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New here
« on: July 30, 2020, 03:54:21 PM »
I'm new here.  The reason I came is I feel kind of misunderstood. 

I write erotic fiction that is mostly about my pregnancy fetish (look me up on DeviantArt if you can stomach it).  The thing about it is, pregnancy is kind of weird if you're a guy like me.  First of all, yes, I think heavily pregnant women are actually super sexy just looking at them (think Demi Moore's Vanity Fair cover: wonderful belly and do you see how big her boobs look?).  The other thing is, there is this kind of intense submission thing going on with pregnancy.  Nothing, for me at least, says, "I'm down to do what needs to be done with this guy" more than being 9 months pregnant.  Giving birth is not fun, but women are signing up for more all over the world, every day.  Pregnancy by itself isn't a non-con thing on its own, but it's still ripe to explore some dark stuff going on.  Think of it this way: if my neighbor got his wife pregnant three times in five years, and each time her boobs swelled up to ZZ cups or whatever and her belly was huge and she was uncomfortable and looking ridiculously erotic in front of the entire town, can you really blame me if I look at her like she's livestock on her husband's farm?  I don't mean that in a disrespectful way, it's just this weird thing that happens all the time right in front of our eyes and we usually act like it's nothing, but it's kind of intensely sexual and primal.  In its own way, that's a really intense sexual display on the part of the woman, and the kicker is it's mostly *involuntary* (i.e. body changing automatically).

On the other hand, in the pregnancy fetish community, I can find people to be really boring when it comes to the scenarios they're into.

I wouldn't say I'm into "rape."  No offense, but I don't like the word and I tend to think of the Sopranos scene rather than the GoT scenes.  The Sopranos rape scene was when I thought to myself as a kid, "Rape actually isn't sexy."  They did a good job in that way.  (I tended to feel the GoT scenes tried to be titillating.)  I get it, though; it's taboo.  Rather than rape, the term "ambiguous consent" resonates with me.

There are two scenarios I encountered in my travels that really got me thinking about this.  One has to do with male pregnancy, which I would prefer not to share since I'm guessing it will be too much for a lot of people. The other came up in a short story I read.

At some point, a guy is meandering along out in the country and I guess he sees some farmer's wife bent over picking crops.  He fantasizes about bending her over and giving her the business from behind while the farmer isn't looking.  The writer even mentions something like him wanting to see her "white big rear end in the moonlight."  That hit something for me.  The writer doesn't mention this being consensual or not, and, at least in my mind, I imagined the farmer's wife not really saying anything and just taking it.  I love that idea: an older woman with a really big butt and shapely thighs, pounding her for a good while as she takes it without a word of complaint, as though it were as simple as cowtipping or something.   

Nowadays I feel like everyone is really conscientious about "enthusiastic consent" and some seem unwilling to consider whether or not that fantasy I mentioned could be sexy, even if, of course, it's not a great thing to do and especially something to avoid doing today. 

People mention how in the '90s it somehow became a thing to keep pestering someone about sex until they finally gave in and gave it to you.  Since I went to college in the 2010s, I never got how this was actually a real thing.  Thinking about it, though, you bet it could be sexy.  When I was younger, I thought enthusiastic consent was sexy.  Now I know women are pretty hard to turn on in that way, unless you're in a committed relationship, in which case they worship you (and, hence, the willingness to drop a kid).  Maybe it's just because I like women and casual sex, and most women I've interacted with have been reluctant to engage in casual sex (with anyone), the idea of a woman not wanting to have sex with me but doing it anyway has become easily as sexy as a woman being enthusiastic about it.  What I'm saying is, maybe it's that I know more women now and haven't met many that are as DTF as I was, so I'm turned on by this fantasy that seems realistic to me.  Honestly, when I was a kid I thought women were as enthusiastic to fuck anything walking as guys so that informed what I thought was a sexy woman; now I know so many women I would have thought were extremely coy as a kid that I find that type of woman very sexy.  It's easier to get turned on by a fantasy if it seems realistic.  When I hear about that '90s stuff, I'm just like, "You're saying, she's just grinning and bearing it so that I'll leave her alone?"  I'm thinking, "So I'll give it to her rough from midnight until 6 in the morning and then see if she still thinks letting me do it was better than continuing to resist."  I'm just like, a reluctant woman servicing a guy sounds pretty delicious to me.  It's the reluctance (or prudishness, I guess), the vulnerability, the daintiness --- you get that in a woman that's not into it, but do you get it when she's more adventurous?

So, what do people think?  Is what I'm saying making sense?  It would be nice to chat with people that get this kind of thing because otherwise writing about it gets pretty lonely.  If you have a diagnosis for me, like "You shouldn't Google 'rape stories,' better to Google 'ambiguous consent'" or whatever, let me know.  I have looked for erotic stories with non-con elements and usually it's too extreme or it veers into this "Now she's turned on and she's into it" territory.  To me, the scenario is really important, the lead up to it, and then once it happens there's not really that much to write about in some ways.

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Re: New here
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2020, 04:52:20 PM »
I too am sort of into the pregnancy fetish. I love the idea of a woman being forcibly impregnated. I am also into dystopian fantasies where women are stored like livestock and used as breeding sows to re-populate the Earth after an apocalyptic event. Stuff like that. Interracial impregnation is cool too.

As for "rape" stories, well I do a lot of them, where the girl or woman is forcibly raped against her will, usually by a group of men. I am not really big into extreme stuff, like choking and torture and snuff, that kind of thing. I like reluctance and coercion, where a woman is more or less made to fuck someone under duress, like blackmail. She's kind of forced but not really. She sees no choice but to let someone fuck her, and to be their toy. She doesn't totally hate it, but she doesn't really like it either.
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Re: New here
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2020, 02:33:50 PM »
Great post.

People mention how in the '90s it somehow became a thing to keep pestering someone about sex until they finally gave in and gave it to you.  Since I went to college in the 2010s, I never got how this was actually a real thing.  Thinking about it, though, you bet it could be sexy. 

I think this mostly occurred back in the day when the men had power over them. I knew someone who had that kind of power over women in his office and he used it a lot. He said some of the women would cry while he fucked them.

Another guy I am still in touch with lived overseas when be was going through puberty and he ended up raping (his word) his parents maid without her ever telling anyone.