Author Topic: How do you structure/plan a story?  (Read 123 times)

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Re: How do you structure/plan a story?
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You might want to look up two videos on YouTube „how to blow things up“ and „how to make people care about it“ Jim butcher describes his process of storycraft, and its a quite good talk about structure of storytelling.

Just watched them. Seeing how long they were I was tempted to fast forward through parts of the Q&A parts. But in the end I did not. He made some interesting points in there.

When I look at my notes I realise that I already do parts of what he describes about his worksheets.
Point of view: Yes, I set out early who is the focus in the scene.
Goal: Got that sorted too.  Going in to a scene I have a clear picture of what he/she will attempt to do.
Conflict: I could probably improve here. It can sometimes be a bit vague.
Setback: For some reason I tend to go here before I end up looking at the conflict

So I derive my conflict from the setback/result I want. Then when I actually write it. I write it with the conflict in mind, and sort of adapt the setback/result to what feels like something I can find plausible. This means the setback might have to be changed in the end. As the conflict ends up taking me places where the initial setback I had in mind, no longer makes sense.

It was a good interesting talk, although a bit long at just over 3 hours in total. But well worth the time.

Tanks for pointing me in the direction of the videos.