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Author Topic: COLLEGE CHUMS - a dear friend is not what she seems F/F F/f Beast Tort  (Read 516 times)

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« on: June 30, 2020, 12:49:45 PM »

NOTE:  This story starts out with young ladies having fun, but slowly turns dark, at least for one of them.  If you are offended by bestiality, torture, do not read on.  This is written for the entrtainment of people who like such things, and not for others.  Do not read if these things might offend you.  Question:  If you are so offended, what are you doing in Extreme Stories?

College Chums
With more than a little inspiration from Eve Adorer's amazing story Disconnections
by Regis

Mari Lu was not her real name, but her high school chums called her that, and for some reason it stuck.  Her real name was Mary Louise Gardner, but none of the kids used last names, and they liked to scale down double barreled or long names.  So Mari Lu she was.  When meeting her for the first time, people who knew her name first were surprised she was not Chinese.

She was very popular in junior and senior high school, as she was beautiful, with a noticeable figure.  She developed breasts earlier than most girls, and hers just kept on growing and firming up.  By the time she was 15 she boasted triple E cups, easily the biggest in school, and they were firm enough she seldom wore a bra.  Her best friend through school was Megan, who had double D cups, but needed a bra to display a cleavage.  

They were both cheerleaders, and very popular with the stars on the football and basketball teams, sharing intimate nights during field trips to distant cities, and insisting the boys wear rubbers.  They were both good Catholic girls, and wished not to conceive before they were properly married by a priest.  That would be a sin.

Nothing was ever said, but Mari Lu sensed that Megan resented her, based on her incredible figure, and the fact that the best-looking hunks always picked her first.  In fact they both always got in all the fucking they could handle, including three at a time: cunt, anus and throat, and neither got much sleep on those trips.  They had not joined the college cheerleaders to sleep.

Mari Lu took a year off after graduation to save money for college, working as a salesgirl in a women’s clothier, while Megan, who came from a well-heeled family, went directly to college.  She studied psychology and sociology, and although there were a few e-mails at first, the friends soon drifted apart, with little in common any more.

When Mari Lu went to college a year after all her friends, she joined a Sorority to gain a social life, and was startled to discover Megan was a member.  They picked up where they had left off, but Mari Lu noticed her best friend had changed.  She was now much more authoritive, and seemed to take control of every situation.  That was okay by Mari Lu, who was a natural follower.  

Megan had a very nice apartment, and had got herself a dog as a companion.  One evening when Mari Lu was visiting, her friend suggested they have some fun.  “Nobody will ever know,” she said, “and I’ve tried it, what I’m going to suggest, and it’s really amazing.  I know you’ll love it!”

Randi was a tall, sleek, muscular short haired dog with big ears.  “What kind of dog is he?” Mari Lu asked.  “He’s so big.  He must weigh maybe 50 pounds.

“He’s an American English Coonhound,” Megan replied, “and you’re guess is close.  He’s almost 60 pounds.  He’s a true lover.  Look at that look on his face.  He likes you.”

“I was noticing the other end,” Mari Lu said.  “Look at those big balls!  And his dick is starting to poke out, and it’s huge!  ”

“A big girl needs a big lover.  Want to try him on?  As you can see, he’s really interested in you.”  Randi’s penis was now extended 4 inches out of it’s sheath, was continuing to grow, and Mari Lu saw that it was impressively thick.  In high school she had established that she was definitely a cock admirer.

“Should we?” Mari Lu said tentatively.  “Getting it on with a dog sounds really out there, and pretty nasty.  I wouldn’t even try it unless you do.”  There was no doubt as to where her mind was going, as she had taken off her spike heels, and was slipping out of her dress.  It appeared Mari Lu was up for trying a dog fuck!

By the time she was out of her clothes, Megan was naked and moved down onto her hands and knees.  “They don’t call this doggy style for nothing,” she said as Randi moved behind her and worked his muzzle into her groin.  His big tongue licked her already moist vagina, and his impressive erection continued to grow.

Mari Lu squealed with delight as the big hound mounted her friend, climbing over her and thrusting its gleaming penis into her ready and inviting cunt.  God, this was so outrageous!  Fucking outrageous, in the real sense.  Megan was getting herself dog fucked, by her own dog, and Mari Lu realized the only reason her friend had got the dog in the first place.  It was a fuck companion!

She quickly got onto her hands and knees beside her friend, to be ready for her turn.  She needed no persuading.  This was going to be amazing, and perfectly safe here in the total privacy of her friend’s apartment.  They could do whatever they wanted, and nobody would ever know how bad they were, or the evil things they were doing.  For sure it would never be mentioned in confession.

Randi surprised her when he abruptly pulled out of Megan’s cunt and mounted her before finishing what he’d started.  This was a hound who knew what he wanted, and was not hesitant in taking it.  She couldn’t believe the size of the canine dick sliding into her, and was startled at its length when the pointed tip pressed against her cervix.  This was in every sense a big dog.

Randi grasped her upper body with its fore-arms, and she was glad the hound’s dew claws had been removed, or she would have been seriously scratched.  Without preparation the dog continued what he had started with Megan, and began humping rapidly into her.  This hound was obviously experienced in fucking women, and Mari Lu was getting full benefit of his abilities.

She squealed in delight as she could feel the pointed head of his cock probing the dimple of her cervix, and in minutes the fat cock was ejaculating into her.  Thank God dog seed is harmless, she thought as the ball at the base of his penis swelled up to lock him inside her.  It was the size of an apple, and hurt, but her flexibility inside made it manageable.

He surprised her when he moved off her and turned so they were back to back, still locked in a canine hook-up.  He continued to buck his hips, and to ejaculate into her, flooding her womb with ample supplies of his thick semen.  Megan sat on the couch, poured herself another glass of wine and lit a cigarillo as she watched Mari Lu, her huge full breasts swinging below her like the udders of a cow, screaming her lengthy orgasm.

At last Randi was done, and without notice jerked his ball and cock out of her.  “Good God, that was amazing!” Mari Lu said, breathless from the round of bestial sex.  “Who’d have guessed a dog could satisfy a woman like that!”

“I would,” Megan replied, “which is why I bought and trained him.”

“How did you know about this, and that it could be so good?”

“One of the sorority girls introduced me to a special late night bar that features amazing sex.  It’s called the Dog & Pony Pub, and although guys usually bring their girlfriends there to watch them get it on with a dog, any girls can go and for the reasonable fee of $100 pay to put on a show for the people there.  That’s where I learned how good a dog can be to a girl.”

“And Pony?”

“Yes, they have a donkey there that sits with its back against the wall in a special stall, and a pair of naked mature women sit beside it to keep it interested with their mouths and fists.  For $50 a girl can get naked and sit on the beast’s amazing shaft.  It’s an incredibly tight fit, but it can be done, I’ve done it twice.  I’ll take you there one night.  Its okay, nobody there knows us or who we are.”

“God, that would be so great!”


Mari Lu’s earnings from her year off were being stretched thin, and she had no money for anything other than tuition and books.  She had to take a job to afford food and bus fare.  Megan’s parents had given her a Mercedes convertible to get around in, and her apartment provided underground parking.

“I’ve taken a job as a waitress at a dining room,” Mari Lu told Megan, “I start Monday right after classes.”

“You’re not going to make much at that,” Megan said.  “Look, I know a hose were men go for special favors, and it’s a really high-class place.  When a man arrives there’s a start-up room where friendly girls get them going.  You know, beautiful young women in micro miniskirts, full bosoms in a low-cut blouse that greet them, fondle them, get them aroused, get their cocks out and suck them up so they’re ready for the ladies of delight who will fuck them.  

“The place is in fact a high-end brothel, but the greeting girls don’t get naked or fuck or anything, so they’re not really prostitutes, just special greeters.  You’d be fabulous at that, and you’d make $400 an evening.  The place is very expensive, so only wealthy businessmen come as the customers.  It’s a great opportunity.”

Mari Lu blushed.  “I could never work as a cock sucker!”

“Oh, it’s not that bad,” Megan assured her.  “I filled in for a couple of nights for one of the girls in our sorority who works there when she had a cold, and I had a great time.  The thing to remember is that you have to hold back, and not get the guy so excited he spurts.  He has to save his cum for the girl he fucks, or she doesn’t make anything.”

“Do you really think I could do it?” Mari Lu asked.  Megan smiled as she could see her friend was in.  The stupid bitch with those huge tits was such a mark when it came to anything sexual.

. . . . to be continued

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« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2020, 02:54:34 PM »

You had me at the preferatory warning...my goodness what is our poor victim going to ensure????  (Salivates.)

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« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2020, 12:12:14 PM »

The question is can we endure what she's going to ensure?  Stay tuned.


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« Reply #3 on: July 01, 2020, 12:17:27 PM »

“Well, don’t you get around, playing a dog’s bitch!” one of her sorority sisters, an up-tight girl named Robin said to Mari Lu.

“What are you talking about?”

“Your online performance with that big dog!” Robin said.  “I saw it on Facebook.  Hundreds of people have re-posted it, so they’ll never get it all down.  You and that big mut put on quite a show!”  

Mari Lu was mortified.  “Show me,” she demanded.  Robin lived in the sorority house, and they went up to her room.  She opened her laptop computer, and within seconds a video of Mari Lu dancing, giggling and shrieking under the dog appeared, full screen.  She was squealing in delight.  She was obviously in ecstasy, having the time of her life on the computer screen, fully naked for everyone to see.

“That’s outrageous!” she said, but not in the way she had said while it was happening.  “That was a private time, in a very private place!  How could this happen?  There weren’t any cameras there!”

“That’s a lie!” her sorority sister said.  “Videos don’t happen all by themselves.  You’re staring in that video, fucking that big dog, and loving every second of it!  Everyone can see that’s true!  You’re a perfect bitch for that girl-fucking dog!  I’ve got to report this to the sorority President.”

“You wouldn’t, would you?”

“I’ve got to.  We can’t tolerate this kind of behavior around here.  Your not keeping up the sorority’s standards.  It’s been nice knowing you.  Have a good life!”

“Bitch!” Mari Lu shouted.

“Which of us is the bitch?” said Robin, pointing at the hot action on the computer screen.  “Dogs fuck bitches.  Her argument was irrefutable.


“You fucking cunt!” Mari Lu shouted at Megan, “you had me expelled from the sorority!”

“What are you talking about?” Megan responded, looking as hurt as she could manage at the accusation.

“You made a video at your place of me naked with your dog, and you posted it online for everybody to see!”

“What video?” Megan asked with all the innocence she could muster.

“Of Randi fucking me!” was the response.  “You have video cameras set up to record what happened, when Randi fucked me, and you put it online, and it went fucking viral!”

“That’s impossible!  I didn’t . . . unless . . . oh shit, I just got a new maid, and when she saw Randi, she must have . . . Oh my God, I’ll fire that bitch!”

“You think she did it?” Mari Lu said, incredulous.

“I’m sure that’s what happened.  Her boyfriend is a computer geek, and I’ll bet he put her up to it when she described my dog.  He probably got a woody when looking at her, and she put two and two together.  Holy shit, who can you trust these days?”

“That’s really awful.  And it got me expelled from the sorority.  How could we not have noticed?”

“They make security cameras pretty small, and disguise them really well.  I’ll bet that’s what happened.  She’s fired for sure!”

“I’d sure like to give her what for!” Mari Lu said, “she should pay big time!”

“Before I fire her, why don’t we give Rosita a sense of what she made a video of?  Wouldn’t it be fun to do something together?  When she comes in tomorrow to clean, we can strip her and get Randi to mount her.  He’d be very happy to comply!”

“God, you’re devious,” Mari Lu pointed out, grinning, and the two college chums started in planning for how to make it happen.  Megan made sure the cameras she’d used to video Mari Lu entertaining her dog were out of sight, and invited her friend to stay the night, so they could get ready in the morning for their escapade.


Rosetta had her own key, and let herself in.  She came twice a week, Tuesday and Friday mornings.  Megan was usually off to classes at college before she arrived, so she usually had the place to herself.  She put in three hours twice a week, and ended each shift taking Randi for a short walk.  She was reluctant to sit, because he would mount and hump her leg.

“Hi Rosetta,” Megan said, startling her.  “I decided to take the morning off to write a paper.  I’m usually not here when you come, so I seldom see you.  You look younger than I thought.  Aren’t you too young to work for the house cleaning agency?”  

“I’m 16,” Rosetta said.  “That’s old enough.”

“Well you’re a real beauty, and have a good figure too.  Are you legal?”  

Rosetta looked nervous now, and cast her eyes down.  Megan had guessed right.  No wonder she got the girl so cheaply.  This was great news.  The pretty little thing was an illegal.  She was also lying about her age.  Megan guessed she could be no older than 14.  What a find.  They were going to have some fun with the Hispanic bitch.

“I’d hate for you to have to go back home to, where is it, Venezuela?”

“Yes,” the girl stammered.  She was now highly agitated.

“Well I’d hate for that to happen, like for someone you displeased to report you to the authorities.  If you’re careful and do what you’re told, you’ll probably be safe.  In fact you’ll be perfectly safe here, where the authorities could never find you.”

“Ramos knows I’m here.  He’s my boss.”

“Don’t you worry, I’ll take care of that, and let Ramos know you’re fine and in good hands.  Why don’t you start cleaning while I get a few things done.”

Rosetta did as she was told, and got her cleaning things out of her bag.  Megan signalled to Mari Lu, and the two went into Megan’s bedroom, shutting the door behind them.  She picked up the phone and called the cleaning agency.  As she was dialing, she said “We just got so lucky!  We’ve got us a new fuck toy!”

Mari Lu looked at her, non-plussed.  

“Hello, this is Megan O’Reilly.  Rosetta is my cleaning lady.  The authorities came, ICE, right after she arrived this morning, and they took her away, saying she was an illegal, and they’re sending her back to Venezuela!  What kind of operation are you running there?”

There was a pause while she listened, then she said “That’s pure bullshit!  Don’t expect to get paid for this week!  And don’t send another of your illegals!  Asshole!”  She slammed down the phone, then grinned at Mari Lu.  “That was easy,” she said.  Now let’s go and have ourselves some fun!”

Mari Lu just stared at her, unable to grasp what was happening.  What kind of woman was her college chum?  What was she planning to do?  She had just lied to that man, and she was likely thinking of doing something very illegal with an illegal.  This was starting to go in what had to be a dark direction.

.  .  .  .  to be continued

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« Reply #4 on: July 03, 2020, 07:15:12 PM »

Mari Lu was in on this prank only because Megan was her best friend, and had been as long as she could remember.  She had changed during the year they were apart, when she was in college and Mari Lu stayed home to work.  The changes included being more self-assured, and more likely to take control of any situation.  This was a perfect example, and she found it both interesting and scary.

Megan opened a closet and brought out a tightly woven stiff leather riding crop.  The girl’s eyes widened as she saw her employer holding the weapon.  She had clearly experienced the sting of such a short but powerful whip on her naked flesh, and was greatly intimidated by it, which was entirely Megan’s intent.

She addressed her new ward.  “Although you’ve been working for me for at least three months, I’m usually away while you’re here, and I haven’t seen much of you.  I’d like you to slip out of your slacks and blouse for me so I can get a good look at you.  Unless of course you would like me to report you to Immigration.”  

Without hesitation Rosetta undid the belt and slid down her slacks.  At the moment obedience appeared to be her best choice.  She folded them and hung them over the back of a chair, and then removed her blouse, so that she stood in her sneakers and socks, panties and bra.  The girl had a good figure for a 14-year-old, and with a bit of work on her hair she could be quite pretty.

She was wearing her long brown hair down, which was how she wore it to work.  “I would like you to put your hair up, so we can see the shape of your lovely neck,” Megan said.  Rosetta reached up and pulled her hair back.  She had a band in her the pocket of her slacks, and retrieved it to quickly make an attractive high mounted pony tail.

“That’s better,” Megan said, “but you haven’t finished undressing.  I need to see you naked, girl, to properly assess your beauty.”  With the sounds of undressing Randi had awakened from a nap, and came into the living room to see what new prospects might be developing.  As he observed Rosetta in her underclothes, his sturdy penis began to grow and slide forward, extending out of its sheathe.

“I don’t do no naked, señora,” Rosetta said, her voice trembling.

“Well, that’s about to change,” Megan responded, and brought the riding crop up briskly between her legs against the underside of the impudent girl’s panties, which were pressed against a conspicuous deep camel toe.  The whip struck her cunt with a vicious blow that startled Mari Lu.  This painful crack to her pubic mound brought a sharp scream, and immediate action.  

Rosetta promptly unclipped her bra, revealing her large full breasts, and slid down her panties, exhibiting her pretty clean shaved cunt.  She was gorgeous, and useful as much more than a cleaning lady.  Randi’s cock grew and stiffened at the sight of the delicious young cunt, and he sat at Megan’s side, his erection on full display, awaiting permission to take what he knew was rightfully his.

“Aren’t you a sexy little Latina,” Megan observed.  “Mari Lu, there’s a good camera in the leather bag on that end table,” she said, pointing to the end of the couch, “you know how to use it.  let’s get ourelves some hot photos of this naked young beauty!”

Mari Lu retrieved the camera, turned it on and adjusted a couple of settings.  The room was bright, the SLR camera was new, and it was capable of getting good images in this situation.  She was familiar with it and capable of using it.  The expensive camera was equipped with a wide to telephoto lens, and she began getting various angles and snapping some photos of the nude girl.

Megan turned on her radio and tuned in a retro rock station that had music with a funky beat.  “Let’s see you move, girl!”  Rosetta swung her hips, spread her legs and got her body moving, while Mari Lu captured several great shots of her, thrusting and gyrating her hips like a club dancer, the kind who’s job it was to make men masturbate.  

Rosetta obediently rotated her hips and pushed forward her cunt, which was swelling open from the sharp blow Megan had given it with her riding crop.  Mari Lu had never seen a girl’s cunt whipped, and was startled at how well it was responding to the violent abuse.  With three more blows the organ opened further, and gave birth to a large gob of female cum.  At that point Rosetta pissed on the floor.

When the song was over she paused, and paid a price with several rapid blows to her naked buttocks.  “Did I tell you to stop, you stupid young cunt?” Megan shouted.  She had no concern for Rosetta’s screams, because her apartment was well sound-proofed, and her neighbors were away at work or at school.

She went to the radio and scanned stations until she found a Jamaican station playing music with a stirring Latin beat.  “Maybe this will work better for you!”  The beat was closer to what the Latina girl was used to, and she raised up on her tiptoes several times as she twisted and ground her torso and hips, performing the moves like a professional strip bar dancer.

She fingered herself, and under threat of the whip bent forward and thrust a pair of fingers into her tight anus.  Her actions and movements produced great photos for Mari Lu, who missed nothing.  “Its okay of you piss on the floor, we have a very dedicated cleaning lady’s here to clean it up!”

Megan lashed the buttocks and breasts of the dancing nude in her mid-teens, and Mari Lu laughed.  Her friend Megan was a really creative character, but was now revealing a dark side of her nature she had never shown to her friend before.  How far with this was her friend willing to go?

Randi was whining, waiting for permission to get involved with this luscious young female nude.  He knew better than to step out of line, particularly when his master held her riding crop.  Rosetta kept dancing, but kept an eye on Randi, guessing correctly at what she could expect from the large hound with the protruding penis.

“You look like you want some of that,” Megan said, “and I’ll be happy to oblige you.  Get down on your hands and knees like a good bitch.  You are a petite cunt, even for your age, and I’d like to see how much of our canine friend here you can accommodate.”

Knowing better than to resist, Rosetta did as she was told.  There was a time to be defiant, and this was not it.  Her ass and cunt were glowing painfully from the attention they had already received from the whip, and she was not inclined to attract more brutality from her employer, who was proving to be a sadistic bitch.

Randi got a not from Megan, and without hesitation he mounted the kneeling girl in her early teens.  This was going to be a sweet fuck!  Without preparation he moved the head of his erection into the folds of the girl’s vagina, and with a powerful thrust entered her deeply.  The head of his penis rammed hard and painfully against her uterus, and with a rapid humping motion he drove it against her internal organ like a ramrod.

There was a squeal of pain with each thrust at first, but they shifted gradually to squeals of pleasure as she became used to the rough sexual treatment.  Randi was doing what big powerful male dogs do when permitted to mount a woman.  He was giving the slight teen an interspecies power fuck.

Megan intervened, without interrupting her hound’s carnal pleasure.  She brought her riding crop forward, and smacked Rosetta’s swinging tits in time to the hound’s thrusting, setting up a rhythm of screams contrasted by the slapping of hardened leather against female flesh.  Every stroke of the whip increased the swinging of the young girl’s big boobs, creating a highly erotic scene, turning Mari Lu on.

When they had been in high school they had sometimes spent the night together when parents were on overnight trips, and Megan had taught her secrets of lesbian love.  They had pinched each other, because Megan had said a little bit of pain can be sexually stimulating, and if it is someone else’s pain, it’s okay if its quite a bit more than a little.  

To make her point, they had put on some of Megan’s videos, most of them showing two naked women binding and hurting a third.  That was how Mari Lu had come to appreciate screaming as a sexual stimulant, and it opened up all kinds of interesting avenues of sexual exploration that she really appreciated.  Like Megan, she like it best when it was someone else’s pain and screams, as was the case now.

Megan went back into the closet and brought out a harness made of leather straps.  She had quite a collection, Mari Lu realized.  It was designed to harness the head, and she placed it over Rosetta’s head.  It had an O ring gag built in, and she forced it into Rosetta’s mouth, which held It wide open.  She flapped her tongue while she screamed, but it prevented her from speaking.

Randi now dismounted, turning to be back to back, still locked into the distraught girl’s cunt, continuing his long canine ejaculation, flooding her inner gonads with thick dog semen as he had Mari Lu’s.  Megan offered Mari Lu the whip, but she turned it down, as she was fully preoccupied with the camera making a video of the proceedings.  

She could feel the moisture in her panties with every move.  She was on the edge of orgasm watching the bestial fuck the girl was getting, much like the one she had enjoyed not that long ago.  Megan was making sure the girl in her early teens was not getting the enjoyment she hoped for because of the application of the whip to her big titties.

Mari Lu realized Megan was not going to let the Rosetta go, but instead planned to keep her as a personal pet.  In Mari Lu’s eyes that was a couple of steps below being a enslaved.  She felt a knot in her gut as she thought about it, and was surprised she found it exciting to have a friend who was going to keep a girl as her slave.  There was nothing to stop her.

. . . . to be continued
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« Reply #5 on: Yesterday at 02:51:05 PM »

Mari Lu didn’t see her friend for a week following the taking of a slave, and she assumed that getting things organized was taking all her free time.  Getting a lock for her spare bedroom and making ot a slave quarters hadn’t been in the plans, as taking her to keep appeared to be a spontaneous decision.  It wasn’t easy owning a person for sexual pleasure that didn’t particularly want to be owned.

Megan called early one evening.  “Hey, how’s the waitressing job going?” she asked.  “Getting lots of big tips?”  The place Mari Lu worked had no tipping, they automatically added 20% to the client’s bill and were good enough to give the staff 40% of that.

“I’m keeping my eyes open for something else,” she replied.

”I’d guess.  Remember when we had a talk about work?  The place I mentioned is looking for new talent.  Want to go down there with me and check it out tonight”

“We could,” Mari Lu responded.  She wasn’t sure the place was as good as Megan had said.  Looking couldn’t hurt.

They were expected when they arrived.  A guy named Rick met them.  The place was called the Bare Back Bar.  To people in the know that meant it was a fuck stop, and that rubbers were forbidden.  The ladies who worked there collected cum in their wombs, and pregnancies were so common that turnover was high.  They were in constant need of new girls willing to be mounted bareback, in a manner of speaking.

“I thought you said they needed suck up girls, but it looks like Rick’s setting us up to be fucked!”

“You said you didn’t want to be a cocksucker,” Megan pointed out.

“I also don’t want to be a whore!” Mari Lu said.  “Like I love fucking, but getting seeded every night means certain conception,” she said.  “We’re catholic, and can’t get abortions!”

“I know,” Megan acknowledged, “and birth control isn’t possible either, but there is a technical way to play it safe.  It’s a version of the morning after pill, but its really small, and you just tuck it in and reaching deep, slip it into your cervix!  I carry them with me all the time, in a Tic Tac tube, in case anybody finds them.”

She gave a couple to Mari Lu.  She purposefully didn’t mention they were nothing but Tic Tacs.  The vulnerable girl would be feeding her uterus candy to prevent pregnancy.  Also, what Mari Lu couldn’t see was that Megan was wearing a diaphragm covering her cervix, making it appear she was playing ball with flesh-to-flesh fucking.  In her purse was a small foam dispenser, to kill semen.

Mari Lu reluctantly agreed to give it a try, seeing that the house paid the girls $35 a fuck, and they could easily do 3 in an hour.  Rick said he needed them to work a straight six hours.  Mari Lu did the math.  That came to more than $600 a night, just for balling guys for the enjoyment of coitus.  Life couldn’t get much better than that.

The girls worked naked in the same room, which had two cots.  That was all that was needed.  Rick brought up 2 guys at a time, and because the girls were both gorgeous, the guys never argued over which cunt they were going to fuck.  There was a douche bottle and bag on a side table beside the bed, and warm soapy water to keep themselves clean inside.

When they had both fucked 18 men, Mari Lu tucked a Tic Tac into her cervix, Megan pretended to do the same, and they departed, each with $630 in their purses.  They were happy, as was the bar.  The men had paid $150 for 20 minutes with the girls, and after paying them, retained over $2,000 earned from each.  This was the miracle of US of A commerce and capitalism.  Everybody was happy.

They returned the next night and the next, Megan gave Mari Lu the bottle of Tic Tacs, and on the 4th night said she had a cold and let Mari Lu go to work by herself.  That was the last Mari Lu saw of her friend during her college career.  She took a liking to one of the regular customers, Harvey, and when she discovered the Tic Tacs didn’t work, she had no difficulty in persuading her new boyfriend to marry her.


Harvey was wealthy, and had a beautiful home.  He had divorced his 1st wife, which had brought him to the Bare Back Bar.  He was quite happy to have a beautiful wife with such an outstanding set of breasts, and he took her out often to show her off to friends.  She bought beautiful clothes that made the most of her gorgeous bosom to advantage. 

A couple of his friends liked her as much as Harvey did, and in the same way.  Because Harvey flaunted her as he did, they thought it would be just fine to date her when he was out of town, take her to a hotel and have her demonstrate how much she loved a man being totally and passionately intimate with her.
Three children later, she persuaded Harvey they should have a dog, and argued it should be a big one, a male, to provide protection.  He agreed, but a few weeks after the hound arrived, he came home early one day to find his wife naked in the kitchen on her hands and knees under the new hound, squealing in delight as the beast balled her.

Harvey got his pistol and shot the dog in the head while it fucked his wife.  He had $560 in his wallet which he gave her, also giving her ten minutes to get dressed and put together a small bag, and then he put the bitch dog-fucker out on the street.  That was enough of being married to a whore from the Bare Back Bar!  He was a smart guy, and should have known better.


Mari Lu was entirely alone, without her children, husband, friends and home.  She was on the street with no prospects.  She decided to go back for a talk with Rick.  He was glad to see her, but let her know the clients wanted to see younger girls, and now what was she, 26, maybe 27?  He could use her as a cock-sucker, but the pay was only $100 for a six-hour shift.

Desperate, she worked the Bar’s parking lot, fucking a couple of guys in the back seat of their cars for $100 each, saving them $50 and making three times what she had inside.  While propositioning a third guy, he grabbed her wrists and hauled her inside to deal with Rick.  She was taken down to the stage of a small theater in the basement, and was stripped naked.

The guy who stripped her strung her up to an 8-foot square frame of heavy beams.  Her wrists and ankles were cuffed and chained to the corners of the frame, spreading the naked bitch with the huge tits wide open to assault.  She was certain she was going to be beaten, and was left for an hour stretched there in the dark.  She cursed Megan for ever introducing her to this evil place.

Lights were suddenly turned on, the doors at the back opened, and a couple of dozen men along with a couple of women entered the tiny theater.  That filled it.  A shapely and fit woman in her mid-thirties wearing a white flower decorated frock with a very short skirt and a pair of 5 inch spike heels stepped onto the stage. 

She carried a short buggy whip, long enough to reach the buttocks of a pair of horses pulling a rig.  This whip was not going to stroke the meat of a horse tonight, but the tender hide of a beautiful buxom nude woman.  Mari Lu.  She appropriately screamed when she saw the woman and her weapon.  This was not going to be pleasant.

“Hi, guys, I’m Leslie!” the beauty with the whip said to her small audience.  “This gorgeous cunt used to work here, but thought she’s rather work the parking lot, fucking our customers and stealing our money.  What do you think we should do to the lady, to teach her the cost of stealing from the Bare Back Bar?”

“Whip the bitch!” they shouted.

Others shouted “Whip her tits!”  “Whip her ass!”  and “Whip her cunt!”

“Those are great ideas,” Leslie replied, “and I think we can do all of those things and more!”

She did.  With a sudden flick, the whip lashed across Mari Lu’s big breasts, flattening them.  The resulting scream was just filling the small theater when the whip came back across her luscious buttocks.  To complete the set, Leslie lashed the whip up between the spread legs of the nude woman, cracking a painful blow to the wide-stretched cunt. 

The men in the audience shouted encouragement to Leslie, and several opened their pants and began to masturbate their stiffening penises.  As they did the women reached into their panties and began to rub their clits in a rapid motion.  This was the kind of show the Bare Back Bar’s customers loved, and they were getting all they wanted and more. 

The whip slapped painfully across Mari Lu’s bare back, raising welts to compliment those on her breasts and buttocks.  Over the next half hour she took repeated lashes to her whole body, and the meat of her cunt swelled out so that it stood open like the mouth of a guppy.  Mari Lu was not having a good time, but her audience was getting more than they thought possible.

When she was at last finished, Leslie spread Mari Lu’s pain-wracked buttocks and pressing the handle of the whip against the sphincter of her anus, suddenly thrust it in deep, and then walked off the stage, leaving her victim stretched on the rack, her head hanging, and the whip dangling from her ass like a wicked leather tail.

. . . . to be continued

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Enjoyable. Please continue.

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I'm busy writing as we speak!


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The rain ran over her light raincoat, soaking her hair and running in little rivulets down her body inside the raincoat as she came back onto the street from the pharmacy.  She had picked up some disinfectant swabs, some body cream and a bottle of Anacin.  She needed sleep, and found a nearby flop house that cost her only $45.  

They had been so pissed off at her for working the parking lot for their customers that the Bare Back Bar neglected to go into her purse for the $200 she had earned.  They had given her only the raincoat, not hers, and not her own clothes.  She had regained her sox and sneakers, so did not draw attention in the pharmacy.

She treated the whip marks that had broken skin, and put salve on the rest of her welts, and took three Anacin.  All she could think of was sleep, and had paid for two nights so she would not be disturbed during the day.  The place she had chosen was not noted for service, and she was quite safe in that regard, having hung the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the outer doorknob.

Mari Lu slept until 2:30 the next afternoon, and awoke famished.  She got into her sneakers and the raincoat, and headed outside.  She had seen a small grocery store, and now it was open.  She grabbed some food, a coffee and consumed them all out on the street.  Then she went looking for a discount store to get some clothes.  She was in the right district, and easily found one.

Back in the flop house and slept again until after 7 in the evening.  She awoke feeling absolutely desperate, and couldn’t think of who she could turn to.  Then she had a thought.  Although she had no idea where Megan might now live, she realized that people usually keep their cel phone numbers.  

She went through the directory on her phone, and found what she was looking for.  “Hello,” came the familiar voice on the other end.

“Hi Megan, it Mari Lu!”

“Well, this is a surprise.  How are you doing?  Where are you?”  The voice was not the warm inviting one she expected, but in her abject desperation she overlooked that detail.

“It’s a long story, but I could sure use a place to crash for a couple of days.”  That was met with the expected pause, but then she heard her friend say “Well, I have some friends over, and this is not a good time."

“Oh, I’ve got a place until tomorrow,” she said.

After a brief pause, “I think that would be fine.  My friends are here for the weekend, but I can send a car for you, and you can join us.  I think having someone new could be interesting.  Does 4 in the afternoon work?”

“Yes, 4 would be fine.  I could meet the driver in front of St. Devian’s if that’s not inconvenient.”

“No, that would be fine.  4 O’clock then.”  Mari Lu heard a moan and a squeal in the background, and Megan hung up before she could thank her.  She could do that tomorrow.  Was her friend up to her nasty pranks?

Mari Lu was in a sudden panic.  She was a mess, and had no good clothes.  In desperation, she returned the the Bare Back Bar’s parking lot, and when she found a mark she suggested they drive to a more private place to have some fun.  Being in such a mess, she charged only $60, and ensured her client was not disappointed.  She asked to be let off at the bar’s parking lot, where she could solicit another client.

By carefully approaching the men, she avoided being turned in again, which would have been disastrous, and after 3 hours of back seat sex had put together over $1,000 thanks to generous tips, based on how well she met the men’s expectations.  The money was enough for her to buy quality underwear, a new dress, spike heeled shoes, fresh makeup, and then get her hair done.

A cream-colored stretch Lincoln limousine arrived at the front of the church promptly at 4, and a man in a tuxedo got out of the passenger front seat and opened the door for her.   He had the frame of a body builder, and looked like he could open a locked door as easily as the one on the rear side of the car.

She sat facing forward at the very back of a space that could easily accommodate 10.  She was a long way from the men in the back.  It suddenly hit her that either her chum was married to a very wealthy man, or just as likely, had amassed a fortune of her own, which she realized Megan was quite capable of doing.

They invited Mari Lu to enjoy the bar, and she did.  She poured herself a triple scotch, having got only 4 hours sleep overnight, and she was careful to sip it slowly as the limo made its way through traffic and got onto a freeway.  She needed the stimulant, but realized it would be ill advised to show up at Megan’s place inebriated.

Soon they were in the country, with lush growth of trees and well-manicured lawns on huge estates.  The smallest lots were 20 acres, and the smallest mansions 5,000 square feet.  She couldn’t guess at the larger ones, some of which were mostly hidden by the forest they had penetrated to provide privacy.

They had gone no more than 5 miles from the city’s boundary when the limo took a side road, and in less than half a mile turned into a short driveway.  It was short because there was a large iron gate, that was automated.  The driver identified himself at a small speaker box with camera, and the heavy gate began to open.

They drove along a winding flagstone driveway through the forest, and emerged at a clearing, with freshly cut grass before reaching a round drop-off around an extravagant fountain.  A small paved parking lot was occupied by half a dozen luxury vehicles and a pair of limos. It appeared Megan’s guests were very wealthy as well.  

The mansion was amazing.  Large arched-top rosewood doors were at the head of stone steps, and as the passenger opened the door for her and she stepped out, the front doors opened and Megan stood there to greet her.  “That’s a gorgeous frock you’re wearing,” she said in greeting.  “I had one similar to that in college.”

That seemed like a back-hand compliment.  Megan always had a curt sense of humor, and thought nothing of insulting her friends.  It was all part of her superiority complex, and this jibe was not unexpected.  Mari Lu needed her help, and Megan was in a position to get her back on her feet and moving in a positive direction.  At least that was her hope.

As soon as she was in the door Mari Lu faced about a dozen people, all in formalwear.  They all faced her, wanting to see what Megan had brought them.  Megan’s hand went to the back of Mari Lu’s frock, and with a sudden downward jerk she ripped the material so that it dropped, baring her to the waist.  Not needing one, she had no bra.

Megan’s guests gasped at the enormity of the breasts pointing at them.  They had clearly seldom seen such a set.  They knew the new guest was Megan’s age, and had suckled 4 children.  That made even more amazing their outstanding firmness.  They pointed like the heads of torpedoes at them.  What an impressive set on that gorgeous young woman.

“This is Mari Lu,” Megan said, “She and I were cheerleaders together in junior and senior high school, and we were college chums later, in the same sorority.  We did all kinds of thrilling things together during all those times, and she was an amazing follower, doing whatever I said.  It was amazing.

“Take off those panties and move your feet apart, so we can get a good look at your cunt, cunt!”  Megan was not playing nice, and Mari Lu saw that the only reason she had been invited to join them was to entertain her guests.  She saw Megan now had a riding crop in her hand.  Could it be the same one she had used on that young maid, Rosetta?

The crop slashed up between her legs as it had done on Rosetta, and smacked hard against the camel toe of her tight panties.  The sting brought a sharp scream, and she quickly slid the panties off.  Now all she wore were her new spike heels.  She had bought them to impress Megan, who she knew had a fetish for feet.  

Just then the two men who had been in tuxedos in the limo entered, but now all they wore were heavy boots and raging erections.  One of them carried long strange objects.  They looked at one end like erotic shoes, but there was no sole.  Instead they extended downward more than two feet.

“Stilt the bitch!” Megan commanded.  She had turned into a cruel authoritarian woman.  Mari Lu also knew she had a vicious sadistic streak, remembering her treatment of that innocent young Latina girl, Rosetta.  What in the world could she mean by “stilt the bitch,” she wondered.  She was about to find out.

One of the muscular nude men lifted her, and the other took off her new spike heels.  The small audience moved about to get the best possible view as the contraptions that had been brought in were fitted onto her feet.  They forced her to arch her feet, and they had what looked like a long spike heel.

They were by appearance real heels, but instead of extending down from the wearer’s heel, they were on the front, supporting the arch of her foot!  That’s how far she was forced to arch her foot as she wore them.  They were reshaping her, including her long shapely legs, to make her appear highly sexual.

When they stood her up in them, they indeed were stilts, elevating her nearly 3 feet.  The tiny toes that rested on the floor were no more than half an inch square.  She found them incredibly difficult to stand in, with her toes pointed straight down, and the arch of her foot in front bearing most if not all of her weight.

Megan’s riding crop found her buttocks, and she was forced to walk in her bizarre tall stilts.  They were 15 times what platform shoes were, and many times sexier to observe.  She was now over 8 feet tall, in all her naked glory!  The group of guests applauded Megan as she applied her riding crop to Mari Lu’s luscious body, being careful to not avoid striking her bulging cunt.

. . . . to be continued
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