Some of it reguarly went missing.  That was why they let me go.  They could not prove it but they suspected me so they let me go.  Anyway I still had a lot of stuff on my lap top and I planned to make Uwe watch it.  I would gauge his reactions and have some fun with him.  If he got lucky I might even rape him.

Once the laptop was set up I began playing a child rape movie.  I knelt in front of Uwe and slowly unzipped his pants, reaching in and pulling out his cock.  He struggled a little, being alarmed: “What are you doing to me! Leave me alone!” he cried.  I laughed again and held his cock in my hand: “Just relax Uwe and watch the movie. I want to see how your cock reacts.  I want to see how depraved you really are.”  He grew quiet and still and watched the child rape movie.  I held his cock in my two hands now and waited.  Slowly his cock became hard and began throbbing.  I smiled to myself: “you like this don’t you Uwe? You like watching little pre teen girls getting raped don’t you! Admit it and I will go easy on you!”  He nodded. “Yes it is true, I like it”. “Good boy” I responded and began to stroke his cock up and down with my hands as he continued to watch the movie.  His breathing became heavy and his cock throbbed in my hands.  I was pleased with his reaction, but I would not allow him to cum.  Not just yet.  I let go his cock as the first movie finished and stood in front of Uwe, slowly stripping off my clothes.  Once I was nude I started a second child rape movie and undid Uwe’s pants, pulling them down to his ankles.  I did the same to his underpants. His cock stood sharply out from his body now, twitching and pulsing with desire.

I could see that Uwe needed to have the pressure released, and so did I.  Holding his throbbing cock in both my hands I knelt down in front of him and told him to look at the movie not me. I took the bulbous head of his cock in my mouth and lashed it with my tongue.  My cheeks hollowed as I sucked as hard as I could on his cock.  He gasped and tensed before shooting his load in my mouth.  I swallowed hard, then released his cock.  I stood up and said: “That was too quick.  You will need to take much longer to satisfy me.  Continue watching the movie.  Imagine that that is you raping that little girl.  Let’s see you get hard again." I began to slowly and firmly stroke his now limp cock as he gazed at the movie on my laptop.  The movie finished  and a third one began.  This was one of my favourites: the gang rape of a pre teen school girl in the classroom by her teachers of both sexes.  My hands worked on Uwe’s cock, sliding up and down the full length of the shaft.  It did not take long.  Five minutes at most.  He was hard again.

I praised him: “Good boy, that’s the way. You need to take your time with me, not cum in a heaving rush.  Now lets see what that cock is good for.  Let’s see how you like being raped by a woman…”. My voice trailed off and Uwe made no reply.  He was transfixed watching the latest movie.  I stood on tip toe and fronted up to him closely.  I guided his hard cock into my dripping cunt and pushed down, pushing his cock deeply into me. It felt fantastic and I let go a sigh of pleasure.  I began to ride him then.  I began to ride this child rapist’s cock, and it felt great.  As I instructed he was not looking at me.  He continued to watch the movie, as if he was in the scene raping the child.  My lips went to his left ear as he watched over my shoulder: “You like that don’t you.  You like watching little girls getting raped.  Well I like raping you. I like having your pedo cock inside me doing my bidding.  How does that feel huh?  How does it feel to have a woman in charge?” Uwe moaned and his cock pulsated inside me. I squeezed my cunt muscles and massaged his cock. I had my back to the lap top but I could hear the screams of the child in the movie.  I knew this one by heart and I did not need to see it to know what was happening.  I worked Uwe’s cock harder and quicker as I timed my orgasm to the climax of the film.  And when it came I put my arms around his waist and lent back, bucking my hips into him as wave after wave of ecstacy washed over me.

I raped Uwe three times that night, until his cock was sore and he begged me to stop. He slumped exhausted to the floor and I let him sleep.  There would be plenty of time to outline my plans for him. He was my personal possession now.  So long as he did exactly what I told him I would keep him safe. I would not report him.  He would be my fuck toy and if he is well behaved I may go out and hunt down a little treat for him occasionally.  This lucky coincidence was no flash in the pan.  This was my idea of a relationship.  One where I was in control and held all of the aces.

….to be continued
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