Author Topic: The Cult of Corrective Rape  (Read 4636 times)

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The Cult of Corrective Rape
« on: July 04, 2020, 11:16:40 PM »
This is starting out pretty mild, but will get increasingly hard in subsequent parts.

Last night was a blur. I was at a party and the hosts had taken out the stops. Their house in the student ghetto of our college town had basically become a club with dance music, colorful lights, mixed drinks and beautiful women. A girl I'd gone to high school with had encouraged me to come and I don't recall being disappointed. I don't recall much, though. It was a blur of synth music, sweet cocktails and sweeter lips.

I wasn't used to being able to find lesbians at parties, but that's what college was right? Finding people like yourself? And this one girl, she was stunning. Blond, tall, charming. Her eyes were so pale blue! And she made me the center of her world. She bought me drinks. She danced with me. And then... well, I think we went to her place? I remember a bed, her skin, her tongue...

Waking up was a slow, groggy thing this morning. I rolled over expecting to see her and was alone. I was definitely naked, though. Positive indication for last night, I suspected. Slowly I sat up and stretched, then took in my surroundings. It looked like a basement apartment, well-furnished but with cinderblock walls and no windows. Silk sheets, a large television, but a studio. Like my date cared more about comforts than space, maybe? Well, I'd find out when I found her.

I walked around a bit, looking for my clothes. In such a small space it was odd that I couldn't find them. Kneeling beside the bed, I bent down to look underneath it. "Fucking Christ," I muttered in frustration. There was a mess of boxed under the bed.

I heard the door of the basement studio open and figured she'd seen everything last night anyway, so just kept looking under the bed. "Hey, where'd I leave my stuff?" I asked. I heard her moving toward me, wordlessly, and giggled a bit when I felt her hand on my bottom.

"You don't need them yet," she said with a purr. Playful minx, I smirked.

"C'mon!" I giggled and began to move from my position to look at her, but felt her slender finger slipping between my folds. She didn't press inward, but flitted across my sex taunting me. So I wiggled my butt at her. God, I couldn't remember her name. Did I even ask it?

After eliciting a soft groan, she asked "What do you think?"

I was about to respond when something made my blood turn cold and made me stop my wiggling. Another voice. A man's voice. "I think we can work with this." His tone was cold, observant but dispassionate. Like a doctor.

I tried to stand, but the woman, the blond whose name I didn't know, grabbed me in her arms. I struggled against her, confused, but she was stronger than me by a lot. I flailed essentially helplessly, but took a look at the man who was looking me over. He was middle aged, dark hair I couldn't quite place in the low light, and was a bit soft-bodied. He was totally naked, and erect. I'd never actually seen a penis in the flesh before.

He was appraising me as well, holding his phone and speaking into it. "Subject 22. Chloe L. 19 years old, brown hair passed shoulders. Brown eyes. C-cup. Shaved. No known sexual encounters with males. Sexually active lesbian for..." he looked to the blond restraining me.

"Six years," she said.

"Six years," he repeated into the recorder app. "This one's a gift from her father."

My father? He'd never been supportive, and had grown very cold and distant when I came out. He basically left my life at 15. Hell, my mom divorced him for it. I don't think I've even seen him in years. What did it mean that I was a 'gift'? I was starting to tire myself on the struggle against the blond, she was just stronger and better prepared than me. "Fuck you, let me GO!" I shouted.

"Michelle, hold out her arm," the man instructed, and she did. He bent down and took a box from under the bed, retrieving a syringe from it. I panicked, and it gave me the energy to fight back again, but again she was just too strong for me. The needle broke skin, and I shrieked. I felt my control over my body fade, was it some kind of paralytic? The blond, Michelle, threw my rapidly weakening body onto the bed. Then she dipped out of view to fetch something from under the bed.

"Dyke," the man looked at me. "You are an abomination. You are a crime against this world. And as such, you have no rights. If you are good, you can be like Michelle and be a shepherd to our flock. If you aren't, you will die. In death, your filth will be contained. Until you earn back your name, you are named Dyke. Your disgusting nature can be fed if you serve us well."

Michelle giggled and kissed my cheek, "Welcome to the Church of Purification, sweet Chloe," she slipped a vibrator between my lower lips, and my hips tensed, I made a sound, a muffled cry.

I closed my eyes wishing to wake up, but the buzzing inside me didn't go away. Whatever stopped my movement didn't dull my senses, the buzzing rattled my bones and I cried. I wept.  As the little bead buzzed inside me, Michelle moved my arms and legs, splaying me out and tying me to the edges of the bed. Those silk sheets, that confusing but upbeat morning, it now was the cinderblock walls. The prison.

I was happy when the vibrator left me, only in that I didn't realize the obvious reason for it. I opened my eyes and looked down my body. Down through the valley of my breasts, down my stomach, I saw the man lining up. With every breath I had I screamed. "HELP, SOMEONE HELP, GET OFF ME, FUCKING GO AWAY, HELP!" Michelle laughed.

"She doesn't get it!"

"She will," he said, and pushed inside me.

I can't explain what I felt next in words. I'd had dildos inside me, so the fullness wasn't shocking. It was the warmth, the texture, the force... the psychological shattering that came with it. My screaming fell to silent sobs as he started moving. If he gave a shit that I hadn't had sex with a man it didn't show. He was relentless. It kinda shorted out my brain, my body rocked and I just... silently cried. I heard Michelle talking to me, cooing, saying she was happy for me.

She was happy for me? She was why a man was inside me, and she dared to be happy for me? I stared daggers at her.

He rammed into me, deep to the hilt, and pulled back to pound into my pussy again. Faster. Rougher. And I couldn't do anything. I couldn't resist. I couldn't even fucking move. Suddenly, with the hate boiling inside me, I screamed. I screamed at Michelle, I screamed at the man, I screamed at my father. I screamed all the hate I felt in this moment.

Michelle laughed. "Oh, Master William! She's cumming!"

I fucking was not.

Was I?

I felt my body convulsing. My scream was full of hate, but the hate was burying the intense physicality, the intense sensation. I was cumming with a man inside me. That realization broke my will again. I hated myself. I was disgusted with myself. I cried silently again.

He kept going, seemingly encouraged by this moment of total defeat. I don't know if it was a minute or ten more, but there was a new sensation over my torn mind. I looked down, he was knelt with my legs up and driving forward into me as I lay splayed. He was still, I was still, but between us something happened. Warmth filled me in a way I'd never felt before, it was like the sun inside my body, spreading heat from my core throughout me. I actually loved the feeling, and that made me hate myself even more. He withdrew his cock, and the feeling of that goo rolling out of me was something... no, I couldn't handle admitting that.

I am a lesbian. This place. This church or whatever it was... they wanted to take that from me.

I cried as they watched me, as they watched his seed spill from my pussy onto those silk sheets.

"Good initiation," Michelle whispered to me. "I'll be back in a bit to clean you up for evening training!"

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Re: The Cult of Corrective Rape
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"This is starting out pretty mild, but will get increasingly hard in subsequent parts."  Excellent!  I am looking forward to it. 

Good work. Thank you for sharing.
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Re: The Cult of Corrective Rape
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Sorry for going dark, I just moved. Will circle back to this story sometime this week, hopefully.

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Re: The Cult of Corrective Rape
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Sounds promising :D
I´m sharing Michelle´s opinion:  Good Initiation! I´ll be back to read about the evening training :emot_thedrool.gif:
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